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High-school teacher here. Ask me anything.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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High-school teacher here.
Ask me anything.
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Do you fuck your students?

Did you ever get a boner from watching the girls (or boys) in your class ?
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No. The prospect is there, but it is more dangerous than you think. I'd rather not really.
Yes. I also fap to my students sometimes.
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>No. The prospect is there
pls explain also a/s/l?
I think OP means it could happen if he wanted it, but it's too dangerous to go after.

Also, sauce on this doujin? I won't be here for the full dump.
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It is possible. It's not even that hard. They mostly go for it themselves, but since if I lose this jobe I'll pretty much be a bum, I'd rather not risk it.
I'm 26/m/sub-par country.
That's Da Hootch
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How do you do it when a lil' girl is "funny" around you? They're subtle like a stampede
bump. for comic
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They don't do it in the open to avoid peer pressure.
That doesn't happen to me all the time though, I had to politely refuse 2 or 3 times and then it all stopped. Rumors are powerful.
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so do the doujins get a sense of realism with the position and do you ever steal panties, socks, hairbands, or shit from your students and jerk it to them?

would you or do you do perverted shit in school

I don't know how grading homework works, but if I had like a weekend to grade I would not shower and rub my dick scent into the papers of the hot girls
I know (I was teacher too), but they stick to you "helping" you with chores. Carrying stuff, asking shit, and walking together (not asking for it) util someplace restricted.

I was asking for that kind of shit, not in the open.

Also, great doujin
this guy gets it
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I don't know where the FUCK would I get all this stuff. I'm not in japan, students usually leave their panties and socks at home.

I shared a kiss with the other female teacher once. But that's pretty much it

Grading your fucking essays suck shit and I'd rather kill myself than read your broken english.
Usually I don't even bring that home, since I work late hours.
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Hm... it usually the guys who stay after classes to help me with stuff...
... weird...?
so if you were gonna go about banging one of your students, how would you do it?
Not reading comic anymore, I'll download it and fap the shit outta me
i am/ what's it called
No idea, it happened to me with a couple of girls. I didn't do anything, but they were smoking hot.

I found one of these girl in her college years, we fucked hard.

Also, I used boys too to handle heavy stuff. Free slave workers.
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Hm... if I absolutely had to...
Probably would wait until the student have some sort of debts. Approach her with the propositon to close them with some exercises and/or essay
I don't leave far from my work (about 5 mins walk) I'd probably suggest picking up some materials from my place. Then cofee and go with the flow I guess.

That only will work if she is somehow interested in me.
It's easy to notice when they're interested. they don't know how to hide it well yet
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I rarely meet another male teacher who I can freely discuss stuff with.
So can I just say fuck paperwork and fuck committee board.
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I know that. But as I mentioned in the beginning of this thread, I'm pretty much afraid it's gonna cost me a job. I'd rather not risk it. Getting a dick wet is never a huge problem, so I'm not desperate.
how many times have you pulled the fire alarm, and how many more times do you plan to do so
You indeed can, my fellow teacher.

With some booze, you can hear some impressive stories from teachers. From female teachers doing "particular classes" to mothers willing to fuck teacherS for his boy/girl to pass grade
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...None? Why would I want to do that?
I may appear cranky, but I actually love my job. I have an actor background, so having eyes on me is... feels good, as you expect.
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I heard that too actually...
I always thought it to be BS. In our world of cameras the size of a nipple, you don't need sex to get good grades. If you really want to catch teacher by the balls, you can easily do it.

Unless those said parents are rare sluts, then yeah.

I dunno, I once called a kid a goat (don't ask) that costed me.
The far shit I ever done, was to have a gal on my lap. But she jump to me quickly like a hiperactive kitten
>and she was, being a pain in the ass in classes. Also, she sort of liked it being chastised in front of the class

I (near) quickly threw/told her to get off.

I did one, for the lulz. No one discovered me. Criminal mastermind
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I was like a story collector in my teacher days. And believe me, I know some real shit about students and teachers in my area.
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Tell a story m8?
In return I'll tell mine

>Have a kid who is into ponies (the cartoon)
>Wears a T with a pink pony (apple pie?)
>One faithful day a group of other students takes him behind the school and beat the shit out of him
>I saw that
>I did nothing
Still feel a bit guilty.
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I bump this.
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Source for the doujin
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Does a scene like this cross your mind often?
oh shit nigga, i remember this one. wish i could see more of aomizuan
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That makes blood go to my head. In a good way.
But yeah. I have different sort of fantasies on this matter.
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>me was all-boys school teacher
>+100 old 3 stories building
>3rd floor: 9-12 grades; 2nd floor: 5-8 grades; 1st floor: Kinder to 4th grades.
>let's say 10th grade teacher

Here there are 12 grades, 6 primaries and 6 secondaries. Idk US equivalents, so I'm going to just say 1-12 grades

>10th graders was being bullied by 5th graders. They called them sissies, pussies, insulted them, all sort of shit. For months
>The little fuckers were immune to repraisal because they were kids and 10th graders were bigger. And they know it.
>I spoke with their teacher
>Yes, they're kids, but shit was going to far.
>5th graders grabs ├╝ber-but-well-liked nerd of the class and threw him to school fountain. Group attack.
>I was outraged and I was to talk very seriously with their teacher the next recess.
>But my boys were very very pissed. In class, I could see the fiery hate in their eyes.
>They got enough piss from babies.
>No more immunity for babies.
>A hatestorm of young fire was brewing.
>I can see that.
>How they can take revenge without being expelled?
>Half of my class they were paying attention to me, the other half they planned.
>5th graders had the habit to left their classroom 2-5 minutes AFTER their teacher leave the classroom. They just keep there chilling.
>That was their mistake.
>10th graders went downstair to playground, but in real they stp at 2nd floor and ambush 5th graders.
>Some little smack to masterminds to teach them respect for elders.
>They grabbed the WHOLE grade to another classroom in the same floor.
>Big windows to 2nd floor rooftop were open.
>5th graders were thrown to roof and windows locked from inside the classroom
>My boys just leave and chill out in recess.
>Teachers in teachers' room heard some little whinning. Maybe some fighting (they weren't common, but weren't rare either).
>8th graders come running. "5th graders are in the roof!!!"

mfw I saw nerdy boy wet
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Are you the same as http://4archive.org/b/thread/584972431?
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Yes. That's me. I feel weird you found it.
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>>10th graders was being bullied by 5th graders.

WTF? What 10th grade faggot is bullied by a 5th grader???
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>Several teacher went there and we can saw 5th graders.
>They were crying, calling for mummy. Desperate.
>I quickly deduce what happened.
>Teachers called service staff to rescue them.
>No 5th grader told anything. They were scared shitless.
>Internal investigation coming. 10th grade was prime suspect.
>CSI School
>Investigation closed. Cold case. Lack of everything.
>No 5th grader dared to look 10th grader in the face even 2 years later, when they were 7th and 12th graders.
>I asked them how they achieve to shut the kids.
>They told me that they threathened the kid with drown them to a nearby river and kill their parents if they talked
>I chastised them. Sort of.
>mentally: "I'm so proud of you"

pic related, reactions of art teacher, me and 5th grade teacher, when we say 5th graders on roof.
Elder grades are tightly overwatched to prevent them to bully younger grades, and if kids do some shit to bigger grades, they are practically guiltless and immune to anything.

In the US that would be 10-11 year olds bullying 15 year old teens?

Was this a sissy school?
>and if kids do some shit to bigger grades

But how do you shit to someone who is much bigger than you ?
check aomizuan
The yelled stuff, trip them and run away. Even if they were 15 years old, 10-11 yo still have much energy that them.

That was the only time, btw. And they were scared shitless
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Dont stop op
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So is it actually worth it?
I've been thinking of doing teaching when I get back to uni.
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What do you teach?
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I love it. But it is a very tiresome job.
You've got paperwork up the ass, you are constantly pressured by students and higher ups and parents.
Otherwise it's a lot of fun. It really feels good once you get their attention, which is not easy to do. I always feel warm inside if I get my students to put off their phones to look at me.
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Literature, english literature sometimes english language in general (it's not my main language, as you can probably gather)
oh yeah, i remember. it was... russian or something like that?
Do you see students look at your bulge
What country do you live in?
File: 016.jpg (397KB, 981x1394px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yes, it is Russian.
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Why censor that? It's either high school or middle school. I would understand if it were middle school, so does that imply it is?
File: aomizuan-03.jpg (228KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: ev024f.png (619KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: aomizuan-04.jpg (231KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
231KB, 900x900px

Where do you live?
File: ev035d.png (609KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You mean the town? I'd really would like to keep this secret. On the off-chance some faggot kid form my school sees this. ... Sorry!
File: ev002g.png (676KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: aomizuan-05.jpg (232KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No, I just want to know what country or state you live in. I wouldn't share my town either. Or did you already explicitly state what country you currently live in?

I only ask because I'm curious about the requirements for being a high school teacher.
File: ev005h.png (680KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's Russia.
You usually need a degree. If you majored in any field that is connected with a school subject, you can, theoretically apply.
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