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trap thread time!

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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trap thread time!
aww yiss name?
Adriana Rodriguez
Hey 4chan community. Come out and support a Cannabis Company. Take a look. See if you like. If you do, if you want to donate, please feel free. If you don't, thank you for your time.
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I have in the past (CLEAR UK)
classic Vaniity
why are there no nigger traps?
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they're out there bro
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ok shit now ive seen everything

probably not but fuck /b/ never dissapoints

where the fuck can I find a hot trap like this locally? any websites??

I live south of Chicago
Every person on craigslist is a black trap
None of them are good in the least
But they're out there, in mass numbers
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hey, in most cases. you just have to ask
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Yuck what the fuck is wrong with that things teeth? reminds me of a fucking mole rat from fallout, typical beaner.
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my favorite black TS, Kyla Ko. I love her videos
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bc they're killed on a regular basis
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Found the one hot black trap. I can rest peacefully now.
any good videos? (please!)
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ok this is now a spiderman threas
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Can you faggots please leave /b/ so that it can become lightly less shitty of a place
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Pls stap, spooderman approves of trap threads. thx
Why so much nigger
lol it looks like a turd
faggots are like 99% of /b/'s populace. there's no hope for /b/

one of us, one of us... gooble gobble, gooble gobble
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after you, faggot
You see what you've done???
now this thread is overrun with filthy shitskins...
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that bitch needs a paper bag over that face, ugh. nice ass, though
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i'll post if i find stuff, just quick fire random posting.
i hear ya
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I hear ya. That pic is just hot, was hoping there was more or better yet video.
Weird. When I'm not in the mood for traps, I'm just disgusted by them.
Get that faggot shit out of here
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>When I'm not in the mood for traps
>in the mood for traps
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i've only ever had that pic
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File: cdsxy.flv.webm (2MB, 542x406px)
2MB, 542x406px
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damn you spider man
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so basically a trap is just a skinny man who puts on a wig.
i mean i've never even seen a "trap" with a nice ass. they're all skinny as fuck with flat asses.

they look like nerds in their mother's underwear. nothing feminine about them at all. even skinny girls have soft round asses that jiggle.

but whatever
any traps in San Diego?
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anybody know of any good trap porn sites?

I searched for trap on pornmd but all that came up were gay niggers.
very nice
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here other than that no idea but i'll post more of the same person
Black faggots are too ugly to be considered traps.
this is my fucking favorite fucking trap god damn.
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What is tasting/eating cum like?

Whats giving a blowjob like?
pretty sure thats not how you're supposed to wear panties
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the taste of cum can vary - salty, fruity, plain, starchy, etc

eating it well that depends on the consitency and taste

and a blowjob is like having a dick in your mouth

those panties are her emergency pair
What is the typical consistency/texture and average flavor?
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in my experience
texture = thick and globular (for the time)
flavour = light salty-copper taste

diet also effects the taste of cum. one of my GFs hated me eating onions because she realised that it made my cum smell and taste wierd.
I eat lots of onions and garlic. A lot of things make sense now.
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I honestly couldn't tell, but she hated it. Eating more fruits and drinking more water gets cum in the right ball park for easy consumption.
Congrats, you ruined this thread.

But I'll answer cuz why not. Black men are generally more muscular than your average white or asian guy. Even if they aren't buff, niggers just have "slave muscles" if you will. So a black man trying to look like a woman is extremely hard.
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Hey, would anyone like to read a trap story I've been writing. I posted the first two maybe three chapters 6-8 months ago and it got a decent reception. You may remember it. It's called Cousin's Closet. I've written five chapters so far, but only the first four are edited.
File: 1385600499884.jpg (495KB, 937x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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why not.
don't know how many people are lurking though
File: 1389407627489.jpg (198KB, 1080x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1389264703073.jpg (540KB, 1920x2560px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Would you faggots please just leave /b/ alone
File: 1402474357775.jpg (324KB, 498x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
324KB, 498x750px

Alright, here goes:

Cousin's Closet
Chapter 1: Caught


"Is it true that thinking about me wearing your clothes gets you hot?"

"Well... yeah, I guess. Ok, your turn. Truth or dare?"

"It's now or never, I suppose, dare."

"I dare you to let me dress you up and take you out to the mall tomorrow night."


"Come on, either say yes or I tell my mom I found you in my closet this morning."

"You got me. I guess I have to."

And just like that I was stuck. I knew there was no convincing Jenny not to make me. Once she gets an idea in her head it tends to stay there.

I suppose I should back up a bit here. My name is Adam Wright. I'm 15 years old and I just finished up 9th grade. It's the middle of summer vacation, July 12th to be exact. Every year my mom sends me to stay with my cousin Jenny and her family for a couple of weeks. It's probably my absolute favorite time of the year. Every year at this time I get to hang out at their place right off of the beach on Cape Cod. It sure beats the hell out of the boredom I'd face at home in Iowa.

Growing up Jenny and I were best friends. We were both only children and our mothers are sisters so we spent a lot of time together. We both lived in the same little town in western Massachusetts. When I was in fifth grade my mom moved us out to Iowa to live with her then Internet boyfriend. They've since married. Jenny's family moved out to Cape Cod a year later. Since the year I moved away Jenny and I really only ever got together for special occasions and these summer stays at her house.

This year's stay at Jenny's house ended up being different though. As usual, after a couple of days I'd "sleep in" one morning when everyone else had plans to go out on the town. What I really do when I "sleep in" though is I go up to Jenny's room and try on all the new clothes she got this year and parade around wishing I were a pretty teenage girl like her.
more like this pls
File: sure.gif (350KB, 380x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
350KB, 380x200px

Did you make this up or is the story personal experience?
Hey, could you please kill yourself instead? Thanks.

Jenny is the very model of a teenage goddess. She's a year older than I am, but only about an inch taller. Both of us have a lean build, but her lean body is capped with a pair of perfect B cup breasts that stand proudly on her chest. Below them, her stomach is flat and tight, but not too muscular. She's the perfect combination of strong and soft. Moving lower her hips flare out dramatically, and her ass is a perfect peach that bounces lightly as she runs.

If her body weren't good enough, her face is at least a match for it. She has long slightly wavy brown hair, usually tied into a pony tail or sticking out of the back of her Red Sox baseball cap. Her eyes are dark green jewels and her lips are slightly pouty. She always seems to be wearing a devilish grin, which make me wonder just what's going on inside that head of hers.

Enough about her though (for now) this story is about me and what happened that day.

When Jenny and her folks go out they're usually gone for at least four hours, if not longer. What I didn't know was that this day it was only her parents who had gone out on the town. Jenny had gone next door to her best friend Rachel's house.

I had been in her room for about twenty minutes, just looking through her closet before I even looked into her drawers. She must have moved stuff around since the last time I was here. She used to keep her underwear and her socks both in the top drawer of her dresser, but when I opened the top drawer to take a look at any newly purchased goodies, all I saw were her socks and hair accessories.
File: 1417994194404.jpg (157KB, 720x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1372481553784.jpg (179KB, 1030x659px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
179KB, 1030x659px
I checked the next drawer down and hit the jackpot. She must have bought about $300 worth panties alone since last year. I guess I knew where all the money she'd made from the job she told me she got eight months ago had gone. I started going through them and found some real gems. She had a couple of pairs of satin ones in different colors and a few more sheer ones. The one that really caught my eye though, was a pale purple thong with lace trim. I took it out and flipped it over in my hands a couple of times. I was in luck! The front was large enough to hold in my cock.

Without even thinking I unbuttoned my pants and let them fall to the floor. I wasn't wearing any underwear of my own so I stepped out of my pants and into her thong. I pulled it up my legs and relished the feel of the lacy thong against my skin. I pulled it into place, adjusted my cock and continued my search through her drawers hoping to find a matching bra. A few minutes later I did just that and in no time I had it fastened around my chest. It was strapless, so the band around the chest would have to do. I reached my hands into the cups and pulled the skin of my chest up to fill out the bra as best as I could. I'd certainly need something to fill the empty cups, but that could wait.

Now that I had my underwear straightened out I went back to her closet and started flipping through her clothes for something nice to wear with the luxurious bra and panty set I already had on. In no time I came across the perfect skirt and top. The skirt, which was somewhat short, was blue and white plaid with pleats running all the way around it. The top was a light blue, almost white, spaghetti strap affair. I pulled the skirt up my legs excitedly and dove headfirst into the spaghetti strap top.

(>>584225524 it's fiction)

There was only one thing left to do now, so I sat down at Jenny's vanity and looked into the mirror. I'd definitely need some blush and maybe a touch of eye shadow. I applied what I thought I needed, maybe a bit crudely, but I managed to make my self look OK. Now for the finishing touch. I opened the drawer and pulled out a couple of different tubes of lipstick. I opened each one in turn and settled on one called "Scarlet Empress". I gently applied it to my lips and then pressed them together to distribute the color evenly.

Finally, I was complete. I spent the next I don't even know how long just admiring myself first in Jenny's vanity mirror and then in the full length mirror in the corner. I was so absorbed in what I was doing that I never heard the door downstairs open, nor did I hear footsteps on the stairs. I DID however, hear the doorknob of Jenny's room turn. I turned as well just in time to see Jenny open her bedroom door.

Jenny stopped dead in her tracks and her mouth dropped open. That was followed by a thud as her purse hit the ground. "What the fuck are you doing, Adam?" she demanded of me as soon as she found her voice.

"I... I can explain" I replied, stumbling on my own words. "I was just-"

"You were just being a fucking weirdo," Jenny finished for me.

"Please don't hate me for this," I begged. Jenny was my favorite cousin and I'd hate to lose her over this.

"Hate you?" she asked with a girlish giggle. "Are you kidding me? I've always wanted a doll to play dress up with."

"What?" I ask dumbfounded. "Y... you mean you're not mad?"

"Oh sure I am," she said "but I'll have almost two weeks to get over that while having my very own Adam sized doll to play with." And with that she grabbed me and guided me towards her vanity. "First thing's first, I'm going to have to fix your makeup. You painted yourself up like a whore. You need to go easy on this stuff," Jenny told me as she skipped off to her bathroom, her hair bouncing as she stepped. She returned with a damp cloth and wiped my face clean. Then she started to work with all manner of things I didn't know the purpose for. About five minutes later she turned me towards the vanity mirror and said "There, now doesn't that look better?"

I gazed into the mirror, but I wasn't seeing myself in it. Instead there was a sort of pretty 15 year old girl looking back at me. I just stared without saying anything for quite a while till Jenny broke the silence. "Looks pretty good, huh Adam?" she asked.

"Uh... uh huh." I replied unable to find words to describe how I looked or how I felt about how I looked.

Then Jenny sat down next to me and we both looked at my reflection in the mirror for a while. Again Jenny broke the silence. "So, how long you been doing this?"

"Four years or so now." I replied, trusting Jenny to keep what I shared with her in confidence.


"I dunno really," I told her. "I started one time with one of your bathing suits and I just liked the look and feel of it on my skin. The rest, as they say, is history."

"We're going to have so much fun this summer Adam" she said to me with that devilish grin of hers." That's when she started the game of truth or dare.


After Jenny roped me into going out with her tomorrow night she changed the subject. "We have about two hours till my parents come home," she told me. "What sort of girly things would you like to do till they get home?"

"I dunno, what do girls usually do?" I asked her.

"Well, my girlfriends and I talk about boys and TV shows and stuff, but I don't think that would interest you." Jenny said. "Ohh I know!" She exclaimed excitedly. She rushed to her closet and came back with a couple of pairs of heels. "If you're going to come out with me tomorrow night you'll need to pass as well as possible as a girl. Every girl your age has learned how to walk in heels, you should really learn that," she said.

With that she knelt in front of me and started comparing the shoes she grabbed with my feet. She looked up at me and laughed again. "Ohh and you should really learn to sit like a proper girl, too. Nice package, by the way," she said with another teenage giggle.

I blushed and closed my legs embarrassed.

Jenny looked up at me again and said "No, no, cross your legs, one over the other." I complied with her direction immediately and Jenny started fitting the foot of my crossed leg with one of the heels, a black one with a short heel, maybe an inch and a half, two inches max. She strapped it on and asked for my other foot, on which she fitted the other heel. Then she stood and extended a hand to me. I took it and stood carefully. I was quite wobbly on my feet, but Jenny did her best to steady me.

For the next hour and a half Jenny drilled me on the ins and out of being a girl and by the end of it we were both giggling like best girlfriends and my skills in walking in heels and girlish mannerisms in general had improved dramatically.

"You're a quick study Adam," She said to me. "It's like you were born to be a girl," she said. "Ohh, but that name has to go. I don't know any girls named Adam, do you?" I shook my head. "Do you have any ideas?" I shook my head again. "How about Abigail? I can call you Abby for short."

"OK, yeah, that's a pretty name," I agreed. "Abby it is. Thanks, Jenny."

"No problem, Abby" she responded. "From now on whenever you're dressed up I'm going to call you Abby, OK?"

"Yeah," I said, really liking the idea. "That makes sense." Jenny sure can be persuasive when she wants to be.

"Sadly Abby has to go away and Adam needs to come back." Jenny told me. "My parents should be home any time now. You can use my shower if you want."

"Thanks Jenny. Really, thank you. This is going to be so much fun," I gush a bit.

Jenny held her hand up. "It's OK Abby, now why don't you hustle into that shower and go get Adam back," she said and I turned towards the shower. "Ohh, but before you go hold on a sec," Jenny continued as she darted over to her dresser and opened the second drawer from the top. "I think you should wear these under your boy clothes OK?" she asked as she handed me a pair of orange bikini briefs. "Just to remind you that when you're here you're not really a boy, even if you dress like one."

"OK Jenny," I said as I took the panties and headed off to her shower.

"I'll see you later, Abby" she called out to me as I closed the bathroom door.

*End chapter 1*

Should I continue?
of course it fucking is you moron a 16 year old girl wouldn't have tons of satin and sheer panties. at least make your shit story realistic
If you want to.

But you should post this somewhere where it won't get deleted, I wouldn't mind actually reading it some time.
Maybe a tumblr?

I already have an asstr.org account. I post my stories there.

Here comes chapter !:

Cousin's Closet
Chapter 2: Training Day

I'd just finished with my shower, turned off the knob and reached out to grab a towel so I could dry off. I patted down my body a few times then started drying my medium length brown hair. Considering what Jenny and I were going to do the next day I was glad I'd grown my hair long over the past couple of years. Finished drying off I tossed the towel into the hamper and found the pile of clothes my cousin had so kindly gotten for me while I was showering. Sitting on top of the pile were the orange panties she suggested I wear.

I picked up the panties and rubbed them gently between my fingertips. They were much softer than my boxers and I was eager to wear them. They'd be Jenny's and my little secret. Aunt Stacy and uncle Mark wouldn't know I was wearing them, but I would. And so would Jenny. That excited me quite a bit. I stepped into the panties and pulled them up. They clung to my ass like someone was holding me. I really liked the feel. The front panel also had plenty of room for my junk, but being a late bloomer it didn't need much material to do so. Usually that bothered me, but since Jenny told me that I was a girl for the next two weeks I didn't really mind having a below average penis right now. Girls don't have dicks, right?

After I was happy with the positioning of my panties, (heh, my panties, I like the sound of that) I took a look at what Jenny had grabbed for me. Just a T shirt and shorts. Nice and simple. I stepped into the shorts, pulled them up and buttoned them. Then I pulled the T shirt over my head and exited the bathroom.
Jenny was there and told me that her parents had gotten back while I was in the shower. Then she stepped up close to me, tugged on the side of my shorts and peeked down. "Good girl," she said satisfied that I had followed her instructions. "I think we should go on down to the rec room in the basement and play some video games. I have an old Xbox down there. That way we can have some privacy so we can work on your voice some more."

"Sounds good to me," I replied "but can we get something to eat first? I'm starving."



After grabbing a quick bite to eat in the kitchen and catching up with aunt Stacy and uncle Mark Jenny and I headed down to the basement. Jenny dropped herself on the couch, her perky tits bounced slightly as she landed and she turned on the TV.

"What do you want to play?" she inquired.

I took a look over the games she had and chose Guilty Gear. I love that game. I put it into the Xbox and grabbed the controller Jenny offered me. The game fired up and we chose versus. Jenny chose Johnny while I instantly selected Bridget.

"Nice choice," she giggled. "I'm not in the least bit surprised."

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be a pretty little boy, is there?" I asked with a laugh of my own.

"No, I suppose not," Jenny replied, "but I think pretty little GIRLS are more socially accepted here in the states. Time to practice that voice."

So we played Guilty Gear, for a number of hours. All the while Jenny gave me pointers as we fought each other. I stuck with Bridget the whole time while Jenny bounced from character to character. When she won she'd brag and taunt and when I did I gave her the same treatment. Since I beat her about two times to one Jenny was on the receiving end of the taunting more often than me. It was almost ridiculous hearing myself ribbing her in my best girlish falsetto, but on her insistence I continued practicing.

It was about 5:30PM when we heard the door at the stairs open and aunt Stacy called down to us. "Kids, we're going out to eat, do you want to come?"

"What do you think?" Jenny asked me quietly. "Do you want to grab a bite to eat or play dress up a little more?"

"There'll be plenty of time for that when your parents are gone this weekend. I say we get some chow."

"Where you going mom?" Jenny yelled up the stairs.

"Not sure yet. Probably seafood."

I nodded eagerly to Jenny. I love seafood.

"OK mom, we'll go," Jenny said as she got up from the couch and turned off the TV as she did so. I followed Jenny's lead and killed the Xbox before getting to my feet myself and we both headed upstairs.


After a delicious dinner we went out for sundaes then wandered the seaside for a while. The whole time I was out in public I experienced a naughty thrill knowing that I was wearing girls panties under my shorts. I was glad Jenny had picked out one of my longer T shirts because there was a slight wind and it blew our clothes around a bit. I didn't want anyone seeing a flash of orange around my waist. I liked the wind though because Jenny was wearing a skirt very similar to the one I had worn that morning and every now and then the wind blew her skirt high and I caught glimpses of her shapely thighs when it did.

After one such gust Jenny caught me gawking and whispered in my ear "You are a sicko! Peeking at your own cousin like that."

I turned and whispered back into Jenny's ear "You ever think that maybe I'm admiring your skirt?"

"Good save," she whispered back. "I'm going to allow it. But either way you're still a little weird." We both broke out in laughter at that.

"You kids about ready to head back home?" uncle Mark asked. "It's getting late."

"Yeah, OK," Jenny responded. "It has been a long day, right Adam?" We shared knowing glances and burst out in laughter all over again.

"I don't know about you kids these days," uncle Mark said shaking his head. We wandered back to the car as it was getting dark and when we piled inside of it uncle Mark started it. I checked the time on the radio. It was a little after 9PM. The drive home was uneventful and we got in somewhere around 9:40.

As we walked inside the house aunt Stacy spoke. "Dad and I are headed to bed. Don't stay up too late, OK?"

"I won't mom," Jenny said, then she turned to me. "Come on up to my room, I have something to show you."

"Kay, Jenny," I said and followed her up to her room.

As soon as we entered Jenny closed the door and locked it. As she did that she called over her shoulder. "You've got what, ten, twelve more days here, right?"

"Yeah, about that." I answered. "Why?"

"Come over here," Jenny said as she walked to her dresser. She grabbed an empty opaque plastic bag from some clothing store or another and pulled her panty drawer open. "You're taking another five pairs of panties," she said matter-of-factly. "I'll leave it up to you which ones. Choose wisely." I rummaged through her drawer for a few minutes searching for what I thought I'd like. I chose three cotton pairs, one purple, another one pink and a third a pale green and white plaid. The fourth one I grabbed was a charcoal gray thong. The front looked large enough to contain me so I fished around for the last pair. I found them at last; a cream colored silk pair with black lace trim and detailing.

"Ohh, nice choice," Jenny said when she saw my last selection. "Now I'm giving you five for a reason," she went on. "A girl should know how to wash her own lingerie, so at some point in the next two weeks you'll have to do that at least once." She then took the panties from me and stuffed them into the bag. "I'm just being precautious with the bag," she told me. "I'm sure my parents are fucking by now." I laughed when she said that. "Oh I'm not even kidding. They're all the way down the hall, but I hear them some nights. Dad must know what he's doing is all I'll say about that. Anyway, take these down to the guest room and stash them someplace safe. When you're done come on back up and we'll talk."

I nodded and left Jenny's room. I walked down the stairs, through the dining room and into the guest bedroom where I stayed whenever I visited and opened the closet. I reached up and stashed the bag in a box that was on a shelf behind the wall away from the closet door. Then I went back upstairs to Jenny's room.

When I opened the door and walked back in Jenny was holding a pair of heels and the pair I was wearing earlier were sitting on her computer chair. "I think it's been long enough," Jenny said. "If my parents aren't sleeping yet they're busy doing something else." Jenny motioned to the door and we both left her room. She closed the door and locked it with a key then we quietly headed down the stairs and out of the house. Jenny sat on one of the chairs on the porch and removed her sneakers and socks. I took off my own and started fitting the heels I'd brought down. Jenny had hers on in no time and started helping me with mine.

When I was finally ready I stood up and the two of us stepped off of the porch then walked towards the road. Jenny lived in a quiet neighborhood and it was after 10 by now so there was no one else outside. We wandered the neighborhood for an hour or two and by the time we were back on Jenny's road and nearly home I was walking as naturally as if I'd been barefoot. The conversation we had while walking was mostly Jenny telling me her plans for tomorrow and going over some of the things she wanted me to do. It all seemed very reasonable and as we approached her porch I was wishing it was the next day already.

We sat back down on the chairs on the porch and took off our heels. I was surprised by how little my feet hurt. I assumed that walking in heels for any length of time would kill me, but I was fine, really. Jenny took them from me and we both walked inside. We said our goodnights and parted ways in the dining room. I headed for the guest room and Jenny went on upstairs.

It was a pretty long day so as soon as I got into my room I stripped down to my panties and pulled on a pair of shorts just in case Aunt Stacy or uncle Mark happened to see me. I got into bed, closed my eyes and started picturing Jenny and me walking around at the mall. Would people figure me out? I wondered. Would any guys try to hit on me? God I hope not, I thought. With images of Jenny and me all dressed up dancing through my head I drifted off to sleep.

*End chapter 2*

Cousin's Closet
Chapter 3: A Morning Adventure

I woke up the following morning somewhere around 10 and excitedly got out of bed. I couldn't wait till aunt Stacy and Uncle Mark left so Abby could once again come out to play, this time in public. I opened up the closet and reached for the bag with my panties in it, then fished around till I came up with the charcoal thong. I wanted a different feel today. Having my undies straightened out I opened my luggage and grabbed out a change of clothes very similar to yesterday's clothes; a pair of cut off shorts and a band shirt. I tucked the thong deep into a pocket of the shorts so it wouldn't be seen if I happened to pass aunt Stacy on the way to the shower. Uncle Mark should've been at work, so I didn't need to worry about him. I pulled open the bedroom door and almost ran into Jenny, who was about to knock. She was wearing a pair of purple jean shorts and a peach colored T shirt and had a small backpack slung over one shoulder.

"Ohh good, you're up."

"Yeah, can I use your shower again?" I asked. "It's way better than the main house shower."

Yeah, I know it is," Jenny replied. "I had a bit of influence on that, but no, not now. Go back to your room and get changed, there's somewhere we gotta go."

"OK, Jenny. Be right back."

I zipped back into the guest bedroom, locked the door and shucked off my clothes. I folded up the orange panties and stashed them in the closet then grabbed my change of clothes and pulled the thong out of the pocket of the shorts. I quickly pulled the thong up my legs and carefully positioned its generous front panel over my crotch. It felt weird having that strip of fabric splitting my ass cheeks, but it also gave me a rush. I threw on the rest of my clothes in a flash and headed out the door, eager to find out what Jenny's plans for the first part of the day were.
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nice so far

"Great, you're ready," Jenny said in an excited voice. "It's a couple miles away so we're taking bikes." Jenny's family was well off, to say the least, so there was a spare bicycle in the garage specifically for me to use during my visits.

Jenny moved in closer to me and in a lower tone asked me what I was wearing under my shorts. "The charcoal thong," I replied with a smile.

"So, how is your butt enjoying flossing?" Jenny asked quietly with a grin as we started towards the front door.

I nodded eagerly and said "They're definitely not boxers," as I continued smiling. Jenny giggled and opened the door, letting me through first. We both walked towards the garage and took out the bikes. Jenny's was red and much nicer than the one I was going to ride. It probably set Uncle Mark back $750 or more. By contrast the green bike I took from her as we set off probably cost no more than $300, which was still plenty nice for a bike that got used only a couple days a year.

"Where are we going?" I asked a half mile or so out.

"It's a surprise," Jenny said, adding "You'll love it, trust me."

Trust was something I'd always had in Jenny. And over the past 24 hours that trust had grown considerably. She knew my darkest secret and was just fine with it. More than fine actually. And I was grateful for her letting me keep wearing her clothes even after catching me trying them on behind her back. In fact I think she may enjoy my secret hobby as much as I do, if not more.

After another couple of miles Jenny turned onto a dirt trail that led into the woods. I followed her onto the path and caught up with her to ask her how much farther our destination was. "It's not far now." came her response and five minutes later she got off of her bike. "Here, gimme your bike." she said as she got out her bike lock. After securing the bikes to a tree Jenny led the way into the woods where there was no obvious path.
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"Damn, this place better be amazing," I said to Jenny as we climbed a small hill. "Because getting there sure as hell is a pain in the ass."

"It's just at the top of this hill and yeah, it's amazing, so pipe down, ya whiner," Jenny called back with a laugh. Moments later we crested the hill and I finally saw the place. Jenny was right, it was amazing. There was a small clearing in the woods down the other side of the hill with a pool of water maybe 30 feet across. It was fed by a stream flowing down the hill perpendicular to the way we approached it and another stream flowed out the other side. "I found this place last year," Jenny continued. "About a mile or two that way," she motioned towards the stream leaving the pool, "there's a swimming hole with rocks and stuff to jump from. I could swear I took you there a few years back."

"Yeah, that sounds familiar." I said.

"I found one of the streams that fed it and decided to see if it led anywhere. Turns out it did and this place is awesome. You like?" Jenny asked.


"Then you'll like it even more in this," she replied. I looked over and she had her backpack off and was reaching into it. A moment later she tossed me one of her one piece swimsuits. "Don't worry," she continued. "I've been here, like, ten times now and haven't seen a single person." Relieved to hear that I found a couple of trees to step behind and began changing. After dropping my shorts with the thong still in them I whipped off my shirt. I've always enjoyed being completely naked out in nature. It makes me feel so free, but I had more important things to do. Banishing those thoughts for the moment I stepped into the bathing suit and pulled it up and over my ass. After situating my lower half I pulled the rest of the bathing suit up and put my arms through the holes provided for them. Having the bathing suit in place I finally took a look at it. It was two toned hot pink and black with a bow on each hip. I shook my ass making the bows bounce slightly and started to giggle.

Upon hearing me laugh Jenny called out "Sounds like someone's enjoying her new bathing suit." I laughed again as I gathered my clothes, being careful not to drop the thong as I did so. As I made my way out from around the trees I caught sight of Jenny. She was wearing a skimpy blue bikini which left very little to the imagination. Once again I had to admire her form. She was perfection and at that moment I very much wished she wasn't my cousin. "Sorry, Abby," Jenny went on "but I'm not into girls, so you're going to have to be satisfied with just looking."

Was my lust that obvious?

"I... I... Wasn't-"

"Sure sure, you're just appreciating my bikini. I know," Jenny interrupted with a disarming grin.

"Well, it is a nice bikini," I said, taking the offered excuse.

"It sure is, but lets see more of that bathing suit of yours," Jenny replied. I walked towards Jenny till about five feet separated us, then I did a little spin. "Very nice," Jenny complimented me, "but how 'bout you and me do some swimming?" With that Jenny sauntered towards the water, her ass swaying to and fro with each step. I followed her into the pool of water and in a moment we were both in nearly waist deep. Out of the blue Jenny tackled me and we started wrestling with each other till we had each dunked the other a couple of times.

After one such dunking I surfaced after shoving Jenny back. She must've slipped when I pushed her because as I opened my eyes Jenny was under the water somewhere. A few seconds later she broke the surface and stood up. As she did I glanced down and saw that her left breast had slipped free of her bikini top. It stood firm and proud on her chest as if it were taunting gravity and was capped with a stiff pink nipple with a small areola. I glanced at her other breast and noticed its nipple was also erect and pushing at the material of her bikini.

"Umm. Jenny, you're umm," I said shyly pointing at her chest. Jenny glanced down then quickly covered herself as she began to blush. Thinking it was the right thing to do I turned around to give her a chance to compose herself. A moment later she told me she was all set. I turned back to face her and saw that she was still blushing.

"Well, that was embarrassing," Jenny laughed.

"You've got nothing to be ashamed of," I said. Trying to smooth things over.

"Maybe I don't, but Abby sure does," Jenny laughed, then pointed at my crotch where my penis was stretching the material of my borrowed bathing suit. It was my turn to blush and turn away in embarrassment. Seeing no other good option I simply sat down in the water and let the water cover my shame. Hopefully the cold water would also soften my erection.
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my fetish thank you.

Jenny and I started to swim around the small pool and after an hour or so of swimming and jumping off the rocks on the deeper side Jenny suggested we get changed and head back home. "You really don't want to get any tan lines that would be hard to explain, do you?" she asked.

"No, certainly not," I agreed."

We got out of the water and I headed back behind the trees with my clothes and a towel Jenny gave me. I changed quickly and called out "Are you decent?" A response in the affirmative followed immediately so I came out from behind the trees.

Jenny was standing there waiting for me in her T shirt and shorts again, but she was obviously still wearing at least her bikini top under them as it had dampened her lightly colored T shirt. I could easily make out the blue of her bikini top and I could swear her nipples were still stiff. My gaze again lingered too long and Jenny again scolded me "They're just tits," she said. Maybe you'll grow a pair of your own some day, Abby. Then you can quit staring at mine."

"Sorry," I apologized. "I keep telling myself you're my cousin, but my dick refuses to listen."

"I'd teach it a lesson myself," Jenny said laughing. "But like I said I AM your cousin and that would just be weird."

We head back towards the bikes in relative silence and my mind latched onto the fact that Jenny merely said it was "weird" not "icky" or "gross". Why was I thinking that way about my own cousin? Well, other than the fact that she's hot as all get out I mean. We finally broke out of the woods and onto the trail. Jenny looked up and down the path then told me to follow her as we walked up the trail. We rounded a corner and saw the bikes chained to the tree where we left them. Jenny unlocked them and we hopped on and started the ride back.

*End chapter 3*

One piece bathing suits? Yeah, they're fucking hot. I can never get one that fits me right though.

Anyhow, chapter four:

Cousin's Closet
Chapter 4: The Transformation

We arrived back at Jenny's house some time after 1PM and grabbed a quick bite to eat which I was glad to do since in Jenny's excitement to leave for the swimming hole I didn't get a chance to have breakfast. We double teamed the kitchen and in 20 minutes whipped up a tuna and pasta creation. Chef Boyardee would have been proud. We tossed our concoction into bowls and headed to the rec room with them. Downstairs Jenny threw the TV on and we watched a portion of Office Space, which was playing on Comedy Central. After we were done eating Jenny turned the Xbox on and fired up Guilty Gear again.

"Gimme a chance this time and play someone other than your best character eh?" Jenny asked.

"Actually Johnny's my best character, but to be fair Bridget is my second or third best," I replied with a big grin as I selected Johnny.

"Greeeeaaaaat," came Jenny's sarcastic reply.

I won the first fight soundly then started rotating characters avoiding my best ones. This time around we had a much more even game than last time and when 3:30 rolled around Jenny turned the Xbox and TV off.

"Mom and dad should be leaving any moment now," Jenny said. "I want to be there to see them off, that way we have as much time as possible to get you ready to do our thing." A shiver ran up my spine. It was very close to my first time out in public (after all, the two of us alone swimming doesn't really count as public). I was excited and nervous at the same time. We both climbed the stairs and opened the door to see aunt Stacy hurriedly getting herself ready to leave. "Anything I can help you with, mom?" Jenny asked her.

"No, dear, I'm good," aunt Stacy said. "Maybe your father could use some help though. He's outside packing the car." Jenny headed outside to find her father, so I followed her, eager to help as well if it meant Abby could come out to play sooner.

"Hey dad, is there anything I can help you with?" Jenny asked her father as she approached his car.

"No, Jenny, thank you," her father answered. "This is the last of my stuff." Just then aunt Stacy walked outside with her last two bags and handed them to uncle Mark, who stowed them in the trunk of his Audi sedan.

When uncle Mark was finished he closed the trunk and Jenny's parents faced us. "Now kids," aunt Stacy began, "we don't want anything funny going on here while we're gone. No parties or anything like that. Do you understand?"

"Yes mom," Jenny answered. "Ab- err, Adam and I are just going to the mall today. And yes, we'll be good the rest of the weekend, too." Satisfied with Jenny's answers, her mother pulled her in for a hug and gave her a kiss on the top of the head.

"We'll miss you," she said then let her go so her father could give her a hug of his own. "And you be good too, Adam," aunt Stacy said as she gave me a hug as well. After all the hugs and kisses were exchanged Jenny's parents got into the car and uncle Mark drove off down the driveway. Jenny and I waved after them till they disappeared from view. As soon as that happened Jenny and I practically sprinted for the front door.

We were inside and up to Jenny's room in an instant. Jenny pulled open her underwear drawer as soon as we got in there. "Why don't you pick out a matching bra and panties?" she asked. "A special day like this deserves special clothes," she said as she slipped into the bathroom. I combed through Jenny's lingerie till I came up with a mint green lace bra and panty set with hot pink straps and detailing. They were captivating and I knew instantly they were what I was going to wear that day. Jenny appeared once again as I was looking over my selection contently. "Ohh, that's a great choice. You'll look very cute in that. Go ahead and take them into the bathroom with you. You'll be needing a shower now and here, take this." With that Jenny handed me a small plastic bag. I peeked inside and saw a brand new pink razor and a can of Satin Care shaving gel. "You'll definitely need to shave those legs and your pits, too if you intend to wear anything with short sleeves or none at all.

"Huh, I never considered shaving," I said to Jenny, with a surprised look on my face.

"Don't be silly," Jenny replied. "You'll want to show off those legs of yours and no way do you want them all hairy, do you?"
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i just love looking and being around chicks and femdicks in ladies swimwear (espec One pieces). they get me real hard for some reason

"I suppose not."

"You shouldn't need to shave your arms though," Jenny said. "You hardly grow any hair there anyway. Your face either, come to think of it." Pointing out my lack of hair was another thing that would have ordinarily bothered me, but I wasn't even fazed. I guess I was falling into the role of teenage girl rather easily.

I grabbed the bra and panties along with the shaving kit already in my other hand and walked into Jenny's bathroom. I put down the lingerie and bag next to the sink and turned the knob in the tub till water started flowing. Moments later the water was up to a comfortable temperature so I switched the flow to shower and stepped in. After getting myself fully wet I grabbed Jenny's pink loofah and squeezed some of her bath gel into it. I lathered it up over my chest and started washing my whole body. Instantly the whole shower smelled of flowers. After I was satisfied that my body was clean I squeezed a dab more shower gel into my hand and scrubbed my face clean. Finally I washed and conditioned my hair.

Well, I may as well get to it I thought. I reached outside the shower and grabbed the bag Jenny gave me. I fished out the razor and shave gel and pulled them into the shower then I aimed the shower as far down as possible so I could work without the water washing away the shave gel. I applied the gel to my left leg and rubbed it till it was covered in lather. Then I carefully drew the razor up my leg over and over till the foam was gone. I ran my hands all over my leg to verify that I'd gotten all the hair. My leg felt smooth as silk. My penis jumped briefly. Obviously it approved of my having smooth legs. I repeated the same steps on my right leg and before I knew it I was sporting a full erection.
it's not gay if her penis is feminine

I like wearing them myself. a bikini is nice, but it's an awful lot like a bra and panties. A one piece is something else entirely. It's like a piece of lycra giving you a very intimate hug.
File: 1418158599851.webm (3MB, 960x720px)
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does anybody source??

"I suppose not."

"You shouldn't need to shave your arms though," Jenny said. "You hardly grow any hair there anyway. Your face either, come to think of it." Pointing out my lack of hair was another thing that would have ordinarily bothered me, but I wasn't even fazed. I guess I was falling into the role of teenage girl rather easily.

I grabbed the bra and panties along with the shaving kit already in my other hand and walked into Jenny's bathroom. I put down the lingerie and bag next to the sink and turned the knob in the tub till water started flowing. Moments later the water was up to a comfortable temperature so I switched the flow to shower and stepped in. After getting myself fully wet I grabbed Jenny's pink loofah and squeezed some of her bath gel into it. I lathered it up over my chest and started washing my whole body. Instantly the whole shower smelled of flowers. After I was satisfied that my body was clean I squeezed a dab more shower gel into my hand and scrubbed my face clean. Finally I washed and conditioned my hair.

Well, I may as well get to it I thought. I reached outside the shower and grabbed the bag Jenny gave me. I fished out the razor and shave gel and pulled them into the shower then I aimed the shower as far down as possible so I could work without the water washing away the shave gel. I applied the gel to my left leg and rubbed it till it was covered in lather. Then I carefully drew the razor up my leg over and over till the foam was gone. I ran my hands all over my leg to verify that I'd gotten all the hair. My leg felt smooth as silk. My penis jumped briefly. Obviously it approved of my having smooth legs. I repeated the same steps on my right leg and before I knew it I was sporting a full erection.
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wow. thanks for that image ;)

There was no way I could let Jenny see me like this! I aimed the can of shave gel at my crotch and squirted out a small dose then I began stroking myself. In less than a minute I could already feel my orgasm approaching and I doubled my effort. A moment later my balls tightened up and my semen shot from the head of my penis. After three spasms, each throwing cum high against the wall of the shower my cock started to soften. I aimed the shower head at the wall my cum was running down and it quickly flowed down the drain.

Having taken care of that I again diverted the shower's flow and applied another dose of gel, this time to my left armpit and worked it in. I went ahead and lathered up my right pit as well before setting to work on my left. Shaving my armpits was a bit trickier than shaving my legs, but after not too long I had both of them smooth and free of hair. I gave myself a final rinse and shut off the water.

I dried myself off as quickly as I could and discarded my towel in the hamper. Then I picked up the pale green panties and stepped into them. I pulled them upward, enjoying the frictionless feel of them sliding against my now smooth legs. When I had them in place I did my best to tuck away my thankfully still flaccid penis. The panties were lace, thus somewhat see through, so I wanted to hide my cock from my cousin as well as possible. My panties now in place I picked up the bra and pulled the straps up around my arms. Then I positioned the cups on my chest and reached behind my back to secure the hooks. After adjusting the band's positioning the bra fit me quite well except for the lack of flesh in the cups. Hopefully Jenny had something better than panties like I typically used I could stuff them with.

NP ;)
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Nervously I turned the doorknob and opened the door. Jenny was standing there patiently waiting for me as I walked back into her room. "I knew you'd look pretty in those," she said as she grabbed me by the hand and led me over to her vanity where she sat me down and started blow drying my hair. There were a bunch of clothes spread out on her bed and I tried looking at them while Jenny dried my hair, but she pointed me back at her vanity as she continued drying my hair. "And... done," she said moments later as she shut off the blow dryer. "I've got a couple of outfits laid out for you to choose from. I'm sure you'll like one of them, but if not feel free to pick your own."

I got up and went to the side of her bed to look the outfits over. There were three to choose from. The first was a simple little black dress. It was cute enough, but not for me. When dressing up I liked wearing skirts best and while dresses were similar they were different enough, so I passed this one over. The next outfit was a solid black pleated skirt paired with a sleeveless white top. I liked the skirt, but the top didn't do it for me. Jenny had set a pair of white knee socks next to the outfit. I really liked the idea of wearing knee socks. The last option was a yellow and green plaid mini along with a short sleeve white blouse. I didn't think I could pull off such a short skirt, and said so to Jenny. Her response was "You never know till you try."

"Still, I think I'm going with this one," I replied, pointing at the second outfit "but I don't really like the top. Do you think the other blouse would work with it, Jenny?"

"Yeah, I think that could work."
Does anyone have the gif of the orange haired trap getting fucked?
She has a nice poofy gooch, that's all I can describe it with.
>tfw every day is one step closer to being the beautiful little whore

I mean girl.. same thing.
"OK then," I chirped, delightedly and picked up the skirt. I stepped into it, pulled it into place and fastened the button. Then I grabbed the knee socks, sat down at Jenny's vanity and donned each one in turn. I straightened them as best as I could and stood. I looked at Jenny's full length mirror as I did a quick turn, enjoying the way the skirt flew out as I spun. I reached out to grab the shirt, but Jenny told me to wait a moment.

She left the room for a moment and returned with a pair of small pink balloons filled with water. She slipped the first one into the left cup of my bra, placing the knotted side against my skin and arranged it carefully. She repeated the process with the other one then evened the two of them up. After both were in place Jenny grabbed them in both hands and hefted them. When she released them they bounced realistically. I now had a set of tits that were very similar to Jenny's pair.

"OK, you can put the blouse on now, Abby," she said.

I grabbed the blouse from Jenny's bed, feeling the balloons pull on my bra slightly as I bent over. It's going to take a bit to get used to having boobs, I thought. I put the blouse on, being careful as I pulled it down over my fake tits not to move them out of place. I smoothed it into place and asked Jenny what she thought. "I think you look cute, Abby," she said. "Now have a seat at the vanity again and I'll make you a knockout." She smiled as she said that. I followed her instruction and sat down.

"I really liked the Scarlet Empress lipstick," I said. "Is there any way I could wear that again?"

"Oh definitely," Jenny answered. "I think the Scarlet Empress will compliment your light complexion nicely." With that she pulled the lipstick out of the collection in her drawer and grabbed a number of other items. "I'll have to show you how to do this on your own, but for now I'll do it," Jenny said as she went to work on my face. I watched her progress in the mirror out of the corner of my eye and saw my face gradually become more feminine. "All done," Jenny said a few minutes later. "You really seem to like this part, so why don't you do it," Jenny continued as she handed me the tube labeled Scarlet Empress. I pursed my lips and gently applied it then pressed my lips together.

"How's this?" I asked.

"Pretty good, but you need to blot it a bit," Jenny replied as she handed me a tissue. I gently bit the tissue with my lips, pulling some of the color away. "Perfect," Jenny said when I finished. Then she turned me towards the mirror and I took a good look at myself.

"Wow," I said. "I totally look like a girl."

"Here, gimme your hands," Jenny said. I placed my right hand on the edge of the vanity and Jenny carefully started painting the nails a shade of red very similar to the lipstick I was already wearing. When she was done with the nails of my right hand I offered her the left and she went straight to work on those. She finished my nails and stood as she turned me back towards the mirror.

"One last finishing touch," Jenny said as she pulled my hair into a pony tail and wrapped a black scrunchie around it. "NOW you look like a girl." And I did. My transformation was complete. Looking at myself in Jenny's mirror I knew I had nothing to worry about when we left. There was no way anyone was going to mistake me for a boy at the mall. I WAS a girl.

"It's my turn to get ready," Jenny said. "You can stare at yourself all you want, but when I come out of the bathroom I'm going to need that vanity."
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heh don't, you'll make me cum before you finish your story
>nice poofy gooch
my sides

"Uh huh," I said barely hearing her voice. I continued staring at myself as I heard Jenny enter her bathroom and turn on the shower. I was still staring as the shower turned off and minutes later when Jenny emerged from her bathroom wearing in the black dress I passed over, I was still staring.

"OK, Abby, you can move now," came Jenny's voice from my side. "There's another mirror you can use if you still need to look. Ohh, but you should put on your heels first." She motioned to the closet as she spoke. "I'll be ready to go soon."

I stood up and Jenny took my place at the vanity where she started doing her own makeup. I walked over to her closet and opened the door. I bent down, once again feeling my fake breasts jiggle, and picked up the pair of heels I'd worn last night, then had a seat on Jenny's bed. It took a little bit of fiddling with the straps, but I finally put the heels on by myself. By then Jenny had finished her makeup, then she sat down next to me on her bed and put on her own heels.

"Well, Abby, shall we head out to the mall now?" Jenny asked with a beaming smile.

"I'd love to," I responded, once again trying out the feminine voice I'd be using the rest of the day.

As we left Jenny's room she grabbed her purse and handed me one of her spare ones. I threw the purse over my shoulder and it bounced against my hip as we descended the stairs. Another odd feeling I'd have to get used to as a girl, I thought. We both left the house, Jenny locking the door after herself, and we walked arm in arm toward the bus stop at the end of her road.

*End chapter four*

And that's all I have that's ready for posting. Chapter five is still a rough draft. I'll be editing it as soon as I get out of the shower though.

The story isn't finished anyway. Get your cum on. I've got the fifth chapter roughed out as I said, but i envision this being somewhere between 11 and 15 chapters when finished.

Ohh, BTW, how many of you read it and what sort of reactions do you have? I've love some constructive criticism. Whenever I write a trap story it usually gets posted here first because I think of the trap thread as my audience.
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does he fuck jenny? otherwise i can't find a fuck to gib
File: 1389409193689.jpg (74KB, 516x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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and release.

sorry meant finish posting. And yeah it is some good shit. The content was good while being quick and concise. It had a nice flow.
thanks for sharing.

I haven't decided yet. There will at the very least be a bit of ass play a few chapters down the road, but I haven't decided if they will actually fuck. I would imagine so though. They are a couple of horny teens after all.
Any traps or sissys kik me at anon0721 (;
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2MB, 1200x1600px
A nice story so far.
You say you post on asstr? Don't see this particular story there, so what's your name/e-mail address you use/title of one of your stories there?
File: 13.jpg (355KB, 750x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
355KB, 750x1000px

My author name is Cheerleader Fan and if you do a title search for cousin's closet on there you will definitely find it.
the fuck? who is posting a book?
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Ah, I see you now. I was on the ASSTR:Moderated side of things.

If you're wondering where things will go from here the next chapter is their trip to the mall. After doing a bit of shopping they run into a pair of boys who are friends of Jenny at the food court. after a bit Abby finds herself along with jenny on an impromptu date to see a movie. The chapter closes with the four of them in a car headed for a coffee shop.
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sauce on this?
File: 08fdgfdgf.jpg (225KB, 533x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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the filename on xvideos is all i have

STFU, fag. If I feel like writing a book I'll write a goddamned book.
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hee heh
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