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Have you ever had a bad experience with marijuana? What went wrong?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Have you ever had a bad experience with marijuana? What went wrong?
my dick fell off
nope fag
Bump Me Up
The fact that u would imply smoking pot has a "bad" effect at all is blasphemy.. go fuck yourself.
weed never hurt anyone
Last year my brother injected 12 marijuanas at once and died a painful death. Marijuana kills.
the second time i smoked ever in 8th grade i freaked out because it was laced with PCP

Smoked too much once and threw up, laughed about it and smoked more after I cleaned myself up.
only bad thing was that synthetic shit. i was paralyzed for what felt like forever. be me, smoke shit for nd time, its all good.
side of foot path. wtf is this devil
My mom got paranoid once.

She stopped smoking after that.

I was pretty disappointed.

>I still smoke tho..
i had panic attacks and i felt like i was dying
i can no longer smoke weed
keep in mind i used to smoke a ton when i was a kid
Yes. I ran out of marijuana
I ate too much and felt a bit bloated. But then i took a massive shit.
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i got high and ate my fingers and a nigger face off
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No, because I'm not a fucking pussy.

Actual drug users use pot to mellow out their "bad experiences" fucktard.
Yeah, about half the time I smoked it I got palpitations and thought i was going to die/go crazy. I could only smoke tiny amounts. Now I'm more in control of my mental health I can take a few hits but I haven't bought any in years
Smoked it once and went to bed. Felt kinda funny and faint, got a bit freaked out and my heart-rate skyrocketed which made me even more anxious. Started having a panic attack so i got up drank some water and i was fine. Thats about the only thing, i sometimes feel awkward if i smoke in groups im not familiar with, but nah, s'all good.
The 3rd time I smoked, I had way too much. Was spinning hardcore, couldn't focus on anything, was stuck on my friend's futon couch, and had to make small talk with a his friend I had just came to his house after I was tripping balls off this weed. I wanted nothing more than to be sober, it was so intense and uncomfortable.
worst weed experience was having a 0.5g cone of some hydro shit and throwing up for two minutes and passing out.
One time I was extremely dehydrated and I was in the bath tub, smoking a blunt - It was some fire. About 3/4 through the blunt I start having an anxiety attack and couldn't breath. I blamed the wrap, and stopped smoking them. No problems since.
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OMG! This happened to me too!
Funny how I've been buying weed from street dealers for 10 years now and never encountered laced weed, yet every third american post is "my stuff is laced"
What advantage would a dealer get from lacing drugs with other more expensive drugs? Literally none, and that's why it does not happen

I never smoke anything. So the few times I would try to smoke pot, taking a single hit always resulted in 45-60 minutes of non-stop coughing. And even after forcing down the same number of hits as my now shitfaced friends, I didn't feel a damn thing, probably because I'm so used to real drugs. So after maybe 10 tries, I just started declining. No pot, no cigarettes, only pills and powders that I can snort or inject.
Paranoia poss psychosis, I was pretty muched stoned for over a decade, but the last 2-3 was just cuzz that's what did, in the end I was just a fuken head case, all good now but every time i get smoke unless im super drunk i go back to the same head space, i miss it hard but its just somthing that no longer agrees wif me
i ran out
I became a lazy fuck who acts like a retard weirdo all the fucking time.
I dont think its necessarily 'laced' weed, you're right thinking its retarded they would give you free drugs considering their business is selling them. What i think happens is people not knowing what the fuck they're doing spray their plants with either heavy pesticides or some other weird chemical shit for whatever reason.
I didn't eat or drink anything all day so I ended up dry heaving real bad since I was still pretty new to smoking. other than that it wasn't terrible, I felt great after I had some water
>my brother talking shit about me
I actually did, OP

I smoked infrequently. Not every day like the people I was hanging out with. I came over and we talked and ate pizza and such. I took a single big hit out of a gravity bong filled with hash.

Next thing I know I was having the worst fucking experience ever. It started off feeling more like being drunk than high, then it all went to my head and I no idea what the fuck was going on. I went through lapses of feeling absolutely relaxed and calm, and then straight into hyperventilating, paranoia, feeling like I had to vomit, and full body pain. This continued all through the night and the entire time I felt like I was going to die.

When it ended my sleep was absolutely fucked for the next several months until I finally went through all the options and got acupuncture and herbal treatments for it. Kept lingering on the verge of sleep and then waking up having panic attacks. Overall, weed is a good thing.

But not that shit.
Had two panic attacks. First time I was having a fat party at my house and was pretty drunk. I just started smoking after a month break and got super fucked up (was eating amphetamine while drinking). I had a fucked up ankle at the time and was on crutches. Just felt really weird and had to lay down. My heart was pounding out of my chest and felt like I was going to die. Fell asleep after thinking I could hear everyone outside talking about me.

The last time I had one I didn't smoke for like 3 months, was in a foreign country and no one spoke english (I speak spanish but I'm not fluent). Got super lightheaded and clamy, really flushed, had to sit down and relax alone with a cup of tea. Super embarrassing, especially being the gringo, but they knew me and were all chill.

Currently work in a dispensary and have regained my lost tolerance. Panic attack not possible unless I take a huge dab.
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Exactly this. Minus the "I felt like I was dying" part.
>panic attacks
I envy those who smoke without these effects.

And yeah >>584047864
, synthetic weed sucks ass, it's strong and potent as fuck and will fuck you up good. I for one had a psychotic episode so strong that all my friends freaked out and were about to call an ambulance.
My first time I just dove right in smoking like a chimney, I was at my buddy's house and his dealer kept packing me bowls so I kept taking them. I wasn't convince I was "really high" yet.
Ended up puking and had cardboard lungs the next day. I'm not convinced the weed actually made me puke, as I was upside down on the couch and even doing that sober makes me dizzy. I asked everyone how much I smoked and the answer I kept getting was "probably a half ounce".

All in all, smoking weed excessively was still a better experience than any time I drank excessively.

My superior intellect and will power means it's incredibly difficult for me to get high. I have to smoke enough for 10 average folks. Later shit gets very weird. It's always unpredictable, and thus it's never just simple fun like most dumbasses experience.
Been smoking for too long

Weed is your friend, but not the kind of friend that'll tell you what you don't want to hear, the kind of friend that is only there when you have money
same here.. never the same again.. always anxious now
You are the reason people hate stoners.
I have heard of this, very sad
Or you start growing your own shit. Take 3-5 plants and you have enough to smoke every day for months. That can be a problem though.
I won't troll like the rest of these retards and I'll actually post my own experience.
Like a fucking retard I decided to eat an entire hash lollipop because I had no fucking clue what the concentration on it was.
Ate this thing at around 11pm, I started feeling it at 12:30am.
Everything is good and for a while it feels like I didn't eat too much.
At about 2 I realized how fucking wrong I was.
All of a sudden I was extremely paranoid, and my legs and arms began twitching and spasming, and this lasted for about 30 minutes.
After the initial freak out phase I calmed myself down but I was still hyper-paranoid.
I fell asleep on my couch, woke up at 5, went to my bed, and woke up at 9 to go to work at 11.
I was still fucking high.
10:30 rolls around, still high as fuck.
I had to call out of work and pretend I was sick.
The high lasted for about 16 hours, and I felt like crap and overall hungover for about 2 days.
Don't fuck around with edibles like this retard.

you see anon, you're what we call a
it makes me realize i am a loser so i can't have a good time on it like i did when i was 13-18
now i just think about my personal demons when i get high and it makes me freak out.
so now i just ignore my problems and stay a loser and not panic about it lol
>smoked nightly
>would write school papers and do homework, fuck around on the internet and go to sleep
>liked it a lot
>start experimenting with other drugs
>really want to try MDMA
>ignore red flags and buy "molly" from a guy who hasn't always beens straight with me before
>white powder
>snort it
>don't feel like I'm rolling at all
>see static everywhere
>like, television static
>next day, static is still there
>wonder for a long time if the static has always been there or if it's new
>get used to it, any time I'm in a dark room I see static over everything
>smoking turns into an entirely different experience
>can no longer smoke with other people because I lose the ability to communicate or even form sentences
>criticize everything I think to myself, can't stay focused enough to read things, it's terrible
>become really paranoid when high, always convince myself that I'm schizo
>static turns into visuals that take shapes and change colors
>realize that I can handle it if I only smoke a couple hits
>a couple hits gets me as high as a couple bowls previously would
>someone tells me about HPPD
>read up, turns out this might never go away
>just want to smoke and feel like I used to
>worst part is knowing that I did it to myself

Always ask this when I see a stoner thread, but does anyone have any experiences with HPPD? Anyone ever started smoking again after getting it?
>Be me
>Getting high in living room because adult
>High as fuck
>No, really. JFK High
>"We choose to go to the moon not because it easy, but because it is hard." high.
>Can barely grasp my glass of pop
>Go to take a drink
>Throat is practically numb
>Start choking on soda
>Nearly end my life over a sip of pop.
>Once done coughing, eat popcorn and move on.
Why would you eat so much man, smoking it is so much better. Not saying eating it is awful but for large quantities I prefer to smoke it
Not everyone is a badass hardcore ubercool hard drug user like you. Some people just like to smoke weed.
are u stupid? he meant that he got high and ate too much munchies
Weed got sort of different after trying shrooms. Not sure if it's neurological or just psychological. I thought I had persisting visuals the first 3 following days, but not really.

Try sobering up for a month and see if there is a difference afterwards.
Only had a bad experience with a 500 mg THC edible I ate half and smoked a shit ton was paranoid as fuck for 2 hours and time was moving really slowly. Took a nap, smoked more, ate food, was fine
static is something most people don't seem to acknowledge, and those who don't think you're nuts. it's transparent, visible electric shit. it's lighting.
I stopped smoking for two months (still drank on the weekends and did cocaine once or twice) and I tried smoking again a couple weeks ago and it was the exact same. I dunno man, just sucks.
I get headaches really bad sometimes. Doesn't stop me smoking, because its not all that often that I get them, but sometimes I get headaches and puke. Not even a noob.
I'm on a break right meow. I feel slightly more efficient but my thought process can be a limited.

Weed is god yo
>buy hash cookies
>haven't smoked in forever
>never done edibles before either
>didn't realize just how strong these cookies were
>eat one of these fuckhuge cookies like I was starving
>commence gaming while I wait for it to kick in
>first 40 minutes are good
>start to get higher and higher
>feeling good, better, better still
>loving it
>hit the ultimate plateau
>feel so good
>the ride changes
>start rocketing past this plateau
>well out of the current galactic cluster now
>can't game, TV makes me sick
>stuck in my spinning chair, can't move
>holding on for my fucking life so as not to fall in abyss
>manage to grab trash can at some point
>still getting higher this whole time
>pass the fuck out
>wake up tomorrow feeling just fine
>Be me
>highschool sophomoric
>Meet up with Albanian friend for daily before class routines
>Cant find usual school dealers
>we're there too early
>Some guy from the corner store knows a guy
>"hes got some fire man"
>buy about 2 grams .
>Finish smoking 10 mins before class starts
>make it to class
>start to sit down and take notes
>my vision starts to slowly go black like Im being choked out
>try to keep cool
>put head down , close eyes
>pick head back up everything is black except some tunnel vision
>like looking though a straw
>[Internal Spoopyness Intensifies.rar]
>Ask to use bathroom
>go home
>See my friend i smoked with in the halls
>"hey bro ! u good? im fucking high lol"
>"yeah im good"
>Tunnel vision goes away
>On bus tunnel vision comes back 10 fold
>sit down sleep till my stop
>get home heart beating out of my chest
>Eventually calm down tunnel vision stop
>Super high for about 4 more hours afterwards
>went pking on runescape and got a 21 kill streak.
>fat party
thats your problem lard tits
I also suspect one is just less keen on already existent static prior to trying psychedelics.

Neurosoup might be interesting for you to check out, She talks about HPPD in a video, but hers faded after 3 years.

I think your static has always been there, but you just didn't notice it. Your lack of focus might just be anxiety/depression.
What do you mean? Thing that really made it click for me is when I googled HPPD and in the wikipedia article it shows exactly what I see.


Another effect is when I'm laying in bed and the room is dark, I can turn on my phone's lock screen and draw patterns in the air that will remain when I turn it off. Kind of like a picture with a long exposure. Pretty fun actually
Only bad experience
>be 15
>smoked weed on saturday night
>go to sleep straight after
>wake up
>stone over
>parents still out
>start smoking more
>weed not kicking in
>smoke more
>decide to go to the cinema
>ask parents to drive us because we're not that high
>get into the car
>super tsunami of weed hits me
>30 min drive with mum making small talk
>everyone was sky fucking high
>finally get there
>watch movie whist tripping balls
i puked like hell after both times I tried weed. It didn't help that I had had like a 12 pack of steel reserve before trying it, but I haven't puked from alcohol in years so i blame the weed and haven't had it since.
Thanks man, I'll check it out. And it's just frustrating because I used to be able to write papers high, now I can't form sentences
Going with the panic attack party here. That is why I stick to drinking liquor and shooting heroin. You never hear a junkie talk about the last bad experience he/she had shooting dope that made them take a break.
>Pretty fun actually
That's the spirit.

Puked some after hitting a gravity bong a few too many times. I had slept 5 hours combined during the last 48 hours though. I then slept for 16 hours combined the following 24 hours. Weird weekend man.
No bad experiences physically/mentally from weed itself, although I did have a few close calls with some cops a few times.

>can green text if anyone cares to know
How quickly did you get addicted to heroin after trying it? First time? Or are you addicted at all?
Please do.

>No bad exp
Seriously? Not even getting dizzy and puking?
I trip every time I smoke, especially poppers, and I'm usually the only one tripping, so that means I've tripped hundreds of times. During some of my craziest trips, I've seen people very strangely, I got a very strange perception of people's personality based on their faces and the way they talk. It was fucking nuts.

I've had experience with many other drugs but nothing can quite compare to that.

I've found that people who are less brainwashed, more intelligent, less compatible with society trip more.
Sure mayne
Beer before weed, you're in need. Weed before beer, you're in the clear.

Handy rhyme.
Uncontrollable laughter and then paranoia while walking around Walmart. That's when I learned weed just isent my type of buzz.
I smoked a bowl of synthetic shit I bought at a tobacconist once. Never been able to get stoned since, I was on an acid trip sort of anxiety for months. Sucks balls
When I first smoked it instantly become a daily thing. After a few weeks me and one of my friends would sit and smoke nearly a gram between us just to get high. Then after a few months there was finally a 2 period without smoking, then I took a bong rip at a party and had a panic attack, and since then I can only get so high without getting anxious and sick. I get high easy since I barely smoke, but it sucks I have my own bong now and I can't take a full hit or I freak out
I only started smoking a couple weeks ago (newfag I know.) I smoke with a friend who has some pretty good weed and I feel pretty good everytime we chill.
> First time I smoked with him though I puked after a bong hit, just a little bit but it freaked him out. I felt fine though, just inhaled too much I guess.
> Another time I inhaled ash and coughed up a lung
> Another time with the bong I inhaled too much and coughed into the bong making the water go everywhere while my friend is laughing like a bastard.

He sold me an oz of reg a couple days ago I've been working on and when I smoked today out of a pipe I puked a bit but my tolerance is getting better.
There is a fine line when mixing those two. Smoking when shit-faced often leads to spin city.
try edibles. If yo are still having problems there might be another underlying issue.

18 male from Missouri btw
yeah, i felt great until i stood up. I even made it out of my friend's apartment, where I immediately emptied my stomach all over my feet
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>be me junior in high school 16
>me and pothead buddies ditch last period which is 100 minutes because we had block schedule in high school
>decide to invite stupid frosh girl and her friends because money
>buy weed and 420 it up while peer pressuring stupid girls friend to hit a bowlio
>hits bowlio
>coughs like a virgin
>oh shut.jpeg she hasn't smoked before
>FF 20 minutes
>Shes stoned out of her wits
>reaches for waterbottle and drops bitty
>friend catches bitty like a fucking pro
>I'm high sorry
>all wanna fuck so console her
>all of a sudden she starts fucking clinging to her friend, damn near brushing her
>what I assume is a bad trip I sues and she starts crying and screaming belligerent nonsense
>2 friends of mine have to carry her inside and try to calm her down
>takes about 5 minutes to realize what happened because high as fucking shit
>everybody's sides take a trip to the hospital because they literally rupture
Wanna know what happened the next day? Chick had to get picked up from the school because obviously her parents didnt know she ditched
When I do acid I feel like some all-knowing spirit is guiding my thoughts and if I have good karma I'm able to have wishes granted. Like I'm the center of my own universe and I'm navigating parallel realities on a 5th dimensional level. Because whenever I do acid things happen according to how I believe theyll happen or something will change if I change my mind about it. Things also get extremely coincidental on acid. like Ill know the song thats coming on next, or one of my friends will respond to a thought I had (but they could just be psychics). One time a kid reminded me of some other kid when I was dosed and he literally started turning into that kid in front of my eyes, and then everybody started calling him the name of the kid from my past. This is all happening after one of them told me I was god and all these parallel realities exist. He even had a tat "All is". Anyways after I thought about it I was like holy shit thats a bad reality to create, so I uncreated it by doubting this reality. Then later that night they went back to calling him his real name. Anyways, idk what happened but I think I met angels or something. Tbh actually I think it might have just been god making fun of me because when I asked him why he said that he gave me a different explanation than changing his appearance to match a character from my memory
Many times

Took too much and fainted. Each time i took too much i got to a hangover-like state. Which was way worse than hangover.
I was seventeen, just smoked the first smokes of the day, so I'm high as fuck! My dad calls me from abroad (was on a business trip) and tells me my mom is on to him about his affair with another woman. Tells me I gatta call 5 of his friends that are in the country I am in, to get their stories straight incase my mom calls them. So I'm high as fuck (family strictly against drugs -even marijuana) have to call my father's friends who I never talk to, act sober and explain everything that is going on and tell them what to say, and I was so high I don't even remember how it went, just remember it being hard as fuck to explain to them. It was the worst high I can remember.
You sound crazy. Too much acid man.
Once. It was the worst experience of my entire life.
When i was in high school, about three years ago, me and one of my friends light up a joint full of Amnesia Haze, without any tobacco or anything.

I wasn't a solid smoker back then, but I was smoking at least one joint per day since 5-6 months. Well, I had a bad trip. And shit, what a bad trip.
I had a blackout for a few minutes, then I remember having a weird problem with my memory: it kept refreshing every 5 seconds. About every 4 or 5 seconds, I just realized who/where I was, then I forgot everything. That happened like for 4 straight hours.
Then I went home, i felt completely derealized. Long story short, this feeling stood with me for a fucking month. I stopped going to school and my mother thought I destroyed my brain with meth or something.

Still, I stood derealized for a whole year after that. I got out of the thing thanks to a therapy, where I learnt that someone had probably put some "spice" or chemical shit like that in the joint, which got me fucked up.

Today, I still have fucking important seizures because of what happened. I'm ultra paranoïd, associable and I became stupider than I was.
Did you know your dad was cheating or were you also surprised?
Weird family you have there.
>when i do acid my schizophrenia grows stronger
listen to the voices anon they won't lead you astray
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>be 18
>2 am
>at the park with my friend and his friend who I kinda sorta knew
>he was kind of an asshat, but he wasn't terrible
>let's call him Josh
>we're chilling at the park by friends house
>Josh decides it would be a great idea to smoke a bowl
>hesitant at first, but finally agree
>we all smoke a bowl each, on top of previously smoking about 3 bowls prior
>good shit
>Josh tells us he got caught by cops with his shit a while back
>"If I get caught again, im fucking running man"
>few minutes pass, have a few cigarettes
>I see a car coming
>ask "is that a cop?"
>"that's a fucking cop dude"
>we sit there trying not to move
>suddenly realize its about 2:30
>park closed at 11
>cop pulls into parking space not even 20 ft away from the benches where we were
>josh runs into woods
>"wtf do we do?"
>"I don't know dude."
>We pull out our phones and try and act like we aren't doing anything wrong
>bowl and grinder were on the table
>about 2 minutes pass
>cop finally backs out, drives away
>look at my friend
>holy fuck dude
To this day, I still don't know why that cop didn't do anything. God bless you, whoever you are.
Have one right now - I don't have any.
I was drunk as shit, smoked a fat one and threw up
Smoke too much and freak out. Heart hurts, get paranoid. Pretty common

One time I had full on psychosis with this voice yelling in my head and laughing manically.

Also in a large group of people im just too potatoed to do anything and get mad anxiety.
>Total and complete depersonalization
>I forgot my name
>I forgot how to speak
>Became completely aware that I was a monkey wearing cotton clothes pretending I knew everything.
>I was lost within myself
>I was convinced I had mild schizophrenia for some months afterwards.

I learned my lesson to be careful with weed.
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>josh runs into woods

Fucking kek
Had a couple of really bad times smoking some potent shit, probably skunk. Had a (I assume related) major panic attack about a week later which triggered months of depression which I'm still not completely over. Can't smoke at all now, shit sucks.
>be 16
>smoking weed on regular basis (not anymore)
>small circle of friends, pass the Joint to the left handside
>guy I barely know
>said he has smoked weed before
>inhales a few times, passes the joint
>suddenly starts to laugh for no reason
>seconds later he just fell to the front, hit his head on a table and passed out

Only was gone for a few seconds, but still has a scar on his forehead
I don't think he sounds crazy
Smoked way too much hydro trying to keep up with some older kids when I was about 14. We smoked through a half ounce in a night between 10 of us, had really bad panic attack. Looking back it probably wouldn't happen now but it was god awful, got all clammy, paranoid etc. I can keep up now, thank god haha.
I have a few stories too.
>basically watch my friend attempt to break into his neighbors house
>cops come
>I am detained as well for being an accomplice
>cop asks if he can take my i.d from my pocket
>say yeah, i put weed and grinder inside ahead of time to be safe
>he grabs my wallet and chillum
>sets it down, few minutes later
>"Do you want this to stay here or come with?"
>he leaves it with friends mom
>friend apologized to me and confessed
>didnt get in trouble
I shouldn't have let him do it in the first place but nothing too bad happened
>going to sleep right after smoking
nice fucking waste.
>watch movie while tripping balls
>tripping balls
fucking hell, get over yourself
I got too high once, a little uncomfortable.

I smoked before I had actually gotten sick, and it made me a little braindead for about 3~ hours before I just fell asleep next to a bucket with vomit in it.
I was smoking, cop came up on me. Made me ground my weed into the ground so he didn't have to charge me with it and could leave knowing i wasn't going to pick it back up.

Starting july 1st, that won't be a problem where I live. My county has stopped prosecuting anyone for >1oz posession
One time when I was a kid I got super high with my friend and I didn't wanna walk home because they cops were looking for me since my mom probably called them since I didn't get home. If I got found by cops I'd probably get thrown in juvie or something. So I slept in the woods instead. I was so paranoid and cold. I had a bag of weed in my pocket and ate it all, I don't remember why.
Skunk is actually not that potent compared to haze. Problem with haze is that it stinks like you had for 1 month in your shoes, whereas skunk has a really decent taste.
>My county has stopped prosecuting anyone for >1oz posession
You need at least an ounce or there will be trouble.
I got the munchies but didn't have any snacks.
yes. Someday I realized I cannot study and smoke in the same fraction of my life.
I also got weedcancer from injecting 6 whole marijuanas once in a party
That shit sounds like it sucks. Like your brain is turned to a bad signal on an analog tv. Would more hallucinogens allow you to tune it back I wonder?
Never felt like I was dying, but I can totally relate. The weed feed off my paranoia, depression and anxiety disorder, to mane me so fucking paranoid, I have no fun.
I've smoked 7 times 5 of those 7 times I had no fun because of my paranoia
Because the 3rd time, I was so nearly caught by my parents, that if I got high and knew I'd have to be home before in completely down, is have no fun, just worrying the whole time about my parents catching me.
Last time I smoked, was two weeks ago,
>I have a stuff test fur a job in life 4 days, what do I do to flush it out? (I have no way of buying fake urine)
Good god man! I'm so sorry...
I ate so much chocolate with mary and ended up putting everything out in my washbasin. Also, in the first months of regular use, i didn't smoking and stay cool head talking to the people.
I Smoked weed from the time i was 14 to about 22 or 23, one time was at work and smoked some dank ass hydro, entire blunt between me and my buddies,10 minutes later i became incredibly paranoid and had a severe panic attack, first panic attack of my life, ever since then havent been able to smoke weed without panicking and popping a xanax, had to go see therapists and shit, been clean for about 4 years now
I made the mistake of getting high for the first time while being drunk. Ended by the toilet going through warp speed
Many years ago when I was about 17 I was baked off my ass and got rolled by the cops. I was freaking out, he asked if he could search my car, I said sure (I had nothing so I didn't care) Standing outside freaking he's going to noticed I'm baked. Once done said "Thanks for cooperating with the search, we've been having a big problem with teens and marijuana" I said back "yeah that's what I've heard, that's why I don't do it" He let me on my way and I was lulzing all the way home
ya i know i sound crazy but when youre on acid you become aware at a level where you no longer feel responsible for your thoughts and people do things that coincide with your thoughts but theyre doing them for a different reason than you think and then you believe some self made explanation and its gods way of making fun of you. Since were all connected to a hivemind, that hivemind can engineer coincidental situations to get you to think of explanations. Many theoretical explanations exist. This could be a computer programmed reality, I could be an artificial intelligence, I could be a real intelligence thats in being divided against itself, I could be in contact with spirits. I only say this because you can never really tell who is the one speaking in your head. It may wear your voice but if you noticed it can wear any voice. My best theory is that we are all connected to an all knowing hivemind and it is our subconscious. Dont you realize when you have a thought you sometimes have it randomly. You can also be randomly reminded of something that triggers a specific thought. And its out of your control when you are reminded of something. Havent you ever just not been able to remember a name and then it just comes to you. Its because were all connected to a subconscious thats giving us our thoughts. also because its the same subconscious it can give you thoughts in a specific way to test you or teach you lessons and you become more receptive to these lessons when youre on acid
I choose not to smoke weed because it makes me really paranoid. I get really anxious and I feel like my heart is going to explode because it is beating so fast. I kept trying to smoke with the hope I would get over it but it never happened. I've tried buying from different people. I've even tried it when I've moved to a new state. No matter what the same thing kept happening so I just gave it up. Unfortunately it happens with any drug I take. Even drugs that are supposed to help stuff like anxiety makes me anxious. I don't know why. Anyone else have this issue?
>being dumb shit
>alcohol + shit ton of anxiolytic
>+ smoked weed for the first time
>= holothrophic state
>passed out after first hit for 20min
>had weird dream about people made out of lego
>weak up, freaked out because i thought i will be in my room in bed
>throw up
>for next hour i could not move, my mind was blank
>tired as fuck
>begging my friend to let me sleep
>later glad he didnt because i would not probably wake up
For me, being outside on my own in the dark after smoking a blunt fucking ruins me, audio hallucinations etc.

(On speed right now)
I've gotten "too high"
Paranoid. Over heating.
I just got done reading some stuff from other anons. Disregard my question.
Paid 20 bucks to some faggot "friend" who came back with a tiny corner of a bag and then he expected to smoke with me. Fuck that.
Dude, I am a fairly "spiritual" person in an unconventional sense, but holy shit lay off the acid for a while.

It sounds like you've transcended rationality and can only use magical thinking to explain things.
I Know how u feel, i cant do anything without feeling really anxious, makes me panic, luckily for me xanax helps
File: flibitty flobitty.jpg (8KB, 190x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
flibitty flobitty.jpg
8KB, 190x250px
Lucky. I can't even do Xanax. For some reason when I start to feel high i start freaking out. But I can drink like a fish. I really don't get it. I like the idea of being in an altered state of mind and feel a heavy urge to smoke weed and do other drugs even though I know what is going to happen. I've literally tried to smoke at least over 75 times but I had to quit subjecting myself to the pain it brough. (75 times over 5 years or so)
>Be me
>In high school
>pcp laced pot
>Freind doesnt tell
>Next thing i know im wanted by the FBI, CIA, and PETA
>Shit was scary
>Smoked too much once and threw up
These two events are unrelated, unless you coughed so hard something came up besides phlegm.

Mine: If I smoke up first, then drink, everything's fine, but if I get drunk and THEN smoke up, sometimes I get really, really, tired.
>backpacking in australia, darwin
>buy 3 grams of good hydro from my roommate in the hostel with my friend
>start smoking
>decide to move into a diff hostel cause they have free breakfast
>go to the hostel stoned, book it
next day :
>check out and check in
>be stoned
>go to the beach, smoke some more
>decide to leave darwin the next day
>get back to the hostel
>fuck i went into the water with the key, lost the 40$ key deposit
>smoke, eat
>book the flight to brisbane for tomorrow 1:15pm
>shit we have loads of weed left, let's try to smoke it all
>time is 10pm i look at the flight ticket again
>mfw when it's 1:15am not 1:15pm
>panic pack our backpacks
>mfw when i'm locked out of my room (my friend had a diff room)
>panic search for anyone from the staff/roommates
>found someone with a key
>packing everything quickly
>go to my friends room, we can't get his key deposit back cause the reception is closed
>40$ dollars gone
>call in taxi
>smoke the last joint before the flight, hand w/e left to fellow backpackers
>be in airport at about 00:00
>friend forgot his passport bag in the room
>what a fucking idiot
>rushes to take taxi back, waste more money and we're poor
>check in closes at 00:30
>i beg them to wait for us
>at 00:27 friend tells me he's here in a minute
>i tell the lady he's outside
>"ok give me your bags quickly"
>friend gets there at 00:29:38 i almost faint
>mfw when we made it
>mfw when i forgot to move my 100$+- swiss knife from my small backpack to the large one
>fuck it at least we made it to the flight
>go through security, takes a while
>get to the departing area, our flight gate just closed
>fucking panic run around asking people what to do, our bags are in the plane
>panic panic panic, everyone looking at us
>door re-opens, it wasn't our flight
>lost the ticket, same lady from reception says "what the hell is wrong with you guys"
>shamefully get on plane
>mfw we never got our free breakfast

eversince i'm shaking when i smoke
As for bad highs ...
I got crossfaded once and it was the first time I had been drunk in my life. I told every one at the party I loved them a good 20 times and fell asleep without a blanket.

Thank you jade for looking after me in my time of need, by the way.

Also with my friend strange shit happened.
We were out in the country at his house and sitting by a paddock smoking weed and calling girls and talking with them.
This weird as fuck light kept shining in the paddock by some trees, like a torch beam or something. Eventually it started moving towards us and I got freaked out,I couldn't think of a single positive explanation for this.
Then the fence we were sitting in front of lurched back and forth, but neither of us were touching it. At that point I said fuck it let's go inside and we watched 8 mIle for a bit.
Try it next time, with mid quality shit. Take only one or two puffs. Put on some tunes and just relax, mayne.
>I got caught
I've had several bad experiences back then.
Even had one while in class. Had a total breakdown and went into the hospital for two days. I'm not even joking.
I was being medicated with Ritalin, too. That might've caused it, I barely took those pills, though.
I really had lots of this shit back then but I kept smoking. Didn't have anything like this for lots of years now besides maybe a circulatory collapse when my stomach is all empty and I'm dehydrated.

>often laid down and slept in the nature because I was about to crash
>even slept in snow once
>weird hallucinations
>being totally blasted as a 15 year old
Maybe I will..I've just had so many bad experiences I feel like I've been scarred and I feel that if I do try it again even just a little bit a dirt I'm going to freak out. Luckily I have some pretty great friends that have calmed me down a lot of the time but I think I may have already psyched myself out. I smell it and get nervous. lol
On the other hand, I'm not against it. Some things just aren't for everyone. But those that enjoy it smoke up!
*drug test
Drink a gallon of water right before, drink some cranberry juice and eat B12.
i feel like it is my mind playing tricks on me but the only way that my mind would be able to play tricks on me of that scale was if we were connected to something that was engineering the situation at a higher level. its not the first time i was dosed and a friend did something totally clever that seemed like a direct response to a thought that I'd never ask him about. I mean doc ellis pitched a perfect game on acid and crick discovered the structure of DNA on acid. It does seem like it makes you able to think about things more and also somehow have better luck. And thats just my rationalization for it.
I remember one time after hotboxing in my car, I was driving home and started talking to my car. Because it was low on gas, so I was trying to be nice to it. "Don't worry baby, I'll get you filled up in a bit. Not sexually. Maybe sexually."

Then I noticed a shit load of cars in my rear view mirror and just blurted out, "THEY'RE ON TO ME" And laughed for about 2 minutes straight.

Good times.
File: doiwashmyhands.gif (486KB, 254x143px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
486KB, 254x143px
One time I got so high I thought my soul was needed in another dimension so I stopped the entire hang out session with my friends (I was at their place) and forced myself to go to sleep in one of the bedrooms.

I later moved in with them so they mention it at least everytime we do any kind of drug together
Got way too high after a huge fucking blunt lol
I smoked it all.
I had my drink spiked with three or four pots and niggers raped me when I was tripping.
>went pking on runescape and got a 21 kill streak.
that made me kek, osrs4lyfe
Always kinda knew he wasn't only with my mom, he always was a "ladies' man" but never had we talked about something like that nor was it ever obvious that he had other affairs. So I was high and hearing that from my dad for the first time, so I was like oh shit can this be happening to me right now :D being stonned as fuck
>be smoking at friends grandmas house
>she spends the winter in portugal over 9000 niggamiles away
>"its fine she wont be home for another week"
>hitting dat joint by the kitchen fan
>suddenly her car pulls the fuck up the driveway while im taking a hit
>panic, throw the joint out the backdoor
>greet friends grandparents, paranoid as fuck, leave at first chance
>they didn't notice shit because they're old
I didn't have any that one time
It was awful
This was about a month ago..

>drinking at friend's house
>friend starts smoking dabs and asks if i want to hit it
>i hadn't smoked in 2+ years because it started to make me feel paranoid, anxious, uneasy, etc. just shitty in general
>dumb drunk me says "hell yeah i'll hit it"
>he gives me a dab
>take a fatass hit
This was also my first (and only) time smoking dabs
>i'm cool for about 30 seconds then it all went bad
>holy fuck this shit got stronger in the past few years
>i can't stop it from fucking me up harder and harder with every breath i take
>walk to the bathroom and close the door
>i'm so fucked up and disoriented i can't figure out where the light switch is
>sit in the dark bathroom for god knows how long
>a million fucking thoughts going through my head
>literally feel like i'm gonna die, thinking there is no way a human being could be this fucked up and survive
>friend finally comes in and turns on the light
>i get tunnel vision so bad i can't see even with the light on
>not sure what exactly happened after that but i proceeded to yack over and over again for hours until i had nothing left in me to throw up
>look at the time and it's 5:30am
>been throwing up nonstop for over 2 hours
>finally pass out, wake up in the morning, go home and have the worst hangover of my life

I'm never smoking weed again. I stopped smoking before because it made me feel like shit mentally, but this was on another level.
Well I wrote Thrift Shop on weed once
>First time
>With friends
>No water/soda whatever
>puke everywhere
File: Nothing iz reel.jpg (513KB, 800x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Nothing iz reel.jpg
513KB, 800x800px
>be me
>be 16
>free house
>10-15 stonner friends over
>hotboxing conservatory with joints
>friend hands me vodka and coke
>like 90% vodka, drank a glass
>3 tobacco mixed bong rips cos britfag
>go outside and sit high as fuck and really ill
>go to my bed
>try to play vidia
>whole room is spinning
>get friend to roll 3 more joints
>smoke the joints with mates
>trip out to Dexter series 2 ep 1
>wake up
>everyone is gone
>series 3 ep 3
>cleaning up
>find nug behind couch, smoke it
>projectile vomit everywhere
>pass out
>i have no memory of whats next
>house is somehow clean
>parents are impressed house is ok

idk what happened, but it wasnt nice.
Sadly I can completely relate
>Be me 18
>Skater, metal/punker
>long hair etc.
>All my friends assume I am a pothead just based on looks alone
>Turns out I am not, they find out.
Lets get you smoked out then
>Make a sketchy deal with some people to pick up some weed
>smoking on some decent weed
Hey, this is fun right?
Lets go and get some shrooms!
>Too gone to even give a shit....Agree
Eat a handful of mushrooms....
>Eat em', Tripping so much balls

Now all I see is An Faggits
File: 1314272345068.jpg (7KB, 192x184px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 192x184px
I've been there, bro

anxiety attack no doubt. dont let u being a pussy keep u from gods greatest gift besides pussy.
I got high
Had a 4 day bender on ice (crystal meth) lost my mind too paranoia. Never used drugs again after that. Can't smoke weed without becoming massively paranoid about people saying things about me, have audio hallucinations of people talking about me and people arguing in rooms next door. Fine when sober, just drink a lot now, drugs are fucked up
Claiming weed was laced Is the best way to secure beta bitch cant handle weed status.. faggots
Never had any bad experience with normal weed. I've gotten tired/headache at most, but then I'd just end going home so no biggie.

I had a bad trip after smoking some strong hashish though, I hadn't made sure to drink enough water before smoking, and drank a beer while smoking aswell. I ended up almost puking in the bus, but managed to get off and puke in a trashcan insted. Then I sat on a bench for 30 min, until I felt better and I went home.

Apart from throwing up a couple of times, hallucinating (seeing strange patterns), 1 trip to heaven followed by trip to hell (scary as fuck) nothing has gone wrong.

> Heck, I don't even consider throwing up, or any of the other hallucination/tripping bad. Shit just happens.
shit i doubt that. I was on another plane of existence. it was BAD

I don't know about that. I think i just got really, really fuckin' high.
No tolerance + strong ass dabs + really fat hit x drunk = ded
Not me, but one of my friends back in high school ate a weed brownie that had been fucked up while it was being made (glass melted into it or some shit I don't remember) We were all smoking at the park and after this dude takes a few hits hit literally falls over and is out cold.
Apparently he had a brain aneurism, and to this day that's why I never eat an edible that I or a close friend didn't make.
Scary shit
>Never going to smoke it again,
i stay with a-php
25B's the shit
one year i went crop robbing and got around a pound after it was dried and cured to split between the three of us. we originally were just gonna smoke most of it and sell the remainder but our stash house was starting to be watched by cops or at at least we thought so. so we ended up trying to sell i off quick. it didnt work so well, we eventually decided to buy heroin and water that shit down then spray it on the plants. not enough for people to realize it was laced but enough to give it a extremely nice buzz (smoked a bit myself to test). ended up selling it in two weeks. built up a clientele so fast and was able to mark u prices because most of them were stupid highschool students
smoke 1 gram to my self. All alone. Start having bad trip because im just unbelievably stone. Was $20 gram here in cali. and this was after only smoking about 6-7 times before.
Ever since I smoked with my coworkers (They had extremely powerful weed, I was still a lightweight at the time. Was not a good trip) I've been having anxiety/paranoia every time I smoke. Fucking sucks because I'm not even that much of a veteran when it comes to this.
>tfw will never be able to smoke pot ever again
File: 20141207_195441.jpg (2MB, 4160x2340px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 4160x2340px
Panic attacks made me stop for a while,
Still smoke sometimes but looking for a new job and need to be clean for piss test.
i had the feeling that alll my bones are discolating...
ooo have to ask my friend about the 25B.
I once injected way too much marijuanas. I had to have my stomach pumped and was hospitalised for a week. ITS THE MOST LETHAL DRUG OUT THERE! DOnt let any1 tell u otherwize guyz...
I've never taken 25N, but 25B has the most awesome visuals. Best trip I ever had was on one blotter of 25I and one of 25B.
25B not legal in Sweden,
Sad i only do legal drugs atm.
That's a shame. But why do you make a difference between NBOMes solely based on legality? Are you scared of repression?
I... don't really know.
only bad experience i have ever had with marijuana is buying it

99.9% of the people who sell it are soulless crooked vulture turds
exactly what u describe happened to me too, and it also stayed with me for more for atleast 2 years!
especially the blackout and memory part
File: 1418170937964.gif (1MB, 230x290px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 230x290px
I did, i ran out off marijuana
Shivers. Hot and cold. Kind of blacking out. Sweat profusely.
Glass of OJ and 20 minutes laying down fixed it.
I couldnt feel my ring and small finger on my left hand and i felt my heart really hard bumping. It came in waves. For 2 minutes i was good and then i was totally fucked for 2 mins. This lastet for about 2 hours. Still dont know what happened to me ... Felt like an heart attack was coming
Not really a bad experience but when I started smoking, I rolled a joint with 2g of hash in it. Smoked it, felt weird, went to bed with CEV.
I injected 1 marajuana once. Now im gay
puked for 2 hours straight

couldnt move
Had an episode of exploding head syndrome + sleep paralysis.
Intense visuals of getting shot.
Once ate a whole box of chez-its

didn't have any for my lunch the next day
>i was to young
>shit was to strong
>bong was to big
>i just felt shit

>the rest of the 15 years smoking was cash :D
weed did that to you?
Shit you must have been conceived with a weak sperm or something
Once my buddy told cops on me and they raided my house. Only bad experience ever had.
the only bad experiences i had were when i was a beginner and was around people i didnt know. paranoia is a bitch.
Shit. Know already 4 people with same experience. Thank god I quit salts long ago.
This one time I smoked up with a mate and his gf. I started seeing shit. Freaked out and convinced myself I had cancer. Was just stressing the fuck out. My mate wanted me to go to the hopsital. Didn't end up going just waited till the freak out stopped. Been smoking for 4 years now. This was a year ago so wasn't a beginner or anything. Dunno why it made me freak out so bad. Maybe laced?
One time got to high and kept on thinking I'm going to get a nose bleed I'm going to get a nose bleed and then I felt my nose drip and it was my nose bleeding, was having a panic attack and kept on thinking my hearts going to stop my hearts going to stop, my heart didn't stop though.

Also I ripped a bong which I never do, 5 mins passed and I just felt normal high, 10 mins passed and I was driving and started shaking and my brain felt like it was going through channels on a TV at a million miles per hour and couldn't breath, couldn't stop shaking for like 45 mins had to pull over and close my eyes.
I often do smoke it but what happened to me is that all I do now is cough and my throat is always killing me, I can't even breathe properly when going to sleep anymore I have no idea what's going on but it's killing me /b/
Me and some friends were smoking in a parkinglot after dark, then we decided to head for a nearby footballfield a few km away.
We drove there while being baffeled at how fucking dark it was. When we got there, we realized we forgot to turn on the headlights.
We met several cars

i smoked bong first time when I was being drunk for the second time.. had to throw up and shit, was a real bad friday night.
the synthetic shit caused this for me. had panic attacks from that shit.

i stopped smoking for 3 years and then tried regular weed again. the first trys i still was a bit anxious but now i can fully enjoy it again.
Got caught by the cops for the first time yesterday
Feels bad man
> I have a friend who is exactly like that
> r●|| it up
I ran out
anyone had panic attacks and later could enjoy weed again?

im having panic attacks for everytime i smoke past 10 months, will it ever go away, will i ever enjoy weed again?
Swear to Black Jesus, I've had 4 rather minor seizures because of weed.
The doctors don't know why, but I recently presented the idea that it might be an allergic reaction... I've smoked 100's of times before. But idk... I'm on epilepsy meds for it and I don't really have the seizures anymore.
lichen planus. that shit is awful. other than that no.
File: 35dc4u.jpg (63KB, 625x564px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63KB, 625x564px
tongue disappeared from existence
I wouldn't say it was a bad experience, but I did trip nuts from smoking green crack.
Yeah the fucking cops knocked on my door because they could smell it from the street. Ttold them to fuck off unless they had a search warrant. Detain me. Other cops show up an hour later with search warrant and drug dogs. Mfw i had to flush 2oz because 14g is a felony. Ende up getting probation for a year for the eighth upstairs. Not a big deal. Smoked on probation. Failed tests and all they did was make me take counseling for 12 weeks.
File: 36 - 9YdN182.gif (2MB, 400x223px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 - 9YdN182.gif
2MB, 400x223px
HOLD THE PHONE! Someone went to a physician or a psychiatrist, and they told you weed is the source of your problems? It must be troo!
The first time I got high I felt real depressed and kept feeling depressed for days after that.

After a while I felt even better than before. It was like therapy or some shit, just made me face my problems.
I have bipolar and was on the compleatly wrong meds. I had psychotic episodes 2/3 times I smoked. Despite nearly killing myself or friends during those times, they were actually pretty fun.
I told them it was.
My neurologist says she doesn't think it's the weed. but I'm like lol wut.
Cause basically the only time I've had the seizure is when I was super high. Never any time else.
File: 1392163775168.jpg (16KB, 362x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 362x480px
was so high, i didnt know my good friends around me anymore and i forgot how to speak or make sentences - i forgot who i was - i didnt know where i lived or anything - i didnt know if they hold me there trapped or i am free to go.... lasted 4 hours and was horror. Worst experience ever
>friend. Tells me to try dabs
>says it would be like losing your virginity to a pornstar
>sounds like fun
>hit this weird engineered weed machine
>exhale smoke
>lightheaded, but not bad
>coughing out my left lung tho
> 30 seconds later hits me like a ton of bricks
>cant even breathe
>have to go outside
>vision shifts from technicolor to purple
>everything is purple
>close eyes
>really nice dealer calms me down and has a nice peaceful conversation with me
>my 2 other blazed friends dgaf
>my voice changes into weird raspy smeagle
>hungry af
>didn't enjoy the experience
>fuck weed
Some things just arnt for everybody
tried it once, pooped all over my dick. never again
Ya, dabs as a first time smoking thing... no way.
That's fucking nuts.
Last time I injected mariuanas I died.
he just is using sarcasm because retarded op thinks something bad will happen
this shouldnt have made me laugh
Haha Never agin
Turned me off to weed honestly
I started sweating and looked like I just got out of water, 40 fucking minutes of feeling cold and sweating.
One hit from the bong and I wasn't even stoned, this shit just happened. I was feeling like I was dying but everything went fine after a few hours.
dont drink alcohol before smoking it.
my buddy did it and he felt like he was dying, well about 1 hour later he was fine
File: IMAG_503.jpg (5KB, 260x195px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 260x195px
>What went wrong

i smoked all my kush and now im too baked to go get more dank kush lel
I fell asleep or I ate to much munchies an threw up
Exactly this. But if i drink a few beers first, it "calms me down" so I can smoke a little. But yeah, I stopped smoking for a long time because of the panic attacks and the fear of dying/feeling like I'm about to pass out. Wouldn't wish that for anyone.
Had a panic attack once when I combined it with shrooms and alcohol. Never happened again, but it was realllyyy intense when it happened. Heart was beating at about 120bpm when my resting heart rate is about 70, and I could really feel it. Went all depressed and shit for a couple hours, had to actively try to keep myself together.
Like others, I had some panic attacks. >Happened twice about 10 months ago, 8 months ago have one out of nowhere. Suffer this entire summer from endless anxiety.

Improved over the last few month's, but I just want this shit to end. If anything even reminds me of those attacks I feel another one coming. Reading this thread for instance haha
File: image.jpg (31KB, 407x246px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31KB, 407x246px
Lol, no it wasn't
Caught my mustache on fire trying to light a joint the other day.
Oh shit I forgot. Making a roachenator once. Molten plastic drips off and falls on my leg. Literally melts a quarter size of skin off. Weird looking scar there now
I feel you, sometimes just thinking about a panic attack or anything related to it, I might get a feeling that there's one coming. Lasted for almost two years, but I'm better now. Hope you get better too anon.
i kekked overmuch

so many epic fails packed into one day

lesson learned?

>never try to smoke all your weed in one sitting
I really can't believe I'm about 2 1/2 months away from a year. Time has been a pretty big blur. I'm gonna go see a psych once my insurance kicks in in a month. I'm really hoping that helps.

Thanks for some support b/ro
it was really nice of you to help those people from the other dimension
i ran out.
i smoked thousands of times over two years.


then i quit. i smoked once in 2012

the last time i smoked, i have no idea what went wrong. the guy i smoked with swore that it wasn't laced.

i had the craziest anxiety attack. i mean, i could literally feel my heart beating in my chest, i checked my pulse and it was in the mid 100s, like around 120-150, i got light headed, nearly fainted, and felt a sense of impending doom. my buddy drove me home and it subsided in about 10 minutes.

it was awful. i don't know, maybe it could have just released some pent up anxieties i was feeling, but it felt totally out of my control and i didn't like it
If i smoke on an empty stomach i puke, get sick, or generally feel like crap and just want to sleep it off. It usually happens when i smoke more than i usually do like when chilling with other people. story tiem.

>Best friend hooks me up regularly
>Best friend moves to Colorado to get away. and smoke drugs
>Best friend moves, my supply dries up
>Unintended detox over summer and a few months
>Mysterious call from best friend: "im coming home for a week or so"
>Hangout and smoke at his house
>oh my god how does he keep smoking
>My tolerance and his are the quintessence of contrasting
>We keep smoking more
>Stomach starts feeling 'deep' like when youre gonna puke
>"I'm not gonna puke."
>feels like absolute shit
>keeps puking
>go inside and sit on the couch
>waste bin in front of me as i die on the couch
>alternate between puking and sleeping for a few hours until i go home.

This doesnt happen to me a lot though. i thought it was something that just happens to me but my brother told me that he had the same type of experience and that eating beforehand helped him. anyone else had this happen? id be curious to know what helps others.
When you quit for that long your tolerance is shot. You'll get higher than the first time you smoked and people generally overdue it after a T-break and freak the fuck out.

i dropped a bag on the way home and had to buy another
File: babby33.jpg (28KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 500x375px

I ran out when I wanted to get high
well not actually marijuana but
>being in own appartment
>many people there
>underages too
>nothing cp you bear
>enjoying all kinds of drugs, everyone
>making big pot of hot chocolate with lots of fat (butter) and dissolving good piece of dope in it
>forgot to drink during talking and smoking
>remember my cup of drink its cold already and fat sat at the bottom
>drink it quickly and take spoon to eat the chocolate and thc rich grounds from bottom of cup
>become stoned
>panic attack
>go into sleeping room crawl into bed
>panic attack becomes worse
>figure police storm into my room
>stand up and walk circles in room
>sweat heavily
>feel sick
>back to bed
>shaking in panic
>me responsible for giving drugs and alcohol to underages
>lasts like 2h
felt bad man
File: 11.08.jpg (75KB, 1280x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75KB, 1280x768px
i mixed tramal, ssri antidepressants, alcohol and after one hit of the strong MJ i got serotonin syndrome
it wasn't fun
File: image.jpg (23KB, 241x231px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 241x231px
>thinking acupuncture actually works
i swear weed has this effect that if you smoked it loads then stopped completely for a while, you get this extreme sensitivity to it.

I smoke it all day for years and went on holiday for two weeks in april, didn't crave it or anything while away but came back and only lasted a day before it became too much and i had to smoke. I put a gram in one joint because i wanted to get the full effect of having not smoked for a while and be like when i had never smoked before.

I ended up thinking jesus was communicating with me telepathically, i'd be questioning something about this weird as fuck experience when i'd see something on my computer screen that could have only been put there as a reply to what i was thinking from him, or the vocals from a song would or even speaking from the tv. it turns out he was just like me and spent all day going through drum and bass tunes, watching funny shit and generally just pissing his infinite time away. He told me that the whole reason i was going through tunes before was because he was using me as a vessel to go and show the world this great almost unheard of music. He said he had given me everything i needed to make this happen + i suddenly thought back to when i found a glitch on a website and got all of my songs for free in the highest quality possible + everything else that has magically gone right for me.

I might've just been having a schizophrenic episode but fuck me was it amazing.
I smoked alot back around 2009 - 2012. Pretty much wasted all my savings on buying weed for me and my friends.

The only time I've had a bad experience outside of being drunk and smoking was in 2012. I'm quite a sceptical person as it is so combined with the amount of the weed I smoked it wasn't fun.

>Smoking out of my window one night (parents didn't know and I was real down with them at that point)
>Got high earlier in the day so this topped things off
>Across the street I see a light in a house turn on
>For some reason I assume that they are watching, and are 100% on to me
>Get so paranoid, think I'm about to be slapped
>Need to get rid of the weed
>Freak my shit

I got rid of it by rolling another monster. Sufficed to say after that I went to sleep without a care in the world. Was pretty fucking stupid looking back at it.
oh god i need to read my posts before posting. sorry for my shitty english
>be me 16 years old
>smoke first time wirth hardsmoking friends
>they pranked me by making a weed/shroom/truffle psychedelic joint.
>smoke feel awesome for 20 minutes
>start to see everyone as blue silhuette in the middle of public
>start to vomit and urinate, while being unable to the the escalator in a huge mall.
>Eventually got tazed, and released the same day.
>I just went to Burger King had a wopper and thought, shit a day.. still high
File: image.jpg (63KB, 459x456px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63KB, 459x456px
>buying weed for 10 years
>not having a main dealer you go to every time
Get your shit together
Also pcp is inexpensive
People lace shit so people will like their shit more than everybody elses shit so now they have regulars
My heart starts beating so strong (I can see my chest pumping a little), and I breathe with some difficulty.

I would like to know why this started happening, I smoke weed for around 5 years and this started happening only this year.
>be me
>be midnight
>smoked dro and ate a dro cheese cake
>smoke reggie
>forgot to turn off stove
>houese is burning
>im just staring like an idiot
>no more apartment
>dropped out of college
>living in my car
>probation after fire fighters find my stash

I want to kill myself /b/
>not having a main dealer
You haven't smoked for 10 years if none of your dealers got out of the game or got locked up in that time.
Only bad experience was when I had my first edible. It started out bad and got exponentially worse. I tried sleeping to get rid of the feeling, but I'd wake up freaking out and gasping for air. I considered falling off the bed face first to knock myself out. I sobered up enough to walk 5 hours later. I was still high the next morning 17 hours after I had eaten it.

My ex had a similar experience. I had to carry her 4 fucking miles to make sure she didn't get in trouble.
1st water bong had me hearing shit and just wanting everyone at my house to fuck off because of paranoia
fuck I mean gravity bong
Used to smoke almost daily. One day I'm vaping my pax and my lungs just nope.jpg. Cough uncontrollably, horrible chest pain and I can't breathe. Pretty sure I developed asthma. Can't even hit a vape without shortness of breath and chest pain now.
File: 1418082360562.jpg (53KB, 468x365px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53KB, 468x365px
I took a single geeb after a 4 month tolerance break and I got hella fucked up
File: 1407356936340.jpg (68KB, 630x420px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68KB, 630x420px
happened just now

> come home
> k i have hour before mother arives, lets get high
> make a bowl from apple
> smoking outside, feels so nice after hard day
> go inside and suddenly i hear something
> I must be crazy
> oh shit its real
> paranoia like hell,mother comes and wants to talk
> we talk for like 5 minutes, feels like hour- baked as hell
> end of conversation: I brought you a pizza

pizza will be ready in 5 minutes
File: nigga what.jpg (16KB, 500x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
nigga what.jpg
16KB, 500x333px
>be 17
>smoking for the first few times taking it easy
>go to a buddies house to play Xbox and smoke some shit
>hungry as a fucking beast go into kitchen for epic snax
>see box of sweet delicious oranges awaiting to be demolished by my face
>eat all of them like a boos
>a few minutes later feeling kinda shitty so I go to the bathroom to take a massive dump
>crazy fever and nausea and sweating like crazy
>instant sick as fuck start puking into the sink
>just about puke my lungs out before I realize I should have vommed into the shitter but I didn't want to be face first in my own dump
>sinks clogged
>roll up my sleeve and plunge my hand into the chum of orange chunks
>friend walks in to see what took so long finds me elbow deep in puke fishing around in the sink trying to unclog it
mfw all I could say were "mistakes were made"
He told me the next day that all those oranges were rotten. I was so high I ate a pile of rotten moldy oranges

The ONLY bad experiences I've ever had have been with weed have been with edibles. First couple times I had them, I had WAY too much, got high to the point of a headache (mostly dehydration I think.. that shit'll make you feel awful) and started vomiting. BUT, shortly after all the awful feels, the comedown that lasted half a day felt soooooooo so good. Like. I was laying on the kitchen floor rubbing my face against the fridge because it was the most comfortable place in the world at that time good.
Ran out once.... Never again..
Yea. Was the second time I smoked. Girl bragged about it being really good expensive stuff. Had no idea. Took two puffs and started coughing like a mother fucker. Throat felt like I swallowed sandpaper. Finally stopped coughing. 10 minutes later I can't stand up without whiting out. Have to crawl around all over the place. Dizzy as all hell. Sucked balls.
For the record, "way too much" consisted of a 1.8g brownie, a 2g rice krispy and a 1g buckeye. Within a 2 hour period. Consider that my roommate, who has a way higher tolerance than I do, got FUCKED off half.. HALF a 1.8g brownie. Yeah. Yeeeeeah. Mistakes were made.
Two hits and you whited out?
Yeah, that shit was laced.
File: IMG_2816[1].jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3264x2448px

tachycardia and borderline hypertensive crisis. Was thinking might need an ER trip if the shit didn't come down.
The worst was in high school.
>bought weed off of a sketchy guy because he was the only one in town with any
>smoking a bowl of it with friends
>suddenly feels like I'm coming out of my body
>not a psychedelic thing, just scary
>keep smoking anyway because I can barely control my own actions right now
>heart racing like a mother fucker, feels like it's trying to escape from my body
>can't stand up straight
>don't remember much, but I think I spent most of the night lying down
>get dropped off at home, think parents are asleep
>they meet me at the doorway
>they don't notice anything luckily, so I go (shakily) pour myself a glass of water and go the fuck to bed
Pretty sure it was laced with meth or some other amphetamine. I thought it was horrible, but all of my dumbass friends went and bought more. They were high for days.

Also, I smoked pot while on fake acid and had a few panic attacks. Pot hasn't been the same since then.
Sure. One time I blazed it and 30 seconds or so after (barely got a second hit), everything started to get 'brighter' until my vision was a complete white-out for a few minutes. Fuck, man.
>went to a girl i wanted to have sex with
>both wanted to get drunk
>i had a jay with me and she didnt wanted anything
>was like
>was a little drunk already
>smoked it up and then shit went down
>couldnt stand anymore
>very very fast heartbeat
>threw up about 3 times
>she forced me to shower n shit
>saw me fully naked
>we just went to bed and nothing happend
>she told me she would have sexd me it that wouldnt have happend
>100% shame

>sexd her the other meeting
Had a couple really weird experiences with weed, it started making me feel anxious and not myself which is the opposite of why I liked it in the first place so I stopped smoking it.

It also had a really weird half life, my mind would be hazy days after I smoked it. I think I have some kind of underlying psychological vulnerability which weed exasperates.
I ran out

This feeling is terrible. I feel for you anon.
Is there a story behind this?
>be 14
>first year of highschool, got into smokin herb a bit
>guy asks me if i want to go to his house and blaze on the lunch break
>he was a niggerish guy who played fifa on his xbox but he was cool
>he takes a toke
>is packing mine for me and says
>"never EVER mix tobacco and weed it'll fuck you"
>funny because to this day i enjoy taking maulers and i'm fine after them
>take bong rip
>guy gives me can of oj
>we walk back to school
>on the way tyhere i feel it and wowwww
>there is a ups truck parked on the road playing ac/dc
>yeah i know weed isnt like shrooms or acid which I've done but i was convinced that ups truck was an ice cream truck that was following me
>get to intersection to cross road
>fall in middle of crosswalk, stumble over to rogers video store
>sitting in front of rogers one of the highest times ever
>text foster dad to pick me up because i was too high to even stand up
>he picks me up
>i puke out his van window
>i puke at home (looked like green stuff but swirly and shit)
>pass out for 2 hours

Basically we call that greening out. Doesn't happen much to me anymore and if it does I"m able to tell myself chillout nigger its just weed
>First time smoking weed
>Friend wants to go to mall
>Feelin' good
>Friend proceeds to pull over in our high school parking lot
>Has full fledged panic attack
>"Oh shit, something is not right, something is wrong with this weed"
>Calls her boyfriend (his parents grew the weed)
>Has huge argument on the phone with him while having panic attack
>Me trying not to die from discomfort and apparent "death weed"
Post Them
You live a charmed life mang.
File: 1407500196001.jpg (54KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 500x375px
a mate of a mate once smoked in lunch break at school and peed his pants, his mum had to get him.

i barely know him, but think it's funny as fuck.


my girlfriends school class went to a trip to amsterdam with their teachers to visit the city.
>who the fuck picks amsterdam as teacher?!
anyway. they boys bought some weed and smoked it.
none of em ever smoked it before
one of the kids felt like he was dying and shit
the other boys alerted the teachers
teachers send him to hospital
shit got real
the hospital called his parents
parents went crazy
they literally drove a 7 hours drive that night to get their little boy (18)

>bunch of little faggots

had a good laughter, still gets me now
For whatever reason i stopped breathing properly, it wasnt due to smoke, i actually think i just kinda forgot to breathe enough. Got to the point where my heart was just pounding enough to cause pain due to a lack of oxygen. Friend reminded me to take some deep breaths and it was all good. Then smoked some more.
I smoked a shit ton of pot by myself over Thanksgiving and my heart felt like it was going to explode, along with everything on my left half of my body.

Pretty scary. Definitely going to stick to two bowls from now on at most, rather than three which I did...

I smoked alot one night, Came home from work the next day to find I had smoked the lot. Bad times, had to wait 20mins for a delivery.
Mine was fucking stolen last night.
File: alien.jpg (174KB, 966x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
174KB, 966x750px
I bought a mflb vape a few moths ago and it worked for a while, but now it isnt really getting me that high. anyone else have experience with this?
G13 used to give me the spins. Just like how you get the spins from drinking to much, I'd get the spins from smoking G13. I'm not sure why, doesn't happen anymore. Also there was a brief time of like 3 months where smoking weed made me feel very uncomfortable and I felt like I physically couldn't speak without great effort. All that's stopped now though.
HPPD is cool as fuck when you can control it.
>tfw I can focus on a point on a wall until I start flashing back
Your mom is cool
Twice in my life weed fucked me up.
And both times it was because I smoked after having drunk alcohol.
If you're tipsy already, don't smoke or else you'll end up getting mad spins and might even throw up.

Curiously enough, if you drink after smoking you should be alright, provided you don't drink a ridiculous amount of ethanol.
As there's no stoner thread, rate my zoot? This one just has tobacco because I didn't trust myself to not fuck up. I've had 5 or 6 practices and this is my best one so far

When I am too high I get really paranoid and have auditory hallucinations. That's about the worst as you can expect.
File: 20141210_161719.jpg (2MB, 2560x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2560x1920px
Forgot pic because I'm a mong
Despite the fact that heroin is extremely sensitive to rapid oxidation from an open flame and is instantly destroyed, providing no effect whatsoever?
In my early and stupid days of opiate use I put a balloon of heroin in a bowl of weed, smoked it, the heroin burnt away instantly. Got stoned but literally no opuate effect from smoking a bowl with at least 5x the dose of heroin that would have been on yours. Way to waste money on something that made absolutely no difference, faggot.
>trpping balls off this weed
File: 1368467487100.jpg (605KB, 1053x588px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
605KB, 1053x588px
i hurt the inside of my fridge everytime im stoned...
Occasionally I'll be high and get really paranoid, and start to focus too much on myself. I go full on spaghetti and think of myself as a retard
Everything I do is a mistake basiscally, it kills my high
It's probably just a certain strain that does this I'm assuming.
I have seen that torch beam too. It's really weird. We were smoking and suddenly I saw a light across the street. I told the other guys that someone is coming, as nobody else's saw it they keep chatting, smoking and drinking. Then I saw it again but moving over some trees. At this point other guy sees it too and start telling the others. All of the sudden this light came up and started to head toward us. Some of us stayed there, others run, but the guys that stayed there said that it was nothing, that the light changed its direction towards some trees and disappeared
Was 17, had smoked weed 3-4 times before, but a while since last. Go outside with some friends to the local spot, and begin blazing. After a while it seems like time is moving super slow, and everytime I answer someone they all start to laugh (probably because slow reaction time) walking back inside takes several hours. Sitting inside and playing Mortal Kombat, listen to some music, feeling fine. I go home and go to bed, still a little high. Wake up in confusion, everything I do happens outside my head, feels like I'm dreaming. The feeling goes on and off for the entire day. Several months after, still the same feeling, like my body is doing everything and my mind is stuck inside a shell, isolated with no contact with the world around me. It is mostly over now, been a long time since it happened, but I still wonder why, haven't smoked since. Do you think I smoked too much, or am I just really fucking lightweight? Will I ever be able to smoke again without this happening again? I need some answers by some professionals.
Same here bro. When i got over the palpilations i had problems breathing, derealization, etc etc. I think the problem is whenever i get high i get a flashback from the day i thought i was gonna die. If i get trough that shit, i just go full daydream mode and just think about past horryfing events and my trip just starts another panic attack
police made me stomp it out
The first time I ever smoked in my life, I had an entire gram rolled into a blunt. I smoked the whole thing and got really happy and everything was amazing for about 10 minutes. Then I got reslly nauseous and burped out smoke every few minutes. Then I passed out because I thought sleeping would feel better than feeling like shit.
I eat that exact.fucking.pizza all the time. Where do you live?
czech republic
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