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Best of /pol/ thread

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Best of /pol/ thread
Here's the official rundown on what happened with /pol/. Most people are simply too scared right now to post the truth about it.

About two days ago some anon started a thread where he promised to dump material incriminating the israeli government of a planned genocide in Ukraine at the hands of IDF soldiers that were dressing up as 'nazis' of the Azov Bataillon. He said that he had files from inside the israeli government that could prove this and even audio files from intercepted phone calls.

He also said that there was an israeli plan to destabilize Ukraine through civil war and remove the indigenous non-jewish population, after which 'east european khazar jews' from Israel would be resettled to Ukraine, taking over the land and housing of the ukrainians that were massacred or driven out. He even linked to a newspaper report of an israeli newspaper that confirmed this.

He said that the NATO was in on this and that NATO countries would see to it that the pressrooms in their countries would not touch this topic and ignore reports of massacres inside the Ukraine, or blame it on the russians or ukrainian 'nazis'.

He then started linking to various sites and uploading endless rows of photographs of hebrew language files that looked kind of technical and official, with stamps, headings etc.

That anon said that he was posting these things from inside Syria.

2-3 hours after he posted that, /pol/ went completely offline for a couple minutes, and when it came back, the thread was gone, all the other threads were replaced by spam/shillposts and the captcha requirement had been removed (apparently to allow for automated/computerized spamming).

There is something else. All the spam threads were written in a sinister, triumphant, gleeful tone that mocked the ongoing gencide of the 'white race'. In hindsight I wish I would have screencapped some of it, it was pretty unreal. It was downright satanic.
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Fucking jews man
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Why should I believe you?
go on 8 chan fuck this half chan

trust me
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Fuck no, I'm not leaving until the train stops dead in its tracks. I'm going down with the ship.
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wtf the captcha has changed now
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looks like moot is trying to boost 4chan pass sales

moot plz go

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The S--Amso-N option is real. pol goes down, they take down all boards with them. pol was containment, your cuckwarden destroyed it because the truth is, dirty jews were cucking his skanky gf over pol.

Now live with the consequences. We are here to stay. We will not be silenced.
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We're already split up. It's lost.

Now let's celebrate a bastion of free speech, which sadly became a bygone era way too quickly.
so is this the beginning of the end of 4chan?

Read what that anon wrote very carefully
Then read this article, from a major israeli newspaper:


>Leaked report: Israel acknowledges Jews in fact Khazars; Secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine

Now connect the dots

The israeli airstrikes in Syria yesterday probably targeted whoever was dumping this on the internet.
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Fucking gold.
Hope /pol/ gets back to normal soon
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I bet it won't.
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Thread posts: 29
Thread images: 16

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