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Spooky Shit >I was taken into foster care when I was very

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Spooky Shit
>I was taken into foster care when I was very young, I never new my birth parents. Didn't find out I was adopted until my teens
>Had good upbringing, my adoptive parents were loving, kind and gave me a good upbringing
>Everynow and then I have a recurring nightmare
>Same thing every time, It's the middle of the day and I'm out in the woods lying on my back. I'm surrounded by people, their faces are covered so I can't see them clearly.
>One of them grabs my head and forces me too look straight into the sun
>Just as my eyes start burning the sun begins to fade
>I'm in pitch blackness, but the spot where the sun used to be is still distinguishable, it's an unnaturally dark circle. Kinda hard to describe with words, just an impossibly dark circle
>that's when i always wake up, usually covered in sweat and panting
>I figured something bad happened to me as a child
>Whenever i ask about my birth parents and my past, my folks get really uncomfortable, saying that they don't know who they were or how I could find them.
>Recently went on massive road trip with a few mates
>Stop in some dead end town one night, we're drinking at the campsite when some drunk homeless guy comes wandering in
>The guy is off his face, pretty funny to watch him stumble around and spout random shit. Tell him we'll give him a beer if he can do 20 pushups
>He manages somehow and I go to give him a beer
>He gets a good look at my face as i hand it too him, and he goes white as a fucking ghost
>drops the beer and jumps back, guy looks terrified
>points at me and yells, 'This one's seen the black sun' then runs off
>I've never told anyone about the dream, so this scared the shit out of me
>So now i feel I should maybe hire a PI or something to look into my parents and childhood, kinda scared about what i might find out though.
Spooky. Any more details?
Reminds me of that game condemened.

If this isn't bs (which it most likely is but I want to believe) then getting a PI sounds like a good idea. Google is also a great resource.
Hey bud, traveling Buddhist monk here.
> your 3rd eye is calling for a opening forcefully
Would you like to contact me?
Also good luck. Hope you get the answers you want.
care to explain?
Hey dude, if you're a real monk, then can you explain to me why it's so easy for me to control the flow of energy in my body? I can gather it all in my fists and feet or even in my head. I can also spread it throughout my body. I can do this deadpan, angry, or even when bawling my eyes out. When I do do it, it always pulls me towards emotional calm.

Basically, wtf can't I do kamehameha yet?
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1MB, 800x533px


Not OP but interested in hearing what you have to say about OPs story here. Please continue.
holy shit op, bump
Okay, I'll bite.

>Be me since kid
>Live in old house with a lot of history
>See lots of spots out of the corners of my eyes
>See figures in the distance that disappear when I look away or get closer
>Move to new house with no previous owners or history
>No more spots or figures
>Go to summer camp that has had a lot of death in it
>Spots and figures are a near constant presence
>Even when I'm not thinking about them they show up
>Go back home, no more spots or figures
>Can't even imagine them
Now, whenever I visit old places with death and history
>See fuckton of spots and figures
>Even seen people that vanished without explanation
Every time I visit a new area with little to no history
>No, or very few spots

What's even crazier is that I'll be in the woods and see spots before I even come across an abandoned grave site or some shit. I'm going to college and living with my parents ATM, and there's not a single fucking one of these things here supposedly because the house has never had previous occupants.
Hospitals are the worst. Not even the chapels are 100% clean.
Definitely need some more details. How old are you? When did you go into foster care? Do you know where your biological parents are from/where you were born? Where was the dead end town?
weird you see them at grave sites... that's about the only place I don't see shadows.
Ya, my stuff is pleb compared to OPs. I wanna hear more.
Maybe they like to leave you alone?

Modern gravesites are less of an issue. Don't know why. Though grave sites next to churches are almost completely clean.
He needs to simply meditate till he realizes and opens it.
> some people are more natural with energy
> anyone ideally can open 3rd eye
I could explain more, but it's almost 5 am, I just woke up. I am to meditate, while I'm close to my subconscious, after awaking
>[email protected]
The reason why he feels it's negative is because the universe is calling for his indulgence; he is starving his brain and life force by ignoring it.
>have a normal upbringing
>about once a month I get a reoccurring dream
I see the black circle too OP, not fucking kidding. my dream is a bit different. I'm spooked as fuck right now

>be on a small wooden boat
>be looking up at the sky
>in the dream I feel really heavy
>I can't get up
>the clouds part and the sun is shining in my eyes
>can't close my eyes
>another cloud comes over
>that cloud changes into the black circle
>wake up then

what the fuck are we OP? this is fucked up
i'm sure the church is the last place a trapped spirit would want to be
What'd the spots/figures look like? Just discoloration, or a vaguely human-shaped blur, or...

What happens when you try focus on one for a longer period of time?
I'ma email this guy too. I wanna know if he's talking real shit.
Op I've had vision of the black ball too

Almost like a black hole?

Shit shit shit.

I've had a the same dream...
According to Google it's a pretty common dream. Yall might want to just talk to a shrink before you start believing in the occult.
Fake and gay.
I would think so too, but sometimes one sticks around. They're probably the ones that were most devout in life. The insides of churches are always clean though. The graveyards next to churches are slightly less clean.

The spots look like all kinds of people. Sometimes kids, mostly adults; they run around my periphery, like literally run.
The ones that appear in the distance gradually fade when I look at them in such a fashion that I don't realize they're disappearing until they're gone.

Who else gets this, what's it like for you?
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This one has seen the Holy Grail
Learn how to "lucid dream" it will help you!
And it is not difficult to learn and awesome af!
Okay here goes.
No bs, happened today.

>Me, 23, student, dutchfag.
>Get into bus this morning on way to university.
>Bus is halfway there, isn't too crowded.
>Stops at random bus stop in urban area.
>One chinese old man gets in and takes a seat
>Behind him follows a woman with a baby stroller to get into the bus.
>Blink twice, mind is fucked now.
>There is no woman with baby stroller.

Been wtfing the rest of the busride. I'm sure i saw her walk to the bus door and get in. Have played it off as a brainfart, but it's very weird and it has creeped me out.
I had a recurring dream when I was younger where I was accidentally involved in decapitating my mother. I know it sounds stupid but because I was so young, I had no concept of death or biology. It was very easy, I would simply pick up a knife to cut some birthday cake (the dreams slight varied, but this is the one I remember the most) and before I knew it her head would fall.

She has since passed but OPs story about a hole blacker than black, impossibly dark, reminded me of these dreams. The hole in her neck was exactly like that.

These dreams almost always came with a falling dream as well.


Are you guys for real? I have the same fucking dream. Not exactly the same but you get the picture.

>be small white child
>surrounded by typical "islander" type people
>think native inhabitants of tropical islands in your stereotypical shipwrecked story
>hoisted on some sort of hammock with arms and legs tied down
>obvious tribal leader standing over me with long, craning neck and creepy mask on
>can see his crazy eyes through mask
>sun begins to shine through trees around hammock-shrine
>leader pushes on my chin, smearing sticky black musky-smelling substance on my neck as he does it
>neck paralyzed immediately
>sun comes out, can see it directly (not like when you catch a glimpse and you get tracers, but I could see the actual fucking sun)
>tree hut or some sort of structure falls, shading the view over me
>huge uproar, all I can see is black sphere

It feels like a ritual was almost completed on me, but was interrupted... Weird. I wonder if any of this is connected?

I've had a very similar dream...

>Old building in stone
>Go through a door at the end of a corridor
>Suddenly on back in woods
>hooded figures over me
>sun is bright
>feel a massive urge to focus on the sun
>cloud passes over sun
>sun is an empty disc, black but more than that, just completely devoid of everything, light, substance, anything.

wake up

fuck OP
I've never had the black sun dream, but I have had weird insights into people, dreams very similar to the events of the next day or things a little ways away.

Probably the most profound dreams I've had are the ones that would give me insights into life. Or maybe its the one where I fell into the river after my brother and woke up feeling completely objective to the world so much so that I feel like I could wake up any moment even now, 15 years later.

I was once told that the druids used to worship a dark sun and that the oak tree was very important to this.

OP, do you remember if there was any oak in the forest in your dream?

>Travelling monk

>Browsing /b/

Lol got any more jokes
I do that typically on saturday mornings, it's actually a form of entertainment for me.

wake up
>Have recurring nightmare ever since I was like 3 or 4 years old
>In the dream infant me lie on a table in a dark room. The room is so dark I can't see any of the walls or anything besides my body and the table.
>A mean-spirited middle aged man picks me up and squeezes, crushes and shakes me violently.
>He stops every now and waits for a reaction until he starts it all over
>When he finally stops he sticks me in a cage. My little brother is already sitting inside it, looking at me.

>Altroughout my childhood and teenage years I am still an infant in this dream

>16 years old. Father is dying of cancer. Sitting besides him on his hospital bed. He's always "high" on morphine.
>He proceeds to tell me about my grandfather who I've only met a handful of times in my life
>He tells me grandpa used to abuse him and his brothers when they were really young and forced them to sleep naked in a cage in their basement. I shat bricks when he told me.
I never feel like they're aware of me, or even "conscious" in any sort of way. Of course I never really get a good look at them. They always seem to appear as a shadow in the corner of my eye, and when I go to look they're gone. When they appear I usually assume it's an animal, or a person until I turn to look, and see nothing.

The cool thing about this is that I'm super critical when it comes to ghosts, or paranormal shit. I've had several situations where other people would of thought they had an encounter, and I was able to reproduce the results, and show that it's a natural occurrence.
I see people doing ordinary tasks before disappearing. It's disconcerting, but the company is sometimes nice.
Bumping to keep this fucker alive
OP where are you?
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You should look into bronze/iron age religion in Europe.

The druids used to worship a 'dark sun' that they saw in dreams.

There's not much left at all of their practices, only a little of what the Romans found when they invaded, and very old legends from the places where the Romans did not conquer and ban druidry, such as Ireland.
I can't. It's scary as fuck, and I feel trapped. Maybe dying will wake me up? That's too risky though, dreams can be so real sometimes.
Okay faggots, closest thing I have to the black sun is the black void that I manifest when I meditate. I throw all my problems, my worries, and other such stuff into the void. Once it's all i there, I'm calm, collected, and relaxed. The next day, everything grows back like weeds.

Reading this shit kind of makes me feel like I'm residing in this black sun or something like that.
The last dream I ever had
>Be a young girl, no idea how I knew this I just did
>My family is all there, except for my dad who I get the feeling is dead
>My mom is still my mom but my brother is my uncle or some shit
>In this basement with a bunch of kegs of what I think was wine or something
>Hear footsteps and run under on of them, away from my mom
>Hear screams and then silence
>Hear footsteps slowly making its way towards me
>Hear dragging of an axe
>End up waking up as whatever the fuck was coming after me comes to my keg
Woke up terrified, and I haven't had a dream since. Other than that, I lived in a small town that I'm pretty sure was insane. I mean it was a real small suburb, with a lot of rich people but I knew about 3 people who committed suicide, one who fell of a ladder and ended up in a coma, and another 2 who got hit by a train. And this was all within like 7 years. Something still kind of creeps me out about that place
I have a few. Nothing compared to OP but still scared the shit outta me.
>be 15 (ish)
>home alone at night
>silence everywhere
>go for a piss
>whilst in bathroom decide to have shower so leave bathroom to get towel
>start to walk across landing
>brothers room is on the floor above
>hear the TV is on and fairly loud
>that definitely wasnt on before. Fuckdis
>ran. Sounded like banging behind me as if something was chasing me.
>ran downstairs
>out the door
>sat outside on a cold winters night waiting for parents to get back. Too scared to go back in
House is 1850 built and a former coal mining town in UK, if that makes it spookier
Really? What the fuck guys. I'm not ever going to sleep again. I thought it was just some weird shit with me, but all of you get it too? I don't wanna be part of some weird fucking druid magic or some shit.
Well, I mean, I'm pretty sure I'm real, so please don't die. If I'm right, then you're dead, and that's no good. If you're right, then we all cease to exist. I'm not really a fan of nonexistence.
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>Live in really old house, built in late 1800's.
>Laying in bed and kinda zone out
>Realize I'm in back of a stagecoach
>Handcuffed and have a really pissed off dude looking at me
>Get pulled out, be told I was going to pay for what I had done
>Surrounded by men who are saying how fucked up I was for what I did to the children
>Try to talk and get hit in the face with a shovel
>Hear "May you never be remembered."
>Feel body getting hit by shovels for 3-4 minutes before I black out
>I black out and instead of waking up my vision slowly comes into focus and I realize I'm still staring at the ceiling of my room.
>fuckeddream.jpg lasted approx 15 minutes of weirdness
>Mfw only 15 minutes passed while I was out

This happened like a year ago and I haven't had anything else weird happen since.

We have an old stone basement though that our dog just refuses to go into. Cats don't mind and it's not the stairs since she runs up those all day.
Did your psychiatrist not belive you at first then after a long journey into the mysterious you are able to convince him that he was actually dead all along?
cause im pretty sure ive seen a movie of that shit
The falling dreams were scary as fuck. If you'd read my other posts, it makes sense for me to wonder if falling would wake me up from this dream.
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Can I dump creepypasta here?
Dem nazis be messing with your dreams
I feels more like I'm trapped here so that I can educate myself for life outside of the dream, like we all exist, but only myself will retain these memories when I wake up. No one should stop existing if I am indeed dreaming, but you''l just be a younger you.
Please dump some good ones. My friend loves them but the only one to even spook her was Ansari's Goatman
the nazis where into that shit too
thule society n shit
Damn. And I only remember breastfeeding. I guess that's what I get when being sheltered in a good household.
I had a similar dream as a child, only I don't think it was a black sun
>be me, about 3 years old
>living in shitty old house, crappy suburban Queensland place
>Have the same recurring dream every night where I would walk out onto the back steps and just start talking to the sun.
>Sometimes it would be beautifully happy, sometimes it would be filled with a dark anger
>Found out many years later from parents that the previous owners had died on the back steps from a heart attack
There was also some weird assed gecko that would always be in the same spot in my room every night, like some kind of guardian gecko or some shit. Gecko bro helped me through the nights.

Also, mum said that cupboards and shit used to randomly open and close, and she'd always fall asleep in her room across from me with both doors open, and wake up with them both shut and sometimes locked
I hardly ever remember my dreams, but pretty much all of them are me being in incredibly huge places, like hotels with auditorium sized rooms but not usually spooky. The scary thing is that I'm always running away from someone or something but most of the time I can't see whatever is chasing me. Last time was awful, I remember something trying to trap me in a pitch black room and I was struggling to wake up.
I know, right? There's a ton of physiological and psychological science behind a lot of these phenomenon, but sometimes I just can't explain.
It's abduction regression. Your brain can not make physical sense of the visual stimuli absorbed, and adjusts your memory through cortical manipulation.

This has been the case for centuries and why no two stories are the same, also adding to the difficulty for others to believe. But know this, you have been visited, and you will be again.
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vampire mondays.jpg
91KB, 640x640px
I think Whitney might be an actual vampire who works with Satanists in Hollywood to corrupt the youth into doing the Devil's work. Can't prove anything tho. Really spooky shit.

You shit, stop polluting the void!
You a chick irl? Or were you swapping genders in the dream. I've swapped genders in dreams before, weird as fuck.
I once hade sex with the black sun
does that count as polluting?
I used to have crazy recurring night terrors where id scream and sweat and cry and my eyes would be open but still asleep and having the dream as well. The strangest one was there was this massive factory and we were at the top and couldnt see the floor it just went dark. There was this man controlling one of those conveyor hook things. Dead, gutted whales hanging on the hooks. On another set of hooks were frames, in the frames were different black holes (stupid i know) and he was choosing which black hole to kill everyone with. I was 5/6 or 7 max and didnt know what a black hole was. There was also a floating platform with a kids playhouse and a pink trike in front of it with a girl on. Nothing i had seen before but exactly like the house my dad built for my sister. 6 years later. She also had a similar trike...
Last night I dreamt I was a muslim woman in a burka who shot a taliban in the head while pretending to take his photo. Pretty cool. 2 spooky
I'm not sure if that's even possible, I've been throwing shit in there for nearly ten years, and nothing piles up. Besides, the void causes these things to stop existing for a small while before sening them back.
Swapped genders, but I had a memory of my past and shit. I should add that in all the dreams I've had I always retain some weird memories of whoever I become in the dream. Like i said, since then I haven't really been able to remember any of my dreams, I'm sure I have had them but I cant remember them.
Sometimes, there'd be a presence traveling through the house that I live in. Was made around 1900. I just noped back to bed wheneer that happened. They'd enter my room sometimes but always left me alone. Of course, the monster under the bed was fake.
holy shit, I just remembered another dream that wasn't recurring involving the black circle. at the time I had just moved into a new house

>be sitting on the bed
>walk outside
>the weather was pretty abysmal
>walk around the side of the house where the water tanks were
>see a green box on the ground, about as high as a fire hydrant and the shape of a bin
>open the box
>inside is water
>incredibly deep, it seemed like it went forever
>the water was also jet black
>in the center was the creepiest looking sun smiling at me
thinking of that sun gives me the chills right now
>the sun gets kind of blurry
>it morphs into that black circle/sun
>even though the water was jet black I can still see the circle
>it's like it is just empty
>wake up

this is the first time I've remembered that dream in a long time. what the fuck?
Dogs are more empathetic to humans I guess, dead or alive.
No, he diagnosed with with aspergers. I told him to fuck off, and I no longer test positive for aspergers or even high functioning autism. Fuck shrinks. I fucking hate them. They're the reason I'm labelled as handicapped for the rest of my life.

The void is perfection.

Do you think sending bad thoughts and bad energy into a God is a good thing?

Only send good thoughts and positivity into the void.

Stop polluting the void.
When I was younger every so often I'd have a nightmare and wake up crying or screaming, but I could never remember what it is, I just know it is the same dream. What does this mean? Am I spoopy too? (jokes aside honestly asking)
Your guardian animal is a gecko. You're lucky. I have no fucking clue what mine is.
This is the first thing that came to mind
I've had these less pronounced and not so often.
I don't have them anymore. Last one I had, I turned and faced the monster overpowering it, and since then they just follow behind like they're waiting for me to get weak again.

You've seen it too.

It's one of the lost gods.
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>all this latent schizophrenia in this thread
Did anyone have a thing with mirrors when they were younger?
>be 3 or 4
>literally my earliest memories
>speak to ~myself~ in the mirror
>it wasnt really myself, there was someone else there
>call them a name "rezzroo", thats how i'd phonetically spell it
>my parents thought i was simply talking to myself, but id be talking to this person
>memories are so vague, i can't remember the conversations
>do remember getting a great sense of comfort and safety from them however
>the figure was a shade of myself (???) i dont know if that is truly i saw or i am just projecting in my older age
>no joke, would sit there for hours and just talk to them
>as i grew older it stopped, can't recall exactly when
>still, remember all this so clearly

I actually named my childhood teddy bear "Reezroo" after the mirror being, I still have it. It sleeps on my bed to this day.

Anyone have anything similar?
Well, maybe I'm not as tied to the void as other folks? Besides, the void sends them back. It's like it will only take my shit for so long before telling me to handle it myself.
Oh, and since they stopped I hardly ever remember any dreams. I do still occasionally wake up pretty spooked still, but not totally freaked like those old dreams
The weirdest gender swap dream I had was being a hot chick ice skating in a green bikini, but I'm pretty sure that was just my curious kid brain having gender swap fantasies. I still fap to the dream.
it honestly kind of looked like that. all the features were more warped though, especially the things coming off the sun. the smile was less happy and more menacing and crazy. thinking of that sun is actually terrifying me, I'm sure it has some deeper meaning to it
This actually happened to me 6 years ago, not lying

>be me, 16
>browse /x/
>find a thread about a youtube video that makes people go crazy and kill themselves after gouging out their eyes
>everybody is begging for the link
>finally some anon posts the link
>I open it, it's just a creepy video of an empty room from the angle of a security camera, there's a dude in the corner, you can't really see his face
>it's all RED, like the lens on the camera has been tinted
>there's an unsettlingly loud sound, like a constant muffled scream, or like a milion bees or something, I can't describe it
>at around 0:30, the camera cuts to the mans face, he doesn't have eyes, just black voids
>the sound gets violently loud
>I go to turn down the speakers
>they are off
>I unplugged them earlier to charge my phone
>i get scared shitless and restart the computer with a swift kick
>reload the /x/ page 20 mins later
>the link to the video is gone
>the thread is gone
>mom asks me to go to the basement to get something

Try looking on the void as a positive thing that deserves respect. There is nothing more perfect than a total void.

Visualize that black empty sun.
Dude, it was conveying the property of nothing versus the idea of nothing. It was showing you true nonexistence.
link pls
Black hole sun, won't you come
and wash away the rain!

Black hole sun, won't you come
won't you come!!!



I've seen the black sun too and was terrified at first.

I think the way you see it determines your relationship with it. I saw it in the sky in a forest, others on this thread have associated it with water.
quit smoking meth
never could find it again. the name was something totally random, numbers and letters.
Anyway, the whole point of the /x/ thread was that the link appears every now and then and that the mods of youtube have to immediately delete it so people wouldn't kill themselves. If somebody know what I'm talking about please respond (fat chance I know)
Yes, but only in dreams. I would encounter myself. Sometimes it was just a reflection, other times it was a different version of me. When I felt a presence in the mirror while awake, it was more menacing. I wish I had had your mirror experience.

Funny, I don't have scary mirror presence in new buildings.
Some glorious anon has to know
According to Freud all youblack Sun retards have an anal fixation
It's more like a friend really. A friend who is happy to lend a hand. It's not a dump by any means, it's there to help.

When I can't burn my problems in a fire, it takes them off of me for a little while.
You were dreaming about playing runescape
File: void.gif (4KB, 512x512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4KB, 512x512px
I think we've found the new religion of /b/...

The Black Sun
it isnt the black sun that is terrifying me, it's the sun that the black sun morphed from. the feeling is so much stronger than just being normally scared, fucking terrified. I'm part Irish, but only a really small amount

Damn dude. I have phantom noise hallucinations frequently, but that's something else.
Years ago now so I can only remember it vaguely, but the worst dream I've ever had. I don't remember being scared, but looking back it was terrifying.

>Be me
>In downstairs hallway in my moms place
>See huge masked man walking past the kitchen door, gigantic rusty scissors (Garden shears sized) in hand
>Run upstairs to bedroom, lock the door
>Hear footsteps pass outside door
>Go to look out bedroom window, into back garden
>Garden is ploughed up, woman is standing in the garden with shovel
>Woman's head has been mostly hacked through at the neck, but is still mostly stuck to her body.
>Woman is chanting/singing "Because I could kill a dog" over an over
>Hairless cats wandering garden
>Woman stares directly at me
>Wake up
File: sunn.jpg (120KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am a member of the Black Sun. You were a chosen one. An almighty lord of faggotry. Born to bring /b/ to it's knees with unparrealed shit posting.
>kill yourself faggot
I doubt it. It was 6 years ago and I browse /x/ and /b/ all the time and still haven't seen anything of the sort. Would be nice to get some information though.

Btw my eyes are just fine if somebody is wondering
>Be me, at young age always dreamt the same nightmare. There is somekind of huge figure wearing pitch black cloak and has deer skull for an face but has huge eye staring at me. It always goes like this that freaky shit screams at me but i only can hear mumbling or whispher like sounds i can't quite make it what that thig is saying. And my whole body feels like falling but i can't force myself to wake up. One day i thought i had enough and drew the thing and gave it to mom. She is freaked ofc her 7 yearsold son drawing freaky shit. Go monk and ask i don't know what he said but that night me and my dad go to somewhere. He says I'm gonna be alright. See bunch if people wearing demon mask(momgolian traditional gods) be scared. Made me sit in the middle people scary doods dancing around me. One of them says to me close my eye and don't open them. After a while i feel like drank something hot insides burning. And everything finishes and i never had that dream again
I have never seen the sun, but I frequently stand next to/in the void itself

What did it morph from?

Was the final form the black sun?

>I'm part Irish, but only a really small amount
That heritage stays with you. Irish, British & Gauls have some ancient blood lines.
We know almost nothing about their religion before the Romans destroyed it. What we do know is very incomplete.
>had a dream where I get into a fierce argument with my mother and in it there was some computer or something similar that wasn't there IRL (not relevant, just confirms that it was definitely a dream)
>I wake up in the morning and my mum comes in and asks if we argued last night
>I don't mention the dream and say no, why?
>She says that her friend living with us that suffers from dementia said that he heard us loudly arguing during the night
>Mum doesn't seem too sure herself on the whole matter

I am certain that I did have the argument within a dream, it would be quite strange and a little bit spooky if we both had the same dream and the dementia guy tapped into it or something. Anyone had something similar happen or any explanations?
I'd join that church.
good try, every thing was more wavy. there's not really a way to describe it. fucking spooky is the best I can do
Did a search for EVP on youtube. I should have known better. I sincerely hope they were faked.
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Not spooky but weird
>few years ago
>wake up at a similar time over a period of nights or every week
>weird 'star' pulsating different colours in exactly the same spot everytime i wake up. Always wake up facing my window with the star in view
>random flashes around the star
>star moves very slowly but visible
>stand and watch it slowly vanish behind trees in awe
>doesnt happen for a few years
>mention it to new friend few weeks ago
>happened again within a fee nights of me telling her. Exactly same spot. Exactly same 'star'. Similar time. Wtf
I found it cool at first like wow a possible ufo. Then i thought what if i got woken up by some signal as aliens were accessing me. Anyone with similar stories?
I'll throw my two cents in on this.
I get this too occasionally and i consider myself to be quiet the spiritual person. you said you see these alot in your peripheral vision right? well you peripheral vision cant actually figure out colors very well dont remember exactly what it is but your mind finds it rather hard to define 1 or more colors in the corner of your eye, so what you could be seeing is just your mind having a brain fart thinking the grass and gravestones in a graveyard are the same thing thus melding them together. the moving ones on the other hand i imagine might happen in public places where a kid might run by and fuck with your peripheral vision. perhaps get your eyes checked out. id be very interested to know more
Pretty crazy, I also had a dream involving the black sun.

>Dream starts off as soon as I hit the pillow
>Carpet of my bedroom becomes murky water.
>Silhouettes and figures begin to rise.
>Pale Blue people
>Dark soaked tattered clothing.
>Paralyzed with fear, unable to move.
>Attempt to move.
>Look for restraints.
>Young kid standing before me.
>Pupils dilated with spiral galaxies
>He slowly raises his hand and points to my mouth.
>Time begins to fast forward.
>My alarm clock begins speeding up.
>9:30,10:00.11:00 All the way to 6:30 AM
>The kid finishes raising his hand.
>He opens his mouth with a terrified look.
>A shrieking howl feels imminent.
>I wince at the first vibrations of sound.
>My curtains pulse open and a Black Sun appears.
>Seems so close.
>The figures disintegrate into sand that settles into the carpet.
>The terrors are destroyed in the presence of the black sun.
For me, it's a gorgeous blonde woman in a flowing white dress surrounded by hordes of vastly differing monsters going on and on about my becoming one of them.
You just had a imaginary friend as a kid, nothing over natural.
How does that feel?

yo fuck dat son
the void morphed from a really creepy looking sun. kind of want to leave this thread so I can try and forget that shit, but it's all too interesting
How much did you get for this 4th grade creative writing project?
>black sun
>homeless guy saying something crazy and running off
plz you can do better then that shit
Damn, wiccans probably removed a curse or some shit.
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The Black Order of the Theozoa are looking for you.
Comforting, like I'm an equal with a powerful force who could swallow me in an instant but doesn't because it cares about me. Like it has me as a friend that it supports.
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How long have you had this dream? European/Celtic heritage?
Not for me, but maybe you should ask your om about it.

Have you ever had the dream again?

It seems that in many of these dreams, the black sun comes to end the fear of what precedes it.
Later asked my parents they said i kind of angered some tree or nature spirit.

Starting a Black Sun thread,

I've spoken to so many people that have seen this, mainly connected to water or the forest.
Bonified Palestinian Sand Nigger from dad's side, lots of mixed european from moms side.
File: angry-sun.png (4KB, 300x313px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Starting a Angry Sun thread,

I've spoken to so many people that have seen this, mainly connected to sand or the desert.
You have seen the sign young warrior
It's mostly in isolated situations. Rarely in crowds. Never have people in the spot of the spot. Frequently happens in areas with few varying colors.

I only have a very mild glasses prescription for occasional use. Eyes are otherwise normal.

Then how do you explain the different places having different frequencies? even when I'm unaware of being near a prone area, it happens.
I've never had that dream again. Ive only seen the black sun again in the recurring one with the boat, see; >>583689226
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Dead thread?
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Had one happen in Highschool a decade ago. around 15-16yrs old

>Be 12-1am in morning
>Crescent moon in Sky but really bright
>Walking down beach with friends.
>Tide is out, so we are about 150m from shore/sandbanks.
>Out of nowhere this chick in a full dress with long dark hair and head facing down is walking towards us.
>Figure it is kind of weird to be wearing a full dress as it is Spring and it is starting to warm up.
>She walks right past us within about 10meters.
>Me and friends kind of shrug at eachother and turn around to see where she is going.
>We turn around within about 5-6 secs of passing her and shes gone.
>Footsteps just kind of fade and stop.
>150m from sandbanks/shore so even if she sprinted as soon as she passed us still would've been able to see her on the open beach.
>kind of freak out that there is now a Big black Dog just sitting near the edge of the outgoing tide staring at us.
>Back away a bit and turn 180 to run because freaked out.
>Same Black dog is now facing us from other direction.
>Turn 180 and and sprint for Sanddunes.
>Get to Sanddunes near the houses of the Beach.
>look back.
>No dog, no Woman, no other footprints but ours.
>Proceed to all shit bricks and run back to my place, lock all doors and sit in my room with all lights on.

To this day still unsure what the fuck it was that I saw/experienced. Happened with 2 other people so figured we can't have all hallucinated the same thing.

Still freaks me out to think about it.
I think so.
Fuck I've had some dreams about this as well I think, haven't thought about them as much but its definitely something I remember.
>New house, looks old as shit but not spooky exactly just kinda sad
>I do get mad chills from the stairs though
>Get some buddies over for drinking before furniture moves in
>Get absolutely mortal and pass out
>Early in the morning my friends have to leave for whatever reasons
>Really bad fucking hangover/10
>Start lazily trying to tidy up, can'tbefucked.jpg
>Take a nap in the living room
>Odd dreams are normal for me but this was something else
>Normally I am my self in dreams but not this time
>Guys in suits are all around me passing me loads of empty boxes
>Underneath me is a chute that I am throwing the boxes down and there is a rumbling coming from it
>Every box makes the rumbling louder
>My ears are burning from the noise but I won't stop putting the boxes in
>Years pass like this before a see it
>A void (similar to how people have described the black sun) is creapping up the chute
>Now the men in suits look more panicked and the boxes don't feel empty
>Urine, shit and giblets start leaking from the boxes covering everything
>Suddenly I wake up

Felt like I was asleep for years but it was only like 4 hours or so
Oh shit sorry. I was like "fuck this, I'm gonna delete it if nobody cares"
I've always said ghosts etc are stupid and I still don't believe in them. But when I was around 8-12 (we moved out at 12) this happened to me about 2 or 3 times.

>Be sitting at home alone (got home from school about an hour or two before parents, primo wanking time)
>Can see entranceway to house from lounge
>See someone walk through and go down the hallway
>Mum would come home
>"Dad's already home I saw someone walk down the hallway"
>"He just rang me saying he won't be home till 9"
>I realise it wasn't him
>I realise the person I saw had no head

The first 2 times I didn't click the person had no head until someone else got worried and asked me to describe the person.
The last time I was thinking clearer and I yelled at the body and it turned to face me (poor word choice I know) before going down the hallway.
That last time it felt so dark.

I wonder if there was some low frequency vibrations or something fucking with my head.
> 5pooky9me

finally, an interesting thread on /b/. fuck ylyl, loli, requests...blah blah
░░░░░░▐▌▀▄▀▄▀▐▄SPOOKY SKILENTON
Shit son. That's spooky.
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Cats aren't born naked but they don't have that much fur. That ain't no kitten, horns or not.
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2spoopy pyramid.jpg
256KB, 1440x1080px


let's go
No worries mate.
4NHDDhxS #OP apparently this is a very common dream, one of the writers of spongebob claimed to have this dream so he put it in an episode but throughout religion the "black sun" has been a sign of the apocalypse such as after jesus died on the cross the sun turned as black as a sack cloth made of goat hair rev:13
Damn dude, that's more my my experience of the void than the black sun stories. Glad to know I'm not alone.
Hmmm... Check the house's history to see if a previous owner was beheaded in any way.


Because we don't fit their definition of spooky.

The Christians adopted the black sun from druidic beliefs, like they bastardized Christmas and Easter to make it about Jesus.

The druids worshiped the black sun, it wasn't seen as an omen, but an entity in its own right.
glitch in the matrix
It really is its own entity. I'm cathlolic christfag, but this void is it's own true entity. It feels nothing like godly presence.
i have a dream every once in a while that is similar, but not as spooky
>standing in a crowd in front of some important building
>everyone is saying something i cant understand
>suddenly everyone goes quiet and moves away from me
>a black circle forms above building

that is when i wake up every time
what does this mean? like usually you forget what happens in your dream when you wake up but i can remember these dreams perfectly,

are we aliens OP?
I don't think so, unless we all have false memories of being on earth.

What is the black circle like?
I had many reoccurring dreams. the main 3, first in a prehistoric world chased by dinos. always ended being chased by the trex and always thinking its an escape by crossing the bridge and jumping in the mud pools but really came out as dinosaur shit.
>abandon building
>walking towards elevator in pitch black
>everything is black
>go in and up elevator
>open to a shadow monster that always decapitated me

>lot of(specifically Jason) Friday the 13th type.
>his old house is behind a graveyard.
>basement and attic
>random family members
>always fast paced and gory and suprising

>or the one wit the house and river and horses in a country landscape
>a great deal of spookiness within even tho it doesn't have anything else.

i wish i remembered every dream ive had. i wish i could dream them all over. every nightmare.
It's like you look at a pitch black sky and see something blacker still. It's like true nothing, not even space nor time exists in the black circle.
That's some True Detective shit right there
I lived in a defunct hospital that was built in the late 1800's, in the middle of nowhere, I grew up there, we used to have a dog that would dig holes, often there'd be mangled human skeletons at the bottom, so we as a family would dig them up and give them a proper layout with a cross or a marker. If we ever lost anything it would always turn up on the table or fire place even if it was lost in another city etc the fire in winter would always continue burning though the night even if the wood ran out, and the piano would occasionally play at night.

We respected them who ever they where and they respected us. It was nice. The house always felt safe.

Different story: I cough my youngest brother playing with a brown snake when he was 4 the snake didn't bite and left when I had a massive bitch fit with the shovel. Any Aussfag would know how fucked up that is.
No way fellas are you for serial?
I have been having of the same dreams lately.
>wake up
>but not really waking up sorta like inception waking up
>look up to sky
>see to black men transforming in the sky
>they dance and do the singing until finally they merge into one black circle
No nevermind, I was in a gay porn. Sorry guys.
you still got the link, anon-san?
The first two sound more like regular nightmares. The first seeming to hold more weight. The last however seems most likely to mean something.
Sooo yeah can't sleep. Doesn't help when you have a dream of darkness. In the dream I was sleeping next to my gf and suddenly this light comes on in the crawlspace/storage area. I panic due to there is no light bulb in there to be on. Then it suddenly goes pitch black, feeling pressure on my body, and I'm calling out my girlfriend. I woke up only having been asleep for about 40 mins.
Soundgarden pls go
Dude, wtf. Can you do it just with your thoughts? Can you do that while you are drunk? Does it maybe give you a pain relief?
File: 1405308338743.jpg (984KB, 3000x1996px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There was one time some super spooky shit happened to me as a kid, never old my family just a few friends

So heres a little backstory

>Be around 9 years old
>Decide to go to bed , super tired.
>Around 5 minutes into laying in bed i feel this weird sensation
>It was that feeling you get when someone is looking at you from behind, you just know someone is there. but instead this felt super close like right next to my ear
>it was like some kind of demonic growl just let out into my ear
>Become terrified
>cover myself in all of my sheets and blankets completely
>Idk how i ever fell asleep that night, i was scared shitless

So about 2 weeks later, it was winter break during school so i had all the time in the world

>So i wake up somewhere around 3:00AM to 4:00AM, went to sleep early that day.
>I go on my computer at the time to play this game i used to love called adventure quest
Keep in mind it is the middle of the winter
>So im just sitting there in my computer chair playing the game like any other kid
>My computer was against the wall next to 3 windows
>the desk the computer was at also had a printer on it to the left of the desk
>this printer was up against the window, pressing the curtain from the window into the wall, they were long curtains.
>I shit you not, this curtain in a split fucking second, Raises into the air, it wouldnt be a easy task as you would have to drag the curtain with force since it was being pressed against the wall from the printer
>So anyway this curtain very quickly get raised into the air and covers over the printer
Its winter , very cold , the windows were closed shut completely.
>I start freaking out , i start to feel this feeling of fear to such a strong extent i wanted to panic.
>push myself off of the desk with my legs and the chair goes rolling back.
>dont know what to do, i cant believe what i just saw. fucking freaking out.
Damn dude, showing that much reverence for the dead is so damn honorable that it's no wonder the spirits helped you out.
I don't know what to say about this one.
I have a dream every once in a while that still leaves me shaking and restless whenever it occurs. Also, maybe black sun?
>Be suspended in this dark mass
>can't really tell what it is
>but, it is very heavy, as if from all directions
>Then, all the weight reverses, and it is as though everything is getting pulled
>I then feel like I am getting torn to bits as the mass around me gets darker still
>eventually, everything hits a point where I feel everything and nothing
>almost blinding darkness, but cannot stop looking
>dead silence
>I wake up
>this game i used to love called adventure quest

me too, bro

it's a pile of shit now.

>so as i go rolling back, i look away from the curtain, did not want to look in that direction at all, ended up looking at my other wall
>this wall had a electronic dart board in it, with 3 darts stuck in it at random spots
>I shit you not , the darts start to wiggle like crazy for about 2 3 seconds until they stopped, it couldnt have been from me pushing myself away from the desk and causing the room to shake, these darts were stuck in very good , someone had to go up and with their hands shake them to make them do what i just saw.
>start freaking out even more, fucking jump into my bed, cover myself again.
>i wanted to tell my parents sleeping in the other room, but i know they wouldst believe me.
>my parents are very eastern european and would just say im bullshitting, so i didnt bother

That was it, thats my story. it freaked me out just writing about it a decade later
Actually, ya. I just have to think about it. I can to pain relief too. Focusing on my head helps relieve pain. It's harder too, but I can sometimes channel pain from one part of my body to another. It doesn't stop the source of the pain, but spreading it out does make it more bearable, which is useful when I have a headache and no medicine. I literally figured out how to do this by trying kamehameha
Also in my garage a man committed suicide in his car a few decades before we moved in, didnt know about that at the time, but the garage was very far from my house a good 80 feet

I dont believe in all of that anyway , ghosts and stuff., but jut some more info.
Yeah, respect man it's all anyone ever want's the dead are no different.
I used to have multiple dreams a night every night from most likely age 3-11ish. very complex vivid and real. every conceivable scenario almost. aliens vampires ancient cities futuristic cites. plotlines characters and a lot happened over and over but id remember more and more.

that river, it goes along at the start a very large farm with different sections like a stable, silos, other various structures. and id go in and look around the entire place. this is after i crossed by walking and hitchhiking main roads in a more populated area. i think i was with my fiancé who never existed and we were meeting her parents they owned the farm.
so the river starts around the land and i follow it cross an old bride and the water is flowing over the rocks and it just keeps going down until it leads to a house. of which i go in where theres a woman and a baby. and i remember walking out the back door and it ends.

Lots of horror and lots of mystery. i enjoyed the mystery and suspense and even the horror was thrilling.

later on they became more joyful and about love
That's a stronger encounter than I've ever had.
why file delete sir
OP, are you still here? I have a theory about your story
crack is whack
Does it maybe feel comfortably cold/chilly when you are using it? When you are reaching your max, what happens?
>Buddhist monk on /b/

I've seen everything
you will find your path soon...
follow the trail of the dead fish.
Yah Im not sure either. My girlfriend still asleep, and the storage space always gave me the creeps. There is a storm out right now. Its odd for me to not be able to sleep. I've always been scared of the dark. Specially when it late in my h ouse or outside in certain areas. The pressure is what scared me the most in the dream.
File: IMG_3630049899296.jpg (23KB, 320x374px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Havê this dream one day before my mom death

>>be me kiddo
>>playing in old grandma farm
>>in the garden
>>see the old man that fake care of the farm
>>he is crying and with blood in the shirt
>>mom call from the kitchen
>>ask her what is for Lynch
>>she say "a faggot"
>>she open the oven OP is like a chiken totally burned
>>look at OP butthole
>>shit is black
>>so black its stealling all the ligth from the room
>>just me in the dark with strange black OP anusun
>>mfw i come out of it as a shit
>>mfw im the queen of the black sun
Had a dream similar to this, except the darkness is some kind of sand??? Its like I'm buried in sand, but the sand movies around. And these lizards are running around me, and when i grab them they turn to stone.
Dude, I have a line of willows that continues forever. Occassionally, there's an opening you can go through, but otherwise, the willows go forever.

There's a maze made of sandy walls. I keep walking and walking. Eventually I find the exit, but I have to fall to get to it, and falling always wakes me up.

Now, I have plots and all that shit too. I invent people and places, even come to care for them. There are some characters that seem to know me better that I know myself.
mostly its me going through things on my own, saving the world from alien invasion or zombies. searching for things or lost. putting myself in a vast number of situations.
Creepy story: the only time I've ever sleep walked. It would have been about 5 years ago now, I woke up just like normal surprisingly I didn't dream, dreaming is usually a big thing for me, like reading a super long book in a night. Any way, Dads awake
>Insomniac usually sleeps until midday
>it's 8 in the morning (I'm an early riser)
>head in hands something's up.
>looks up at me "anon do you remember anything from last night?"
"Do you sleep walk?
>well shit you did last night
>What happened
He looked down and I'll always remember the look on his face, just shear pain.
>"you told me some numbers anon"
>he'd written them down
>do you know why I did this?
He wouldn't answer me just looked away, he looked so pained I couldn't push him. He died of a heart attack last year. Going through his possessions I found the numbers stuck inside his cupboard.
>Mfw I'd told my dad the time and date he'd die, and he knew it.
>be me since kid

Who else are you going to be?
It depends on how I meditate. If I suppress the energy, I cool down. I think that's because doing that slows my pulse. If I channel the energy, where I channel it heats up. I think because that's where bloodflow increases. It's always confortable. When I reach my max, I feel a pressure pushing me to releases. When I release, there's a huge relief.

I can even relax to dramatically that I get near-orgasmic pleasure from it. that's the hardest one to exlain though.
Well, this might sound whack, but try to feel what's around you. Sort of vizualize your room and make what you see tangible all without light or touch. being aware of a space and making it yours helps with fear of the dark.
Don't bother with "opening your third eye" it's just a form of communicating with demons, you'll see in all culture and religion that everything revolves around satan worship and the planet Saturn, look up anything and it'll link there in the end. If you ever want help call to Jesus and not 'grand master' Jesus or any variation and you'll see whose really in charge
Wake up
Where are you from?
That's whack, sound more like my shit than the sun shit, but... Damn, I have to think about that.
fucken greentext faggot
This is Freaky as i was reading i remember a dream i had about a year ago.
>be 21
>never EVER dream after a night of smoking weed.
>first one ive ever had
>had day off work, slept in
>i KNOW the dream started at 9am cos i was up to take my alarm off snooze.
>dream started, woke up about 10:15am ish
>used to dream alot of weird shit as a dream so i developed this thing where if i don't open my eyes too much when i need a pee and keep my head facing downwards i can have a pee and go straight back into the dream where i left off.
>dream starts apolcoliptic style, all gone to shit no economy like we know it, all barter unless ur military, had 2 daughters, 1 son and wife.
>everyone is scraping for food and running in fear of military cos they exterminate everything they come in contact for some unknown reason.
>look up
>blacccccccckkkk sun.
>to the point it was daylight with no sunshine and clouds, but looked like midnight.
>then military come in swoop killed everyone including family.
>felt like i was crying in real life but not in dream with how bad i felt.
>everything seems dark evil and damp.
>wake up cos sweat and cold
>curuious to finish dream.
>go back to sleep 11:20 ish am
>wake up 12:40 - 1 from a TOTALLY different dream lol
when you stare into the abyss, the abyss looks back. and when slaying monsters, take care not to become one yourself. Seer of the black sun, heed my warning.
Shit, I sound like a loon believeing in the black sun and all, but this just makes divination seem super real
I have a dream that may interest you guys

> be me, very young, maybe 6-7
>go to sleep in my room, main floor of house
>"wake up" in dream, not as myself but as some third person camera view
>follow 2 charecters that look like they were pulled from a 1990 Disney film
> characters are a fox dressed as shirlock Holmes and a hamster dressed as Watson.
> fox looks like he just solved a case, jumping around and shit down an empty street with Watson friend trying to catch up
> can't hear any voices but fox is pointing down an alley, like "this is it!"
> they run down and stop at what looks like a water drain placed into the side of a building
> take off the cover and look down into the darkness below them
> Watson looks scared but promptly follows Sherlock as they fall down the hole
> cut to camera view of my parents room (in basement of house)
> camera is panning around the room
> no on in the room until a ghostly figure of myself starts to slowly descend from the ceiling and stop on my parents bed
>wake up
>not in my room
>I'm in my parents room on their bed alone
>been wondering what the fuck happened ever since
that is wonderfully spooky
Hey guys, look. It's a fundi. Faggot, go back to televangelist.
Not until the dream is finished.
sounds awesome
i'm in

see this thread...


usually black sun dreams a good.
I can totaly understant you. Have you tried to resist the oppresion you are feeling?Would you mind sharing email with me?
When I was around 6-10, we were renting a really old house in town. Use to share room with my sister untill I was 7, then moved to my own room at the back of the house. Every night after I moved there I would have the same dream, i would wake up at either 2 or 3 AM exactly and see a black outline of a.person standing at the end of my bed, if i didn't close my eyes it would walk around and right up next to me. No face or anything, but scared the shit out of me. I couldn't yell or.run so and I'm not even sure if it was a dream. Happened.every night until we moved, and then it never has happened since moving out of that house.

Black Sun thread then...

My family's strange. All of them. That's probably the hardest hitting story I have, but there are so many others.
But I supposed having that sort of childhood means you have to be open to everything.
ya, different dreams sneak up on me too.

Shit, that's spooky. Sleepwalking?
fucken greentext newfaggot
Mine is a bit tame compared with the other stories here.
>be me
>be 3-4 years old, living in Chile
>visiting my grandparents summer house in Rapel.
>while there, I have a dream that I'm walking out onto the dock they have
>I look out to the lake and see that it's a lot different that how it should be
>much smaller, reeds and shit growing out of it
>keep in mind that I've never seen tropical plants before
>think nothing of it
>years FF
>move to Florida
>as soon as I arrived there I noticed the lake
>swear to God, same exact lake from the dream
>realize that I predicted the future
>freak out

No idea, no one said anything when I walked upstairs. Just started like any other day
File: 1403423954758.jpg (504KB, 1500x950px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
504KB, 1500x950px

> High School
> Party at a friend's place
> Friend's mother is drinking and enjoying the party
> Occult comes up in conversation
> She starts doing tarot readings for everyone at the party
> Everyone is done - except me
> I don't say anything
> Friend realises and points to me
> "Hey do anon next"
> Friend's mother takes one look at me
> Shakes her head and packs up the cards
> "We've done enough. I think it's time everyone goes home."
> Party ends

Funny thing is I had a good idea of what was going to happen if she did the reading.

Prepare yourselves... the end is coming.
Yes dude, I resist the oppression, but I haven't been able to break through it yet.

Email is [email protected]
No idea, no one said anything when I walked upstairs. Just started like any other day
Sleep paralysis might be part of it.
>Implying the link wouldn't be in your history
Oh gawd dat some spoopy stuf.
File: 20141208_141149.jpg (1MB, 3264x1836px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3264x1836px
>today on lessons i was doodling on my pencilcase
>see this thread
>see this "black sun" symbol
>look at my pencilcase
>looks similar like on these
I gots spooky memories toos buts yous donts sees me sauins theys /x/
>black and white
>table in center of room
>I keep jumping to see whats there but can never reach
>Get pulled to the ground
>swallowed by the black

But this is just when I was a child before my colour vision set in. I was 1 my next memory is later at 4
Dude, if all black sun and related encounters were recorded, we'd have a reigious book.
More stories are welcome.
just curious but i've got this symbol that reocurrs in my dreams.

anybody ever see anything like it??
File: sherlock_hound.gif (981KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
981KB, 500x375px
>>follow 2 charecters that look like they were pulled from a 1990 Disney film
>> characters are a fox dressed as shirlock Holmes and a hamster dressed as Watson.
>> fox looks like he just solved a case, jumping around and shit down an empty street with Watson friend trying to catch up

They couldn't be characters from Sherlock Hound (名探偵ホームズ), where their colorations resemble a fox and a hamster?
This thread is becoming more spookier and spookier
I freaked too when that stuff happened to me.
Anon, are you the antichrist or some shit?
File: 3spooky.jpg (5KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 225x225px
File: 1416413831545.jpg (417KB, 1280x1556px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
417KB, 1280x1556px
if true you are the chosen one OP
if not i r8 this story 8spooky5me
now my sleep paralysis story:
>home alone over summer
>wake up in the middle of the night
>feeling pressure around my neck
>as i get more awake I see a figure above me
>cant recognize who it is just a dark figure
>he is chocking me
>cannot move
>cannot scream
>just lay there in panic
>after about a minute or so the figure disappears and i get control over my body back
This type of stuff is called sleep paralysis i think pretty spooky
I encountered this dream shortly after moving to my new home.
> be me
> be 19
> recently moved into new home
> 3rd day of un boxing, takes a nap
> fall asleep almost instantly
> wake up
> something's different
> same house, same structure, different furniture
> walk into hallway seems much longer
> portraits all along wall, no faces
> feels as if I'm being watched
> no one around
> go outside
> quiet, spooky quiet
> wind picks up, gets loud
> unusual sound
> sounds of horrifying scream
> wake up
That's pretty much it, I know it's nothing special but this dream still haunts me to this day. I've never experienced a dream like this and how I remember everything to such detail. That happened 6 months ago now, and it hasn't happened again, but yet I remember it so clearly and it still spooks me to this day
Thanks, I wrote to you from t******[email protected]******.*i
Once when small,the time when I slept with my parents ,I wake up late in night with a hand above my head.I immediately try to wake up my parents but they are dead asleep.I try to throw a pillow into the hand which was poking out of the fucking wall but it went through it like a hologram. Scared shitless I grab the hand.next thing I remember is me fallling down ,open my eyes and its morning.my father takes me to this guru the next day and I don't have the dream again.

Sorry for the english and no greentext,newfag and spooked here
Where did you get the inspiration for those?
Maybe being swallowed by the void?
No, this is new for me, but I'll keep an eye out for more
>be about 16 and alone in my room
>the door is open
>see a spider behind my computer display
>I can't let it sit there but I don't want to kill it either because I don't want to kill anything, not even spiders
>lean to the spider
>I think it's fair if I warn the spider first, and if it fucks off by itself it's k
>I say to the spider "Go away. Or I will kill you."
>"I'm warning you, I will kill you if you won't go away."
>I turn around
>my mother was staring at me and heard everything
>she was far away though so she didn't say the spider
>she walks away

I bet she thinks I'm insane and talk to walls about murdering...
Well op,
i had a dream that seemed as real as I'm typing this out now. The dream was longer than I can remember but all I can remember is that I was outside hovering in the air kind of like superman. At the same time I was staring into the sky and sun. The sun was alot closer than usual, was completely black like a solar eclipse and had bright, golden rays that were giving off a feignt golden light.

Just wanted to know if any one thinks this has any meaning. I'm a skeptic on dream interpretations and am willing to listen. Also have many sleep paralysis epsiodes where I can see dark wraith beings in claoks if any one know anything about that as well.
It's them
I have no idea.You know bored at lesson and randomly drawing on pencil case
Today is my weirdest day ever. Shitting brix a bit
Meh, don't read too far into it then. Probably just coincidence.
This fucking creeped me out
File: image.jpg (81KB, 386x475px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81KB, 386x475px
I don't remember ever watching this show before though? Maybe it was playing in the background when I was over at someone's house
Uff i started freaking out a bit. But i hope its a coincidence
holy shit,
someone make a movie about this.
>be me
>around 8 years old
>my parents invited a couple on dinner
>they sat and chatted in the living room
>sat next to the man
>the man just passes out and falls on my legs
>I don't know whats happening
>looking down on his face
>he is blue in his face and he is choking
>he then wakes up like 10 seconds later
>we are all shocked
>dad asks what happened
>the man looks at dad like he is an idiot and said "what? Nothing happened"
>we all look at him and he looks perfectly normal
>dad said "you passed out"
>nopenopenopenope nothing happened
>then just a couple of seconds later he falls down on me again
>he died on me with his eyes open staring at me
>my whole childhood I had bad dreams about that moment

>Not setting your browser to delete your history after you close it down

Enjoy having your bank details stolen shitbrick
My cousin and I when where together "share energy" it's the best explanation I have, though touch we can know/feel/understand each others experiences and emotions. When we're together we hold hands, its a feeling of wholeness that's hard to explain, twins would understand the feeling I guess.
>inb4 incest
When we where little we'd always be together balancing each other out, she was loud crazy loved telling wild tales I was quiet and shy... I stopped her from drowning our grandfathers dog once. Even now, we make each other stronger.

I often have prophetic dreams, none quite as bad as what happened with my father, some happen even while I'm awake. I'll watch someone walk past, then they'll walk past in the same direction again a few seconds later. My grandma became insane during WW2 because she had similar abilities. She was from Czechoslovakia.
God anon, don't tell me you have seen this thing too. I saw this alot when I was younger. Not so much now. My research on it lead to a vague explanation of it symbolizing a gate or passage way.
Fuck no I don't want a movie about my life.

Captcha: Supreme mess
I've never shared energy. Never had anyone close enough to do that with. I envy you in that sense.
Alright bros, igning off.
Who are you ? Why did you know so much about this things?
Are you a wizard , monk or sth?
My email is in the thread if you wanna ask questions. No, I'm no one special. Just a guy who knows some cool shit.
I'm out now sorry but it's a pretty special feeling. Find a lover spand your life with them, you'll know.
As in I have to go. Not out of stories. I'll email you some. If you want.
hey monk can u explain why my penis gathers massive amount of chi when i dont it to be? when i wake theres chi. when i sleep theres chi. when i look at anyone who looks sexchi theres chi in my penis. is there a way to control the flow of this penischi? can i harness it to shoot out white chi?
Sounds pretty cult-y, you guys should hire a PI, maybe get some investigating done.
as a kid I remember seeing these weird color "spots" sitting on the carpet, anyone else seen these?
>I'm in pitch blackness, but the spot where the sun used to be is still distinguishable, it's an unnaturally dark circle. Kinda hard to describe with words, just an impossibly dark circle

>black sun

its a fucking eclipse moron. how pussy, naive, retarded, and stupid are people nowadays? holy shit. this thread.

Or maybe it's the Black Sun

All these stories seem to have people in hoods holding the 'chosen one' down to stare at the sun, still sounds pretty cult-y.



True, I've had this dream too.

The people in hoods didn't hold me down though, it was more like ther were watching.
i still talk to my mirror double, i thought i was going insane, i'm 20 btw

>escape bullshit
>come to /b/

top kek
>I don't remember ever watching this show before though? Maybe it was playing in the background when I was over at someone's house
Interesting how one's subconsciousness drags up half-remembered things. Sorry to spoil some of the spookiness.
It sounds creepy as fuck, maybe you should do some research to this kind of thing, go on an indiana jones esque trek to discover the prophecy

less bull shit on /b/ than /x/, by atleast 200%.
about 16 when i had this dream
>in a field i sat naked on a toilet
>an old chinese man walks up to me
>says to me "you take two shits, the first ones mine, the second you can keep"
>hands me a dead beaver
>walks away
>i wake up in panic
ever have a dream that is just too WTF to explain
Are you me?

I have the same fucking prescient dreams. I have lived entire days in a dream, only to have that day play out in reality shortly thereafter. Only, in my dream, I have made all the wrong choices; sometimes the wrong choice is obvious, others, completely counter-intuitive. Needless to say, when the actual choice presents itself in reality, I choose the opposite. It's spooky, but has prevented a few disastrous life paths.

When I was around 16, I had a dream that I can only describe as talking to god, which for me is particularly weird because I'm agnostic, but I was given "the meaning of life"; I understood it completely. A wave of such peace swept over me that I felt serene for weeks afterwards. The problem was that I was told I would forget what it was the moment I woke up; those exact words I remember, but what made me feel so at peace I couldn't, no matter how hard I tried. I still think back to that feeling whenever I'm having a particularly rough period in my life.
File: DHS5480_771_0.jpg (95KB, 771x969px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1391869909419.gif (258KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
258KB, 640x480px
gonna go to a music show this weekend, djs playing are called black sun empire.
shall i go afterall?
also @OP your parents propably were in a satanic cult. the black sun is popular among occultists here in germany
Here's my bs, /b/

>Be me, 21
>Feeling constant presences
>Literally have to cover under the sheets to try to calm down
>Barely can get myself to sleep
>Noises on my room even when i experimented with empty room and sleeping on a sleeping bag on the floor
>Ive Heard fuckin screams while trying to sleep, in my ear, that's why i need to cover or ill shit my pants, makes me feel safe
>Conscious coveribg does not do shit, the screams are inside my heas besides i hear them on my ear

>Be me, from 11 to 17
>Had to sleep with the lights on and the door open
>Tall man dressed in a thing that resembled a white tunic walking pass ny door every 2 minutes
>Sometimes he stopped and looked at me
>Difficult to see his face, shat my pants everytime
kinda similar but instead of god i got to meet a celestial being,
it was an angel of some sorts that once i realized blew my mind for like a month
>you see a perfect creation that takes the color out of life
>never see anything that amazing again :(
File: image.jpg (108KB, 640x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Took two seconds to google, your parents and you were in a cult of germanic origins connected to the nazis

File: image.jpg (182KB, 640x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
182KB, 640x960px
Quick view of the page
File: Solar eclipse.jpg (46KB, 500x339px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Solar eclipse.jpg
46KB, 500x339px

pretty sure thats a solar eclipse. you guys must live in some backwater country or something.
Seems like your parents were into some kind of occult shit. If that is the case then, thats pretty fucked up. If you're going to go deeper, be prepared to hear some fucked up shit.

fucked up shit about a solar eclipse because his parents were uneducated fuck ups.

I know what an eclipse is, this looked and felt different in the dream.
>>583689 wait if its a common dream, then shouldn't we be even more scared and freaked out?
i haven't seen it lately..

you dont know what a dream is either anon. go read a god damn book, or atleast google and do some research on dreams. im dead serious. you need some kind of education.

i would educate you on the subject of dreams myself, but its not worth my time.
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