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Anyone got any personal dirty sex stories to share, but with

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Anyone got any personal dirty sex stories to share, but with a twist?

1.) Have you fucked someone inappropriate? A friend's mom/wife/girlfriend? Your wife's/girlfriend's mom/aunt/sister/best friend?

2.) Have you blackmailed someone in to fucking you or sucking your dick?
- Especially, if you caught them cheating and threatened to expose them, if they didn't fuck you/suck your dick.

3.) Have you had a female cheat with you/fuck you because you have a big dick?

Greentext stories will be appreciated and pics of females welcomed!

> Pic related: A picture of a MILF with cum on her face that gets posted on Facebook and then her son sees it and she realizes it and is asking for help removing it.
To give an example of stories that I'm looking for, I'll see if I can find the screencap I grabbed of a story posted in a previous thread about a guy who was lying in the same bed with his friend who was passed out on the other side of the bed, with the guy's GF lying between them. He describes how his friend is passed out, and he himself is really drunk, but he smells his friend's GF's hair and gets horny and starts rubbing on her, then ends up fucking her while his friend is on the same bed, and ends up cumming inside her. Then, the GF goes to the bathroom to clean up, comes back and gets back on the bed between them, and he almost immediately starts fucking her again. I found it to be really fucking hot!

> Pic related: The screencap of the story I just described
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2 - Fat Ass.jpg
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Just a sexy, fat ass to bump the thread and to try to get some stories posted.
Bumpity bump.
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Just another sexy, fat ass to bump the thread and to try to get some stories posted.
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And another sexy, fat ass to bump the thread and to try to get some stories posted.
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Sauce on this image?
I posted this... I got moar
Are you joking me?? If that was really you, please post some more stories!

Also, what did the girl from that story look like? How old were you and her?

And, seriously, post some more filthy stories!
post more anon
File: 661_1000.jpg (78KB, 500x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey, you fucking moron. I haven't posted it at all today, as I just got home from work about an hour ago and I had slept until I had to get up and get ready for work last night.

Here's an idea: If you don't like a thread, STAY THE FUCK OUT OF IT and go be a faggot somewhere else!

Seriously, shut the fuck up. Why don't you go and post your stupid, smartass threads in one of the many ridiculous trap/sissy/gayboy threads that show up every fucking day??
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Please more sexy, fat ass to bump the thread
File: 671_1000.jpg (66KB, 500x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OK, some more for you.
File: 1235324357.jpg (175KB, 1200x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And some more for you.
Do you have a screen cap if the anon who got his aunt preg?
File: 1464199849.jpg (126KB, 1024x1185px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
126KB, 1024x1185px
More screencaps please

I had a similar experience, but instead, I was watching a movie with my friend, his (current) gf and a girl I was dating.
>We were lying in his bed (because his tv is better) and we were kinda drunk.
>My girl had to go to her house (resolve some kinds of problems, I don't know)
>then it was my friend, his gf and me (in this order) lying on the bed, we're all with bellys up
>the movie advanced and my friend got kinda sleepy
>I started caressning her hair just because I can't keep my hands still, like to move them.
>she's already used to this kind of touch between the two of us (she likes to beat me sometimes and pass her hand on my hair too)
>I make my hands go down and touch her arm, making a kind of massage in a strange position, while my friend's sound asleep. She likes the massage and then lies on her side, with her butt towards me
>I slip my hands to her legs, massaging it also. She's using some of those yoga shorts, so I could feel part of her sking pretty well. She loves being massaged
>I slip my hands between her thights because I was fucking drunk, I thoughts she would beat the shit out of me, but she just positioned her butt more against me, touching my crotch
>I used my hand to massage her more and then started massaging her butt and on her hip bones, my friend once told me she loves being touched at the hip
>the girl almost goes crazy as I touch her firmly, and then takes her hand and grab my cock with desire, making it touch better her butt

File: 6.jpg (131KB, 851x1134px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Unfortunately, I don't think I archived it. I specifically recall the story, though. The guy kept saying he needed to go to sleep, but kept coming back and offering to answer questions.

If people like these threads, they should make an effort to archive them and to update/add them again to the 4Archive site as the thread progresses. Then, we can add previously-archived threads in new threads, so we can show previous stories to others.

Here are the two most recent threads that I archived and have saved to my Favorites:


File: image.jpg (19KB, 230x193px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It is actually in the first link you posted.

Contributors like that fucking rock
holy fuck Heaven.. Do you ever fucking sleep? Your on this biz 24/7
Sleep is for newfags
File: 37669958.jpg (125KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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fuck you heaven. go kill yourself nigger
here is a crazy fucking idea. How about sleep is for old fags that have also become husbandfags, parentfags and employedfags
>she gets drunk pretty easy and my friend always sleeps when he's drunk also, so we're not worried
>we move a little away from my friend on the bed and I pass one arm under her, and I put this hand on her tits and the other above the short on the vag area. My friend's gf has some of the best pair of tit I have ever touched, firm, round, the skin's perfect, small areolas and juicy as hell, it makes me hard whenever I remember touching them
>in this new position, she leans her head back and I started licking her neck, feelign that good perfume that always makes me go insane
> in this position, she takes her mouth to mine and we share our first kiss, one of the hottest I've ever had
>while still kissing, I put my hand directly in touch with her pussy, she's so frickin wet that it's probably staining her yoga shorts. I can feel her little clit kinda hard, she begins to make a strange and muffled noise whenever I touch it
>scared that my friend could see us, I convince her to go to the bathroom with me, she happily agrees
>on the bathroom (not far away from the room, actually), we start to kiss and grope each other more and more. I aks on her ear "do you want to see a big cock?", while she nods yes with her head and bites her lip

Why are you even asking? Fuck yeah, please continue with this story!

>I aks on her ear "do you want to see a big cock?"

who the fuck talks like that to a chick they're about to bang?
I actually envy that guy for his cock...
File: thepro169_95ddd8-.jpg (21KB, 450x573px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 450x573px
I'm really liking the story, but that phrase right there makes me think that maybe it's about to turn in to a spaghetti/Bel Air-type story.

And since you are impressed with what that dude's packing, here's another guy that will probably make you jealous.

> Pic related: The pic. I referred to.
>And since you are impressed with what that dude's packing, here's another guy that will probably make you jealous.
The head looks weird.

I basically have nothing to complain about with my dick.

It's 7.25 inches and at least 5 inches in circumference.
But I am 6 foot 1 and a little overweight, so it does not look very impressive on me.
>I do have a pretty big cock, 21cm and very round, with a lot of veins and pulsating in her hands
>she almost say "holy shiiit!!" while grabbing my cock, and she tells me that she always knew I was big, but not that big (she read the label of a condom I used once on my house and saw the size, but she also asked a girl I dated and the girl just said it was very big, but not the measures)
>she told me that my friend was kinds half what I am and that she would love to suck my cock, entirely, because she had never had a guy as big as me
>we kissed once again and she got on her knees started to kiss, lick and suck my cock
>I must say that it was one of the best blowjobs I ever had, her lips felt like silk around my cock's head, and tongue kept massaging me down there and she made moves like trying to really suck anything that was inside of me
>while sucking my cock, she tried to deepthroat it. Not all kinds of girls can do it, and I heard she make that sound when something hits pretty deep on your throat... her eyes started getting full of water and I could see saliva dripping down from her mouth... the hottest scene I ever saw during a blowjob
>while she made all this to me, she was masturbating also and sometimes took her hand from her pussy and raised it, so I could lick her fingers feeling the taste of that delicious pussy

Another picture that might make you jealous is the cock with this post, but it's been 'shopped to make it look bigger than it actually is. However, it's still a sexy picture!
File: 1417542101861.jpg (493KB, 3590x2693px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
493KB, 3590x2693px
I was told that this is the original picture of the 'shopped pic. from this post >>583171385
Roommates girlfriend (pretty common)

She was over he had to go do something. He was gone for like 4 bours we were just watching tv

We always had tension got to talking, one thing led to another we fucked twice on the couch

Never spoke of it again he never knew

1.Classmates aunt. Not inappropriate in anyway as far as I know, still slightly weird.


3.Cheat, nope. Fuck, yes. Not sure has anything to do with my dick, above average size, but not huge.
Please keep posting your story.

Also, do you have a picture of the girl from this story, or of your dick, that you're willing to post?
Half of that was about the size of your cock. Fuck off.
>she read the label of a condom I used once on my house

why are you using condoms on a house?
He didn't want it to get pregnant and have little sheds you fucking idiot!
File: 1389946656204.jpg (475KB, 1000x740px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
475KB, 1000x740px
I was fucking my friend's wife for a while.

>She was 30, I was 18.
>Started as flirting, playfully telling me she got married too soon, stuff like that.
>Actually liked her husband, we used to hang out, he had a studio, we made music
>Liked his wife just a little bit more though
>He goes out of town....
>Blowjobs. Wet, wet, blowjobs. Titty fucking. Spanking. Fingering her ass. Wettest cunt ever, 10 years later and never had a lady more wildly turned on.
>This continues for a while, have a night together every month or so
>Go to work one morning
>He's waiting outside
>Blood freezes
>He knows

His disappointment and shame, god. Bad feelings in the guts. Got over it though. Haven't seen them in years.

She looked like pic related and I was 18 with a raging boner, what was I supposed to do? She used to call me Beast
Care to share some details about this encounter? Was/is she attractive? What's her body like? Did you cum inside her? Are she and your friend still together? How long ago did this happen?

Care to share some details about this encounter with the aunt? How old were you both when this happened? How did it happen? Was/is she attractive? What's her body like? Did you cum inside her? How long ago did this happen? Did you fuck more than once?

And how big is your dick? Are you willing to post a picture of it? Or of the aunt? Or of any of the girls who you have fucked?
fuck you guys, I was pretty drunk when I said that, I thought it would be sexy (she did not bother)

>when I announced I would cum, I saw a smile on her eyes as she nodded yes, and started stroking my cock with her hand and licking my head
>she just took the head out of her mouth and said "just cum in my mouth"
>my cock was so hard that it did hurt, and I shot the strongest in my entire life, no joking. I'm used to cum a lot, but this day I came buckets inside her mouth
>my friend told me once that he loves when the girl swallows his cum, but I never imagined that he has a gf that actually loved to eat cum.
>when I finished cumming, she took my dick out of her mouth and swallowed my cum while looking at me. Can you guys realize how fucking hot this is?
>then she started to lick the rests of saliva and cum out of my cock, making me shiver whenever her tongue touched my again
>when we were done, she got up and she told me I would have to pay her for licking my dick
>I said "how do you want the payment?", she said that I'd have to lick her pussy until she would cum (also during a talk with my friend, he told me that he doesn't like to lick and eat pussy, because it won't bring pleasure to him. I, on the contrary, love the taste texture of pussy). She confirmed what I thought: my friend never lick her but she just loves to cum on someone's mouth
That was funny! Very clever, my friend.

The way you describe seeing your friend that morning and the feeling of knowing that he knows about you and his wife, that was intense to read. I have anxiety, and I used to be a cheater (fucked my girl's friends and tired to fuck her other friends, and fucked some girls who I should not have been fucking), so, while not actually being caught or confronted by someone who unquestionably knows what was up, I have had that feeling of possibly being caught and it's a fucked-up feeling.

What exactly did he say to you? Was he angry? Or mostly hurt/upset? Did he try to fight you? If not, could he likely have whooped your ass? How did he find out/know for sure? Did they stay/are they still together? And did you try to sincerely apologize?
that poster on the wall, i know that poster. Its a nuts christmas special poster crica 2008. This picture s from the UK.
there was a day when she came to visit me (I use to take care of her dog when they travel) and then she saw the condom
Sorry for the bad english
Well, fuck you too

>when I proceeded to lick her pussy, while she was sitting in the toilet, we heard a noise: my friend was calling for her, and she had to say that she was on the bathroom, going back to the room. He asked where I was and she said I had already gone home (the movie ended a couple minutes ago). Then he said something like "I'm going back to sleep" and did not make anymore sounds
>I was affraid he would wake up, so I told her that I should really leave (I had no condoms, so we couldn't have sex)
>she told me that she was loving everything we had done, but I really had to leave... but made me promise to come back some day and finish her off... I agreed obviously. We put our clothes and she took me to the door, kissed me and I gone home

Until that day (a year ago) we never did anything again, because we had no time. But she does show off to me sometimes and makes me want to fuck her like crazy. The craziest was when we went to a party and my friend got really drunk (never saw him like that) and we were all dancing toogether. When my friend went to the bathroom, she started dancing and rubbing on me, in front of everyone, using a sexy white dress

I have no pictures of the girl and I can't post any pics of me because my phone's camera is shitty
>be 18 virginfag
>last year high school in boarding school
>pretty 8/10 asian starts chatting me one day
>we are quite different but we become good friends
>a year later. shes in uni and moved to her appartment. i take the train to go see her every week or so
> a year later. shes had two boyfriends. im still her bff. but shit goes beyond.
>she cares more bout me than anyone else.
>i.m like her secret lover.
>shes loves massages so i spend most my time massaging her back, her ass and legs
>at some point she started asking for boob massage.
>now i just suck on her nipples and rub her pussy over her leggings when we sleep together.
>pokerface.jpg when bf visits
>we still havent kissed or fucked tho.
Here's another pic. you might like
beta faggot
>Got sexually desperate
>Fucked a land whale.
>Been ashamed ever sense
i agree im getting duped a lil bit. but shes realizing more and more than her bfs are lame ass niggers and that im the shit
doesn't matter had sex.
OPs image reminds me of a woman I used to work with. She was forty-something and worked in the back of the grocery store handling ordering and shit like that. I became night manager after being there for a few months and she wound up texting me all the time about work related shit. One night while she was drunk she was chatting me up and ended up asking me how I felt about "older" women. I told her 40 wasn't "older" and left it at that. She replied back that if it wasn't too much older she wouldn't mind hopping on my cock. I bitched out here because I had been warned about shit like this happening when I became manager, and I really needed the job. She wasn't all that hot either, just really plain.

Anyways, when I didn't reply she text me the next morning apologizing for her intoxicated behavior and how she didn't mean to. But because of that I started noticing her in a different way. How big her tits were, her wide motherly ass. Skipping to the good part:

One night after a really stressful shift I was in the back room with her, going over something, when I drew a boner looking at her. I asked her if her drunken offer was still good, she laughed a bit then realized I was serious. I asked her then and there if she'd suck me off. I shit you not, she said "I thought you'd never ask"

We went back into the produce section where there aren't any cameras and she undid my pants, pulling them down to my ankles, and started slowly rubbing my cock, then licked it base to shaft. When she finally started sucking it I thought I was going to explode. I kept holding out and telling her to take off more. She took her top off and had two DD tits hanging out, and on the fly I pulled her off my dick, took her back into the cooler, and bent her over the cabbage boxes. She had her ass up waiting to be mounted, and I rode her the fuck out . It's filthy and stupid but I came inside of her, right over a case of cabbage.
It's not a feeling I'd wish on anyone, but damn I know I deserved it.

>I used to start work early, like 7:30am.
>I was in a pretty good mood driving there
>Park up walk around the corner
>He's standing by the front door.
> I instantly knew what was up. It's too early for him to have ANY other reason to be there.
>I remember telling him once what time I started and how I was always the first one there
>poor SOB sure picked his moment well
>He wasn't smoking which was scary. He was not pretending to be bored. He was just standing there, endlessly patient, waiting for me.
>I don't say anything.
>''K_____ told me everything.''
>I don't say anything.
>''I let you into my house, treated you well, and you stabbed me in the back.''
>I don't say anything.
>''I don't ever want to see you again.''
>walks off
>remember to breathe, then can't stop over-breathing. Think I'm going to pass out.
>Go into work. Can't stop shaking.
>Boss shows up. Have to start the day. Can't act right all day. Can't control my face or my volume.

To answer the other stuff, I wouldn't be afraid of him physically, but if he'd wanted to, he could have knocked me out without any bother that day. I couldn't have raised a fist to defend myself.
Damn, that was a hot story! I have long been a fan of the average/unassuming look of older women, and of women, in general, especially, if they have big tits. I find that to be really fucking sexy. And I can understand being caught up in the moment and cumming inside of a female that you probably shouldn't be cumming inside.

So, did you fuck her/fool around with her again? Did you kiss her at all that time? Or did she just go straight to sucking your dick? Was her pussy good? Tight? Nice? What did she say about you cumming insider her? And what was your work relationship like after that?

Also, how old were you when this happened? What state was this in? How long ago did this happen? And did she like/was she impressed with your dick?
Dude, I respect and can appreciate the way you describe feeling that day. I have a conscience and tremendous empathy and compassion, and truth be told, I hate myself for the things I've done that have hurt others. We seem to be on the same page when it comes to doing something we know we shouldn't and accepting that we have it coming, if we get caught/found out about.

Did you really not see him or his wife again after that? As in, literally not even once? And did you end up telling your boss why you were the way you were that day?
File: 1375398238620.jpg (102KB, 1000x726px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102KB, 1000x726px
By the way, aren't there any other folks looking to share some dirty stories this morning?
Just another attempt to bump the thread and get some replies/stories, before I run to Circle K to get a refill of Diet Coke.
Diet Coke. Fat neckbeard detected.
File: 1383167542039.jpg (66KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66KB, 640x480px
I did see her one time, maybe six months later? It was strange.

I tried to relate to her in a way like, ''wow, we really fucked up right?'' but she wasn't having it. She was really cold and even rude, as if the whole thing was my fault and mine alone.

I didn't feel the need to call her out on it though.

It's been nice to share, thanks OP. And I agree, I think we get each other. I gotta split now. All the best.
Do you know if they divorced after that?
File: 1416632315706.jpg (187KB, 768x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
187KB, 768x768px
I was like 19-20, right out of high school and attending college part time. It was in Maryland, like 5-6 years ago. That was just how we started, and yeah she was impressed, I found out later she hit me up because she had heard I had a nice cock from another employee I fucked shortly after being hired.

She was tight enough that it felt good, but wet and slick enough that it felt like I was fucking someone who was used to cock, which was amazing. We didn't really kiss because her being older fucked with me a bit. She was into the mother/son thing and liked to refer to herself as my mommy. If I was stressed she'd call me to the back and just jack me off and let me blow a load on her chest or in her mouth. We got into a rhythm of leaving work at the same time, going out to her SUV and fucking in the back seat. She was loud and made a lot of noise which made it that much better.

The first night she took me back to her house was one to remember. We drank cheap wine she was fond of. I had her undressing in her kitchen and laid her out on the kitchen table, climbing on top of her and fucking her right there. As soon as I finished the first time we went into the back and I sucked her nipples until I was hard again. She had lube and stuff like that in her room, so I watched her fuck herself with a dildo for a bit while sucking me off. I had her get down on her stomach and lift her ass up, and started rubbing lube around her anus. She got all nervous at first like she wasn't ready for it, but as I started rubbing my cock against her hole she just tensed up and started grinding against my dick.

I slid into her ass and she bottomed out almost immediately, moaning and groaning half in pleasure and half in pain. I got this drunken lust to just fuck her senseless, and really started driving my cock into her ass while she yelled.I couldn't tell until after I came if she was enjoying it or not, until she was lying there panting. I don't think I ever used a condom.
>1.) Have you fucked someone inappropriate? A friend's mom/wife/girlfriend? Your wife's/girlfriend's mom/aunt/sister/best friend?
Fucked my best friend's mom twice and my girlfriend's mom about twenty times.

>2.) Have you blackmailed someone in to fucking you or sucking your dick?
- Especially, if you caught them cheating and threatened to expose them, if they didn't fuck you/suck your dick.
Yup, threatened my best friend's gf to take it anally balls deep, otherwise I'd tell her boyfriend/my best friend what happened. (told him anyways kek)

>3.) Have you had a female cheat with you/fuck you because you have a big dick?
Don't have a phenomenally big cock but big enough to convince a jailbait to suck it after exposing it to her.
i once fucked the mother of my step brothers children. she was a fair skank and they were separated at the time, but she was living with my parents and I because she had two kids. i was 18 and she was 20. was awks because everyone found out
No, I don't know. I don't even live in the same country anymore. I hope they made it but I'm right out of it now.
>Be 20 virgin
>Friend has a gf and they were together for 3 years at that point
>Said gf before they were together told me i was extremely hot but I really couldn't stand her at the time + I thought she was ugly (which she's not)
>Me and my friend don't really talk to each other that often anymore but I know that he cheats on his gf.
>At this point in my life i'm extremely depressed, just want to feel loved and not feel lonely anymore.
>I start talking to his gf a lot
>I ask for nudes in a way that makes it seem like i'm serious but joking at the same time.
>She ends up sending nudes because in her words "i'm doing this because you're so gorgeous, i don't usually do this".
>We the go drinking at a friends place and she when everyone was asleep we start making out and i started feeling her up.
>All this leads to her giving me blowjob
>A few weeks later we have sex
>I started feeling like an absolute piece of shit
>I get attached to this girl.
>She gets attached to me
>Find out that she's cheated on him many times and literally sends nudes to 7 other people.
>I love her even though i wouldn't be in a relationship with her because of all that shit.
>They break up, I fuck her a couple more times
>She's a massive slut but I hate and love her at the same time.
>Friend still doesn't know and I still feel like a piece of shit and i'm even more depressed than when i was a virgin.
File: 1205140049c.jpg (126KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
126KB, 1280x960px
Yes to 2 and 3.
Actually, what happened was I hooked up with a girl from craigslist for rape roleplay. I am engaged, she has a boyfriend. We hooked up, it was awesome. Then, I missed the opportunity to see her again, things fizzled out.
Started trying to again, and she had some issues come up - rescheduled meeting me about 5 times. I got sick of being blown off, so yesterday I made an xvideos and xhamster account for her, with all her pics (including face), with the profile name "(Geographic region) Slut".

She met me last night, after saying our safe word to take the blackmail down. Fucked her several places, took pics when we had proper lighting.
Pic related, her blowing me in a campus bathroom last night.
(The ad she responded to was "Big Dick Domination/Rape Roleplay"
Delicious tears
>Care to share some details about this encounter with the aunt? How did it happen?

Random hookup from night club. I didn't know that she was her aunt until week later, when we ran into my classmate on second date on next weekend,

> How old were you both when this happened?

I was in late 20's, aunt was in mid 30's and my classmate was 20 or 21. That is exactly what can happen when you get into university in late 20's.

>Was/is she attractive?

Yep, she looked way younger she was.

>What's her body like?

Pretty fit.

>Did you cum inside her?

Not sure, due to being pretty wasted. One night stands without condoms is stupid as hell.

>How long ago did this happen?

Few years ago.

>Did you fuck more than once?


>And how big is your dick? Are you willing to post a picture of it?

18cm. Too lazy to get camera.

>Are you willing to post a picture of it? Or of the aunt? Or of any of the girls who you have fucked?

wait what take care of her dog and condom should never be in the same sentence
Thanks for replying and sharing your story. Have a good morning.

Your story was fucking hot! I apologize, if you already answered this, but how long did this go on for? And when is the last time you fucked her? Do you still keep in touch with her? And were her tits huge and sexy, like I'm guessing they were?

Also, how did you fuck the other girl you worked with, shortly after being hired? Is that story hot? What did she look like? And did you know that she was impressed with your cock? Also, about how big are you? A general idea, at least? And do you get comments/compliments often?

Also, do you still work at the same place? And did you fuck/fool around with any other females there?

I'm pretty sure you are exaggerating or blatantly lying. if you're going to claim to having been truthful about these encounters, especially, fucking your best friend's mom and girlfriend's mom, please share some details with us.

How did things start with these women? Were they attractive? Did the best friend or the girlfriend find out? If so, what happened? Did they confront you/try to attack you? Are you still on good terms with all involved? How long ago did these sexual flings happen?

Also, are you referring to having anally fucked the girl you were already having sex with? Or is this a different girl? And did you get to fuck her in the ass? If so, were you her first? Did it hurt her? Did she like it? Did you cum inside her ass? Or her mouth/face afterward?

What's the story about the jailbait sucking your dick? How old were you and her when this happened? Did she comment/compliment you on your size? Or have trouble fitting it in her mouth? Also, did you cum in her mouth or on her face?
...the questions you ask.
you have problems dude. Go watch a porno already.
This threads have potential but I'm always kinda disappointed. The best one was this machiavellian motherfucker who manipulated the wifes and girlfriends of his friends. I regret I didn't save the stories.
Care to share some details about this encounter with this girl? How did it happen? Was/is she attractive? What's her body like? Did you cum inside her? How long ago did this happen? Did you fuck more than once?

Also, how did people find out about it? And what did your stepbrother do to you after finding out about it?

This is a pretty fucking erotic story! She is fucking sexy! Got any more pics of her you're willing to post? Also, did she like your dick? Did she comment/compliment you on it? How big is it? Does your fiance have any idea that you cheat on her? And do you plan on cheating on her after you get married?

Also, how many girls have you met/fucked from your posting on Craigslist?
For anyone interested, this thread has also been archived: http://4archive.org/b/thread/583167637
guess i'll greentext. writing as i go
>so my step brother lived in queensland for a while
>he knocked some bitch up there, had two kids, meanwhile dealing drugs and in general being scum of the earth
>the chick he knocked up was a ginger, so you know she was nuts
>anyway he moved back down to Victoria (ausfag here) and went to rehab
>i lived with my mother and step father
>eventually he got back on his feet and moved out and she moved down as well
>she stayed at our place for a few months
>to start off with i avoided her a lot because i fucking hated kids
>didn't really like her
>we started messaging anyway
>one night she was texting me as i was at a friends house
>back then i was a bit of a goody two shoes fag
>all about being chivalrous and whatever
>i've gotten over that now since i basically just think all women are cunts
>anyway, she basically tells me she wants sex
>i lost my virginity at 16 and hadn't been laid since so i was pretty horny
>went home, drank half a bottle of vodka
>she came into my room
>finger banged her
>fucked her with a condom on
>stood her up and bent her over my desk
>fucked her pretty hard
>pretty sure my parents heard us (it was late at night and i thought i heard them outside)
>was a little drunk so careless
>finished in the condom
>next morning
>parents were gone
>she gave me my first blowjob and i fucked her again
>came in her mouth, she swallowed
>after that i realise i kinda fucked up and avoided her like the plague
>was drunk one night a year or so later and my stepfather was talking to me
>implying that coming clean with past events is a good way to settle things
>implying that i should tell my step brother what happened
>a few weeks later
>it's happening
>my step brother and i are having a heart to heart
>i admit to him i shagged his ex
>said it was a mistake, happened once and i was drunk
>said that she instigated it (which was true)
>he was a total bro about it
>didn't really care too much, happy i told him
>he had his suspicions (im guessing either from her telling him or parents telling him)

and that's the end. not really that exciting but still pretty funny. she was pretty fit considering she'd had two kids. she would have been fucking gorgeous when she was younger and more innocent. those eyes.
File: 1205140055.jpg (127KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127KB, 1280x960px
Plenty of pics. I'll add as I check back up on this thread, but I will be on and off today - I am a TA and have some teaching/research duties.
She loves this dick.
She did compliment me on it.
It gets 10" fully hard, but usually is around 9" when fucking around.
Fiance knows about experiences in the past, but not now.
Once we are married, no. That's why I'm hitting CL so hard nowadays.
I have met and fucked at least 25 women from Craigslist. Some extremely fine, some not so much. Been using the internet to hook up with women since I was 15, over a decade of doing it now.
>sorry for potato quality pics, I have a potato phone to save $$ monthly on a shared plan with my woman
File: 1205140048c.jpg (127KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127KB, 1280x960px
>be me
>work as busboy in jazz club
>hostess is owners wife, sexy in her 40's
>super busy Friday night
>shit is going haywire and problems everywhere
>hostess is losing her shit and starts pounding drinks to cope
>rushes by me and grabs me
>"Hey Bus, get back here and help me get this stuff."
>get into storeroom and she pushes me into the wall and starts making out with me
>I just go for it and start grabbing her ass and tits
>she pulls up her skirt and bends over some boxes
>I pull her panties aside and push my dick into her
>she's talking shit non stop as I pound her
>begging for it harder
>I pull her head back by her hair and slam it in deep
>her legs buckle as she cums hard
>she turns around and pushes me up onto the boxes
>I lay back as she goes to town sucking me off
>Cum buckets and she swallows it all
>watch her straighten herself up
>she just gives me a look and says "well, get back to fucking work"

She made me her boy toy for that summer. Found out that she had fucked most of the waiters, and she needed up getting caught by her husband one night atter hours with the head waiter and his brother.
I love this story, post as often as you can please
Thanks for replying and sharing some details. Was your brother really pissed off at you/her? What did he do after finding out? Are they still together? Do you still see/talk to her?

Also, how long ago did this happen? And did any other family members confront you/address it?

Just saw that you posted a follow-up.

Your story is fucking erotic! What all have you done with this female? Does she say that you are bigger than her boyfriend? Have you fucked her in the ass? Came on her face? And has your dick hurt her?

Btw, she looks like she's fucking attractive. Please post more pics!

Also, any other good Craigslist hook-up stories? Any girls who have been really impressed with your dick? That were hurt by your size? And do you have any pics of any of these other females form your Craigslist meetings?
happened 4 years ago. wouldn't do it again. stuck my dick in crazy once, shame on me
File: IMG6_500.jpg (58KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 500x375px
Hey bud I posted yesterday, happy to talk more about my situation.

My ex cheated then cucked me with her best friend who had a huge cock. She told me that his penis was 'literally the best thing in the world'.
After the anal night she started wanting to get serious, like going on dates and shit. I always made excuses not to but she caught on quick and started thinking I was using her. She had a teenage daughter that was a couple of years younger than me who she split custody with. A few months of the year the kid would live her her dad then come home to the mother. Shortly after we started fucking, her daughter came home so it was hard to go over there and fuck her. There was also some dude her age she was seeing so I thought we were pretty much done, until one day she came up to me in the office, telling me she needed to see me "in the back"

Went back there and she immediately started taking off her pants, telling me she needed a good fucking. I was feeling spiteful so I told her to suck me off first, and for a minute it seemed like she wasn't going to, then she bit her lip, sighed, and got down on her knees sucking me really sloppy. I couldn't take it for very long so I finally bent her over again and rode her out. I could tell she was missing it because she was dripping all down her leg and all over my cock, and when I finally finished she was still rubbing her clot like a wild animal, breathing heavy. Apparently her side guy was a shitty fuck.
Hey, what's up? I recall your story; it was a frustrating one to read. And you informed me what a "PA" was.

Have you heard from the girl lately? Do you know if she still fucks that guy? And I can't recall if you answered this, but did you get to see how big his dick actually was? And do you have a decent/good/normal sex life now? Are you OK with your size? And with what happened?
and yes

fucked my gf's sister after she saw my huge dingdong
then i blackmailed her into having more sex with me because otherwise i would tell her abusive boyfriend
Which story were you replying to? And when was the last time you fucked her? and was it the encounter that you described in this post?

Please share some details with us! How big is your dick? Are you still with this GF? How old was/is her sister? When is the last time you fucked her? How many times did you fuck her? And had you done anything physical before she saw your dick? And how did she see it?

Also, got pics of your GF, her sister, or of your dick, that you'd be willing to post?
File: IMG7_500.jpg (64KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64KB, 500x500px
Ha, yes.

Yeah I talked to her earlier in the week, she tends to still drunk text me and stuff. She doesn't still fuck him much because they both moved, but shes hooked up with him a few times when they have both gone home for holidays or whtaever. They didn't at thanksgiving but will be home together at Christmas so never know. She'll tell me sometimes when it happens.

I didn't get to see it out and in person, but did get to see it through basketball shorts or whatever...it was a very very big bulge. I did see pictures of it going through her phone and it was stupid thick and pretty long too.

I'm pretty small, only like 4 inches...and don't have a ton of sex now. I'm single and so it just doesn't realyl happen too much. I def am ok wiht what happened. Jerk off to it all the time...and jerk off almost every time she and I talk now
That wincest story is probably in my archive somewhere, if you can remember the date it was posted. I've been checking these threads too.

http://goo gl/j18y4x
Talking about how big your cock is almost always confirms you don't have a big cock. Let me correct your story.
>be asleep on bed with friends
Bf and gf watching movie. Not interested as I was watching anime on my tablet
>bf passes out
>being ever horny I touch her hair and says please stop. This of course means continue because women never know what they actually want
>touch her boob and she smacks me
>I get hard
>she starts shaking her boyfriend to wake up
>wanna see a big cock?
>bf wakes up, beats my ass and throws me out
I totally got laid. Gotta tell my friends on 4chan.
File: 1806934004.jpg (385KB, 2016x1512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
385KB, 2016x1512px
If you check the thread, please post some more details about what you've done with this female. And, if you feel like it, some details about some encounters with other females.
This story was before we were a couple so don’t know if it counts
>Gf hot blonde tattoo sleeves nice tits and ass 26
>she’s a tattoo artist we work at same shop i’m in the room across from her
>one day she was tattooing one of her clients after hours she always got flirty with I was just cleaning up my station and leaving
>she was tattooing some lion or some shit on his upper thigh he was in his boxers
>guys deuce bag gym rat type
>at some point she told him he looks like his dick is big then laughed and acted like she was joking
>The whole time she was cracking dirty jokes and they were kind of flirting it made me jealous i always had a thing for her even before we were a couple
>at some point she started bumpng into his dick and shit while she was tattooing
>one thing lead to another and she thought I was already gone but I was still in my room kinda watching her getting turned on
>she reached under his boxers and started jerking him off
>she pulled out his dick and it was fucking huge easy 8 or 9 inches
>I still remember her clearly saying “damn boy”
>i was getting horny as fuck remember this was before i was with her.
>she started jerking him off and blowing him
> i took the opportunity and snuck out the back
>never mentioned it to her.. we’ve been together for over 2 years now
Also you may want to start a Google Doc or something like that with links to previous archived threads, and use a URL shortening service to link directly to that file. Then you can memorise the link and just type it up whenever you need it.
Meant to reply to >>583169607
Did this really happen? If this did not bother you/make you insecure to see and you still wanted to try to be with her, how big is your dick? And did she have any idea that you saw this take place? Did she tell you about how she had sucked a guy's dick in the shop? And do you know if she fucked him?

Also, I'm pretty sure you're exaggerating about dude's dick being that big.
i'm fucking a milf since my 27th. now i'm 30. still fucking and have 3somes with her best friend who's 50.

She's 45
Asses are not sexy.

That is all
it really happened and i'm not a insecure person about my dick at all. I would say i'm average
obv troll is obv
Normie scum
Just another attempt to bump and get some replies, this time, with a pic. of some sexy, big tits.
> I'm a 22 year old male and I was blackmailed into sucking a dick.
This guy wanted to have my girlfriend, but she was with me. He found nude photos of her. He said he would post them all over school and to everyone she knew unless I sucked his friend's cock.
To protect her I did it.
>doing online dating
>fucking a new bitch like every week
>working out of town 3 hours away 3-4 days a week
>Chat up a chick I think I can fuck on the side while I'm out of town for work
>typical online process. Message on okcupid. chat. get number. text
>My text game was unreal. If I got a number I fucked 75% of them and at least got a date 90% of the time
>Saturday morning back home. Couldn't meet up during the week
>Start the sexting. Shits getting hot. nudes back and forth. sex stories. she's horny as fuck
>convince her to meet 1.5 hours away(halfway for both us) in a hotel. We hadn't even met yet
>text dirty shit the whole drive there.
>get hotel room. she shows up 10-15 mins later
>small chat on the way to the room
>close door. pin her against the door. make out like teenagers. pick her up and toss her on the bed
>it.s on now
pic related it's one from her
Admit it, there were no photos. Alternatively, post them faggot.
I fucked my teacher years back.
Greentexted it once can repost if anybody is interested.
im about 22-23cm and pretty thick, when flaccid im bigger than most guys are erect.
i was at my GF's house, she already went to school and i took a shower before heading home.
i was drying myself and her sister came in, startled to see me there, she apologized and wanted to leave but then she saw my dick, stared at it for like 2-3 sec and said 'whaauw' involuntarily
asked her if she liked that. she turned redder than anything i ever saw.

she was 17 at the time and i knew her since she was 13 and always wanted to fuck her.
fucked her for an hour at least, she screamed bloody murder.
she told me her bf never made her cum nor did her other 3 sex partners.
i told her not to tell anyone or i would tell her shithead bf.
she didn't really care as long as i promised to fuck her again.
which i did
been fucking her for about a year now, no relationship just sex.
still with GF who doesnt know.
File: IMG222_500.jpg (74KB, 500x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74KB, 500x667px
a couple months ago she texted me that she had fucked a guy who was even bigger and better than her friend. shes like 'thought you might want to know that i found the holy grail'.

she met him on tinder and went out with him to a bar and then took him home. she said she could barely get it in at first, so she got on top ad just sat on his lap with it in her...after like 20 min she had an orgasm without even thrusting
yeah I'n imterested
your friend would never make obserd accusations about his girlfriend to you
File: Perff.png (2MB, 756x1544px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 756x1544px
covered her face to protect her. But it was full frontal. I knew he had more, I didn't need to see them.
>Have you fucked someone inappropriate? A friend's mom/wife/girlfriend? Your wife's/girlfriend's mom/aunt/sister/best friend?
No but a couple of times at parties me and my best friends gf ended up together but never fucked, just fplay.

>Have you blackmailed someone in to fucking you or sucking your dick?
- Especially, if you caught them cheating and threatened to expose them, if they didn't fuck you/suck your dick.
Nope but the closest would be when I was 17 and my younger brothers 15 year old friend (who was fucking hot) wanted smokes so she text me and we met at the park near our houses one evening and she sucked me off twice and I fingered her like 5 times. We did this a about 10 times over the next months until I moved to the city for college.

>Have you had a female cheat with you/fuck you because you have a big dick?
Yeah a couple of times, I didn't know they had bf's though apart from one who was my ex and I just hate fucked her for the fun of it.
>me being 14
>German teacher is hot but a total bitch
>I suck at German
>Spend a lot of time with her in the breaks talking about how to raise my grades
>Stare a lot at her cleavage when I think she doesn't notice.
>She has a very nice ass too
>One day I have to retake a test during break in a classroom alone with her.
>During the test she drops something from her desk
>She bends over to pick it up, ass facing me, she doesn't even bend her knees.
>She is wearing super tight skinny jeans and I just stare at that amazing booty.
>She suddenly looks back and looks me right in the eye.
>See anything you like? she asks
>I start to blush and look at my test while trying to concentrate.
>This is not enough for her so she walks up to my desk and says: I asked you a question.
>I answer with: I don't know what you mean miss.

Lovely holes. would eat
coulda been worse
i accidently 2 traps at same time.
at least the blowjobs were nice.
File: 1416186356806.jpg (55KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 800x600px

>free incest teen live
>She says that she is not stupid and she has seen me looking at her.
>She continues on about it and that she knows I do it all the time.
>She then tells me she doesn't mind and considers it a compliment but doesn't want me to lie to her.
>She goes back to her desk and tells me I have 10 minutes left to finish my test.
>Can't focus on the test so I completely ruin it and leave for classes.

>A few days later
>She marked my test and wants to discuss it with me (I failed the test again).
>During lunchbreak I am alone with her in a classroom again.
>She wants me to sit opposite of me on her desk.
>I noticed she had unbuttoned her top button but it was warm that day.

>While we sit at her desk she starts talking about my grades.
>She tells me that if I continue to mess up German I will not pass this year and will have to do this again.
>Meanwhile her foot finds my foot under the table.
>She is just touching it. Enough to be suspicious but not enough to say something about it.
>She asks me how it is that I keep failing tests.
>Eventually she asks me if she is a distraction.
>I ask her why she thinks that.
>She explains that she has seen me looking at her and thinks I might fantasise about her.
>I tell her I don't think she is a distraction and try to stear the conversation in an other direction.
>She tells me she told me she didn't want to be lied to.
>I look up and she is staring me right in my eyes.
>I feel that I am starting to blush.
>I tell her I do but that I would never act on it.
>She asks me why.
>I tell her because she is my teacher and she would lose her job so she wouldn't allow it and I would only make a fool of myself.
>She says that such things will only be a problem if it comes out.
>She puts her hand on my knee under the desk.
>I now have a boner.
>We just sit there and stare at each other for what feels like forever.
>Eventually I lean in towards her.
>Halfway there she leans towards me.
>The closer I get to her the slower I go but the faster she seems to go.
>When we meet we kiss.
>At first it is just a peck on the lips but it soon turns into a french kiss.

File: IMG_3062.jpg (80KB, 452x603px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80KB, 452x603px
>clothes get ripped off
>as I yanked off her jeans she does the shy cover her pussy and close her thighs thing
>start kissing down her thighs slowly separating her legs apart
>this bitch was so fucking wet that when i finally got her thighs apart a fucking cob web of cum was connecting each leg. It actually made an audible shlick like Velcro. Said she hasn't had sex in almost a year
>I guess the 4 hours of sexting and anticipation got to her
>let me tell you bros that pussy was sloppy wet, tight and fucking heaven
>Now to make this story relevant.
>After round 1 we catch our breaths and go for dinner.
>Come back to hotel and get back to humping like rabbits.
>Half way through she jumps up and runs into the bathroom.
>Hard cock in hand I'm sitting there like wtf
>She comes out 4-5 minutes later in tears. Says she can't do this. It's not right. She says I'm married. Gets dressed and walks out the door. Never saw her again
>So I jerked off and drove 1.5 hours back home
>When we stop kissing she stands up and walks toward the door.
>She locks the door.
>She goes back to her desk and sits on her desk.
>She asks: Anon, get over here.
>She is now sitting on the desk while I am standing between her legs.
>she has her arms around my neck and I have mine around her waist and we continue kissing.
>She removes one arm from around my neck and unbuttons her shirt some more.
>She then grabs my hand and pushes my left hand inside her shirt and left boob.
>I squeeze her boob and she seems to like it and her breathing gets heavier.
>I decide to be alpha and but my hand inside her bra.
>She doesn't stop me.
>When I start playing with her nipple she pull me closer to her and her breathing gets even heavier.
>After some time she gets of her desk and continues to hold me and kiss me.
>Her right hand goes against my chest and starts to make it's way down.
>Eventually I can feel her hand on my trousers stroking my cock.
>I get harder and harder and start to touch her more.
>The school bell rings and she lets go of me.
>She buttons up her shirt unlocks the door and tells me to not be late for my next classes.

>I go to my french classes still having a boner and being horny as hell.
>It is Friday so after today it will be weekend.
>Won't she my German teacher until Tuesday.
>after the rest of my classes I go home and jerk off.
>The weekend and Monday were uneventfull but Tuesday I start my day with German classes.
>Can't focus the entire hour and keep staring at her.
>At the end of the lesson she tells everybody what our homework will be.
>Then she says: Anon, your German vocabulary is not what it is supposed to be. I checked your roster and I saw you had the fifth hour off.
>I would like you to meet me at D14 so you can learn and I can check your progress.
>I tell her I will be there.
>Since I am really shit at German I think for the rest of the day if she is serious about me having to study German or if she wants to mess around some more.
>When I get to the classroom my legs are shaking.
>I enter and she tells me to take a seat.
>After I sit down she walks up to the door and locks it again.
>She walks towards me and asks me why I am shaking.
>I tell her I am nervous because I don't know what to expect.
>She sits on my desk and looks at me and says: "I taught this is what you wanted".
>I tell her I do but that this might be wrong and all.
>She tells me it is not wrong because I want it and that I am old enough to make my own decisions.
>She then gives me a kiss on the lips and hands me a list of German words.
>She says I have to learn these words and she will test them this hour.
>If I do good and get a 7 or higher she will give me something special.
>Mildly disappointed I start to learn.
>After 20 minutes she wants to test me.
>I completely fail the test because I really suck at German and score a 3.
>She tells me to try again and she will test me in 10 minutes.
>The next test she gives me I score a 6 (so close).

if you havent even kissed her yet then no youre not the shit

youre just a little shit
>She then comforts me saying that I at least passed this test and showed a lot of improvement.
>She then says: "Because you tried so hard, do you still want it?"
>I say sure not knowing what is going to happen next.
>She moves away my desk and starts sitting on my lap and kissing me.
>I get rock hard and she seems to feel it because she starts to smile and move her hips a bit.
>After a few minutes she gets of me and gets on her knees.
>She unzips my pants and whips out my rock hard dick.
>She starts to jerk me off very slowly while maintaining eye contact.
>After something like 10 seconds she moves her head down and kisses the tip of my dick before opening her mouth and taking it in.
>It felt amazing.
>First she just went up and down a bit but then she started to make circles around the tip with her tongue.
>In for a minute or so when I feel I am about to cum.
>I tap her shoulder. no response.
>I say: "miss, I am about to cum"
>She says nothing but adds her hand and starts jerking me off while giving me a bj and she is getting faster and faster.
>I can't hold it anymore and I cum in her mouth.
>She stops jerking off but continues to make circles around the tip (fucking glorious feeling).
>She gets up and looks at the clock.
>She tells me my classes start in 5 minutes.
>She then makes out with me before she tells me to pull up my pants and unlocks the door.
>I went to classes and couldn't wait until Thursday because then I would see her again.
>Thursday I have German again.
>Spend the entire hour looking at her and smiling.
>She notices but does not acknowledge anything is different.
>She even tells me a few times to pay attention and do the exercises given.
>When I drift of again she tells me that she did warm me before and if I can't manage to work then I'll have to continue working during the break.
>Not really sure whether I was being punished or if she was trying to get us alone again.
>When the class leaves and I am left behind to continue working she sits at her desk doing teacher stuff.
>After a good 5 minutes she walks up to me and asks me if I am here on a bike.
>I say yes and she asks me if I know my way in this neighbourhood.
>I had lived there my whole life so I told her I did.
>She then asked me what time I needed to be home.
>Since my mom works and my dad left years ago I only need to be in time for dinner which is at 18:30.
>She ask me how late my last class is finished and I tell her it is 16:00.
>She asks me if I am interested in coming around.
>After I say yes she explains how I need to ride there.
>After school I get on my bike and ride to her house.
>Since she owns a car she is already there.
>Ring the door bell and she lets me in.
>She has an apartment where everything is on the same floor so I see the kitchen livingroom door to the bathroom and a big door which I guess will lead to the bedroom.
>As soon as I close the door she pushes me against the door and starts to make out.
>I show that I stopped being all passive after this and grab both her boobs with my hands and push her to the dinner table.
>All the curtains in the house are closed so I guess she planned this all.
>She leans back and starts to lie down on the dinner table.
>I lie on top of her and continue making out and groping her boobs.
>After sometime she pushes me of her and stands up.
>She takes my hand and walks me to the big door.
I'll share the same story I shared the last time I saw this thread.
backstory: my parents own a bar
topic: 'blackmail'

>be shy and awkward, totally transformed now
>good genes though
>older men always stared at me
>always felt grossed about it but things started to change
>find myself becoming wet whenever I could sense that someone was staring at my butt
>this younger customer comes in every wednesday and on weekends
>prance around while he's there, trying to get his attention
>always catch him looking at me, always looking him dead in the eye
>on weekends I was allowed to stay up late
>when he was drunk he would stare more
>he would tell me I'm smart
>that I would be a heartbreaker
>that every ginger is a heartbreaker
>We are now standing at the foot of her bed in her bedroom and continue making out.
>Suddenly she stops and wraps her arms around me before dropping herself on her bed (taking me with her).
>I am now in bed with her on top of her and she continues to make out with me.
>Her hands are now under my shirt and I start to unbutton her shirt.
>She pulls up my shirt so I have to stop kissing her so she can pull it over my head.
>At the moment that I can't see anything because of the shirt over my eyes I feel her lips touching my nipple and she starts sucking it.
>When I am freed of my shirt I decide to return the favour by unbuttoning even more and taking of her shirt.
>When she is without I shirt I see a wonderful red bra filled with two beautiful cup D boobs.
>I start kissing her boobs and groping them while she is just laying there.
>She grabs my hair and pulls me toward her and kisses me.
>She then pulls me away and looks at me and says: take it off.
>Take what off I ask her.
>My bra she says.
>Fumbling at her back with both of my hands some time and finally manage to get it off.
>She takes of her bra and I am looking at the most perfect tits since ever.
>I remember her sucking my nipple and I decide to suck hers while groping her boobs.
>Her breathing tells me she enjoys this.
>When I start to kiss her again she rolls over and is now on top.
>She passionately kisses me and than stands up.
>She is standing besides the bed, boobs showing.
>She takes of her pants and socks and is just standing there in a thong.
>She looks at me and I look at her and she says: "Do you like what you see?".
>I answer with: "Yes very much".
>She lies down besides me and asks me if I remember the bj she gave me.
>of course I remember and tell her how great it felt.
>She asks me if I can lick her.
>Since my only experience with sex comes from porn this makes me nervous.
>She looks at me and tells me not to be scared cause she will guide me through it.
Had fuck buddy... she used to organize adult parties in a hotel every so often... her daughter (over 18) would hang with her friend in the next room where FB would sleep afterwards...
One time Daughter and friend asked if I wanted to head to the pool... we did
we played and swam... then they started flashing me... Insta Boner
kept swimming... went over to hottub Hid boner as well as possible... friend grabs cock under the bubbles and starts stroking... I grab her ass and pull bathing suit to the side begin to finger
Friend and daughter tell me they fool around a lot... I ask like what... Friend pulls daughters top off and start making out... I slip behind and begin fucking friend... almost blow load inside pull out quick...
Daughter and FB had no idea... begain fucking friend on side...
Never fucked daughter but now i regret i missed my chance
>one friday he's really drunk
>my parents are too
>go to bathroom because he has to go
>wash my hands while he waits to wash his
>can feel his eyes on my ass
>turn around
you can touch it if you want
>he looks confused
no anon you're like twelve
I'm thirteen
>he smiles
>says he wants to wash his hands, moves me with one hand on my hip
>I push him with entire body, say I'm not finished
>push on him with ass but barely touch his dick because I'm 157cm
>feel him pushing back
you're teasing me anon
no, I want you
>he wrinkles his face and shakes his head
>I grab him by the crotch
>he forces my hand away and pushes me back
>I go back to the main area of the bar
>he asks for his tab and leaves
>go upstairs and masturbate
>She tells me to make her naked.
>I pull of her thong and she is just laying there completely naked.
>She tells me to rub her clit.
>I start rubbing it and she seems to breath deeper and deeper.
>After some time she says I should but a finger inside her.
>I start fingering her and she tells me to add a finger, and again.
>I am now fingering her with three fingers and every time she starts breathing faster I go faster.
>She then tells me to lick her clit but to keep fingering her.
>Her pussy is just perfect.
>Not a hair in sight and it feels so soft.
>I start licking like the amateur I am and keep fingering her.
>After some time I hear her moan.
>After she moaned a second time she sits up, grabs my hand from her pussy and throws me down on the bed.
>She sits on top of me at belly height and I can feel her juice dripping on me.
>She moved lower and lower and she starts to unzip my pants and take them off.
>When my pants are around my feet she throws them of the bed and removes my socks from my feet.
>She lies down on top of me completely naked while I only wear my boxer.
>She moves her hand towards my boxer and pulls it.
>She says: "Any reason this should stay on?"
>I tell her no and she takes them off.
>She reaches for her night stand and gets a condom from it.
>She opens the package and puts the condom on my now hard as diamonds dick.
>She lies down and pulls me on top of her.
>We are completely naked besides the condom I am wearing and I am on top of her.
>We start making out again and she guides me inside her.
>Getting inside her feels great.
>When I am completely inside her I rest for a few seconds because I feel like I am about to cum.
>Then I start to slowly pump her.
>her fingernails are in my back.
>It hurts but it is very nice at the same time.
>We stop kissing and I move up a bit so I can watch her body while I fuck her.
>Her legs close around my waist and I look at her boobs bouncing up and down.
Do you crave sucking dick now? Also, post more.
I have to get this off my chest...

>be me, 21.
>be three years ago.
>on probation for being criminal mastermind.
>don't smoke weed anymore, but I go to my old pot dealers house anyway to play vidya.
>he has some dumb bitch over 7/10
> he's attempting to get her drunk and bang her.
>we will call her Goat.
>after watching pot dealer try and fail at succeeding in fuckin her; I start to talk to her.
>she tells me she's dating some guy and living with him.
>she says I wouldn't know him.
>but I can tell she wants me.
>she kept grabbing my dick, anyway.
>then her boyfriend comes to pick her up.
>we will call him Reggie.
>"hey I know Reggie!"
>used to sell him weed a few years before.
>he got really excited to see me
>"hey anon! I just scored a bunch of big macs. Wanna come over for dinner?"
> Goat is just astonished that her bf knows someone.
>dhe still wouldn't get off my dick during dinner.
>they live in a poor shitty single wide trailer.
> I ended up staying the night.
>when I woke up, Reggie had left for work.
> goat was still there.
> I wind up fucking the goat in her shower.
> I was taking a shower and she just jumped and started sucking my dick.
> fucked the shit out off her.
>after she tells me how shitty Reggie is in bed.
> how much she treats her like shit.
> I spent the next two weeks fucking her and treating her like shit.
> she eventually tells Reggie about it.
>dumb bitches never keep a secret.
>he calls me sobbing and saying something inaudible.
>I hung up on him.
> I was at work.
>I come home to find the goat had moved herself into my condo.
>eventually feel bad for wrecking her home life and let her stay.
>she gets pregnant.
>I start drinking, despite probation.
>we get married.
>other then her being a stupid twAt.
>we work well financially together.
A year later...
>exactly a year later from the time first fucked in reggies shower.
>it's our anniversary.

>known a guy for ~20 years.
>best friends since kindergarten
>go to highschool together. I get girlfriend. Long term thing.
>go to college together, he gets girlfriend. Long term thing.
>graduated, move apart. still keep in touch
>get married to highschool gf 2-3 years after graduation.
>think we're happy
>lolno. Wife ends up spiraling downwards and leaves me after 2 years.
>listless. don't do anything with my days but go to work.
>Friend and his now fiance are really proactive in trying to keep me engaged with life.
>first real time talking with his fiance. My ex didn't like her much.
>turns out we get along super well.
>visit them where they live a 6 hour plane ride away.
>spend a week there. It's great. We all have a ton of fun.
>skip forward 6 months, and he's back in our home town for an event with his parents.
>has a seizure.
>goes to hospital.
>turns out he's been a secret alcoholic.
>goes inpatient for a month.
>fiance doesn't want to stay at his parents that night.
>stays at my place.
>ends up kissing me. tells me that she's been wanting me for months (since I'd visited them)
>end up fucking her.
>fuck her tons more before he gets out of inpatient.

They're still together and he doesn't know.

My ex fucked me up haaaaard back then.
>next time I see him is at the grocery shop, had to buy something for my mom
>go up to him and smile
>he looks at my top, I didn't really have tits but they were bigger than most girls in my class
>when he looked, I swear that was the most erotic moment in my life up till now
hi anon, how are you
>he frowns
it was wrong what you did
I liked it
>he says I could get him in trouble
>I say I could even if he didn't do anything
>he looks scared
>feel bad immediately
>say I wouldn't tell anyone
>he shakes his head
>I ask if he would pick me up from school tomorrow
no anon
>argue about it
what will you tell your parents
every Tuesday I go to Melissa's house after school... so you'll come?
no anon, this is wrong
>he goes away
>next day at school I keep thinking about it, I think I really liked him then and there
>school ends, I go outside, can't see him anywhere
>start to walk home when I hear my name
>he's sitting in his VW Golf 2, I remembered that to impress him
>he's wearing a shirt with 'Macabre' on it, he always complimented me on my taste in music but this I didn't know
>anyway he drives me to his place
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Here's one of the pics I blackmailed her with.
She is very attractive.
I have lots of stories, but I realized in thinking of the past 25 from CL alone was probably a bit short.
Unfortunately, I have this deal where I will go from wanting to cheat to not - so I delete all my accounts and all pics/contact info on the women - so all the older encounters, I do not have pics of.
The finest chick I ever fucked from CL, she pissed me off by being all aloof and flighty as well. In order to get her attention, I picked up a 5/10 from MeetMe, took her to a parking garage, and took pics of me fucking her throat and sent them to the hot girl. Hot girl wanted in on a 3-sum. I dropped nasty bitch off, picked up the hot one, and fucked her 4 times pretty much nonstop, I came, and made her blow me until I was hard again every time. Her pics were dumped on the local board on the old anonib. Too bad that's gone, no one believed she was even a real chick since she was so bangin'
>She tenses up and starts to breath very fast.
>Her pussy gets tighter which is why I can't hold it anymore and I cum buckets.
>I lie on top of her and am completely wasted.
>We lay there for a few minutes just breathing heavy.
>She asks me if I liked it.
>I say hell yeah and ask her if she liked it.
>She said she did and she was about to cum but then I came and stopped.
>I apologize to her but she says it doesn't mind and thinks I will get better.
>We make out for another 15 minutes or so and I get horny again and start playing with her nipples.
>She notices and asks me if I want to go again.
>I say yes (still inside her from the first time) and start kissing her more.
>The sight of her, the feeling of her kissing me, the idea of going again, I got hard again.
>Second time was even better.
>We went faster and she pumped back.
>I lasted way longer and she told me to stroke her clit with my hand while fucking her.
>After a while I started to feel her nails again and she started to tense up.
>Knowing what it was I felt her getting close so I started to fuck her faster and harder.
>She came eyes rolling back and her whole body tensing, a few seconds later I came.
>She said I should leave if I wanted to be home in time so I grabbed my clothes and before I left she kissed me once more.

This went on for the rest of the year.
Meeting up at her place and fucking her.
It got better and better.
We tried different positions and I had sex at least once a week for a year.
She never contacted me using notes, e-mail or texts because she never wanted there to be a trace.
After a year I got an other teacher for German and it just stopped.

I never taught she loved me or anything.
She just wanted sex and I could give her that without getting caught.
I only have one.

>Be me, complete virgin. Go on dating site and get chatting to a girl. I'm 26, she's 30 and married.
>She wants to meet for coffee so we do.
>We don't really say much, but afterwards we make out in here car. She was pretty, extremely well dressed and her car was incredible.
>She wants to meet me after work, so we do.
>We drive to a park, and she leans over, takes my cock out and starts sucking it. Keep in mind, this was my first blowjob.
>It's amazing and in testing the water I push her head down to my balls. She cups them and starts sucking them gently.
>From my balls, up the shaft and around the head she's going for it.
>Phone rings, she thinks its her husband but its her mother. She answers and talks to her between bouts of sucking my cock. I was confused but genuinely turned on.
>She hangs up, looks me right in the eye and says "Come down my fucking slut throat".
>Hold her head down hard on my cock and come hard, really hard.

We talked about fucking but she eventually felt guilty. She didn't like her husband but now she's knocked up. I'm currently in a great relationship myself. Though I do kind of regret being that guy, I'm also happy it happened.
felt a little targetted here

>at gfs 21st
>she passes out 3am-ish
>strip poker with her friends
>i'm losing.
>gfs best friend also losing
>she keeps talking bout my dick
>i'm rock hard, just over 7 inches
>run out of clothes, bow out of poker game
>get dressed
>go to make myself another drink in the kitchen
>gfs best friend follows me
>asks me how i feel
>"great, booze makes me horny and kills my back pain"
>kisses me
>kisses my neck
>pulls my pants down, i'm still hard
>sucks my dick
>go into garage
>fuck for ~20 minutes
>videotape some of it on my phone
>cum on her face, recorded
>go back inside after she washes face
>everyone knows

gf dumps me in the morning
the 2 no longer friends

later blackmailed her witch cumshot video for blowjobs almost daily, she worked right next to where i live. left my phone out one day and she deleted the video, super sad times.
When I was 16 I forced a 12 year old girl to suck my dick or I would tell on her for smoking weed. She cried the whole time and I nutter far back in her throat so she had no choice but to swallow my jizz.
>starts asking me questions
if I don't do it, you'll tell, right?
>I start hesitating, say I would never get him in trouble
okay, then I won't do it
>I'm really confused, start chipping off my nail polish
>he sits next to me, takes my hand, says I shouldn't mess myself up
so that's why you won't kiss me, because I'm not pretty?
this was about a kiss?
>I nod
>he starts laughing, leans in and kisses me
>I let myself fall back on the couch, he lies on top off me
>I start to unbutton my shorts
>he pulls away from me
no this is wrong
>I'm wet as fuck, my heart is beating really fast, I never felt this way and suddenly I get mad
I wonder what my mom thinks about it
>he looks at me in shock
>I climb on his lap, grind his cock, it kinda hurts but I guess that's normal
>he's sighing and huffing, which makes me smile
>I lean in and put my tongue in his mouth, I have no idea what I'm doing
dude your teacher raped you
>he starts pulling off my shorts, I stand up and let them drop on the floor
>I wore pink undies for the occasion, I think he liked them
>I climb on him again and he reaches under my shirt, pulls it off and stares at my chest
>I'm a self conscious and cover up, he pulls my arms away
you're beautiful anon
>grabs me by my hair, pulls me closer, kisses me hard, I have butterflies in my stomach
>he puts his hand in my panties, I'm soaked
>it tickles, then it starts to feel good, really good, I'm moaning
>I open my eyes and he's just staring at me with open mouth
>tells me to stand up, I do, he picks me up and carries me upstairs
>he throws me on the bed and pulls off my panties, and attempts to go down on me
>I close my legs, say I don't want that
>he looks at me, spreads my legs, I push them together but he's stronger
>he licks and it tickles
>I push on his head, try to push him away. maybe this is wrong
this is going really fast
>he looks at me angrily, unbuttons his jeans and takes my left hand to wrap it around his dick
>he motions my hand up and down, then leaves me to do it myself while he sucks on my nipples
>I can feel that I suck at the handjob, the nipple-sucking hurts and I feel really bad overall
>he grabs my hand and pulls it away
>he grabs his own dick, like he's aiming it
>I can feel the tip
>omg no
>he pushes, I scream
>he covers my mouth
>I can't recognize his face, his expression is so aggressive and angry, I'm scared
>try to remember I want this
>begin to shake my head to get his hand off my face, try to express via my eyes I want to say something
>he lets go

>phone rings
>"hey anon, bad news man"
>"what's going on?"
>turns out Reggie shot himself.
>he left a note.
>I was never aloud to read it.
>it was about the Goat and I.
>I guess she was the only thing he cared about.
>I don't even really like her that much.
>if she would have never gotten pregnant I would have left her.
>we had a beautifull baby boy the day after Reggie an heroed.
>sometimes I think he has reggies soul.
>I love my kid more in anything.
>I feel terrible for reggies family.
>I'm 24 now
>the goats 19

I guess we're still in love.

>that, or were too invested In each other get a divorce.
>she's pregnent again.
>and Reggie died in vain.
not sure if there are any bros left but I've got a story, 2 summers ago i hooked up with a married woman, will tell story if interest
>say I'm not going to make him stop but beg him to be careful
>he smiles, kisses me, I taste myself
>I rub through his hair, he has amazing brown eyes and the whitest teeth ever
>he pushes more gently, I feel like I'm ripping but I can feel the pain making room for a better feeling
>it takes forever but eventually he's in and fucking me really gently
>tells me I'm the weirdest kid he knows
>tell him that's why he likes me
>he begins thrusting harder, it feels good but then this agonizing pain in the back
>tell him to go slower, he covers my mouth again
>gets on his knees and puts my legs over his shoulders, bends them all the way to my chest
>I can't breathe that well but the expression on his face has been my inspiration for masturbation for years
>that's the horniest man I've ever seen, and I'm 24 myself now
>he has his hands on my butt cheeks, massaging them
>then really pinching them, it hurts a bit
>my ass was extremely red afterwards
>he goes on, hurting me, I can feel every thrust in my chest and it's like he's rubbing me raw
>tears swelling up in my eyes, my head is spinning
>it’s all itchy wetness down there
>I really want it to stop right now
>at that moment it's like he's out of breath, he gives a few 'incoherent' thrusts and collapses on top of me
>he kisses me and rolls off
>he looks at my body and shakes his head, rubs his forehead
>I snuggle up against him, the butterflies are out of control
>I try to kiss him
I have to get you home
>he drops me off a block away from my house
>I kiss him, while I rub his cock
>he bites his lip and smiles
bye now
>he never came to the bar again
i really pray for your first claim to not be a lie.
Here's a story from one of my first craigslist experiences, back in the mid 2000's
>"Big 10 inch for size queen" ad
>Thick, gorgeous 30-something wants to take it
>Married, must be discrete
>Wants to get one hour motel, she pays for it, I put 5 out of the 10 dollars for deposit down
>First time being fully throated
>Made her puke
>She washes up in bathroom, throats me until hard again, fuck the shit out of her, squirts
>Porn on tv, mirrors everywhere - holy shit it was hot at the time, despite the lady being 7/10
>She gives me all the deposit back from the room, yay $5, I'm now a prostitute
>Later find an ad listed on escort website (I put an ad up as well on the same site) for this woman
>mfw I got paid as an escort by an escort, albeit only $5
I've posted this story before, but I've got an update

About 5-6 years ago now, I fucked the 13 yr old daughter of a friend of a friend.

It was New Years, I was about 10 years her senior at the time. I'm handsome, respectable, etc. So, no one had any issue wit me cuddling with all the kids on the couch watching a film.

I kind of had a thing for this girl all ready, so I bump fingers with her under the blanket the 5 of us are sharing.

Shes into it, shes blushing hard; like beet red. So I kept touching her hand and thigh and moved to between her legs, she didnt say stop. I made her touch me and she liked it for about 2 minutes then stopped. Sensory overload.

She excused herself to bed early with her sleepover buddy. I go hang out with the adults.

Around 130, everyone is asleep drunk; I sneak into the room and start playing with her chest. She woke up when my hand went into her pants. Wet, tight; amazing. She wakes up and rolls with it, quietly; cuz her sleepover pal is in the same bed.

I went down on her, and I was so turned on I just shot my load into her mouth in like 3 seconds upon entering. She swallowed all of it, because it was dark, fast and what else was she gonna do.

Ran back to my room without even a goodbye. You know how when you cum after doing someething you shouldnt you feel horrified? Well I felt that x10000000

Next morning, see her at breakfast, she cant stop blushing. She touches MY thigh, I whisper she should go upstairs.

I follow her up 60 seconds later. Meet her in the guest room and commence awful kissing (she couldnt kiss well) and groping. Her pants off and my dick out. I went down on her again, took my time; no one was paying attention too hung over. let me tell you, the only vagina taht ever tasted good was that one.

I slid into her, felt awesome. Theres no way to describe it. It was just..oh man..and for the next 22 minutes I pounded her. She moaned softly and shuddered a lot. I came in her hard. cont
File: 1205140049d.jpg (109KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
109KB, 1280x960px
PS, I love this new slut's head game.
Also, she kept fighting me taking pics, knowing I could very easily blackmail her again. But I forced her hands away enough times that she gave up


After I came in her, that same horrified feeling came over me. Only no running this time, she composed herself. Looked at me, we sort of hug kissed and she ran off. I left about an hour later, because the reality of what I had done had set in.

I came in her and she could be pregnant.

So I spent the next 30 days so sick and worried I almost had a nervous breakdown. There was no way to get her to a clinic in the state I live in at the age she was.

Luckily, no pregnancy. Didn't see her again for years UNTIL thanksgiving.

Shes 18, as hot as I knew she'd be. Fun fact, hasnt had sex since me.

We fucked 3 times and it was still great, its nice that she has tits now. I doubt it will be a regular thing, but it's cool to hit it again and know you were such a powerful sexual force in someone's life.

She gives awful head though, never thought I'd have bad head.
okay you have a cuckold fetish we get it.

thanksgiving of this year*
6x5.5in, should i never talk to women?
Fucked my best friend's girlfriend, and I'm married. Got caught and whole circle of family and friends know about it. This was like four years ago, and I'll never forgive myself. Pic related, I like the Mario Bros. movie.

15 years old, mom catches me smoking weed, so it's off to Dad's house. Dad is married to younger woman, 33 yo, known her since I was about 9.

I catch her jacking off by grinding against the washing machine on spin cycle. I'm hypnotized and sporting a huge stiffy. She finishes up, turns around, blushes, doesn't say a word, walks off. But now we've got this "thing."

A few days later she asks me for a backrub. I get all the way down to her ass and start massaging it, I pull her pants down, finger her pussy, and it was on. I fucked her about 4 times that day.

So Dad sells electronic components all over NY, goes on overnight business trips all the time. Lots of blowjobs, she got drunk and let me fuck her in the ass, pretty much anytime he's gone, we were fucking.

My best friend figures it out and says something to her. In front of me she grabs him and takes him into her bedroom and fucks his brains out.

Next day the three of us fuck, she tries to get us to do gay shit together, we just spit-roast her. This sort of shit goes on for months, Dad never catches on.

I get into a fight at school. Huge bully, but I manage to get him on the ground and bash his skull on the tile a few times, causing major damage. End up moving back in with Mom. A few months later Dad tells me he caught her cheating with HIS best friend and he's getting a divorce.

Years later I go to visit my half-sister and guess who's waiting to fuck me? Not, not my half-sister you /b/erverts. Stepmom. Sends sister out to play, goes into bathroom, comes out naked. We fuck, then we talk about how my Dad is doing.

Saw her again at my Uncle's funeral, she grabs my ass and winks in the funeral parlor.

True story.
I've fucked a girl in whellchair. in the ass. very hard
Did she stop giving you blowjobs then? She wasn't into you even a little bit?
> True story
KEK of the year nominee right here
F O H.
Nah. I'm an oldfag, and this was back in the day. Butterface, hot ass, decent tits, very short. Brunette, brown eyes. Actually decent looking eyes, but her mouth was too wide and she was kind of toothy. Gave decent head, Cockhungry slut, the pervier the better. She (obviously) had a thing for young guys - she was a little too interested in 12 year old boys on TV.

You'll never know how weird it is to have your stepmom grab your dick while your dad is in the next room watching the news.
Let me guess.
She didn't feel a thing.
File: 127_1000.jpg (375KB, 1000x1026px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>About five years ago I was dating this 7/10 chick
>she was a nice girl but she rationed out the sex like you could use it all up and never get it back
>starting to get bored with this when I notice little sis has a crush on me, she is almost 18 and only 6/10 because she will not dress up nice
>start paying a little more attention to lil sis and we begin to message a lot, funny things, silly pictures and that shit
>she meets me after work one day because she had a thing to go to in the city and it went on longer than she thought it would
>we go back to my place and she jumps my bones as soon as we are alone
>we fuck like life itself is about to end and afterwards she tells me I should drop her sis and go with her
>I'm not sure and although I could handle the fallout I'm worried about her, she tells me to stop being a pussy and do it
>I do it and we begin to openly see each other, big sis is pissed but can't really do much about it
>lil sis moves in with me, and there is nothing she won't do or try, suck my dick?, "sure why not, I want to learn anyway", anal?, "cool but use a lot of lube please", rimming?... "er.. whats that" she asks "Oh.. yeah why not, but you gotta do me too"
>the sex is always there and we like to play.... a lot!!
>got married last year and want to have kids next year or the year after
>older sis didn't come to wedding because lil sis told her she couldn't keep a man because "she rations the sex like water on a desert march", I shit you not I heard the phone call as it happened

Hand to God. According to Dad she was fucking his friend and some guy in another town, I know for a fact she was still fucking my best friend.
yea virgin detected
nope. she feel everything, she's just weak from tail to feet because of brain damage by suffocation when she was born.
she wanted to try anal one day. I insisted. she only had 1 boyfriend before.
File: 1415003652727.jpg (5KB, 187x186px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 187x186px
Ah, sorry.
In my first post, I apologized for potato phone pic. Potato phone has no video capabilities. Next time, I will use the girl's iPhone.
That chick is the 4th girl I have fucked in that same campus bathroom. I teach in the same building too lol.
Shame, the last girl I fucked in their was a pretty much 10/10 black chick, couldn't swallow my dick all the way but close, and what she did with her tongue more than made up for it. I had videos of her, she supposedly sent them to my e-mail, but never did. When I asked for a re-send, she deleted them. I think it's because I kept telling her how bad I felt for her beta (she described him, he's a total beta and she cheats/escorts all the time)
File: kek.jpg (33KB, 296x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 296x450px
File: 1416674769456.jpg (204KB, 601x601px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
204KB, 601x601px
>Be 22, have 25 year old retard roommate
>paying most of the bills myself, both our names on the list
>Roommate gets in trouble with his gas station job for dating/funkyfeeling obnoxious pig bitch co-worker
>trippin shrooms one night, brings pig bitch over saying she's staying with us for a while and helping him pay rent because he quit so they could slap flaps in my goddamn apartment.
>she talks shit on my music
>they feel each other up at the foot of my bed(slept in living room like a goddamn king)
>tell them to leave, they ask why
>"you're in my fucking bed room" as I'm taking off my pants
>"well if you're gonna kick us out you might as well share your stash"
>So goddamn mad that I'm having a rage-trip with crawley sensations and sweating bullets.
>fast forward one week, I coerce retard into breaking it off so he can try to get his job back (I was already preparing to hate-fuck his entire life if he didn't move out)
>He actually does it, is crushed but is also co-dependent as fuck so he wants to stay on good terms with me.
>leaves for his dads 60 miles away, always does when he's sad. Stays for damn near a week every time.
>call pig-bitch, tell her I'm sorry about what happened and I want to talk to her in person about trying to resolve things between her and retard.
>I have weed and Everclear, a city rednecks kryptonite.
>She doesn't pace herself and gets emotional.
>asks me why I'm such a nice guy, make up bullshit about how I care for her and she seems happy with retard.
>panties drop, I hate-pork the pig on his futon.
>she passes out, I spread my liquid mother-of-pearl on her forehead.
>Piss on her, take a dump and wipe shit all over the toilet and on her legs and his bed.
>wake her up an hour before dawn tell her to get her drunk ass out. She leaves bawling like a god damn blood hound.
>Sent pics to roommate telling him to pick up his shit. Not a word from him since.
>TL/DR: I fucked a whale and wiped my own shit on her because petty revenge

Believe it or don't. Makes no nevermind to me.
I dunno if this is what you're looking for but when I was 18 I fucked a 14 year old, this was years ago, she would sleep over and we'd share a bed. I fell insanely- almost stupidly in love with her because she was incredibly unique, but our weird friendship was tested at a time when we were both very vulnerable, and she ended up weighing her options and ultimately decided to believe her friends, deciding that they weren't total liars who would fabricate a rape story over free lunch...

It was pretty wild, not the best, and her age didn't make it exciting or anything, I was more interested in our dynamic, but it was incredibly stupid of me and the fact that I never got caught is just shy of a miracle.

It's been over 10 years and I still think about her rather often. I hope she's doing well...
Please post more pics of this girl! And are her tits big/nice? Because they look like they are.

Also, more stories about females you've met/fucked/fooled around with.
File: 749174907.jpg (322KB, 1500x2000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
322KB, 1500x2000px
Btw, anyone else looking to post?
>making it touch better her butt

you are from what country where talk like you this?
File: 1205140041b.jpg (85KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85KB, 1280x960px
Sorry my ID keeps switching, I am traveling around campus currently. Started posting when I was at home.

For a while, I was on a roll fucking just 18 year old chicks. I'm late 20's. There was this one black girl, who I can never forget. She stood about 4'11" tall, with a fit body and perky b-cup breasts. She never shaved her pussy before we met, and the first time I fucked her hurt so bad for me.
The first time was exceptional though, as she gave such great head. I was surprised she could take the whole thing while being such a small girl - she actually responded to an ad to have a deepthroat competition with the black stripper I mentioned before (but the stripper backed out, being a cunt and all).
Well, the second time, I had the girl come over. I made her blow me while I watched porn and ignored her, which seemed to turn her on even more so I had her ride my dick while I still pretended she wasn't shit, and watched porn on the comp. She shaved that time, and her tight little cunt still hurt my dick. I'm surprised it didn't hurt for her.
I will always remember her for the pussy so tight it hurt

Yes, that girl in the pics' tits are huge, and nice. Not as nice as I thought though, they seemed saggier than I remembered last night.
Very nice. How was your relationship with your dad? Was there any guilt banging the love of his life, as his son? So wrong yet so good.
>Got a great, "taking one for the team" fail if interested
1. I fucked my married college professor.

2. Nope, I've started feeling sleeping drunk girls up before though.

3. See above with the college professor, it was supposed to be a one time thing but she enjoyed riding me so much that I fucked her for almost a year. I also got one of my managers to fuck me while her boyfriend was out fighting wildfires.
fucking hot
Fucked my own aunt a LOT during one summer vacation, if anyone wants that.
Pls moat photos. She's fucking beatiful, isn't she?

I never used Craigslist, does it work?
Your stories are hot! Please post more about encounters of females you've fucked/done dirty stuff with.

Also, I'm curious, do you have a conscience? Do you feel guilt over fucking females who have boyfriends/fiances/husbands? And while I'm cure it was a turn-on to have that girl suck your dick and let you cum in her mouth while parked in front of her house while her boyfriend was inside, did it bother you to know what you were doing?

Also, have you been caught/confronted by a boyfriend/husband before? If so, stories, please!

And post more pics of this bitch with the big tits. And of other females whose pics you have. Please.

Also, have you fucked more than one female on the same day?

Yes, we would like to hear/read about this. With details, please! How it started? What she looks like? If she has big tits, fat ass, tight pussy, and what all you did sexually with? her Her age and yours? Also, got pics of her? And did anyone in your family find out? If so, what happened?

1) Married gal with delicious, big tits several times. Professor at my college, around same age as each other. Boss a few times, including having her give head in the backseat of a taxi and fucking outdoors near a restaurant with outdoor seating (with people there). Girl that had a boyfriend - which later became girl that was engaged and then girl that was married. A few others.

2) Never needed to. The ones that were cheating absolutely loved it. Though I fucked myself over with one when drunk.

3) See one.
>Some extremely fine
Any pics?
Banged ex-wife's best friend.
Was separated from my now ex. I had custody of the kid. She drove 4 hours to visit, and brought some friend of hers who needed to take care of something in my home town. That night, banged the now ex-wife, then remembered I had to finish laundry for work the next day. HAd to go through the room the friend was sleeping in to get to the laundry room. Finish laundry stuff and head back to maybe bang the wife again. Friend stops me, asks me to sit on the bed next to her, then reaches out, brabs my hands, and puts them on her tits. What the hell....getting divorced anyway..... quietly banged the friend. Take a quick shower, go back to my room, wife is sleeping. Start spooning with her, dick gets hard again..... bang the wife again. Fast forward 2 years later. Already divorced, wife and her friend living together as room mates. Friend pisses me off. Tell my ex exactly what happened. Hilarity ensues.
I've cheated on my girlfriend a fair few times
I've made out with a loads of randoms but that never really bothered me
The first time I fucked a girl and that didnt bother me either
But much later on a girl sucked muh dick- didnt feel bad
But then the next night i went out again and i ended up fucking a random
Come back home in the morning expecting to feel like a don
But i didnt i felt fucking awful and started getting really upset and anxious
Never cheated again since
>tfw she still doesnt know
Are you implying that these females fucked you because of your dick being big? If so, care to share some details about how these encounters and, specifically, how they started?

This is a pretty hot story. I'm guessing you have pics of both females, are you willing to post some? Also, what sort of hilarity ensued after telling your ex-wife about her best friend? Do you still fuck either/both of them? When did this happen?

And, pics of one/both females, please!

Well it's a real story, so I'm afraid it's really not all that perfect. My little brother and I were staying at her house (and sort of at my grandparent's, since they lived on the same property) while my parents went to visit the other sent of grandparents on the other side of the country (There was a funeral so they did this huge family get together but couldn't afford to take the kids).

I was...shit, fifteen, maybe even fourteen, at the time. My little brother was a few years younger than that, and my aunt had a son living with her that was a year or two younger than my little brother. My aunt is...not a super model, but she's not ass ugly. She's pretty short, she's got fat but average at best tits (if that makes sense), but she has thunder thighs and a HUGE soft ass, even back then when she kept in better shape. I know now she's actually the family whore (she's been through like eight boyfriends/husbands in ten years), but back then she was a little better. My brother and cousin would hang out a lot, and I tried to, but I was older than them enough to be bored a lot.

We'd only been there a few days when my aunt gets a bit drunk one night, and I was watching TV in the living room alone. She came out and started watching it with me, talking bullshit about life and whatnot, and then decides to go to bed. She leaned in to give me a kiss (I think it was supposed to be innocent, she did that a LOT to all the kids). She swayed and fell off balance right after we started and almost ended up in my lap, and the kiss kinda went DEEP. I kinda caught her, but one of my hands was on her tit; by that point I was jerking off like three times a day at that point, so I just kinda fondled without even realising it, and I think she liked that. She still pulled away fairly quickly, and went to bed.

I'm trying to be detailed. Too boring? Keep going?
Keep going.
No, not too detailed. Good job, so far. Please continue. Also, do you have pics of her tits or ass? Or any pic of her? Also, do you have a big dick? And what all sexually did you end up doing with her? And why did it stop?
Not really much of a story but this happened about 7 years ago.

>Be 18 was the "cool kid" back in school
>drink,smoking doing drugs fucking bitches
>my mates 18th birthday getting on the piss at his place
>brings his new gf around
>goto his bathroom and do ice of the bench
>party hard all night
>night eventually dies down
>mates parents come home early cool with party and they goto bed
>end up crashing on his couch down stairs
>him and his partner go up stairs to goto bed
>she ends up walking down stairs with a pillow
>turns out he got a text from his mom to either go sleep down stairs or she has to
>She ends up laying next to me and we end up talking for a bit
>end up fucking her
>morning comes and were shitting next to each other under a blanket
>shes giving me a handjob as my mate walks down the stairs
>gives her a kiss on the cheek and says morning babe as he walks to the kitchen
>his partner puts her head under the blanket and swallows my load

ended up fucking her alot and had a 3 way with her and her other room mate who was a lot hotter than her while those 2 were still together after a while they broke up after she told my mate i was banging her on the side and we haven't spoken since
Because Facebook doesn't exist and no one has any photos of themselves on the fucking internet you faggot.
It's ok Heaven, you won't get owned like that every time you post a shit comment
File: 10421633.jpg (3KB, 124x126px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 124x126px
>were shitting next to each other under a blanket

No pics, sorry. Like I said she's really not that hot, to be honest, like pretty at best (and that's gone downhill as her life's fucked up even more). I was like 15 at the time. I hit puberty a bit early so I guess maybe it was big for my age, but I'm only about 61/2 to 7 at best, so not hugely. Kinda thick, but eh. I'll get to what I did sexually with her later, and it stopped because the summer ended, I didn't see her for half a year, and she got a boyfriend who became one of many husbands.

Aight. Next morning is a little embarrassing for me but she acts like nothing's wrong. She makes us breakfast and shit, then goes and gets ready for work (she had a part time job, she never worked more than six hours a day, and never more than like three days a week). She came to give us all a good bye kiss (like I said, she did that a lot), but she waited for me last, and after the other two had ran back to my cousin's bedroom, she kissed me...and it was like the night before. Longer, and deeper, and she actually pulled me into a hug too. We weren't making out or anything, but it was definitely 'wrong'. I pretty much immediately got a chubby, which I think she liked.

Anyway she goes off to work, comes home later, and aside from a slightly longer good night kiss, it was normal. The next day she didn't work, but she had a date, so she got dressed up pretty hot (miniskirt, white blouse with some frills, stockings, high heels, did her hair and everything) and went out. She came back pretty late, and alone, and kinda drunk (not like the first time though). I was the only one up since it was after midnight (the other two had a bedtime), and she came in and started bitching to me about her date. I didn't know jack shit about what to say but I just kinda kept nodding and saying 'uh huh' and listening to her as she had a beer. She decided she was gonna go to bed again so she stood up and said she wanted another kiss.

Out of space. Cont?
Answered an ad on Craigslist one time from a woman wanting sex. I fucked hard 4 times. Didn't even know her name. When we were done I told her I needed $50. She gave it to me. She called me about once a week for sex. Paid me everytime. Then she got a boyfriend and only called like once a month. Then they got married. She called me one last time and I fucked her in every position ending with ass to mouth. She paid me $100 for that session. Then she never called again.
Bullshit. this was from a post a few days ago.
Here's one

>be me, 21
>dating 8/10 dumb as rocks
>parents go away for the weekend, brother is away at school
>have people over, everyone's drinking
>fuck gf on couch
>was drunk, so don't remember what I did with the condom. Assume I threw it away.
>ff few weeks
>come home from work
>go into room
>note on computer desk
>"Anon, I am really grateful that you are being safe, but please don't leave things like these out where I can find them. Love you, Mom"
>mfw she stapled the used condom to the note.
Honestly I don't think that I am. Average at best? Possible that for at least a few, I was the biggest they had (I think the girl that is now married but still craving, has a husband that must be smaller).

Meant more along the lines of "had someone cheat with you" and didn't bother reading it fully.

For the married gal with big tits - we both happened to be working in the same foreign country, her husband was back in the US. I'd been there longer and knew the area. We became friends, apparently she became really attracted (she was pretty - had that naughty British librarian look when wearing glasses too, but without fucked teeth lol). I knew she was married, so kept that distance because at the time I cared about that stuff, even though it was a fantasy. One day after a night out with several mutual friends, we took the same taxi back - she kissed me. We fucked like rabbits. Continued for a while, including being her first anal experience. She'd had a few kids, but still looked and felt damn good. Ended one drunk night when she snuck into my room to fuck and I apparently felt like I needed to remind her she shouldn't be doing it because of her marriage. Had one final "farewell" fuck later on.

Professor wasn't mine, but worked in the same department as several of mine. She was pretty and had nice, but hidden tits (always wore sweaters or big clothes). Started chatting her up and we'd hang out. Went out to a haunted house type thing (Halloween) which apparently scared her pretty good, so she was clinging on tight. Kissed her forehead because it felt like I should lol. Next day, she invited me over to her apartment and we started our several month long fuck-fest. She'd leave the office whenever possible and I'd skip classes to fuck. She even canceled her own class once.

Have more, but those are my favorite.

How was it?
File: CAM01594.jpg (51KB, 607x810px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 607x810px
To mix it up, attached is a pic of a late 20's married woman who I am going to meet next. She fell asleep last night, we were supposed to meet before I fucked blackmail/big titty girl, but she fell asleep (I was late getting out of the house). I sent her the best pics of me fucking the other girl instead and said "this should have been you. I should have been pumping my load inside of your wet little cunt instead"
She's such a slut, she's working on sending me pics of her playing with herself in the bathroom at work since she can't slip away right now.
I will post more of blackmail girl after this chick (hoping her pics come soon so I can post them when I get them :) )
Yes, I have a conscious. I feel bad for the guys, but they should take better care of their women's needs and they wouldn't cheat. It's almost never because I'm just bigger, it's always something lacking in their relationship. And vice versa, I feel a little bad for betraying my fiance, but we discussed our sexual preferences and all, and her efforts to keep me satisfied have been few and far between. I like it rough, she can't handle it that rough. I need throated, and at best she can take 4-5 inches. I like dirty talk, etc. She does not. But, I won't leave her, because we are perfect in every, non-sexual regard. And our sex is still pretty damn good.
I have only had a confrontation upon a cuckolding scenario when I was still in high school. The guy got mad 1/2way into it, and threatened to call my parents house if I didn't do gay shit for him. He started to become violently angry when I declined, and I mentioned my parents would love to hear from an adult trying to force their minor son into a sexual scenario.
Yes, I have fucked more than one female on the same day, this post might get too long, so next post I will tell
Go on!
Just bumping with another sexy pic.

It was different like, right away. I don't know if it's because she was horny, or drunk, or what. She'd gotten stiffed on that date, I know that, because that was all she talked about for like fifteen minutes straight, so I assume she was trying to get laid, I dunno. All I know is, all I had on was a pair of sweats, and right when she asked for it I started to get a little excited, so I was already prodding at her a little, maybe that did it.

Anyway, she just started making the fuck out with me. I kinda froze there like an idiot for a few seconds. I wasn't some super experienced stud at like 14 or 15, and it was my AUNT, so I was paralyzed for a few seconds. I remember what finally got me going is that she grabbed my hands and put them on her hips, right above her ass. I guess that was my cue, because I got rock fucking solid and started making out with her HARD. She was drunk and slutty, and I was really nervous and uncomfortable (but aroused), so it got messy pretty quick, but...fuck, it was hot to me. It was summer so I wasn't wearing a shirt, and that top and bra she had were so thin as to be worthless, so her fat little tits kept grinding and squishing at me, and I started groping her ass about a split second after she moaned a bit from my hand moving on her hip. I was worried the whole thing was some kind of creepy joke and I was gonna be in deep shit, but it wasn't. We made out, she even pushed me back onto the sofa and straddled my lap to do it. THAT got me fucking revved as well. I'm pretty sure that if I hadn't been jerking off even in my aunt's house, I'd have bust a nut right there.

>I feel bad for the guys, but they should take better care of their women's needs and they wouldn't cheat

Bullshit is that what they fucking tell you? Women cheat because they can and they love the thrill of the act. If you know what gets women riled up and hot you can get anyone one of them to cheat. The only fault that the guys have is that they don't know how to keep their bitches in line.

>I feel bad for the guys, but they should take better care of their women's needs and they wouldn't cheat

Bullshit is that what they fucking tell you? Women cheat because they can and they love the thrill of the act. If you know what gets women riled up and hot you can get anyone one of them to cheat.

Women rationalize their cheating by creating non-existent problems in the relationship, so they can absolve themselves of any guilt and put it all on the men. The only fault that the guys have is that they don't know how to keep their bitches in line.
I believe I posted in your thread a few months ago asking for the same type of stories. I gave you a bunch of stories... Do you recall?
Soooo....you're a faggot. Does she let you suck her other men off sometimes, or do you prefer tasting the cum when you kiss her later?
You're going to need to be more-specific than that? What types of stories did you post? Did you include any pics? ANd do you feel like sharing any stories now?
Looks like someone got screwed over. Women cheat to feel special.>>583184158
Just look at my story, basically, this wasn't a very pleasant experience, but, I felt real' special.
I included a picture of nearly every girl. I claimed there were all decent looking. You thought they were all smoking hot.

>fucked girl i just met at party in closet, cops came

That one stands out the most, as it's my best story, I think.

Anyone want me to continue?
yes goddammit finish this shit. im staying home and putting off errands to hear the rest
No doubt. Please do.
I fucked two heroin addicted half sisters at the same time. They lezzed out once or twice to turn me on. One of the filthiest things I've ever done.
Dang, I don't seem to recall them. Are you sure it was in this same thread? Or could it possibly have been a different one? Will you please post a greentext story or two and try to refresh my memory? Also, are you down to again post some pics of these females?

And how recently did you post your stories?

Nope, never been cheated on because I grow bored the relationship way before they do. But I've seen plenty of women pull it enough times that I've come to understand the mentality around it.

>Women cheat to feel special

Doesn't disprove my point that women cheat because they love the thrill.
I don't see too many people asking for stories about fucking other people's bitches and having a big dick. It must have been you. It was a few months back, I believe.

Not sure if I'm up for all the typing again. I mean, jesus, you didn't remember the stories from before so why would I do it all over again?

Sorry, I'll try to speed it up. Or I'll probably not tell the whole story. We were there for the entire summer, and this shit all started in like the first week, so it...kinda went on for a while. I still can't believe we never got caught.

Anyway, we're making out, sloppy and horny, she's drunk, we're starting to feel each other up...again, if I hadn't been such a masturbation fiend back there, I'd have probably came just from the making out, but if not then, I definitely would have when she started feeling up my boner. I'm not huge now, and I wasn't then, but I hit puberty pretty early and started jacking off before I was 13, so I guess maybe I was big for my age, or thick, or who fucking knows. Whatever the case, it was big enough for her to bother with, I guess, because she was rubbing and getting her hands all over it by the end of the kiss.

After like...fifteen fucking minutes, she pulls back, and tells me not to say a fucking word...and I didn't plan on it, frankly, I was afraid that would drive her off or something. She slides off me and onto the ground, told me to lift my ass, and yanked my sweatpants down. She DID say I had a nice cock, and kinda quietly, to herself, so that was fucking awesome, and she kept rubbing it and smearing my precum around. After a while she leaned in and started blowing me...and she definitely had experience. No teeth, pretty plump lips with thick lipstick, our spit...the fact that it was my aunt actually made me a little ill, but I was harder than I'd ever been in my life, so there was no fucking way I was going to get her to stop.

Keep going. I'm lurking the shit out of this thread for this story
you're lucky mane dat nigga coulda killed you or something
Keep going, Noonan

pics of the aunt
I appreciate you sharing your stories before, but keep in mind that I've realistically started over a dozen of these threads over the last few months, and read lots of stories, so it's probably just that it's not ringing a bell to me yet. If you feel like posting some more stories, and some pics of the females, that would be pretty fucking great!

It's like every single line of this true story is tailored to be unbelievable!

So she's super fucking great at blowing, and this is my opinion LATER. She fucking spoiled me for blowjobs, the first real girlfriend I had (later that year, actually) took like half an hour to get me to blow, and I usually had to try and force it just so she wouldn't feel bad. Anyway, she's sucking and slurping and making all of these noises that would be disgusting if I weren't hard as diamonds and in her mouth. I like to think I lasted a fair amount, given her skill, but fuck, it probably wasn't more than minutes. I bust a nut, and it was a pretty damn big one, mainly because I kept thinking OH SHIT MY AUNT IS GONNA DRINK HER GRANDNEPHEWS about a million times to myself. She actually DID swallow, which helped add to the fucking hotness of it.

She stood up afterward and said that she thought that was enough for tonight, and that I couldn't tell ANYONE about this, and I promised like eighteen times, and then she went into her bedroom. I went to mine a few minutes later (my brother and cousin shared one room, my aunt's room and my room were down at the other end of the little one floor house). I fell asleep listening to her buzzing a vibrator that sounded like it had a couple D cells in it.

File: giphy.gif (405KB, 500x246px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
405KB, 500x246px
>friends gf called me over
>she 's alone
>starts to talk about shit
>she thinks Joe is cheating on her
>we talk more and i say that he is
>one thing leads to another
>on bed she is riding me revers cowgirl
>it's a small apartment so the door is viable form the bed
>suddenly door fly open
>in comes Joe and a girl to busy making out to notice us
(apparently had she said that she would be at a friend)
>she shouts WTF JOE! (still on me)
>he looks up and is WTF TAYLOT!
>both burst out in laughter
>mfw 4some
You're definitely the same guy. Nobody else has these manners. Maybe in a bit. Or maybe if you start a new thread after this kamikazes.
where and how do you find this woman? they look like 7/10 or more, e.g. 'beautful' and 'enjoable to have sex with'
Stayed with a girl I was sort of seeing she backed out of sleeping with me, fucked her mum in the next room

Different GF openly fucked a guy with a big dick and told me so
File: 1349628145061.jpg (52KB, 490x490px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52KB, 490x490px
real or not funny as fuck
Keep dumping... You have plenty of fans
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