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Mental hospital horror stories >be me >In mental hospital

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Mental hospital horror stories

>be me
>In mental hospital
>poking fun at fat nurse
>nurse asks me to go to me room, so I do. She follows
>4 other people come in
>ask me to lay on my stomach, so I do
>they hold my arms and legs down and give me two shots of idk what
>shit gets weird
>I walk back out in the lobby
>the phones start ringing, so I walk over to them
>one of the other patients laugh and says it's for you!
>Answer phone 1, no one there. Answer phone 2, no one there.
>Phones start ringing again, and again, and again, and no one is there, so I leave the phones off the hook
>suddenly see a patient open a door and walk outside, so I follow shortly after him, but the door is now locked.
>walk back to my room, and the showe is turned on, but there is no one in it

>the next night I got a roommate
>she was so quiet, she didn't even rustle about in her sleep. She just lay there.
>in the middle of the night, a group of people came in the room and told me to leave, which I did very hesitantly
>stand outside door and hear her screaming ow ow ow! As they gave her shots
>She goes batshit and starts swinging wildy trying to hit them
>end up getting put in restraints down the hall
>I go back in the room, and a nurse comes to take my vitals, all while this girl who used to be so quiet is screaming incoherently in isolation
>nurse tells me quietly that I should be drinking lots of water, and then the girl screams, you keep shooting me up, why not just shoot me up with water!
Too lazy to keep greentexting.

Eventually the girl is released from restraint s and is laying in bed again, but she's missing her pants. Hospitals have sweatpants and sweatshirts for patients to wear, but they made her wear a thin camisole with no bra, and her underwear. She told me to look in her cubby where all your things arw supposed to be put, and there were only thongs there for her to wear.
I don't care. Stop posting
Stop bumping

Keep going Anon. I'm bored.
Finish story plz
Nice feminazi tumblr pic OP. Mind if I save it?
is this one flew over the cuckoos nest, green version?
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>but who was phone?
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>go visit gf once she's been sectioned
>she goes outside for a cigarette
>get talking to another female patient
>tells me she is an arch angel
>tells me she will try to contact the dead later
you wut mate
Yer finish the story cunt. It better be good or this board will fill up with shit posting the likes has never been seen before. Apocalyptic shit posting even the Christians didn't predict. Followed some time later with a shitty Nicolas cage movie about who knows fuckin what.
>mfw all a hallucination
>mfw i have no face
>be me, working construction in a mental hospital
>the area were working in is closed off but, to get to it we have to walk through the area still being used
>crazy lady sitting in her wheelchair in the hallway
>crazy lady is putting a voodoo curse on everybody as they walk by
>as I walk by crazy lady puts 2 fingers through my belt loop
>realize I am now dragging crazy lady down the hall in her wheelchair
>crazy lady is still cursing people
>panic, try to free myself from crazy lady
>crazy lady has super human strength, cannot break her grip
>yell for help
>crazy lady still cursing people
>mental hospital workers arrive to help as I am trying to take off my pants to get away
>3 workers break her grip
>slump down in corner in relief
>nearly cry
>go outside for cigarette after traumatic event
>smoke cigarette while chatting with nurse
>return to work
>crazy lady is back in same spot cursing people
File: 1410543536194.webm (2MB, 1280x720px)
2MB, 1280x720px
inb4 i nvr had a room mate, girl was me/ghost/skeleton/inception/dinosarr/belair
The next day I see the girl fully clothed, talking on the phone, and even from a distance I can hear screaming coming from the phone. We lock eyes and she hangs up the phone. As soon as I turn around I hear her pick the phone up and the screaming continues, as if she never hung up. Later, she is released and I get a new roommate. New roommate is old, and quiet. The doctors came in in the middle of the night again, and give her shots, but for some reason they dont tell me to leave the room. Roommate starts throwing up, and later shits herself.
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bump 4 more
At least that wasn't anticlimactic...
>be me
>psych ward
>be a sociopath and bipolar
>having manic episode late at night
>getting no sleep
>pissed off because everybody else was getting medicine and I wasn't
>pissed off because you're not allowed painkillers
>back and neck hurting
>rage increasing
>hit things
>security is called
>keep shouting at them to give me my medicine
>anger spills over
>hitting nurses and security guard
>they put me in a restraint and seclusion room
>tranquilizer does nothing
>insanity sets in deeper with nothing to distract my mind from going crazy
>plead to be let out
>start hallucinating, screaming, and crying
>felt like an eternity

Psychiatrist finally came in and told them they were idiots and to let me go. I got my medicine a few minutes later. That room still haunts me.
I still have no idea what was in those shots. I'm tryin to get my medical records and find out, because I was given shots at least 3 times, with two shots each time. That's 6 shots, and honestly I really do not feel like the same person
I also visited the same hospital again and I was put in the room directly across from the restraint and seclusion room. I could hear people late at night struggling and making noise from being put in restraints. One girl actually managed to escape from the ward.
>mean,old, fat, black lady gets moved to the floor I'm on
>curses out everyone
>no exceptions
>staff waits on her hand and foot
>always yelling about getting more soda and coffee at mealtimes
>be morning
>one of my roommates tells me she was in my bed the night before
>crazy bitch can't remember what room is hers
>ohwell.bmp I'm in the nut hut, afterall
>let it slide
>two nights later
>walk into my room
>two out of three roommates in bed, sleeping
>hyper-vigilant, always trying to be aware of my surroundings
>walking toward bathroom
>see door open
>black mass in the doorway
>fuck me, it's Sheron
>powerwalk down the hall to the nurses station
>can't run because I don't want the booty dart
>"Umm... Sheron's in my bathroom"
>Nurse has look of disgust
>mutters "Oh, no."
>Walk the other way
>Hear shouting from behind me as they remove her

Actually interesting, mind telling me how old you were when this happened?
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moar crazy bitch stories please
> be me
> be nursing student
> training in psychiatric ward
> suddenly a patient starts shouting to me
> "What are you doing here? You really had the courage to come?"
> ohfuck.jpg
> go away from his room
> wrong move
> suddenly he starts following and insulting me
> call help
> no one come (in fact the nurse had arrived in few seconds but I was terrified)
> patient grabs my arm and pull me back
> push him back
> he started to run
> grab the first object near me
> it's a fire extinguisher
> spray him with the powder and run away
> nurses block him and the psychiatrist sedates him
> the day after he was totally friendly
"fuck me, its Sheron"

i was in an adolescent mental hospital once which wasnt as crazy as the adult ones but i can picture that happening in the exact environment i was in and i for some reason feel like i would run at her and jump kick her in the chest between the boobs, then run away
This one black lady I encountered who was really crazy once took a pencil from the art session. I told a nurse. I didn't want her having anything pointy.
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i'm not surprised to see how many fellow /b/rothers have been in a mental hospital
I was, and sti am 20 years old. Turning 21 this month.
I'm turning 21 on the 22nd, what about you?
The doctors were worse than the patients. In a different hospital, they had locked the bathroom door, which led me to believe there was someone in there. Then when they put me in isolation, I heard the bathroom door unlock, and the person who unlocked it came to the window in the door and stared at me. Then left. The same person came back ever few minutes or so to stare at me, and I thought it was a creepy patient who locked himself in the bathroom, but no, it was the doctor.
Ok Ill post a bit.

>Working as a detention officer when a lawyer decided shed try a new tactic to get he clients out. She got them to pretend to be crazy then as soon as they hit Greylands (the WA mental hospital) shed file an injunction so they couldnt be returned to "what had caused it"..

Pure bullshit.

>I went down escorting the first one and he kept up his act right up until he saw the secure ward at greylands. He went white and started begging me "Im not really crazy officer... Im only pretending etc"

>But the lawyer ran her injunction and he was "cured" and released in a fortnight.
>Just in time for a second bloke to arrive, this went on for about 3 months, the nurses asked us to wear civvies as our uniforms made the other patients nervous. Got to meet plenty of crazy people, nearly everyone brought in had street drugs on them of some sort.

I turn 21 on the 24th
It's a small world after all
Fuck the random shots they give you. Man when I was admitted, they forced me to take drugs I behemently told them I don't want, and then I lost coherence and passed into a black out stage, and woke up with like 4/5 injection sites in the crook of my elbow. After this I just kept getting more and more into that apathetic non caring state and kept noticing more injection sites. After like a week (I think) I got out and now I bullshit to everyone so I'll never go through that hell again
The nurses were asswipes. They treated you like you weren't human. If you had a problem, it wasn't their problem. Some of them were nice, but a lot of them were dicks.
WOW u r pretty cool m8
I feel you /b/ro. I would rather be homeless than ever go back to a mental hospital. Whenever I'm in one I take the meds they want me to because I'm so afraid of getting shots again. But I will never take medication outside the hospital. It always makes things worse

So what did you go in for? My only experience in a Psychiatric ward was summer of sixth grade year so I was about 13, spent two weeks of my summer there because of my overly religious and spiritual mother.
I can greentext if requested.
yasss. tell us more abowt ze mothar
>hey i got a story
>but i won't tell unless you ask for it

why even bother doing this?

Can I actually sneak into there like I hear about people doing? Do you know if security patrols at night?
fuck you op
I beg to differ. After like 4 different types of meds I've found one that regulates my mania and bipolar episodes. But I'm broke and need money to pay for it (obviously). So here where's I turn into a chump. Is there any chance that anyone could do me a huge favor here and pay pal me some money for my medications? I'll give you the names of them if people think this is a scam. Seriously, even 5 bucks would mean a lot.

Pay pal:
[email protected]
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now the main bit of my story..

>A little weedy abbo bloke was brought in, by this stage I was dressed casual and had been offered sedatives by new staff a couple of times, so I was blending in nicely.
Anyway i was effectively being paid good money to read books all day which suited me.
This little Abbo came over after a while and began a running "stream of consciousness" monologue about how little girls loved it, the younger the better, how wonderful it was when they screamed and the blood came out their pussies as he tore them up etc...
>I let him go on for a while because i was supposed to keep in the background but eventually i stood up over him and told him if he didnt ho away i was going to knock him down and stamp his balls flat. He might have been mad but he didnt come near me again.

Fast forward about 7 years.

>Im at the pub with my brother and his new girlfriend and their mates ad i tell my :pub story" version of meeting WAs worst rapist (Look for Narkle/rapist) when my brother elbowed me in the ribs.. I didnt take the hint until i noticed everyone had gone quiet and he dragged me away...

>His girlfriend had been raped by Narkle when she was 12 years old,,, him and the bloke who also raped her shoved a tree branch up her cunt and she nearly bled to death...

TL:DDR: I missed the opportunity to seriously hurt WAs worst rapist, who had also raped my brothers (now wife) girlfriend.. Even worse the assault hed been bragging to me about was hers.

How I got in, was that it was Halloween night this year, and I got lost in a really bad place. I hadn't slept in about 5 days, and the battery on my phone was dying. I ended up calling the police and asking for a ride home. The took me to a local hospital overnight, then the next day I was transferred to a much worse hospital.
>greentext pls
sure, upload some timestamped pics of your dick being shoved into a blueray/dvd player and ill send you some cash
What have you guys gone in for? I'm an undiagnosed schizophrenic, I feel like I have a pretty good handle on it though. Stopped using drugs etc. I'm just fearful all of a sudden I'm going to lose my shit and end up there.
do you live in a bad area or something? cause the first time they transported me to a shitty hospital which is exactly like that after they pumped my stomach. after that i got sent to another hospital fairly close to where i live, and it was really nice, almost exactly like that movie it's kindve of a funny story without all the love bullshit.

Theres different areas, the whole thing is fairly open, but the actual security wing is pretty tight.
The ward i was in was the maddies and baddies one, so about 15 blokes in there and it as really the only section I had a look at.
Really, really interesting, i never saw any violence as everyone was pretty sedated most of the time, but there were a couple of alarms when all the nurses rushed out to another section in response to a shitfight there.

Scared the shit out of me the first time as i was then locked in the ward with 15 loons and no way out. But no-one gave a shit much.
Sounds interdasting. How do I go about getting a gig like that? What koalafications are needed?
Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia
Unofficial disorder: Stockholm Syndrome. It's not an actual medical diagnosis but it's been agreed upon by therapists and psychiatrists
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>Stockholm Syndrome
wat? isnt that when u get taken hostage and start to support the people who took you hostage?
Borderline pd with schizoid elements, depression and social anxiety

Feels bad man

That's just a teabag. I wanna see you balls deep in that home theater equipment!
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I was a immigrastion detention officer at the time, so fuck all 6 weeks training.
The actual nurses I dont know how many were just big blokes with basic medic skills and how many were actual psychiatric nurses.

Interestin in the extreme. one thing i found amazing was everyone seemed to know they were unwell but didnt know how to get better, so were extremely passive (and i suppose trusting) about medications and stuff.

Oh and for those that have been there, every mad person seemed to have a funny walk, shuffle, high step, mincine etc, was that just medication or something to do with the mind??
I can't. There's no orifices. And if it requires self mutiliation I'll just not do it, and get off my meds and I'll end up there anyways.
Ok here's the greentext, it may end up being a little long.

> Be me, age 12
> Summer of sixth grade year, going into 7th
> Mother is a huge religious nutjob
> I play Runescape excessively
> Aspergers syndrome so RS is the only social interaction I get, and like it
> Play literally 15+ hours during the summers
> Mom complains that I spend too much time on RS, how RS has made me not want to talk to her/family.
> Mom makes appointment to see a psychiatrist.
> She blabs in his ear about how I hate her (because we don't talk much) and her family
> FF a couple weeks
> Playing RS, just died and lost fighter torso.
> Super religious mom goes "ohmuhgerd, you got satan in you!"
> Try explaining why
> She doesn't listen in a fit religious fueled rage.
> She believes I am "possessed" because I said that
> The next fucking morning she gets an immediate apt with psychiatrist
> Tell him how I am possessed by satan, and evil and EXTREMELY "violent" now
> Try explaining to psychiatrist.
> He gets it but he believes mom more
> He says I shouldn't be that attached to a game and that it's unhealthy and affecting your behavior
> Whatthefuck i just wanna go back to playing RS
> So around 2pm (haven't slept since 4am when it happened they schedule an escort van to pick me up
> it's one hour away
> I finally get to this Psych ward
> fucking stinks like shit/piss/vomit/ cum?
> waste two weeks there
> it's mostly therapy and anger management
> The two weeks I spent there was when the HD graphics came out
> I was locked up when they came out.
> thanksmom.jpg.

I got another about the experience while in there, more in depth
I was in a bad area, and I believe I was transferred to the most intense hospital they could think of, just to fuck with me.
where are you from?
Basically. I wasn't really kidnapped, just controlled and tortured mentally and emotionally, and I enjoyed it. I still defend the person. It wasn't illegal because I consented. We had a relationship and everything.
yo gay lova?
Well, also physically, but I enjoyed that as well
So I take it you'll pass on financial assistance? Thanks anyways, night /b/ro
Nope. I'm straight.
Perthfag here, you missed out.
The medications used for people in institutions essentially deadens their minds. They do not know what normal behavior is, so when all the baf shit clears your head theres not a lot left
>Go to mental hospital
>have nice time, get help
>get discharged
>years late end up back there again
>have nice time, get help
>stable now
I'd rather not say, but at the time I called the police, I was lost in the canns of san rafael. What really made me nervous was that I was just about to enter richmond, and richmond is a bad, bad place.
Be nursing student in district mental, nursing people at home. This is not horror.

>meet new patient in his home
>nice guy, schizophrenia with negative symptoms
>makes him do nothing all day and not care about anything
>take walks outside talking, he tells me only 6 month until christmas and i talking about food all day.
>he told me he took a train to norway to live there, sad on a bench for 2 days, then someone said you cant stay here, he thinks its because to many people in norway.
>have a very good time talking. I give him medicine and we take more walks
>we are now friends and i convince him to get dental appointment
>he is okaywiththis.jpg last dental time was 15 years ago
>get to dental with him, people treat him as a child and is scared of him. Im reading comics and holding his hand. Like he was my life partner.
>we get done and he gets pulled a teeth out.
>tell him to call med if it does not stop bleeding
>go to visit him next day, no answer,call police have them remove door
>he is dead on couch.
>coroners said it was not the bleeding, just random heart things.
>people tell me this happens all the time, but i still liked the guy.
>think about him from time to time. He was a good guy and i like him.
File: waffle.jpg (11KB, 229x220px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 229x220px

Yeah, he even raped a homeless man after that as well. After he was released (again) he changed his tactics to raping alcoholics/runaways/druggies because he knew the cops have a shithouse time convicting on their testimony..

My brothers missus has a standing offer from a group of motorcycle enthusiasts that they will deliver him anytime she wants.. Shes content with that.
It's interesting on...
File: 1413365846230.jpg (6KB, 226x166px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Mind Blown

Other greentext

> First day there, so it's around 6pm after I was checked in
> I put my hospital issued clothes in the dresser, rooms don't even have TVs
> I go sit in the lobby area (where therapy and anger management classes are held
> FF to next day
> wake up at 7am
> Go to lobby, eat breakfast
> FF to 11pm
> Therapy time
> Instructor is a nurse, a bitchy one too
> landwhale bitch nurse
> She asks me for a suggestion on how to deal with anger
> I say hit something
> She says, quote for quote "Well that only works if you're stupid."
> wtf you're not supposed to say that
> therapy finishes up
> I ask to watch the 17 inch screen in the lobby (therapy room)
> She asks in a bitchy tone "Why? You're lazy and shouldn't watch TV because it makes you violent(referring to why I'm there)"
> FF to when I leave
> I ask why all the docs and nurses where like that
> They are trained to antagonize patients so they can see what they are like when upset and angry
Ahahahahaha that is amazing holy fuck.
think that you will be going back inside any time in the future? and how long was your stay for?
what were you high on?
>Suicidal patient asked me to wake him up
>He's difficult to convince when I do (meds)
>"Hey, don't shoot the messenger!"
>"Yeah.. I guess I'm the messenger, in a way"
>"Shoot your self, then!"
>white face staring at me

Way out of line, but he haven't told anyone.
Fuck it, I'll send you something for delivering if that anon won't, gimmie a sec
I really hope I never have to go back, but if I have to Im prepared for it. I was there for two weeks.
This last time around, they had psuedo-nurses called "health technicians" that followed us around with computers on rolling pedestals. They did "charting," making notes of where you were and at what times. You're basically a lab rat.
I wasn't high at all. Everyone kept asking .e if I had just come from a party, and they wouldn't believe me that I was clean and sober. But the piss tests proved them wrong.
That sounds exactly lime the hospital I was in. They get so mad when you touch their rolling compiters.
OHHhhHHH my fucking god I pray a situation like this doesn't happen to me. That would haunt me FOR FUCKING EVER. (WHAT ARE THE FUCKING CHANCES OF THIS ANYWAYS? holy shit)

>booty dart

so do you suffer from insomnia? why hadn't you slept in day?
I've never laughed this much when browsing /b/
Thank you anon
I do have insomnia very badly. I had just gotten out of a different hospital for suicidal ideation eatlier in the month, and hadn't been able to sleep properly since that. Everyone in there, the patients and the staff were coming on to me
Man that's fucked up. I was raised in a hardcore Pentecostal family and was always scared of my family trying to exorcise me because of my crazy Diablo II habits. The worst that happened was that everyone blamed me for our families hardships because I didn't believe in God.
hope things go better for ya dude. cya
g/f works as ward manger in psychiatric unit at hospital.

Called to dayroom after being told of incident involving naked man and threat to set fire to himself

Pushes through crowd of patients to see naked man stood on table holding a Capri-Sun ( soft drink in a foil pouch) over his head.

Squirted orange juice contents on his head, tried to light it with his lighter (salt cellar) and screamed 'I'm gonna burn this fucking place down and all you fuckers with it'

Half of patients freak out and other half burst out laughing.

Man taken back to his room and room stripped.

Wise move as man smears his shit everywhere about ten minutes later.
File: anorexia.jpg (120KB, 773x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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mental hospital:

>Standing in the dinner room on my break with this fellow nursing student, who is hot girl
>skinny lady walks up to us, hey people i took too much broccoli, you want.
>my face goes "no no no". Other student is polite and says "sure i like broccoli" in her girly manner.
>she gets, and lady walks away.
>i loose my shit and cant stop laughing
>fellow student "is it something with my hair?"
>"nope you just took food from misses skeletor"
File: image_12.jpg (42KB, 536x275px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 536x275px
When I'm in a pych ward, I feel like the people there are my /b/rothers :(
we all know what fucking capri sun is you crazy person
Hahaha. True or not, I like it. Genuinely Lol'd, as it were.
It's that good shit that's why.
File: 42000.png (49KB, 462x2285px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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wut evr fgt
bumping tho
djfsh holy shit that was amazing
i had to share a room with this girl on her period and she kept coming over and farting on me
yeah they check your vitals and they have to make sure that they know where you. They have to check at least every 10-15 minutes even in the night.
sounds like you guys had a bad experience

in the mental hospital i was in, the techs were at least friendly/ funny for the most part.
Mine were pretty chill. Everyone was aware that the stuff they did was uncomfortable but necessary due to keeping track of how the medication was effecting the patients. Pretty chill environment from my perspective at least.
Never been in the nut hut, but I've got a pretty good horror story from when I was in county, everyone in there basically had undiagnosed mental illnesses.
this is pretty much what happened to me, but it wasn't always nice time

Aight I'll greentext this bitch, just realized I'm super tired though so bear with me.
File: 21.png (47KB, 185x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 185x250px
Op i is there for a reason
ok here goes my experience

>be me
>be 18
>be in mental hospital for freaking out after being raped and trying to an hero
> they put me in the kids ward
>kids ward is a fucking prison. kids are on extremely strict schedule
>ask to be moved with the adults because im 18
>"our mistake"
>as soon as i get to the adult ward, lady hysterically crying.
>no one seems phased
>ffw im settled into my room and it's been hours and im just chilling in the rec room playing cards
> see a group of hags consoling the crying lady
>hags give up after one hour
>one of them tells me that the lady is confessing to killing someone
>wtf.jpg feels bad for whoever has to share a room with that psycho
>guess who the fuck is my room mate
>i go into the room and try to break the ice
>me: *sits on piece of wall that sticks out* hey, what's your name?
> she looks up at me with the deadest eyes ever "I know you've been watching me
> I nope the fuck out of there
>ffw everyone is in their rooms & i've decided to pull an all nighter in the rec room
>legs kicked up on table and im sitting comfortably on a chair
>the meds they gave me for my insomnia kick in & i doze off
>wake up and see her standing there at the door way staring at me
>fallsoutofchair.gif she says nothing and walks away

it's funny b/c apparently she told a bunch of people that she was scared of me & she thought I was going to kill her
yea, then the bitch started spreading rumors that i ate her farts for her and one of the other patients beat the shit out of her
so i guess i win
yeah def.
like some patients were in there for very serious mental diseases and some were just recovering from meth and stuff and so those were the ones that usually picked fights with the techs.

>be me, dealer fuck
>drive to Bonnaroo for Elton John and droogs
>sixteen hours
>trade driving off with buddies in car a few times
>I'm driving when we pull in
>get pulled to the side for bonus screening
>cops literally tear my car apart
>find a bunch of vacuum sealed baked goods
>talking to cop
>snax 4 the camp, officer
>we're testing it for weedz
>we'll help you out if you're jsut a real nigga
>well fuck you too
>It's all mine, passengers didn't know about it
>why don't you all get in this van
>90 year old correctional officer driving
>refuses to answer my questions on the ride
>almost runs over multiple festival go-ers on the ride
>I'm texting the rest of our caravan so people know what's happening to us
>get out and get thrown into a booking room
>look around at mix of other bonnaroovians and soulless prisoners.
>give all of my belongings to a woman under a glass window.

Your story made me laugh cause your fucked up English.
Then I cri cause rip
>be 15 y o girl
>in the shower
>druggie 18 y o walks in
>stares at me in the shower
>i scream at him
>he says 'oh sorry' and goes through my room
>walk out of shower
lmao "oh sorry"
File: _brutal.jpg (86KB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86KB, 400x300px
>oh sorry
>be me
>wake up in hospital
>talk to god
>see other patents
>they say "good to have you back'
>they say "looking forward to fighting again"
. they say "his name was robert paulson"
i think he took something but im not sure
i just saw that my bed was a mess and my clothes were fucked up

afterwards i had this snitch bitch support team and we all went to talk to the staff about it
aaaaannd they did nothing?

>nurse asks me to go to me room, so I do.

From this sentence on I read everything in a Scottish accent.
nope, nothing was done about it
i guess they figured he was so fucked up there was no point in confronting him

he tore up his clothes after that and walked around naked which i thought was hot bc he was well-built

me and him became p good friends after that even though he was an empty shell of a person
I bet they started off nice and caring, but years of working with crazy got to them.
You had strange priorities in your mental hospital stay.

>No more belongings or cell phone
>try to reach world and salvation through booking phone
>2 phones to use
>1st phone requires payment
>only payment accepted is commissary card
>can't get card until booked in
>2nd phone gives unresponsive dial tone
>spent roughly 9 hours in the booking room
>dialtone was never remedied
>rights violated by no 'one phone call'
>go into survival mode and start clinging to everything I can
>hoarding papers that are given to me
>talk to soulless prisoners
>one seems nice enough and gives us the lowdown
>learning how to not get literally or figuratively raped in here
>notice something is up with his mouth
>his teeth are filed down to points
>nope the fuck out of the conversation
>talk instead to a woman who's tied to a restraint chair
>she voluntarily acts insane until they strap her down
>safer than being in her cell with other inmates
>tells multiple guards she needs to go to the bathroom
>they tell her someone's on the way
>this continues for hours
>eventually she pisses herself in the chair
>guards are all super surprised
>I keep asking for pieces of paper with bondsmen info and for writing info
>basically copy my contacts list on to paper
>one secretary doesn't ask me for the pen back
>keep it
>keep the mood light by denouncing this shithole with other bonnaroovians
>collectively wondering what acts our friends are all seeing right now
>sun starts going down, still not booked in
>starts getting cold in booking room
>dressed for tennessee festival weather
>friends ask for blanket, everyone i nthe booking room is shivering
>sit quiet, cold, and hungry
>plot escape
>eventually get booked in

cont'd. if people are interested, booking was the easy part. After we got dressed in I wanted to go back and spend the night in booking.
i was actually in two different mental hospitals where i would only hang out with the guys to try to hook up or whatever but
tht isnt the best place to find love, i tell you hwat
What did you expect from a woman?
Not for love, and I imagine not for sex either. Don't they have a pretty good watch on you at all times?
ok i have another one

>be me
>be 19 and in mental hospital again b/c i tried to an hero.. again lol
>we get an inmate because halfway houses are packed
>he looks like an extra from blood in & blood out, complete cholo.
>start hearing all the girls say he's a perv
>they put a warning out to all girls that he grabs asses and says pervy things
>he's slowly perving on all the girls
>im on the phone talking to my mom (the phones are pretty loud so ppl near you can hear)
>my mom tells me that my cousin has been murdered, he's standing next to me.
>i hang up and go mourn in my room.
>next day at least all the girls have harassment stories about the guy.
> i wonder why he hasn't harassed me yet.
>as im thinking that he comes into the rec room and starts walking towards me
>this is it.. get ready to punch him in the face.
>he asks me to braid his hair
>"sure thing"
>when i finish braiding it her turns around & hugs me
>all the other girls are mad that he was sweet with me instead of being a perv

I like this memory because he's an inmate, he hadn't seen girls in forever and that's why he was creeping on all the ladies but he over heard my phone call about my cousin passing away and he set aside his perviness to be nice to me.

Fuck till I reread that one I completely forgot

>phone has fingerprint recognition
>they won't give me phone under glass
>ask me how to unlock it
>with my fucking thumb
>eventually give me the phone under the glass
>demand that I only use it to get contacts and not to call or text anyone
>text a few people the situation anyway without them noticing
>ask why I can't use my phone to make my one phone call
>lots of dumb looks from across the glass, no answers
>smdh, hand phone back
>process repeats three times before I'm out of booking
my first stay in a mental hospital, i gave this boy a note with my info on it and they reported it to my mom that i was passing him notes in a 'seductive manner'
me and him are still great friends to this day
you bipolar? With that whole "hypersexuality" thing?

I'm sure you knew that was a shitty place to search for sex.
what no
File: 1417029690754.jpg (401KB, 895x940px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
401KB, 895x940px
pretty shit story and you're a faggot for almost crying
there was this girl that kept hooking up with the people in the hospital and she told me she's done it before
File: download.jpg (7KB, 180x160px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 180x160px
no, i have major depressive disorder with psychotic episodes and generalized anxiety

im just really horny

yes, i knew but i was just making new experiences for myself or... something
hahah thats hilarious, poor girl.
>rights violated by no 'one phone call'
Lol, people actually think this is a right. TV strikes again.
File: image.jpg (22KB, 480x420px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>be in mental hospital
>ran by black turtles
>try leave
>hookup with 7/10
>make friend
>friend kidnapped
>friend back in hospital
>fast forward couple years
>adopt crazy mean old black turtle
>mfw aliens
File: __fight.gif (2MB, 276x244px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 276x244px

Huh. I don't know how to react to that.
File: giphy.gif (481KB, 499x315px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
481KB, 499x315px
classic gif usage

u want my contact info? ;^) kek

Every state in the union allows you to arrange bail and consult an attorney, being detained without access to an attorney or bondsmen is 100% illegal.
File: 1416447490465.jpg (32KB, 535x462px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Don't stick your dick in crazy
File: mextreme.png (69KB, 158x167px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69KB, 158x167px
crazy??? no way
no matter how pretty i am?
Post specific citation please
Noone will ever know without tits with timestamp
You are cancer.

Manufacturing, distribution and sale of a controlled substance. Which is bullshit because I didn't do any of that, I was just transporting it.
no fair!
File: 1416266929190.gif (1MB, 400x268px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 400x268px
he gets it.
I was in a PC holding cell because of my mental disabilities. Some bitch cop said being bipolar (only thing I was diagnosed with at the time) wasn't a big deal. I told her to get closer to the cell's opening. She didn't respond to it and just kept insulting me.

I think they were trying to hit me with 15 counts as well, one for each pound. Which is even more bullshit because probably 13 out of 15 of the pounds were flour and sugar. And they were charging me and both of my friends with the same thing, even though I claimed it all as mine and told them the others didn't know it was even there.
File: image.jpg (40KB, 538x307px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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should have stabbed her, cut her head off and tied it to the nearest light, bonus points if it catches fire and plummets to the floor exploding mental flaming brain juice everywhere

know one will fuck with you then, plus you're in the nut house just blame it on someone else and go about your business
wtf kind of mental hospitals do you think im in?
I feel like you're picturing us all in shutter island
that's from batman begins
File: watamote1.png (239KB, 800x449px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i guess this is the end of the line for me!
im in school atm
see you all in hell
way 3edgy5me
trust me, just do it and everything will be fine
Go to the bathroom you dirty grill
>mfw he doesn't even finish the story with the ending we all know it will have
Hot cock. Paranoid schizophrenic here
File: images.jpg (3KB, 165x127px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 165x127px
omg thx
i might just do that!!
i just need to fix my hair gah
ok papa
Dont forget the tits
Me too, fuck that guy.
don't worry, its not like i can take them off or whatever
*ahem* dont forget to post YOUR tits

>finally get booked in and leave the booking cell
>bid adieu and good luck to our fellow bonnaroovians
>taken down the hall past the other prisoners in our civvie clothes
>first cells we pass are the iso cells
>every one of them has a pair of eyes staring out of the window at us
>we go to get dressed in
>strip to underwear and are given jail clothes
>I shit you not, black and white striped jumpsuits like O Brother, Where Art Thou
>Hold on to my stack of papers with pen wrapped inside
>Guards are out of standard issue shoes
>let us keep our own
>mine are flip flops
>give us the /starterkit for jail
>towel, plastic bag of toiletries, blanket, laundry basket, and cot
>we get the last three cots in the building
>at least twenty more people in booking behind us
>find out later everyone booked in after us just got a tarp instead of a cot
>get put in a communal cell with about 20 other inmates
>still in survival mode, sit on picnic table in center of cell and assess situation
>social butterfly friend starts talking to cellmates to try and befriend them
>Realize there are no bunks open
>set my cot on floor and start making camp
>wrap towel around toiletries and use as pillow so no one can snatch it
>stare at ceiling in my jumpsuit
>go to take shoes off, ring leader of cell block advises me against going barefoot
>apparently floors are covered in staf
>back to staring at ceiling, planning next move and who to call or talk to
>watch cell door into hallway
>I've been told guards patrol every fifteen minutes
>after 2 hours in cell I've seen one guard peek in the window
>listening to cell mates conversations, feeling out each of their attitudes
>they ask each of us if we want to participate in some croc boxing
>I shake my head
>second friend refuses outright
>social butterfly friend asks what it is
>two inmates demonstrate
>take off their standard issue orange crocs
>covered in what I have been told is staf infected concrete
File: me1.png (46KB, 145x128px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 145x128px
got it, boss
Something tells me you wont deliver
That's cuz you faggots went in with the idea that it was there to help you. >spoiler it is
Most of these people with crazy bad stories are ones that feel they weren't put there for a good reason and that they were ostracized or entitled to a better treatment than everyone else.
>tl;dr, I went to one, and complained until I realized what the nurses must feel like. Then I, you know, helped them in there nigh impossible task of curing unstable people. Helped me become stable, and made me realize what it's like not to be a self-entitled asshat
File: 1301363942309.jpg (151KB, 500x376px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>check myself in to discount/medicare/welfare alcohol detox
>mfw it's also a mental facility
>mfw we're all housed together and mingle together
>the humanity
what makes you say that?

i wont post them to 4chan, but if you give me your email i can send pics galore ;^)

i had my pics saved before on here so i'm not too keen on sharing with /b/
I guess I tell my story
>be me 16 in mental hospital
>in for being psychopath,paranoia, couple other thing
>haven't done anything just being me >psychologists all say it a matter of time
>get in first day get floor plan memorized
>next day from 6am till 8pm I set my schedule noting the time and location memorizing my schedule
> for next ten month I do the exact same thing at the exact same time everyday never changing for anything
>ten month mark I change everything up I rile up patients but fucking with their mind using whatever I know about them,floor is in complete anarchy and sat there and enjoyed every second of it nurses and orderlies fucking exhausted by the end of the day
>dinnertime comes everything has calmed down but hospital staff are tired and on edge I stand up in the middle of dinner and claim responsibility for that days hell,I immediately got tranquilized and put in my room
>did not see that coming
>was released two weeks later with court order to take medication or would be put into worse facility
You were probably given haloparadol or something
Shchizo fag thats been on everything
[email protected]
Which i totally use everyday

>put the crocs on their hands
>use them as boxing gloves and start beating the shit out of each other
>other inmates are acting as referees
>they go for two rounds
>one inmate is bleeding from his mouth
>accuses the other of trying to fuck up his recent dental work
>next three rounds are decided to be body shots only
>inmate looks me dead in the eyes
>"they should give us a TV, huh?"
>I've been internalizing a lot of shit
>die laughing
>everyone looks at me weird
>back to stoneface
>Start talking to that inmate while everyone is distracted by croc boxing
>ask him if we're gonna get raped
>he tells me people in this cell are pretty chill
>apparently a lot of the other cells are white supremacists and gang folks
>asks me if I've met a dude with filed down teeth
>informs me that guy was found in his house tossing a woman's head back and forth between his hands
>responsible for murdering 26 other women in the area
>chops them up, cooks and eats their bodies
>I had a friendly conversation with him about the tuna sandwiches
>croc boxing is over now
>ring leader has noticed I'm no longer a mute
>decides to pick my brain
>he already knows who my friends and I are
>word has spread about our story before we got dressed in
>they're calling us 'The NY Baker Boys'
>apparently one of these inmates is a tattoo artist
>everyone calls him bones
>he has a collection of probably a dozen different romance novels
>See an opportunity to advance my position in the cell
>throw my pen at him and tell him it's for tattoos now
>Friends and I are only people in cell with toilet paper
>the rest of it is used up for one purpose
>a few cell mates have cloves which they trade other people for snacks
>inmates get cloves and go over by the toilets
>one labeled 'pisser' and one labeled 'shitter'
>they go next to the 'pisser' and light a toilet paper roll on fire
>spread cloves over a piece of paper and dry them out on the open flame
>snuff out the tp in the toilet
>roll clove cigarettes
File: HNI_0007_JPG.jpg (94KB, 800x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94KB, 800x480px

It's 9am, I need to go to bed. Suffice to say, most of those scumbags were in there for a good reason and I was happy to be out. American justice system is pay to win, and the tennessee prison system is corrupt and full of apathy. Fuck the world.
I don't think that that's Stockholm Syndrome at that point. You're just an innate submissive.

You aren't defending them aggressively or anything
Lets see dem tiddies
I actually did this to someone. I stood at the end of their bed and watched them sleep. I also fapped, knowing she was awake. She knew I was fapping, too. Didn't stop me.
Bugger me, more more more..
you creep lol
No I defend him aggressively. I did back then and I still do today. I made a story about it. He also had mental issues. He had different personalities.
message me back forst deddy

Sorry m8, I need to fix my sleep schedule and my eyes are closing by themselves.
Depends on what you think horror is.

>voluntarily check in to mental hospital
>ours aren't all the restraints-drugs-screaming-slaughterhouses Murkins seem to have
>pretty chill, two-person room with no roommate, was allowed to bring own stuff, reading a lot of books and continuing schoolwork remotely (uni was very cooperative)
>other patients sometimes pretty cray cray, but it's okay, they can't really help it
>try to help out the minders where I can, quickly acquire bro-status with dudes and call-me-when-you-get-out-status with nurses
>even get frisky with the night nurse, lolz
>get new roommate, 16 year old girl, very hot but habitual cutter and bit of a nympho
>scars are a fetish of mine, we commenced the fuckage about an hour after we met
>inb4 statutory rape (I'm 25), no fucks given
>she gets rid of her cutting addiction over time, we keep fucking like rabbits all day err day, I keep visiting her after I'm out
>steady girlfriend now, she only cuts during out fucksessions because fetish (best bedpartner I ever had too, willing sub/slave and loves it), completely healed otherwise
>both see night nurse on the side for threesomes and roleplay, shit's great

Everything went better than expected. I overcame the reasons I went in there as well, so win/win/win/win I guess.
I know, I know
thanks for awesome story, enjoyed it, gn
Peace out, you crazy fuck.
now let's get married
Will you be my dominant male to control and degrade for as long as we both shall live?
yeah sure whatever
>implying he didn't see an opportunity to cope a feel
File: Untitled-1.jpg (262KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
262KB, 1000x1000px
Anti-psychotic medications can mess with your body language by holding back or compelling parts of movements. Look up tardive dyskinesia, it's that cranky walk and twitchiness that Heath Ledger did so well for the Joker. I saw him talking and thought holy shit, there's a guy who's been on strong meds for a long time. Awesome acting but yeah, crazy people get crazier, meds just make em a bit easier to handle.
And then you won the lottery and lifted a bus off some old lady with your super strength right?
The lack of passion in your words is music to my ears
Different variations of the same shit basically. I think my mom has stockholm syndrome because for the last 11 years (since she divorced my dad) she went to all these classes and support groups that have told her that she is a victim and she doesn't have to put up with it etc. etc.....Anyway, she has taken that mentality to a whole new level that has deteriorated multiple family relationships for me and my sister, decimated me and my sister's chance for any normal thought processes (when it comes to relationships), and ultimately persists with slandering and accusing my father for something that has occurred more than 11 years ago. When now, my sister stopped putting up with my mom and now lives with my dad (Hes an alright guy); and I've lived with him for six months. Yea, my Mom is just crazy.
I wish. It wasn't all roses and sunshine though, I kind of did pick all the good parts. If you're interested in the not so good parts I'll type those out too. I wasn't in there for nothing, after all, and I had to hold her wounds closed plenty of times when she (accidentaly) cut too deep with a shiv and was about to bleed out. Ups and downs.
he didn't.
>No I defend him aggressively.

werent you straight 2mins ago
This. Thanks, anon. When I tell people about Stockholm Syndrome, they have a hard time realizing that there are different variations of the definition. It doesn't necessarily have to involve being kidnapped.
leave him/her/it alone

ok yeah but seriously i have no idea what you are and i already proposed so it would be coolif you told me
Think about it for a minute
now you understand why whole countries and population live under opression and fear, and why it takes blood and time to free minds
I'm whatever you want me to be, you ARE my fiance
>Too long dance dance revolution
The way you described it at first did nothing but pique my interest to the bad times. I'm more than willing to hear about it if you wanna tell.

Did get?
>sociopath and bipolar
That's not possible son. Antisocial and bipolar maybe?
sounds fair enough
gimme your email gender morpher
File: 1415937063327.jpg (131KB, 500x538px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
131KB, 500x538px
Initially, I had a hard time explaining it. But I am certain my Mom's motives and mentality is flawed when she called the police and FBI telling them Im a runaway when I went to my dads house (I left while she was at work and left a note on the table telling her I would be fine (was 17 at the time))

Just legitimentally lold hard at work from reading that.
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