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Trying this thread again. Looking for some filthy sexual encounter

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Trying this thread again. Looking for some filthy sexual encounter personal stories.

Specifically, situations that include at least one of the following:

1.) Have you ever fucked someone inappropriate? Your wife's or GF's mom, sister or best friend? Or your friend's mom, girlfriend or wife?

2.) Have you ever blackmailed someone for sex? Especially, if you caught them cheating and then got to fuck them or get your dick sucked to keep quiet?

3.) Have you had a girl cheat with you or fuck you because you have a big dick?

4.) Filthy cheating encounters? Like getting your dick sucked by a female while her boyfriend is in the same house?

Greentext stories and pics of girls from stories are always appreciated!

> Pic related: A hot female sucking a big dick that seemed to appropriate for this thread.
Just bumping the thread with another dirty sex pic.
Just bumping the thread with another dirty sex pic.
Fucked a married woman twice my age. Even had her blow me while she was on the phone to her hubby
So what stories did you save from the last thread?
File: 1417537979744.jpg (481KB, 1200x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
481KB, 1200x900px
And bumping the thread with another dirty sex pic. to try to get some stories posted.
You down to share some details? If so, how old was she and you? How did it happen? How did you meet/know her? Did her husband find out? Describe her body? Big tits? Fat ass? Tight pussy? Do you have a big dick?

I'll see if I can find the screencap I grabbed of a story posted in a previous thread about a guy who was lying in the same bed with his friend who was passed out on the other side of the bed, with the guy's GF lying between them. He describes how his friend is passed out, and he himself is really drunk, but he smells his friend's GF's hair and gets horny and starts rubbing on her, then ends up fucking her while his friend is on the same bed, and ends up cumming inside her. Then, the GF goes to the bathroom to clean up, comes back and gets back on the bed between them, and he almost immediately starts fucking her again. I found it to be really fucking hot!

> Pic related: The screencap of the story I just described
This is not the most-recent thread like this that I did, but here's an archived thread from a previous thread with some good stories shared in it: http://4archive.org/b/thread/574896712
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Well not exactly what you're asking for but my ex gf cheated on me and basically forced me to be poly...which was basically cuckolding and she'd hook up with people.

One guy was her 'best friend' but her best friend who she'd fuck. Started after them and a bunch of people went skinny dipping and she saw he had a huge cock and a PA and wanted to try it
File: thepro169_95ddd8-.jpg (21KB, 450x573px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 450x573px
I'm sorry to hear that happened to you and I don't want to impose, so if you don't want to post details, no worries. However, if you want to share some of your story, please feel free to do so.

> she saw he had a huge cock and a PA and wanted to try it

What is a "PA"? And how big was his dick? Also, do you have a big dick? And di you confront or try to fight the guy? Or any of the guys? And are you still with the girl? If not, how did that end?

Also, do you hate her?
I mean the tread yesterday. There were some good stories. I hope this one guy returns and post more of his stories.
File: IMG4_500.jpg (30KB, 500x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 500x667px
i have a work call but would be happy to post details in a bit
Be 19-20, her be mid to late 30's. Average plus sized dick. She had an amazing body, great tits, huge and tight ass, didn't care much for her pussy, big lips and reddish hair.

She be having problems with useless husband, all day on his x-box no work. Me be good with erotica texts online. We start talking via MSN and when I start suggesting, she replies and oh was she kinky! I had other girls into this but she was tops. Ask nudes, get nudes. At this point wasn't sure what next, still a beta fag, hadn't expected so much from the start. Next thing I know, she's in town in a hotel. Come around "to say Hi", spend the week with her, most of it literally in her.

Actually kind of regret that now wheb I thinl about it. As far as I know her husband never found out.
Be 19-20, her be mid to late 30's. Average plus sized dick. She had an amazing body, great tits, huge and tight ass, didn't care much for her pussy, big lips and reddish hair.

She be having problems with useless husband, all day on his x-box no work. Me be good with erotica texts online. We start talking via MSN and when I start suggesting, she replies and oh was she kinky! I had other girls into this but she was tops. Ask nudes, get nudes. At this point wasn't sure what next, still a beta fag, hadn't expected so much from the start. Next thing I know, she's in town in a hotel. Come around "to say Hi", spend the week with her, most of it literally in her.

Actually kind of regret that now wheb I thinl about it. As far as I know her husband never found out.
I was backpacking thrugh SE Asia about 20 years ago. Stayed in a rundown little place just outside Phnom Penh. The lady that ran the place said she could get me a girl and I say sure. Girl comes up to my room, I fuck her, smoke a joint then she goes back downstairs.

Get woken up sometime later after the sun goes down. BEAUTIFUL, wet, hot feeling around my cock.

I reach down and play with her hair. Surprised she wanted to come back for more as the first session was a little rough for her.

She slides up my body covered by the sheet for a bit of a kiss. "She" is no she. I'm still stoned and horny enough to forget I'm a straight and give the little cocksucker a ride too.

Later on, the lady tells me she thought I was the gay they had staying there. I pay up without even telling her what a fucking shock it all was.
>Used to help at a martial arts school.
>I quit, and a fit 34 year old mom with 4 kids I taught came to my place to pick up some weapons and old uniforms.
>her kids in the van outside, she admits she always wanted me.
>gave me a goodbye BJ.
>I ended up visiting her house a few times after to fuck.
>With 4 kids it was always risky so I stopped.
I will always kick myself for deleting the nudes she sent.
I had the thread opened after it 404's, but Firefox froze up/closed on me and I lost it. And, unfortunately, I had not archived it, because I'm a moron.

Also, I only fairly recently started using Firefox and the screencap program that I use (FastStone Capture) does not function properly in Firefox in 'Capture Scrolling Window' mode, so I haven't been able to screencap full threads, unless I also open the thread in Internet Explorer and use the Capture Scrolling Window' feature to cap the entire thread that way. Do you/does anyone know of a program that works in Firefox that will scroll and capture an entire thread properly?
well some kind of a cute story. do you regret it from your view today? really can`t imagine myself to do gaystuff but to be serious i'm interested if it feels better or if you can match it with straight sex
bumb ^
Never had another gay experience again and never wanted one. Also, he was really young and Asian. If he was some massive, hairy alpha then it wouldn't have happened no matter how stoned I was.
>be 18
>was on vacation with friends
>meet an english family, 3 brothers 2 sisters
>start talking to younger sister, she was 18 aswell
>she tells me she has a boyfriend
>one day we go out to a bar and she starts rubbing her leg against mine under the table
>beta.jpg "wat do I do"
>the rest were all pretty drunk so we went for a walk
>make out and she rubs my dick win.mp3
>didn't do anything else
>she went back to England
>talk to her on facebook
>sent me nudes and videos
>tells me she is going to fuck her boyfriend while thinking of me and record it
>sent me the video
>she was kinky as fuck
>I hope we meet again someday
k thanks man. it wasn`t meant offensive. i'm also straight but i`ve the feeling that expirencing sex with different people/genders/sex's is something that you should have done once in a liftime just in case to make sure that you didn`t miss something
That's a pretty cool story. You should have asked her to move in with you. What's stopping you from finding/getting in touch with her? Do you have a girlfriend? And did she think your penis was big?
File: photo.jpg (2MB, 2592x1936px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2592x1936px
I'm married to a cow who also happens to be a bitch. I decided I hated her and I would do whatever the hell I wanted. Started drinking a ton, partying, and hitting this shitty dive strip club in the country. Started hitting on this stripper there who was married too. Her and her husband were separated but they still lived together and would be on and off, so she said. Really I think he was a cuck. Anyway, ended up meeting up with her a couple of times outside the club. Made out in a parking lot of a restaurant once. Then, the next time, in that same parking lot, she sucked my dick, just outta the blue. Took her on her first date to a proper restaurant (80 dollar plates) and then fucked her in my truck in the parking lot in front of her apartment with her husband and kids inside. I used to pick her up after work sometimes and drive her home. It was early in the am and her husband and kids were always sleeping upstairs. I used to fuck her on her couch like that. One time when I went to see her at the club I paid for a private dance and she gave me head and wiped my nut underneath one of the couch cushions. She was awesome and I still miss my little freak. Pic related.
No offense taken. I feel like you should try everything too... if you might have an interest. I never did. If Cambodia wasn't such a tourist infested shithole now, I might try and go back for more.
I did have a girlfriend at the time, now we she isn't my GF but we still fuck from time to time. Don't have money to buy a plane ticket to England, and she never came back. Don't know, she wasn't that interesting was just a fun experience.
Sexy story! How long ago did this happen? When is the last time you talked to her? Do you know if she cheated on her husband with other guys? Do you have a big dick? Did she like it? And did you start to get feelings for her?

Also, why did you stop fucking/seeing her?
File: forb8.jpg (64KB, 605x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Married to a woman who fucks other men all the time but I like it. Want stories?
Show pics
Yes. Also, pics or it didn't happen.
Had one of my friends girlfriend (also my ex) cheat on him with me cause i have a bigger dick. Shit was cash
I have a few cuz I'm an asshole.

>Fucked best (female) friend in same bed as my passed out drunk (now ex) gf
>Literally right next to her
>Never found out
>Still my best friend

>Fucked my best (male) friend's gf several times
>Once in their living room while he was in bed sleeping
>Ate her pussy while they were on the phone
>Fucked her doggy while she talked to her mom on the phone

>Cheated on gf
>Bitch left me hickies
>Made gf suck my neck in the same place so she thought she did it

>cheated on gf
>came home and she wanted to suck my dick
>dick smells like pussy
>sticks it in her a couple times to hide smell
>let's her clean me off

>Be 16 living at grandpa's house
>31 y/o with 2 kids also living there
>asks if I want to come chill in her room
>She gets me high
>Sucks my dick
>Bends over and I fuck her
>Tightest pussy ever
>Happened 4 more times
>Great way to lose virginity

>Be cheating on gf
>Gf comes over
>Kisses other bitch goodbye as she walks out the door
>They walk past each other
>Kisses gf hello as she walks in

>I am the cheating master
>Married now though and faithful
>Planning to get divorced after taxes

All of this is 100% true, no bullshit

I love my life
Yeah, start with the story why you're such a beta faggot and haven't left her yet.
>be at backyard party
>relatively close buddies only
>cute raver girl we apparently went to high school with, but I never met
>talk and become cool as we get drunk
>go to kiss her, pull back because she's taken
>she was going to kiss me back too
>couple of weeks later
>she invited me to go raving
>dance with her and kiss her on dance floor
>i'm drunk, she took a pill
>after rave, we go to a buddy's place
>i didn't want to go, but she made the suggestion
>drink and go upstairs
>somehow while we're lying down, end up fingering her
>literally don't remember how that even led up
>we fuck
>holy fuck that body, hotter than my current girlfriend
>bang her doggy, dermals on lower back, hot as fuck
>still the hottest girl I've ever fucked
>bitch had a boyfriend
>don't care
>hear from her like a week later, asks me to go with her to get her tattoo
>I go with her
>last i've heard from her, been two years now
>actually miss that girl
This was like 3 years ago. Lasted about 7 months. I know she was fucking other guys but she denied it. I used to find open condom wrappers in her house. She claimed her kids would go through her stuff sometimes and find them and open them. It was bullshit I'm sure. I have a big head on my dick and she loved it. She claimed it barely for in her mouth. She was a sub too. She would ask me to smack, bite, and especially choke her. She would complain if I didn't finger her with at least three fingers when I fucked her in the ass. She liked to be stretched I think but I never explored it much past that with her. We still talk but I love far away now. The wife found out and want too happy about it.

i don't know if this matters, but I was a raver as well as she. It really contributed to our bond.
File: 1417539362923.gif (1MB, 480x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 480x270px
>Girl has boyfriend

>still wants to suck my dick

>comes round my house

>Sucks my dick

True stories are boring. Only semi interesting/funny part..

>sucking me

>takes top off

>takes trousers off, puts phone on table

>carry on

> tits are out now, play with them a little

>her BF rings her, she answers the phone in one hand

>my dick is in the other

>they say hello

>''Oh yeah im at anons say hello''

>puts phone on speaker

>''um hey bro'' shes wanking me (lightly)

shit was pretty cash cummed in her mouth. Don't know if her bf knew about it, they were both a few years older than me so maybe he knew and let it happen. Dont care though got my dick sucked so
yea if your a raging homosex
Where is the guy from yesterday with the amazing story, the only thing i can remember is you had a mustang and you invited her to lakehouse. please come back.
File: 1417022174743.gif (743KB, 853x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
743KB, 853x480px

>Fuck girlfriend
>Her son is awake in the next room
>Finish just as the bathroom door slams
>SHIT, he heard us

mfw he's at least 5 years older than me.
>broke up with ex
>she starts seeing new dude
>she continues to have sex with me because she wants to get back with me
>why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?
>one time I'm having sex with her and her bf calls
>tell her to answer it as shes riding me
>she doesn't want to but bitch does what I say
>she has a conversation with him while my dick slowly goes in and out
>she gets wetter, and my cock is making her pussy make slurpy noises as it slides in and out
>I find this hot as fuck and cum inside her with no condom and she's not on birth control
>fast forward a couple weeks
>at her place again
>fuck her senseless then go on the porch basically in our underwear to smoke a bowl
>her bf comes home unexpectedly for lunch while we're out there
>doesnt' say shit
>she goes in and makes us both lunch and we exchange bit of awkward conversation
>he goes back to work
>she tells me the agony she could see in his face turned her on hard
>I fuck her really rough, calling her some of the most vile things I can think of
>she loves it
>that was the day she realized she loves turning him into a cuck
>she wants to plan out a day to fuck doggy style in front of her entrance so he walks in while im fucking her from behind and she's pretty confident it will trigger her into orgasm
Im down with this but I am a bit worried he may go postal seeing his girl cum on my dick right in front of him.
File: J.jpg (1MB, 1319x2788px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1319x2788px
I once met a girl at work. She also prostitutes in her free time. great ass(see pic) and two years later she came over and we smoked and watched netflix, she pulls out my dick and jerks me off two times that night. She wnated to go for a third time but my dick was empty. She was on her period so didn't fuck.

A few months later I went over to her place and we fucked for three days inbetween watching netflix. She was a kinky bitch. Wanted it on the table, couch, all positions. Said I wass too big for her ass. She got multiple orgasms really often too. Wanted to be choked and stuff.

Also has food fetishes. And is a kinky exhibitionist.
File: 1404853612537.jpg (757KB, 973x1052px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
757KB, 973x1052px

Hmm well i'd go for number three.

while i was in college i was in a fraternity where i met my gf (non greek). she graduated a year before i did and moved back home while still went to school and lived in the dorms.

one night my little sis (not actual sister, its a frat thing) invited me to be her date to her sorority's formal so we went and had a blast. so afterwords we go back and get changed for the after parties. Everyone is ready to go but someone is lagging it in the house so my little sis and the rest of the group go back inside to see whats up. the only person left in my car is one of her sisters i never really talked to.

she is a slightly chubby latina girl who just got initiated, 18 or 19 at the time i think (this was like a year or two ago). we start talking to pass the time and as an hour goes by she starts to get closer and closer to me. next thing i know she has her head in my lap and is looking straight up at me with these lustful eyes. i slyly move my fingertips down her body playing with her navel, then lean down and start making out with her.

i feel down her short shorts and there is nothing under there but a wet pussy so i play with her to get her going. realize someone may come and i dont want to get cock blocked by anyone so drive around the corner to a culdesac or whatever its called.

we fucked all night long in the back seat of my car and even after she found out i had a gf shed always sneak me off at partys to fuck or blow me because of my "good sized dick and stamina". apparently i have a good "rep" with the sororities now.

pic related sorta
she has the face of the middle one and the body of the right one if that makes sense
>be me 18yo
>fuck this girl who has a boyfried (one of my friends actually)
>she tells me she fell in love with me
>at her birthday
>her boyfriend goes to sleep
>get BJ
>she goes to sleep
>she has an older sistern (1 year older)
>talk to her
>end up fucking sister in parents room for over 3 hours
>i have no face

Just so everyone knows,

1. The cock in that picture is shopped to look 3x thicker.

2. The girl isn't cheating on anyone. "Mike" was some guy on reddit who ran out of weed or something, and was feeling sorry for himself and wanted a femanon to make a pic for him like OP's.

Thank you.
These are all pretty hot, and dirty, stories! Do you have a big dick? Is that why you were able to get so much pussy? Or are you really good-looking? Have you been cheated on? And have you ever been caught fucking /fucking with another dude's girl? If so, any confrontations?

And what caused you to decide to be faithful to someone? Also, are you really planning on getting divorced? If so, why?

Also, pics of any of the girls? And any other stories you forgot to post about?
I was pretty confident it was a fake for some cuck wannabe
>Be me last weekend
>Be at club ordering champagne for 1000$ with friends and hitting shit up
>Because spending money floods of bitches
>Start dancing with friend's ex gf
>dont really think about more and continue looking for other hoes
>3am night club closes me and 2 best friends call cab to get home
>pick up my other friend's ex as welll and share cab with her
>start joking about her showing tits to pay cab ride and also her staying at our place rather than going home
>actually dont give her ride home but to our place
>start chilling at friends house with 2 friends and the other (not present) friend's ex
>friends leave room
>start making out
>she start blowing
>cant fuck because red river flows in you 2012
>cum in her face
>friends come back dont notice
>they tell me they recorded the voice of her blowing me the night after
>my friend whose girl i cum in her face doesnt know any of this
>totally worth it
> coming out of a club in Budapest
> v. Drunk
> girl comes up to me, asks me if I know where her hostel is
> she's cute enough so i decide to show her back
> kiss her a bit
> she invites me back to her room
> in her bunk (top)
> slip in a couple fingers
> her friend wakes up in the bunk below and starts yelling at the girl in Dutch, something about the other guests being mad (they were fast asleep)
> I just roll over and giggle
> end up being yelled out of the room with my girl
> out in the hallway
> make out a little bit
> reach down
> no panties
> get her to suck my dick there in the hallway until I'm hard (had some whisky dick)
> lie her down on the floor and fuck her
> first missionary, then with her ass up/face down
> about to bust, whip off the condom
> get head until I bust in her mouth, a little escaped onto the wall
> she keeps sucking my dick until there's nothing left
> send her back into her room, walk home

Never even learned her name
>Fell for a close friend's hot emo sister
>She was a little younger than me
>Got invited over to do computer repair for them
>She was fighting with boyfriend
>We chatted a bit
>I left
>She texts me
>We start start getting hot and heavy
>She gets in bath and calls me and masturbates
>She invites me over
>In and out like a ninja
>Never talk about it again, never see her again
>No one knows
Who is this girl
Another story.
This one is with my now ex gf
>be 16-17
>lie in bed under blankets
>her sister is in the room on pc
>back turned towards us
>sister is 3 years younger
>take panties off gf under blankets
>slowly start fucking her.
>her sister either doesn't know or finds it too awkward
>gf gets hornier cos can't fuck properly
>almosts starts moaning
>take break
>finish after sister leaves room
>shit was cash.

Miss that bitch. Were together for 4 years. Broke up last year cos she cheated.
Fucking whore cunt.
lying neckbeard detected
When my wife and I had trouble conceiving, my wife's maid of honor and best friend offered to carry for us. We looked into in vivo but it was too expensive so after a lot of long very emotional conversations, we agreed to get my wife's friend pregnant with my baby the old fashioned way. She's attractive, so i was nervous but down for it. Got her pregnant. My wife must have just been metal all along because she got pregnant shortly thereafter. We all live together with our two kids now, thinking of having one more each. We both work, combined income just shy of 6 figures, the friend takes care of the kids. It's hard to hide from our families that this is our situation. Sounds like a dream, but like anything it has ups and downs.
Should clarify, we could affird in vivo now, I was still in grad school at the time. We're a bit older, and didn't want to risk waiting.
>played competitive hockey
>we did degenerate shit all the time
>always had puck bunnies come with us on road trips
>one time a teammates sister comes with us
>she's 16
>we win our game and go to an after party to celebrate
>I go upstairs to take a piss
>notice some commotion in room
>look in, theres this guys sister spread eagle on an ottoman taking one in the pussy and one in the mouth
>three other guys in there watching and jerking off
>I figure wtf may as well join in
>we gang bang this bitch for a while
>we all bukakke her and she's loving it
>I only thought bukkake happened in porno
>teammate gets razzed for having a super slut of a sister
also if you ever have daughters don't let them hang around hockey players because this type of shit happens all the time.

one girl when we were at another city came on the bus, leaving her bf behind and gave a bunch of dudes blowjobs. Pretty unbelievable looking back at it that there are people like that out there but at the time it seemed somewhat normal as that lifestyle was thrust upon me at a young age. Realize now that it was pretty messed up
factual sir
How did you find out/catch your girlfriend cheating? Did you cheat on her? Do you still keep in touch with her? Do you have a big dick? Do you still love her? Or keep in touch with her?

So, are you pretty much in a 3-way relationship with your wife and her friend? If so, are both girls expected to be faithful to you? And are you faithful to both of them? Also, do you have a big dick? And are you a generous tipper?
I was walking home from a mates house, pretty drunk at about 1am. Had to pass through area with a few bars, a lot of drunk people about.
I pass this girl who says "Hey you, where you going? Talk to me, im cold." I dont know her but talk to her. Shes chubby, probably a 6/10 but im drunk. Her friends hotter but way more drunk and uninterested in us talking.
Somehow end up hugging her for warmth, this leads to making out, her hand down my trousers.
She begs me to go back to mine with her, fuck taking a random girl home - she could be psycho. "Come on, we cant go back to mine my boyfriends there..." I feel bad but this gave me instaboner.

Ended up taking her to an alley and getting her to suck my cock, weird her friend just stood next to us and watched. Tried to get her involved but nothing.

Came, left. She was pissed because she got nothing out of it. Fuck if I care.

Fuck you I dont greentext.
that picture makes me sick. She needs to be stoned to death.
File: 22.jpg (315KB, 1588x1031px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
315KB, 1588x1031px
She felt guilty for it so she came clean to me.
I never cheated.
I don't really talk to her. She has my bike at her apartment complex and I'd rather break in and steal my own bike back than talk to her anymore.

I have a slightly above average dick. The bich in my other story wanted to fuck me because of my dick and she has seen lots of dick(prostitute) and she told me it's pretty much exactly what she wants in a dick.
I'm happy with it.

pic is another one of the prostitute bich. Don't have any good ones of my ex.
File: IMG2_250.jpg (25KB, 250x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 250x333px
Sorry buddy


No it's okay. The cheating sucked, and her cucking me sucked too, but that part was hot in a weird way too. Was SUPER conflicted about it.

A PA is a price albert piercing.

He was really thick - probably about 7.5 long, but really thick. I'm only about 4 inches so it was a big difference.

The first guy - her best friend who she cheated with for a while then told me about, yeah I got really pissed when I found out and confronted him. She was there though and broke us up. After I settled down, and after she kept doing it I calmed down and kinda learned to like the situation.

Nah I'm not wiht the girl, but mostly it's because of unrelated issues - she was set on moving and I really didn't want to and it just was clear it wasn't going to work out long term.

Don't hate her, but was really pissed and resentful for a while.

Feel free to ask anything.
Why did you not get this girl's number? Do you have a big dick? Did she like it? Did her friend whom was uninterested actually resist your efforts to get her involved? Did you start to get feelings for this girl, even though, you just met her while walking home? Do you still think about her often? Do you think you could find her, if you wanted to?

Also, why do you not greentext? Are you now gay?

what do they look like vaguely? (white, hispanic, thick, skinny, whatever)

and what do your families know?
I fucked my friends mother.
I am 27 she's 43.
I came in the pussy and it was a pretty good fuck.
Why the fuck are you so interested in people's dicks.
Jesus christ man
I almost hate to admit it but I've been fucking married women since I fucked my first 'older chick' when I was 20 (she was 28-29, married with a kid). When I got to my late 20's, I was in a long term relationship with a married woman I used to work with. She was a fucking freak and we literally fucked every day for like 28 months when she finally broke it off, got back with her hubby and they had a kid. She'd routinely blow/fuck me at lunch or after work while still in the building. After her, I moved near a bar that 'cougars' used to frequent (we didn't call them that then and it wasn't really a thing like it is now). I happened in there one night and before I left that area around 18 months later, I probably fucked 30 more married women.

littledick detected
Honestly /b/, what would you do if your gf did pic related to you.
Out of the blue, just for the lulz.

How would you not feel disregarded and worthless?
>take cousin out to rave
she is 4'11 95 pound 7/10 solid
we drop some molly before we go in
idk when but we start feeling eachother up and making out. she then grabs my pants and unzips it takes out my cock and pulls her panties down and mounts me
my face when she does this in less than 5 seconds we fuck in middle of crowd and no one knows i cum inside her she not on the pill.
my reaction next day when she doesnt remember a thing
tell her she hooked up with some guy and i lost track of her and blacked out she now has a boy and i help take care of it she doesnt know its mine even thou it looks just like me
my reaction when kid has no birth defects and is completely normal
That's not too bad. I mean when you think about it, you gave her pleasure so you did a solid. I wouldn't even care if my friends fucked my mom as long as they were quiet about it. Being known as the guy whose mother fucked his friends is worse than the act itself
I would feel shitty but wouldn't let her know it. Act as though she's just a cum bucket to me
Fucked a bro's gf and my ex-gf while I was with a current gf on several occasions, never blackmailed anyone for sex though. I got a girl I work with to give me a handjob because she heard I had a big dick and wanted to compare it to her bf's, said I was at least 2 inches longer. Feltgoodman
File: IMG2_500.jpg (55KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 500x500px
>be soon after she admitted cheating
>few weeks after i cooled down
>he comes over and is playing video games with her in the basement most of the day
>we order a pizza and they come up to eat
>he heads back down and she stays in kitchen
>tells me they are putting on a movie
>say i might join
>she says she wants some alone time and we can hang out after the movie
>i get frustrated and say im going to come dow anyway
>she says then i'll see things I prob dont want to
>i end up sitting outside the door to the basement the whole time
>hear basically nothing
>look afterwards and find two magnum condoms in the trash
You're a fucking moron. It's one of the specific things I mentioned in the OP, as having a big dick that a girl wants/is punished by is a fantasy of mine. It does not mean that I am gay or like cocks, you fucking idiot homosexual. If you don't like the posts in the thread, get the fuck on out of here and go be a piece of shit in another thread.

Good read. You are really smart. And a fucking moron. And gay.

How did this start/happen? How many times did you fuck her? Did your friend find out? If so, how did he react? Are you still friends? And do you still keep in touch with the mother? Also, how long ago did this happen? And what does the mom look like? face/body/tits/ass/pussy description, please?

Also, got any pics of the mom?
Cooking me breakfast
This is a hot story, especially, because of how petite you describe your cousin as being. However, this is hard to believe as actually having happened. Do you have any pics of your cousin? And if this really happened, have you fucked/fooled around with her again since? And how long ago did this take place? Also, did/does she have a boyfriend and whom does she think is the father of her kid?
File: 1414645530924.jpg (168KB, 1024x710px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
168KB, 1024x710px
betamax the /thread
>as having a big dick that a girl wants/is punished by is a fantasy of mine

So >>582818185
is still right.
>e nu
hey ANON, where is the video and the photos, share it with yours bros
I suppose I have a few.

My Junior year of High School I was a Freshman Mentor, which basically means that instead of like the dedicated study time for 30 minutes I took a group of Freshman under my wing to kinda help ease them into the everyday workings of HS. There was one girl who was always kinda interested me, but I didn't think much of it til the end of the year, where it got really good.

Anyone interested?
That's pretty shitty, bro. You must have a really calm disposition and/or really strong morals to have not beaten the fuck out of this bitch and the guys she so casually fucked while in a relationship with you.

Did her friend or any of the guys ever apologize to you? How the fuck was he comfortable going over to your home and expecting/allowing you to give them privacy so that he could fuck your girl while you were there? Were you ever friendly with the dude? Before or after? And how did he treat you during the times you would personally see him?

Do you hate this bitch now? Do you keep in touch with her at all? And how do you know how big his dick is? Did you see it? Did you ever join in and have a 3-some with them?

Also, do you have a GF now? And did you ever cheat on the whore who put you through this shit? Also, after she saw his dick and PA while skinnydipping, did she actually come to you and tell you about it and explain that she was turned on and/or wanted to fuck him? And do you think she had fucked him before seeing his dick?

And was he a decent guy? Or a scumbag piece of shit? And could you have whooped his ass in a fight? And are/were you afraid to fight?
File: IMG1_500.jpg (42KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 500x375px
no one is denying that.

she told me all about him one time and he was thicker than her wrist, and his head was even thicker - basically ahuge mushroom. he had a big prince albert too that she loved to play with, and when it was inside she'd feel it against her gspot or cervix and he could make her cum more than once in a single session
File: img2.jpg (977KB, 2048x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
977KB, 2048x1536px
>be me 20 m
>have female friend with bf
>start flirting but beta as fuck
>"anon we should hangout tonight bfs gone and im lonely"
> fuck yeah we should
>comes over and we watch the old ninja turtles cartoon
>smoke a blunt eat some pizza
>come back to my room
>"anon we should fuck right now"
>ask her what about bf
>forget him he has a small dick anyway
>fucked her for over an hour
>2 years later shes still cheating on her bf with me

>pic very related its her

Shit man you're like the Nazi interrogator of dicks
Of course, we're interested. Why even ask? And please try to include some detail about the girl, your dick, and the sexual encounters, and how long ago this happened?

Also, do you have a GF now? Do you cheat on her? And do you like Eminem?
no pics she got cyber bullied when she was in high school has her pics (she was 14 at the time) shown all around school and she never likes having her picture taken. yea i have but only when she takes molly she becomes a huge slut and gets wet, ive eaten her out and fucked her but she make me use condom that time because she didnt take as much molly she did that time at the rave.4 years ago when it happened. she has no idea she is very honest when on molly so she would have told me if she thought so. no boyfriends the kid scares most of them away. but since i help her out she likes to think of me as the father. funny thing is she isnt even related by blood so she has entertained that thought of be really being the father even though i am. i got flak from family for not taking better care of her that night and didnt see her for like 2 years.
1. I fucked my married college professor.

2. Nope, that's fucking skeezy.

3. Yup, see above, also a manager at my old job.

4. I fucked my college professor in her marital bed once. Other than that not really. I visited this girl I liked in the ER and kicked her boyfriend out and ended up walking her home and making out with her outside of her house.
weird that looks like my cock?!?!?
>Been with my GF for over 3 years now
>She's starting to put on a bit of weight
>Her sister has now turned 18 (she was 15 when me and GF started dating)
>Sisters body has filled out now, she has an amazing ass and pretty big tits.
>I masturbated for months about the idea of fucking her
>Last week she walked in on me getting changed
>She didn't look away
>Staring at my dick in awe
>She bites her lip and says, "my sister was telling the truth"
>Walks away hasn't said a word since

God I wanna fuck this little blonde slut so bad

Relatively average looking, slightly above average cock. Just good game and high libido.

I got married to the girl who I fucked on the couch and on the phone with her mom. We were best friends for about 5 years. She drives me absolutely insane now. Insecure as fuck. Always going through my shit, accusing me of shit since I told her about my past. She was a ho back in the day so I listened to her stories, thought they were hot, and she listen to mine and let it eat at her. I can't stand her presence. Drives me nuts just to be around her. So yes, I fully intend on divorcing her. I'm just waiting until taxes come back because we'll get about twice the money back. I'm going to split it with her, and send her packing. You can file for divorce for free in my state, so it will work out well. I don't own any property as I rent my house. I bought a truck a few months, but I have it in a family members name so she can't fight me for it. I've been planning this for a while. I'm not getting screwed on this one. There is no alimony in Indiana either, so the only thing she can dispute are my assets, which I basically have none of other than household items. And I'll happily let her take what she wants and go buy new shit just to get rid of her.
Also I have plenty of other stories. I cheated on my ex with around 10 other girls.

>Fucked a 15 year old when I was 20
>Told me she was 17
>Found out otherwise
>Didn't care

>Picked this chick up
>Met her on MeetMe
>Fucked her
>She was annoying
>Took her to the mall
>Half way to the front doors I said I forgot my wallet
>Got in my Jeep and drove right past her
>Smiled and waved

>Ran into my friends ex from several years earlier
>Always wanted to fuck her
>5'7", emo chick, skinny, nice ass
>Found out she lived 5 minutes from me and my gf
>Fucked her for 3 months
>Told my gf I was hanging out with her brother
>Believed it
>She wanted to get serious
>Hell no
>We still talk

No pics of the exes unfortunately, wish I still had them, but like I said my wife is a hardcore snoop so I had to get rid of everything.

I've never been caught cheating. Close with the 3 months chick. Gf always had suspicions, but we continued dating for 3 more years. Me and the ex have a kid together. She still tries to fuck me. I'll do it after the divorce for sure. She's got a gorgeous body. Curvy, but not overweight. Face is meh, but that ass.. God damn.
Was with a good friend's sister for over a year. That's one thing.

Then about a week after she and I broke up I had a threesome with 2 of her ex-best friends. I dunno if they would have done it if they were all still friends or if it was only because they fell out, but it was pretty cool.

Happened again about 4 days later then I left for school, never saw one of them again but I hook up with the other when im in town.
Okay, welp.

For the first semester of the year (This was 2012, by the by) I didn't think anything of this girl, we'll call Caitlin, being all over me. Shorter girl, who was in her edgy stage so she had the dyed black hair with some purple in it. Fiesty one, she was. And some really nice breasts. Yumm. At the time I was actually still a virgin, but I was with someone so I didn't really want my first time to be cheating.

Anyways, there was my current girlfriend, let's just call her Emily. Hot piece, but I never really had the chance to smash that at the time, which was disappointing. I had recently started hanging out with a 21 year old woman we'll name Bristol, who lived quite close and we could just hang whenever we wanted. Bristol was Also short, at the perfect body build for weight, and a ridiculously large pair of breasts. Not a bad ass either.

So one night me and her are out, and she had dared me to wear a tie out so I did. We're walking around the neighborhood when she suddenly pulled me down by the tie to kiss those lips. She was 21 while I was 17, so I was pretty content with that.

As a 17 year old virgin, it doesn't take much for me to be smitten by Bristol. Only issue? Good friends with her boyfriend.

The scenario you described is pretty fucking hot. Especially, if the sister is as hot as you claim she is. Got any pics of her? And how big is your dick? Has your GF commented on your size? And would you cheat on your GF and fuck her sister? Do you realize what the potential/likely ramifications would be?

Thanks(?). Or fuck off.
i fucked my cousin, stole his fiancee, let my wife get two female fuckbuddies, one of them a girl i was friendzoned by HARD and fucked all of them in an orgy. we are planning another soon.
I had a friend who was cute. I could tell she had a crush on me and one day she invited me to sleep over. She often got bullied by her mean sister. Her sister is the hotter one so I banged her on the night I came over. I saw some kind of stupid "thrill" about being a douchebag for once.

The sex was awesome, but absolutely not worth it. It's been five years and I still feel like a scumbag for it.

>inb4 moralfag

I don't give a shit. I want to be one.

dude just accept it, You're asking every dude how big his dick is lol. You don't expect people to mention this?
File: IMG5_500.gif (471KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
471KB, 500x375px
haha, i think it's the former. im a pretty chill guy and then eventually it started turning me on in a way and then i'd still get pissed and upset but then fap furiously haha.

he was a pretty decent guy, but he had known her forever and me like a year and its not like we hung out so he kinda left it to like what she did was between her and i. they were fuck buddies and he didn't want it to be more than friends/fuck buddies so he didn't see what the big deal was. we had some discussions about it and he half apologized - he was basically like i get that it's hard and i won't do it right in front of your face but like it's her deal - work it out with her if you don't want it to happen. I was obv more friendly with him beforehand, but after it was more of an ill be civil, but we're not friends

I did get in his face early on but she stopped it. i prob would have gotten my ass kicked

i don't hate her, and do keep in touch with her, we talk pretty regularly still. we have a weird relationship now - she likes to rub in that shes with other people and stuff. loves tellig me how much she enjoys being single etc. the cuckolding almost kept going even after we broke up in this weird fucked up way. i never cheated on her, and i'm single now.

no so the way it happened was the skinny dipping thing happened in the beginning of a summer, and just a few days later they hooked up for the first time (cheating) and they ended up fucking for a while. i had a suspicion as she was spending a ton of time with him and texting all the time..but it wasn't until the middle of that winter that she admitted she had been cheating. it's also when she 'came out' as being bi and poly - saying she couldn't just be with one person. was defiitely difficult at first, but i still wanted to be with her, and we were living together etc. so i stayed with her. she kept up stuff with him on and off till she moved like a year and a half later, and had some other people in there as well
We met at a bar, got drunk and started to fool around.
My friend is a girl, and she started to suspect that we did fuck, but we said no and we stuck to that story.

We did it twice, once in the night and once the morning after.

She was pretty hot actually, she had a really tight pussy.
Whe have been talking about fucking again. I don't feel like sharing a pic, I don't know who is watching.
I would contribute tribute to your thread, but every time someone does you ask them 100 questions and ruin the entire thing.

You do it with every single thread you make, it ruins it faggot.
I guess it can't hurt to share on /b/.

My sister couldn't have children, she raised her godchild when her best friend died.

Fast forward fifteen years, we had sex in my sister and sister's husbands bed. She was 16 and I was 34.
Pic of my wife
File: disappointed.jpg (10KB, 237x213px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 237x213px
Beyond Beta.
That's pretty fucking hot! Have you ever fucked/fooled around with the girl (your friend)? And is the mom married?

For the record, you are not obligated to answer every question that I ask, you fucking idiot. And if you'd like to start a thread yourself and ask fewer questions, feel free to do so.

Also, go fuck yourself, you gay, queer, homosexual.
Wait. You fucked your sister or your sister's godchild?

hahaha. I don't know why this is so funny,
its true though.

>fast forward 15 years
>she was 16

Unless his sister adopted a baby when she herself was 1 year old, I'd say he fucked the godchild.
my best friend's girlfriend offered to fuck me because i bought her some stuff. apparently she "owes me"

but she was serious about not telling her BF

last time i did this for her, she blew me. so if she is gonna deliver like this, my lips are sealed.

dumb bitch thinks it not cheating through and through.
Pic of my ex that I cheated on with 10 other women, the girl I have the son with.
I don't get why this cuck is always posting
>all dat logical reasoning
Sister's godchild. She was practically her daughter and she grew up around me and I was her favorite uncle. She was always very affectionate with me but she didn't start giving me an inappropriate boner until she was 12-13.

It was great.
cuckfags pls die
details and pic
Of course we're not obligated to answer every question. But do you know how irritating it is to try and read through a thread and come across the same bullshit questions time and time again?

"How big is your dick? Do girls often tell you that? Did you ever get caught? What did she say when she found out?"

Fuck off with that shite and just appreciate the responses you get you insufferable little prick.
Pic of the 15 y/o. Now 18.
>be dance instructor
>friends wife comes to my class to learn salsa
>already likes me a little and after a couple classes starts to hit on me
>girls in class know I'm straight and I get hit on all the time
>friends wife is hot and I decide to fuck it
>we meet up regular and fuck lie our lives depend on it
>wife gets preggers and friend is over moon because he was beginning to think he was sterile
>bouncing baby girl is born and secret paternity proves it's mine
>year later they are trying for baby #2 and wifey is bouncing on my cock every chance she can
>baby #2 is also girl and also mine
>friend admits to me that he wants a son more than anything and wifey is in agreement that they must keep going until son happens
>took four tries but we made a boy in the end, friend is in tears telling about HIS son, I was almost in tears holding back the laughter
>wifey still comes to dance lessons and we meet often
>helped friend get better job so he could take care of family better, he is always on at me about settling down with a nice girl and raising a family, I just tel him I don't really want kids and always tell him what a great father he is
>BTW I'm also godfather to all their children and they all go nuts when "uncle Pete" visits because he always brings candy and presents
File: IMG8_500.jpg (30KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 500x375px
i love the questions, its what makes me want to contribute

again, this is known.
Pic of the 3 month fling
I actually posted her nudes on here. Even linked her fb and posted her number. She called the cops on me, but couldn't prove it was me.
It was pretty hot.
The best part is when she said "anon, you don't look that much to the world, but you're a great man in bed" (May be a bad translation, but you get the picture)
The mother is single, but I know her ex, I have attended a few parties with him(and her).

I've never done anything with the girl, her bf is a good friend of mine, but we were talking about a three way a couple of years ago.
I fucked my gf's mom, but she was dying
>two kids
>tightest pussy ever

good someone else noticed how this story is fake
Only pics I could give have me or my sister in or are from my niece's FB, which I won't give out for obvious reasons. lol

We were watching a movie together and she cuddled up to me. Slowly she got closer and closer until she had her hands in my pants, she looked up at me with her big brown eyes and asked if I was okay with it. She unzipped my pants and gave me a blowjob. It wasn't a very experienced one, but she slowly figured it out with her tiny mouth. I was hard as rock and it was amazing because of how much I'd thought about it. Never thought it would happen, I even felt guilty about it but I soon got over it when she started riding me regularly.
Yeah it was weird man. I was also 16 and a virgin, so in my memory it was tight, but now, with the ability to compare it to other pussies, I might not feel that way. Idk. I'd have to fuck her again. I ran into her about a year ago, but we just said hi and went on our ways.
We kept silent about it, even when me friend asked us about it.
But I did call a couple of friends the first thing when I left the house.
What the fuck are you talking about? How in the hell did you arrive at the conclusion that my sister was 1 year old?
Story isn't fake. Believe what you want, but not every fucker on here seeks to deceive you fags. Where's the fun in that? Maybe sometimes a dude just wants to share and hear some feedback.
fuck yes

pics if possible
Hows that basement and weight issue treating you today, OP?

i read this


your memory was fucked in that one. don't worry about it.

high five bro
Despite being good friends with her boyfriend, it didn't take long for me to have her in my bed. Quite the first experience. As much as I DIDN'T want my first time to be cheating, the fact both her and I were cheating on our others felt so... Good. Sliding myself inside of Bristol and knowing that this delicious pussy belonged to someone else, but she wanted ME, felt so good. I fucked her good that night, and fucked her quite a few more times. Eventually though, it came out from someone else that Bristol and I were fucking, and the boyfriend quickly pulled her away.

That was the point where I stopped caring, and I actively sought out fucking women who I KNEW I shouldn't.
Con confirm, played competitive hockey for 5 years. Puck bunnies are the best.
Also you're probably a fuckin virgin if you aren't aware that pussies can spring back. My ex had a son and she bounced back like no other. You can't even tell she had a kid. Tight as ever and not a single stretch mark on her petite little body. I've fucked plenty of bitches with children and some have been wrecked, some decent, and some tight.
Dude, all of these females are sexy! And the 3-month fling girl is super cute. Why did you stop fucking her? Are you on good terms with her now? Or with any of the girls you posted pics of? Do you still keep in touch with any of these females? And do you think you could fuck them again?

Also, your wife is pretty. I'm sorry that things are bad and that you want to divorce her. I sincerely hope that things work out well for all involved.

Are you fucking exaggerating in this story? Or did you literally get your friend's wife pregnant 4 times and he thinks all 4 of the kids are his?
>and I actively sought out fucking women who I KNEW I shouldn't.

This is my fetish. Never acted on it, but they're all around me.

>friend's gf
>gf's sister
>various cousins

I'm slowly going crazy.
how was the fucking? details plox
The 3 month chick and I are still friends. She wants a serious relationship though, and Idk if I really want to fuck her and ditch her and thus ruin the friendship. She's cute, but she's a super whore. Like 50+ notches on her belt. Not real tight and not real good in the sack. I tried barking up that tree a few months ago just to see if she's bite but she just ended up send me some tits and bitching about how I chose my ex over her and she wouldn't fuck me til she saw the divorce papers.
She was very submissive at first and squeaked when I penetrated her. I mostly was on top and she wrapped her legs around me and moved her pelvis. She came really quickly at first and was as wet as only a horny young teenager can be. When she orgasmed, her nose would wrinkle and she'd close her eyes and raise her neck.

Later on in our relationship, she started being much more comfortable and loved to ride on top of me. Her tight little body always made me rock hard and a lot of the sex was made a million times better by how young and perfect she looked and the relationship being really naughty.
Thanks /b/ro
this just happened to me 2 weeks ago

> be 23
> living with best friend cause parents are assholes
> no GF
> roommate starts fucking this new girl whom is a nester
> wont buy her shit
> i buy her some $20 thing.
> she has trouble paying me back
> "ill suck your dick anon, but DON'T TELL BF"
> no fuckin shit
> i tell her to use her teeth,
> best BJ in years.
> next week. buy her a rolling rack for her clothes.
> she offers to fuck me as repayment
> same conditions
> ask her if she considers it cheating
> "im paying you back anon. And its just sex"

asshole BF knocked her up but its been 2 weeks and she miscarried.

how long should i wait to cash in my dues?
Fucking women who I know I shouldn't for moral or social reasons makes me feel so FUCKING good.

So, soon after it occurred to me that, even after a semester of getting nowhere, this girl still wanted me. And boy oh boy did I exploit it. As her Mentor over the previous semester I have picked up so many little things about her life, her tweaks, things shh doesn't like and things she does like in the confidentiality of the Mentor/Mentee relationship we had.

It wasn't too very long til I was back at her house, sliding my finger deep inside of her while her mother was in the room nextdoor.
man, simply she was a fucking slut.
Find another girl
Yeah dude, people are known to kill when they see shit like that. They just lose it. I wouldn't risk it.
6 weeks
Just be ready for a fight because if he isn't some beta fag, he's gonna want to beat some ass. Particularly your naked ass.
>be 17
>fucking 15 yo gf
>gf has brother
>be good friends with the brothers gf
>fuck gf and the brothers gf the same day
>get head from their mutual friend next day
>stop rotating bitches after I move out of state for college
>still get tits from 2 of 3
here we go

>be me
>be 16
>be at decent poolparty
>im there with a few of my friends
>the guy hosting this party has his college friends over
>night goes by, we bath in the pewl, drink som beers, and time flies
>at one point the host of the party whispers something to this girl from his college
>girl is 6,5/10 thin, nice ass, great small tits
>she leaves the talk with my friend, and sits on my lap for apperently no fucking reason
>i start to grab her ass
>thats rubbing her butthole, and pussy while the party i going on around us
>i sit with this girl on my lap, making her fucking wet while my friends is having a laugh of me
>starts kissing, still rubbing while people is around
>suddenly all go out for a walk smoking some weed
>only plebs back is me and horny gurl
>we keep the whole "thang" going, all alone
>ask her if she would like to find somewhere soft
>says yes, jumps as fast as a flying fart over to trampoline
>i follow, and fucks her with my stiff beer dick, and come fast as idgf.jpg

this is not the end, should i continue?
I am no stud, Im not gonna spread lies.
but goddamn I fucked this mother o three, 2 boys sharing a room down the hall and an infant in the room with us.
Her pussy was thw biggest mess of juices, every thrust would spray her pussy goo everywhere hitting my face and shit.
The chick was loud, louder than any asian girl Ive fucked. If I was her upstairs neighbor I wouldve been bitching about that shit after 5 minutes of her screaming.
didnt realize it at the time but the chick was obviously cheating which mustve been crazy hot for her. Wouldve been for me too if I wasnt some 19 year old little bitch.

>those kids heard everything
>probably cried theirselves to sleep listening to their mommy getting her brains fucked out

I was I hadnt been so oblivious, I wouldve done way worse. I also didnt have the mountain of fetishes that come with older age. Still a good fap thinking about rhose kids sometimes remembering mommy squirting all ovee my dick.
Fucked ex bf in his best friends bed, with the best friend right next to us sleeping. Month or so later did it in the BFs bed with the best friend sitting next to us playing halo. Moaning and everything, best friend pretends to not notice.

Dude was beta as fuck, bf tried to pay me $500 to fuck the guy. Was 17, wouldn't do it cause dude was gross as fuck.
I dunno man he saw me in my underwear at her house and didn't say jack shit. pretty sure he's beta and I'm significantly larger than him
Typing on my phone, so bear with me and please forgive any typing errors. I did a shortened version of this one before but I guess I'll give more of the details

>be me
>sell lots of pot
>recently broke up with gf of almost 2 years because she cheated
>a previous ex (who also had cheated but whatever) hits me up on Facebook
>"hey anon"
>"how's life? been a while"
>oh, ya know, just doing me
>"yeah, same. you know I have 2 kids now"
>yeah, I heard
>"well I just wanted to see how you are. sorry for the past"
>say, would you wanna kick it and...blaze? maybe get some fuck?
>"um, I dunno. I mean I want to, but are you just trying to set me up for revenge or something?"
>nope, just wanna fuck
>"well, let's just hang out and see where it goes"
fast forward a couple days, she comes by after work. Now, she was thick when we together. 2 kids and a not so easy time over the course of 3 years, let's just say she's more than thick.
>bitch comes over, we smoke
>"so anon, I never wanted to hurt you. I was so young and stupid. If it's any consolation I pretty much hate my life. My guy cheats and he's hit me a few times"
>oh drag, sorry about that
>in my head: haha bitch! grass ain't always greener
>so maybe I can make you feel a little better?
>"how's that?"
>pull out dick, grab her head
it's at this time I remember what I kept this useless bitch around so long for before. She could suck a bowling ball through a crazy straw
>long, slow bj, lots of slurping, deep throating
>pulls my dick out to stroke it while she locks my nuts
>"let's go to your room"
>go to room, strip
>she drops pants, pulls tits out. Won't totally strip because fat belly and c section scars
>that's right, pissy NOT destroyed by childbirth
>more blowjibbers, she wants it rough
>"smack me with your cock, anon"
>"slap me"
>time to fuck, realize no condom
>go in raw, creampie that shit
>she wants to cuddle after
>nah man
No exaggerating at all, best friend and I are pretty similar looking, we are both white with dark brown hair, I'm an inch taller and about two longer (geddit!!) and we both have red haired relatives which is handy as second daughter has bright red hair and a temper to match!.

Oldest child just turned 11 last month.

As noone really gave a fuck, i would like to inform you that i finger fucked her brains out until my fingers were numb, and toke her into friends guesroom with a scrueqy bed, and fucked her for an hour while she was screaming like a fucking pig.
16 best night ever
That was a fun night. Caitlin had a vicious personality, so when she fought back saying "We shouldn't, it's not right," and tried to keep her pants it only made it so much better when I ripped off her pants and shoved my cock into her as deep as I could.

As soon as I sank myself into her, she arched that back and all of her insecurities sank away. I slid my finger, which had just been inside her, into her mouth to pacify her as I fucked her, since the mother was right there.

The excitement from the situation felt so good as I rhythmically slammed her, over and over. Towards the end she leaned up to whisper she was on the pill, and my 17 year old mind abused that as I filled her to the brim with cum. God damn. Fun night.

Anyone still reading?
You can just tell how hard OP is fapping.
Yes, basically.
My wife is expected to be faithful. We've never discussed exclusivity with her friend but to my knowledge she has been with only us for the past 3 years.
I sleep with only them. I have an average dick. I tip very well.
Wife is blond, blue eyed, fair skinned, medium to short height, very skinny with small boobs (we're both marathoners). Friend is taller, nice boobs, does lots of different sports so more to her. Also blond and blue eyed. They get mistaken for sisters or cousins often.
File: johnnycarson.jpg (87KB, 618x478px)
87KB, 618x478px
>be 18
>virgin fag, extremely fucking beta
>me and my marine fag friend hang out with girl
>she is awkward and doesn't say shit entire time
>cute, short hair, big eyes blonde - average, some meat but not fat or chubby
>go home, get text from friend saying she was a massive slut
>randomly texted him "hey farmboy, can I take a ride on your tractor" after we hung out and he picked her up to fuck
>start talking to her on facebook
>few days in, she gets freaky, saying she wants to suck my dick
>meet her late into the night, she is with some tumblr feminist lesbian friend
>we park behind albertsons and chill
>they argue about dumb shit and eventually her friend falls asleep
>she crawls into back seat with me and lays in my lap for an hour
>me being beta, I don't do anything until she starts stroking my dick through my pants
>touch her legs, boobs and ass - try to touch her pussy but she shys away from it
>eventually she pulls my dick out and sucks my dick for what seems like forever
>we later go to lesbian friend's house
>lesbian passes out in bed, I make out with chick on her couch and play with her tits
>decide we want to fuck
>drive fuck long out innawoods
>too tired to get dick hard, look at her naked and get a pornstar tier blowjob
>we hang out in the park for a bit like a couple in love for some reason
>hang out only one time after that
>chilling under train tracks where no one can see
>cold as fuck out, but still somehow convince her to give me the dick sucking of a life time
>months later she was admitted into an asylum for a few months due to split personality bullshit and suicide attempts
>currently in a long standing lesbian relationship with lesbian friend
>shaved her head - now a tumblr feminist
>me - wanted to become a cop so I joined the Navy Reserve as a MAster at Arms and went into the police department after A School
>get pussy rather easily, currently fucking a qt3.14 indian chick who is petite and gives me footjobs
>everything went better than expected
Oh, and our families are of the understading that she rents from us, that the father or her child left, and that we are helping her out longterm.
File: oc.png (957KB, 913x809px)
957KB, 913x809px

So after this first hook up, she wants it frequently. Tells me she feels like I'm the one that got away. I make sure she knows its not mutual, but I wanna keep fuckin. Honestly not even fucking her, more like using her puss to masturbate. But more stories:

>keep hooking up with ex, always filling her cunt with my spuzz then sending her home to sleep next to her baby daddy
>sell pot to the ex, so not only is she taking nut, I'm making money
>get a call one night
>"hey anon, can we talk?"
>"I'm late"
backstory, when we were together I got her knocked up. She rode the hoover express,and shortly after we broke up. She had a one night stand with the dude she's with now, ended up preggers. Docs told her if she has another abortion so soon, she'll wreck her shit to the point of infertility
>so uh, what's the plan? Clinic?
>"yeah, dude will literally kill me"
>ok, I'll help you pay for it
>jokes on you, no I won't
>she gets aborshy, keeps hitting me up for money
>keep telling her I can't just now, but I'll get her when I have the cash
>still fucking, selling weed to her
>one night, she gets a dwi
>asks if I can be her ride home, she'll give me gas money and road
>pick her up late nights, fuck her throat
>almost crash because, damn that's some good head!
>moaning, ball rubbing, bouncing her head up and down type head
>she had told me many times she LOVES sucking my dick
>I love feeding you cum right before you go home to your man
>fuck her in the back seat from time to time, around the corner from her place
>eventually she thinks her man is onto us, so she won't hook up any more, but she still buys from me
>oh well

Another story to follow
Can't greentext cause I am newfag. It happend 2 years ago. I had a gf, been 6 months with her, she said she was a virgin and didn't want to do anything sexual. It was a hard time for me cause I used to have sex reguraly with my ex. My gf went away for a holidays for a week. When she was away I cheated on her with my ex. When my gf came back my ex started to blackmail me so I had to tell the truth. We didn't talk for more than a month but eventually came back together. Sorry for bad englando
>be 20
>befriend woman 10 years older than me
>has two kids
>shoulder-length brown hair, big brown eyes, average face but huge tits
>we become pretty close, or well she opens up to me and we talk about lots of stuff
>she has some marital problems
>I usually give her advice about it even though I've no experience with marriage, seemed to work a lot of the time anyway
>one day she's at my place
>we both knew she shouldn't be there but we figured we enjoy each other's company and what her husband doesn't know won't her him when it's so innocent
>sit in sofa watching TV
>she starts leaning into me, I put my arm around her, stroking the small of her back for some reason
>she lets out the slightest of moans
>move my hand up to her hair, entangle my fingers in it, stroking her neck
>she moans again
>I look down at her, she's fully awake but doesn't seem to mind
>stay that way for about 10 minutes before some primal urge makes me move my hand to her breast, cupping it and squeezing
>feel her nipple getting hard
>she reaches for my leg and strokes it, then moves to unzip my jeans and reaches inside, just lightly touching my pubic hair
>"That's my revenge", she says softly
>I kiss her
>she kisses me
>things get passionate and she pulls my pants down
>gives me a handjob that turns into a blowjob
>finger her in the meanwhile, her pussy is wetter than any I've ever felt before or since, literally sopping wet
>no sex that day but part ways almost lovingly

Proceeded to fuck her 5-6 times over the coming two weeks before she said she couldn't do it anymore. We kind of lost contact after that, but it was nice.
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