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Fucked up shit you did as a kid >2009 in year 9 at high school

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Fucked up shit you did as a kid

>2009 in year 9 at high school 14 years old
>just got an iPhone 3g, only kid in school with an iPhone
>had 1gig of data, browsing net in every class
>asshole teacher hated phones in class, confiscated my precious iPhone on Friday
>"I'm keeping this over the weekend anon, come get it back from me on Monday"
>super pissed at teacher, make awesome plan to get back at him
>next week at school take photos of my boobs in girls bathroom on phone
>make sure to include my face in pictures
>purposely get caught using my phone in his Friday class again
>"keeping this over the weekend again anon"
>tell my mum that mr asshole teacher blackmailed me into taking nude photos under threat of failing me
>mum freaks out files police report
>dumbass teacher brought my phone home with him
>charged with possession of child pornography
>police interview most of his students and myself
>believe every word of my bullshit story
>never see mr asshole again
>everyone tells me I'm so brave, get tonnes of sympathy and become pretty popular over all the drama
>phone never confiscated again
>browse net everyday in class
>don't feel the least bit bad
tits or gtfo
nice now tits or gtfo
You're a fucking prick
Why would the police care about a shirtless picture of some fat little boy?
Did he get to see the picture?
neat story tits or gtfo
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op will never deliver authentication
No but the police and my mum did

What year was this, and how old were you?

not even once
are you retarded or something?
>Implying people who get something easy ever achieve anything
Enjoy being jobless landwhale cat lady by your 30-s.
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princess nipple.jpg
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>Be me
>Junior year in high school
>Raging pile of hormones
>Get home after school
>Have project to do
>Mom tells me that I need to go to the store to get milk
>Rage because I want to work on my project
>Fuming mad the whole time
>Swear at the cashier
>Driving home
>See older couple walking on the sidewalk on the other side of the road
>Look ahead, no one coming in other lane
>Swerve across the street
>Open my door
>Take out a 65 year old man with my door at 55 miles per hour
>Realize what an idiot I am
>Speed home
>Work on my project, fully expecting to be arrested at any moment
>Next morning
>Next week
>Next month
>Six months later
>A year later
>Dad is helping me change my oil and he looks at my door
>"Anon what the fuck happened to your door?"
>"Oh nothing, someone ran into it while it was parked."
>Laugh evilly to myself

There's a special place in hell for me
Probably not as bad but
>Be me in middle school in gym
>class is right before lunch
>every one piles up on the front door to run to to the lunch line
>There's some Chinese kid at the very front and I'm behind him
>The bell rings, door flings open
>he starts running, I kick his leg and he eats shit
>Face first
>Me and my friend stomp on him then run
>see him later walking to the nurse with his glasses broken and scraped face
congrats OP, you ruined a dudes life just because your piece of shit snobby ass didn't want to pay attention in class and you were an attention whore.

10/10 bait, made me a bit angry.
jesus christ
>be at 4 chan
>sucking my own dick
>realise that the world is round
>realizze that i was writing realise with s
>be loner kid with no friends up until 4th grade
>new kid comes to school we become best friends
>end of 4th grade year kid tells me his family is moving but we'll always be best friends or some stupid shit
>so hurt and scared about being alone and friendless again I go into a rage and start beating him
>can't remember exactly I just remember being on top of him pounding my fists on his face
>I pull his arm behind his back while he's on his back and am stretching it all the way up
>kids cheering me on
>he had a concussion, broken arm, and broken nose
>got in tons of trouble
>kids now like me
>never friendless again
Can we please see your boobs now that you're of age?
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>only kid in high school with an iPhone

either there were 2 kids at your high school or you're lying, idiot
Bumping one more time
Ummm... Probably should go see a therapist.
Nice thumbnail, Faggot.
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>get nudes of my GF in 2009
>show them to all my friends in 7th hour
>was at football in 7th hour
>show all my friends the nudes
>water girl is friends with my ex we broke up that day
>see's the nudes and tells ex
>realize it was her and charge my more attractive friend to get nudes of her
>he gets the job done
> use nudes to blackmail her
> have on and off sex with her because she liked the idea of being my slave
> both graduated and never talked again I think she moved to Florida to go to college or something
> I am at LSU
>7th grade computer lab
>whole class working on powerpoint
>there is this one mexican kid named victor
>always in trouble
>teacher hates him
>i print out 50 mexican flags
>teacher jumps to conclusions
>goes for the kill
>bunch of yelling and shit
>victor throws monitor on ground
>escorted by security
>never saw him again
sorry victor.
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ITT this thread:
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
I'm starting student teaching for high school next semester. You are a massive cunt.
10/10 OP
topest kek
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I have a lot of them actually. My dermatologist put me on Acutane for my pizza face and it bascially turned me into a rage machine. When I realized what was going on I threw away all of my pills and went to counselling. Everything eventually got better.

>Be me
>Out on a camping trip with some friends
>Get call from girlfriend (God bless her soul for putting up with my shit)
>A kid in her neighborhood punched her sister
>Ripped off her sister's shirt
>My girlfriend is crying and really upset
>Rage, same as always
>See some poison ivy by our campsite
>Get a ziplock bag and make liplock bag gloves
>Pluck a bunch of leaves

This next part is an old Boy Scout trick for getting revenge. It's mostly joked about, but I may have taken it a bit too far with the direction I took it.

>Crush up the poison ivy leaves
>Add some water
>Make sure that the poison ivy oil is in the water from the crushing
>Leave it out to evaporate
>Add a few drops of vegetable oil
>Mix it really well
>Put it in a small bottle

>Get home
>Have girlfriend's sister get me in to the asshole's room
>Find his underwear drawer
>Use turkey baster to brush the concentrated poison ivy right where his crotch goes
>Run away!
>Wait a week
>Kid starts walking funny
>Everyone convinces him that he probably has some horrid STD
>Found out later that his mom was too poor to have insurance so she never took him to the doctor
>Many lols were had
OP, you talked about your boobs without showing them yet.

C'mon... Timestamp too, spoiled whore.
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
Fuck this thread, and fuck you OP
>tits or gtfo
A year 9 student lied to police about important stuff huh?
Yeah no.
>holy fucking brink
That's fucking terrible, you should be disgusted with yourself.

No self respecting human being would ever willingly attend LSU.
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Oh, that was good. I was all prepared to rage at some feminazi shit and then you flipped it. Bravo.
>be me, 12, at friends house
>playing diablo on parents pc
>stretch out my legs, and accidentally unplug pc
>friends 2 year old brother was crawling on the ground next to me, mom thinks baby unplugged pc
>must have done before, and gotten in huge trouble
>mom grabs baby and whoops the shit out of him
>fucking freaking out, dont say anything
>realize his mom loved having me over, could have apologized and prevented all this
nigger, what part of "10/10 bait" did you not understand?
>B me
>Go to school
>Cute girl i like
>Watch all day in class
>Draw pictures of her and write her >name in note book
>Sit behind her
>Throw paper at her
>Kick her chair from behind
>Shes tells me to stop omg she looked at me
>Write note box a box b like me or not
>She never hands note back
>I pull on her pigtails.
>See her in cafeteria
>Throw food at her.
>University security escorts me off campus
>Be me, 15
>Punk rock kid, at friend of families house for the weekend
>Steal their beer when everyone's in bed, get shitfaced
>smoke cigarettes, flick ashes in family cats mouth
>steal jewelry next day before we leave
>They found out a week later
>Tell them "the devil made me do it and I'll do it again
Later became an opiate addict, now I'm sober and a pretty good person. Hormones I guess
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>be me
>be like 5
>be playing in mud puddles for hours
>come inside, mom says off with your clothes and put them right in the wash
>I show her I have pockets full of earthworms, literally stuffed pockets
>she tells me to go outside and let them go first
>I go outside and play for 10 minutes
>mom calls me back in, strips me down, puts my clothes in the wash
>washing machine is old school 1970s, has a lint trap that sits on top of the agitator
>her face when: she opened the washing machine later and the lint trap was full of drowned worms
>be me 10
>obsessed wit h pokemon cards
>steal 2 bucks everyday
>buy a pack everyday
>end of year
>dad finds about money but doesn't know who's taking it
>goes in my room
>sees me with 1000 pokemon cards
>takes them
>sets them on fire
>doesn't make me food for 2 weeks
You are the cancer that is killing society along with niggers and muzzies
>flick ashes in family cats mouth
how the fuck did you do that
>Be me
>I'm a teacher
>Wife died at child birth
>Trying to pay for the therapy of my child that has stage four terminal cancer
>Work Job as a Teacher and at a variety of different places to try and get by
>The new school semester rolls around and I decide to introduce myself to all of my students
>I still think to this day that they noticed how sleep deprived I was...
>"Hello Class, my name is Mr. Anon I will be-"
>I notice giggling in the back of the class
>It's a fat Emo chick trying to get the attention of some other kid
>I cough and interrupt her, "Young Lady would you like to take your conversation outside?"
>She just fucking stands there (I think she flipped me off when my back was turned)
>Weeks progress with this cunt and her behavior has gotten worse
>See there's things that you can do to REALLY piss a teacher off
>Then out of the whole class they'll decide to target you for being a dickwad
>Fat FemAnon gets a new phone
>Of course I caught her doing looking at tumblr, she's likes fucking furies.
>I stand up to her by playing it cool, "Femanon I'm taking your phone away."
>She releases a screech that is louder that a million rock hard dildos banging metal
>I actually have to pry it from her hands,
>"You can get it back Monday." I tell her
>The following week goes without incident which is strange
>She does the same thing again and I take the phone away
>Strangely she doesn't react
>Whatever I didn't care
>The police show up at my house
>"Hello officers what can I do for you?"
>"Are you Anon Anonymous?" they ask
>"Yes sir."
>"You are under arrest for the possession of child pornography."
>That was years ago
>Went to jail for 7 years
>My son died of a stroke in sleep
>I now have to tell everyone in my neighborhood that I'm a registered sex offender
>All because I took some heartless little cunt's phone away.
Held the cat on its back, put my finger in its mouth, pulled the bottom jaw done and flicked my ashes in. Lel'd hard. I also spit in their mouths as a kid, angrily. I don't know why. I had alot of issues. I used to bury my sisters socks in the yard and pee in plastic bags then throw them out the window
I thought this was real until "get it back on monday". loled
You sounded like a retarded yet creative child
You are a cunt, I hope you get raped by niggers.
I was actually in gifted classes. My mom abused the ever-fuck-loving dog shit out of me and it messed with my head. I was just weird. I got picked on by black kids alot in middle school so during gym I wold dribble basketballs with my fist while gritting my teeth and grunting the words "I'm a nigger now" to myself.
Holy kek
so I taking apart a camera in 7th grade I got shocked really bad felt like an electric fence. So I researched that it was the compositor that ramped up the voltage so went to radio shack found the largest compositor they had got a 9V batter to charge it with and fucked up every bully buy tapping it to any mettle railing they touched!! best payback ever still didn't find out it was me probably still tell their friends,"man when i was in 7th grade I had this crazy static electricity then it just stopped?".
i probably would have been your friend, anon
Aw cmon
I like you now.
I had some really weird moments as a kid. One halloween, I wanted to go egg houses like Bart Simpson but I was too pussy to sneak out so I snuck out past the driveway at 1 AM, bag full of my own toilet paper and eggs, egged my own house, TP'ed my own trees, knocked over the trash can by the curb and went back inside. I left the empty egg carton in the road and my parents put 2 and 2 together. I cried like a bitch when they beat my ass and made me clean the house. I got sent to therapy for that one
Thread posts: 61
Thread images: 10

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