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Wtf happened to /b/ this board was supposed to be random It

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Wtf happened to /b/ this board was supposed to be random
It used to be full of weird, disgusting, actual random shit.
Nowadays it's just the same predictable boring shit that starts the same and ends the same. All people posting in a certain thread always use the same pics/meme's and or buzzwords
>This board is literal cancer and it deserves to die..
>inb4 Op's a faggot (again predictable)
>inb4 /b/ has always been this way and is supposed to be cancer.
>inb4 your thread doesn't help newfag you are the cancer
>inb4 stop shitposting
*Seriously this board is a paradox of the same cancerous shit again and again..just shut it down.
And here we have the daily "my /b/ isn't good anymore" thread. Shaking it up, good on you.
Thx for contributing and proving my point was going to inb4 it as well but the list would be to long
Do you remenber the definition of insanity?
I agree with you kind sir
The Random Garbage that people come toe expect on this board became a shitty culture years ago
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its always beens likes dis

you cantz expectz creativitys from peoples

at least /b/ is a lotz better denz most fags
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It keeps the cancer away from other boards
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shut up fatso

ive been to other boards and guess what? pure fucking cancer

/b/'s a lot better in that at least it doesnt take 15 minutes for criticisms to fly back and forth
your whiny thread was just as predictable as the all the others.

stop being a fag. you can always leave.

>inb4 implying he can leave

yes he can
how is this magical sorcery performed?

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To prove my point (even tho it's clear as fuck)
Various threads exist of list below;
>You laugh you lose followed by naked banana meme and again the same pics.
>Cringe/Beta threads (usual same pics)
>Usa vs Europe and or other countries
>Merica thread or other countries
>Fat shaming
>hating on the reddit and or the tumblr's
>Loli threads
>Rekt threads.
>Various roll threads that ends with Winrar fags fucking it up
>Rate me threads
>An hero threads and other Boehoe i'm depressed should i kill anon threads
>My gf left me threads
>I have a fight tomorrow please welp threads
>.Webm threads non-porn/porn
>Name my band threads
>Trap threads
>Steam beg threads
>i'm X years old and still a virgin threads
And that's just the threads i'm not even talking about the worn out slangs/buzzwords and meme's
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It surely has seen better times. But I don't really give a fuck.
because mods delete everything that isn't the same thread over and over again.

i've been in really successful threads that had ongoing discussions, but suddenly the whole shit was deleted in the middle of everything.
then make it better asshole

one retard at a time

take it to a whole nuva level
can you see the 'x' in the top left corner?
click it.

if you cant see or use it, you're either retarded or (worse) own a mac.

if you own a mac you should consider to die in a painful fire in the quickest possible time from now.
Sorry...I can't read this. I have to go post a picture of a banana in the YLYL thread.
why dont you all stop complaining and think about oc and then make a thread about it?

i tell you: because complaining is soo easy and coming up with oc is hard..
/b/ has always been cancer, thats pretty much why /b/ is here.

also, op cant inb4

The bulk of it has never been particularly creative but the "Roll for"s, "mods mods mods", this fag Vs that fag and shit tier noods are all there is now.

Last decent thread was the "Turns out it's harder to strangle someone than it looks..." one.
itt newfags or autists who think /b/ was ever good and shouldn't have been aborted at birth.

/b/ was never good and it's as not good today as it has ever been. go eat bags of dicks.

the one where the guy who choked that woman to death posted pics before the story broke. was surprised the media didn't jump all over that, they seem to hate 4chan after all.
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Blah blah cancer.
Blah blah rate me.
Blah blah why don't I get laid.
Blah blah post or this will happen to you.
Blah blah rate my dick.
Blah blah fappening.
Blah blah check out my virus ridden link.
Blah blah name my band.
Blah blah be my army.
Blah blah wtf is this on my dick?
Blah blah blah.
Pol and tv is pretty awesome if you can get past the fact that people commonly objectify their subjective opinions.
Thread posts: 25
Thread images: 7

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