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Shuffle your playlist and post the first 10 songs. Then judge

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Shuffle your playlist and post the first 10 songs. Then judge the post above yours+whoever else you want to.
>This Boy - Franz Ferdinand
>You Got Your Cherry Bomb - Spoon
>Take the Fifth - Spoon
>The Speak It Mountains - Gorillas
>Bulldozer - Cold War Kids
>Plastic Beach - Gorillas
>At Home Now - Born Ruffians
>The Holiday Song - Pixies
>Jetlag - Brendan Benson
>The Mystery Zone - Spoon
How about no.
File: 1415952147278.webm (3MB, 1280x720px)
3MB, 1280x720px
Why not?

>Immortal Technique - Young Lords
>Disturbed - Land of Confusion
>2Pac - Let 'Em Have It (Remix)
>Machine Gun Kelly - Swing Life Away
>Oasis - Some Might Say
>Eminem - Careful What You Wish For
>Nirvana - Rape Me
>Lil Wayne - Dear Anne (Stan Part 2)
>Immortal Technique - The Cause of Death

I'm not big on rock, OP but I do like Gorillas.
Taking these straight from Pandora, my iPod has too much shit I don't listen to on it.
>Blitzkrieg - Yngwie Malmsteen
>Fields of Salvation (Insturmental) - Burden of Grief
>Time - Joe Satriani
>Ataxia - Within The Ruins
>Loverman - Jimi Hendrix
>For The Love of God - Steve Vai
>Day At The Beach - Joe Satriani
>Cryptic Dreams - Vinnie Moore
>Hello - Evanescence
>Open Secrets - Rush

You must really like Spoon...

Crossfade - Colors
The Refreshments - Banditos
Linkin Park - Bleed it Out
Green Day - Longview
System of a Down - Hypnotize
lostprophets - Burn, Burn
Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows
The Black Keys - Gold on the Ceiling
Muse - Undisclosed Desires
Korn - Coming Undone
Not a huge rap fan. But I do like a good bit of it. And from the non-rap songs you do have on your playlist it seems like you have good taste in music.
That list of songs brings me way back. SOAD, Queens, and Muse are super nostalgic.
Thanks mate. Most of the songs I listen to aren't really with the standard genre of rap.
Jimi Hendrix though, lovely!
Satriani, Hendrix, Rush. Not bad, anon. Not bad at all
Thanks m80. I love my Pandora station.
I hacked the Pentagon for self-incriminating evidence
Of Republican manufactured white powder pestilence
Marines Corps. flak vest, with the guns and ammo
Spittin' bars like a demon stuck inside a piano
Turn a Sambo into a soldier with just one line
Now here's the truth about the system that'll fuck up your mind
They gave Al Qaeda 6 billion dollars in 1989 to 1992
And now the last chapters of Revelations are comin' true
And I know a lot of people find it hard to swallow this
Because subliminal bigotry makes you hate my politics
But you act like America wouldn't destroy two buildings
In a country that was sponsoring bombs dropped on our children
I was watching the Towers, and though I wasn't the closest
I saw them crumble to the Earth like they was full of explosives
And they thought nobody noticed the news report that they did
About the bombs planted on the George Washington bridge
Four non-Arabs arrested during the emergency
And then it disappeared from the news permanently
They dubbed a tape of Osama, and they said it was proof
Jealous of our freedom
I can't believe you bought that excuse
Rockin a motherfucking flag don't make you a hero
Word to Ground Zero
The devil crept into heaven
God overslept on the seventh
The New World Order was born on September eleventh

^Not standard rap in my perspective.

I've had the same playlist for years. I just keep adding music I like over the years to it. Most of it is rock. It's over 500 songs now.
Fuck man, good shit. Who/What song is that?
>Confessions - Cannibal Corpse
>A Winter In Remorse - Carnifex
>Vile Creations - Thy Art Is Murder
>Mindless - Sworn In
>Uprising - Bleed From Within
>Priest Of Sodom - Cannibal Corpse
>Abysm - Oceano
>Cold Existence - Syn:Drom
>We Are The Wall - Breakdown Of Sanity
>Condemned to Decay - Carnifex
Nice anon. I have too much music on my iPod. I'll get obsessed with bands and buy all their shit. First it was Smashing Pumpkins then System, Queens, Avenged Sevenfold, Muse, now Dream Theater,

Immortal Technique - The Cause Of Death

A lot of people consider him a giant conspiracy theorist, but he does have some legitimacy to his statements.
They are one of my favorite bands though, it was just chance that so many of their songs turned up.
Queens, Black Keys and Muse are pretty sweet

You're gonna go very far mate. Oceano is awesome.
>Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid
>Kendrick Lamar - Sherane
>Drake - All me
>Daft Punk - Around the world/Harder, better, faster, stronger
>Childish Gambino - Pop Thieves
>Daft Punk - The game of love
>Kendrick Lamar - Ronald reagan era
>Kanye West - Dark Fantasy
>Gorrilaz - Doncamatic
>Justice - DANCE
K - Dot's two best albums, not bad. Keisha's Song on Section.80 is my favorite from that album.
Ahh, I called it! I knew it was going to be him, thanks for the song anon, I'll look it up in a bit
>Coming back down- hollywood undead
>Empty Walls- Serj Tankian
>Scream- Avenged Sevenfold
>Help is on the way-Sixx:AM
>Gandhi mate, Gandhi- Enter Shikari
>Seize The Day- Avenged Sevenfold
>Cemetery Drive- My Chemical Romance
>McFly- Pinkly Smooth
>Through Glass- Stone Sour
>Warriors of time- Black tide
Hadnt heard of the first two, but i fucking love everything else on there. fuck yeah Queens of the stone age.

Ataxia are dope

now i have a good reason to go and recollect my immortal technique tracks, i havent listened to IT for fucken ages

i loved that plastic beach album from gorillas
Shuffled from my serato music folder which is my largest folder, but i dont keep all my music genres in one place, so there is no metal, hiphop or
old rock on here.
>Gravity - Shapeshifter (NZ)
>Triple A - Rollz
>Tap Ho - TC
>Headlock - Rene laVice
>Scavenger Calix & Tee-Bee
>Emperor - Truth
>Iceman - Peverse
>Havana VIP - Biome
>Want Some Crack - RUF
>Ease the Pressure - Antiform
>Juanes - Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor
>Xavi Mata - Görüşürüz Türkiye!
>Rise Against - Behind Closed Doors
>Ashoken Farewell
>Sublime - Doin' Time
>Ivy Queen - Dime (GTA 4 Version)
>Barobax - Soosan Khanoom
>Calle 13 - Pa'l Norte
>Daara J Family - Deloussil
>Daara J Family - Bayi Yoon
r8 n h8 m8

Seems pretty good based of what my friends say of Childish gambino and kendrick lamar.

>Immortal Technique
mah nigga
J. Geils Band-Centerfold
Belynda Carlisle-Heaven is a place on earth
Destiny's Child-Say My Name
David Bowie-Changes
Smashing Pumpkins-Today
Foreigner-Hot Blooded
The Beatles-Getting Better
Steve Miller Band-Space Cowboy
CCR-Have You Ever Seen the Rain
Sorry m8, but honestly not a fan of any of these. Its all shit

If you guys like Immortal Technique you'd like Lowkey. A UK rapper, but he has some amazing lyrics.
Good song bro, just looked it up


Here, a lowkey song. Also has IT in it.
Listened to deltron 3030?

fuck that shit is next level
you have to listen to the full album, its like a concept story album
File: 1385163991009.jpg (165KB, 694x488px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165KB, 694x488px
1) War Of The Gods - Amon Amarth
2) Into The Storm - Blind Guardian
3) War Pigs - Black Sabbath
4) Wargasm - Toxic Holocaust
5) Fabulous Disaster - Exodus
6) Dante's Inferno - Iced Earth
7) Painkiller - Judas Priest
8) Year Zero - Ghost
9) Damien - Iced Earth
10) Postmortem/Raining Blood - Havok

Pulled up the album. Hope it has a story depiction that is similar to Good Kid M.A.A.D. City. Not the same story, but you know.
The edge of glory- lady gaga
Slaves- Bad Religion
Staying Power- Queen
All the rage back home- Interpol
Better that we break-maroon 5
Bohemian Rhapsody- queen
It will rain- Bruno Mars
Gotcha groove on-limp bizkit
Everybody's changing- keane
Violent pornography- system of a down
Not into rap, mostly because the shit I get exposed to is horrible, but this is pretty cool. Would totally save
>Essència - Aspencat
>Hollywise - half past four
>For whom the bell tolls - Metallica
>La Raiz - Jilgueros
>Dynamite - Taio Cruz
>Seguirem - Obrint Pas
>God save the Queen - The Sex Pistols
>Talco - La Torre
>Wonderworld - Oasis
>My own worst enemy - Lit
File: lrOr9AT.jpg (117KB, 500x710px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117KB, 500x710px
> Crow Machine - I am Orange
> Innocent Discretion - MitiS
> The Scroll and Dragon - DJ Gerian
> We Found Love - Rihanna & Calvin Harris
> Edge of Faith - Nemesis Theory
> Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye
> Sound of Silence - Simon and Garfunkel
> Anya by the Stars - Kan Gao
> The Beginning of Time - DJ Nate
> Tennis Court - Lorde
I really like your taste

Crossfade-colors(I fucking swear)
All to myself-tantric
Jerry was a racecar driver-primus
All nightmare long-metallica
In due time-Killswitch engage
Everlong-foo fighters
Black hole sun-soundgarden
Your touch-the black keys
Ember city-mastodon
muse, muscle museum
tool, stinkfist
anna nalick, just breathe
nirvana, lounge act
harry neilssen,coconut
otis redding, sitting on the dock of the bay
stone sour, bother
lisa loeb, stay
radiohead, just
george ezra, budapest
listen to the song I posted in the thread, it's just as good.

Mainstream shit is a big no-no to me.
>inb4 generic faggot
>The Smashing Pumpkins - Rocket
>The Ganja Kru - Super Sharp Shooter
>Jodie Conner - Reason (Agent X Re-dub)
>The Incredible String Band - Painting Box
>Sunny Day Real Estate - Seven
>Country Joe and the Fish - Bass Strings
>Hawkwind - Time We Left This Word Today
>My Bloody Valentine - Touched
>Danny Brown feat. Purity Ring - 25 Bucks
>Katy B - Hard to Get
>Misery - The Beatles
>T.V in black & white - Lana Del Rey
>You shook me all night long - AC/DC
>Damn You - Lana Del Rey
>Piledriver Waltz - Arctic Monkeys
>Elected - Alice Cooper
>Rockstar - Nickelback
>Layla - Eric Clapton
>Mr. Blue Sky - E.L.O
>Somebody up there likes me - David Bowie

Come at me faggots
Listening to it right now. I'm really digging it, man.
Hmm I'll let rockstar by..
Rabbit Run - Eminem
Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix
The Message - Dr Dre
Over The Hill and Far Away - Led Leppelin
Mardy Bum - Arctic Monkeys
Hopeless Wanderer - Mumford & Sons
Westbound Sign - Green Day
I'll Call B4 I Cum - Outkast
Run Right Back - Black Keys
Badfish - Sublime

Time to turn this into a political/religious thread with music.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gA8G0xHknQ
File: 12395470700010.jpg (19KB, 500x376px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 500x376px
1- hate being sober - Chief Keef
2.- no makeup (her vice) - Kendrick Lamar
3.- pop that - French Montana
4.- my sub pt.3 - Big KRIT
5.- average joe - Kendrick Lamar
6.- work remix - ASAP Ferg
7.- can i live - Casey Veggies
8.- king shit - Yo Gotti
9.- toyota music - Big Sean
10.- wake up in it - Tyga
not even sorry
im not black btw
File: 1403680646252.jpg (8KB, 198x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 198x200px
>Smashing Pumpkins-Today
Man nigga. When I saw them live and they opened with this one I lost my shit. Great song man
My music consists of mostly metal, grunge, and old punk. Also some rap, rock, etc
1. The Hardest Button to Button - The White Stripes
2.Trilla - A$AP Rocky
3.Pinball Wizard - The Who
4.In Circles - Sunny Day Real Estate
5.Hurt - Nine Inch Nails
6. Fear (Live) - Disturbed
7.You Know You're Right- Nirvana
8. Be Still and Know (Live)- Machine Head
9. Happy?- Mudvayne
10. Dyers Eve- Metallica
Rabbit Run is amazing

You have Outkast in your playlist as well? Mad props, I enjoy seeing older artists still being played.
I was pissed as soon as it popped up too, embarrassing

Foo fighters/Metallica/soundgarden - no bullshit to your taste that's for sure
Yeah he did a colab with Logic huh.
Do you know the song that Logic did with Shadia Mansour?
It's Serious isn't it? Or something along those lines. I haven't heard it in maybe a year or two, I forgot about it.
Bone Idol - TISM
The Wanting Comes in Waves - The Decemberists
One of the Millions - XTC
The Blarney Stone - Ween
The Oracle Said Wonder - Sufjan Stevens
The Working Hour - Tears for Fears
Annie Waits - Ben Folds
Take a Minute - K'naan
Up the Wolves - The Mountain Goats
Sugar Free Jazz - Soul Coughing
Affliction - AFI
Children of Fire - Oh, Sleeper
A Bid Farewell - Killswitch Engage
Anno Dracula - Theatres Des Vampires
Ashes In Your Mouth - Megadeth
Nothing Left To Lose - Puddle of Mudd
Master Of Disharmony - Dimmu Borgir
Father Of Lies - Whitechapel
Heatwave - The Living End
Shadowkings - Paradise Lost
You're probably being sarcastic but idek

Fuck you? Thank you? Shit
>George Michael - Freedom
>Seasick Steve - Thunderbird
>Nujabes - Peaceland
>Moog - Jimmy Rabbit
>Pearl Jam - Evenflow
>A Positive Life - The Calling
>Jamiroquai - Canned Heat
>Seasick Steve - Can't Teach an Old Dog
>Rush - Spirit of Radio
>Sophie B. Hawkins - Damn, I Wish I was Your Lover
But its really sad when people only say "ms jackson" and "hey ya" when they're talking about outkast nowdays. I remember how huge they were in the beginning of the 2000s and today some people will even say that they're a one hit wonder
Yeah, So Serious I fucking love that song
She's pretty badass if you understand her lyrics haha
Earth 2150 - ED Day 2
MSI - Straight to Video (Funker Vogt Remix)
Blue Stahli - The Beginning
Turmion Kätilöt - Elakoon
Combichrist - Sent to Destroy
Kaizers Orchestra - Silver
Machinae Supremacy - Attack Music
Ayria - Suck it up
And One - Killing the Mercy
Laibach - Geburt Einer Nation

I feel it was sarcastic because Foo Fighters is shittier than the concentration camps were in Germany.
Addiction - My Pure Addiction
Yoke - Basement
Requiem - Boysetsfire
30 Deep - Chevy Woods
Light in the Distance - Collapse Under the Empire
Blurry - Puddle of Mudd
Blood - Editors
Waking Up - Explosions in the Sky
I Led Three Lives - Grails
Pueblo Cicada - Lower Definition

Pretty good spread.
second roll:
Extraction Zone - Dragonforce
The Sleep - Pantera
Insatiable - Atreyu
Still I Rise - Shadows Fall
Alligator Blood - Bring Me The Horizon
Tear - Smashing Pumpkins
Pet - A Perfect Circle
Antisocial - Anthrax
Finish What Ya Started - Van Halen
Blood on the World's Hands - Iron Maiden

Alva Noto - Infinity (track 26)
Giacinto Scelsi - Natura renovatur for 11 strings (1967)
Scriabin - Prelude Op.11, No.1 in C (Horowitz)
The Cure - The hanging garden
Darkthrone - Soulside journey (Frostland Tapes)
Boris - Ganbou Ki
Morton Feldman - Pattern in a Chromatic Field (Arne Deforce, Yutaka Oya)
Pole - Raum 3
Ryoji Ikeda - Data.Reflex
Can - Future Days (Side 1)
Thank you was the correct response ya paranoid fuck
She has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard on a song. A shame she isn't up in music. Though that's probably a good thing too though.
Got a full prog metal list

>Immaterial - Haunted Shores
>Travelers - Modern day babylon
> Freedom of Speech - Liquid Tension Experiment
>Orm - Plini
>Monsoon - The Devin Townsend Project
>Source Field - Born Of Osiris
>Bilo part III - David Maxim Micic
>Horcrux - Monuments
>Retrospect - Tesseract
>Modern Meat - Animals As Leaders
Goddammit foiled again
They're not, and the guard accommodation was pretty nice In those places I hear
is there a full video with that?
Probably, but I don't have it
They are.
but it's an opinion.

They did, the guards used to take them out for walks and give them hot showers.
Septic Flesh - Five Pointed Star
Lush - Never Never
Portishead - Mysterons
Biohazard - Loss
Ramin Djawadi - The Assassin's Dagger
Aborted - Sea of Cartilage
Portishead - Over
Eric Brosius - South Quarter
Smooth - Virgo Cluster
Samael - A Man in your Head
8/10, good mix of good bands anon.
Gold (Flume Re-Work) - Chet Faker
Stupify - Disturbed
Like Real People Do - Hozier
Go Out and Love Someone - Pogo
Everlong - Foo Fighters
Stolen Dance (Embody Remix) - Milky Chance
Break - Three Days Grace
I Don't Care (feat. Adam Gontier) - Apocalyptica
Am I a Psycho? (feat. B.O.B. & Hopsin) - Tech N9ne

I like Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino
none of you that posted metal know real metal...
1. Flashed Junk Mind - Milky Chance
2. Wish You Would - Lil Wayne
3. Forgot About Dre - Dr. Dre
4. Cure My Tragedy - Cold
5. So Far Away - Staind
6. Alice Practice - Crystal Castles
7. Walla Walla - Glass Animals
8. Sparklers - Gemini Club
9. Crib In My Closet - 2 Chains
10. Unkinder - Thumpers
typical generic slam death tryhards + those drums

This is the gore shit : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XsWyihKQoI
Don't really have a playlist, so this is just my music library
1. Man of Peace - Bob Dylan
2. Living Proof - Dan Boulton
3. All My Loving - The Beatles
4. While My Guitar Gently Weeps - The Beatles
5. Safeway Cart - Neil Young
6. Earthbound Child - John Butler Trio
7. I Heard Her Call My Name - Velvet Underground
8. Long Hot SUmmer Night - Jimi Hendrix
9. Rape Me - Nirvana
10. Good Night - The Beatles
Yeah I have a bit of The Beatles.
she also has one of the most beautiful asses I've seen
File: image.jpg (607KB, 1750x1241px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
607KB, 1750x1241px
Fresh - Specifics
Bartender Say - Quasimoto
Stop! - J Dilla
Operation Lifesaver - Madvillain
Dominant - Quasimoto
Bonehead - Naked City
Breaks Em Down - Peanut Butter Wolf
Pillz - Jaylib
Bland - The Coltranes
Daylight - Jay Dee
1 - Home by the sea - Genesis
2 - Rain in your parade - Duffy
3 - Knights of cydonia - Muse
4 - De música ligera - Soda Stereo
5 - Morning Glory - Oasis
6 - Hammer to fall - Queen
7 - Little black submarines - The Black Keys
8 - Elephant - Tame Impala
9 - Come together - The Beatles
10 - Letting go - Wings
File: 1416841196023.jpg (45KB, 373x523px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 373x523px
>Eyehategod - Blank
>Black Sabbath - Lord of this World
>Kabuki - Tempest(atjazz remix)
>The Misfits - Last Caress
>Type O Negative - Love You to Death
>AtJazz - Its Complete
>the Melvin's - A history of bad men.
>The damned - machine gun ettiquette
>Dessert Sessions - Dwarf Planet
>Earthlings? - Nothing
fuck off nigga
Sickfit - Madvillain
The worst guys - Childish Gambino
lie, cheat, steal - Run The Jewels
Nightmare - Tyler, the creator
All of the lights - Kanye
Thuggin - Freddie Gibbs
Murda Something - A$AP Ferg
Los Awesome - Schoolboy Q
Nosetalgia - Pusha T
Wamp wamp - Clipse

Judge away, fuckers
File: 223.jpg (67KB, 800x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67KB, 800x800px
1 Pantera - Regular People (Conceit)
2 Kiss - Love Theme From Kiss
3 In Flames - Pallar Anders Visa
4 Pantera - Suicide Note Pt.2
5 Megadeth - A tout Le Mande
6 Metallica - Fade to Black
7 Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan
8 Dissection - Black Mother Divine
9 At The Gates - Into The Dead Sky
10 Pantera - Hollow
Honestly can't say I would choose to listen to any of your music, probably in your pre teen/early teen years.
Like your style anon, 7/10
God I can't stand drum machines apart from Indus black metal.
Once Upon a Time in Mexico - Upon a Burning body
The last lie I told - Saves The Day
War paint - The Dangerous Summer
I'm so sick of you - Anti-Flag
Down in a hole - Alice in Chains
On the eve of war (Meldrick Taylor Mix) - GZA, Jedi Mind Tricks
Jerry was a race car driver - Primus
It;s so hard to speak without a tongue - Parkway Drive
Leaving the past - Immortal Technique
Die Romantic - Aiden
Depeche Mode - The Sweetest Condition
Frank Sinatra - The Night We Called It a Day
Dir en Grey - Child Prey
2Pac - Brenda's Got a Baby
Johnny Cash - Desperado
Running Wild - Death or Glory
Ayreon - Beneath the Waves
Taylor Swift - Ours
Nine Inch Nails - Sanctified
Megadeth - Hangar 18

>Leaving The Past
One of his best off of Revolutionary Volume 2


Brenda's baby was actually sold to the Illuminati.
Against me! -obama bin laden as the crucified
No Age - Dead Plane
Kanye West - Dark Fantasy
Liars - Loose Nuts on the Veladrome
Lawrence Arms - A toast
Black Flag - Beat My Head against a wall
Fucked Up - I was there
Remain in Silence - Wasted Time
Arcade Fire - The suburbs
Shining - Blackjazz Rebels
1. Born of Fire - Slayer
2. A Moment of Clarity - Death
3. The Evil has Landed - Testament
4. Stillborn - Hypocrisy
5. A Means to an End - Napalm Death
6. Christ Denied - Deicide
7. A World of Hurt - Vader
8. A Succubus in Rapture - Dimmu Borgir
9. No Name Above the Names - Zyklon
10. Cenobites - Aeon
Have your balls dropped yet, anon?
Mein nigger, great taste
Down by the River - Neil Young
Everybody in the Place - The Prodigy
ABC - Jackson 5
Machu Picchu - The Strokes
Breed - Nirvana
Spice Up Your Life - The Spice Girls
Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters
Honestly - Zwan
1/2 Full - Pearl Jam
Do The Trick - Dr. Dog
>Alice in Chains
have my children please
>Dr. Dog

My nigga
Soda Stereo. Nice. Never see them on these threads
File: thumbsupyay.gif (354KB, 500x359px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
354KB, 500x359px
where you born in the 60's by chance?
>The Prodigy
>The Strokes
Good man
youre all over the place stylistically -- love it

yfw am gril

>everyone ignoring the spice girls kek

>declares self as female
>immediately leaves so nobody asks for tits
Well played
Understanding in A Car Crash- Thursday
Flypaper- Allister
In Years to Come- Thrice
Mr. Smiley- Mustard Plug
Grenade Jumper- Fall Out Boy
Nobody's Fault But Mine- Led Zeppelin
Workinonit- J Dilla
My Favorite Accident- Motion City Soundtrack
What it Is To Burn- Finch
Last Chance to Lose Your Keys- Brand New
File: 1409005053746.jpg (114KB, 612x612px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 612x612px
Honestly, that's about the response I was expecting, I'm in my early 20's
Fu Yu - DJ krush & toshinori kondo
Lost Boys - DG
Double bubble trouble - MIA
Icarus Lives - Periphery
These Lights - Your demise
Stay - Nuages
Our Lady of perpetual sorrow - The Acacia Strain
8 bit blues - kid koala
Roman Holiday - Every time i die
Ante up - M.O.P
Im willing to bet you have the band sparta in your library. And most likely at the drive in.
Yes I do.
hah I have friends like that...

when i get into that shit I add in old motown and 50s stuff... but its always temporary with the old songs for me.
File: unnamed.jpg (13KB, 419x745px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 419x745px
ah, fuck it.. no ones home and you all have good taste
death cab?
Taking back sunday?
I've got a decent amount of recent music as well, shuffle just didn't show it haha

....but they're covered up... :(
Pala Tute - Gogol Bordello
Dont Tread On Me - Damn Yankees
Under Siege - Myrath
Synaptic Plasticity - Blotted Science
Screaming Eagles - Sabaton
Grottans Barn - Finntroll
Technician of Execution - Necro
Impulse - An Endless Sporadic
YYZ - Rush
Entrails Full Of Vermin - Abominable Putridity
seriously I dont wanna be that guy, but showing nice tits that just want to be free is such a tease...

>Pala Tute - Gogol Bordello

File: TAYF.png (302KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
302KB, 500x500px
More TBS. Never really a death cab fan though.
>good taste in music
>shows tits+timestamp before anybody asks
>on /b/ to begin with
Your pretty cool. Would chill out with
>Flatbush Zombies - Palm Trees
>Above & Beyond - Love Is Not Enough (Slander Heaven Trap Edit)
>Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf - Psychopath Killer
>Mayer Hawthorne - Crime
>Madvillain - Fancy Clown
>Purity Ring - Lofticries
>Yeah Boy - Can't Get Enough
>SP:MC & LX ONE - Hunted
>Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody
>Clockwork Indigo - Butterfly Effect
good anon.. very good.
fuck it i'm rolling again

Illusions - Cypress Hill
Fell in Love with a Girl - White Stripes
Que Sera - Wax Tailor
Elderly woman... - Pearl Jam
The Killburn High Road - Flogging Molly
Take it as it Comes - The Doors
Red Alert - Basement Jaxx
I just want to have something to do - The Ramones
Gamma Ray - Beck
Insecurities - The Suicide Machines
yeah Id still try and fuck her and all but I dont know if the tits were a good thing cause now Im even more curious
Guap - Big Sean
Echoes - August Burns Red
Pigs - Tyler The Creator
Deadpan - Sworn In
Face Value - The Story So Far
Stay High - G-Eazy
Monica Lewinsky - G-Eazy
I Have A Problem - Beartooth
Teenage Parents - The Wonder Years
400 Lux - Lorde
File: unnamed.jpg (16KB, 488x745px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 488x745px
Say Goodbye to Hollywood - Eminem
Hush - At the Skylines
Fury and Chains - Redeemer
It's Cherried - At the Skylines
God, Make Up Your Mind - Cold War Kids
Belispeak- Purity Ring
Every Little Thing - Young The Giant
Feiticeira - Deftones
Bones- In This Moment
This Loneliness Won't Be the Death of Me - Being As An Ocean
I'm done hi-jacking now. Later!!
This album is slowly becoming one of my most played.
Another great list
So you play guitar? Sweet
>Cold War Kids
>purity ring
Mah nigga
niiiice. You did a good deed today anon.
ahhh not really a big fan. Was down at Groezrock and actually skipped their set. Dont hate them by any means just never really grabbed me.
Method Acting - Kubichek!
Warning Signs - Coldplay
Written in a Dream - All The Above
No One Knows - Queens of the Stone Age
Get Me Right - Dashboard Confessional
Boy With A Coin - Iron & Wine
Wizard Needs Food Badly - Five Iron Frenzy
Candy Candy - Guilty About Girls
Where Have All The Good Times Gone - The Kinks
Narayan - The Prodigy
We neeed to know if you play guitar! Good call anon.
They're okay. I just really like this album haha. But respect if you don't really like them.
saw them at way out west 2 years ago, absolutely amazing performance imo
you are into JEW though right? Like bleed american, clarity era?
its weird I think they are good songwriters too, I just... I dunno its like Ive heard so much like it I couldnt get into it.

They have such a massive insane fanbase though that I dont talk shit though :) They are doing something right obv
Wakeupfaggot- Earl Sweatshirt
Pickled!- Flying Lotus
The King's new clothes- Shabazz Palaces
These Things Take Time- The Smiths
Coptic Times- Bad Brains
Culture for Dollars- Dälek
Terminal Preppie- Dead Kennedys
Talkin' Bout Hey Love- De La Soul
Dominoes- clipping.
People Like Us- Talking Heads
1) lady in red-chris de burgh
2) gasoline-audioslave
3) everything at once-swans
4) 50 million year trip-kyuss
5) Whats up, people? !?- maximum the hormon
6) Spanish Mary- the new basement tapes
7) empty spaces-Pink Floyd
8) far behind- candlebox
9) tell her no- the zombies
10) solitude is bliss-tame impala
Lie, Cheat, Steal is my goddamn jam
damn I love hate being sober
>Kristy, Are You Doing Okay? - The Offspring
>Supernova - The Kingpins
>Linoleum - Streetlight Manifesto
>Stacy's Mom - Fountains of Wayne
>Lori Meyers - NOFX
>Audience of One - Rise Against
>1985 - Bowling for Soup
>Wake me up when sept - Green Day
>What Ever happened? - The Strokes
>99 Red Balloons - Goldfinger
1) Dead world- static x
2) head on collision- new found glory
3) Fight for you - i fight dragons
4) the champ- wolfgang gartner
5) the pride - five finger death punch
6) pretty fly for a white guy- the Offspring
7) okay i believe you, but my tommygun wont- Brand new(my favorite band)
8) Hard in da paint - Wocka Flocka Flame
9) Jeopardy - Run the jewels
10) killin it - Krewella
Oh my god this is terrible
also for clarity my playlist has around 1200 songs so this doesnt really do it justice.
Bored so I'm posting another 10
>Brick by Brick - Arctic Monkeys
>Almost Crimes - Broken Social Scene
>16 Megatons - Funki Porcini
>When We Wake - Blood Red Shoes
>Susanne - Weezer
>Anti-Orgasm - Sonic Youth
>Leave the Bourbon on The Shelf - The Killers
>Quincy Punk Episode - Spoon
>Metal Detektor - Spoon
>Sunday Morning - The Velvet Underground
Heh. Static X.
Sunday Morning, my nigga. Probably my favourite chill song.
i feel like no one i talk to has ever heard of static x, they're a pretty damn good band IMHO
how so?
File: 1047797267.gif (1MB, 360x201px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 360x201px
Uffie - Difficult
Tech N9ne - Fragile feat. Kendrick Lamar MAYDAY! & Kendall Morgan
White Lung - Take the Mirror
Diplo - Revolution (feat. Faustix & Imanos and Kai)
Avicii & Sebastien Drums vs Funkerman - Speed up Snus (Patrick Hagenaar Mash Up)
Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels
Skizzy Mars - Make Sense
Breakbot - One Out Of Two (feat. Irfane) Oliver Remix
YONAS - Leaving You
Nipsey Hussle - Don't Forget Us feat. Dom Kennedy
>i feel like no one i talk to has ever heard of static x, they're a pretty damn good band IMHO
Wisconsin Death Trip then it steadily went downhill...
nice mix of music, also rep to run the jewels.
Tangled Up - New Found Glory
Sidewalk Warrior - Screeching Weasel
Hellman - Millencolin
Garden State - Senses Fail
Patrick - Teenage Bottlerocket
Here's To The Life - MxPx
One Armed Man - Lillingtons
323 - Chixdiggit
Don't Say Goodbye - Goldfinger
A Little's Enough - Angels and Airwaves
Streetlight Manifesto's cover album is the most trite fucking thing, also green day and offspring

>capcha: Peter Dvalued
shadow zone is my favorite album by them, i can see the loss of appeal for some though.
ten more cuz fuck it.
1) down and out - Tantric
2) Bite my tounge- relient K
3) Echobo - anamanaguchi ( i fucking LOVE this song)
4) without me - eminem
5) Prison song - system of a down
6) Shining on - Big D and the kids table
7) Zelda - farewell
8) Crush on you - nero
9) stupify - disturbed
10) frantic- metallica
Don't know most of your artists, although take a + for system of a down.

1. ななひら - 気づいたら春夏秋冬
2. DJ Myosuke - Psychic Discharge
3. 坂上なち - 追憶サマーナイト(ELEMENTAS Remix)
4. t+pazolite - Unlimited Spark! (FCremix)
5. Kasparov - Speaker
6. Major Lazer - You're No Good (feat. Santigold, Vybz Kartel, Danielle Haim, & Yasmin)
7. Kobaryo - Web 33,260.8
8. pollinosis - Fucking Shit Village
9. 3R2 - Grimm (3R2's Makina Remix)
10. Ozigiri - ozigiri no naku koroni (2011 edit)
This is the type of shit I liked when I was like 12.
not gunna lie the first words out of my mouth when reading your playlist was "weeb alert" but all that aside, im not one to judge your tastes, hell i cant, ive never heard of any artist on that list.
>Streetlight Manifesto's cover album
I dont own the album, I just think that was an alright cover

Your gonna go far kid is the only offspring song I really like of the 2 song I own by them

yeah im a faggot
my nigga
Thank you for showing me a Major Lazer song where he collabs with Vybz. Mi niggy.
at least you admit it bro, i like greenday too, not too much of their newer stuff tho.
Omg anon ur a time travelling pleb from the early 90s kill yourself
> 1. If I Had A Tail - Queens of the Stone Age
> 2. Sapphire - Fallujah
> 3. Two Small Deaths - Wye Oak
> 4. Shame On A Nigga - Wu Tang Clan
> 5. Arcology - Exotic Animal Petting Zoo
> 6. Beware - Death Grips
> 7. The Fragrance of Dark Coffee - Turnabout Jazz Soul
> 8. 12.21.12 - The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
> 9. Eclipsed - Sylosis
> 10. A Sunlit Absence - Hammock

People = Shit - Slipknot
Set The World Afire - Megadeth
I Hate - Overkill
Good Riddance - Exodus
Exile - Slayer
Fucking Hostile - Pantera
Down With The Sickness - Disturbed
Destroy Everything - Hatebreed
Extreme Aggression - Kreator
They Deserve To Die - Cannibal Corpse
acdc hells bells

no doubt spiderwebs

arctic monkeys brainstorm

knife party LRAD

metallica nother else matters

linkin park crawling

hopsin gimme that money

kavinsky suberbia

SOAD cigaro

A7X tonight the world dies
gunna do 10 more because 20 isnt enough to do 1200 songs justice still.
1) before im dead - kidneytheives
2) motive unnecessary - terravita
3) Legacy - Savant
4) unicorn zombie apocalypse - borgore and skidope
5) the middle - jimmy eat world
6) the island part II (dusk) - pendulum
7) what the hell is a gigawatt - Four year strong
8) Falling for you - weezer
9) cowboys from hell - pantera
10) sure thing falling - yellowcard
>People = Shit
Never heard, but honestly I can't think of an edgier song title
1. Dig a pony- the beatles
2. Wish you were here - pink floyd
3. sober - childish gambino
4. west savannah - outkast
5. good ass intro - chance the rapper
6. perfect - smashing pumpkins
7. good morning - kanye west
8. riders on the storm - the doors
9. date rape - sublime
10 all i need - radiohead
Bonde do role - Picolé
Daft Punk - Something about us
Ticklah - Nine Years
Charlie Brown ft RZO - A Banca
Dub FX - Live at SXSW
Bar Kays - Too Hot To Stop
Criolo - Mariô
Beastie Boys - AWOL
The XX - Angels
Nação Zumbi - Maracatu Atomico

Havent heard most of it, which is nice, its really bummer when someone only listens to generic shit
>1: Quake - Stereotronique
>2: Umbrella Beach - Owl City
>3: Earth Report - Flowjob
>4: Wuxia - Mitchell Claxton
>5: Up Ship! - Port Blue
>6: Scorpion Pit - Protostar
>7: Timing is Everything (Acoustic) - Lights
>8: Rainy Day - Coldplay
>9: Shave it Up - Zedd
>10: Arrival at Sydney Harbor - Port Blue
4/10 weezer and pantera tho
> s


Protip- everyone in this thread put Gorillaz
I'm on a tablet. Autocorrect kicked in and I didn't notice.
if anyone is interested i can drop my spotify playlist here, ill only do it if theres enough interest tho.
I Wanna Know What Love Is-Foreigner
The Light That Blinds-Shadows Fall
Now You've Got Something to Die For-Lamb of God
Kickstart My Heart-Motley Crue
Lake Bodom-Children of Bodom
Soco Amaretto Lime-Brand New
Sea and Sand-The Who
You seem like you're a really chill person, judging by Chance, the Beatles, and Outkast. You're 18, white, middle class. Didn't try throughout school because you know whatever you decide to do it will just work out. You also smoke marijuana.

>LVL - ASAP Rocky
>Weightless Wings - Bliss n Eso
>Rubbed the Lamp the Wrong Way - Bliss n Eso
>Couch Ft. Ace Creator - Earl Sweatshirt
>Digital Love - Daft Punk
>Change - Angus & Julia Stone
>Evolution - Bliss n Eso
>Wild for the Night feat. Skrillex - ASAP Rocky
>Swimming Pools - Kendrick Lamar
>Angel Dust - Mac Miller
Yeah, i heard one of their new songs and i know for sure im not going to listen to their new shit
Crack the Skye - Mastodon
Empty Elvis - letlive.
Bestrafe Mich - Rammstein
Architectureof Aggression - Megadeth
Ceiling Unlimited - Rush
Everyday Glory - Rush
Payback - Attila
Talk Shit, Get Shot - Body Count
I Can't Remember - Alice in Chains
Anthem (live) - Rush

I like Rush, guys.
But tell me you haven't noticed people always seem to scan peoples lists and put some of whatever they put. Half the time this is Gorillaz.

> tfw my phone autocorrected list to lie
>Rhinestone cowboy- madvillian
>on & on -erykah badu
>let's roll- parov stelar
>baby phat - De la Soul
>universe at war- the roots
>if you want me to stay- red hot chili peppers
>the illest villians - mad villainy
>gangsta - school boy q
>MRAZ - flatbush zombies
Dream a little Dream of me - ella fitzgerald
I like yours alot
1. It Ends Tonight - All American Rejects
2. Ease - [ Katawa Shoujo Soundtrack ]
3. Misery Business - Paramore
4. Titanium - Sia Furler
5. Wonderwall - Oasis
6. Find Me - Boyce Avenue
7. Roar (ft. Bea Miller) - Boyce Avenue
8. Water Runs Dry - Boyce Avenue
9. Comfort - [ Katawa Shoujo Soundtrack ]
10. Monster - Skillet
pierced tongue ruined my boner
+ from me becaue i like paramore, skillet, oasis and all american rejects.
more tits?

LiLiGameuse com/?id=467
>Make It Bun Dem - Skrillex
>Underclass Hero - Sum 41
>Ruby Soho - Rancid
>Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
>Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
>She's A Rebel - Green Day
>Nuclear (Hands Up) - Zomboy
>Ordinary Day - Great Big Sea
>Bonfire - Childish Gambino
>Step By Step - New Kids on the Block
a thousand years - boyce avenue
wonderwall- oasis
middle fingers up - attila
all along the watchtower - Jimi Hendrix Experience
this is absolution - killswitch engage
tapestry of me - betraying the martyrs
the seed - person L
suit and tie - justin timberlake
niki fm - hawthorne heights (ohgodwhy)
scene two roger rabbit - sleeping with sirens
7/10 solid songs. listen to all but 4 artists in that list.
so no one is interested in my spotify playlist?
File: 1411366429571.jpg (240KB, 1680x1050px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
240KB, 1680x1050px
> Frank Sinatra: fly me to the moon
> Led zeppelin: going to california
> disturbed: ten thousand fists
> sublime: april 29 1992
> gorillaz: rock the house
> queen: bicycle race
> led zeppelin: the song remains the same
> pink floyd: pigs
> def leppard: rock of ages
> white stripes: black math
Judge me faggots

>Shine with me - P.O.D
>Drown - Theory of a deadman
>Seen the light - Chris Brown
>Pieces - Stone sour
>Sarah yellin' - 3 doors down
>That's all - Michael Bublé
>Dying in your arms - Trivium
>Breda 8pm - Tiesto
>Filthy/Gorgeous - Scissor sisters
>State of nature - King 810
Dazed and Confused - Led Zeppelin
brothers on a hotel bed - Death Cab for Cutie
The fun Machine Took a Shit and Died - Queens of the Stone Age
Midwinter Gates - Katatonia
The mantra of guru rinpoche - Samye Monastery
Run to the HIlls - Iron Maiden
Best friends forever - Ninja Sex Party
Saviors Blood - Krisiun
Evil gypsy-soloms theme - Sleep
Too afraid to love you - The black keys
>Ratatat - Seventeen Years
>Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It
>Danny Brown - Smokin & Drinkin
>S3RL - Every Single Day
>Lupe Fiasco - Daydreamin
>Daft Punk - The Prime Time of Your Life
>S3RL - Here We Go
>July - 사랑에 베이다
>Schoolboy Q - Druggys Wit Hoes Again
>A Tribe Called Quest - Oh My God (Remix)
I haven't seen it so much in this thread, but yeah I get what you mean
nice songs, love sublime and disturbed. gorillaz too, 6/10
You sound like a faggot and should kill yourself.
You such a fucking faggot.
You got pretty good taste man, would hang out with/10
6/10 i listen to some of those bands/artists, specifically Tiesto, trivium and death cab for cutie. also iron maiden. nothing too cringey/terrible in there.
Suicide is an alternative, ST
I was wrong, social distortion
Suicycho motherfucker, ST
I hate my generation, cracker
Psychosocial, Slipknot
Happy?, mudvayne
Crazy, mushroom head
Audience of one, rise against
Ruby Soho, rancid
100% Texan, Kevin Fowler
Distance - Free Me
Distance - Koncrete
Noisia - Containment
KOAN Sound - New Begginings
Noisia - Stamp Out
Noisia - Tommy's Theme (Munchi's Fear Is Weakness Remix)
Skrillex - Stranger
Flume - Space Cadet
Kill The Noise - Deal With It (KOAN Sound Remix)
Ry Legit - The Sweety Man

judge me fagets
Ulrich Schnauss - Goodbye
Harold Budd & Brian Eno - Not Yet Remembered
Parov Stelar - Between the Machien
Panthers - The Trick
Rob Zombie - Transylvanian Transmissions Pt. 1
The White Stripes - My Doorbell
Metal Face Terrorists - Oregon Grape Root
Fuel - Easy
Germany Germany - Cold Hands
J.S. Bach - Prelude in Dm from Clavier-Buchlin
Aww muffin, can't take decent music?
Eh 5.5
6/10 interesting taste
I like punk, metal, and country, so eat me faggot.
ahhh EDM, i like it, 7/10 RY legit is great so is noisia and kill the noise.
File: 1359253713075.jpg (28KB, 346x346px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 346x346px
Beastie Boys - Brass Monkey
Beastie Boys - Paul Revere
Beastie Boys - Beastie Boys
Beastie Boys - Watcha Want
Beastie Boys - Girls
Beastie Boys - No Sleep til Brooklyn
Beastie Boys - An Open Letter to NYC
Beastie Boys - Intergalactic
Beastie Boys - Don't Play No Game
Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right
Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise
What kind of country?
7/10 has variety
7/10 for A$AP Rocky, Earl Sweatshirt, and Daft Punk
Not pop for the most part. David A. Come, No show Jones, Kevin Fowler, etc. All the way to southern rock, credence, Tull, skynyrd, etc. You?
1 Linkin Park - In the End
2 Linkin Park - In the End
3 Linkin Park - In the End
4 Linkin Park - In the End
5 Linkin Park - In the End
6 Linkin Park - In the End
7 Linkin Park - In the End
8 Linkin Park - In the End
9 Linkin Park - In the End
10 Linkin Park - In the End

I like the song
David Allan Coe dammit
yeah EDM only takes up half of my playlist of 300+ songs. shuffle really wants me to listen to noisia
Lol 64253 plays yeah?
Hank Williams and his son
CCR is the shit
Johny cash
Waylon Jennings
Shit like that is the only country i can listen too

I don't like other songs
Another roll
>Water & Power - Cold War Kids
>Rent I Pay - Spoon
(come on why do they keep coming up? I like them and everything but they aren't 25%of my playlist)
>What Goes Boom - Pixies
>Broken - Gorillaz
>Sweetest Kill - Broken Social Scene
>By Your Hand - Los Campesinos!
>You Could Have It So Much Better - Franz Ferdinand
>Pure Morning - Placebo
>Don't Let It Get You Down - Spoon
>Dead - Pixies
"Servants of Evol" - The Electric Hellfire Club
"Red Stars" - The Birthday Massacre
"The Top" - The Cure
"Dazzle (Glamour Mix)" - Siouxsie and the Banshees
"I Woke Up This Mornin'" - The Mooney Suzuki
"We Are Sex Bob-Omb" - Sex Bob-Omb
"E.T." - Katy Perry
"The Last Day of Summer" - The Cure
"I Can See From Far Away" - Gang of Four
"Club America" - The Cure
6/10 need more good death metal
>Kamelot - Glory
>In Flames - Food For The Gods
>Southern Cross - Weak & Sober
>Evans Blue - Q (The Best One Of Our Lives)
>Kamelot - The Mourning After (Carry On)
>Labyrinth - M3
>Xanthochroid - The Leper's Prospect
>Southern Cross - Tightrope
>Opeth - Blackwater Park
>Disarmonia Mundi - Celestial Furnace
muh nig
imma do another 20 because im bored
1) exogenesis - rogue
2) first person shooter - celldweller
3) inside the fire - disturbed
4) beer (extended mix) - approaching nirvana
5) Destroy all - static X
6) undead - Hollywood undead
7) empty space - the story so far
8) freak on a leash- korn
9) failure by design - Brand New
10) never let you go - third eye blind
11) crush on you - nero
12) king nothing- metallica
13) attack- system of a down
14) in too deep - sum 41
15) points of authority - linkin park
16) dammit - blink 182
17) sound of madness - shinedown ( love this song)
18) not afraid - eminem
19) the quiet things that no one ever knows - Brand New
20) across the sea - weezer
Fuck yeah! Williams, Cash!! Mah nigga!!
Shoot to Thrill - AC/DC
Cinema - Benny Benassi
Thunderstruck - AC/DC
My Nigga Dubstep Remix - YG
Daisy - Sander Van Doorn
Sword of Truth - Magic Sword
Summit - Skrillex
My Name is Skrillex - Skrillex
Everybody Talks - Neon Tree's
Ghost's N' Stuff - Deadmau5

Mah nigga v2.0!!
holy fuck what a faggot lmao
File: 1405017097792.jpg (26KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 500x500px
1, Mower - General Admission
2. MAKOTO - Four Silver Rings
3. Smashing Pumpkins - Raindrops + Sunshowers
4. Protest The Hero - Wretch
5. Systematic - Beginning of the End
6. Disturbed - Prayer
7. Sian - The Syrissa (Interlude)
8. Strapping Young Lad - Force Fed
9. Type O Negative - I Like Goils
10. Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast

Dubstep crap mixed with AC/DC
1. Paper Planes- MIA
2. Float On- Modest Mouse
3. I Was Wrong- Social Distortion
4. Float On- Modest Mouse (Again!)
5. Ha Ha You're Dead- Green Day
6. Polly- Nirvana
7. Chop Suey- System of a Down
8. My Own Worst Enemy- Lit
9. Welcome to Paradise- Green Day
10. Come as you Are- Nirvana
File: linkinpark.png (66KB, 1095x156px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66KB, 1095x156px
Miracle - Blackmill
For the homies - Dom Kennedy
City of Dreams - Eighty 4 Fly
Coastin' - Zion 1
City Lights - Blackmill
Wake Up - Madchild
Motivation - Lushlife
Zone 3 - Denzel Curry
Crystallize -Lindsey Stirling
Swimming in the Flood - Passion Pit
File: 1414991814507.gif (497KB, 300x126px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
497KB, 300x126px
>What I got - Sublime
>Eating the Visions of God - Job For a Cowboy
>Loser - Beck
>Runnin' With the Devil - Van Halen
>Hunter Eats Hunter Chevelle
>Video Killed the Radio Star - The Buggles
>Mr. Brightside - The killers
>I Don't Want to be here Anymore - Rise Against
>Like a Stone - Audioslave
>Footlose - Kenny Loggins

Holy shit, I'm a faggot.
File: 1310483412100.jpg (34KB, 413x395px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 413x395px
> my nigga dubstep remix
Just for that 6/10
Muse - Hysteria
Yes - Leave it
Monster Truck - Old Train
Led Zepplin - Trampled Under Foot
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
RHCP - Give it Away
Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Zooy Suit Riot
Tut Tut Child - Dragon Pirates
Guns n Roses - Welcome to the Jungle
Maynard Ferguson - Birdland
Behemoth-Hidden In The Fog
Dimmu Borgir-Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse
Dethklok-Murdertrain a Comin'
Anal Cunt-Lenny's In My Basement
Gorod-Cronicle From The Stone Age
Behemoth-As Above, So Below
Blood Red Throne-Portrait Of a Killer
eh, we all have different tastes, thats why we are all in this thread, we wanna hear other opinions, thanks for the .. input? i guess. post your list, ill tell ya what i think
spritual deception-spawn of possesion
monoply on truth-epica
the purge-schoolboy Q
l am colossus-meshuggah
skin deep-real friends
the book of soul-ab soul
easy rider-action bronson
herb shuttles-the underachievers
slow come on-tigers jaw
Aint No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye
Nightcall - Kavinsky
In Front of Me - Infected Mushrooms
Under Pressure - Queen
What a Bad Day - Little Freaky Things
Maggot Brain - Funkadelic
Lemonade - Coco Rosie
Fortunate Son - CCR
Florida Kilos - Lana Del Rey
King Night - Salem
falling off the edge of the world-black sabbath
e5150-black sabbath
from here to eternity- iron maiden
liar- megadeth
cyanide- metallica
compulsive psychosis- hypocrisy
too fast for love- motley crue
beyond the realms of death- judas priest
till i collapse- eminem
transylvania- iron maiden
noice behemoth
old school Behemoth
Heroes -Tove lo
Do I wanna Know?- Arctic Monkeys
Feel Good Inc- Gorrilaz
Almost- Bowling for soup
Erase me-Kid Cuddi
Here without you-3 doors down
This Charming life-Joan Armatrading
I love it- Icona Pop
I won't give up-Jason Mraz
i fucking love Purity Ring. I hugged/flirted with Megan in Denver after a show 2 years ago- pussed out asking her to come party with my friends. I was high/nervous
File: 1248559470998s.jpg (10KB, 211x251px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 211x251px
Nailed it on the head buddy.

And what the hell, here's another round.

1. Symphony X - Walls of Babylon
2. Devildriver - Ripped Apart
3. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Down on the Corner
4. Enslaved - The Dead Stare
5. MC Conrad - Energetic Poetry
6. Molotov Cocktail - Living Proof
7. Beastie Boys - I Want Some
8. Dead To Fall - Major Rager
9. Judas Priest - Peace
10. Behemoth - The Satanist
dat behemoth niggah
Literally no idea what any of this is. Mine -

Ain't no rest for the wicket - Cage the elephant
Little games - the colourist
Move along - All American Rejects
You found me - The Fray
I fought the law - The Clash
Alive - Adelita's Way
Open your eyes - Alter Bridge
So far away - Staind
Semi-charmed life - Third eye blind
All the small things - Blink-182
7/10 i dont really listen to kid cudi or artic monkeys, but i really like chevelle, 3 doors down, gorillaz and bowling for soup. pretty solid list.
Stay In - Jaws
Sun - Two Door Cinema Club
The Way We Get By - Spoon
West Coast - Coconut Records
An Honest Mistake - The Bravery
Animal - Miike Snow
The Last Song- The All American Rejects
Future Starts Slow - The Kills
The Vowels Pt2 - Why?
Wide Eyes - Local Natives
I know Nergal had leukemia treatment, but the new album sounds a bit too much like Gojira.
Part 2
Bastard is as bastard does, monster voodoo machine
Pledge your allegiance, ST
Plowed, Sponge
Pisschrist, Fear Factory
Davidian, machine head
Cochise, AudioSlave
Bottom of a bottle, smile empty soul
Halo, soil
Bullet with a name, nonpoint
Sympathy for the devil, the stones
>Nailed it on the head buddy.
Doesn't hold a lot of weight coming from someone who listens to Disturbed.
How much of a faggot am I anons
halo by soil is one of my favorite songs, nonpoint is a good band too, the others i havent heard of/listened to, im guessimng they are metal. i would probably like them ( i like MOST metal). lemme shoot another list at ya
1. Scientist - Blood On His Lips
2. Klaxons - Forgotten Works
3. OutKast - Skew It On The Bar-B
4. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Still Life
5. Nirvana - Rape Me
6. Nujabes - Reflection Eternal
7.Ludwig van Beethoven - Egmont Overture, Op 84
8. Jay Dee - From Da North To Da East
9. Parker & Hanson - After Thought
10. Jay Dee - Track 2 (off the 3 Beat Tapes CD)

>Future Starts Slow - The Kills
I was just listening to that song like 5 minutes ago.
Could've been a 9, maybe even a 10 if it weren't for all american rejects
File: Goddess1.webm (2MB, 576x436px)
2MB, 576x436px
>ensiferum - lady in black
>slayer - captor of sin
>suffocation - thrones of blood
>death - evil dead
>DRI - dead in a ditch
>blackguard - scarlet to snow
>eluveitie- alesia
>judas priest - angel
>cannibal corpse - I cum blood
>napalm death - fracture the equation
Cool /b/ro
Time for some german songs
maybe 80% of my music ist german...

1. Kraftklub - Zu Jung
2. Die Fantastischen Vier - Tag Am Meer
3. Shantel - All The Glamour Has Gone
4. KoRn - Way Too Far
5. Evanescence - October
6. Bandits - Puppet Chase
7. Die Ärtze - System
8. Fresh Dumbledore - Potter Stinkt
9. Subwy to Sally - Angelus
10. The Beards - The Beard Accessory Store

well 7/10 are german
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