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>Be me >Get a call from microsoft representitive saying

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>Be me
>Get a call from microsoft representitive saying there's a problem with my computer (third call this month)
>Play cool with this dude and pretend to be extremely conserned about my computer
>Oh no bro can you fix it, should I deleat system32
>He tells me to install teamview
>I boot up my Windows vm on my ubuntu laptop
>Give him the wrong password 5-6 times
>I can tell he's getting mad
>Give him the right password but when he connects I turn off the net access
>By this time we've been talking for 20min\half hour
>Hes really pissed asking me if I'm playing with him
>Of course not...
>Let him back into my computer and follow what he says untill he tells me I need some bs software to clean up my prefetch data.
>Conveniently I can pay for it over the phone to him
>Keep giveing him the wrong credit card details
>Hes super pissed and realised I'm just waisting his time
>Hangs up the phone but before this mother fucker disconnects from teamview he deleats my docs photos music folder
>All on fresh Windows virtual machein
Many Lols were had.
Any ideas how to fucks with these cunts next time?
Hack their shit and delete system32 while they're in ur pc. Tell them u can help them out but they need to install teamview. Lulz galore

The last time these guys called me I told them to fuck off before they could finish telling me my pc was fucked up. Fucking indian bastards
Put really gross (4chan style) porn everywhere in your virtual machine.
What is this shit? Does ppl call to try to "hack" others computer? which country? US?
This guy calls my house all the time, the Indian guy, UK right? So annoying
They sure do. Happened to me, but I got suspicious and looked it up on my phone to see if it was a scam. Soon as I found out that it was, I hung up, turned off the laptop, and took the battery out for good measure. Motherfuckers.
I fucking hope you remembered to smash the harddrive too!
You got a motherfucking RANDOM PHONE CALL FROM MICROSOFT and weren't sure from the beginning it was a scam?

Please never have money.
Dude, never give control of your PC to someone who contact you. It's like giving your Credit card number. Which is something they asked too. I think.

nothing better to read.
Fuck off anon, I'm a look-on-the-bright-side type of guy. I had my suspicions that it was a scam from the beginning of the call, but I figured there was no harm in humoring them, up until they asked for access to my computer.
They had already gotten access to my laptop, but as soon as I saw them fucking around in there, I shut it off. Yeah, I know, dumbass anon is a dumbass. Anyway, I was just trying to be thorough.
Nah, they didn't ask that. And I've never actually needed help from any tech support guys, so I didn't know right away that that wasn't normal, or that it was a scam, although I did suspect. In retrospect, it was a bit of an out of character move for me.
Don't feel too bad. It's pretty crazy how easy it is to convince someone to let you in to their computer. Being in IT, I couldn't believe it at first, especially how easy it is to get into official computers and files by just calling and asking...scary really.

Anyway, I woulda done what op did and boxed him in a VM and watched him for a while. Totally worth my time listen to him try to BS. What did he try to say was wrong?
These people called me a couple times telling me there was something wrong with my Windows, everytime they called I claimed I had a mac with no Windows but they would repeat saying " der is a problehm wif ur windows computer".
Shoulda said "But my window doesn't own a computer"

Wow, I didn't know microsoft was able to access your data on a windows virtual machine.
How do you get calls from these guys? I have virtual machines ready to go for this, but I've never received a phone call.
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How the fuck do you make them call you? Never had these sort of peeps calling me.
File: 1415326245203.webm (3MB, 320x240px)
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Ummm what? Anyone can access anything if you give them permission...
Thread posts: 21
Thread images: 3

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