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Okay /b/ This 8/10 grill lives on my street. She's 16, I'm

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Okay /b/
This 8/10 grill lives on my street. She's 16, I'm 19. We live in Canada, so this is legal, but in USA it's not, so no pics.
She sent me nudes out of the blue. Really gave signs she wanted me. She used to be my sister's friend years ago. I go to a different school than this girl.
Now then, she is part of the KKK
>Kool Kidz Klub
So she has a fair amount of... suitors after her. Her instagram and twitter are frequently filled with horny 14-17 year olds looking to get some. I'm going to see a movie with this girl on Saturday. I commented this to her Twitter and you would not believe the uproar. The 15 year olds all cried very manly and whined about how she had a bf.
One of these fucks happened to live around the block from my place. As I was walking home from Uni, he walked up to me and told me to back off.
>"Back off of femanon"
>"Who the fuck are you?"
>"I'm Anon, maybe you've heard of me?"
>"Yeah you're that fuck that keeps wheeling femanon on Instagram."
>This goy is 17
>I am 19
>Same height-ish
>I know kung-fu
>He comes at me in a rage
>I put him down on the ground
>Call Police
>15 mins later Police show up, I still have him pinned to the sidewalk
>People snickered as they walked by
>He gets charged for assault
At this point many of the 14-17 year old males online knew what had happened. They started sending threatening messages to me and knew where I lived now.
This happened yesterday, whole situation started on Monday.
>Walking home again
>Pass Charged Anon's haus
>Door opens and 3 wiggers run out
>mfw street fight
>One has a bat
>They approach me
>"You know why we're here, right Anon?"
>"Is it because you're a bunch of beta faggots that are mad because their fap material got a boyfriend?"
>rustles 'em so bad
>Fight starts
>They land a few good shots, 3v1
>Police are called by neighbours
>Neighbour's cover for me, say Dickbags started it
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Today the girl texted me. She was very worried and we talked about maybe not dating at all if I was getting jumped by her legion of followers. I told her I could handle it, and that the cops do regular drive-by's to check things out.
>She accepts this
>Walking home from Uni today
>Charged Anon now has a black eye and is faking a limp
>He comes out of his house
>"Jesus Christ Charged Anon, why don't you fuck off? You're a giant beta king that is trying to be alpha by fighting!"
>"That's how you become one isn't it?"
>"No, you giant dumbfuck!"
>"I play football though, that's something."
>"Yeah, Charged Anon, I bet your grades are something too."
>"Go back inside. You're 17. You have problems to worry about that I've already dealt with myself."
>He goes back inside.
>I go home

>Get text from him hour later
>"Meet me by the walmart parking lot"
>"I'll show you what kind of man femanon deserves."
>I know diplomacy has run it's course, this guy is determined
>"Fine. I'll be there at 630"
>I go at 645
>He's standing there, alone
>It's dark out, winter has come
>I get in my car, hidden a few streets down
>Roar it as loud as I can
>Parking lot is a ghost town
>Sound echoes through it
>I turn on the headlights
>Gun it over to his spot
>He gets scared shitless
>I step out of car real slowly
>I look like an absolute Ryan Gosling
>Slam door shut
>"What is it then, Charged Anon?"
>He is so scared
>See his right hand in his jacket pocket, shaking
>I play it cool
>"You want to talk?"
>silence for the longest time
>we just stare at each other
>I break the silence
>"This isn't worth it over a girl."
>He breaks down
>"YES! It is! Femanon is the only one who ever talked to me! WE had something special! WE! NOT YOU!"
>I can perfectly recall his pained speech right now, hours later
>"You're opening a door you can never close."
>"I KNOW! I.. know.."
>He is settled
>He suddenly freaks again
>He tries to pull the handgun from his pocket
>Gun is snug fit into pocket, he's wiggling it around between tears
>I step in
>Throat punch
>wheel trap and twist
>He is on the ground coughing
>Gets the gun out of his pocket, aims at me.
>I slap his hand away from my face
>He fires
>Round goes into his leg
You're fucking lying. Handguns are hard as hell to get a hold of in Canada.

Unless his parents owned it, then they'd be in as much shit for not properly securing it.
>He is screaming and bleeding
>/b/ has taught me to not gaf
>I turn and walk back to the car
>He is yelling so loud now
>Driving me nuts
>I get in car
>Drive away

I am now sitting in the common room of a hotel, can't say which one. I sent goodbyes to all of my close friends and family. I'm going to be getting on a plane tomorrow for Calgary. I have family there.
I cannot go back now. Wish me luck /b/
Why the fuck are you running? That was clearly a case of self defence.
>He shoots himself
>Running away like you just bombed a school
I saw his parents a few times, they were very conservative people. I remember once seeing the father holding a rifle, but I was very young and it was at a party.

I don't know /b/, I went through the court in my head and they didn't seem to like it. Too much evidence pointed to me, namely him being the one with a wound.
If you run away now ( assuming this is even true) then you are just going to look a fuckload more guilty and could end up in jail, if this isnt some retarded bullshit story you felt like making up you should go back NOW.
File: Hes insaiyan.jpg (242KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Hes insaiyan.jpg
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Get your girlfriend to convince him to tell the truth
>"Tell the truth or we're finished" etc etc
File: xi-and-putin.jpg (37KB, 690x462px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fucking lol you dumbass.

You've got evidence he got you to the parking lot. You've got police records of him attacking you. You've got, i don't know, fucking everything pointing to you being innocent.

Stop being such a goddam pussy. You are going to be fine, and likely you are going to fuck that grill till they call your dick BBQ.
Assuming this story isn't utter bullshit for a second...

He shows up with a highly stupendously illegal weapon, and you're running away? Fuck that, he's toast.
File: drive_0.jpg (182KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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In hindsight, it seems like a very stupid decision.
I'm currently 3.5 hours from home.
File: STOP.gif (2MB, 252x280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>In hindsight
You fucking retard
Go back home before you get mugged
IDK, I just thought it was the best thing at the time. I'll think about going home. Things will never be the same though. I live in a quiet place.

Look, I rate your reaction panic/10.

Kid, if you want to get anywhere in life, ever, follow the #1 rule.

Don't freak out. Go home. Laugh at everybody stupider than you. Fuck neighbor grill, right now. Send pictures to the faggot with a gunshot wound.

Actually, send him a video.
That'll kill him for sure if they've found him yet. I don't know if someone found him.
Possible caveat, if he hit an artery and you left him to bleed out, keep running.
This story is fake as fuck. I kek'd though, so GJ I guess.
Go back now
Either wait for the police or call them first
Fuck your girl
Taunt the edgy faggot about it
Do you know anything about Calgary? I'm going in blind basically. I only picked it because of family.
Or should I join the French Foreign Legion?
I live in Calgary. Great city. What would you like to know?
How can I get myself going? I was in Uni for political science. Are there lot's of opportunities for new citizens there?
This may be selfish, but I hope this gets screencapped. A cautionary tale for boys that pursue KKK grills.
Op is a virgin and he fantasized about this story whilst jerking.
I have no idea what one does with a degree in political science, but there's always work here. Not exactly the best time of year for a job hunt, but if all you need is a paycheck and you aren't picky about what you do, you'll have no trouble finding work.
I'll probably never finish that degree now. Looks like it's time to get in with the immigrants.
Haha this right here!
And you call yourself an alpha OP?
This is some Hollywood shit hahaha
I don't call myself alpha, I just told the kid to stop trying to be alpha
Would any of these be reasonable defences in the law?
- Shot in the leg, so you'd expect the guy to live.
- Scared, ran off, like how an average person might be reasonably be expected to run off after subduing an attacker.

You said you smacked his hand away and that's all that happened. That means they won't find your fingerprints on the gun, or at worst they'll find your fingerprints arranged in a way that makes it unlikely you were the one in charge of the trigger.

But still, the shooting is self defence.
You had everything going for you.
You fucked it all up over an 8/10 and a few Justin Biebers.
What the fuck man.
Just go home, speak to the police and have it all dealt with. From the sounds of it, you aren't the one in the wrong. I mean, you never called the emergency services after a young man tried to shoot you in the face and ended up incapacitating himself but fuck, I really doubt you're gonna be worse off in this situation.
Get job, make money, transfer credits to U of C, get degree. Its not rocket surgery.
Thanks for the analysis, truly, but what if the fucker's dead? I don't know if he is alive or not. It's been about 5 and a half hours since this, he'd be dead.
Was he conscious when you left him? You mentioned he's got a presence on Twitter and Instagram, so odds are he has a phone and was probably able to call emergency services.
Hard to combine "fended off armed attacker" with "scared and ran off". As for the shot, I imagine it would depend on where the bullet hit. Knee cap and lower would prolly be fine, big ass artery in the thigh though, easy to do major damage there.
>mfw Prime Minister of Canada in 30 years is me
It's over man. He could've bled out, and if he didn't, things would never be the same after.
fuck I lost it.
>Hard to combine "fended off armed attacker" with "scared and ran off".
Idunno man, let's say a woman fends off a would-be rapist. Would you expect her to stick around and call an ambulance or run off (scared or not)?
His screams started dying down after I shut the door and rolled down the window. I didn't check to see if he was conscious.
It definitely got him above the knee. I remember seeing it very clearly, was only 5.5 hours ago.
he is dead, you are a murderer.
Did you at least tip you fedora before you left him to die faggot?
Probably just getting over the initial shock of pain. But that does present an issue I guess.

What exactly did you say in your goodbye message? Are you able to pass it off as some spur-of-the-moment whim to travel to Calgary for a short holiday if the need arises?
Also, contact a lawyer. They'll have a better idea on your legal standing and stuff.

Not a lawyer here, but my understanding is that they're bound by duty and practice to make the best case for a client, even if they know the client is guilty of some heinous crime. (There's a reddit thread somewhere that goes into detail about why they have to do this or else the law falls apart.)
Why do I feel like this happened in greater toronto area
No. I was too shocked.
It was very final. Everyone got the same one. I said they wouldn't see me for awhile.
Happened in a quiet city, can't give name.
who are you?
I have $3000 to my name. Enough?
Frankly man, if he's dead, yer fucked. The first place the RCMP will look for a fugitive is with family.
I'm the OP of this thread, though I'm sure my faggotry is lesser than most.
Don't ask me, ask the lawyer, they'll probably give you some free consultation anyway since they have to size up the case before deciding whether to take it or not. (I have never had to deal with a lawyer, so I have no idea, but it won't hurt you to ask.)
It's the Legion for me then. I'll check the news tomorrow and see what happened. If he's dead, I'm getting a different flight. One to France.
who is the op of this thread?
His phone might clear me. He's the on that initiated the meeting.
Well, this has been thrilling. Best of luck nigger! I'm out.
Get out, unless you want to possibly witness the birth of the newest /b/ killer (even tho I didn't do it)

Chances are, if it was above the leg, you got the artery. Did you see any blood squirt from his leg?
Got anymore wallpapers like this one?
I don't remember, but it did spread very quickly, by the time I left the area around it was soaked in blood.
o shit im so excited

Damn dude, you probably did. He'd be dead within minutes.
text him and say
>lol noscope faggot
File: 1410395695139.gif (3MB, 364x334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 364x334px
>mfw cops find that unread message on his phone
I took a good minute to get in the car and leave. His screaming died down as I shut the door and rolled down the window.

My life, with some tweaking, could be Drive 2
File: 1411900199117.png (331KB, 599x449px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dude, you'll be fine. He initiated the meeting, his (and only his?) prints on the gun, the previous assault charge, maybe even witnesses/friends who could attest to his instability.

My advice, go home, go to the cops right away, tell them exactly what happened. Even if the idiot bled out, I'd be immensely surprised if you got charged with anything.
The thing is, my parents knew this kid. He wasn't instable until Monday.
Only his prints on the gun.
His phone proves the meeting was his idea.
I could be cleared, not willing to take that chance though.
Besides, I'm getting excited about my new lief ahead of me.
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bump i guess
Okay, boi's.
Should it be Calgary and a degree in Political Science, or the French Foreign Legion for me?
You're a kid with no prior trouble (right?), you'll be cleared. Hands down. Maybe some backlash for not reporting it right away, but once again, you're a kid. They'll understand. Having a gun pulled on you is a pretty harrowing experience.

Excited about the new life ahead of you? Sounds like you're still on an adrenaline high. You're not thinking clearly. Go to your parents, they'll support you 100% of the way and be of more help to you than I (or anyone else on here) can be.
Oh I should also mention,
I took the gun. After he shot himself he kept trying to aim it at me. It's sitting at the bottom of a ditch now in Ontario.
You can still go back.
You can tell them you took it because he kept trying to shoot you.
You're in college and are willing to just throw all of your hard work away?
My opinion is still the same. Cops value the truth.

I've said all I'll say. I'm going back to fapping. Good luck to you, anon.
You're an absolute fuck nut. He has the gun on him, he shot himself, he has a history of assaulting you. Should have put the fucker in the back of your car and taken him to hospital where they would have called the cops. You've literally done nothing wrong you absolute artard
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