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I want to die. Somehow, I had sex with my brother last nightt.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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I want to die. Somehow, I had sex with my brother last nightt. Please help me.

I'm a dude
how was it?
How handsome is he?
did you pitch or catch?
lol, drugs are bad mmmkay
You can borrow my rope. Do you know how to do a slipknot? I can teach you. Be a Hero
Op's brother is a fag
>"had sex with"
>not "fucked my"

Therefore OP got buttfucked
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I fixed your image
Kill yourself. And stream it. Be a /b/ro.
Stepping in front of an express train is the easiest way to go.

Real men drink bleach.
Unless you got a gun, the only reasonable way is hanging yourself. Jumping in front of trains/cars or other ways are for wuss. Be a man and hang yourself. Stream it.
Do a backflip but make sure you don't become a vegetable
can we get a better explanation of what exactly happened op?

was it raep?
I pitched and we sucked each other off. Thought that maybe it was just a dream, but it happened. Drinking bleach right this minute. Everything I've ever done in life is a mistake
STREAM IT FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's fake. OP's not gonna deliver.
what a fag. that's it?
fucked my sister. Life goes on anon.
Story, now!
Yep ok ill bite.
Sis was 12 I was 14
Wincest is actually pretty traumatic experience. It's not this stable on and off again fuck buddy that just works out fine all the time.
>Started when she was kissing me in a gross way on the trampoline, she did it cos it usually made people squeal.
>>Tell her I like it and ask her if she wants to do it some more that night
>>Shrug, if you want
>>Go to her room that night
>>From there it started that i would read her stories and for each word she couldn't pronounce she had to give me a kiss.
>>This went on for 5-6 months stable before it escalated
>>We would wait for dad to go to nightshift then i would sneak in.
>>Went to touching, which she accepted pretty naturally
>First time i got her to grind her vag on me. Came buckets.
>>I knew what was happening when i came but it was the first time i personally did it.
>>She called it the stuff. Would always ask "is the stuff going to come out?"
>>I'd say back that it's normal for the stuff to come out when i feel good. But i'd do it into my hand so id didnt make a mess
>>I never had the heart to do penetrative sex with her. I tried one time, and she said it hurt so i stopped. Left it at that. Never once crossed that line.
One time we were careless. she was 13 i was 15
>>Light on, and my window faces the road
>>We didnt wait long enough for dad to leave.
>>Hear him come stomping back in
>>Only managed to grab hold of my underware
>>She's naked on the bed, clothes strewn around
>>Pretty damn obvious whats happening.
>>He is terribly angry but i can tell he is also deeply sad. Hey just asks one question
>>And its dripping with anger and pain
>>How long?...
>>The whole situation came crashing down on me at that point. Didn't really think about what i was doing before then.
>>Just this time dad.
>>But the guilt seeped in after that.
>>It was mutual, he could tell so he didn't do anything crazy like make me move out.
>>Mum was told, other sisters were not.
It was around christmas when we got caught
>>Guilt and shame were pretty hardcore for me at the time, in hindsight it had a strong effect on me for years to come.
>>Running dads words over and over in my head "You ruined her childhood anon" basically 4-5 times a day.
>>Dad is a psychologist btw, so it somehow had that professional weight too. That was my perception at the time anyway.

>>The day after i went to a christmas service at church
>>Couldnt look anyone in the eyes
>>Girl i knew from school that i was obsessed with was there, she tried to talk like normal.
>>Couldnt stop blushing
>>I was pretty cool with girls b4 this but this set the standard for me until i was like 22 or so.
From there it really made me feel like i was a sexual deviant.
>>Worked really hard to suppress sexual feelings, and emotion in general
>>You all know that that doesnt work
>>Didn't feel like i deserved happiness. (3 years+ after, an ongoing feeling). Would feel guilty if i experienced happiness sometimes.
>>I am a kind of person that always has to do the right thing, I feel terrible over really small things so i think thats why i had strong reaction to this. It was by far the worst thing i had done.

>>Funny thing, even though there was that really crushing feeling of guilt. I occasionally would sneak in and have sex with sis sometimes. With hindsight, my thought process was that i was already punishing myself so i should at least get to do the crime.
>>Sister was fine with it, absolutely wasn't having as hard a time with it. Thank god she wasnt a cunt sister and cried rape ect. In some ways i was lucky.
>>These sessions would be heaps hot. But also make me feel crazy dirty after. Compounded my feelings that i had to control my sexuality more. (As it was something out of control)
>>Afterwards i would beg her next time to not agree to do it. That I feel so bad after, but if she helps then i could stop.
>>Pattern went on till i was 18.

Pretty morose by 18 tho
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>12 years old and doesn't know what ejaculate is.
>must be potato
By year 12 i was exibiting pretty strong beta bitterness.
>>Didn't really understand why though
>>Hindsight in mind, it was cos i didnt want to talk about it to my sis or dad because still pretty ashamed of it. Even after all these years.
>>One of the things that was mixed blessing is that dad didnt tell everyone, on one hand im not publicly known as a freak.
>>Other hand, maintaining a lie can be exausting. Also it would keep me up all night in fear that people might find out about it somehow.
>>Every time sex ed came up from the year 6 near where it happened to the one each year in high school, i would always act mad sketchy during them
>>Always rattled off the stat that most likely person to abuse kids are their brothers/sisters/uncles/aunts
>>Oh the spaghetti.
>>I had this really over the top disgust act for it. Even i felt like it was fake and i was doing it.
>>Overall heaps negative, bitter, saw other people getting girlfriends but i just couldnt open up enough to make it work.
>>Other problem is I couldnt break down either cos people would ask questions.
>>Surprisingly i never went on meds
Left high school went to a vocational college for conputers for something to do.
>>Had a few friends from hight school, but ill be the forst to say my main group were pretty shitty to me in an absent minded minda way.
>>It was always more cutting because they didnt really care that they were being shitty.
>>Probably cos of my unexplained bullshit.

>>Sppent a lot of time finding myself.
>>19 at that point, never had gf
>>Fuck it
>>Start burning through chicks
>>Like 6 gf in 3 months fast
>>As i started having normal sex i started to open up to myself
>>Never anyone else god no.
>>But explored my feelings and had a bit of an apiphany. Basically that i needed to move on, and realizing the effect of that one event on my life.

Still living at home
>>Walked up to my sis
>>When we did the ...thing....did you like it?
>>Sis: ...uum, yeah.
>>Did you want to do it? Or did you do it cos i told you?
>>Sis: no i wanted to as well
>>Cried silently into my pillow till i fell asleep.
>>Emotions are weird

Im 22 now, got a gf going 2 years, almost fiished uni. Been an long journey but i strongly dont reccoment incest to anyone lol.
Happy to answer questions if you are curious tho
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i wrote this out at some other point so i have it ready to go. I rewrite my feelings about it every few years to map my changing feelings
>ok, you twisted my arm, I'll concede to your mighty influence
>200 page long prepared life story

i'll bite.
Damn redneck. Its more strange that you knew that at that age. You probably got raped by your uncle and needed to know the name of the stuff that leaked out of your ass.

What do you call a redneck girl who can run faster than her brothers?

a Virgin.
You need to die
It's sounds to me like there's been a lot of suffering here for no good reason. I mean, ask her, you didn't ruin shit. It seems to me that the only ruinous and horrible thing about incest is the guilt acquired from the stigma around it.
Lol. Posted it cos im sick of this faggot telling people he has to end his life.

People do some fucked up stuff in their life but if you kill yourself then you never have a chance to atone for what you have done. If he really wanted to punish himself then he should just go on living.
Just continue being alive for long enough, and eventually you will die. Problem solved!
Also, cheer up dude, at least it wasn't your fucking dad, or your uncle or some shit, or like, you're so young it leaves you mentally damaged for life. Bad memory? yeah. but thats what the alcheehol is for. Kinda liked it? Try taking your mind off him with other men. either way,Talk to your brother (yeah its hard, but you have to) Figure out how you're never ever going to tell anyone you know, never speak of it again and move on. Life is still worth living, I promise.
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Hindsight is a bitch.
Pretty much though. It was just two people exploring their sexuality, bu we happened to be related. Not that id make a habit on it now but it wasnt such a big drama like it blew up to
op is kill?

Tell us more, how was it penetrating your sister, faggot.
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Did you cum in her face?
WTF in so many levels
When he is able to talk you may have to kill him.
your sister was fine with it, so why can't you? why do you have to be such a gay fag who feels guilty over a social taboo.
did you licked her?
did you liked it?
it tasted good?
did she used to moan?
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I hope you're just trolling, if not, don't fucking do it you retard. It's not the end of the world, and a lot more people have done sexual things they regret. sex is overrated anyway, it's not a big deal. just calm down.
Never actually penetrated.
>>She would do anything i told her
>>Get on your hands and knees
>>Put your but more in the air
>>ok, like this?

>>i put my dick around where i knew it would go in, Pushed it in a bit
>>She said softly and calmly, it hurts anon.
>>Ok, we will stop this.

>>Went back to her grinding her vag along my penis until she then I came.
>>Fucking hell her kisses were amazing
>>Used to send shivers down my spine.
>>I think its because i completely trusted and loved her.
>>But never romantically. That sorta shit is bull
I used to have a sexual relationship with my sister. But when she became able to speak I decided to be an only child.
yes, she loved when i went down,
yes, she loved it so i eventually loved it because of her hot as hell reaction
yes, you learn to love it. But she had a clean taste.
omfg you have no idea how hot it was. It was even hotter because we had to be secret.
Its very much my personality to require a really high standard for myself.
So if i dont reach them i feel bummed out.

But thats basically what i did in the end. But as a teen?... yeah i was a faggot.
>it seems your problems/traumas wasnt for having fun with your sister, but for your father reaction.

Did she suck your dick?
I imagine you taking a tab of acid, lying on your bed listening to jimi hendrix, trying to uncover the deep spiritual mysteries of fucking your own sister
Yeah thats what i outlined above. He would always frame it in some hardcore guilt trip. I didnt have any comeback though.
She would kiss it and be very soft and loving with it.
She didnt like to put it into her mouth, but she did do this thing that was kinda like biting a banana on the long side if you get my drift.

Would run her lips up and down and used to feel pretty good.
I have a huge boner right now

Bro I fucked a young girl when I was 17... she was 12... used to talk to my dick after sex... don't know what she thought it was.
Dead set? I know girls who did that (20y/o+) but thats cos they are fucking stupid.

Yeah she would lay next to my dick and talk to it... don't know what that meant.
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Thread images: 8

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