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Sexy Cousin Foot Fetish Story >Summer 2012? (2013?) >17

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Sexy Cousin Foot Fetish Story

>Summer 2012? (2013?)
>17 year old me
>15 year old cousin
>New Mexico Camping
>6 cousins in a tent
>Everyone except me is sleeping
>My phone just died
>Can't fall asleep because this New Mexico weather is too fucking hot
>Unzip sleeping bag and sprawl out
>Lay there for a while can't fall asleep
>Start jerking it in hopes to exhaust myself into a slumber.
>I get extremely horny and look over to my cousin Ashleigh sleeping
>I crawl over to her to her sleeping bag careful not to wake the others up
>No worries about waking up Ash, she's the hardest sleeper I have ever met (our cousins have messed with her to the point that we are able to slap her and she doesn't wake up)
>I unzip her sleeping bag carefully
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>Fucking hot air is released as I open the sleeping bag
>I examine her curves and she is covered in sweat
>Could not imagine wearing what she is wearing in her sleeping bag with this fucking heat
>She's wearing some t-shirt, volleyball shorts, and some knee-high socks
>I run my fingers down her legs and down to her socks
>She's on her stomach so I lift her calves up and peel her socks off one by one
>They slide off without much ease and they are soaked with sweat
>I press them up against my nose and breath in the hot sweaty smell of this beautiful 15 year old girl
>Shamefully she is my cousin, but in this moment, I held no shame whatsoever
>Both of her socks are off and pressed up against my nose and mouth and the smell is absolutely terrific
>I toss them over to my sleeping bag for later
go ahead
File: 1413065439529.webm (2MB, 720x480px)
2MB, 720x480px
File: 1416451393332.webm (3MB, 1280x720px)
3MB, 1280x720px
>I set her feet down back on to her sleeping bag soles facing upwards (my favorite position for feet)
>I run my fingers down the inner edges of her wrinkled, hot, and sweaty, soles
>I lay on my stomach and just drop my face onto her two feet simultaneously
>I rub my face around on her feet, wiping up her sweat and feet smell up with my cheeks, nose and lips
>I can't help but make a few groaning noises
>I prop myself up on my elbows and begin to suckle on each of her toes individually
>I run my tongue in between her toes and around
>I begin to suck and jerk myself at the same time truly in ecstasy
>I can't stop I need more. I sit up and go up to her shorts and pull them down to her ankles
>She's wearing white panties which are moist with her sweat
>I lean over her my dick pressing against her soles and my nose sniffing her hot, sweaty ass.
>I just plant my face over her panties on her butt crack and just roll my face around my dick rubbing up and down her soles
>I pull her panties down to the joint in her knees and reveal a gorgeous volley-ball ass, beaded with sweat
>I carefully place my cock in between her two feet and give it a few, test slides in and out
>I lean forward over the back of her legs and bury my face into her bare ass
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fake story written by some fat weirdo
you better finish OP
Source? Wtf? Get out newfag..
Inb4 walk dinosaur or fresh prince
This is getting me hard as fuck.
Hard as fuck?
You dumbass
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plz continue
File: 1412344954227.webm (3MB, 1280x720px)
3MB, 1280x720px
>Literally the best feeling I had ever experienced, my whole face in between ass cheeks,that smell like sweat and an odor that isn't repulsive but sweet and very arousing, and my feet fucking some soles....wow...
>I sit there rolling my face around quietly pumping her feet
>I seriously cannot hold back and I lick her asshole and her pussy around and start to suck
>I starts slobbering on it and slurping, fucking tastes amazing
>My ball sack gits kicked and her ass gets twisted away from my face
>Ashleigh is sitting upright on her knees pulling the sleeping bag towards her to cover her
>"Anon...." she is shaky and wide eyed and her eyes are watery
>Oh fuck
>I messed up big time
>"Shhh..shhhh...I'm sorry, I'm sorry, don't tell anybody ple-" I start panicking a bit. I don't want to be that kid who molested his 15 year old cousin
>She throws the sleeping bag off of her and sits down on her bottom and pushes my torso down with her feet
>She slides her feet down to my now flaccid, and frightened cock
>She starts to play with it and roll it around between her feet
>"Ash....what are you do-"
>She rubs her feet up and down until my dick is fucking hard as a diamond
i can fap to this
File: 1286137207743.jpg (34KB, 350x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone have sauce on OP?
File: DsvBh6L.jpg (256KB, 1200x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>She leans forward to place her mouth on my cock
>I fall on my back and let her take over
>Her two feet are wrapped around my cock and she starts to blow me simultaneously
>She goes up and down for a good 15 mind blowing strokes with feet and throat
>Then she gets up
>"I can't do this anymore, this isn't right...I'm sorry" she stammers, tears dripping down her face
>"I'm sorry" I mutter back to her, mostly disappointed I couldn't bust in her mouth or on her feet. or even bust at all...
>She lies back onto her sleeping bag
>I go over to mine and lie there for a moment
>I remember the socks I through over here
>I place them over my face and begin to masturbate
>I edge about 4 times then I scramble up and run over to Ash
>I bust the most massive load I have ever had, a load you don't have privacy to masturbate on your vacation with family and it just fills up, greater and greater as each day passes
>It completely covers her feet and and spiderwebs across her toes and rolls down onto her sleeping bag
>I turn on the flashlight and take a better look at the masterpiece I left on her feet.
>I collapse to my sleeping bag where I can finally get a good night's rest.
File: oh no.jpg (98KB, 500x536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
oh no.jpg
98KB, 500x536px
>My ball sack gits kicked and her ass gets twisted away from my face
>Ashleigh is sitting upright on her knees pulling the sleeping bag towards her to cover her
Any of you niggers know where I can torrent HD lesbian feet videos without fucking dicks flopping around and/or feet being featured for like a minute?
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This is giving me a foot fetish
bumpty bump
OP is a weirdo, and this story is bollocks, but continue.
>Then she looked over at you and said "You're moving with your auntie and Uncle in Belair
sauce now
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Thread images: 11

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