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This is my fetish, cum on her clothes. Post what you have

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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This is my fetish, cum on her clothes. Post what you have
freaking bump
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there all amazing
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On my second date with my first girlfriend I snuck off to her room tried on her panties masturbated and came in them. The single best masturbation session I've ever had.
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Not even straight but this is fucking hot!
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I was going to avoid fapping today and then you decide to post this shit.

Thanks motherfucker

>activate pants unzipping mode
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>i swallow
>didn't swallow
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Clowns and big ass's are my fetish
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Try to avoid dicks /b/ros
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OK, will do
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SWIM used to break into homes to steal garbage bags of clothes

also did this with one girlfriend
this have a set? pretty hot
Elaborate. Now.
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>second date
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No she doesnt
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no idea. If i find a name for a girl then i'll make a folder with the name and save the pics...this just comes from my general cum soaked folder
he didnt say she was his girlfriend at the time.
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>would break into "friends'" homes to steal their sisters'/moms' clothes
>would sneak into their rooms and put their clothes on underneath my own while friends were in the shower/out of the house
>would get amped up on amphetamines, break into a house (99% of the time someone I knew) and fully dress up in girls clothes and fap for hours
>one time girlfriend asked "where do you want to cum" --- said on your underwear...so started frequently cumming on her clothes while she wore them, tried to get her to wear her sisters clothes while I came on them but she wouldn't so i just stole them
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Not bad, actually sounds like a lot of fun
Are you serious? You can just say it was you, you fag
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How's this OP?
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Christ there's a fetish for everything didn't know cum on clothes was a fetish people had,

Wonder if throughout history people liked this or if its just because you can take a picture and send it about
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lol you and i have been browsing the same places, i have that one too
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really love the leather and latex pics, any more like that.
yeah but i no longer have that teenage brain

i wish i could get it back
doing anything like that scares the shit out of me now
Sadly I have just uploaded every last cum on clothes pic that i have. tons more jizz pics but none involving clothes
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Forgot about my blue jeans folder
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Here you go
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Ok, just watch anon
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Birthday suit?
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bb bbbut the guy had bad aim?
>teenage brain

Fuck man, I feel that. Was crazy as fuck as a teenager sometimes, but now that I'm older, have wealth, a job, a house etc, I'm too much of a pussy to do crazy shit cause I know the consequences will be stiff as fuck here in America.

Oh well.
Plenty of fap material, thx /b/
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Thread images: 52

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