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Sister thread kill soon >wincest Will start with mine >15,

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Sister thread kill soon


Will start with mine
>15, christmas at cousins house
>K, 11. she and i are pretty close. used to hang around alot because parents travel.
> "accidentally" showed her porn ~3 years prior, left it open on my computer
>usual family shit. Dinner, parents drink, kids hang around
>10 under 15's sitting in front room around the tree talking about what we think is in the box.
>K runs over and jumps on my lap excitedly talking about how my aunt might give her makeup
>shes wearing her fancy christmas dress. Ends 6" above knee with 2" lace at the bottom.
>shes bouncing and shit on my lap. gives me a bit of a rise
>she shifts, noticing what shes sitting on
>im going to jail forever
>grinds subtly more
> take a chance and put my hands on either side of her ass on her hips and thighs
>no one notices
>early ish bloomer. kinda has hips, just a handful of boobs.
>step further. pull the back of her skirt out so her panty clad ass is on my lap
>cue parents and presents
> do the presents shit. she gets makeup, i get clothes
>parents hittin the 'nog hard, dgaf
>kids back in front room
>K plants herself on my lap again.
>had switched to new sweat pants because comfy
>manage to work sweats down a little
>panty on boxer job
>im wild off my mind
>daring attempt
>rock hips and dick pops out boxers hole
>dick is right against her slit on her panties, invisible under dress
>say im cold, grab blanket and put on top our laps
>immediately rest hand between her legs
>stroke knee
>stroke thigh
>get to her panties. start rubbing her slit through her silky ass undies
>shes fucking loving it. Hip back and forth side to side rubbing on my cock
>pull panties to the side. she slows and kind of pauses
>run finger up and down her slit. put it in to the first knuckle, second, third. shes actually wet
>cant tell whos hornier, me or her. decide to go for broke
>slip panties entirely out of the way. grab her hips and slow her down
>grab my dick and start rubbing it up and down her slit
>position cock right at the bottom of her slit. ya know like porn
>let her decide if she wants to get fucked
>she slowly eases her hips back, i enter her
>she just dead stops. right there.
>minute passes
>she starts slowly rocking her hips again
>dont know how we arent getting caught. shes making all kinds of noises
>actually feel her pussy squeezing my dick. all kinds of tight
>i start it feel it coming
>whisper in her ear "when i say stop sit all the way back"
>about to cum
>moan "stop"
>she sits back forcing almost a third in more than before
>start to cum
>finally after releasing load after load of cum into m 11 year old cousin my dick settles.
>stay sitting like this for almost another half an hour talking with other cousins
>have to pee so I slide her panties back over her slit and arrange myself
>everyones in kitchen eating hella pie
>look at my cousin, cute devil smile
>notice her leg is shiny
>my cum is leaking out from her panties dripping down her leg
>quickly grab dish towel and give it to her saying loudly other cousins spilled in front room
>tell her to clean up.

Shit like this happens almost every year we do christmas together till this year when she moves to other coast for school not going to make it home this christmas.

Did she have hair down there?

Also pics, you can strip info and block face if you want.
nice way to get her pregnant
Like that peach fuzz thats soft as hell. Its blonde as well i learned the next year.

Lemme look through some saved stuff. Probably in there somewhere.
at the time I dont think there was anything that could have stopped me after we started fucking short of a gun to my head.

come to think of it shes never been on birth control either. Either i dodged a hail of bullets or some mystic shit was at work

It amazes me the time these people spend posting spiderman. It's not as if it really disrupts the thread, you just skip past them.

Dat peach fuzz...

Hurry up with the pics.
>the time these people spend posting spiderman. It's n

It's not to derail the thread, it's because humorous /b/ in joke
hard as a rock... thanks OP... ya sick fuck :)


File: Cousinformahnigga.jpg (75KB, 399x639px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well here ya go. Fucking christmas 2010
cute! how old here?

Is she meant to be 11 in that?

Because it looks like she met Queen Victoria.

Pics from around the time of the story plz.
Fuck i dont know do the math

I almost came when i fel the peach fuzz nevermind her slit...

Rock, tree, boulder... Shit i could have gone into engraving...
I think she was 13-14 in that? not sure which.

All those pics of yee old are on some shelf of which i have a bunch and on a cd of which i have thousands... thats a full scale re-org
Do the Math? Whit what data?
File: BrotrWatsWrung.jpg (96KB, 340x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> Fam lives in Minnesoda
> Pepsi
> I am at family get together
> Rare because I am from Sonoran Desert
> Also poor
> Have 8/10 red head family member
> my age
> I am red head
> I have no idea how we are related
> everyone there knows the family and ties but I dont
> Hawkward
> She tries to set me at ease, as she realises me unease.
> Same age
> at the time, 17
> We dipidy doo dah the fuck out that bitch to go and chill
> Cold af for me, but she isn't shivering
> I am alpha though because I win
True story, cont.?
If I continue it will be the legit story
oh in the sister thread i said this was 6 years ago. Well my bad im kinda really stoned
Dude, drugs are bad.

No its not. Just get the CD and put it in.
I'll wait.

Don't start a thread and then say it's too much hassle.
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any hot stories of getting a hj from a family member?

Captcha: umsorbo compliance
Hey man. I dupe cds and dvds on the side. I probably honestly have two or three thousand cds on shelves and under shit.

come on more stories
Shit I didn't expect to get a cont. order.
Aight' negros buckle the fuck up.
> I am the only redhead in my family
> I lift, and my whole extended family is quite athletic.
> Were talking sprinters and swimmers
> Naturally toned af
> I have aryan master race genes
> I never get sick, and other cool shit
cont with actual story I just want yall to know im here

Go through them then.
Com on
Hard to fap when u no post
im reading through the thread and youre a pedofuck for wanting these pics of this 11 year old girl so bad. OP's high. let him chill while you situate your pedoness
> Left from shitplace Az to Mn
> Mn is nice and green
> Like eggs
> Ham is pink? Or also green?
> How high am I?
> Sober.

When I get high I am usually way chiller than this
> so I have a rather large family
> I am personally poor but the Mn branch of my fam is rich af
> Anyways, plane ride up there
> I don't know anyone as I have only seen them once or twice in my life
> 17 at this point
> desperately trying to find someone to be cool with
> I am alpha af external, beta internal
> All Alphas are, fyi
> Found a 7/10 girl
> She is related to me some how since this is a family reunion
> Kek I don't know how though
> I don't know anyone here other than my dad
> She starts to talk to me and we hit it off,
> Send snapchats of eachother to our friends
> Faggot friend of mine says that she is hot and we should bang
> possibly god's tool is foreshadowing events to come
cont in a second
Dont want no body to get bored

And your point is?
nigger are you speaking english
> We continue to chill, talk about recent movies and stuff
> guardians of the fagalxy just came out but I hadn't seen it
> She works at the theatre
> LetsBlowThisJoint.jpeg
> Get to the theatre
> We are the only ones in the guardians of the galaxy movie room place location event housing
> We talk quite a bit about boyfriends/girlfriends
> She comments on the snapchat from faggot earlier
> I laugh, saying jokingly "Haha, well, what the family doesnt know cant hurt them."
> She says "True"
> She wasnt joking
> I didn't say I was joking though because I didnt want to ruin any possible chances to smash the poon
> We are watching the movie
> still alone
> In az there is too many people per cinema
> Mn there is no-fuckin'-body
Cont in a second
>have sister
>lover her very much
>would never even think of doing anything like this
>you people are fucked up nigger faggots
think about it
File: download (8).gif (2MB, 500x381px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
download (8).gif
2MB, 500x381px
Got me excited
cont you faggot
my point is pedophiles are no bueno

And yet you're in this thread!
File: truffle shuffle.gif (81KB, 130x97px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
truffle shuffle.gif
81KB, 130x97px
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these wincest threads do nothing for me except remind me I'll never bone my sister, the pain is great..
we made out a couple times when we were in middle and high school but none of it was "tender" or anything.
its so weird becuase i would never in 1000 years either. but for somereason incest turns me on. no way in hell would i actually do it
OP is either taking forever because
he's making this lame shit up on the fly
he's a fucking retard
either way
i'm out
Oh my fucking shit...thanks raging boner now
> Gets to the part where the nigger that plays the green alien kisses starlord
> He giggles
> I say "Fucking cute"
> She says "Hell yeah"
> Weird tension from then on, we don't look at eachother
> its like first kiss where hearts flutter
> We both know we both know that we both wanna fuck
> Awwwwwhh Snap, dog
> I say "Hey, Rachel."
> Looks at me
> I look her dead in the eyes and say "fuckin' thought so"
> she says "wat"
> I said "Typical.. I knew it"
> She further questions
> I say "You wish that you met me earlier, because of how fucking cool I am. I get it, don't be embarrassed. I mean, I am pretty rad"
(Obviously being uncool just to show how cool I am with being uncool.)
> Mental minipulation works
> She says "Fuck, (I will call myself Bond.) Bond, you are pretty damn cool, hahaha"
> Girl giggling makes my cock hard
> Fyi /b/, rocking an 8 incher with red leaves at the top of this tree.
> My tree needs nutrients from some soil
> Gotta plant the tree, stat
> I make my move, at this point being fairly confident that I will succeed
> I grab her phone from her hand
> Rude bitch was texting her girly friend
> I say "Kek who this be"
> "Bond, gimme the phone back!"
> "Nah, come get it"
> She moves the divider/arm rest up between the seats
> Lunges at me
> Read this in the Alpha 101 book that god gifted me
> Her tittays were rubbing against my chest,
> We were writhing around like the worms in a corpse until it became apparent that I was under her
> Alpha means that I am on top no matter where I am
Cont. in a momento
File: 1415794818586.jpg (54KB, 587x351px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 587x351px
> My penus is becomming erect
> DatBitchFeelsIt.jpeg
> Too big to be any normal industrial flashlight
> Her expression is confused but obviously aroused
> Imagine a face that god himself crafted using parts of emma watson and the chick from avengers that wears black and is in that gif of the hulk fucking her
> with red hair
> Also, athletic
> She plays hockey
> missing two front teeth
> She plays soccer and track
> me too
>Anyways, we start to wiggle
> I am rubbing my shlong on her vong
> Dry humping in full effect
> our breathing during this is like if two aryan angels were fucking in front of all of humanity and heaven, creating the ultimate symphony of noises
My sister was always a heavy sleeper, i use to bust loads all over her face, body and feet. The good ol days
contcontcont plssllsls
File: spider.jpg (33KB, 544x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 544x400px
This shit is getting steamy af
> She is reaching down with one hand, and rubbing my cock through my pants
> Also she is sucking on my neck, vamp style
Fetish no. 1 bite my ginger neck
> One of my hands is gripping her hair, and lightly pulling
> the other is gripping her ass through her pants, and occasionally reaching between her thong and jeans
(If /b/ didnt know, dry humping is the worst thing in the world because both involved want to despreately rip through the denim to get eachothers goodies)
Cont in a second
sister guy reporting in, looks like our thread JUST died so I'm hoping to bump to continue where we left off. One guy had sent a dick pic to his mom and we're trying to see where that goes.

Hope they find this thread.
>your thick hot cum will never rest gently on your sisters soft, flat tummy

I'm praying to god he comes back, shit was just getting good.
File: sister story 6.png (45KB, 766x523px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sister story 6.png
45KB, 766x523px
this is what I say to that
don't know if it's the right one
File: 1297914059777.jpg (53KB, 538x676px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53KB, 538x676px
Old thread just died to reposting: I'm the guy that fucks his cousin and mom.

We realized that we were not going to see each other anytime soon so we said goodbye back in 2008. After college graduation in 2012 she has stayed with my uncle in another state.

We are still on good terms, she has a boyfriend and I have a girlfriend but we see each other in holidays like thanksgiving and Xmas. We always fuck when we see each other so I'm really looking forward to this holiday season.

Want to hear any other stories? I got a lot of mom these past two years or some cousin encounters like last year's.
looks like it isn't but that's fine.

I really hope he gets some. I'm fucking serious on my end too- I'm going to do something this thanksgiving and see if she still loves me.

I'll let people know in like 2 weeks or whenever Thanksgiving happens- expect a post on black friday or so. Maybe Saturday if things go right.
File: 1416393610656.jpg (163KB, 1080x1767px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Summoning thread!
I want to know what happens next!
File: sister story 7.png (31KB, 1270x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sister story 7.png
31KB, 1270x320px
lmao if I remember correctly your first post in taht entire thread was about you and your cousin fucking regularly. And here I was harping on people about not seeing my own posted stories...
> incest turns me on

but why?

don't get carried away bro..

stop thinking about it and it will go away...
i love my sister beyond sex.
sex with her would defile the pure love i feel for her.
File: 1416394655451.jpg (134KB, 1080x1397px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> Theatre fag who works there and knows her since she is an employee checks to see if we are still in the theatre
> why play a movie if no one is there
> He couldn't see us from the projector window because we were under the shadow of the seats
> Saw two gingers really wanting to fuck
> Pent up sexual energy being dispersed through denim
Humping denim hurts really bad after a bit
> He shouts "Hey! Femanon, quit that shit!"
He threatens to tell her boss
> I say I am not Bond
> I say I am Rodger Phillips
> MoFuckin' Rodger Phillips
(Rootin'ist Tootin'ist Cowboy in the wild wild west)
> We spend the rest of the day in a hormonal lock on eachother despretely trying to find time to be alone
> Opportunity found when I have no place to stay
> She opts to let me spend the night at her house
> Her mom is cool with it, dad is out of country in business
> Her mom asks if itll be weird since we are opposite gender
> I say "No, we're related lol.."
> Try to make her seem weird for saying it because I am alpha bond
> I say I will sleep on floor
Cont in a momento
i was lurking the other thread, guess ill contribute...

>spent the night drinking
>pass out of couch watching some movie
>woken up by some pressure on my feet
>to hungover to open eyes
>wiggle toes trying to figure out what the fuck
>finally look at whats on me
>my sisters sitting on my feet
>i was rubbing her vag through her underwear and skirt
>flushed face
>holy fuck i didnt mean that...
File: 1415845887361s.jpg (3KB, 125x93px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 125x93px
Hurry I'm losing my boner.
cont pls
File: sister story 8.png (40KB, 986x384px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sister story 8.png
40KB, 986x384px
will this help? Sorry I'm not posting these in order lol
Meant to post this instead.
Cont, bitches
> We watch netflix until about midnight
> I tell her to pretend to sleep, lights out until we cannot hear her mom anymore
> Time passes
> I sneak trhough the house with double socks
> BondShit.jpeg
> Confirmed mom is asleep
> I go back to femanon
> close and lock door behind me
> I take my shirt off, revealing my supple muscles
> I kiss her forehead and tie it around her head, so it is in her mouth
> Also known as a gag
> I pushed her back down onto her bed and unbuttoned her pants, and tugged that shit off like an alpha male
> She liked it
> Mmm. I like that she liked it
> Her panties were still on but I prefer to mount while they are on
> she grabs my cock,
> Dwyane the Rockhard
> Unbuttons my pants as I fondle her as before
> I reach down to her pussy
> That shit is like if moses made all of the water in the sea come together in one place instead of split
> I know that feel, bae, the taboo made me so fucking turned on
> Cant describe it
>I am rubbing her clit through the undergarments
> We exchange words such as
"Mmm..." "Uphht.." "Fuck.."
and "Damn.."
cont. in a second
File: sister story 9.png (62KB, 1032x722px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sister story 9.png
62KB, 1032x722px
I like that you have both jpg and gif on standby.

>all is well for a few days
>playing video games
>she comes in and general chit chat about shit
>she left her phone in my room
>decide to go through it
>nudes everywhere
>go for a shower with phone
>she comes back in after ive changed asking if she left her phone in my room
>shes got that "i know what you did" smile
>nothing else really happens untill 2 weeks later
pleas cont god pls

u too
Lurking plz cont
FFS I HAVENT JACKED OFF IN 3 days and I ain't sure going to jack off now.

Sorry boner
Continued as fuck
> The moonlight was shining through the blinds making strips of illumination across our pale, ginger bodies
> We both had shaved relatively recently
> My cock is now out of my pants and boxers, but my head is still sheathed
> I am on my knees on the bed, and she is laying down getting rubbed
(Anyone who has a s/o knows this position of awkward "When do I put it in?")
> She is rubbing my shaft, and lifts herself up, and kisses the tip
> Kissed the tip
> Flutters of lust and possibly love rushed through me as I questioned everything I had ever known
> She starts lapping and licking at my cock, eventually bringing it fully into her mouth
> She is pumping my shaft now with one hand and massaging my head with her tongue
> Heaven
> A few minutes go by, as our breath creates steam in the cold northern air
> Couldn't take it any longer, so I pushed the gag back into her mouth and pushed her down onto her bed
> forcefully as fuck
> caught her by surprise
Pushed the tops of my legs (Quads) up against the bottoms of her legs, to spread them and get closer with my cock to her fun pouch
> The mixture of hot/cold from our legs sent a rush of blood to my dick
> Probably could've died from a lack of oxygen in the brain
> Pressed the head against her lips
> Vaginia lips - duh
Cont in a moment
Lurking plz cont.
>its the weekend and im once again getting drunk with mom (that single parent life)
>mom ends up going to bed
>im back on the L shaped couch watching a movie
>sister decides to join me
>my heads near her toes and she starts playing with my hair
>tickle her feet to get her to stop
>she keeps going so i grab her ankles and hold them in place
>turns into leg tickles (brushing my fingers upwards)
>the higher i got the faster my heart raced
>i stayed at her knees and lower for a while untill i worked up the courage to go higher
>her thighs were so soft n warm
>inching higher up my face is on fire and i notice her breathing has gotten heavy
what was that pic
File: sister story 10.png (36KB, 1284x592px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sister story 10.png
36KB, 1284x592px
Oh shit I just got hard and held my breath to a kp/incest scene.
File: 1415453051658.gif (655KB, 460x426px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
655KB, 460x426px
>my hands are now at the base of her pj's and i brace myself thinking the worst
>i slide a finger in and instantly feel the heat of her drenched pulsating pussylips
>cant believe this is happening
>finger her for a while and she moves her foot over to feel my diamond hard cock
>i pull Excalibur out and she gives me a footjob while im 2 fingers deep in heaven
>had a foot fetish for ages because of that night
please kill yourself
Continued as a fucking game of monoply that a fucking competitive jew family had to leave & couldnt finish at just that moment because they had to make a pilgrimage to Mecca and shit
> Insertion
> The heat and warmth / pressure as opposed to the uncomfortable cold reminded me of my desert home
> Comforting mentally, but I then remembered I was having sex
> So I kept fucking her
> Each thrust made the bed rock, and her bite at her gag
> Her shirt was pushed up and her tits were going back and forth as I rammed her
> Her hands were gripping the wooden supports of her bed
> One of my arms was wrapped under her back, and my hand was gripping her shoulder from under her
> The other arm was pulling her left leg up, and holding it into proper position
> This creates the left wall of her insides to press more firmly against my shlong
>Tight-er as fuck
> I had to, I couldn't take the heat, this was becoming more than just a fuck
> this was becoming love
> Emotional connection
> Pulled the gag down from her mouth, and grabbed it with my left hand after pushing her legs open into a decent position
> Every thrust felt as if there was a gush of her wetness coming out, and dripping along our legs
> her shirt/bra/gag was now in my left hand, and my right was caressing her face
> I kissed her
> She kissed back
> Full emotion
> Tongue action, also
She couldn't take all of me into her, which isnt truthfully an issue, so I would go back and fourth between pushing my luck with going deep and being at a decent reasonable depth
Cont in a moment
File: You.png (126KB, 481x271px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
126KB, 481x271px
Trying to document some shit here for the fellas, fuck off m8
Grab us some beers or something we are watchin the game
File: sister story 11.png (33KB, 709x366px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sister story 11.png
33KB, 709x366px
>that ended up as our routine
>whenever i was on the couch she would lay down aswell
>made sure mom and my brother were asleep before i did anything
>it escalated to sitting next to each other under a blanket she would jerk my cock an i would finger her
>nearly got caught one night
>mom came out to get a glass of water and sees me and sis sitting next to each other
>the blankets covering the fact ive got my fingers deep in my sister and her hand on my cock
>we both froze and she squeezed my cock hard on instinct/fear
>i could feel my moms eyes drilling into my head
>it felt like eternity "FUCK IM SO BUSTED"
>she says goodnight and goes back to her room
File: sister story 12.png (49KB, 1024x653px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sister story 12.png
49KB, 1024x653px
>that scared the fuck out of me and we had to cool off a bit and avoided each other for a while
>but then this one epic saturday
>have a sick party, mum,friends,sister an her best friend
>all getting drunk singing and shit
>at about midnight everyones crashed out except for my sister and her best mate who are in her room doing girly shit i guess
>im on the couch trying to watch hangover
>sis and friend come out and sit down
>i make room for my sister next to me while her best friends on the opposite side
>she gets the blanket for us to "share"
>in my head i was thinking "your best friends right there what the fuck are you doing"
>her hand slides over and undoes my pants
>whips out my cock and starts jerking it
>im pretending nothings happening
>can feel my dick getting bigger with each stroke
>really turned on that we are doing this infront of her friend
>decide to finger her through her pj briefs
>she is going fast now, its pretty obvious whats happening
>her best friend is just staring at us now
>i lock eyes with her best friend as my sisters vagina walls clamp around my fingers
>lets out a little muffle from cumming
>she lets go of my dick and they go into her room
>i start freaking out thinking what the fuck...
Waiting for the cont
> She began to shake, and she wrapped her arms around me
> I am still pounding the pussy
> We are still kissing
> I am getting close but I let my mind ramble because it helps me get the job done
> It didnt work because she is not some average joe
> I love her in a weird confusion of lust and caring and understanding
> She is rocking her body to meet my thrusts, and it at this point has become a beautiful machine of fuckery
> I started to fuck her really intensely, deeply, and quickly
> She wrapped her legs around me
> She now had her arms and legs both securely on me
> I am pounding the shit out of her
> My cock is throbbing and she is biting my neck as I smell her hair
> I bite her ear, and she starts shaking pretty violently
> She is cumming
> I have done this to a female before
> every twitch makes her pussy tighter
> I don't pull out so that not as much liquid comes out if she is a big time squirter
> I am still rocking the bitch hard, not letting up
> About to bust
> I pull my head away from her, so she lets off my neck, and I bite hers immediately
We did this to keep from yelling into the night
> I came, and pushed almost all of my length into her
> I kept slowly pushing after that
> Felt like god had personally touched my forehead
> I felt alive
> We were sweating
> I stayed in her for a bit, lightly thrusting while just holding her
> Pumping semen into her, but I didnt think about it
> I pulled out and a froth of juices came out onto her bed
> a lot of cum
I held her for hours after that, twisting her red hair in my fingers
cont is the wrap up of afterwards which I doubt you guys want
I missed parts one to five, could you post or link them again?
Thanks for the read bro
Please, go on
File: Sister story 1.png (21KB, 634x414px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sister story 1.png
21KB, 634x414px
lol yeah
File: Sister story 2.png (31KB, 859x382px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sister story 2.png
31KB, 859x382px
didn't know anyone was reading them
File: Sister story 3.jpg (73KB, 790x301px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sister story 3.jpg
73KB, 790x301px
File: Sister story 4.jpg (145KB, 970x594px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sister story 4.jpg
145KB, 970x594px
File: Sister story 5.png (19KB, 1300x267px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sister story 5.png
19KB, 1300x267px
and 5
>im starting to sober up a bit and realizing what just happened
>20 minutes later they come back out and act like nothing ever happened
>my sister and friend are on their phones and shit
>next thing my sister goes for my cock again
>but hands me her phone for some reason
>i could not believe my fucking eyes
>"she feels left out"
>my dick pulsed in her hand and she giggled
>i look at her best friend and see her blushing
>so i reposition myself between them and start grabbing her thighs, so soft an warm just like my sister
>i stop and take my pants off fully and guide her hand to my cock
>i wiggle my fingers into her panties and penetrate her slowly
>my sister starts grabbing my balls and massaging them
>with my other hand i get my fingers into my sister aswell who is basically dripping everywhere
>The feeling of having your sister and her best friend giving me a double handed blowjob while i finger them at the same time
>my fingers are starting to cramp and i thrust my fingers as deep as i can and stop going up and down
>they both start rubbing my cock fast and harder
>so in turn i go harder and faster inside them
>this lasted for only 5 minutes and they both came on my fingers and i blew everywhere
>they both licked my cum from their fingers and went back to her room
>strangely enough my sister was tighter
>explains why all this happened in the first place
Oh god, those are from that awesome thread a few days ago. Quality material.
on a side note I've been looking for that picture about that post regarding the college guy who printed a shitton of Mystery of the Druids pictures and planted them all over some dude's house.
yeah there was an incest thread a few hours ago and I typed up some of the other sex stories for peoples' entertainments. Then I reminisced myself into a fucking depression
Yay! Wincest is fun haha!

>be me
>be 13 and have 11 year old sister
>wrestle with sister
>develops into inappropriate touching relationship

tee hee, its all fun and games right? childhood curiosity

>get caught by mentally unstable mother
>mother recently lost mother and lost our father who had been estranged from her for a few years
>she beats the shit out of us
>Moms makes me and my sister go to bed together naked.
>this will continue for the next four years
>one night mother takes my sister into the next room
>years later I would find out my mom was breaking her hymen with something that night
>sis was never the same
>one morning, mother wakes up happy, makes breakfast and acts normal and happy
>tells us we aren't going to school this week.
>that night my mother walks into the room with my sister
>mom spits in her hand jerks me off until I'm erect
>makes me fuck my sister
>"You see .... you think your adults. You think your grown. Now be grown, this is mommy-daddy. You protect her.
>We have a marriage ceremony in living room then she takes us to the zoo, mcdonalds
>over the next four years I would take out my emotions on sister in the form of sexual abuse
>she would let me do whatever I wanted and had unhealthy attachment to me.
>my sister stabbed my first girlfriend with a pen when I was 17 and she was 15.
>around this time mom has psychotic break
>relatives show up and we spill the beans about whats been going on
>mom gets sent to the puzzlebox and we live with aunt and uncle
>separate us, sis went upstate to stay with aunt near my mom.
>I don't see my sis for two years except for supervised and minimal interactions on special occasions
>she acts out sexually and I shift into normal life
>two years later
>she goes to my college
>I don't think to contact her for three months
>out of the blue she calls
>we hangout
>one hour of being alone with eachother we have sex
>"moms dead"


How everything got fucked

>doing the side by side mutual pleasure thing
>my fat fucking brother sits down with his ds and busted us
>i told him if he tells anyone ill kill him to scare the little cunt
>but obviously he told mom
>she comes straight up to me and drags me to her room by the hair
>my fate is sealed, im going to get the hiding of a lifetime
>instead she talks all calmly about it
>asked me to stop doing that, should be with someone else bla bla
>im off the hook!!!
>spend the next few days stealing my brothers computer games/ds/xbox and smashing them
>beat him up 3 times and broke his arm
>he understood not to say a word to anyone after that
>mom now wont let me and sis be alone
File: image.jpg (104KB, 1136x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104KB, 1136x640px
Sisters tits
Bumpy bumpy.

Continue, a bro needs to fap>>580218371

>move out of home asap
>everything's sweet for the next few years
>sis has a bf
>brother still a fat neckbeard (probably reading this atm)
>end up going over to moms to catch up on life and have a few drinks
>the incest stuff got brought up and i just told her it was wrong but i dont regret it
>i love my sister and wouldnt hurt her ect.
>mom then asked "do you love me"
>"yes mom i love you, whys that?"
>end up making out and getting more drunk
>to drunk to drive home so i end up staying with at moms
>at this point im blacking out but remember flashes of memory
>being naked
>looking at mom naked on top of me
>her tits bouncing up and down
>the landing strip of pubic hair
>i woke up at 1pm
>act casual
>mom says she doesnt remember much from last night
>I play along with her and say likewise,
>general chitchat and goodbyes

and james, if your in this thread. go fuck yourself u fat peice of shit
Good, now turn it into forbidden love between broken people. I like that better than the "dude i wanna fuck my sister, shit would be cash yo" that /b/ usually has.
hahaha best story on /b/ 2014

Eh, getting pregnant isn't always that easy.
No. Just no.
>have sister
>hate he very much
>hatefuck her all the time
think about it
HAHA your mother was jealous that you were fucking her daughter and not her. All those years shes been thinking about your dick
hahaha same but then again all on /b/ are faggots
Fuck off Stan you incest loving faggot. I told mom because you were going to make deformed nigger babies with Emma! Sad cunt!
>> missing two front teeth
top kek
I just got back, did anything happen with that anon texting his mom?
thread got deleted. OP didn't deliver
Nigga aint post since the last thread
He posted a paper saying "Fuck You /b/" and left, then the thread died.

By that we can say that his mom was very mad at him and he's now grounded.
Other thread got pruned/deleted, probs cus the anon was 15 and posted his dick. Lotta kek, not much deliver. I hope to god he's fuckin his mom right now.
Cheers guys
Thanks, i did have it typed up but i lost it somehow, will have to write up a proper lengthy recall

yeah, i noticed when she use to make jokes like "incest is a game the whole family can play!

ive also fucked my aunty (48) when i was 15 at christmas,

fucked my god moms step daughter a meter away from my sleeping mom

a few more stories of my sister

had a sort of 3some with my ex gf an her younger sister
He made a new thread, but I can't find it now. If anyone else does, please link here for the rest of us.
Hey my weirdos /b/ros, where i find some real incest vids?
>What is a bump limit
I linked that thread to this one, no other incest threads are up now.
Not sure about vids, but Russia has live action.
Really though, you could have gotten a much worse response considering where you are. Something like "faggot" or something absolutely retarded like "is that bad", I'm just voicing my brand of fucked up opinion. Really though, assuming this is true, you take care of yourself and her. Good luck faggotron.
I don't have a sister and I'm getting old. wat do?
>aryan master race genes
>"I am red head"

Who the fuck are you trying to fool? I'm sure hitler killed a bunch of gingers BEFORE he thought of a master race
Hitler wasn't aryan.
Those are small, but really fucking nice.
>not just making a new thread for that OP
Bump for more green text stories
File: myth busted.jpg (42KB, 407x407px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
myth busted.jpg
42KB, 407x407px
Woah man really?
Thanx anon you are my greatest ally
File: 1376724541965.gif (422KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
422KB, 640x480px
Now go forth my child, with the support of some weeaboo who believes in you,
> mfw reading through this thread
This was a good thread, I'll remember it
>Have Sister
>Not think of her in any sexual way
>Not have any weird situations except for once when I was 7 and my sister gagged me to shut me up
>Normal sibling relationship
>Still interested in incest for some reason
>>not have sister
>>still wanna fuck my sister

>ya know like porn

I blew my load laughing fuck you

I feel the same, it just the taboo of watching people fuck their family member is just as good
This one.
I don't think incest is really a rare fetish you fags. Even lots of normalfags have an incest fetish to some extent. Although, does it make my fetish slightly more or less fucked up if it's specifically a fetish for "incest with some connotation of a deeper relationship, like with romance bullshit"? What do you incestbros think?
yup, for some reason people dont understand the whole "forbidden love" fetish.
I would never fuck any of my family members.
I dislike my sister very much, but i fantasize about having a sister i actually love and like.
I'll try to type what I said in the earlier thread:

Imagine being able to go back in time with the person you love, and to be able to meet them and grow up with them by your side from the day you two are first able to walk and talk. You go through life with your first and best friend, sharing a unique bond as you grow. Eventually that bond becomes something much stronger, more physical, as your bodies also develop and you become aware that your friendship can become more than love. You can become one, and despite everything you know, the social taboos and problems, you decide that your love for each other is more important than any of it. You've been able to spend not simply both of your lives together, but you have shared in one life from the very beginning.

Jamie Lannister said it well: we don't get to choose who we love.
I could never do anything like this with my sister. But I've done plenty with my cousin
File: imoutolove.jpg (301KB, 1920x1440px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
301KB, 1920x1440px
Fuck dude, this whole thing. That's why I like it so much. That whole description, combined with the multipliers of not just the social taboos, but internal moral complications and shit, that would all just multiply to make some hella fucking love. Anon, really, you're my nigga. You understand. I'd hug you if I could.
Holy fuck op. haven't blown a load like that in a fucking while.

Quality story. Kudos.

> mfw only child and mum is ugly as fuck.
still would bang her
Sometimes wish I had an adopted sister, like in Royal Tennenbaums

Nah ugly to the point where looking at her repulses me.
Kinda sad tbh
I'm glad I'm able to convey the understanding to some people. I know that many people would love to reminisce about their youth spent alone, afraid, and going back in time and getting their young selves together with the person they love in the future. It would make life so much easier to bear, and in my situation, that's exactly how it feels to me.
>I know that many people would love to reminisce about their youth spent alone, afraid, and going back in time and getting their young selves together with the person they love in the future
It's not the same when you grow up with them, the people you grow up with, their smell is really off putting (not smelly, but definitely not sexy like clean girl's scent).
File: capped.png (26KB, 1329x196px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 1329x196px
fucking capped bro
At the risk of sounding unbelievably arrogant I can see this becoming a banner or macro for incest threads lol
Anon I can feel the fiery burning of your heart of a man. Keep it up.
That's not a definite thing, it's just a really normal thing. That's not to say it's gonna be the same for everyone.
I've decided that when this holiday comes up and I see my sister again, I'm going to lay it all out to her. Come heaven or hell, I can't live wondering if she still loves me the way she used to
You kids still remember OHB?
Don't know about that but I'll definitely post it on /a/ next imouto thread that comes around
Damn straight. Good luck anon, I support you in all future endeavors.
Damn right I do.
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