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Trying this thread again. Dirty personal sex stories, but with

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Trying this thread again. Dirty personal sex stories, but with specific circumstances, anyone?

1.) Have you ever fucked anyone inappropriate? A friend's wife or GF or their mom? Or your girlfriend's/wife's mom, sister, best friend?

2.) Have you ever blackmailed someone for sex? Especially, if you caught them cheating and then blackmailed them in to fucking you to keep quiet.

3.) Have you ever had a female cheat with you because you have a big dick?

> Pic related: A picture of an amateur MILF that I came across on here that I think is sexy!
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Just a friendly attempt to bump the thread and try to get some replies and stories.
And another attempt to bump the thread.

> Pic related: A picture that seems to show a woman with cum on her face who accidentally posted the picture to Facebook and then had her son see it.
what ever happened to that guy that did meth and fucked his two sisters?
Somewhat inappropriate.

>hospital visiting my grandma
>her hospital gown was too short (she's 6ft3)
>see a bit of her pussy flap
>go in for a lick
>she queefs on my face
> Be drunk at bro's house
> Tell bros that I used to be gay and had a crush on one of bros
> we all laugh and make gay jokes and drink more
> night progresses and other bro passes out while the bro I crushed on whips out dick for some reason
> massive dick 7-8.5 inches long and thick.
> tells me to suck dick.
> in drunken state I do.
> ends up with me taking it hard bent over a tree
> he pulls out and says its my turn
> try to fuck him but he is like "its to big"
> end up sleeping around campfire

My bro is married and had a kid. What is fucked up is I really liked it and "seduced" him into fucking me a second time sober. We both felt bad about it and I apologized later and we are bros still.
I once fucked my gfs sister in highschool.
How fuckin' tall are you to be bending over tree's? faggot
Story, asswipe.
I'm not familiar with this story. Care to elaborate on what you know about it? How recently it was posted? Were any pics of the girls posted? And how the fuck did he get both of his sisters to fuck him?

This seems like it has potential. Care to share some details? How did it happen? Did the girlfriend find out? If so, what happened between her and her sister? Got any pics of either/both of the females?
I fucked my friend's mother in a gym
they went out on a camping trip, some fag and his two sisters. the guy posted vids of it, last i heard his mom caught them fucking
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1. I did fuck my ex g/f's friend. Not her best friend.
2. I have not.
3. Cheat? No. Just had a few randoms from CL.
>fucked the wife of some dude I used to work with
>fucked some chick who was engaged when I was in a-school(military training thing)
>came home on two different occasions and fucked this one chick
>she had one boyfriend the first time
>and another one the second time
>she now has a kid with the second one
>I could still get it if I wanted, but no thanks
>fucked some lonely dependa when her husband was deployed
>fucked some housewife who's husband wouldn't rim her
>I rimmed the shit(not literally) out of that Asian asshole
Friend-ish dude my good friends know from home was coming back to town for Thanksgiving break the same time as me.
Oh, I fucked some old married chick who's husband couldn't get it up any more.
Closest thing I've got to any of the choices is that with an ex girlfriend of mine, we dated pretty much 3 years, from me being 17 to 20, she was a year younger than me...

Long story short I have more nudes of her mother than I do of her.

I'm not near home (not even in the country) so I can't share, but her tits are fake anyways.

Yanked them off her computer, usually it was locked but sometimes it was left logged on.

Found a few of her dad as well. Wish I hadn't seen that. Poor guy. He's cool though. Oh well.
I used to sell heroin and would exchange it for favors. Got my dick sucked by 3 6-8/10 junkies once at the same time for 2 bundles a piece. Ask me anything
And most recently I fucked nigress right before she was supposed to see her boyfriend the last time she left for college
File: 1413106348840.png (18KB, 840x133px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Same whore, from /soc/. She's cheated a lot and I've got more stories from her (and pics), and her email and other stuff.
Why the fuck would you post this claim and then not share some details? This is precisely the type of story I was hoping to hear about?

Are you joking about posting a vid of them fucking/fucking around? Were the sisters attractive? How did you hear that they got caught?

Care to share some details about some of these encounters? How did you end up fucking the ex-gf of your friend? Was she hot? Did she think that you had a big dick? And are you suggesting that several girls you have met via Craigslist have wanted to fuck you after seeing your dick? If so, how big is your dick?
File: 1413141321720.png (287KB, 1033x1233px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I actually know her in real life too, not very well, though.
I was at a small gym that closes at 11 at night, she was training legs, so was I so helped her. we were all alone so we went into the yoga room or whatever it is and we fucked
In the past 3 weeks I have:

>Slept with my step-sister twice (she's 11 years older than me)
>Slept with my first ex-girlfriend
>Slept with the girlfriend of an incredibly well known and respected DJ (she's a photographer and I have known her for around 3 years)

Here's the thing. I LIVE for this shit. I get a great amount of satisfaction from knowing something others don't and for that reason I tell no one. Not even my best friends.

I have always done this. I used to like infiltrating a group of female friends and rattling my way through them, getting them to keep secrets from each other. When things got hot, I'd disappear as quickly as I came into their lives. That being said, I still have one close female friend I haven't fucked.

I don't feel guilty, as the reality is, most women are on the same page as me. I give them what they want and don't make a fuss about anything.
I fucked my brother's wife many, many times over the course of a year while I stayed with them. Best days of my life.
>I get a great amount of satisfaction from knowing something others don't and for that reason I tell no one. Not even my best friends.
I totally get that.
Do you have a conscience? Does it bother you to let these females do things like that to you for drugs? Do any of them have a boyfriend? Do you have a big dick? Do you have any pics of any of these females?

Care to share some details about any of these encounters? Specifically, the guy you worked with whose wife you fucked? Do you have a big dick? And do you have any pics of any of these females?

How did this happen? Did he boyfriend find out or suspect anything? Did she comment on your size and were you first white guy she had been with?
>friend's cousin 8/10 married to rich drug dealer
>I'm 20 and she's 30 but looks my age
>friend brings her around sometimes when we drink
>We start fucking almost every night and she starts telling me she loves me
>I like her but I keep fucking other girls
>she tells me to cum inside her and I do
>she gets pregnant
>I get angry mostly because I was scared
>I pay for her abortion
>she hates me now
>best friends break up
>ended badly
>can't hang out with them at the same time
>fast forward a few weeks later
>be after a night out
>be stupid, buzzed, trying to make her feel better
>ask her if she needs a fuck
>says yes
>we fuck each other, couldn't believe it
>continue our friendship like nothing ever happened
File: 1413146003044.png (38KB, 834x345px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've been told my dick is big, but like every other man in world, I'm a little self conscious about it. Even though I've measured it and it's 7.5 inches and the average is less than that.

In the case of the dude's wife I fucked, I was bigger than her husband. Not by a lot, and she wasn't a size queen at all, what she wanted was to get eaten out and I love that shit. He also just didn't have as a high sex drive as her and wasn't great at making her feel beautiful

I do not have any pictures that I'd be willing to share, no.

In regards to the black girl I posted an ad on craigslist and she wanted some Marine dick. I have no idea if the boyfriend found out, after we're done she got a call and said I had to go. Her boyfriend was about to see her before she left for college the next day. I wasn't the first white guy, no, but she compliment on my size saying it was bigger than what she thought it would be.
hard to believe that a guys "friends" would all fuck his gf...

also she is an impressive whore
What about the a school story.
To be fair she's pretty fucking hot. I don't think her boyfriend at the time was actually all that friendly with the other guys.
>be in class with a cute Mexican chick in the Army
>we sit next to each other
>talk and flirt a little bit, but i know she's engaged
>flirting gets a little more intense
>ask her to the Marine Corps Ball
>she says her fiancée is coming that weekend
>cool, whatever
>later that day she says she called her man and told him not to come that weekend, she wants to go to the ball
>go to the ball, have a good time
>later we're sitting by ourselves, in an out of the way area of the hotel
>decide to kiss her
>it works
>we fucked that night
>she did end up getting married to that dude
I have documented all the posts I caught, but it's all unsorted.

http://goo gl/j18y4x

Good luck finding them.

>On one of the nights when I wasn't fucking my friends 8/10 cousin
>hanging out with other friend and his sister
>she texts me all secretly to "hang out" with her after
>I tell my friend I'm going home just so he could leave too
>I come back and fuck her doggy with no condom
>friend catches us but just walks out
>I cum on her floor and still friends with her brother
>somewhat inappropriate
yeah who is this chick and how do I find her other stories?
yet strangely turned on...
any more
She's a friend of a friend who I found posting on /soc/ like a slut. You could probably just message her and she'll tell you. She's got a throwaway email and an imagefap account (no nudes on there though).
like how do I find this shit?
Don't have anymore stories of hers. Got pics though.
they are much needed
Here's her imagefap.
Sure, just give me a moment
>1.) Have you ever fucked anyone inappropriate? A friend's wife or GF or their mom? Or your girlfriend's/wife's mom, sister, best friend?
I've fucked my best friends sister and mom on different occasions. If anybody would like to hear one of the stories specify

Right here jackass:


Are you fucking retarded or what?
Would like to hear about mom story
K thnx.

Love you.
there ya go
File: soup-HA.jpg (62KB, 637x350px)
62KB, 637x350px
1 - my friends wife

super drunk at their house for dinner, he passed out on couch. I was playing an instrument downstairs, she came down and sat on my lap. Made advances... I knew better but was so drunk. Had a good 3 hours of messing around and he was still passed out on couch. Was going to stay the night but came to my senses and left.

My friends mom

Worked at a gas station, had a new trainee I had to train, smoked some weed with him after the shift - few days later offered to come to his house for beers, lives with his mom still. She was.... Not ... The hottest whatever. Fucked his mom in a drunken sloppy mess until her boyfriend showed up and I left.

Same friend, his friends mom.

His friend had a decent looking mom. Also banged her one drunken night. Her 16 year old daughter walked out in her underwear and caught us fucking on the couch. Cleaned up made them both breakfast.

The moms happened in a small town. Wifey was back in the city where im at .

At least its not in the family. ha.

2 - Nope.

3 - I wouldn't say 5.7 inches is big. Really not, but I broke up a 3 year engagement in 2008 - fooled around with redhead at work for a few months, convinced her we should see each other outside work, she dumped her fiance to fuck me. - Was fun for a bit but can't make a relationship with someone like that.

I don't regret this shit, but the moms... Fucking low bros. The other two were not bad, Haven't talked with my friend I fucked his wife... Don't know if I could look him in the eye after that... She sucked a mean dick though.
does ANYONE have the story about the guy who impregnated his sister in law because her husband couldn't do it? I think her sister (posters wife) actually told him to do it, for sake of family.
File: milf-big-tits-06.jpg (56KB, 510x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'd like to hear about both the mom and the sister. Who did you fool around with first? How did it start with each of them? What all did you do with both? Do they know about each other? Does your friend know or suspect anything? Do you have a big dick?

Also, what do the mom and sister look like? Big tits? Big ass? Tight pussy?

And have you fucked aorund with either of them recently? And are you still friends with the guy?
Trying to find the rest. Here's this one for now. >>579982229
File: image.jpg (21KB, 237x170px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 18, senior in highschool
>two best male friends, lets call them Tyler and Hank
>Tyler's mom and dad are like 15 years apart and met when she was really young, like 20 or something
>because of this she's a hot as fuck 30s milf at the time
>one day Tyler invites me and Hank over to his house to dick around and play vidya and swim or whatever
>have some shit to do around town so tell Tyler and Hank I'm going to get to Tyler's house late
>show up about 40 minutes late
>nobody is home but Tyler's mom, who's a stay at home mom
>her and Tyler's dad are always nice as fuck and always wanting to sit down with Tyler's friends and talk to them and hear all about you and shit
>when I get in I ask where Tyler and Hank are and she says they went ahead out to hang out by this lake that was near Tyler's house and to tell me to go meet them, or they'd be back in like an hour
>in retrospect that sounds like some suspiciously gay shit on their part
>Tyler's mom is on the couch in the living room and says she can get me something to drink or snack on if I want to stay and wait for them
>she's one of those lives to please guests house wives
>she's like 5 foot 4 and really thin with a nice mom ass, cute as a button face, still looks really young because only late 30s and she works out a lot with her husband
>always got the vibe that she liked me more than Tyler's other friends, sometimes would hang out with her in the kitchen and talk and smile at eachother and stuff while other friends were in other parts of the house hanging out
one was enough....
Why, what's wrong with her?
File: amongst the ashes.jpg (139KB, 757x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
amongst the ashes.jpg
139KB, 757x960px

I don't even really consider women as human beings anymore tbh, seeing how easily they betray and cheat without compunction or regret.

>the behavioral sink has begun
>there is no turning back

They are holes to put your dick inside. nothing more.
These are pretty fucking sexy stories! What did the moms look like? Big tits? Big ass? Tight pussy? Did either/both of the friends find out about/or suspect you of fucking their moms? Did you fuck them after just meeting them for the first time? Did you fuck them only once each?

And does the friend know about you fucking his wife? And did you mean that you literally have not talked to your friend since the day you fucked his wife? As in, you literally have not had a conversation or seen him since that day? If he did not know, do you not think that he is curious why you two have not talked since that time you were at his house?
Dude, it's not just women. I've done half of this shit while being married. Not really proud of that, but it is what it is.

I also like to fuck the odd trap now and again.
sorry. didn't take any at the time and before i ever went on /b/. i say that, cause now i'd try.
I'm not crazy about her tits, but she does appear to have a fit little body that looks fun. Not sure what everyone else is upset about.
Back when I was a teenager I fucked my gf's dad, nowadays I regularly fuck other guys wives cause they love my pole ;D
yeah, guys are probably worse in my experience. you just take it personal cuz you're a guy
>I'd like to hear about both the mom and the sister.
will get to sister
>Who did you fool around with first?
the mom, sister was like a year later
>How did it start with each of them? What all did you do with both? Do they know about each other?
will answer these
>Does your friend know or suspect anything?
don't think so
>Do you have a big dick?
like 7 inches, not BIG but not average
>on couch with Tyler's mom drinking some water she brought me
>she's asking me about what I want to do for college and shit and what my moms up to and bullshit that I'm mostly lying about because I have nothing interesting to say
>try asking her some about what she's up to, but she's got fuck all to talk about since she's a stay at home mom
>she'll sometimes awkwardly complain to me about Tyler and how she wishes he'd be more like me sometimes
>this might be related to her milfy complex
>eventually I stand up and say I think I'm going to go ahead and get in the pool and relax some since that's what I came over to do with Tyler and Hank anyway and they'd be back in like 40 minutes
>she says ok and I stand up and take my shirt off
>at this point I notice her quickly check me out
>I'm not crazy ripped or anything, but I do a lot of shop and building stuff and have some decently toned muscles
>she kind of just awkwardly laughs and smiles at me and then goes
>I say why doesn't she go ahead and come out to the pool with me since its nice out and I'm still waiting
>she sort of smiles and says sure
>I we get outside and I take my pants off, already have a suit on under instead of underwear
>ask if she's going to get in the pool, knowing she'll laugh and say no
>she laughs and says no doing that hand waving thing moms do
Don't listen to the hopeless neckbeard faggots. She's cute enough
no i cam
>guys are probably worse

I think it's probably about even. Though women are more apt to cheat, from my experience, because of emotional reasons.
>gf doesn't want to fuck
>ex always drunk texts me but I never reply cuz I wanna be a good faggot boyfriend
>getting tired of gfs shit
>go to exs house that night and fuck her in the car
>get her juices all over my cock and don't clean it on purpose
>go to gfs house for breakfast the next day
>have her suck my exes dried up pussy juice off my cock before I fuck her

I was 23 at the time, first mom was 42 chubby, kinda fat. Ugly face, gaah - Huge tits though and a surprisingly tight pussy... Lights off for that one. We fucked that night, and I let her suck my dick another time but it just got weird because she was not really attractive at all.

Second mom was in her thirty's, slim with a cup breasts, tight ass she had a pretty face black hair, but her voice... gaah.. and she talked to much.. She had the hulk grip, that night I started giving her a massage on the couch and she just whipped out my dick and my goodness the best handjob ever. We fucked and messed around for awhile but it was only that one time

Literally haven't talked with him since, haven't seen him , no contact - I'm fairly certain he found out from his wife because since then they've removed me from Facebook - They get drunk alot like everyday and the topic was probably brought up... Who knows? I feel bad about it, we weren't very close friends but he was a good guy - they are still together though which is a plus. This was about a year and a half ago
Thank you! She's in great shape and her ass and legs are fucking killer. Her tits aren't the best but they're not bad by any means. Got a nice pic of her spread pussy with "Slut Whore Fuck Toy" Written on her thigh too.
>I tell her its nice out and she should go get a suit on and enjoy herself
>she laughs and objects and goes to sitdown in a lawn chair with some tea
>I sort of jokingly grab at her like I'm going to pull her in the pool
>she starts laughing really hard and saying to stop
>she's just wearing jeans and a normal top, so I wouldn't really feel bad if I got her clothes wet or anything
>I kind of back into the pool some while holding on to her lightly, so she doesn't fall in with me but gets wet from me splashing in
>at this point she's all smiles and giving me a really disapproving look
>she looks down at her clothes which are a bit wet from my splash into the pool and kind of shifts her tone into this annoyed/pissed off one she uses on Tyler all the time
>turns around and says something like "well I might as well change now"
>don't know if I've gone to far or she's messing with me
>she goes back inside and I swim around some and try to chill out, probably only have like 30 or 35 minutes till Tyler gets home with Hank from whateverthefuck gay shit they're going out together
>hear the sliding door open and see Tyler's mom standing there in a two piece suit, looking hot as fuck. Flat stomach, small but still perky tits, that delicious mom ass that makes it worth everything
>she kind of laughs and says something like
>I don't know why I'm getting in, I'll just have to get out when Tyler gets back or he'll be upset I'm embarrassing him in front of his friends
Moar anon moar
>Fucking fuckbuddy who I've known for 2 years
>we fucked over a hundred times
>never stuck anything up her butt
>touch her asshole ask to stick a finger in
>she says no, I insist she says fine
>Fuck her doggy finger up ass
>I can feel my dick in her pussy through her ass
>cum buckets
this is good, go on...
File: thm02112014_08.jpg (143KB, 665x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
143KB, 665x1000px
I'm lurking and looking forward to reading the rest of the story; so, please, proceed!

Thanks for replying and sharing some details. I think it makes the stories much more erotic and enjoyable to read about. Do you get lots of pussy overall? Do you have a girlfriend now? If so, do you cheat? have you been cheated on?

And did you mean that you literally fucked the one friend's mom until her boyfriend physically got to the house? If so, do you think he suspected anything?

> Pic related: I was not familiar with this woman, but I posted her in a similar thread yesterday and someone posted and mentioned that, apparently, her son filmed her in sexy situations and shared the pics. I'm not sure what she is known as, but several people seemed to be aware of who she was and the story about her sexy pics/vids being shared. There were also several links to vids on Mless posted. Does anyone on here tonight know more about this chick and her big tits?
File: wt43t34.jpg (61KB, 634x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61KB, 634x480px
I had sex with my old schoolmates mother. She has a serious alcohol problem and hit on me when her son was passed out in the same room. Came in her mouth and told her to give him a good night kiss. She did it. Completely naked with both her saggy tits on his chest.

I gotta ask OP, are you some sort of perma-virgin and/or do you just get off on hearing stories about this shit?
>see that she doesn't have her tea with her anymore and figure I may have gotten water in it when I splashed her or whatever
>start to get out of the pool because even though she is in her suit she isn't quite getting in yet
>apologize for maybe messing up her drink and ask if she wants me to run in and pour her a new one
>she smiles and says I'm sweet, so I head in
>as I do she peaks her head in and says that in the hall nook behind the kitchen there's some sunscreen near the towels and to get it or we'll burn
>immediately I know its so fucking on
>I come out with the tea and sun screen and say something like "I've honestly never really burned, I think I'm fine"
>this isn't because I didn't want it being used or anything, but it was kind of true and I was just trying to play with her
>she gives me that mom face and says something like "you say that but you can still get damage, blah blah" making a cute face
>also I this point I'm horrified she'll offer to put some on my back or something and my boner will be through the roof
>not exactly confident I'm getting anywhere with her at this point outside exploiting getting to look at her some and maaaaaybe put on the sun screen
>she says to hand her the sunscreen and she'll put it on first and then I HAVE to or she won't let me use the pool anymore and I'm like "fiiine"
>she starts to rub the sun screen all over her body and front and its so hot as all fuck I sit down on one of the pool side fold out chair things to try to hide the boner I'm getting
>when she's done my worst fear/greatest desire is realized and she asks me to get the part of her back she missed
>I say sure and kind of hold my hand out for it, thinking she might just sit in front of me and then I won't have to get up and reveal boner town
>instead she turns around and I'm like wtf and then she lays down on the fold out chair, and I know exaaaactly where this is going
>Have gf for 2 years, be bored
>Start talking with friend after a few years, find out he's gay
>have sleepover to 'catch up'
>spend first couple hours playing old n64 games
>put my hand over his dick and say i want it
>get terrific head, give terrific head
>happens a few more times
>he starts feeling guilty because he knows my gf
>mfw he breaks it off and stops talking to us
>the fucking pussy
Wait... Isn't that the chick who had fucking creepy ass videos of her and her son?

Nothing overtly sexual, just way too close for normalcy. And this is coming from someone who IS into incest shit.

YEAH no shit. Her name is Kathryn I knew I wasn't the only one who recognized her. I've met her a few times in real life. Woman has got problems to say the least.
Was it a navy bitch while in a school?
yfw? where is yf?
She has one of those faces that screams

>i home-school my kids and breast fed them until they were 15
>also, do you want to see my crystals? they really work!


>Monster is actually a front for satanic worship, excuse me while I give my 17 year old son is weekly enema
Nope, Army.
I can relate to op. Stories satisfy me much more than pictures or regular porno.
You know those all natural "green" cleaners people come to your door and try to sell you?

> Me and my buddy chilling and having beers after work
>knock on the door, its a cleaner sales lady
>probably mid 30's. Black, skinny as fuck, nasty looking
>Buddy invites her in, gives her a beer.
>Tells her "Look, ill buy 2 bottles of that shit if you give me a blow job"
>She agrees
>They go in his room, he comes back out after about 30 seconds
>Dude, shes REALLY gonna do it!
>Grabs rubber and runs back in
>15-20 later, they both come out, He asks her "What about my friend?"
>"No Thanks" and he pays her for the bottles and she leaves
>she lays face down and kind of gives me this "come on, I don't have all day" smirky shit
>I get up and go over and am thankful she can't see my erection since she's face down, but know she's about to fucking feel it
>I take the bottle of sun screen and squirt it on her back
>for a split second I consider my options and being a complete fucking pussy and just standing next to her and rubbing it in
>I decide fuck it and that I'm getting all the green lights, so I sit behind her on the fold out chair so that my boner is basically burying itself into her ass cheeks
>I try to kind of distribute my weight and how I'm positioned so maaaaaybe she doesn't think its a boner right away, but I have no fucking idea
>at this point I'm massaging her back with the sun screen instead of just rubbing it in
>I say something like "With how much work you do around her you probably deserve a good back rub every once in a while"
>she hums and smiles and says that she does and I'm good at it
>she asks me where I learned to give massages, and I'm awkward as fuck because I don't actually know what I'm doing. I don't know if she's hitting on me or fucking with me or what
>I keep rubbing and pressing and rubbing and pressing and her hums start turning to something more like moans
>eventually I'm in such a groove that more of my body is moving than just my arms and hands and I realize I'm sort of grinding on her ass with my dick
I was navy, all the females were huge sluts.
File: av-6.jpg (26KB, 563x567px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 563x567px
This is getting good

No problem. I have to say that I get enough pussy, but not a lot, like I have sex about 3 times a week with the same person, I used to go clubbing and stuff but not anymore -

I'm seriously more attracted to intelligence lately, and the girl I'm in a situationship (we aren't dating, have no idea really) isn't really interesting in that department. And I'm losing interest fast, its becoming outercourse almost heh. We meet up, smoke some weed together watch netflix and just fuck all day, I can't have an engaging conversation with her because she kind of just talks about past stories and stupid shit I have no interest in at all, Like its fun to tell stories but when I want to discuss the federal election or religious views anything thats not a story she doesn't have any response.

But yea we aren't dating, and we're both losing interest in each other it seems. Shes super horny though which is awesome. Swallows, lets me cum inside of her, finger her ass... Rims me... My goodness she does it all. It's nice, really nice - But i want more than just that

Literally fucked her until her son (my buddy) banged on the door and I pulled up my pants and he was sitting in the living room when we left the bedroom. He totally knew, they broke up a month or so later, he was a dick anyways. Always eying me up, and it was a small town and buddy was one of the two cab drivers...Awkward cab rides.

But yes I'm looking for more than sex nowadays, just a physical release ain't enough, that connection is hard to find this day and age.
File: 1406485853421.jpg (16KB, 268x265px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 268x265px

Go on...
Yes, yes they are. Being a Marine in a joint service school(or really anywhere, ladies love Marines) is awesome.
File: 1415455269413.jpg (29KB, 438x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 438x600px
Not a perma-virgin, and I'm a regular guy in his 30s, I've just read many stories on here over the years about personal sexual encounters that I found to be erotic/arousing, so I figured I would make a thread and ask if anyone had any personal experiences with some specific scenarios that I find to be particularly arousing. I used to be a scumbag cheater and I really regret the things I did, so I don't do that type of stuff anymore; but I figured it would be interesting, and arousing, to hear about other people's experiences. That's why I start these threads.

Also, I struggle with the O.C.D., I am oftentimes a straightforward person, and I really like hearing about the details, so that's why I ask so many questions!

> Pic related" A MILF with a really fat ass that I think would make for a really fucking sexy fantasy!
>fucked a sexy milf at work who I pulled just because I'm a gym guy with big arms
>her husband is fucking massive but can't be bothered fucking her so she whores around work
>not on the pill so told me not to blow in her
>pulled out after the third spurt and blew the rest on the ground when we fucked out the back of work
>she found cum in her underpants when she got home from work
>got pregnant
>the dude already had three kids with her and he has no clue his fourth is mine
>I literally have a two year old child who I see come in with his mother once a week shopping when she isn't at work and we smirk at each other while the husband picks out food

My life is literally like a porno in that regard except she won't let me fuck her anymore. I could probably bribe her but I don't want to get fucked over for child support. And FYI: it's possible to not give a single fuck about your own child.
>be me, freshman college
>come home for thanksgiving
>parents away for weekend
>13 year old sister also home from boarding school
>brought japanese student from her school
>she is kind of cute, chubby, big breasted
>to get them out of the house drive them to the mall
>invite some friends over
>we're having a small party
>pick up sister and her friend
>party is going pretty good and they want to join
>kind of high, so say yes
>around 3AM people are crashed all over the house
>decide to go to bed
>sister is snoring like a buzz saw
>my room next to hers
>fuck this, go to parents room to sleep (on the opposite side of the house)
>almost drifting off when door opens
>japanese girl, Rie, asks me if she can sleep in here
>tell her she can crash on the sofa
>try going to sleep
>this girl won't shut up
>she's asking me all kinds of shit, do i have a girlfriend, etc.
>wake up and feel her nuzzling my back
>tell her WTF
>she says she was cold
>roll over to talk to her, tell her get out
>sleep boner hits her hand and thigh
>she sees it
>eyes like two saucers
>almost instinctively reaches out to touch my dick
>i'm 18, girl touches my dick is past the point of no return
>at this point I just figure I'm good
>she's in her 30s and fucking knows a cock is grinding her ass
>it has to be on
>so I decide to take my massage downstairs and start gripping at her ass cheeks, which are fucking amazing
>at this point she hasn't said anything in a while and has just been moaning and scrunching her face up
>she's got her head sitting to the side instead of face down, so every once in a while I get her peering back at me before glancing away
>at this point I am fucking hungry for this milf's pussy and am in no way backing down
>my ass fondling leads to pulling her bottoms down while I back off of her, and then I just plant my face right into her pussy
>she's laying facedown so when I dive in I'm kind of getting an ass/lower pussy face full instead of a full on pussy
>I'm eating away like I haven't fucking at a meal in weeks
>at this point she's letting out audibly loud yelps and moans that she's trying to cover up in case neighbors are outside
>she starts hushidly saying my name disapprovingly like a mom as if to tell me to stop doing something bad
>she's already wet as all fuck and her pussy tastes way better than I'd thought it would, maybe I'd just had some bad pussy before or was just horny as fuck from the situation
>it was really legit though
>almost no hair down there at all, which kind of went with her build and look
>eventually she starts to kind of buck against my face some in pleasure and I figure its time to drive things home
Fair enough man, I'm currently a scum bag cheater and I don't think me starting college is going to help much in that regard this January.
Damn, I wanna fug
I was a fucking Doc petty officer 2 class fmf corpsman
>she strokes it
>she enjoys watching my dick react
>kisses it lamely, but soon she is back to giving me a very pleasant hand job
>take off her t-shirt
>she has very firm, nice tits
>stroking continues while i play with her nipples
>her breathing becomes erratic and shallow
>put my hand down her yoga pants
>feel very soft and sparse bush
>her underwear is soaked
>stroke her vaj and she cums
>pull her pants and underwear off and continue stroking
>climb on top of her
>there is resistance to getting my dick in her
>we change positions and she climbs on top of me
>she puts my cock in her and gently lowers herself on it
>she is riding and we both cum (yes i nutted in her without a condom)
>while she was still on top of me, my sister opens the door
>we look over at her and she turns around and leaves without closing the door
>get up, close the door
>realize i am now in a terrible situation
>we put our clothes back on
>tell Rie that she has to talk to my sister
>sister won't talk to Rie, ignores her until its time for them to go back to school
>i have to hang out with her until sunday afternoon, when i take them to the airport
>go back to college on monday
>think maybe i dodged a bullet
Got more of that ass or asses like that ?
That's awesome, and believe me, I wasn't talking shit. Because the great propaganda of the United States Marine Corps, a fair amount of chicks hear you're a Marine and get wet.
I once blackmailed my teacher into having sex with me because she had sex with me because I blackmailed her into having sex with me becaise I bblackmailed her into fucking me
So feel free to take that chip of your shoulder, or don't, it's up to you.

Oh yea, forgot to answer one of your questions.

I've never cheated ON a person I've been dating. I wouldn't know if I've been cheated on. Don't suspect anything because if it happens well it happens and what you don't know won't hurt you - thinking about it might.
>I back off and pull my shorts down letting my throbbing cock out
>I grab her, still face down by the waist and kind of pull her ass up into the air some so I can fuck her doggy style
>at this point I'm worried as fuck I'm going to blow my load the second I touch her with my dick
>not even a single percent thinking about protection at all, have no idea if this chick is on the pill or headed towards menopause or what, but I sure as fuck have no condom
>not even a concern right now
>as I slide her up into the position I want she glances back at me with that half ashamed half aroused look on her face
>she sees my cock and just fucking goes for it
>I'm kind of thrown off and stumble onto the fold out chair and she gets up and onto her knees and starts sucking my cock
>I'm in fucking beyond heaven at this point
>its like she's hungry for my cock the same way I was hungry for her pussy, its just so fucking animal and rad
>I start to fucking moan and call her, lets say, Mrs. Smith
>she loves this and starts to fucking stare me down as she's sucking my cock
>there's no way I lasted more than like, 30 seconds or something, it was so fucking amazing
>I start to tell her I'm going to cum and she just keeps going and swallows every last drop and licks me clean
>when its done she looks up at me with that fucking live to please mom look on her face and in her eyes and smiles and says "its that better"
>my cock is still hard as fuck though and throbbing in her hands
>she kind of stares at me with that happy mom face for an awkward second or two and I don't know what's about to happen
>like there's a part of me that thinks she's about to fuck off and another part that feels like I'm supposed to wait for permission to do anything else
>finally she gets up off her knees and turns around so she's showing me dat ass, the holy grail of all things beautifully milf
> be me
> recently turned 18, still in high school
> have a fetish for virgins and girls age 12-15
> know this girl who is 14 and has a bf
> start texting her, nothing serious at first
> as time goes on she becomes increasingly flirty and starts to complain about her bf
> she tells me that she's never fucked her bf because she is really skinny and he's "afraid to hurt her"
> asks me if i would take her virginity
> holyfuckyes.jpg
> go over to her house on a friday night
> we watch a movie
> after about 10 minutes into the movie we start making out
> i reach into her pants and start stroking her pussy
> we get naked
> i eat her out for like 15 minutes
> stick my dick in
> she screams
> gallonsofblood.exe
> fuck her for about a half hour
> not wearing condom
> don't pull out
> a week later she texts me and says that she fucked her bf for the first time
> 6 months later, in college now
> mfw when i go on instagram and she's pregnant and thinks that it's her bf's, even though they always used condoms
File: heavybreathing.jpg (137KB, 1252x1252px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137KB, 1252x1252px
>I actually know her in real life too, not very well, though.
Which one of these stories is about you, then?
faster man, this is killing me
File: iknowthatfeelbro.jpg (16KB, 350x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 350x350px
Unfortunately none. I know her but I'm not really friends with her. We just have a lot of the same friends.
Me and my GF are in somewhat of a open relationship we've had threesomes with another chick before.. But for awhile now she was talking about doing it with another guy like a MMF thing. I never really agreed to it but i never said no to her either.. So this is what happened
>GF 8/10 big tits tight body she works out alot
>It's her birthday soe we go out drinking with her friends
>Starts getting late..We all decide to go back to her place
>Guy shes been flirting with all night gets up to take a piss
>a few minutes later she gets up and opens the bathroom door and pretends it was a accident and closes it real quick
>Little while passes i'm pretty drunk and decide to lay on the couch she thinks i'm passed out
>I over hear her say to one of her friends that she saw his dick and it was huge
>She continues to act flirty with him
>Her friends all start leaving
>He stays And at some point he grabs her ass and she tells him he has a big dick
>She starts grabbing his dick through his pants and pulls it out It really was fucking huge easy 8 or 9 inches
>she starts jerking him off I'm getting turned on watching her I don't know if she thought I was passed out or if she knew I was watching
>She starts sucking his cock and then brings him to the bathroom
>I laid there and listend to her get fucked.
>get call from dad
>tells me to come home immediately, plane ticket is waiting
>play dumb, why? what happened? did somebody die?
>sister told teacher at her school what happened
>deny, deny, deny
>at first, say i'm not returning for this bullshit
>dad seems to want to believe me
>tells me i still have to return
>go back on friday
>deny everything
>tell them my sister must have dreamed it
>tell them sister was acting weird all weekend, so i had to hang out with her friend
>i thought they had a fight or something, minded my own business, because girl stuff
>they bought it because Rie denied everything too
>to this day, sister still calls me rapist
>two years ago (i'm 28 now)
>Rie contacts me on facebook
>says she is coming to america
>asks me if we could meet
>no pictures of her of her on facebook, wonder how she's changed
>try to get her to send me a pic, but no go
>the day comes to meet her
>she is maybe an inch taller, but twice as wide
>face still cute though
>we talk a little about what happened
>glad we got away with it
It better not end there or i'm going to rape you myself.
>she goes to sit down on my cock and while I'm still hard as all fuck I'm less animal about going after her at this point and more kind of intimidated
>she's totally shifted the whole tone of this and taken over
>she kind of gives me this "don't worry" look and slides me in
>now she's sitting in my lap slowly riding up and down on my cock
>its fucking painfully pleasurable because I just came so hard, but she's hot as fuck and feels so good
>way tighter than you'd expect from a mom with two kids
>finally it gets so good I'm getting back into the swing of it
>I reach up and start to fondle her small perky tits some
>she still has her bikini top on, but I just sort of push the cups of it aside
>I pull her a but closer so I can reach around and kiss her
>realize we're just now locking lips for the first time
>fucking tongue first, she isn't having it sweet or romantic at all
>she's riding me so fast now I'm afraid she's going to fly off
>her tongue gets fucking deep in my throat and the numbness from when I came before starts to wear off
>I go fucking animal again and throw her off my cock back face down onto the fold out chair
>this quick turn around kind of startles her and she looks back and me confused about what's about to happen, like she's worried I changed my mind or something
>I fucking smack her ass as hard as I can and she knows its on and whimpers my name
>I slam my cock into her and fuck her doggy style while she practically cries out into the neighborhood
>after a few minutes I start panting bad and moaning that I'm going to cum
>she tells me its fine and to cum inside
>my instincts are through the roof now
>I give no fucks at all if she's lying about it being ok
>I want nothing more in the universe than to blow my load in this tight milf pussy
>I start to grip as hard as I can onto her waist and pound into her yelling her name out and that I'm cumming
File: 1392591060425.jpg (26KB, 233x217px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 233x217px
>Moved to a new city for work
>Meet grill at the bar, maybe 6 or 7/10
>She's pretty ditsy and not the brightest, but whatever
>End up fucking, this happens for a couple months
>Eventually she starts getting on my nerves, always doing stupid things
>Calls me at work asking if my RED plaid should go with the colours or the whites
>I say whites jokingly
>She actually destroys an entire load of laundry because she thought I was serious
>She wasn't aware that testicles produced semen
>She thought bananas were nuts
>She religiously followed Justin Bieber and One Direction
Did I mention she was 31 years old
>Finally I lose it one day after putting up with all of her stupid antics
>An arguement ensues
>Turns out she's on disability
>Was in an accident and declared legally brain-dead
>Broke up with her after I found out
>MFW I was dating a retard
File: 85.jpg (33KB, 360x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 360x480px
I've seen several pics of her on here at different times, and there's something of a set, I think. She does have a really sexy, fat ass; and her skin looks like it's really nice and sexy, which I really like.

I'll see if I can find some more pics of her and her big, sexy ass.

> Pic related: I think this is also her.
I recall this story. I'm wouldn't be into it, but whatever floats your boat dude.
i dont care if that was pasta or made up, that was awesome.
Based on >>579975808, you could change that, easily.
yeah, but she did she fuck alright?
Great job Anon.
>she starts to fucking quiver and say my name while I blow the biggest load of my life until then into her pussy
>I just fucking keep thrusting as hard as I can while I fill her pussy up and eventually collapse onto her as we're both fucking shaking
>as I finally slow down and stop I each my cock out of her and a small pool of cum drips out of her pussy
>the ease out is the most angelic fucking things I've ever felt
>I lean over and really slowly and passionately kiss her
>she gives me this "you did a good job" mom smile and slowly pushes me up and off her so she can sit up
>she sort of turns towards me and rubs on my chest some like she's looking for something else to do or say, but she just keeps smiling
>she stands up and more cum starts to drip out of her and she sort of makes a cute "oops" face and grabs one of the towels she brought out to dry off with and puts it around her
>she walks over to the sliding door back inside and turns around smiling at me and points my way
>at this point I'm fucking off the planet and have no idea what she wants
>she sort of laughs and keeps pointing and I realize she wants her bottoms
>I toss them at her and she goes inside
>I sit on the fold out chair for I have no idea how long
>it felt like it could have been 2 minute or 30
>eventually I start to hear the front door open though and Tyler and Hank come in
>I realize I'm just sitting in Tyler's back yard will my cock hanging out and in a panty sweat, so I pull up my trunks and kind of throw myself in the pool to clean off
>they come out back and sort of ask what the fuck I'm doing
>I basically tell them not to give me shit because they were late as all fuck
>Tyler's mom peeks around the corner back in normal clothes asking if we want snacks or something
>Tyler get's all pissed off and embarrassed looking
>me and Hank say we want cookies
>she makes us delicious cookies
I've thought about it.
lol at first I thought you said you came back and fucked her dog.
>I spend the rest of the afternoon and night talking highschool bullshit with Tyler and Hank while we eat cookies his mom made and drinking shit she brings us
>each time she brings something out for us I give her this dazed smily look and she just smiles back at me like she always had before
>nobody to my knowledge has any idea what we did
I was 100% fucking amazing. If people want to ask more about it or the sister story speak up
could a story like this have ended any better?

you win today good dir.
Was it like this based anon?
File: 1415941275472.jpg (28KB, 225x347px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 225x347px
Yes Anon, continue
File: laary.jpg (6KB, 308x156px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Green text stories, never again, I should be doing work. But...
/speaking up, continue good sir
File: storyteller.jpg (35KB, 550x472px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35KB, 550x472px

More stories
kept fucking her or that was it? also, sister story
are any of your other threads archived?
1. I fucked my friend (girl) 's older sister.
2. I told a girl I was not going to have sex with her unless she sucked my dick. She was adamant about not doing it. 10 minutes later I was getting blown.

3. Yes. For months.
Applause, applause, applause.
god bless you, anon.
I had a crazy bitch cheat with me. She had a green card husband (she was the anchor), a long term boyfriend, and she was fucking me. Girl was out of her damn mind. She got all offended that I couldn't take her boyfriend seriously because he was a pro-amateur paintball player.
9/10 anon, i for sure would like to read the sister story
1) Yes, close friend of my g/f (now wife) on my gf's birthday
2) No
3) God no
Fucking glorious anon. Please continue.
>She got all offended that I couldn't take her boyfriend seriously because he was a pro-amateur paintball player.
You monster.
Sister story please
>Write a book about every sexual encounter with mom and sister.

1. My mom
2. No
3. Not that I know of
File: 1338270879465.jpg (17KB, 469x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 469x350px
a kid i went to high school with played pro am. got paid 1500 a monthish (kind of cool for a teenager)

tfw i know this because i fucked his gf LOL
I'm dating my ex's sister. Been together about 8 months. My ex was a cheating whore anyway. Just had a kid about a year ago and she doesn't know who the father is she slept around so much
write a book about what
Of course, we would like to hear about the sister! And thanks for taking the time to post that story. I'm in the process of arching this thread, I'll post the link after it finishes.

- Archived thread link: http://4archive.org/b/thread/579971946

Also, did you fool around with the mother again after that? How long ago did this happen? Are you still friends with the family? Did you ever discuss what happened with the mom afterward?

Some of them have been archived, but I'm not good at being organized. I saved them to my Favorites/Bookmarks in Firefox, but I have hundreds of pages saved, so they're hard to find. I'll see what I can do about finding some of the archived threads/stories.

> Pic related: This picture may also be of this woman, but not sure. This female looks slimmer in this pic.
Help me out . Be me 31 . Married 8 years .one kid . Female co worker 23 7/10 confessed she wants the d but now she has a bf what do ? Says I had my shot . Even though she said shed never mess with married man .
File: Sister story 1.png (21KB, 634x414px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sister story 1.png
21KB, 634x414px
guess I'll post these again
closest i got is just sleeping with a friend and then finding out later that they were still dating a good friend of mine.
Green text the mom story dude
File: Sister story 2.png (31KB, 859x382px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sister story 2.png
31KB, 859x382px
File: Sister story 3.jpg (73KB, 790x301px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sister story 3.jpg
73KB, 790x301px

Fucked a friends wife for a year...borrowed almost $10k from her and never paid it back (what was she going to do, I was holding all the cards!) Damn she was a good fuck!!!
File: 1378584946812.jpg (94KB, 625x552px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94KB, 625x552px
My mom is friends with this woman who is kinda hot. She is a mom of this acquaintance i had in elementry school

anyway the mom came over to hang out with my mom, and my mom ended up having to jet

So here i am hanging out with this lady and long story short it gets pretty touchy, im starting to rub her lower back and shit, and she is is sticking around to let me do it

Not long after she had to leave. Didnt get her number (thought it would be too weird to ask).

I wanna seal the deal, I know if i bump into her again (and she is alone) i can.

File: Sister story 4.jpg (145KB, 970x594px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sister story 4.jpg
145KB, 970x594px
Deflowered my best friends sister, fucked a coworker Who happend to be the bosses daughter in law, who also happend to be a friends wife. The guy who got me the jpb actually. We'd do it in the office all the time. I got the hots for both of my sisters in law
And then what?
Erotic stories man, look that shit up
He was probably an okay guy. I never met him. She was cute and completely over-sexed. She was molested as a kid, which I guess is kind of a cliche, but it was true. Girl was flat as a board but had a problem with her uterus so she couldn't get pregnant. There were days she fucked me and then drove an hour and a half to go see him. We worked together and she'd rub my dick under tables and blow me in the parking lot during breaks.
yes, this is one of the most glorious sights after good sex
Alright, sister story. I don't think its as interesting as with her mom, I think because milfs are just fucking hot and more interesting, but that's me
>about 6 months after I've fucked Tyler's mom
>he's in college out of state now
>I'm still home and wouldn't end up leaving for college until about 6 months after that because people who fuck their best friends moms and sister don't know what they want to do with their life for at least a year after highschool I guess
>Tyler's sister, lets call her Sarah, is junior in highschool, so I guess 16 or 17
>she basically looks like a teenage version of her mom, but with a bit more meat on her, in a good way
>Tyler's mom is like runner slim, but his sister was into sports and was a bit thicker in the best places
>Sarah is a fucking bitch
>she goes to a different school than we did, some preppy as fuck private school because she's too good for all the shit at public school I guess
>Tyler's parents are kind of rich so they can afford it I guess
>Tyler's sister is always storming in the house in the middle of the afternoon while I'm over at his house with friends and trying to ruin whatever we're up to
>just simple shit, but like if we're using the tv or computer, she wants it, etc
>if there's too many of us over and she wants her friends over, she's a bitch about it, etc
What's stopping you, apart from STI worries?
File: Sister story 5.png (19KB, 1300x267px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sister story 5.png
19KB, 1300x267px
File: DCIM_3234.jpg (120KB, 720x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120KB, 720x960px
>gf on the right
>twin sister on the left
>you already know what happened
>fun fact: pic taken same night

i aint even mad nigga
>go with my bf to nyc to see his best friend
>friend is super cute
>always be a little flirty with friend
>go out drinking
>bf gets blackout drunk
>take him back to his friends apt
>bf starts throwing up in the bathroom
>bf passes out in the bathroom
>me and his friend keep drinking
>end up fucking
>check on bf
>still passed out
>fuck again
>get bf onto the couch
>go to sleep
finally, you have started the sister story

I hope you spent this downtime writing it up for faster posting
Shit nigga twin wanted that d hard, hope you railed the fuck out of her
You get lucky enough for a 3 way?
My best friend's mom sucked my dick.
Not really, she was more like a fish outta water more than anything. But I tried anal for the first time with her, and I face fucked her lots. So she was pretty submissive. I try to look at it like a doesnt matter had sex moment.
Im already hard
Shut the fuck up genius is not hurried
>so this one is pretty simple
>basically, Tyler is back from college on break so we're hanging out a lot since its been a while
>decide to stay over at his house one night
>spend most of the afternoon in the living room doing stuff, playing games, whatever
>I should point out that Tyler and most, not all, of the rest of my friends are 100% nerdier than me, outwardly anyway
>so Sarah comes in bitching about us being on the tv at like 8pm or something and has two friends with her
>Tyler always want to yell at her about this shit, but I just don't want to deal with it and say we should go to his room or leave or something
>he says fine and we do
>later that night when I'm going back to the kitchen and stuff for drinks or whatever I notice Sarah's friends being all giggly at me
>Its really highschool bullshity and kind of pisses me off to be honest
>Also Sarah is the hot one of her group and I don't really give a fuck about her friends
>long story short the night comes, and its time for me to go sleep out on the couch in the living room unless I want to blow up an air mattress at 2am and wake his whole family up and piss them off
nope, in fact I'm talking to my roommate, which is making this hard because you can imagine recounting this stories is a bit sexual
File: 1413756420305.jpg (3KB, 109x126px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 109x126px
> work for famous company
> visit from VP
> nicechatatthecubicle.gif
> get email later asking to be shown around town
> mfw both of us married
> mfw best fuck ever in conference room
suck muh kek
sisters best friend when, still havent gotten the balls to tell my sister.

But my all time best: fucked a banging 31 year old when i was 16-17. shit was dope
File: IMG_032.jpg (74KB, 486x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74KB, 486x750px
I am not good at writing and would be a terrible story after that dude with his friend's mom. Maybe some other time.
>pic related
1) Had lond term affair with sister in law. Redhead. Solid 8. Fucked like a wild stallion. Down for anything, love to be dominated. Heart of gold. It was several years of bliss. We broke it off when realized the damage that could be done if caught (mostly to her and my kids).
2) Nope
3) Well, see #1

This is super hot. Love women & stories like this.
its ok because you are a champion

top kek
No but i got to see them making out. Twin was a bit drunk, me too,and yes, it was one of the best fucks i had. Tbh she was way better than her sis
File: 1mUwtW_B.jpg (141KB, 1252x1252px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141KB, 1252x1252px
Dude... Alpha..
>so pretty much Tyler goes to the bathroom to get ready to go to bed and I wait in his room screwing around with his stuff
>when he gets back I say night to him and I go to the bathroom to get ready for bed, just wash my face, shirt off, nothing much
>didn't bring a toothbrush or anything because this isn't a fucking sleep over, kind of
>I go out to the living room in my jeans and realize the tv is on, but turned down pretty low, which is weird
>I get in and Sarah is asleep on the couch I'm supposed to be using, so I guess her friends stayed really late and she just passed out or something
>now I'm kind of fucking pissed, because Sarah has her own fucking bedroom and I'm going to have to wake her up and make an ass out of myself unless I want to drive home at 2, which I guess I could
>I wouldn't be so upset, but once again, Sarah is a bitchy princess
>a fit sporty princess, but still
>so I sit down on the couch and just kind of shake her and am like "Sarah, hey, I need to sleep here"
>she kind of groges awake and is like "what the fuck" sleepily
>I guess she doesn't know what I'm doing in her house waking her up at 2am, which makes sense kind of
>I just shake her a bit more and am like "can you go to your room so I can sleep here"
>at this point she wakes up more and realizes its me and everything and kind of goes to turn bitch mode on
>she's all "what are you doing on my couch with no shirt" blah blah "go sleep with my brother, you too like eachother so much" blah blah
cool, keep at it, anon.

sorry to hear about your clothes.
i fucked my girlfriends friend right after i broke up with her. she loved it too. My girlfriend was a prude basic model t bitch and her friend fucked like an animal
One time I sucked off my moms friend
You still dating?
Does gay shit when I was a kid count?
Was it cheating? Did you "not know" it wasn't your girlfriend, or something? Who initiated it, how did it go down?
bumping so this can finish
> my 15yo fem cousin sleep over
> me drinking with friends
> friends go away, I go to my room semi drunk
> turn computer on, lurking 4chan
> pr0n.jpg
> starts fapping
> completely ignores cousin is sleeping in my bed
> suddenly "what the fuck you doing?"
> ohwell.jpg
> I'm fapping, do you mind?
> of course I do
> yeah, I don't
> she watches until I'm done, very curious
> asks if she can help
> so much win
> teaches her how to do it with herself (she studies at a catholic school, they don't teach sexed)
> been sexchating till today
> maybe I get to pop her cherry
>at this point I'm getting pissed off because I'm like 19 and this 16-17 year old bitch is giving me shit and I just want to sleep
>I guess in my head I'm this big adult and she's a kid even though its only a couple of years
>anyway, I kind of pat her on the back some because I'm just not feeling it and am like "come on, get up"
>the minute I start doing this two switches clearly flip in her head
>one is the defensive, I'm a bitch and some guy is messing with me so I'm going to go wtf, switch
>the other is the, oh man, now that he's touched me this guy is kind of hot and he's already shirtless, switch
>so I kind of see the confusion on her face and am like "ok, well at least I'm getting somewhere with this whole need the couch thing"
>I keep pushing at her some and she's sort of slapping me away and bit, and eventually it starts to kind of become this flirty aggresive excuse to be a bit physical with eachother while we size eachother up
>I'm starting to get a bit turned on, because she looks like a young version of her mom, and we all know how I feel about her mom
Yes. My best friends girl. Fucked the shit out of her. She loved my big cock.
if you're gonna boot fuckn green text
gr8 b8 m8 i r8 0/8
Gettin good, I know it's a long shot, but any chance for pics of any kind of either one? Or maybe reference pics?
Also bump for story
Suck muh kek
File: 6.jpg (131KB, 851x1134px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
131KB, 851x1134px
Why the fuck do you post this and not share any details? What did she look like? How did this happen? How old were you/her? Do you have a big dick? Did his mom seem to be impressed with it? Did your friend find out or suspect anything? Did you fool around with her more than once? How long ago did this happen? Are you still friends with the friend and his mother?

Care to share some details about these encounters?

Care to share some details about these encounters? And how big is your dick? Did she like/comment on your size?
15, living with sister-21, has friend who's bf needs place to crash, sleeps on couch for a few weeks, hang out after school, have headache one day, offers back rub, fuck.
Continue to fuck nearly everyday.. he bought me cigarettes just because, he moves out, one day surprises me with a kitten, never speak of it again... He's still with the same chick now, 7 years later, she's my sisters best friend now, see them for holidays/ nephews bday parties. Share a lot of looks, but don't talk.
care to share some details about these encounters?

No,we're not dating anymore

ofc it was cheating
I got into it thinking it was my gf but as i said, she fucked better and was overall a bit dirtier,so thats when i started to notice.

That pic was taken at the graduation party,which i attended,as you can already see in the pic the enviroment was a bit alcohol-poisoned.
We started making out there (that pic is taken with flash,you couldnt see shit there) and she started to rub my junk with his hand.

Went home,fuck,realize mid-fuck shes not my gf,keep going as nothing happened.

As for my gf,she came way more drunk (since she stayed) and didnt notice
>so finally we're really slapping at eachother like fucking stupid children and she's all "go sleep with Tyler" and I'm like "no, go to your room" and she's like "you aren't my boss" blah blah blah
>eventually though we're getting kind of panty about it and its clear we're purposefully coming up with shitty talk to throw at eachother and after a bit I sort of pin her on the couch
>Like she started laying on the couch and me sitting next to her legs, but then she sat up to fight me about it, and now I'm kind of on top of her laying back down again
>at this point I've got the young hot firey version of Tyler's mom on her back under me with a look in her eyes that says I need to be taught a lesson, so I just go for it and basically rage kiss her and grope her tits
>immediately she has an adverse reaction to this and starts to flail a bit, but then really quickly grabs onto the back of my head in a passionate way so I know everything is cool on her end
>I've basically now unlocked this bitch's slut mode, so she's all over me
>we roll around on the couch some and I get really really handsy all over her
>at one point she's on top of me and leans in and says something like "my friends think you're cute"
>I figured they'd been talking about me or some shit that night, and it probably helped me out because girls love getting it on with guys their friends are into as if to prove something
>when she says that I'm just kind of like "oh really?" in a who cares way and thrown her back down so I'm on top again and start getting her shirt off
>I'm not really worried about going slow at all because we're talking hot bitchy teenage sex her and not fucking godly passionate milf sex
>the great thing about it is I'm really being able to kind of toss her around and grab at her and she's totally into it

>We still bros
>I'm starting to get a bit turned on, because she looks like a young version of her mom, and we all know how I feel about her mom

This line, man. Hahaha
>be me
>17 y/o kissless virgin
>decide to hire prostitute
>we fuck, not very good
>find out prostitute has a significant other
>keep paying prostitute, have sex at least once a week
>meanwhile, accrue pics and vids of us fucking secretly
>social network stalk their significant other
>find their job, home, college, and family addresses
>one day, hooker gets engaged
>it begins
>leave unmarked packages at each address i find
>unleash an unholy fuckload of vids and pics of hooker and me smoking pot, fucking, licking my asshole, etc...
>hooker loses fiance
>loses their real job
>gets kicked out of honor program at college
>ended up getting them arrested cuz of the pot stash hooker had in their dorm

good times
So the sister was totally okay with misleading you and hooking up with you, despite the fact that you were dating her twin?

staying alive
Kindve an asshole move...
I don't got much.
Last few years:
Fucked my ex gf's roommate after we broke up. She hit me up on facebook, and we did the deed. She was coked out bi-polar mess, and her vagina was tore up, so that was one and done.

Also fucked another girl I was dating's twin sister after we stopped seeing each other. Still kinda going on from time to time, when she's bored she'll send me pictures of her vagina or whatever.

Her sister who I was dating was/still is in love with me, I think, so she'd probably be devastated if she found out. And that's probably why I'm doing it-- because I'm fucking drawn in by fucking stupid shit. Don't want to be with her (or her sister) in any sort of relationship, so it's whatever.

If she's still good by 18, pass her my way
File: 1339209230948.jpg (7KB, 276x183px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 276x183px
man, that was awesome
she's still 15, it happened in july
I can wait. I'm patient
Fuck you faggot, I have greentexted a story already. How about you serve one up you little bitch?
That's hilarious. I never realized he was wearing an Operation Iraqi Freedom Tshirt in all the times I've seen that clip... What a hero.
dream on, this one is mine. maybe next year i'll get things done. she can't barely wait
basically yes and i was totally ok mouthfucking her while i had to chat his sister a bit into giving me head.

not saying this was the most mature approach,but i was 19
>if you remember from when I fucked her mom I was hungry for her pussy, but this bitch was going to suck some cock before I got anywhere near her pussy
>she needed to be shown she was not some fucking princess, and plus I think the main thing I had going for me with her was the whole older guy/aggression thing
>so basically while I'm on top of her making out and groping at her tits I start to get off my jeans and pull out my cock and when its out her eyes can't leave it and I sort of push her off the couch some
>its a low couch I didn't fucking hurt her or anything
>but I sit up and grab her by the hair and tell her to suck my cock and she complies
>her experience with what she's doing is questionable, but it feels good because its empowering as fuck, she's clearly given in that I'm in charge now
>her blow job isn't the best though so after a while I go ahead and pull up on her hair some to let her know to let go and tell her to grab my jeans
>she doesn't question it and hands them to me being super fucking submissive now
>at this point, I've grown into a wiser man than I once was, so I reach into my jeans and pull a couple of condoms out
>she looks at them really intensely and then back at me knowing she's about to get fucked
>I position her so that her hands are on the glass table in the middle of the living room and her ass is sticking up back at me
>I brush against the lips of her pussy some with my thumb and then slowly start to slide my cock in
>she's wet as fuck, but also crazy tight
>I can't completely get in right away without forcing it, to be fair I haven't given her any foreplay
>at this point I'm starting to feel less bitchy about her and be way more turned on
>seeing that young right pussy dripping in front of me, ass in the air was just too much
>so I decide to get down and start eating her out
>at this point for the first time that night I realize we're going to have a noise problem
File: 1410140600505.jpg (23KB, 320x343px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 320x343px
Mah Niggah
Mother. Daughter. Combo.
If you hook that shit up, I'll chip in $50
>at this point for the first time that night I realize we're going to have a noise problem
If this were a movie, it would have cut to an exterior view of the house, we would have heard a loud but muffled moan, and birds would've flown away from nearby trees.
Mmm yeah finally you get to the good part. My anus is quivering, anon. Tell me more about those moist, doughy cookies before I ejaculate all over my keyboard.... Oh fuck yeah.... Hughhhhh

Movie my ass, that's an anime you weeaboo! One of them japanesie cartoons!
>sure we were panting and moaning and shit before, but its a big enough house it wasn't a big deal
>now its like she's wanting to fucking wail through the night though and its like 2:20am and nobody is going to be having any of that, so I get up from her pussy and throw my hand over her mouth and tell her to be quite
>her waist fucking shakes at this, she's so fucking turned on
>so I go again to slip into her and this time with only a bit of force I get in and I fuck her from behind standing up while she bites down on my fingers
>its so fucking hot I can't hold my load at all and blow it in just a couple of minutes
>I slide out of her and let my hand go and kind of stumble back onto the couch and toss the condom off
>she turns around and sits on me, facing me, clearly not ready for it to be over yet
>at this point my dick betrays me
>I'm tried as fuck, its after 2am and I've just blown a huge load
>on the other hand there's a hot, bitchy, teenage girl sitting on my lap that wants me cock
>so I kind of chub up and she feels it and get's the really annoying smile on her face, like "you aren't the only one in control I guess" which I fucking hate
>she goes to slide in on top of me, but doesn't really seem to know what she's doing so I'm pretty much back to having the upper hand already and she gets this disgruntled look on her face
>now I really want to stay in power here because half the fun of this fuck is that she's a whiny little bitch that wants my cock and nothing overly vanilla is going to be worth doing
>I kind of pull her head to mine and say "why don't we go to your room"
>now, the way this house is set up, all three bedrooms, Tyler, Sarah, and parents are in the same hallway, with parents being first, Sarah next door, then Tyler at end of the hall, and bathroom on the other side
>so basically her room is right in the middle of both parties we don't want to be woken
>which is why this idea is hot as fuck to me
>I'm kind of abandoning reason here
Don't have all night anon..get to the point where you pull the condom off, slam it in her ass, and give her a jelly baby.
Anus quivering good part is making the cookies, isn't it. Admit it.
Nearly said movie/cartoon, haha.
That's really fucked up dude. No wonder you were a kissless virgin.

BTW, was this in Washington DC?
jesus christ anon calm down
Don't rush the man, this is good stuff!
File: p7.jpg (258KB, 900x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
258KB, 900x1200px
Just another friendly bump and another picture of that MILF's fat ass.
File: z.jpg (6KB, 202x184px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 202x184px

>so she makes this sort of scared face at me and I'm like "don't worry, I'll keep you quiet"
>this makes her make an even more worried face but get kind of shakey in her waist, so I can tell she's into it
>I smack her ass some in a "get off me" kind of way and stand up and pick up the other condom that she grabbed out of my jeans and give her a look like "go on" and smack her ass again, and so we leave the living room and head down to her bedroom
>we creep in as quiet as we can and shut the door
>I kind of walk over to one of her dressers and start opening drawers and she walks over and gives me a look like "what the fuck are you doing"
>I'm maybe taking to long so bitch is coming back a bit, which is fine by me
>I finally find the socks, and take one and sort of whipser/mouth "open up" to which she gives me bitch face
>so I pull her in a bit grabbing her ass and shove a couple of fingers in her pussy, which immediacy makes her open up and moan loudly
>at which point I shove a sock in her mouth and tell her to "be a good girl"
>this makes her wet as all fuck
>I drag her over to the bed and put her on it on all fours so I can fuck her doggy style
>I fucking can never get over how amazing doggy style is, you get to have the girl on all fours like an animal, great view of that ass, which you can smack all you want, great access to ass and pussy, its amazing
>anyway, I slip on my other condom and put it to her
>thankfully her bed isn't really load or rattly, it doesn't have any big metal posts or anything
>but the sock in mouth thing isn't doing much except for turning us both on, she's still loud as all fuck through it
>I smack her ass up trying to get her to quiet down, but all it does is turn her on more, making her louder, and make the sound of her ass being smacked ring throughout the house
>not to mention everything sounds 100 times louder since we're trying to not get caught by her brother and parents
File: 903719057.jpg (30KB, 500x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 500x667px
her name is brigette, for those wondering
Got jacked off/blown by friends redhead mom after she divorced her husband
Can greentext if want
I'm on constant "refresh" right now hoping to hear more of the story.
No need to ask; start typing. Please.

Also, details are appreciated. What's hey body like? How did it happen? Do you have a big dick? Did your friend find out or suspect anything? Did you fool around more than once? How long ago did this happen? Do you still keep in touch with the friend and the mom?
Go for it nigga
>finally I decide since the whole thing making this as hot as it is is trying to keep this bitch quite, I'm going to turn her over
>so I flip her on her back so that I can grip my hand around her mouth and stare her down in the eyes while I'm fucking her
>this makes her grip my cock so fucking tight its like its going to be ripped off with each thrust and I can barely fucking take it
>out of fucking habit if anything I start to in a low voice tell her I'm going to cum
>she starts shaking her head no, I guess because she's close too and doesn't want me to stop
>this just makes me want to cum even more so I just fucking give it the last most powerful pounding I can to try and push her over as I blow my load
>the bed is finally starting to make noise now, but its not going to be long so I don't care
>I feel myself blowing my load and grip her mouth with one hand and her waist with the other and fucking unload
>I go a little while afterwards slowly just to kind of settle out
>I finally pull out really slow and let go of her and then toss the condom off in her room somewhere
>we're both fucking sweaty and panting as all fuck
>I don't know if its hot as fuck in the house, or just us, or both
>she kind of sits up next to me and whispers something like "you can sleep with me tonight if you want" and is totally enamored now
>I tell her that then I'd have to sneak out in the morning, and she goes "oooh, come ooon" and is feeling up my chest and stuff
>at this point I'd rather sleep in a bed so I tell her "go get my stuff from the living room"
>she smiles and goes and grabs my jeans and stuff for me and I guess tosses my other condom out I left in there
>when she gets back she snuggles up to me in the bed and kind of scratches at my chest some like our game is still on even though I've obviously beaten her outright
one last tiny interesting bit before this one is completely over
whole thread confirmed for want
Thanks for these pics, hottest milf I've seen in awhile
File: 1415577717929.jpg (68KB, 625x472px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68KB, 625x472px
This is good stuff
Dump all her pics for the love of milfs
>>579971946 (OP)

that's kinda fucked up m8
bump for ending
you are a good among men
File: p1.jpg (51KB, 453x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 453x600px
For others interested in having this thread available later, here's the newly-updated/archived link: http://4archive.org/b/thread/579971946
I got with my friends mum when we were about 11. She would have been late 20's I think. Intelligent woman just had a kid way too young.
Care to show us what she looks like? This has been fantastic.
>Best friend dates a hot bitch
>They always break up and get back together
>2014 New Year's Eve
>They break up
>Bro is angry so he doesn't go with me to the party we were attending
>What a faggot
>Go alone to pick up some whores
>Get drunk
>Friend's ex is here
>She's drunk
>She's after my cock
>Just let it be
>Take her home
>Fuck her
>Says she wants to try anal cuz my bro was always a faggot and never wanted to try
>Just fuck her ass raw
>Its hot
>Get shitty dick
>Wash it
>Fuck all night
>We promise to keep it a secret
>2 days later shes back with my bro
>Still fuck her on his back

im sorry, David. I know you lurk, so if you happen to read this you have all the right to come and beat my ass, i'll not even fight back, but i can't stop. Karen just fucks way too good.
bumping for more karen stories
>wake up the next morning to a load of my cum being unloaded into Sarah's mouth
>holy fuck feel so good but what is happening
>look up to see her mouth around my cock
>all kinds of dazed
>its weird enough waking up at a friends realizing you aren't in your own bed, but to wake up and remember you fucked his sister that night and that she just blew you to wake you up is hard on the brain
>I go to say something and she throws her hand over my mouth and smiles
>she whispers that the rest of the house thought I left that morning before they woke up (I always had to park a block or so away and walk over)
>I look to see what time it is
>its like lunch
>I guess they haven't gotten her up because she's a fucking little princess bitch and they don't want to bother her
>I also guess Tyler didn't notice I left my shirt in his bathroom because he's an idiot
>I tell her to go get my shirt and that I'm leaving
>she agrees but gets up really quick as if to open the door and reveal me to the whole house
>I know she's just fucking with me and doesn't want to get caught either, but for her its like she's turned the tables or something
>I kind of run over to her closet to get out of sight
>she comes back with my shirt and I get dressed and tell her to tell me when nobody is looking so I can leave
>she tries to give me shit, but I'm not having it
>she kind of fucked up blowing me right before hand, because otherwise I'd probably have tried to fuck her again right then, which I think is what she wanted out of me, but fuck if I didn't want to leave and get some food in me or something
>eventually I kind of grab her by the ass and tell her to go look, and she complies because I think she thought she was getting sex out of it
>she glances out and gives me this dreamy eyed "coast is cleeear"
>I bolt the fuck out of there as fast/quiet as I can and she looks back at me with this really misgevrious/pissed looked
>I go the fuck home and eat some pancakes
>Still fuck her on his back
When interpreted literally, this leads to a humorous mental image.
>>Cheat with gingerslut
>>"Can't into a relationship with you- you're a cheater"

There's more to the universe of these stories that is my life I guess, but those are my first ever sexual encounters with Tyler's mom and sister anyway. To people asking for pictures, sorry but no. "Hank" as I've named him honestly browses here and I don't want that shit floating around. Not to mention Tyler is still my best friend
File: ezmoad.gif (1MB, 533x295px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 533x295px
Had sex with two different best friends sisters, was cash. They both forgave me afterwards, their sisters still want more fuck though. Never going to again out of principle, but tempting as hell.
17 years old fucking a 35 year old milf with huge tits that just happened to be my moms best friend

>I go the fuck home and eat some pancakes

That was beautiful.

You are a cunt but I admire you. That was a nice read. Have a good life mate.
I think I can speak for all the /b/rothers when I say that you should definitely post more stories
Nothing really interesting tbh.
It was like that time and this one

>Karen's birthday
>She throws a party at her house
>Im invited
>David is happy because we used to hate each other and now we don't
>He gets wasted
>He goes on about how much he loves her, and that hes going to marry her
>Karen is kind of embarassed so ask me to calm him down
>Go talk with bro
>He hugs me and proceeds to yell how much of a good friend i am, and that he fuckings loves me
>He pukes in the middle of the room
>Then he pass out
>Tuck him in a bed
>When im done with him everyone left cuz he killed the party
>Karen tells me that i did really good dealing with David
>I get to bang her as reward
>Hes sleeping on the next room
>After all that talk about how he loves her and that im his best friend

Im a shit person
Agreed. And get that fuckin mother daughter combo!

getting the fuck out of dodge after the deed. mah nigga.
File: image.jpg (78KB, 413x393px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78KB, 413x393px
>milf and cookies
My nigga
I came btw
Thank you anon
I am a pretty good guy to be honest and the majority of the girls I've fucked are not for bad reasons.
The only one I can think of was years ago, about 7 years ago infact when I was about 21 maybe 22.
I was at my cousins party and there was this girl there who I got talking to 5/10 face 8/10 body, she was trying to call her boyfriend who wasn't answering and when he finally did he was being a blunt douche. Long story short I manipulated and convinced her he obviously wasn't interested and is going to hurt her in one way or another, when really it just seemed like to me he was pissed off with something.

She fell into my web, I took her home with me in the early hours of the morning after drinking all night and I smashed that pussy for over an hour non stop, I came 3 times and kept an erection the entire time, which I think is the most I've cummed in one constant session.

Anyway her boyfriend calls the next morning and he asks where she is and she tells him and I could hear his voice breaking up on the phone like he's about to cry LOL.

She went away to Uni and I didnt talk to her, months later she messaged me on Facebook saying it was the best night of her life and she has never been fucked like that, I told her to GTFO because I had a girlfriend at that point.

At least you can admit it
File: 1405971336777.jpg (4KB, 180x99px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4KB, 180x99px
>I go the fuck home and eat some pancakes.
^this guy is my hero
on that note..

Did you use different names? If so then why not just post pics of people that look really similar to them so we have a visual idea.
We aren't woman, we need fucking visuals
File: mah-nigga.jpg (10KB, 205x246px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 205x246px
File: 1352647525349.png (28KB, 645x773px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 645x773px

I wish i have a dick like that...
File: grinchdong.jpg (66KB, 343x432px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66KB, 343x432px
>be me
>dated chick years ago but dumps me for taller guy
>cheats on most menb shes with
>shes a cunt
>still friends with mother and sister
>i want to bone both
> for 5 years casually flirt to the mom and slip >little hints that i would bone her (shes 56)
>bigger woman with even bigger tits.(bbw)
>biding time for revenge
>finally the day comes "anon can you make my >laptop faster?
>yeah sure
>get to her house its the mom and my ex's sister
>sister took meds from some sergery so shes >sleepy
>goes to take a nap
>"so uh anon i heard a while back you were a bit >bigger"
>(Im 8")
>"haha yeah heh....your laptops done....i >defragged it it should be a >bit better now..."
>"....did you want to see it?"
>SHE SAYS YES sheepishly
>in total disbelief i move over to couch beside >her
>slide my pant off and grab it
>shes in total shock that i actually showed her
>Im in shock im showing her
>she stares at it and says" i need that in my >mouth"
>i slowly get up and move it towards her face
>she just grabs it and stares for what seemed >like forever
>she crams my dick into her mouth like a hungry >dog just going nuts. I CANT BELIEVE MY EX'S >MOM IS BLOWING ME IN THE LIVING >ROOM. i grab her tits as she blows me and she >moans. goddamn shes almost got it all the way >in. i grab her hair and move her up and down. >this went on for like 6 or 7 mins.
>finally i ask straight out if i can fuck her
>she says yes and i can see through her nighty >that shes soaking.
I'm a "sugar daddy". What this means, in reality, is that I get hot college girls to whore themselves out to me, but it never feels like that to either of us. Most of the time they've never done it before and need a little convincing, but I'm a little dominant and not creepy when I talk to them, so it's not hard. I've even turned a couple of them into real relationships. Currently my favorites are a 19 y/o brunette that previously did lingerie modeling (she'd be an absolute perfect 10 with bigger tits) and an 8/10 blonde sweetheart that spends the night every week. There are several other girls that I meet less often, when I want something different.
> be 17, parents about to buy a giant new house thanks to a new job and going away to college soon
> decide to spend as much time as possible at my friends house because we don't hang out much any more
> also his mom had just divorced her husband on a accountof crazy ass housewife syndrome
> friend gets left with his mom and the old house
> pretty much able to come and go as I please at this point
> pretty sure his mom hates me, used to be a total punk but fuck it she drinks all day do we can do whatever
>decide one day in summer to hop in his pool, walk on over with nothing but my phone and tight swim trunks( I was the poir kid so my stuff was always too small)
> walked around back and see his mom sipping a glass of wine in the pool and can tell she's been at it since at least noon
> now I've always had the hots for her, despite her little bit of mom chub and pale as fuck ginger skin, plus she has a fuckhuge rack
> see her in wet bathing suit and feel my dick awaken "Uh hi Ms. Anon, is your son home? "
> apparently she was half asleep and I scared the shit out of her
>"Sorry anon, he's at his dads, but if you want to swim that's fine."
> yup she's drunk, no way she'd ever be so nice
>shrug and hop in the pool
> get up on diving board and look over at her, not sure but it looked like she was checking me out
>don't even realize I'm at half chub at this point
> after some lazy laps she pipes up and asks me to come over to talk
>we chat about school and shit and she offers me some wine
>"Don't worry, I know you kids steal my liquor anyways."
>get back to chatting and I start to feel a little buzzed
>"You know, if you need new swim trunks I think anon has some, come on lets go see."
Since fucking both of them there have been multiple occasions when Tyler and I have been home at the same time because of holidays or whatever and I've been invited over to his place for dinner. You have no fucking idea how tense it is sitting around a dinner table with your best friend, his dad, and his mom and sister who you've fucked
quickly glancing around /b/ I'd say Sarah looks a lot like this >>580012529
and her mom basically looks the same but like an inch taller and with a better ass
Milfs and cookies, hot friend's sisters and pancakes... I salute you anon.
> towel off and follow her to the laundry room, seeing all of her underwear in a basket reminded me of all the times I wanked it to her in her panties
>3/4ths erect, not going down
>"Hey what size are you?"
>"I uh, don't know it's fine I can wear these."
> she grabs my arm and pulls me over "Oh cone on, I can't have you swimming around with your thing practically hanging out."
>wait wut
>she starts tugging on my shorts " let me just see the tag."
> the kraken is freed and she understandably changes tone
>"Holy shit I didn't know you were hard, omfg i'm so sorry."
> drunken me just laughs " oh it's probably just the wine, normally seeing you doesn't make me totally hard!"
> "I make you hard?"
> uh yeah I guess, you're kinda hot
>grabs my dick holy fuck " You know Anons dad stop calling me hot 17 years ago."
> about ten minutes of the most succulent blow job ever
>sorry details are lost between drubkeness and nutting so hard
> cum harder than ever before down her throat
> tells me friend will be back pretty soon( guess she came to her senses pretty quick) and kicks me out
> been two years and havent been over since
I did/do oral, make out sessions, ass grabbing, general rubbing up against each other with a good buddy of mine girlfriend. He's usually drank so much he doesn't notice or is passed out. Going on two years now.
One of many friends girlfriend's or friends sisters
I've done similar things with, I've never instigated anything
sick of them picking assholes over "nice guys" like you?
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