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Sup /b/
So I want to start growing weed.
Any tips?
What sort is the best?
How to get dem seeds?
I'll awnser in a sec just gotta do something but bump so you know im here
okay back, so what I'd say is to begin with how much room do you have? give me aproz size, if you're doing it in closet or outside etc etc and I'll tailor the advice to suit you
iv been growing for for over a year now,

your questions are to vauge, whats are you options, micro grow? ful on 1000 watt haps?

what kind of space do you have availible? i grow in a wardrobe and a cubboard,

I scrog and get about 2oz/month from my wardrobe

I have a flower and veg cabinet, flowering wardrobe when finished wil have 2 plants flowerings, offset by a month, so 1 harvest a month

12 harvests a year if everything goes great, from now on

more info OP

do you live iwht others?
is smell a problem?
do you want to sell or grow for personal?

www.groweedeasy.com is hwere i started,

lots of fantastic relevent information
I think i'll grow it in the closet.

The best tips I can give you :

Don't touch them too much, if this is your first time you'll be prone to care too much. Take care of them but not too much.

Don't smoke anything before you harvest, dry and cure. You'll end up smoking not so good weed, be patient.

Living in Europe, I ordered the seeds on a website, everything worked out fine.

You should try indica strains before moving on to sativas, I think this is easier to start with.

If it is not legal in your area, don't talk too much about it and don't keep pictures on your phone.

You should also think about the kind of seeds you want (feminised etc...) and if you are going to do this indoor or outdoor, this is a bit different.

oh and OP theres one peice of vital information i need to give you, if you want to suceed and become great.

dont start with alot of plants, start with 1 or 2 perfect your growing method, learn to grow fantasic beautiful healthy plants then duplicate what you have learned,

rather than stress with shit plants from the start perfect growing 1 or 2 then increase,
I would add to this and say is privacy is a concern then the main problems are smell of the plant, making sure the lights aren't seen, also you're gonna want to use a proxy to visit sites with grow info or download e books from piratebay, I used a web to pdf tool and turned all the info to pdf's so I wouldnt have to visit again, sort out smell before yo ueven consider starting, but with seeds it depends on country you can grow bag seed which will have come from hermies so could be male or female, I would recommend buying some autoflowering seeds for your first go, in europe youcan buy from seed banks I buy mine from pick and mix or gorilla seeds, good seed companies are vision for regular weed nothing special, carpathian seeds are pretty good for the more interesting stuff like blueberry
Indoors and what sort of weed is the best

I gotta agree with this, the smell is what is likely to get you caught. Pay extra attention to this.

I also used a proxy to browse tutorials for this, you never know.
I would say that's the most common grow so there's a wealth of info, if you're short of space like I am then you probably wont be able to seperate plants for flowering and veg, if you're using autos this won't matter but regular photoperiod plants it will, what you want to do is line your closet with mylar, if you're at your parents place like I am (not for much longer hopefully) you need to lkook at alot of factors like using LED instead of CFL so the energy bill doesn't spike

This is all personnal preferences, if you do this well and if you ordered the seeds from a good retailer you will have a nice weed, choose what you want. My personnal preference goes for skunks.

if your growing in a wardrobe you will probably want a single plant under a 250w or 400 watt hps

personally i have a cfl setup with 4 x 45watt cfls for flowering

and you definetely need to look up scrogging if your going for a small indoor grow, uses space more efficiently,

look up LBH scrogging method

also i say again, www.growweedeasy.com is very usefull has information on all sorts of growing methods

i grow in coco coir and perlite (hydroponic medium) that acts like a normal soil plant as in you water it with say a watering can in the same fassion,

but the medium hold no nutes, meaning you mix and feed to plant 100% if you dont give it nutes, it doesnt have anything to give it energy

coco coir, perlite, airpots, rhizotonic, cannazym,canna A+B, and PK 13/14

that is my whole line of nutes from seed (or clone) to flowering
depends if you like indica or sativa, are you growing for commercial reasons or for your own pleasure? You really can't go wrong with northern lights, but if you're looing to sell you'll want a higher yieling plant something like big bud,f you're in the US buying seeds is illegal but not often followed with prosecution I think so you'll need to sort something out, for most other places go with a well trusted seed bank, have seeds sent to a friends house and buy supplies in store rather than online if possible, my first ever seed was Lowryder, threw a few outside and most were stolen but one survived, I actually really loves the bud at the moment I'm finishing off some northern lights I cured with orange peel it's nice

>someone who bases weed on smell


i grow northern lights, its a low smelling strain, high potency, nice high, small and bushy phenotype (beautiful scrogger) and its very hardy which means it will standf up to any abuse a beginner might throw at it,

i started with NL and continue to do so i love it,

>northern lights

mah nigga

captcha: indoor that
While there's alot of info here it's important not to over complicate things, 9 times out of 10 if your plant dies it'll be because of something you've accidentally done like over water or introduce mites, weed will survive under most enviroments but remember the more stress it endures the more chances that a female will turn into a hermie (you don't want that, itll produce seeds and less bud) also kill any males you find, but you can use femanised seeds where you probably wont find any females, be carefull not to overdo it with nutes,

for example recently I thought my plants were facing nutrient deffiency so I pumped up the nutes, turned out they were being over watered and couldn't get the nutrients, once I started watering them less they got nurtient burn, it's important to keep things in balance
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 1

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