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Most evil thing you've ever done /b/? Green text stories

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Most evil thing you've ever done /b/? Green text stories preferred. No judgments.

>pic unrelated
It's late so no greentext but I've raped a number of girls although all of them were drugged, drunk or otherwise out of it and have no idea so no harm done. Youngest was my 14yo sister when I was 22 although I still do it and she's 17 now.
I accidentally stepped on a snail.
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I lost it
Have you thought about seeking help ?
dont see why unless he wants to spitroast em.
I convinced an autistic kid that his parents only keep him because of the money that they receive from government assistance.
>be me, six years old
>family lost our house, so the four of us sleep in a car. There's never enough room in the car.
>I have to sleep next to one year old sister who always coughs and burbles and wakes me up. We're packed in like sardines.
>one night, she starts sputtering as usual
>reach over and pinch her nose, the sound ceases
>go back to sleep
>wake up again to the sound
>pinch her nose shut again and hold it there for a few seconds
>fall back to sleep
>wake up to mom and dad crying hysterically
>look at my hand see that it has blood on it. Stuff it into my pocket.
>mom pulls me aside and tells me that my little sister has been sick for a little while and that last night she died
lol did he do something to piss you off?
One time i poured some milk and didn't put the jug back in the refrigerator.
i mean, it's true, right?
He took my gold stash in Terraria. Back when gold was more useful.
how is it being a psycopathic hermit now?
>be me at around 14 with a few home boys and two girls, we were all in quinceneria.
> me and closer friend say hey let's show them peter answers
>bassically make them think we are chosen ones and they wish to speak to this higher power aka peter
>they were two sisters mind you, one 16 one 15
>anooon, can I know stuff like you and peter. I mean he did chose you
> me and friend say shit they really take this seriously
>haha sure let's ask peter
>peter replys: you must do anything I say ton join the allegiance.
>make out with anoon
>girls: um ok
>girls: is that it?
> peter: no I sensed doubt prove yourself by sucking him
>girls: ew no
The older one didn't do it but the younger one invited me over a few days later and we smoked and she did it.
>girl: is he happy
>me: sure is
>friend tries and she becomes our slut
Sadly Ive moved and never told her
holy fuck...
How did that make you feel?
that was incoherent as fuck
Fucking spic. Learn to speak 'Merican!
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>Fomrer friend's GF is upset cause he keeps abusing her
>Tell her she can come over and sleep at my place for a while until he cools off.
>When she falls asleep, put nicotine patch on her
>Before she wakes up, I take it off.
>She feels much better in the morning and goes back to his house.
>She starts feeling depressed again while over there.
>Comes over more and more often, still falling victim to my nicotine slavery.
>MFW she thinks she feels good because of me.
>MFW it's actually because she is addicted to my nicotine patches.
Pissed in a girls mouth on purpose that was about to blow me on purpose... I hated her... she blew me anyway and didn't say a word
Why would you let a girl you hate blow you? Lack self respect or something?
Blowjob for blowjob reasons
Yeah sure
I bet you never read this story somewhere else
old but gold, does anybody have the orgilan greentext of this?
under r8ed
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Nigger what the fuck
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>be elementryschool fag
>I love legos
>I really love legos
>I would step on that shit as a sexual fetish
>Build the ship of my favorite character in the star wars series Jango Fett
>Mom decides to babysitt a kid with autism
>I would go to school and the autistic kid would go into my room and break my lego shit
>Tell my mom to keep him out my room
>Mom wouldn't keep him out of my room
>He starts stealing my ds games
>Mom doesn't believe me but obliges when I tell her to make sure to start checking his bag for my games
>Come home from school one day
>Jango Fett ship is decimated
>Pic related, was the emotion felt
>wait couple of days to go by
>get home from school
>go into moms room and grab a handful of her jewelry
>stuff it into his bag
>mom freaks out and find jewlry
>autistic kid is banned from our house
>my mom tells his mom and he gets into huge trouble

I still haven't told anyone but my girlfriend that occurrence. My mom got a card from him saying he was sorry for stealing the jewelry even though he didn't. I feel no remorse even to this day.

Did you get an erection?
Don't lie you are fucking haunted daily by your guilt.
This guy who my Mom dated for a long time used to beat the shit out of her.

I ruined his life.

>he was mexican
>owned auto body shop
>unreasonably loaded for a fucking car painter
>find out he's using the cars he ships out to mule coke
>go to his shop in the middle of the night
>poison all his guard dogs with antifreeze
>smash in all the car windows
>slash all the ties
>sugar all the tanks
>bleach all car interiors
>use spare key stolen from his house to get in to shop
>confirm cocaine kept in the grease traps under the car lifts
>just mindlessly break shit inside of the shop
>call police with anonymous tip of suspicious activity at the shop

I went home and waited for the police to arrive. It took about a day for the arrest warrant to go through. He's doing enough time with bubba he'll be an old man before he gets out.

He had also had me sent to juvi prior to all that where I made friends who ended up in the big people prison with him, as well as testified against him inc ourt to have him convicted as a sex offender on top of everything else.
>Be me in 8th grade so, 13 or so
>3-4 months after 4th of july so have fireworks
>its 11:00 at night
>been putting smoke bombs in peoples cars all day with best friend
>have this incredibly loud popping round shaped firework
>still walking talk with friend outside her house
>complains about some guy
>we will call him joe
>I dont like joe already decide to walk to his house
>we walk to his house to do something
>has two story house with a balcony on the second floor
>shit is wide open
>throw 2 smoke bombs and 3 of those loud ones
>it wasn't his room
>it was his moms
>hear a scream of pure fucking terror
>fucking shit what did we do run
>Running from cops hopping walls and shit
>finally hide in these bushes AND I MEAN inside of those things hurt like a bitch
>look at eachother
>Top kek
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Keep trying faggot.
stupid fuck. why didnt you kill yourself?
>Ds games
You were either too old to be playing with legos or are too young to be on this site.
OC HERE , not a native english speaker though

>age 7
>pokemon caps were big in my country at that age [don't know how it was elsewhere] , though you could only get em by buying cheetos and you had a 50/50 chance to find one inside
>hate fucking cheetos
>want pokemon caps bad cause everyone else has em
>the fucking dilema you guise
>kid at school brought alot of them to show off
>fucking bag filled with pokemon caps
>began planing how to snatch that shit
>noticed his bag
>(90% of the supermarkets then were the same company , so ofc all the bags were identical aswell , his caps happened to be in one of those bags)
>on a break , got the bag , filled it with some rocks and bunch of paper [dont ask how , I was fuckin 7 , idk]
>before the gym class we would all go to a separate room and change to gym clothes
>made sure I was the last one to leave the class , switched my rock and paper bag with his caps bag
>mission successful , fucking solid snaked that shit , nobody noticed
>go home , fuckin show off my caps to my outside friends
>become respected caps kingpin among my peers
>next day at school
>the kid is fucking depressed
this is your parents' fault all the way.

you were six ffs and homeless because of them. anything you did was excusable.
>big people prison
>thought well , it will go away
>later that day find out from one of my other class mates that his caps got stolen
>act all surprised and shit
>he then tells me he was collecting them to give the full collection to his little sister which was living with his mom [divorced family , son with father , daughter with the mom] thats why hes so sad
>they meet on the weekends only , at it was the end of the friday classes
>start realising what a massive cunt i am
>on the last break before the final class , run home , get the fucking caps , run back to school
>go to the wardrobe/locking room [the fucking room where you keep your coats idk]
>find his coat [every1 had their own nameplate so at least I didn't fuckd up there]
>tie the bag to the end of his coat
>class ends , kid slowly walks to get his coat
>notices the bag
>that fucking face
>that fucking happy face
>never forget
>still feel kinda shit though
>get to know him
>turns out hes pretty cool
>share alot of interests
>become best friends
>grow up together basically

>fast forward to today
>told him what I did back then
>both laugh hysterically
>turns out he still haves that same shitty old back of caps
>we split em 50/50 and promiss each other to never throw them away
>been together with her sister for 2 years now
>lifes good
>god bless pokemon caps
This isn't really an act of evil. That's like batman grade shit.
the DS was released about 10 years ago, dipshit.
>be 16
>on vacation with my extended family and my cousins friend we'll call him jake
>my cousins dont drink because theyre really religious, which i respect so me and jake decided to steal some alcohol
>get obliterated
>next thing i know we are dipping through cars, which is something i dont do, stealing gps, pipes, a few dollars
>head back to the house successful
>get into prius and take the most massive watery dump on the drivers seat
>head back to the house like it never happened
>havent spoke to the kid since and i dont usually tell this story to anyone i know
this all happened down south in the middle of the summer so that shit was baking in there for a while
>know 16 year old chick
>have proof that she is an underaged drinker
>she's dumb and doesn't really understand the law
>tell her that if she doesn't suck my dick i'll turn her in
>throatfuck her every weekend
>be elementryschool fag
I was like 7 or 8 back then. I also was a lonely fuck with no friends back then too so I stuck to my toys for entertainment. I am 19 now
wtf are you even saying
>implying hate makes gettin sucked off any worse

He was only hitting my Mother, who as I grew olde I became aware that she was a button pusher anyway.

Aside from that, the reason he got me locked up in the first place was for hospitalizing him with a lead pipe directly to the face.

I feel like I went too far sometimes, and I probably should have just talked my Mom into marrying him to milk all his money.
Shit... It's been that long already?
this. the contempt in her eyes gets me rock fucking solid. it's amazing
You piece of shit, you disgust me
Since I haven't really had proper motivation to do some evil shit yet, let's look at what I would do if someone hurt my girlfriend.

>knock guy out
>strap him to table
>wait til he wakes up
>start slicing off little bits of him and feeding them to him
>cauterize all wounds to prevent him from bleeding out
>continue until several of his organs have been fed to him
>cut open chest, cut out heart, and jam it down his throat
>proceed to kill rest of his family
>there would be no survivors.
Bro... really? That's.. kin. How could you?
> met this boy
> was acting very creepy
> as a joke to get him to stop creeping I asked him to cut his dick for me
> he was like wtf hell no
> found him on Facebook
> told him if he cut his dick and sent me a pic I'd give him a bj
> he cut his dick and sent the picture
> I didn't suck his dick
> told everyone at his school and everyone I knew that knows him including his sister that I tricked him into cutting his dick
> we are good friends now and play d&d sometimes.

Easy with those edges there, skippy. Gonna poke your eye out.
There's a special place for you in hell. You fucking sicko.
2004. Had this conversation with my gf a couple weeks ago. Getting older is a bitch.
>her sister
Woah slow down WHO THE FUCK IS WHO
That ain't evil.
I went to college and got my RN. I'm a male nurse now and if nothing else, I'm successful in a minor way. I'll never have kids, though. My parents were stable and then we lost everything. They couldn't roll it all back, and they ended up with t̶w̶o̶ ̶k̶i̶d̶s̶ one kid they couldn't afford. I don't ever want to put a child through that. The risk isn't worth it.

I've never told anyone. I feel fine, though.


I was six years old and didn't know people did that.

You're right. I love my parents, but they're fiscally irresponsible.

I didn't know I was gonna kill her.
"Shit I'm sorry snail nigga"
fake, you don't breathe out your nose when you're asleep.
tell that to my dead sister, faggotron 5000

can we please stop with this LOL I'M SO BAD I DON'T SEED MY TORRENTS cancerous reddit faggotry?
Ok. Where is she buried?
>with bestfriend again
>on nightwalk
>decide to take every sprinkler from the row infront of my house
>fucking finish 3 1/2 hours later
>literally about 30 houses
>HUGE fucking pile of sprinklers
>leave pile on this bitches door we hated
>wake up early watch huge crowd of confused people form
>watch and giggle for awhile
>go up and say, "hey we saw some sprinklers on the way to the ampm."
>Point at house
>huge fucking angry mob
>They move 3 months later

seriously have all sorts of shit like this if anyone is interested
Well, I've got nothing that evil in my history. Everything that could be construed as such has at least a good excuse.
inb4 party van comes to "party" with you
I remember when I told people on threads to stop doing something
Then I became a roody-poo
Go you're such a fucking faggot.
in the backyard of your mom's house
op can't bump his own thread, newfriend
Now look who's being edgy.
Oh shit! Why has no one told me about this?
how new are you?
>assigned roommate in 1st year of college is jock asshole
>play along and don't let on that hate him
>roommate thinks we're cool
>his gf visits every month or so from another college and stays the weekend in our dorm
>one weekend roommate acquires some kind of drug that come in a pill format, tells me they're going to chill in his bedroom, don't disturb and keep away RA
>bit later hear sex sounds from room, eventually quiet
>RA comes and asks us to come to mandatory hall meeting
>"roomie isn't here, out on a date with gf"
>go to floormeeting, listen to upcoming events, try to talk to girl I like, date request denied
>go back to dorm, knock on roomie's door to tell what's up
>open door to check if he's gone so can watch porn
>roomie and naked girlfriend lying in bed passed out
>keep staring at roomie's girlfriend's boobs instead of closing door
>decide to get papertowel and fap from the door
>midfap get horny-brave, call out to roomie to confirm passed out, and slowly walk to bed
>carefully touch his gf's boobs
>heart pounding
>pulls blanket off slowly
>no response
>after fapping a little, carefully touch her genitalia and eventually start fingering her
>ultra horny by then and decide to try to just go for it and fuck her
>run and grab a free condom from RA's door basket thing promoting safe sex
>run back to dorm, make sure to lock door
>heart pounding at heart attack levels, realize dick was out while running down the hall for condom, doesn't matter nobody was out in the hall
>put on condom, penetrate roomie's passed out gf, almost instant cum
>waves of shame and worry, what if she's awake and just pretending
>fuck, what have I done, I'm going to jail
>clean up and return everything the way it was, especially blanket and go to room to watch Colbert
>after an hour decide to check on roomie and gf, still out
>ended up fucking his gf's pussy and butt throuht the night
>they didn't wake up until 2pm the next day
>never found out wtf they took
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