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>be 17 >sister 15 >sister comes sneaking home drunk

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>be 17
>sister 15
>sister comes sneaking home drunk out of her mind
>i see her walking though the back yard to her window
>run into her room and lock them
>wait untill she tries my windows
>i open it for her and she tries to climb in
>i block her out and tell her im telling our dad
>she tells me to move
>I tell her if she cant be nice I'll tell him right now
>she is still trying to get in
>hear out in the hall
>dad walking to see why theres noise in my room
>sister starts panicking tell me to let her in
>"ill do anything!!"
>i pull her in the house and stuff my ps2 controller in her hands and sit on the floor beside her
>dad creaks the door open
>why are you guys making so much noise??
>sorry playing video games
>o ok just keep it down
>ok night dad
>sis waits by the door listening for our dad to go to bed
>she opens the door and says thanks for covering for her
>tell her she owes me still
>she asks what I want
>tell her shes gonna be my sex slave for 24 hours
>she laughs, "no seriously"
>"I am serious"
>thats gross what else do you want
>i want to tell dad about the time you broke the bathroom door. the time you stole 200 dollars from him. i want to tell him that you actually broke his laptop so mom stop accusing him of watching porn. i want to tell mom that you got high and wanted to throw her vacuum off the roof
>she looks at me open mouthed
>"if i can use you as a fuck doll for 24 hours of my choice, anything else i can think of that i could black mail you for will be null"
>she closes the door, leans against it and slides down to a sitting position
>"are you really going to tell them that? they wont believe you?"
>"you know that car you want them to get you when you turn 16? think they will if i tell them you came home tonight drunk? the other 15 years of stuff are just icing"
>she looks at the floor and picks at her ankle then mumbles "ok. but NOONE can find out!"
>i agree and show her out
File: 1406053516271.jpg (55KB, 500x666px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>i walk in and she is passed out on her bed
>i stop and admire my new sex slave
>her strawberry blonde hair spread all over the place
>her makeup smeared over her face obscuring her little freckles across her nose
>she had one hand hanging off the bed
>she must have just painted her nails the night before because they were still bright pink
>she was wearing a yellow t shirt with white shorts
>one sock was half off her foot the other completly
>she had black toenail polish with pink tips
>i watched as she slept and starting getting hard
>i started rubbing one out
>i took her sock off her foot and slid over the head of my cock so i wouldnt make a mess
>i bust one and throw the sock down on the floor
>i go back in my room and wait for my dick to get excited again
>about 15 minutes later i hear her waking up
>i open my door and walk to her room
>"go use the restroom and take a shower, ill make breakfast"
>she wont even look me in the face
>idc im gonna pummel in a few minutes
>she gets walks out of the bathroom and sits down and the table where i can some bacon and pancakes
>she eats a few nibbles but looks queazy
>i check her out again in her new clothes
>she had on a dark blue tank top stretched down near her knees
>over that was a white t shirt about midway down her leg
>a dark blue hoodie was toping it
>she was wearing lights blue skinny jeans for the bottom
>i laughed at her attire
>i wondered if she knew she was wearing so much blue and that her general attidue was blue (depressed)
>i told her when shes done the timer starts
File: 1406069668666.jpg (100KB, 640x970px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 640x970px
>about 7:32 the countdown begins
>i told her it will end in the parnking lot at school monday
>we are in her room
>she has a big high heeled show as a chair
>i sit on that and tell her to strip dance for me
>she looks hesitant but starts sliding around
>i turn on her radio and flip through her cds untill we find somehthing appropriate
>she starts gettting in it but still clothed
>i was amazed that she could dance like that so natuarlly
>she started with her socks
>this led to the jacket
>a few minutes of akwardly rubbing her clothed and bra'd tits in my face she takes off her shirt
>shes now standing in front of me wearing a tank top and bra with jeans and underwear
>she stops enjoying herself when she realizes she has to take her shirt off
>she keeps dancing but not like she was
>off it goes revealing a plain white bra
>she crosses her arms over it and keeps dancing
>she sees me flash a glare and she drops her hands
>shes opening my legs and rubbing her ass on me
>i can feel my raging wood rub her ass crack
>i wait for the song to change and i flip the lights off and turn a lamp on so its more relxed
>she stops dancing and take her bra off
File: 24337.gif (451KB, 300x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>im staring at her in her jeans with her beautiful tits staring at me
>they were almost milkly white with a tan v across her cleavage
>they were about a b cup bearly more than a handfull with pink little nipples
>i motion her to come over to me
>she histates then does
>i grab her tits in one hand and suckle the other
>i can feel her gasps as i touch her
>i slide a hand down her jeans and feel the slightest prickles of hair and i slide my hand over her lips
>i put my hand on her shoulder and nudge her down to the floor in front of me between my legs
> she brushes her hair from her face and looks as me
>it wasnt sadness
>it wasnt even hate
>it was fear i saw in her eyes
>i ask of she has ever done anything like this before?
>"yeah, its not that. lets just get this over with ok"
>i aint even mad
>she starts unbelting my pants
>then the button
>then the zipper
>she slides my jeans down exposing my boxer less undercarage
>my cock is rock hard nearly shining in the dim light
>i can see precum over the head and my sister looks at it with disfust
>she spits on her hand and starts jerking me off
>i gasp and jump and the suddenness of warmth and pressure over my dick
>she stares at my dick trying not to make eye contact
>she stroked for about 5 - 10 minutes before i became bored with it
>i put my hand on the back of her head and she dives her mouth over my shaft
>second suruprise
>as she starts giving me a shitty blowjob i lean back over the curve of the giant chair/shoe im sitting on, and savor the moment
>i start whispering instructions
>more hands
>mind your teeth
>breath through your nose
File: 1370694937863.jpg (150KB, 735x813px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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anyone here??
>i begin pushing her head down slightly i want to feel her nose on my body
>she resisits but she is going a bit deeper every time
>by the time shes nearly there i notice that im not holding her head
>the blowjob became much better
>she was a pro and was deliberatily giving me shitty head
>she was amazing im trying to keep my boddy from twitching as im about to cum
>she feels it too
>i put my hand out just in time as she pulls her head away i push it back down and cum down her throat
> she had her face pressed against my stomach and i could feel her nose blowing air onto me
>i held her there untill i finished cumming
>when i let go i had expected to be covered in cum
>she didnt spit it on me nor on the floor
>she had been taking it down as i pumped it out
>she started putting her clothes back on as i sat in her chair in extacy
>i tell her to stop
>im goin to play with her
>she says itll be a waste of time
>not for me
>she gives a quick fine and stands there top less with her hands at her sides
>i grab her by the wasit and lay her on the bed
>i slide her pants and underwear off in one motion
>i looked down at her grand finale
>nearly smooth and magicaly
>i slid a finger in a noticed it was damp already
>i thought nothing of it as i explored the nether regions of my sister
>i laid down between her legs and snifed her aroma
>i began eating her out
>i was sucking up juices and trying to grab her tits all at the same time
>i was really getting in to it
>i could feel her put her hands on my head guiding
>i can feel her legs bending and squeezing my head
>she was moaning so loud
>then i realized she was also enjoying it
>i didnt want to stop
>i kept it up untill and small river of her cum hit me
>she was shivering slightly and went limp
>then her eyes got big as she realized who just gave her that orgasm
>i lick from her pussy to her breasts and then force my tounge in her mouth
>i start making out with her
File: 1369401053996.jpg (25KB, 384x512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 384x512px
>shes giving back just as hard as i am
>she is wrapping her legs around mine
>periodically grabbing my dick and stroking it
>i dont know whats going on but im not gonna ruin it
>i start poking her puss with my junk and she grabs it and starts stroking again
>shes doin things to my dick id never imagined
>shes rubbing the most perfect spots i have no choice but to nut all over her stomach
>we keep making out with our cum all over the bed
>i start losing my boner and figure now i can ruin it
>i break away and her eyes get big in shock as she slowly stops fingering her self
>she looks at the bed
>"ive wanted this for soo long"
> saywhat.gif
> ever since i was about 12 or 13 i used to watch you jerk off from you window
>i lean in and kiss her again
>i she goes for my dick again but as its all soft and flacid
>she slides down the bed and starts gobbling it up
>in no time at all im hard and ready for action
>i turn the radio up as it had been left abandoned
>some classic rock is blaring now
>i take control and pull my dick from her mouth and slam her on her stomach
>i pull her ass up towards me and start fucking her doggy style
>she is moaning and gasping and im trying everything i can not to nut
>i can feel her constrict over me and start cuming
>i keep going seeing how many i can giver her
>i pull out and slide her down to the flood and let her chest and head lay on the bed
>i pull her hands behind her back in one of my fists and push her head down in the matress with the other as i start pumping again
>i can feel her cum again after a few minutes
>i start getting greedy and want to nut again
>i pull out and move her hands to my junk
>she is trying to stroke it behind her back
>laugh slightly
no one believe your shit op
fine, bye
it's a story dickhead you're not supposed to believe it, you're supposed to fap to it
shall i cont?
go. cumload is waiting
File: 1368867173900.jpg (782KB, 1680x1050px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>she slides back in to the bed rolls on her back and before she can slide her butt down to blow me i grab her legs
>i take her feet and slide my dick in and out of them
>she leans forawrd and buts her grasped hand infront so i slide between her feet and into her hand
>i do that for a bit and tackle her backwards on the bed and start sliding my dick between her tits
>she looks down and accepts my dick into her mouth
>we do that for a bit then i get off the bed and drag her by her armpits so her head is hanging off the bed
>i take my dick and start throatfucking her brains out
>i can feel my nut cuming and i just bust off right there
>i see cum running out of her nose but she was swallowing most of it
>i keept pumping till i went soft
>the whole time i pumled her face she was fingering her self and i notices the sheets are soaked by her legs
>we decide to take a break
>we both get dressed
>as Im heading to the kitchen I wonder if i should make her blow our dog
>i ponder it while we eat and it gradually slips from my mind
>we finish the cold ass pancakes and look at the clock
>its past 1 so ive used up nearly 6 hours of my 48
>as im eating i see she is wiping syrup with finger and sucking it off
>she knows i see her and is making pleasured moans
>i start taking my pants off at the table and she slides under the table cloth
>i feel we warm lips wrap my dick
>i feel her breath on my legs
>her cold hands on my balls
>she is slurping and making extra noise so it echoes through the house
File: 1363266490820.jpg (752KB, 1500x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>i feel her crawl back to her chair
>while under the table she had removed her shirt and was sitting topless across from me
>with out breaking eye contact she grabs the syrup and pours a dab on her tit
>"o no anon! could you get me something to clean this up with" in the most sexy seductive play distress voice ever heard by my ears
>i get up and walk around and lick the syrup off her
>i glide up and start making out again
>oooops! she muttered again
>i open my eyes and see she was also pants less like me and was pouring some syrup in her lap
>i crawl under the table and start licking at her
>i slide my finger in and pull it out licking the syrup and juices
>"anon its a pussy not fun dip"
>dont yell at me! this is my game
>O no dont punish me!
>i abanonded the cover of the table and saw her smiling but with fake sad eyes
>i grabbed her and bent her over the table
>i made she her head was on a plate of discarded pancakes and syrup
>anon wtf-
>i smacked her across the face
>you shut your slutty little mouth
>i was sliding my dick in her ass
>i force it in and she jumped and whimperd so much i thought she might brake the plate
>i start pulling her sticky hair back bending her kneck
>thrusting so hard my hips hurt from hitting her ass
go on

i dont have a sister
i dont have a incest fettish

but damn this is good
File: 1369839760705.jpg (116KB, 800x1067px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>i smack it
>"is that all you got anon?"
>i rear back smack a bit harder
>"o cmon wimp"
>i rear back and smack with all i have
>she gives a high squeal "thats it baby do it again"
>we keep this up for a while untill im so tired i cant keep going
>i slide out rock hard and sit on a chair
>she looks around
>her hair is matted and sticky with goey crumbs in it
>she looks at me and grabs my wrist and take me to the bathroom
>she turns the water on and its starts steaming up the glass around the shower
>she pushes me in and she follows
>wash my hair anon, and ill wash your cock
>she takes a hand full of water and rubs my dick before getting on her knees and blowing me again
>she postiioned it perfectly so the water hit her head as she was blowing me
>i took a little shampoo and started lathering her hair up getting as much junk out as i could
>if i accidently pulled to hard she would bit down a little on me which i found very hot
>as im trying to get the back of her head i feel her hands working on my shaft and her throat around the head
>then with the precision and agression of a cobra i feel a finger slide in my ass so fast and so deep
>with out a hesitation i can feel my self cuming so hard i though for sure organs were leaving me via my penis
>i can feel her giggleing with my dick down her face
>i pull out but she has a tight grasp on me and keeps stroking
Shush! Let the bard finish his tale!
File: 1362399892139.jpg (308KB, 998x948px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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thank you anon
>did you not like it anon?
>that doesnt matter im not a faggot
>o hush it felt good and you know it
>(it did feel amazing but still)
>well give warning next time
>why so you can say no?
>i just lean down and start kissing her
>she stands up and i grab underneath her legs and hold her up and start fucking her in the hot steamy shower
>i look sidways and can see our distorted reflection in the mirror
> she is bouncing in my arms her tits jiggling slightly
>she starts screaming O god and i know shes coming again
>as she calms down a bit i let her off my aching arms and she kneels back into doggy
>i get on my knees in the small shower and start at it again
>she cums once more and we start making out again
>as we exit the shower i realized how much my dick actually ached in the cold air
>i scoop our clothes from around the house and head back to my room
>we continue making out onto the bed soaking wet and aching
>she says she will be right back and i take this free second to dry off on a blanket
>she comes back with a vibrator and some rope and hand cuffs
>"ive been such a naughty girl, what are you gonna do to me" as she hands me her suggestions
>she stands there trying to look cute and innocent
>i take her by the hand and cuff her around the leg of my computer desk
>i take her legs and tie them around the desk but so they are spread out wide
>"mmm now what?!"
File: 1406584006263.jpg (271KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
271KB, 640x480px
>i take the vibrator and slowly tease her
>i rub along the clit then insert it while manually teasing her
>i then stuck it in and went to use the restroom
>i could hear her screaming in pleasure through the house
>as im walking through the kitchen i see our dad pulling into the driveway
>i run back up the stairs where shes screaming
>DADS out side!!
>her face was in terror as was mine
>she starts wiggling to get free
>o i didnt say we were done
>you just cant make any noise
>she looks wide eyed then smiles. "fine"
>i turn the virbator on to full blast which itself is loud as shit
>i hear the door shut and goose bumps all over my body
>i keep teasing her over and over
>i can see her forhead sweating
>her lips between her teeth trying to stay quite
>its building on her face
>she gasps FUUUUUCCCKKk bearly louder than the wind
>i see a splash of liquid cover the carpet around where shes laying
>i pull her toy out and untie her legs then her one hand
>as soon as she is loose from the table leg i clamp it back over her
>she looks scared and confused
>our dad is picking up our dishes totally unaware of what his children are doing upstairs
>i whisper "sshh" as he yells for us
>ill go out and talk to him, you go get dressed and come out too. he will be none the wiser
>i un lock her and stroll out of my room and start talking to my dad about some nonsense
>i hear the pitter patter of her feet going down the hall swift and smooth
>she emerges minutes later dishelved and redfaced
>>she must have just painted her nails the night before because they were still bright pink

u realize that nail polish lasts a while right? it doesn't fade.....
File: 1366201353166.jpg (344KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>not till i say so
>she flicks my dick and i see precum spray off the tip
>she takes one finger and rubs the tip in a quick circle and lets go
>it was like being on the edge of cliff
>she would lean me over and pull back at the excat moment
>she massaged my balls an bit and did one quick stroke of my member
>i gasped slightly each time
>this went on for what felt like hours
>she leans forward and crawls over me brushing her pussy on my rod
>she pushes her muff on my face
>i start eating her like i was gonna die
>she was grabbing my hair
>i could hear her chest hit the wall she was sprawled against making a slight taping noise
>i whispered no noise
>she reached back and started stroking
>"you make me cum now or you'll be in here till monday"
>i did everything i could trying to get her off and one eternity later it happened
>i thought that my dick was gonna shed skin grow legs and walk away it was so hard
>she adjusts her self to a 69 position and lowers her mouth around me
>i wanted to bust so bad but the pain from being blue balled wouldnt let me
>she stops with my dick in her mouth and wiggles her hips as i lick she blows and when i stop she stops
>i go all out again and she starting to gag on me from going so fast
>as she comes i had no choice and let out a monsoon of cum
>i felt it shoot around her lips and back on to me and she burried it down her kneck along with my face her her pussy
>i start comming down off the high i got from being teased for 6 years
>we lay there as our breathing slowed and listened
>we could hear cooking
>mom must be home now
>that means its well past 6pm
>we start realizing how hungry we are and decide to take a break for a while
>we walk to the kitchen trying to avoid ravishing each other
>dinner was nearly ready and we help set the table
>as we are helping we try teasing each other as best me can
>as she sets a plate down i bend over her and get the silverwear down
>she takes a spoon and sticks it down her throat to her knuckles
>after dinner we decide to sit in the living room and watch a movie together with the family
>once its over my mom asks if we had any plans tonight
>"yea i think anon and i were gonna go downtown with his friends"
>"i thought you were sick?"
>na i feel much better now
>ok just be home at a decent hour please
>ok mom

>i go grab a jacket from my room and go jump in my suv
>she meets me out a few minutes later with a giant purse
>she gets in and i start pulling out of the drive way
>where are we actually going
>idc but i brought some stuff
>she opens her purse.
>a big bottle of cheap vodka
>a bag with what looks like some pills and 3 or 4 joints
>some lube
>loose change and some singles
>a pack of gum
>other non important shit women keep in their purses
File: 1379490896639.jpg (71KB, 720x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71KB, 720x960px
>we decide to actually go down town
>as we get on the interstate she starts fiddling with my pants
>i slide the seat back and hit cruise control
>she leans over the centerconsole and starts sucking
>shes moaning and slurping and im trying to not wreck us
>i cant take it and i pull over on the shoulder and let her go to work
>she crawls in the back and flatten the seat out and starts getting undressed
> i pull my pants to my shoes and start tearing into her
>i can feel the car rock side to side with ever thrust
>we could see glimpes of each other in oncoming head lights
>we were screaming out as loud as we could in pleasure
>i start cumming and pull out and bust all over her chest
>she grabs an old shirt in my truck and wipes her self down
>we get back on the road and make it down town
>we pull into a parking garage and go to nearly the top floor and park in a corner where the lights were busted
>she pulls out the vodka and takes a drink
>she passes to me and i indulge as well
>we listen to the radio and light up a joint
>passing it back and forth
>we mellow out and start talking
>i cant believe were doing this blah blah blah
>then we get hungry and we head out on the down
>trying to maintain
>dont know what we want to eat
>keep walking
>we find a little bakery and walk in
>cookies and muffins all over the place
>guy asks if we want some samples
File: 1384935243729.gif (466KB, 371x267px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
466KB, 371x267px
anyone still lurking?
>she takes a bite out of something he hands her
>the guy starts to laugh but i demand a box
>he gives me a wink and says "i hope she keeps her word"
>we leave and eat the brownies as we walk
>i start getting hard again and she keeps trying to grab me over my pants in public
>we walk past some clothing store and she steers me inside
>she drags me to the womens and starts grabbing random clothes
>im led into a changing room where she locks the door and starts trying on clothes
>im soo high i just pull out my dick and start jacking off watching her
>she put on this tight red dress and let her tits hang out and started rubbing my dick
>then she threw that over ther door and put on just a pair of tight leather pants
>a few sucks on my dick then she changed again
>over and over ocasioannly wearing a top and grinding me a few times
>eventually we started fucking like wild animals in the tiny changing room
>we both cum and stagger out leaving a huge mess of cum and clothes and empty wrapers from the food
>she pulls out the bag with pills and joints and hands me a pill
>with out question i take it and she does hers
>i as im walking around i notice im on x
>we start getting touchy feely on the street and try and make it to the car
>my sister gets balsey and starts asking chicks on the street "you down for a three way?"
>lol your high!
Confirmed lurking
File: 1384932624162.jpg (701KB, 985x1540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
701KB, 985x1540px
>na ah i want to try one
>i laugh and keep walking towards my car as we sneak swigs of vodka
>we go into a convience store and buy several bottles of water
>as im paying my sister walks off
>i grab the bag and try and find her
>i see her talking to a girl standing buy a movie theater
>"he anon this girl is down to party"
>the chick is more fucked up than we are
>she had on either a long shirt or a shirt skirt
>her hair was a disaster
>her makup was smudged
>she was wearing one heal and a flat
>her purse was dangling from her wrists
>"is this the guy?"
>"yea im down lets do this!"
>we all walk down the street not giving a fuck
>im checking this chick out seeing if its the x or my dick thinking shes hot
>she had bleach blond hair and a dark tan with huge tits
>she reaked of booze but i could help wanting to fuck her
>we make it to my truck and climb in and turn the radio up
>my sister goes all for it and starts making out with the new chick
>my dick reached 50 shades of hard as they striped each other grabbing each others tits and fingering each other
>i was slowly taking my clothes off watching them
>my sister grabbed me and set me down and started blowing me the other girl followed her lead and got in it too
>they would take turn sucking and stroking
>they would jerk it into the otheres mouth and switch
>i could feel it and my sister knew
>she hurries and gets the new girl to suck while she strokes
>as i cum she holds the new girls face around it
>the girl leans over and starts making out with my sis again
>i can see the cum dripping from their mouths all over their naked bodies
>round two ready
File: 1360079450997.jpg (47KB, 740x987px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 740x987px
>i grab the new chick and start fucking her missionary style
>my sister sits on her face and starts making out with me
>i pull out and the girl starts stroking me while my sister gets in postion
>i fuck my sister as she eats the girl and the girl makes out with me
>we rotated like that every 10 minutes for who knows how long
>after a while i start eating out the new chick
>sis crawls off her face and makes me switch places
>now the new one is on her back getting eaten out and sucking my dick
>we start passing around the vodka as we all are getting worn out
>my sister lights up a joint while the new chick gives me a lazy handjob and i bust in her hair
>the new chick gets up and says she need to get a pack of cigs and she will be right back
>i start to dress and start the car and leave
>the clock says 2:35 and i know we re gonna be in trouble
>i try to hurry but not swerve from intese intoxication
>my sister is sitting in the passenger seat trying to get dressed but is having trouble
>at each stop light she would ask for help and i would just jiggle her tits till i got a green light
>we eventually make it home and look in the back of the truck
>a shoe
>two of my jackets
>a purse
>a good amount of vodka in a bottle
>a bag with maybe 3 pills in it
>we laugh at the girl who lost her shoe and purse and try and sneak inside
>we climb in my open window and i ask my sister if shes a scared now as she was the last time she crawled through it
>she says no and we collapse on the floor
>we wake up at nearly 2pm sudnay
>as i wake up i start to change clothes and notices my dick is all red
>then i slowly remember last night
>I start getting horny looking at the lipstick on my knob
>my sister layed there serenly sleeping
>such beauty i though almost angelic
>but with a dick on her forehead
>she opened her eyes and gave each of my heads a small peck
>i opened the curtains and let sunlight flood the room
>we both hiss and hide our eyes
Holy fuck OP, you're the real MVP tonight
>after getting dressed we go down stairs
>our parents are watching tv
>"when did you geys get home last night"
>o about 11pm
>o ok are you guys hungry we already had breakfast
>yea i think ill go out though
>ok bye
>then my sister skips out the door shouting her goodbyes
>im coming too
>we get in the car and fondle each other on the way to waffle house
>we eat pay and go in the bathroom for a quicky
>we sneak out and jump in the car and leave
>all sunday we just laid in bed and watched tv and fucked occasionally
>monday morning we wake up after a night apart
>i take a shower and she comes in and grabs my willie
>you still have an hour and half left anon
>and you look like you need a shower
>she jumps in and we fuck at light speed ending with her taking a shot of cum to the face
>i get dressed and walk out of the bathroom and get my school stuff
>our parents were busy getting ready them selves to even notice what we did
>we leave for school at about 7 and i tell her shes still my fuck doll for 32 minutes
>what do you want?
>road head all the way to school
>she leanes over and starts in the driveway
>i wave to my friends as we pass around town headed to school
>i park in my spot and 2 minutes later i bust off and she swallows
>i look at the clock 7:35
>she looks at me and says
>"i was you slave for two days, over one minute, your mine now forever, over 3"
>we got out of the car walked in to school and everyone died cuz we went to columbine

who blew a load?
who blew multiple loads?
who realizes i cant end a story?
lol why?
i take requests any details you want covered let me know, names, sexual acts and fetishes, locations, etc. im open for story time.
11/10 strangely as good if not better than most eroges I've read
no load blown. but raging hard-on. congrats OP.
Jesus a cumshot a minute what kind of machine are you writing about
I cant make Sense of the sentence before the Columbine stuff.
write Arya Stark raping Maisie Williams and I'l add you to my prayers OP
I r8 i/8 op was indeed not a faggot
Captcha 420 ebotlae
because of her being one minute late, she was my slave for two days. since i was late 3 minutes im her slave for life.
>all alone at library
>slaving over essay
>taking a break
>see interesting story
>11/10 when interesting story turns into fappable material

Idc, OP. I think you can provide more details tbh though, but I'm not expecting Tolkien. Just a lot more sexual embellishment and you'd make one anon a happy man.
im not familiar with either of those people

its literally the same fucking person
I came and then kek'd, it was nice.

come on bro, should have ended it with the dinosaur
i agree but on here you have to be pretty fast paced and keep it layered with humor and graphic detail or every one starts dumping spooder. its a wide audience and lots of niches need filled
Write about what happened after your mom caught you.
So like.. demonic possession of the individual leads to sexy frexy?
not my style. too played out
not too passionate about m/s stuff but ill give it a whirl if you have the time. any other details? anyone else have any tid bits theyd like thrown in?
She is mad and you had to use the handcuff so she couldnt get away
good thread.
Okay that's fair enough.

Throw in anything that's happened in public places if you've got any (e.g. school, park, library
lol this is gonna be an interesting challenge...

keep the thread alive. i will check every so often for any updates requested. ill dump a quick request i had several months ago that makes me lul
no character rapes person who portrayed character if you get me.
keepin it alive brother
i will on this one somehow
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