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Ok i am curious and this is a serious question. We have all

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Ok i am curious and this is a serious question.

We have all seen on the news about men molesting and raping children or father molesting daughters but has any men on 4Chan been molested by a adult female when they were a child?? or have you been forced to have sex with a adult women when you were young??

I am just curious.
Do you have any details and how did you feel about it?
Fucked a 48 year old when I was 16. But I would fuck any female when I was 16. Also 36, 35, and 27 year old women.
who was she? she make the 1st move? or you did?
I was 6 when it started and it lasted for 20 years
She was my friend's mom, 43. I was 20. We fucked for 13 years.
i did... she used to suck my cock and i used to lick her vagina... i was 6 or 7 back then.
Be me
Little brother played baseball with a kid and befriended him. My mom and his mom become friends.
The moms start hanging out and drinking every once in a while.
one night my mom passes out and leaves little brothers friends mom still up.
Be me, 15 and horny as a hamster, still virgin, and wildest dreams would be to fuck older women. Well, come to find out the moms not only drank but were hooked on pills. The other mom nows me and I'm a mature at heart kinda kid. She comes to my room and talks to me about pussy and how to please a woman and such. Starts playing with my dick, then asks to put her mouth on it. At first I thought I was dreaming but wasnt. She inserts mug dick in her and two minutes later it's done.
She visited 3 more times and same thing happened before her and her husband divorced and it was found out she was also sleeping with the baseball coach.
yes, you could say I was molested by an older female. The first time, I was 10 years old and being babysitted by family friends who were in their first year of college. One of the girls had a boyfriend over and they started hooking up at my house while parents were out of town. The other girl said she wanted to "teach me" and help me for when i grow up. She was looking at the other girl and her boyfriend while stroking my dick. she then pulled my pants down and started sucking me and I was very hard. The she hopped on and by that time the other girl and her boyfriend were done and laughing and rooting her on. They were drunk.

I did orgasm, my first, but I dont know if I came. They babysitted me for the next 5 years and only when my parents went out of town would they do this stuff. Both of them would join in and I would eat them out while they were laughing and sometimes saying to eachother "I cant believe we are doing this"

I dont know if it really affected me that much tho. The only thing is, I'm into really kinky stuff that I first tried with them.
An older female relative "cleaned" my penis a few times with her mouth. It didn't occur to me until I was an adult what happened (never really tHought about it). It didn't fuck with my head at all and she's kind of attractive. I'd fuck her right now if she wanted to.
Pretty sure everyone else here is just fucking with you, but I really have been. It started when I was 13, but in order for it to make sense, well no. It's not going to make sense even then, but the full story needs to be said.
>be me
>joyful 8 year old
>meet 7 year old three houses down
>become best friends
>lots of sleep overs
>play vidya, trade poke'man cards etc
>he's an only child, dads an asshole moms cool
>she lets me stay up later than my mom lets me
>really good cook
>enjoy spending time there more than my house
>fast forward three years
>his dad leaves his mom
>met another woman from work
>apparently their marriage had been dead all this time
>never knew
>dad splits and drops all contact with his son and ex
>they move to low income apartments about 20 minutes away
>mom doesn't want to drive me over or pick him up
>his mom can't afford to pick me up
>rarely hang out
>hear good news though
>we're going to the same middle school

Should I continue? Also checking to make sure this thread didn't 404 on me
Go ahead
It was her son's 18th birthday. Had a keg party. All the girls at that party took a shine to me. She had been saying stuff to me all evening. We were alone so I grabbed her pussy. She kissed me. We fooled around for a couple minutes then I poked her. Later in the evening I screwed her daughter too. And her daughters best friend. I went for another girl and we were kissing and I lost my b a lance and fell. She said I was too drunk shook her head and walked out.

It was my first keg party and I got laid 3 times. It was fun.
>men on 4chan
>forced into sex
Pick one
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I dunno why you doubt it. This shit happens so often most people don't say anything though.

I remember her asking me if it felt good and I said "not really, it kind of tickles" and she basically said I will like it more as I grow older. She only did it a few times all around the same time. I dunno what made her stop. I didn't think about it much but once in a while something will remind me of it and I kinda chuckle to myself and think how that whole thing was kinda messed up
If you knew me you know I don't lie. Don't need to. I could have made it up but didnt. The guy was my sisters boyfriend's best friend. His name was Brian Settle. His best friend was named Artic Sellek. The party was in East Beckley WV. In 1986. Fall of 86 actually.
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Lol top kek
Well gee if you pulled so many names out of your ass it must be real!
K sorry about the wait I went to go smoke and grab another drink
>in middle school now
>hanging out with friend
>we're pretty tight like we always were
>as school gos on though we start to branch off
>still talk and shit once in awhile, but not really like I thought we would at first
>he starts to become a loner
>I start hanging out with the troubled kids
>start skating, pick up smoking, eventually start smoking weed, doing mushrooms and ex(but that comes in highschool, not really important to the topic at hand)
>at this point we're in 8th grade
>my friend doesn't have any friends except me
>be me
>go to his house once a month if that
>shit tier friend
>too caught up in image
>try to distance myself from him when with other friends
>talk shit behind his back
>didn't realize this, but friend is completely miserable
>realize now I'm probably the main cause of his depression
>end of year rolls around
>last day of school, friend doesn't show up for math(the only class we had together)
>find it odd, but don't bother reading too much in to it
>have typical end of middle school bullshit celebration in each class and go about my business
>pretty good day all and all
>even pull a few grills numbers when passing around my yearbook
>day comes to an end and I'm pumped for summer vacation

Waiting for almost certain bullshit green text story
little late there, bub
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go on
and tree fiddy.

There better be some mastubatory worth incest in this story, muddafucker
>not greentexting
>probably doesnt even read the news
I have... so have quite a few of my friends. Most of us are mixed up, but not nearly as damaged as the girls violated by men.
Was 11 and camping with friends family. Early morning and need to pee, friends mom takes me to camping grounds toilet block and comes in with me. Start to pee and she comes over and starts convo about my circumcision and that she didn't get it done for her son. Asked if she could touch it.. sure why not.. get raging boner when she does. She then bends down and puts my cock in her mouth, sucks hard and runs her tongue around for like 10 seconds then she gets up and said we should go back now. Never told anyone, didn't know shit about sex at the time.
Wasn't an adult that did it but there was a girl that diddled me as a young boy.

Shit wasn't cash. I suppressed the memory for a long time and didn't remember it actually happened to me. Kind of made me apprehensive towards women for a while.

Then again, it made it that much easier to relate to women who have had similar problems in the past and this has helped me get laid quite often.
Wait, you were at THAT kegger? Dude, you are a fucking legend! John Cusack played you in the movie! I have your action figure!

My uncle tried to get me to into the bathroom alone with him as a kid. Even then I knew that was a bad idea, refused and hid.
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I was about 10 or 11 and just starting to hit puberty and it was my babysitter

she babysat for awhile and we were like friends. we eventually got closer and she would start to touch my dick, which lead to sucking on it, which lead to her asking me to fuck her.

being 10 i had no idea wtf to do or what was going on. tried to put it near her ass hole and she said wrong hole, then said id need a condom if i wanted to fuck her. I cant remember if i really knew what a condom was. this went on til we were like 13 or so and we kinda drifted. i resent her a little bit and feel sort of violated but at the same time i got my dick wet and was cumming and enjoying it so its weird.

it makes it even more weird that she was my babysitter and supposed to be like a sort of guardian. dont really know what to think about it and ive never told anyone but i suspect my mother may know and be in denial about it or not think anything of it idk. we were very secretive about it but we spent a lot of time together so i assume she knew what was going on but im not sure.

so basically i dont really think it was "rape" or that i was molested especially since we were both underage (she was about 3 or 4 years older if i remember correctly). I was never passive either or being like violated but it still feels wrong

Contriboot or fuckoff cunt
Im patiently waiting for my time to strike
your story sounds kind of similiar to mine>>578227067
she would do the same thing, always oral and
>the years over and I'm hanging out with the friends I've met at school doing stupid shit the first few days of summer
>going around and throwing eggs at houses
>cut a couple hood ornaments off cars to make necklaces out of them(I don't know why we thought this made us badass, but we were faggots)
>after about four or five days my mom asks me if I've talked to my childhood friend
>tell her no
>feel guilty
>call his house(this was when land lines were still a thing)
>no answer
>figure they're at the market or something
>wait a couple more days
>still feel guilty
>decide to skate over to his place
>play some vidya or something idk
>get lazy half way there and buy a day pass for the bus
>takes about 45 minutes altogether to get there
>think about how pissed I'm going to be if he's not there
>finally at his house
>moms suburban parked in front of their place
>good I didn't waste my time
>knock on the door
>ring door bell
>get pissed because I know they're home
>ring at least 15 times
>hear someone coming
>kinda feel like a dick now and hope they're not pissed
>mom answers the door
>she's drunk as fuck and in tears
>pause, don't know what to say
>"h-hey, sorry about the door bell... is anon there?"
>more tears
>she asks me to come in
>I sit on the couch
>explains anon killed himself the last day of school
>consumed with feels
>she says I was his best friend
>asks if I knew why he'd kill himself
>"I have no idea"
>but really I did
>he wasn't just alone, he had someone like me to make him feel worse

>T.he F.ap.penn.in.g F.u.ll Co.l.le.cti.o.n
I'm more curious than I am aroused now, looking forward to more.
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I await more of this story.
>i couldnt believe what i was hearing
>to make it worse i could see the overdue rent letter on the table
>aside from loosing her son she was having money problems
>if she couldnt make some soon she would almost certainly loose her house
>i knew she was just torn and you could see in her eyes
>how was i to help her though i was just a kid
>i felt so uncomfortable i thought i should leave due to the tension i could feel between us
>i had to ask her if she needed help
>i followed her into her room where i saw she was packing her bags
>i was suprised to see a confident almost happy look on her face
>she cant pay her rent
>her son was dead
>i thought she was depressed
>i asked are you ok
>she said aint nothing gona break my stride
>i said what about your job?
>she said aint nothing gona hold me down oh no.
>i said but what about your house?
>she said i gotta keep on moving.
Age 0-9, constantly being dragged around by shit tier narcissistic parent with no concern for my welfare. Getting stoned/drunk apparently all way from 0-5, memories of being held down and tortured / raped by women for fun, remember being told to do something and hurt for not knowing how to do what they are asking for. Do not want but cant overpower grown women, eventually become amazing kisser/sexual release for my rapists by age 7, by this point sexually experienced and none of my peers are unable to understand why no one wants to do these "things" with me not realizing what I was experiencing was literally hell on earth at the time. Used to beg for mercy, would tell them I would do whatever they want if they stop hurting me, hurt me anyway. Been tortured by men, never raped by them oddly and none of that shit compared to being emotionally, physically and sexually tormented by women as a small child. Tell teachers, no one believes me. Mothers abusive like she'd care if im being raped when shes torturing me anyway. Start to internalize at young age perhaps I was purely evil and I deserved this despite being a pretty nice child, now have extremely fucked up wants / desires, and see all women as child molesting psychopathic cunts before getting to know them, despite knowing not all women are like this only like 99.9% of them.
Fuck off, whiny MRA faggot.
lol no one even likes you heaven
I like heaven
Guys I'm gonna have to finish my story in another thread tomorrow. It's gonna take me another hour at least to finish and I've gotta get up in five for work. Sorry to bitch out less than half way through.

I'll do a thread at around 6pm pst
I was sexually molested by my mother when I was 7-9. Can't talk about it even on an anon msg board but has permanently fucked me up in every way imaginable.
nice try, heaven
go crawl back into the hole whence you came
I was around 5 and our maid was like 27ish.
To be completely honest I liked it.
She wasn't abusive or mean. She was really gentle and made my rub my dick with her pussy.
Sometimes we would just lay down and rub our genitals through the pants if our other maid was nearby.
I'm not sad nor happy this happened to me. When I was younger I used to feel like shit when remembering these times. Now I get really aroused.
Only "trauma" I have is being unable to get tuned on by brats of my own age (19). I have a huge fetish for woman between 26 and 37 years old that haven't had any child. Also get kinda aroused by straight Shota hentai, but it is mostly because I start to remember the erotic scenarios I was back in.
If you have any questions shoot away.

nigga you gay be happy it wasnt your grandpa ... move on stop makibg excuses
Sorry. was saging another thread and phone seems to remember the options
>be me
>be 10
>have sister who is 13
>My sister has her friends over
>none were attractive
>sister asks if I want to join her in pool with her friends
>having fun in the pool
>i was floating on my back
>felt my dick get touched
>freak out
>look to my side and her friend was there
>awkward silence between me and her
>Stared at her for solid minute
>my sister gets out of pool
>friends follow
* few hours later *
>sister and her friends some upstair in my room while I was chillin watching spongebob
>sister asks if i want to play truth or dare
>we go to her room
>sisters friend spins bottle
>lands on me
>dares me to kiss her foot
>i did
* few more minutes pass and we are getting more ballsy with our dares*
>the friend that touched me earlier spins bottle
>she looks at me
>she dares me to kiss her
>i did
>sister did nothing
*quit playing truth or dare*
>its late af
>everyone is asleep in my house
>i lay down in bed
>i hear my door open
>pretend i am asleep incase it was my mother
(Didnt want my ass beat)
>it was my sisters friend
No but I did touch my older cousin's hairy cunt.

I still remember it, she grew up hot as fuck later.
>she comes sits at the end of my bed
>i am peeling with one eye
>she pulls my covers up
>grabs my pajama pants
>pulls them down
>"wtf is this bitch doing?"
>i sit up
>she gets startled
>i ask what she was doing in a quite voice
>she said nothing
>I then asked her why she touched my dick in the pool
>she blushed and turned her head away from me
>She said she was curious
>She walked back over to the end of my bed then sat back down
>she look at me and asked " have you ever thought about doing anything with anybody?"
(I am 10 years old.. the fuck am i supposed to know about this shit?)
>ask what she means
>she said" oh you know..."
>No..i dont
>Kissing and stuff?
>Tell her no.
>she said do you want to try
*After contemplation*
>we start kissing
>she puts my hand on her pussy
>I ask what she was doing
>I want you to make me feel good she said
>She then pull down my underwear a little bit
>grabs my dick

>i ask what she is doing
>"making you feel good"
>tingling feeling in my dick
>starts feeling good
>she told me to start rubbing her pussy
>starts rubbing
>she starts moaning
>I stop
>ask her if it hurts her
(I thought her moaning was actually painful moans. lol )
>She said no. it feels good
>Continue to rub her pussy
>feel wetness coming from her pussy.
I thought she pissed herself
>I am starting to feel real good now
>She stops
>Asks if she could try something
>She told me to close my eyes
>I feel her moving on my bed
>She told me to keep my eyes closed and to lay down
>I feel a wind by my dick
>she starts sucking my dick
>I get startled
>she told me to calm down
>I asked why she is doing this
>She said to make me feel good
>she continues to blow me
>Wow.. So much better than her hand
>It starts to feel real good
>too good
>A sudden pleasure hit me
>I came
>I couldnt handle it anymore after she started sucking after I blew
>She gets up again
my eyes are still closed
>She said keep them closed
>I ask why
>she said that way it isnt as embarrasing for her
>I hear her get off the bed and shuffling noises
>hear my door shut
>open my eyes
>she is gone
Thread posts: 61
Thread images: 7

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