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Hi /b/. I just got home from work and I'm in the mood for

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hi /b/. I just got home from work and I'm in the mood for a caught/awkward/cringe masturbation stories thread. I'll start but I'm more than happy to take a back seat if someone's got some interesting things to share.

>Be 12
>Don't really understand masturbation
>Watching Sailor Moon
>Older bro is cookin' in kitchen
>Tuxedo Mask
>this makesmemoist.jpeg
>Sit on hand
>Don't understand why, just keep doing it
>Bro comes in
>I freeze
>"Hey anon, whaddya want with this chicken"
>"uh idk broccoli i guess"
>He leaves
>I go back to Tuxedo Mask and grinding

looking back...wow, i was an idiot.
This is pretty soon after my brother leaves

>Go to bathroom
>Underwear is moist
>aw shit should have gone sooner gotta stop being distracted
>pee, take off wet panties, drop in laundry go back downstairs commando because i'm a fucking genius
>Straight back to grinding
>Don't stop for the whole rest of the show, not even paying attention, thinkin' the Tuxedo Mask thoughts
>Full on rubbing along the length of my fingers
>Confused why fingers are wet
>fuck it will deal later
>Brother comes in again
>Freeze again
>"hey anon come help me dish up"
>"uhh do i have to"
>"i fuckin cooked this shit if you arent gonna help then you can have like two forkfuls see if i care"
>I go to kitchen
>Usual routine: I get the cutlery/plates out and tell him how much I want, he serves
>Nothing unusual happens
>He picks up his knife and fork and goes into living room
>"hey anon why are these wet"

ffffffffffff i cringe every time i think back on it
File: confidence.jpg (300KB, 1834x1300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be 13
>Some shitty school play
>am in orchestra, will be playing for the play so I don't have to act, still have to sit there during rehearsals
>Dress rehearsal
>Girls in silly dresses
>Guys in silly costumes
>This one guy in a mask
>A fucking mask
>Love the idea of some stranger in a mask just taking me
>yeah okay I had a bit of an obsession
>Back of the hall
>Hand between crossed legs
>Rubbing wrist against pussy
>Barely conscious I'm doing it
>Watch this guy
>He's saying his lines all smooth like
>Hall is pretty quiet
>Mask guy looks straight at me
>I let out this tiny fucking moan
>A fucking moan what the fuck
>Teacher turns round
>"anon are you okay"
>just kinda shrug and look away

I swear the guy knew when he looked at me. I was so creepy.
One time I jerked off at a funeral but no one was the wiser
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and thats a keeper guys.

now, to the revelation that this is a 40yo trucker wearing high heels just stringing us along.
This thread 404'd a full two minutes before that post, I thought it was dead and no-one was interested...which I guess is still the case. Unless you wanted to hear more from this 40yo trucker.

How do you manage that?
keep going
>14th birthday
>Me and another girl have birthdays on the same day
>Paper hats everywhere because leftover Christmas junk or something, I dunno
>Everyone wearing a paper hat
>Some guy, we'll call him Dan, suggests only birthday girls should wear birthday hats
>lol sure
>Wearing birthday hats all over bodies
>On legs, on arms, round neck, etc
>Stuff one down bra as joke for friend
>Dan sees
>Teacher mad, sends him out
>friend and I are amused that we got him sent out
>A stupid idea approaches!
>Stuff paper hat down underwear within view of him
>Stick out tongue at him, trying to bait him into saying something
>He walks out silent
>oh well
>A little uncomfortable but the paper is rubbing against me and hmm, why does this feel good, this is weird
>Rub my legs together a little, rustles, so I have to do it slow
>The rustling gets less over time, I stupidly don't wonder why
>continue rubbing for most of class, basically straight up slow-masturbating in a maths lesson
>class ends
>paper hats go in bin
>Remove hat from bra, general lols are had as people watch
>Remove hat from underwear
>Soaking wet
>One drop literally drips onto the floor

My face has literally never been redder. There are red giant stars that are jealous of my glow.

Holy shit, someone please remove this memory from my brain.
Shifting into maximum overcringe, sorry for anachronic order

>13 years of age I be
>Read a book about puberty, masturbation etc
>Have reached enlightenment
>Makes me think about masturbation
>Makes me think sexy thoughts
>Makes me think of masked men
>Lunch break
>Go to study room (just a classroom with a teacher in it doing teacher work, quiet place to go during lunch)
>Only one other person, plus teacher
>Sit down, read book
>Other person leaves
>Imagine teacher in mask
>Imagine him taking me away, kidnap scenarios etc
>Hand between legs
>Very, very mild rubbing

Why did I do this so much, /b/, I was so dumb...anyway

>He gets up
>Whip hand out at near lightspeed
>"will be right back anon, try not to cause too much havoc..."
>"yes sir"
>for passing this submissiveness test, you gain +1 moisture!
>He leaves
>Serious rubbing now
>Alone in classroom

I seriously thought "why not". I'LL TELL YOU WHY NOT...

>Have read about penetration
>Put a finger inside
>doesn't do much but so much wetness
>Continue general rubbing with finger inside, one hand above table holding book open
>Keeping up pretense of reading book
>But blatantly masturbating
>Getting close to orgasm (not that I realise this)
>open mouth breathing, red face, the works
>Door opens
>Freeze, finger still inside
How didn't you get suspended or something?
I did, eventually. I just didn't get caught for a while. It's not like I did this stuff every day. That'd just be weird! *cough*

>Teacher walks in
>Looks right at me
>"managed to keep the place in one piece, i see"
>Can barely make human speech
>"Are you busy? Could you do me a quick favour?"
>"Could you go down and get the register for me?"
>"yes sir"
>Rub myself a little while saying it
>pass submissiveness test #2
>Extra wetness
>He gives me a strange look
>"actually never mind"
>He looks at me for like five seconds
>I'm still knuckle deep, trying not to show anything
>"I'll get it later"
>He sits down

and here is where I go full retard

>he is looking at workbooks
>he won't notice
>Rub more
>watch him
>think about masked kidnappings some more
>door opens
>Two students come in
>take seats near mine
>"do you smell that?"


Kill me. I bet he knew it all along.
why am i hard
I'm seriously surprised you didn't get fucked by one of your teachers, with that attitude. xD
I mean, that one must have known...right? And he didn't tell anyone...so...I have no idea what this means.

Want more?
File: capthlel.png (15KB, 303x251px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you know exaclty what that means.
File: teaching.png (15KB, 309x248px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have a fair idea now, yeah. Back then I just thought I was crazy lucky.
Interesting capthas we're getting however.
This is the first time I've been able to post an even slightly notable captcha, it's quite an event for me.

Did you want to hear more? I've got some more stuff pretyped in case no-one else came forward with their own.
Tell me about it xD
Everyone too busy fapping to type
File: 1415356986.jpg (88KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1410777024609.jpg (194KB, 1200x797px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
194KB, 1200x797px

You get more fap material if you feedback, though. Hands off dicks, guys.

When I got older, I figured out I loved this risky stuff. The paper hat event was the tipping point; I kept on doing things even despite the possibility of overcharging my cringe tanks, such as...

>His class (English)
>Snow day, only ~5 kids turned up (school wasn't actually closed, just no-one could make it in)
>Derping around
>Teacher just tidying and shit, making most of free time
>Box of junk from Drama classes in cupboard at the back
>I think you know where this is going
>Masks everywhere
>But everyone refuses to put them on, which disappoints me
>Sorry, on with the story
>Am reading again
>Rest of class is all boys
>Wonder what would happen if all the boys wanted to fuck me right there
>Think about it
>Getting mildly moist
>Hand unconsciously between legs
>three Boys having small boyfight
>look to the side
>one other boy is staring at my legs
>Sees me look
>looks away
>his pants are tenting
>moistening intensifies
>wristrubbing turns to thumbrubbing
>Imagining the teacher ordering this kid to do things to me
>Look at pants-tent
>A genius plan forms

You know this is going to go badly for me, what with my genius.
>cough to get his attention
>miraculously, this does work, and he looks again
>I cross my legs, revealing more leg
>Hand squished between legs, rubbing
>Think he can't tell
>I swear I See the tent twitch, maybe my imagination
>Get a little embarrassed, look away, plan complete, satisfied
>Rub more
>Boyfight is ignoring me
>Teacher is ignoring me
>Lose myself in fantasy
>Thumb pressure increases, legs start tensing
>Check status of fight and teacher; both uninterested
>Swiftmode engage: uncross legs, finger under underwear, penetrate, rub over top of underwear
>keep an eye on boyfight and teacher, both still ignoring me
>what if the teacher caught me and ordered the boys to punish me
>what if tent-boy had to fuck me, his dick looked huge
>look over at tent-boy
>he's been staring at me
>this whole time
>it never even occurred to me that he would keep looking
>am buried to the second knuckle and breathing heavy enough to notice
>he's just staring, pushing on his dick with his arm
>how could I have been this stupid

He didn't say a word, though. He was fun when I got to know him more.
Was about to say you should get to know him, for reasons and such.
o rly

You don't think that might end badly?
How could it not?

Good kind of bad.

>Science class, tall chairs (pic related)
>Sit next to Tent-anon, roughly middle of the classroom
>We don't ever discuss what happened but he's alright to talk to and whatever
>think about doing somerthing similar, scared of getting caught (snow days are rare. sucks)
>this day, feeling brave
>today is exam day
>Check teacher isn't watching
>nudge tent-anon
>no response
>nudge again
>tent-anon looks over
>i take my spare pen from my pencil case
>i open my legs a little (wearing a skirt, by the way)
>I check the teacher. not watching
>i slide the pen up between my legs
>figure it looked like it went inside me
>watch for tenting
>tenting begins
>giggle in my head. smile outwardly
>tent-anon turns red, doesn't stop watching
>at cousins gf house party
>making out with this 8/10 qt 3.14
>she was meant to stay at the party and stay with me.
She went home.
>go to cousins gfs lil sisters room, horney as fuck.
Can't sleep. Must fap.
> cum, cup it so it don't go all over, try to get up and go to the toilet trip over and smash my collar bone off radiator valve.
>still have scar.
> got wrecked one night and told my cousin and his gf what happened.
Mfw her sister never looked me on the face again
>start rubbing pen against my clit
>mild moistening begins
>all he can see is my hand really, but he doesn't stop watching
>his pants have gone camping
>am enjoying the show
>sigh a little bit
>Teacher is glaring daggers at me
>Silently go back to my test

Why do I never stop, though?

>Continuing test, no longer watching tent-anon
>Right hand working on test
>Left hand rubbing spare pen very slowly on clit
>Nothing heavy, just doing test in a state of arousal
>not paying much attention to much of anything
>ten minutes go by
>scared shitless, drop my spare pen
>look to my left
>tent-anon is bright red and his dick is, as the phrase goes, diamonds
>heart racing from sudden jumpscare
>moistening intensifies

Sadly, this ends rather anticlimactically. I didn't dare look over for the rest of class, what with her glaring us both down, so I just satisfied myself with mental images of that straining pant-tent.

Failed the test.
no pic there bro
File: 7.1.jpg (56KB, 761x425px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 761x425px
Copied from when I first wrote this out a few months ago, yes.

Shit, I knew I'd screw that bit.
you know the rules
How did you not get caught on the night? Surely you dropped/splattered a handful of jizz when you kissed the radiator

Timestamp pic of you and will show you how hard these stories have made my cock

>half of b could be tent anon, as none of us would make the move
how did to get suspended?
Not sure many guys would have made a move in the middle of a science test
>be in mental health ward for depression, crazy
>option to go to a non-denominational church service or stay in room
>stay in room and quickly lay blankets on floor
>had been thinking about Spiderman/Peter Parker
>hastily indulge in wetness
>1 minute later, "you ok anon? ehy are you on the floor?"
>back problems
>started sleeping on dirty floor
Everyone was still partying downstairs. No one came up. I guess no one seen the cum in the morning either. The worst part is I coulda got away with it until I got full of mdma and told them about it!

Come on anon prove youre a female so these stories become more then fantasy. Serious cum material here
But what about after, and after the first episode bro
The short version is I got caught. The also short version is that the gossipy bitches decided to make life hell for me.

You as well timestamped tits
I guess what happens in class, stays in class?

sleeping on the floor sounds pretty desperate. also, spiderman? at 15? really?
Well, this is "after", kinda.

>A few weeks later
>Still not said a word to tent-anon about anything
>RE lesson
>"Okay, pair up everyone, boys with girls"
>meander over to tent-anon as his classbuddies stroll off
>sit next to him
>"okay class, today we're discussing gender inequality blah blah blah blah, debate for fifteen minuts then discuss with the class"
>he comments how pointless crap like this is
>we spend a good five minutes just talking about the pointlessness of the lesson
>descends into silence as we don't know how to discuss this crap
>I look around
>No-one watching (table near the back, everyone has their back to us)
>Without a word, take tent-anon's hand and put it on my leg
>it sits there, immobile
>I start moving his hand to stroke my leg, then take my hand away. and again, until he finally gets it and starts stroking my leg for me
>Hand on my chin, arm on table, kinda looking around at class, not watching him or anything
>Look at him
>start blushing
>what the hell am I doing
>close my legs
>he takes his hand away
>Feel kinda mean, but too chickenshit to keep that up. Don't know what I was thinking.

This story does not end here, but this time, I'm not the one who keeps going stupidly. Hooray!
>We start talking about the subject
>Talking about how women soldiers probably aren't taken seriously (we don't know, making shit up)
>Start taking some notes
>Brief silence as we both write things
>He finishes first
>he puts his hand back on my leg
>I don't do anything, just keep writing
>he keeps stroking as we resume debate, make notes, etc
>starts stroking up my leg
>open legs a bit
>doesn't take long, he gets to my underwear
>rubbing over underwear
>pretending to write notes
>he's stroking kinda awkwardly but the whole situation turns me on like crazy
>every few seconds, tensing up and closing my legs on his hand, then opening them a little
>can feel moistness and heat
>embarrassed because surely his fingers are getting wet
>he doesn't stop rubbing
>I try to talk about the class
>he mumbles something vague back
>I daren't look at him
>blushing, flustered, tense
>horny as all fuck
>head resting on my fist, eyes closed, trying not to show anything...
well you kind of are now because you led him on, if he continues afterwards then it's on you lol
>"anon? have you discussed everything you know about gender inequality?"
>open eyes, teacher is looking at me
>"u-um, yeah, we can't think of anything else"
>tent-anon's hand is up my skirt, hidden behind table, not moving
>"then would you care to share with the class?"
>"uh....i guess...we didn't really think of much..."
>Start telling class stuff we came up with about women not being taken seriously
>10 seconds in, I pause
>tent-anon's hand has resumed moving
>brief stroke through my underwear, then stopped
>I try to keep going, talking about soldiers
>every few seconds, his hand moves against my underwear
>near-literal wet patch, massive heat between my legs.
>his hand movements aren't much but the situation is driving me to distraction
>nervous, stuttering, trying to concentrate on telling class about soldiers
>"....and ummmm, uh, that's...uh...all we could think of."
>All of those pauses were just opportunities for me to breathe deeper and pray no-one noticed
>"alright, that's a good start, but you'll need more than that, so keep working."
>Bite lip, nod, cough, look down at book and mumble something incoherent to tent-boy
>Look over

I literally went "mmmmmmmmmmmmm." My mind just dissolved.
did you go on to fuck tent-anon?

>He keeps stroking
>I keep gazing at the tent
>I calm down from the rush of trying to stay calm while talking to the teacher
>I close my legs and take his hand away
>we have to do big group work shortly after that and get split apart anyway

Crappy ending. Sorry to disappoint. Well, my underwear was wet enough to be uncomfortable for the rest of the day (it was last lesson, so that basically means: the walk home). squishy squishy...
Still a virgin.
Says tuxedo friend. It was Toby McGuire though

If this was even remotely true that guy would have been calling you for sex as soon as class ended no matter how beta he is. Show a timestamped pic or stop posting bullshit you stupid slut.

how old are you...

what happened to tent guy?

>about three fiddy
That'd be telling.

>what happened to tent guy?

A few more things, though we eventually had to part ways. Let me dig out the next part, it's saved somewhere else.

Stop buying this shit the time for pics is at hand... its clearly some fat dude until proven otherwise. Notice he avoids my question completely like its not even there? Time to start saging

Nice fantasy and all but please be blunt. Thats all it is isnt it. A fantasy

im the one that said its a 40yo trucker the first time

Im bored.

inb4 bel air
>Some time later
>gotten to know tentanon, become friends
>steadfast refusal to mention the sexy things, I guess neither of us knows how to bring it up
>Tentanon's birthday coming up
>Decide to give him a "present" and have some fun at the same time
>I know tentanon gets to school 40 minutes early and sits in the corridor outside first class
>Come up with a very simple plan
>Go to school super-early
>Go into bathrooms
>Take off underwear, put it in my bag, roll up skirt to make it shorter
>Find tentanon in the expected location
>Sit down with him and start chatting

It was at this point that I realised that I did not, in fact, have a plan. Somehow I thought something fun would happen all by itself. I knew others would start arriving if I didn't do anything soon, though, so I tried to figure out how to "tell" him without saying anything...
>Dither about a bit
>Try standing up and stretching near the glass wall at the end of the corridor, doesn't really work out
>a few other things, nothing really achieves anything
>well this was a massive waste of time
>Open bag to take some homework out
>"hey tentanon can you help me with this"
>"it's that maths homework"
>"Oh, uh, yeah"
>He's acting strange
>Then I realise I left my bag open and he can probably see what I left inside it
>Well, the secret's out?
>Still seems anticlimactic
>Nothing more happens
>We do the homework, I close the bag, people come, classes start
>Tentanon makes a beeline to sit next to me instead of his normal group
>Within the first five minutes, tentanon puts his hand on my leg
>he's never been quite so forward before
nice memes
>He isn't going anywhere
>Maybe I'm just impatient
>Teacher is talking for first fifteen minutes of class
>In that time tentanon is under my skirt but hasn't made it any further
>I don't mind, am enjoying the touches
>Beginning to moisten
>Think nothing of it
>We're shown a video (this is geography class, something about beaches, I don't remember what)
>Stroking approaches the goal
>I'm beginning to warm up and don't realise the oncoming problem
>the lightest of touches against my pussy
>doesn't affect me, but tentanon's hand suddenly drifts away from my leg
>Look over
>fully tented, over course
>sight is pleasant
>squeeze his hand between my legs
>let go, his hand stays but just stroking the very top of my legs
>Wetness increases, he's hitting a sweet spot
>then I realise
>where's the wetness going to go?

And suddenly, I'm in a situation with no communication, no control, and an oncoming wet patch somewhere. Why does this situation turn me on?
>Everyone watching the video
>Some guys doing something annoying in a corner
>Some girls chatting in another corner
>Teacher getting annoyed
>Shouting happens
>I barely notice; tentanon's hand is squeezing my leg deliciously and I can't stop it
>I can feel a drip dripping
>Panic about it getting on my skirt
>Apply no thought at all
>Lift up the back of my skirt so it doesn't get wet
>Tentanon takes this as a signal
>His hand gets to my pussy (properly touching it this time, not a feather touch)
>Rubs it, not particularly hard
>Doesn't know what he's doing
>Wetness gets smeared all over everything he's touching, and on his fingers
>His hand stops moving, just sits there pushing against my pussy
>I look at him
>He looks at me
>I should tell him to stop, but having no control is too delicious
>Instead, I look down at his tent
>I enjoy this sight immensely
>Can feel wetness on my butt
>I'm sat on this wet patch
>How wet must his fingers be...

I thought I'd solved my problem by lifting my skirt; no wet patch, no evidence. Right? Right?
>Video still droning on
>Good, this means the lights are off
>I can barely concentrate, randomly finger-squishing on my pussy is too distracting
>Can't say anything, can't stop him...
>Look down at my paper, pretending to take notes
>start tensing up
>Can feel serious wetness on my butt now
>Have no control over not just the situation, but my body either, which in turn makes me even more turned on
>His rubbing is amateurish but it's getting the job done, have gone from horny to in heat
>Am trying hard to stay breathing normally
>squeezing my legs shut on his hand every few seconds
>Wondering how to stop, worried about video ending and it somehow being obvious to everyone
>his fingers find my clit, no idea if accidental or on purpose
>two or three rubs
>More and more and more wetness
>I'm pretty much about to cum
>Look around without moving
>no-one sat on my right, tentanon on my left, no-one behind, no-one will see
>Put hand on forehead, close eyes, tense up...
>Cum, right there, in a geography lesson
>Squeeze his hand in between my legs
>Get wetness all over my legs below my butt
>messy, uncontrollable, crazy sexy fun.

And this was only the first lesson of the day.
go on...

>Sitting in post-orgasmic haze, tentanon's hand still between my legs
>what do I do now
>surely someone will notice
>Video finally ends; tentanon takes his hand away and the lights get turned back on
>Feeling really hot as hell
>Try to sit up straight and concentrate on class
>I don't remember the rest of the lesson, probably because it was mostly just an exercise in me being uncomfortable. I'm sitting in a damp patch (it's not a puddle, but it's definitely something) and still pretty horny.
>And still shocked that that just happened.

So that was that. After class we went our separate ways for the next few lessons; I didn't see tentanon again until lunch. We met up, ate, and then we had to do homework before last lesson, so we went to the library...

>Arrive in library
>Sit together
>No talking allowed; get out homework and get it done
>half of lunchbreak left after homework
>go find a book to read
>Put up feet on empty chair opposite me
>Tentanon's hand is on my leg.
>Worried, I look around
>No-one's looking but the library is much more open than a classroom, anyone could look around and see
>Still don't stop him
>His hand starts going up
>Grab his wrist
>whisper to him how insanely easy it would be for someone to see
>Go back to reading
>He keeps his hand on my leg
>Starts stroking it
>Keeps stroking it
>Hand just barely brushing the edge of my skirt but doesn't go further
>remains like this for the entire remainder of lunchbreak
>At first it's just nice
>Then it's really nice
>Then I'm actually getting turned on
>Then I'm not reading properly and just enjoying it
>Then I'm looking at his tent
>I think I see it twitch more than once
>Squirm a little in my seat, just watching the tent
>Nearly jump out of my skin when the bell rings
>Look around; I swear one girl was watching me...

So I get to go to last lesson frustrated as anything. I'll definitely be clear-headed and think things through before some stupid action, right?
>Last lesson is English
>Half a lesson reading
>Half a lesson making notes
>As soon as someone in the class starts reading out loud, tentanon's hand is back on my leg
>can't say anything to him, teacher is insanely strict about talking
>try to focus on where we are in the book
>I'm third to read
>Manage to read my part a-okay with his hand well and truly under my skirt (what a gentleman, he hadn't gone any further)
>shortly after my part is over, his hand progresses further
>don't even want to stop him
>after being frustrated in the library for so long I'm pretty wet
>His hand pushes against my pussy
>Small squishy noise
>His hand instantly freezes
>We both tense up and wait to get told off
>It doesn't happen
>He rubs, less forcefully this time
>Nothing is audible
>But it's too slow and gentle
>It's just an endless tease
>my leg is jiggling up and down, I'm resting my head on my hand, I'm biting my lip...
>Even though he's soo slow and soft on it, and keeps missing my clit, I'm getting closer
>Manage to keep in control of my face, at least, but head still on hand, legs tensing up, toes trying to curl
>keep going, keep going, keep going...
>The reading ends, the note-taking starts
>Tentanon has to take his hand away to write notes
>well, fuck.

The last half of that lesson was absurd. I was endlessly horny, and whenever there was a break where tentanon wasn't writing, he'd have his hand back on my leg and stroking me. Never, ever enough to get me off, but fucking hell, I have never been more frustrated than I was in that English class.

>Class ends
>I don't want to leave, too wrapped up in horniness
>I stretch
>Tentanon is packed and ready go to
>I say "see you tomorrow"
>"uhh, sure"
>He walks out
>Teacher is leaving too
>"come on, I have to lock up"
>I pack up my stuff and leave

I seriously consider going to the toilets or something to sort myself out, but I'm too flustered to think straight and I have a bus to catch.
which kind of bus
Double decker. What an odd question?
eh, just wondering

Theres a lot of busses out there y'know
stopped fappening to enjoy more of your stories, go on...

mind to post a pic of your lower body, preferably in a skirt?
Or are you just asking questions to fill time while you wait for your next fap fix?

/b/ us for /b/uses, is why
Copypasta, but bless you OP for posting it again
I suppose, I'm no bus expert
nope, way too paranoid to post pictures. but I've got a little more story to go if you want to hear it.
I thought the day had gone pretty damn well, and I was going to return home frustrated but happy. Turns out, it wasn't even over yet.

>Standing at bus stop
>Be way away from everyone else, lost in a daydream world
>Barely even notice someone coming up to me
>Tentanon appears as if from nowhere
>Take nearly two seconds to get my brain to respond
>"Umm? this isn't your bus"
>"Yeah I know, I thought I could hang around?" Tentanon's confidence seems to be rapidly fading
>Awkward silence
>Reeeeeeally awkward silence
>He makes a couple of awkward gestures like he wants to touch me or something, but nothing comes of it
>We just awkward for ten straight minutes until the bus turns up
>I wait until the end of the queue to get on
>Only three people ahead of us
>"umm, could I come with you...umm, I dunno"
>Look at him, look at the bus
>why bother to think about decisions?
>Grab his arm and pull him onto bus with me
>We flash our passes & head upstairs
>All the best seats are taken, so we grab a random pair of seats in the middle
>Feels a lot more comfortable sitting side by side rather than standing
>We start actually chatting about normal things
>In other words, bitching about classmates
>Friendliness returns, awkwardness dissipates
kek kek kek
>Chatting and laughing
>lull in conversation
>Look out of window
>Reach for his hand
>Put it on my leg
>Still looking out of window, I'm kinda fidgety
>Scratch that, I'm really fidgety
>tentanon's hand goes to work
>Stroking my leg
>He seems to hesitate but then goes for it
>Up the skirt
>I look outside and just lose myself in the pleasure

I sound like a shitty romance novel. Sorry, but this is what I wrote in my diary, so what can I do? anyway -

>The bus is noisier than a classroom, so I can breathe heavily without being noticed
>Legs squeezing shut on his hand every so often
>Delicious enjoyment
>He's not quite doing it right so it's taking a while
>I'm just enjoying every second
>Breathing gets heavier
>Fogging up the window
>I rest my head on the back of the seat in front (it's empty)
>Close my eyes
>Hand grips the seat
>Tense up
>here it comes
>His fingers are teasing it; it's close, and then he makes a mistake, then I get close again, then he makes a mistake...
>Breathing just really heavy, trying to get over the edge
>I don't notice the bus getting quieter
>Finally his fingers stay in the right place for just long enough
>Squeeze his hand shut between my legs
>Let out a long "mmmmmmmmmm", more like a kind of sigh
>Rock a little bit on his hand. I can feel wetness squishing and spreading.
>Still haven't opened my eyes.
>Cumming like crazy. On the school bus.

This moment was one of the most enjoyable sexual experiences I've ever had. I completely lost myself in the moment and it was...a pure orgasm.

Too bad I hadn't realised that half a dozen other students had noticed and were watching the two of us for the last five fucking minutes.

And...there ends the story of tentanon's birthday - the good parts, anyway. It was one hell of a day, near the beginning of what turned out to be one hell of a week. In retrospect...It probably wasn't worth it in the long run, given what happened later because of it. But that one day...was fun.
gotta tell your grand kids about it
If the internet continues to erode privacy as much as it has been, they'll probably know before they even understand it, heh.
praise the letter alphabet agencies.
did he ever lick your sweet juice off his fingers?

What did you do with your soaking wet panties after that, just throw it to the laundry?

Your family ever "caught" you (besides the suspension)?

some other locations than school?
Jesus christ Anon
1. Not that I know of.

2. After a very uncomfortable walk home, for more than one reason, yes, they just went in the laundry. What would you think I'd do with them?

3. Brother caught me a couple of times, but it wasn't really story-worthy. He just walked into my room and walked right back out again. He learned to knock

Greentext of suspension day?
Would be much appreciated

Its hard for me to picture you in the story. Could you at least give us a description of sorts since you dont feel like posting pics? Just asking, but again, I would appreciate it :)
missed the last one. We did things in some woods just off the school grounds, and in a public library once.
I guess you were to young to know, you could give them to tentanon as a reward, also he would be your slave and do anything for you. The scent would be strong enough to turn any beta in a horny animal...
old as shit but still gold imo

¨WTF i get caught jacking off all the time
i'm not unlucky, its just standard probability. i beat off alot. seriously, i beat off like if i keep doing it, i'm gonna win something. its only natural people will stumble in eventually
so i'm on this direct flight from claremont (my college town) back to kansas city (my home town) for winter break. since its a direct 3 hour flight, its too short for them to have "in flight entertainment," but its so long that i'm gonna be bored out of my god damn mind. so, of course, i'm like "i guess i'm beating off like 5 times during this flight."
its one of those small sized slingshot airplanes that goes really fast but is really unstable and has one tiny ass cramped aisle. so i'm sitting in my anorexic bucket seat w/ my shitty peanuts waiting for the plane to hit a high enough altitude when i finally hear: ding "this is your captain speaking, we have reached a cruising altitude of 30,000 feet, you are now free to move about the cabin." "bink success!" i think to myself, "the time is right." of course i don't rush to the bathroom, no need for that. why not give myself a little tease. i gently, slowly unbuckle my seatbelt. I stand up, and stretch a little bit. I take a nice slow, leisurely walk to the bathroom at the back of the plane. masturbation this good deserves foreplay of its own.
i get to the bathroom, close the door, and sliiiiiide my pants on down and start working myself. oh holy LORD it's amazing. i mean, i don't know if you know this or not, but i am REALLY good at masturbating. I'm in a 2 square foot, dimly lit bathroom, but i feel so good my back is arching and my foot is cramping and i'm nearly ready to start screaming my own name.
then suddenly, TURBULENCE. AGH SHIT. I HATE turbulence. It's not that it makes me feel sick or nauseated. turbulence makes me feel like i'm about to die.
I'm small. Small tits, small height...just generally small.

Nothing sexy happened on suspension day. It happened on the end of that week, once the teachers heard about what had happened on his birthday. they only heard the bullshit version, of course

tentanon had to switch classes after that....fuck those bitches.
wall of text
wall of pants
health cargo too low.


So i'm trying to jack off, and suddenly the jerk in the plane floods my body w/ adrenaline and i grab the handle in the bathroom and i'm like "OH SHIT."
do you know how hard it is to cum when you feel like you're about to die??? I mean seriously, imagine jacking off while there's a guy w/ a loaded gun to your head and he's screaming "C'MON CUM YOU PUSSY, DO IT CUM." You'd be shivering w/ eyes closed, tears streaming down your face as you sputter through little snot bubbles just BEGGING your dick to come. "please cum!!!" you'd weep "i wanna cum soooo bad!!!!!"
so there i am trying to think of every dirty thing possible so i can finally orgasm, but all that's going through my mind is "god i need to reconcile with my dad and tell my brother i love him" etc etc and while i'm distracted in a mess of standard pre-death thoughts, i don't realize that i'm about to cum.
HOLY FUCK i say as i fumble and try to grab some kleenex from the box on the counter. however, in my stuttered panic, i just knock the kleenex box over, hit the "stewardess help button," and i cum directly onto the floor. still in a state of panic i'm like FUCKFUCKFUCK I NEED TO TURN THIS BUTTON OFF so of course i (geniusly) press it like 5 more times trying to turn this off. Naturally, the button just goes ding ding ding ding, making my situation seem all the more urgent, and i can hear the stewardess rushing to the door since i appear to be in desperate need of help.
"FOCUS SEAN FOCUS," i think, "I NEED TO HIDE MY DICK." so, (this is genius) i pick up the kleenex box from the floor, pull out 5 pieces of tissue, and i just lay them on top of my erection... so it looks kinda like a little dick tent. so, the stewardess, responding to my urgent spams of the "stewardess help button" proceeds to open the bathroom door just like i knew she was going to. She looks on the ground to see my epic protein stain, looks up at my glorious dicktent, and then you know what happens??

cont. 3/3

we make eye contact.
so she's looking at me, and i'm looking at her and in general i dislike awkward silences. however, this was an all KINDS of awkward silence, so i figured it was necessary to say something. so, i did the best i could. i look her right in the eye and say "... it is what it is..."
???? why did i say that???? what a stupid thing to say... well... i guess it's hard in that situation to "play it off cool." i can't be like "hey i know smoking isn't allowed on the plane, so do you have a stick of gum??"
so she shuts the door, and i clean myself up and spend another 3 minutes trying to clean up the mass of cum on the floor. even though i did a pretty good job, its damn hard to get that shine out of the laminate flooring. i'm finally done, so i open up the bathroom door to see a line of 10 or so people that's been building up since i went into the bathroom like 20 minutes ago (again, it took my a while since its difficult to cum when you think you're about to die). I get to look across the line of all of em, and say the only sensible thing i can think of:
"for those of you going to use the bathroom, i'd make sure you're wearing shoes."
how do you get off nowadays?

Does it turn you on to share your dirty little secrets to us?
im gonna go with what i said in the start then

a keeper lol
>how do you get off nowadays?

The normal way, sadly.

>Does it turn you on to share your dirty little secrets to us?

yeah. I like remembering, just going through these memories turns me on the most. Sharing with you guys while I do it is sort of a way to remember them better.
would kill to see your wet panties now...

fyi, taking a picture and cropping it just with paint will deny any possibilities of doxing you (i'm paranoid too, but you know, urges...)
Age plox? Are you the 40 year old truckie or am i completely retarded
I can share a little more, but it's not prewritten, so if anyone's interested and wants to wait around?
Sorry man, you could be anyone, telling me anything.

Half that age and you're a lot closer.
Nothing as good as tentanon's birthday happened again. Sorry to disappoint there. But a couple of other events did happen before we lost contact.

>A few months after tentanon's birthday
>Water gets shut off unexpectedly in our school
>This means we have to go home (health and safety)
>All the kids who get school buses can't go home
>Waiting around in school for several hours until the school bus arrives
>I try to find somewhere to go
>Don't want to be around other people
>Find myself ambling to the music rooms
>people in there messing around on instruments
>check the practise rooms nearby (small rooms, almost a large cupboard more than a room)
>By some strange chance, find tentanon in there practising keyboard with headphones plugged in
>kinda want to go inside, but not sure if I should (haven't spoken in a while, things are super awkward because reasons)
>Hover awkwardly a little too long
>He notices me
>"Hey! um, I didn't know you were here...um, you can listen if you like"
>He unplugs headphones and looks at me in a really cute, nervous kinda way
>I say sure and sit down
true, especially on /b/
anyway, waiting for other stories from you.

>ask him to keep practising
>Sit and listen, take shoes off + put my feet up on a chair opposite, start playing games on my phone
>after a bit, tentanon stops playing
>Look up...he's staring at my legs
>"what's up?"
>"no, no, nothing..."
>He goes back to playing
>I go back to my phone
>dark, perverted thoughts enter my mind
>I know I really shouldn't
>But I hitch my skirt up just a little while he's not looking
>Fidget a little to get clothes to be just right to reveal a little more
>He keeps playing
>I think he's making more mistakes (confirmation bias ahoy)
>Shift my legs a little
>put one foot on the edge of the chair so I have one knee bent
>not even watching to see how I look
>I keep fidgeting every so often
>Eventually he stops playing
>I pretend not to notice
File: bitch.jpg (10KB, 227x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 227x200px
You sound cute, and horny as hell to boot.
Anyway, you shared, so here is my little story. This was a few years ago, and I have only really told my current girlfriend, who pretty much got off on the idea of it.

>Be me, 17, m, British.
>Living in Murrica since age 14 or so, Dad moved for a job, mum died a few years before that
>Sitting in history class, we always had a boy girl split in the room, with the desks set up in a U shape, so the teacher could stand in the middle and talk
>Seriously cute girl I had been basically hormonal for always use to sit on the corner of the girls side, right next to me
>Never really spoken a word to her from fear, she was short and red haired, and so fucking cool
>One day, during some dry ass lecture on the civil war or something, I dropped my pen on purpose
>I thought I was being a fucking genius, testosterone brain and penis were screaming "LOOK UP HER SKIRT"
>As I lean down to do so, I grab the pen, and pretend to smack my head so I can look right quickly
>Look right
>She is full blown flicking herself off, two fingers deep inside, her thumb gently massaging her clit, and the scent, holy balls how did I not notice before
>I freeze
>She freezes realizing I had seen
>No idea what to do, so slowly come back above musk cloud level and pretend to have seen nothing
>At this point I realize I have a problematic erection, that is caught under the metal support leg bit of the desk in front of me

>"uhh, are you even wearing knickers today, cos people outside can see..."
>realise I'm opposite the window
>no fucks given, there's no-one outside
>ask him if it's his birthday
>He's confused
>"well I'd only do that on your birthday." I shrug and go back to my phone
>I hear awkward piano practice for a minute
>he mumbles something as he stumbles over the notes
>ask him to repeat
>"I said it is my birthday"
>"yeah, right." I laugh
>music practice continues
>after a few minutes I say "okay"
>I stand up and pull my knickers down under my skirt
>He turns and sees them on my feet
>"Since it's your birthday"
>pull them off, throw them on a chair in the corner, and go back to the feet-on-chair pose
>go back to games
>can't see if there is any tent from this angle
>slightly disappointed
>but still horny
more anon

although i'll try to keep typing my own up for the audience

but moar
been lurking since thread began, gotta say, this is some of the hottest shit I have ever read. Never been so tempted to wank over text, seriously. The fact that the perspective is immature, naive and frankly stupid is one of the most contributory factors, really adds to the realism. 10/10.
second that
>my stupidity is sexy

uh, thanks anon
>More fidgeting, this time not just to attract attention
>can feel some moistness building up
>kinda turned on, but also kinda uncomfortable
>try to move so that the moistness doesn't get into uncomfortable places
>am rubbing my legs together and I know tentanon is enjoying this
>this turns me on more, increasing the moistness, which increases the discomfort, which increases the fidgeting
>Trying not to move out of my seat, but moistness is becoming wetness
>fidget fidget fidget
>tentanon puts his hand on my leg near my foot
>I sigh a little and straighten my legs completely
>he starts stroking my leg near my ankles
>toes practically curling; nice, relaxing, and sexy
>I start rubbing my leg below my skirt, my hand just barely moving my skirt up
>still not sure about letting him look, i know this makes no sense considering everything so far
>combination of my stroking, his stroking, and the situation, mean I'm so wet I'm almost forced to move
>he's turned around enough for me to see his tent
>i have too much wetness
The perspective, of a young girl exploring sexuality
Young people are stupid, that fact is undeniable
you were probably the highlight of tentanons life
I call BS from hereon. Hot stories but not the same style as everything before that.
File: 1.jpg (41KB, 184x184px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41KB, 184x184px

>So boner is there, and obvious.
>Can't lift desk without attracting attention
>Need to get flaccid quick
>Can't get image and smell out of my head, only making self harder
>Penis tells me to look again, somehow manage to resist
>Remember that she is basically shlicking herself off right next to me
>Turn head slowly
>She is blushing something crazy, but can still see that wrist moving
>Say to teacher I need to go to the toilet
>He lets me go
>Only got one shot at this, you can do it
>As I stand up, I stick my hands in my pockets and maneuver penis underneath boxer waist band, concealing erection
>MISSION ACCOMPLISHED you are coming home marine

I'm not sorry it doesn't end here though

>Standing in the hallway outside class, just wait a minute, get soft, and go back in. Its okay. You can do this.
>Suddenly, the red haired bean flicker walks out
>She sees what I'm failing to accomplish
>Blushes even more, and walks off in awkward silence to the bathroom
>FUUUUUCK hard as a fucking log again
>Start to panic about how much time I have been gone, hide erection and go back in
>Can't focus at all, feel like everyone must know
>Looking around, seems cool, everyone is bored
>See Red's seat
>It's got a sheen to it
>It must be sweat and cum, but holy fuck does dick brain not think
>I touch it, pretending to stretch
>Literally as she walks back in, my hand is resting on the edge of her cum and sweat pool

There is more if anyone wants it.
Will do, seriously this story is burnt into my mind, it just takes a while to get out.
I ruined his life anon, I doubt I was worth it

>I start to hear people outside
>No intention of getting caught again
>sit up in my seat, pull skirt down, try to look proper, get back on my phone
>tentanon gets the hint, he doesn't want to get caught either. plugs headphones in, goes back to piano
>damn this is uncomfortable, sitting in a serious damp patch here
>knock on the door
>Caretaker comes in
>"gonna have to lock up now. there's a few places we leave open, main hall, canteen etc"
>caretaker leaves
>I notice my knickers are still on the seat where I threw them
>...thank fuck no-one noticed

I was relieved until I got up and went to retrieve them. My skirt felt uncomfortably damp, and I was hoping I could just ignore it and deal but...

>"hey uhh...your skirt's...wet..."
the stories were all written at different times, you might notice the style changing on his birthday because that was written over a month after everything before it. writing styles change. i'm no pro writer
how exactly did you ruin his life?

probably said he raped her to get out of trouble
File: image.jpg (85KB, 417x626px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85KB, 417x626px
All these neckbeards believing these stories topkek
Cont please.
Please tell me you fucked her at some stage anon?
the teachers accused him of raping me, and tried to manipulate me into accusing him. I didn't but I didn't defend him either because I didn't know wtf was going on. He moved classes, we were both bullied, and he ended up leaving school at the end of the year because the teachers wouldn't do anything to help him.

fuck bitches. and fuck teachers.
File: 1414636609193.jpg (26KB, 264x292px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 264x292px
Are you stupid?
Does it matter if it's true? You act as if someone can't get off to fiction. The slight possibility of it being true is just icing on the cake.

anon you better have sealed the deal because you KNOW that girl was eyeing your tent. don't leave me disappointed.

or maybe I just want to be the girl.
damn anon
that sucks.
>fuck bitches. and fuck teachers.

truer words never spoken
in all seriousness though i doubt changing schools ruined his life
Boner lost, this part pisses me off. You were the one who started all the shit, should have helped him out.

Also find him on facebook or something and go fuck him. He deserves it.
10yo without imagination, go back to 9fag
i second this
it's the reason there isn't much more to tell, too. This one doesn't really get any better, I just end up nearly peeing myself. I suppose the last one is a little more interesting but still, i feel like we'd have had so much more fun if it wasn't for bitches and teachers.
File: 1405951942186.jpg (3KB, 197x206px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 197x206px

>Hand damp as hell and can't move it without her seeing
>Red is coming down the aisle, start shifting hand so slowly, so it just looks like I'm on the edge of her chair
>She sits down, my hand is literally just resting on the side of the chair, looks like I got away with it
>She drops her hand from her hair and it grazes mine
>Actually it more sticks to mine
>I flinch and look at her
>Her eyes are as wide as dinner plates
>She knows exactly what I did, I'm so sure
>Not moving her head, she takes my hand and rests it slowly next to her thigh, and begins to slide over it
>Fireworks are exploding in my head, my penis has broken free from its restraints and is probably VERY visibly pushing against the trousers
>She is resting on my knuckle up hand now, dripping moisture, I have zero idea what to do, but I shift very slightly to make this uncomfortable position slightly better, holy fuck does it hurt my wrist though
>All of that leaves my mind when she starts to grind very slowly on my knuckles
>I feel her lips parting and moving over them, sticking ever so slightly but becoming very wet, very very fast.
>The heat is unbelievable, and I can't even begin to keep my other hand off my dick
>With barely any provocation I came at this point, thank god for dark boxers and trousers, it wasn't too noticeable, its was thick and ropey as fuck, like your first real sex orgasm, not a crappy virgin cumshot, your first REALLY good sex cum. Looking back I don't think I will ever feel get the same level of ejaculation ever again, it was all I could do not to collapse and shiver.
>Red is somehow keeping her top half motionless while grinding away on my knuckles, she is going very red in the face however
>She starts to speed up, and I have the genius idea of lifting my thumb up slightly

Argh comment too long, one more!
did u suck his dick
teachers all round kept telling me they were trying to HELP me and they couldn't HELP me if I didn't tell the truth, now, can you be sure he didn't rape you?

i don't know, it probably wasn't exactly that but I didn't write this bit down in my diary, i didn't like to keep the shitty bad thoughts in there. but at the time I felt like they were trying to help me and I was trying so hard to help and not lie but they so wanted me to say he did it...

fuck bitches, fuck teachers, etc etc

really sorry, shouldn't have brought this up, should i?

why are you posting this on /b/ is what my rational mind wants to know now that my primal mind is sated.
nope, sorry.
moar moar. this girl sounds adorable. also I totally wish I could see you cumming and trying not to show it. hnng.
File: 12946527_ori.jpg (8KB, 305x305px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 305x305px

>Suddenly my hand is soaked through, my shirt sleeve is damp
>I can literally feel her every twitch, it was like an electric current running though her pussy was short circuiting on my hand
>She audibly sighs, andsinks her head onto a fist, I think she needed it to stay upright
>Teacher asks her if she is bored, class laughs, I blush like fuck, so does she
>These are some of the thoughts I am having
>Class continues, I am in massive discomfort, feels like my wrist might be fucking breaking from the awkward position, but eventually we manage to pull out with little fuss
>I shift about a bit and realize I have literally plastered my boxers
>No eye contact, but our thighs are touch and the heat from them is crazy
>Class ends, Red pretty much runs out of the room
>Thank god I was soft at this point, so I leave in a hurry and get to the bathroom and clean up

Anyway, that ends the first chapter with Red. Other stuff did happen later, but that's a different story.
Hope you enjoyed!
glad you came.

The first time I shared this, a few months ago, I was just participating in a thread, but then I realised how much I missed tentanon aand regretted what happened. I finished (well, almost finished) writing these stories, and posted them, to sort of "complete" my sequence of remembering the good times. does that even make sense? I feel like I need to finish.

As for why I'm posting the nonsexy bits, well, I don't know. I guess I'm dumb.
If you don't post these stories asap than I'm gonna

Well, probably just not cum

but still

Moar pls
File: MFW_sexual_asian.jpg (12KB, 384x384px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 384x384px
Whatever. You were pretty cool today OP, good content. Now come rub my leg.
File: 1408439255603.jpg (40KB, 500x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 500x667px
Does this count as a masked man?
Haha glad I could help out!
There are a few more, one of which is pretty intense actually. The downside is that they take ages to write out, and the thread could die before I finish, which would leave you... unsatisfied?
I suppose I could always Vocaroo them if you wanted an audio version.

I will neither confirm nor deny this, until I get around to the next chapter.
>decide i want to dress up to jerk off
>this happens
Ridiculousness would make it too unsexy, but it more or less fits the criteria. It has to obscure some, but not all, of the expression.


I'd prefer written, so I can save and re-read them...re-listening sucks.

They do take ages, huh? Chat with us while you do it. What do you look like?
continue pls
continue please anon. If it dies, make a new thread, most will follow
You're not aroused by a man wearing a koala?

What the fuck is wrong with you?
i-it's my greatest shame ;_;
Agreed, I'll keep any thread you make alive if it means I get to hear more from you. As far as I understand I can't bump this one.

I suppose I can, I have started part 2.
Looks? Well pretty normal. Green eyes are probably my best feature, but I have short dark brown hair, which I keep short because it curls out into a massive fro if I don't. Good jawline, but I'm pretty slender. Normal enough shoulder width but I have never been a muscly guy, despite trying. Just 6ft1' now, would have been under 6ft when the stuff with Red was happening.

Will post chapter 2 asap.

Alright I'm trying!
I'd feel so small stood next to you.

What attracted you to Red?
Interesting question Anon. I have one of my own; Exactly how tall are you? And.. Any distinguishing features? Hair color/eyes/body shape
If your up to it.. What do you rate yourself looks wise
out of 10? I rate myself a 9.5/10
She was nice to people, not to mention, her hair was very ginger, but she wore it incredibly well.

I just always thought she was really cool and relaxed, and she was an awesome skateboarder too, which none of the other girls really understood, but guys loved her for it.
Sounds like you don't have any confidence issues, Mr Cream. Or whatever colour that ID is.

I'm 5ft1. I don't know about distinguishing features...I've always liked my legs. Even though they're short. But I suppose that's because I used them so much. Much harder to use tits in the middle of a lesson.

brown hair, brown eyes, and I'm shaped like a woman, I hope. I have hips...kinda...I don't really have a bust. Am I supposed to name some kind of fruit to be shaped after? I saw that on TV once.

How would I rate myself? I'd really rather not...
File: dafuq.jpg (12KB, 208x199px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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By popular request, RED part deux! Image appropriate edition.

So this was a couple of weeks after what had happened previously. I had not spoken to Red about it at all, and we were never alone together at all. Whenever we even got close to each other we pretty much ran away, to avoid the awkwardness. I told no one either, except my best friend of the time, who was as massive a virgin as I was, so we had no useful experience between us. Anyway:

>Being 17 still
>After sexual awaking at the hand(s) of Red, had been thinking about her a lot apart from running away and stuff
>Get told by teacher that we are going to be paired off for a business project, we need to create a business idea and create posters around the school and stuff
>Oh shit thats cool I thought
>Groups will be arranged by alphabetical order
>Oh... okay I guess that mean I'm with... OH FUCK JESUS NO
>Both have surnames beginning with L, which is a fucking strange letter to be honest
>We sit at a table with our group of four, both of us bright red and avoiding eye contact
>While I had been watching her in class a bit, it would seem that Red had not been fapping away in public since 'The Event'.
>We discuss the idea we have for some organic smoothie bar for a while, awkwardness begins to fade slightly
>Other two decide they want to start drawing up posters, so they head off to art department
>Just me and Red alone and the awkward silence returns
>I start to remember the last time we were sat next to each other
>Suddenly surprise motherfucker, I start getting a boner
>Oh sweet mother of god why now, surprise boners are the worst
>Fighting to keep appearance up, I lean forward and start talking about the idea
>At this point, Red has clearly noticed that I am rock hard under the table
>She is blushing, but once again the wide eyed look has returned
>Red giggles slightly and puts her hand on my thigh, boner starts trying to rip though the material

Got a thing for gingers?
so glad I found this thread
This has given me a raging boner and I can't fap at all. I have some stories about class fapping too and I fucked an ex in a hotel swimming pool, but I'm shit at writing
>Oh sweet mother of god why now, surprise boners are the worst

What you talkin bout nigga, surprise boners are the best

>We have our backs facing the rest of the room, and the class is mostly shouting and laughing about their ideas
>Red seems clearly a bit nervous, but is rubbing my thigh with her hand under the desk
>I am frozen, never have experienced anyone remotely interested in me before, apart from last time
>I see a stray hand start to move down towards her skirt edge
>Red hikes up her skirt far enough to let me see panties
>I remember to this day they were white with blue lace around the edge, and some pinkish pattern around the center, first panty shot ahoy
>Thank god for full seats, if they had those holes in the back everyone would have been able to see her arse
>Anyway, I work up the courage to move a hand over as well
>I move slowly down the inner thigh, trying not to tremble like all hell from nerves
>Red giggles some more, and blushes deeper red than her hair, freckles vanish into her skin
>I have never been this hard holy shit
>Her hand moves slowly from thigh onto crotch area, slowly moving round the rather large cloth mountain she starts to put her hand around the base of my dick
>I work up some courage and touch her panties, feeling the already very apparent moisture, which gets a small moan instead of a giggle this time
>At this point I came to my senses, and spoke for the first time
>Uhh, we probably should be doing this in class...
>Looking around, no one is looking or caring
>Takes her hand away for a moment, I breath a sigh of relief up until she just literally grabs my penis through the material
>Acting like nothing is happening, she starts talking about the idea again
>HOLYFUCK.JPG fireworks explode in my mind
>This is the greatest feeling ever
>My hand has involuntarily tensed and jerked when I got surprised, and has grabbed the panties (probably on purpose now I think about it)
>Hands shaking, I start to move them to the side slightly, revealing a very wet, very puffy (in a good way!) looking pussy
You two sound so cute.
Also I'd just wanted to let you know that I found your story incredibly sexy.
File: hisv.jpg (3KB, 100x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 100x125px
Big time.

Not unless we have someone like you around!


>Our backs to the class red starts to very slowly jack me off
>I am struggling to not moan or move, the feeling is so intense
>Stroking my fingers back and forth over her lips, I try to remember what I had seen her do in the history class
>Seems to be working, serious heaving breathing going on
>My hand is starting to get very damp, strings of moisture are clinging to my fingers, meanwhile my dick is starting to get very close to exploding
>Red starts to lean back pushing my fingers further in between her lips (also happened to notice at this point, while the skirt material hiked further up her waist that all she had was a bright ginger landing strip, penis appreciated that greatly)
>As she leans back her hair begins to fall over the back of the chair, getting pretty mesmerized by that for some reason
>Red starts to squish her thighs open and closed, forcing my hand deeper, until a finger finds the actual entry point
>Whole hand is soaked now, she is literally thigh humping my hand in and out of her, trying to make it look like she is just shaking her legs in boredom
>Start to really worry about being seen
>How is no one caring
>Even teacher is just sitting at another groups table not caring
>Feel ejaculation coming, want to warn her but can't talk
>Catch her eye, Red is failing miserably at keeping a straight face, jaw is slack and she is redder than a communist on Soviet Victory Day, little bit of saliva noticeable on chin

Thank you, sir. Next time wear a mask when you say it.

>Not unless we have someone like you around!

You never know when someone like me is around.

I wish I did stuff like this, a guy who can barely keep control oif his dick is damn sexy. moar moar moar...
What kind of mask do you prefer?
A mask that obscures some features and reveals others. Take a look at the first image.
Anon any hints on how to increase the chances of a scenario such as the one you so beautifully reminisced about happening? I'm no alpha by any means but I wouldn't exactly call myself a beta either. Offer me some risk taking.
No, no i dont.
Would you prefer we rated you instead? As long as you dont have a bad face, you could be anything from a 5-8. If you were above that you probably would have rated yourself due to confidence boosts/compliments.
Hmm I was playing with the idea of making a mask and taking a pic, but I don't have the materials to make a mask like that.
Cute? She was pure evil, she took advantage of my innocence and naivety, and I fucking loved it.


>As I start to come I push my chair in, pulling my erection pretty much upright, intending to cum less on the material
>All this achieves as I blow a truly massive load is to make boner more noticeable and pushes against the material more
>Small amount of cum actually has been pushed through boxers and trousers, and you can basically see the tip of my penis at this point
>Meanwhile Red has reached her tipping point, and can't stop herself
>My hand is covered in cum and sweat, and I can feel it pooling in the plastic seat below my fingertips
>The warmth could keep a small family safe through winter, my whole arm, from the wrist down (that I can see) is red
>She shudders a bit, and also leans forward to try and hide it from the class, only pushing my hand further in, and another finger slides deep into her pussy
>This must have come as a bit of a shock
>She lets out a massive, audible moan
>The room is fucking silent
>My hand up to my wrist is lodged comfortably in the warmest place on earth, dripping wet but starting to get stick
>That post cum, sweat smell is overpowering
>The room is still fucking silent
>I am panicking but frozen in place
>She is badly trying to stop panting
>Teacher comes over, barely manage to pull her skirt over her dripping wet pussy in time
>Uhhh... Anon? Is everything okay?
>I play it off like a fucking mastermind, tell him I said a really bad joke
>Red covers and said it was literally the worst joke she ever heard
>Teacher looks at us funny, can probably smell cum and sweat reeking off both of us like a fucking whorehouse in summer
>Walks off shrugging

We managed to leave shortly after, I got cleaned up again. Decided that I was quite enjoying this little arrangement. Nothing else happened for a while, but the last part is probably the most intense.
Wow, these are great stories. Even as a homo, for some reason these are kinda hot. Maybe just the raw sexualness, weirdness or something. Funny as hell too, though.
I would read, a story is a story, regardless of how it is told :)
I forgot to mention that I basically crabwalked out of class with my bag in front of my crotch to hide the cum.
great read

you too anon.
made my night

We aim to please! Ourselves mostly.
I have a gay friend from Brighton (UK) who loves this kind of story, regardless of genders. He is a massive exhibitionist though, and gets his dick out whenever he can, which kind of explains it.
That's certainly lewd.
File: zorro.jpg (700KB, 1280x1646px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
700KB, 1280x1646px
You can't rate what you can't see. As far as I'm aware my face is fine, I'm really more concerned about my height and that, from the waist up, I could almost pass for a boy...
Don't let me stop you! would a Zorro-type mask be easier? I'm no mask expert (...hey, it's just a fetish, I don't research it), but it looks like it's just...fabric.
Contrary to what people say, but small tits > saggy mofos all day erry day.

>Small amount of cum actually has been pushed through boxers and trousers, and you can basically see the tip of my penis at this point


I know that's exaggeration but still

you better finish me off pretty damn good cos i'm having to cross my legs here.
Last part plz
Nice to know I can get someone going.
It was a small exaggeration yes, but mostly true. Both my trousers and underwear were sodden.

PT.3 coming up.


Massively concurred. Petit gets me all day errday.
gimme your email and ill tell you a story :)
Exactly right. Which is why I gave an approximation on your personality and how you think you fit in to society, even though you havent given me an answer directly. Your descriptions were also taken into account, and I put aside the factor of a bad head to shorten my estimation, which remains at 5-8. Good day
you are clearly between 9 and 10 on the faggot scale
By your perception. But by my perception? Your a straight 10.
Now fuck off.
my bad, this one goes to 11
Hmm I do have something like that, but it would pain me to convert it into a mask as it usually keeps my dreads away from my face on cold days.
I am also pathetically worrying about not being your type of guy and making an ass out of myself in a very documented meme-able way.
File: OHLAWD.jpg (42KB, 600x492px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 600x492px

Allow me to draw back Monsieur Creme et Madame Verte, and I will recount the finale to my tale.
In seriousness, Chapter Three.

>After business class, Red and I had actually hit it off pretty well
>We didn't talk about what happened at all, it was much easier
>For a couple of weeks it seemed all fine and calm on the surface, but for me it was actually hell
>I could not stop thinking about her, and how she had basically fucked my hand
>Whenever I was with her I was getting hard
>Whenever I wasn't I wanted to be with her
>Literally could not control my penis, started wearing double boxers at one point
>My friends were worried, wondered why I was either miserable or excusing myself
>Began to control the issue by fapping at school
>First time was terrifying, but began to get the timings right so no one else would be using the bathrooms
>This gave me the confidence to be around her with needing to rip my dick off

Anyway, that's the prelude.

>One day, as class is ending, I notice Red chatting to one of my guy friends
>This is weird enough seeing as our friends didn't mix, but served to make me instantly jealous
>Walk out and catch up to them, asking whats up
>They smile and say they were just discussing homework, and what they were up to this weekend
>Red mentions she is going to the pool or something
>I imagine her in a bikini
>Anyway, I laugh and tell them to have fun, but I have to go
>She looks funny and asks where I keep running off to
>Oh shit.jpg she noticed

Watch out, grammer-nazi detected.
You do realize this is 4chan you dim-witted fuck. >protip: kill yourself and save society the lowered IQ.

Yes, I fucked up the greentext. No need to elaborate - the point remains you are one enormous ball of stupidity condensed into a very, very small brain. Do not reproduce.
nothing ventured, nothing gained.
But don't break something you own just to do it...

Been lurking for so long and loving it.
Old or new content, don't even care.
Thanks for the great stories, guys n gals.
Nah posting a pic is making me paranoid. But playing with idea was kinda hot.
Sorry if I got your hopes up.
So far this has been fucking hot.

Keep it up.
File: rustled.png (252KB, 357x346px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
252KB, 357x346px
File: year.jpg (31KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31KB, 480x360px
Mixed signals?!


>I brush it off and joke about how it's not her business
>I get rewarded with a frown, which somehow only serves to make my dick harder
>Thank fuck for the guitar case I'm carrying, I conceal the boner and head towards a bathroom, that should now be vacated because it's the end of the day
>Check stalls, I'm all clear, sneak into the end one by the showers and drop trousers
>It's a hard one, fucking hell
>Start to slowly and stealthly jack off, keeping an ear out for any movement
>Get more into it, lose focus and start remembering the feeling from the business class
>The moistness, the heat, oh fuck memories
>Suddenly door opens at the other end of the toilet
>Bags are outside stall, I'm fucking busted
>I freeze, hand wrapped around dick, silent like a fapping ninja
>Holy shit, is that Red?!
>'Uhhhhh... yeah? This is the guys, you shouldn't be in here lol'
>'Are you okay? Its just everyone says you have been acting really weird '
>Cover blown.jpg
>She is clearly approaching down the stalls
>Holy shit what if I was actually shitting, the fuck is wrong with her
>'I'm fine... just...'
>She is literally outside the stall
>For the first time in my life, I decide to be brave, and open the door, dick still out, precum visible on trousers and all

It's cool man. Playing with ideas is fun.

I like where this is heading.
Good show anon
>Mixed signals?!

Yeah I kinda fucked up. I want him to do it but not if it means actually ruining something, because it's probably not worth it.
I prefer to interpret it as her fetish arguing with her not wanting me to ruin my hair thingy.
Yeah, I used to be a little more bold with stuff like this, but it bit me in the ass. I still like playing with the idea though, because all of my self conscious body image worries somehow translate into exhibitionism when I'm horny. Not that wearing a mask is super risque, but my mind is connecting it to taboo, sexy sexy taboo.
I've been looking for a better material to do it with, but I sadly didn't find any.
Hhnnngg trying not to come b4 the end >.<
this feel
schlicking detected
That's not how the rule works fag
Bumping thread to help keep boners/ladyboners alive.
File: oXEDNFx.jpg (44KB, 480x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 480x480px
Don't worry, got you covered.


So up til now, it had just been the previous two times, of anything for me sexually. I feel I need to add that. Literally had my first hand job before my first kiss. Just trying to get across the inexperience here. Anyway.

>Door opens
>Of course she fucking knew exactly what I had been doing, way too smart for her own good, or I was way less subtle that I thought.
>Leaning back against the wall, Red had her skirt pulled all the way up to basically belt height, stopping only just short of underwear
>Her usual tights had been replaced with thigh high stockings leaving just the hips exposed, and she had unbuttoned her shit just enough to show some small cleavage
>Clearly, she had been planning this for a while, and all of the courage I had just worked up to open the door faded instantly
>Pulling up the rest of her skirt, I at last saw there were definitely no panties there, and was getting my first real look at her pussy
>Jaw dropped to somewhere around my ankles
>Speech became impossible
>I stood there, erect as a fucking tree trunk, no idea what to do
>Red has begun her signature giggle, and is staring at my dick
>It would seem that she also, has no idea what to do
>After what seems like an eternity of heavy breathing, she moves towards me, and I sit back down onto the toilet
>She pushed my legs together and arched over each side of me, thighs touching mine
>God it was like we were in heat, both of us were blushing and glowing like crazy
>As I unbutton her shirt with ridiculously trembling fingers, she pushes herself forwards up my legs until her pussy is just resting against the front of my dick
>The heat and the wetness, jesus christ, it was so intense
>As her lips part just so slightly on my dick, I lose control of my hands and give up on the shirt
>She is trembling as much as I am, we are literally feverishly hot against each other
>We are both sweating like crazy

Holy fucking shit
>As her lips part just so slightly on my dick
Srsly, got me wetter than niagra falls.
Keep it going.
Bump to keep alive :)
second that
I also had a girl take advantage of my innocence, it was fucking awesome.

Also have a thing for gingers to, no idea why.

Keep doing you anon
File: reasons.jpg (27KB, 247x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 247x320px

>Realize just how small she is on me as she leans down to kiss me
>This action arcs her back slightly, and she rubs slightly against my dick
>Both of us moan, dampness increases, I can already feel myself needing to move back from the edge
>We kiss, and she begins to slowly rub herself up and down my penis, making no effort for any quiet
>I am moaning as much as she is, trembling because I'm trying to make this last as much as I can
>Oh god it feels so good, holy shit
>Her lips are parting around my penis, and I can feel her touching her clit as she does so
>I am holding on to her arse for dear life, grabbing and pulling her more on top of me
>She pushes further down on my dick, humping up and down, like dry humping
>Except its not dry, it's like someone has poured oil all over us
>I begin to cum and holy fuck I think I'm about to pass out, I can hear Red getting higher and higher pitched in he moans as she schlicks herself up and down my dick
>I pulled her forward and kissed her again to keep her quiet, literally internalizing her screams has black flashes from how much blood is in my penis is making me light headed
>At this point, Im pretty sure she came, and truly massive amount
>She stopped, wild eyed and panting like crazy, as liquid soaked my thighs and stomach
>I'm literally covered in two people's cum at this point, my own has shot up my chest and hit my shirt and the rest is mixing with hers on my hips
>Thank god we were in a bathroom, and there were tissues
>We cleaned up
>We used a lot of tissues

And that's pretty much it! Dry humping is the best sometimes. We actually did have sex at a friend party in the next year, but it was nowhere near as intense as this, and we both knew it.

Anyway, happy reading and fapping.
fapping ninja kek
why is this so much better than anything i ever did

fuck you and fuck your red friend

oh wait you already did

brb gonna cum
File: 1414944747586.jpg (29KB, 426x341px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 426x341px
> generally small
Not good at stories
>be me
>masterbating with my gf in her room
>mother walks in
>I leave now
Cool ending. Both of these stories are awesome
I want to do this far more than is reasonable now

frankly i'm lucky i have no-one to do this with, or I get the feeling I'd be in serious trouble by the end of the weekend because damn

Thanks for sharing, anon
What is so unreasonable about having sex with someone you like?
What can I say, I'm descriptive

1) It isn't, your stuff had me on the edge of my seat (and orgasm)
2) Already kinda did, wet-hump was better though
3) Yep.
4) Enjoy!

Yeah, it's the best.

Glad to be of service!
Awesome story! im still a kisless virgin lel how does that even happen lel, i found a canadian horny girl tho but thats just sexting haha
dem lellelelelelelels but still how?
That's only the rules if the femanon in question is using her gender to gain attention.
Go to Canada dude, don't give a shit about how it may look. Just go and lose that v-card to a horny Canadian eh.
nahh i live in the netherlands ahha 600 for a ticket. but the sexting makes my dick harder then ever
I was at the time. All it takes is one sexual thing to awaken a bit of a monster, don't worry man, it happens to everyone. Maybe visit Canada?

No worries! Your story was awesome. Shame you aren't UK side, my gf has been reading your stories and wants you. I wouldn't have even written the whole story if she hadn't been so turned on by the fact you were getting off to it. We are horny people.

Thanks man.
Invite her over
take her to a coffee shop
Screw her stoned horny ass in the bathroom
in public-ish, where getting caught has dire consequences?

Pretty unreasonable

>Shame you aren't UK side
I know 1 thing needs to happen.. but im shy as fuk thats the problem but i hit the gym 4 times a week tho. and i hate going out haha
Getting caught in a public toilet having sex with a consenting adult will most likely result in a slap on the wrist from the staff. Not that risky at all.
>masturbate and cum
>under blankets
>right at the moment of orgasm brother walks in and starts talking to me

>another underblanket djparty
>roll around in bliss like cat for a couple of minutes afterwards
>notice mom in room picking up dishes and shit
>pretend i was looking for a comfortable pos to sleep
Perhaps I'm a little paranoid these days...
I was assuming you were in America?

Bathroom sex is best sex. I concur.

This picture actually accurately sums up all of what happened with Red, now I think about it.
He wishes you lived in England/Scotland/Wales so he could corrupt you with his gf. An admirable wish. I for one would love running into you here in Denmark.
Damn it, I'm only halfway through this thread. I can't catch up fast enough.
I live in the UK. I actually thought that was obvious, if it wasn't I suppose I would have tried to hide it more...

(I know I have to clean up some time soon, but uncomfortable though it may be, I'm so relaxed sat in this puddle right now.)
Unless you are actually willingly exposing your sex life to people who have no interest in seeing it, it is not that dire consequences worthy. At most it is an annoyance to the staff at the establishment whose facilities you are using and as a former barman let me tell you, unless you make a mess of the place, it's mostly just a funny story to talk about after closing time.
I came to this thread. 10/10 would do again.
She is a 12/10 tho perfect boobs and ass. why dont i meet these girls here. Everyone calls me hot ahha but still fuk internet
Oh huh. I moved back to the UK for university. America is cool and all but this is home for me.

Catch up son! It gets better.

Nice. Me too.

Hit the nail right on the head there.
This seems to be getting close to the bump limit sadly. (From what I can tell at the moment. Can't see the actual number though because of mobile.)
Man this thread needs more stories of innocence lost. I would tell my own, but it's kind of specific in some details and it would open me up for being recognized.
We might need a new one, but I'm fresh out of stories I'm allowed to tell.
What is the bump limit? We're at about 256 replies.
Do it anyway in a new thread. No one cares. No one will tell.
I'm pretty much all out of innocence at this point. Curious about your story...
Yeah I'm kind of being a wuss about this i guess, I should do it.
It probably wont be as well written as yours, but it does have some interesting tidbits.

Okay I'm making a new thread and linking it here.
Great. I might share my crap story.
Aww but ones you're not allowed to tell are the best ones.

I can't exactly remember, but it's either 250 or 300. I'd say it's 300 though.
I know right.

Hows that puddle feeling?
File: image.jpg (533KB, 1218x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
533KB, 1218x1600px
> xD
please leave
File: 1377566792979.jpg (73KB, 609x587px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 609x587px
oh god this is great, thanks, i needed this
Please share them. I'm intrigued.
I got it cleaned up between posts. Still feeling pretty horny though. I did a thing or two with tentanon in a public library and I almost want to go back and just do it all again...quite possibly with you.
okay this >>578083624 is the continuation thread.
Looks like I'll have to join in once I'm caught up with this one.
>be 12
>living in the actual living room as one room is taken by dad and the other is taken by my brother
>if you come in via the front door, you see the living room and the couch I was practically living on
>anyways, fapping, headphones on
>I hear a crack
>I see something in the corner of the eye
>door opens
>I slowly turn my head to the left
>brother and his new gf
>I slowly clean up, pull my pants up, close the porn, put headphones on the table
>hey, what are you guys doing here?
>c-came home to pack up a few things
>oh okay
>she is my new girlfriend, <name here>
>I turn to her
>hey, I'm Anon, nice to meet you.
>she doesn't say a word
>I continue
>I'd shake hands with you, but... well, you get the point
>she's just standing there
>I can see it from the corner of my eye that my brother is almost blowing up from the laughter
>I walk away and wash my hands
>they don't say a word to each other, just pack up and leave
heading over
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