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Can we get an incest thread going??

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Can we get an incest thread going??
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spiderman thread.jpg
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Did I?
I have a story
Well let's hear it
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Nigger this is my thread
Not typed out, on phone so bare with me
> be 12
> go to grandmas house twice every year
> cousin, 13, comes in same time we do since her family is 30 miles away from our grandma
> start noticing shes developing nicely
> we talk a lot and hang out a ton we were like best friends
> somewhat flirty but i mean nothing that would be weird
> this continues for my whole trip, well every trip actually
> our families are going out soon so i know cousin has to shower
> all of sudden i get plan
> must see my cousin naked
> at this time i was so horny morals out the window
> anyways play is about to go into action

continue faggot
bumping so this thread doesn't 404
yes pls
does anyone have the link to that story archive?
bump nigga
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> so cousin has to shower
> told family i was going to sleep because i wasnt feeling well so i wasnt going out with them
> by sleep i really meant fap a shit ton to what i was about to do
> i was in bed for an hour or so
> hear shower turn on (room was right next to shower)
> knew it was my cousin because all the adults wake up at early o'clock
> fuck yes everything going well
> fap 1 time super hard
> hear water turn off
> spring out of bed
> the shower is in the same room as the toilet so it seemed normal, water off, i was resting, going pee pretty proud of this
> walk into the shower room and see cousin's ass since she is drying off hair
> "uhhh.... uhhhh."
> she spins around
> see full frontal
> she drops towel in suprise
> bend down to pick it up quickly
> fuckyes.jpg it worked
> wraped herself in towel
> A-A-Anon what are you doing
> im so so sorry i just woke up and i didnt hear the water so i got up to go piss
> "oh. Im gonna dry off can you hold it?"
> "no i gotta go super bad"
> "uh alright just. Go quickly ok?"
> pull down pants and underwear
> dont really care
> piss
> glance over and see her turn around like when you accidently make eye contact with someone
> pretend i dont notice she saw
> say thanks and apologize again
let's get some greentext niggas
nice one, did you go any farther?
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bumping with sister
My copy pasta. Totally true actually happened to me.

>Be New Years, 15 years old sister and her friend 14
>At Grandmothers like every New Years
>Do the normal New Years, watch ball drop, some fireworks etc
>Gram goes to sleep, we stay up. Drink Gram's beer
>We hang out and eventually someone suggests Truth or Dare
>Boring at first, a lot of truth questions, Ever seen a dick? Ever kissed a girl? Etc
>Drink more and get braver, start with Dares
>Eventually we all end up in our underwear, then my sister dares her friend to take off her bra
>Fuck Yeah Tits!! First real set I've seen
>More truths, some dares. Sister and I both touch and suck on friends tits.
>Then my sister dares her friend to touch my dick
>Again Fuck Yeah, first time having someone touch my penis
>She pulls it out right there, my sister yelled "What right here?"
>I got a handy, don't remember how long, I came over her hand and the floor
>My sister watched the whole thing, I cleaned up with my tshirt
>Truth or dare ended there, we stayed in our underwear, watched a movie and went to sleep
Don't let it die Goddammit
File: aw-shit-nigga.jpg (3KB, 125x93px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's fucking all??
File: 1012604111.jpg (287KB, 1000x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 2044394752.jpg (327KB, 1000x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> finally everyone left
> go back to bed to masturbate a ton while the image is still on my mind
> hear knocking on the doors
> ohshit.exe
> push tissues off side of bed as fast as i can
> "come in!"
> its cousin
> she looks to the side of me
> ohshit.exe
> i forgot the box
> think of saying something along the lines of "ran out of tissues for my damn runny nose"
> too suspicious
> hindsight she probably knew.
> "I thought you went out with the family?"
> "i think i might not be feeling that well either
Can i come in bed and just watch a movie with you ?"
> nothing unusal we watch movies all the time
> "oh sure"
> scoot over a bit
> pick a movie forgot what honestly
> 40 minutes in or so
> "Anon its cold"
> (we go during winters and its pretty far north)
> "Oh do you want me to get a heater or something?"
> "no can you just maybe get a little closer youre always so warm!"
> again nothing unusual we did get pretty snuggly during cold winters

Cant tell if people still posting in thread, Cont?

Captcha: continue
Nobody else had pics or stories? Man I'd would have loved to done more with my sisters.
Yes dammit this is getting good
continue nigga
cont fgt
please continue
of course, why people always ask? ITS OBVIOUS WE FUCKING WANT THE STORY TO CONTINUE
yes, please continue anon.
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File: 1415204033699.jpg (654KB, 2200x3200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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since I don't feel like posting captions
I've fucked my sister plenty times, actually we did it every week. We were 13-16. We havent brought it up since then. Were 24 now.
its hard to fap while writing "continue". fucking god
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File: image.jpg (88KB, 500x487px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Keep going nigga
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Anyone remember me from last weekend? I have been in a relationship with my mom for 3 years.
ill be nice. I posted this story this morning in the other wincest thread

>Be 19 sis be 22
>sis goes to college out of state rarely see her
>sis breaks up with bf comes home for thanksgiving
>see her first time in month
>holy fuck totaly hot after makeover
>she teases me all week want to fuck her so bad
>dont have balls to try before she leaves again
>start planning to fuck her when she comes home for xmass
>ask /b/ for advice get bullshit
>month passes fap every night thinking of sis
>sis comes home again
>sis's friend invites her to new years party
>talk sis into bringing me as designated driver
>bring flask of vodka
>sneak extra vodak into all of sis's drinks
>sis passes out
>bring her to car and drive her home
>pull down random sidestreet
>sis still passed out
>pull her shirt up epic tits
>pull pants down and lick her pussy
>so hot and wet
>Wip out cock apply condom
>start fucking her
>so tight cum instantly
>second condom start again
>fuck her hard and fast
>cum again pull out realize condom broke
>remember shes on the pill so no problem
>take her home parents asleep
>bring her to her room fuck her again in her bed
>no condom this time
>best feeling ever
>cum inside again
>fix her clothes and tuck her in

Part 2 in a minute
Twins I'm assuming. How did you get started?
earlier today too
Great A'Tuin is real...
found in in a incest thread
fu opie now I can never read terry pratchett again
pics or you're gay

>next day wake up
>realize left 2 loads of cum in her pussy
>sis hung over doesnt remember last night
>thanks me for getting her home
>sigh of relief
>couple days pass she still doesnt remember
>want to fuck her again
>"accidently" walk in on her in the shower
>no luck
>let her catch me naked
>she likes but still no luck
>she keeps teasing
>sis goes back to school
>fap every night to memories of her pussy
>work on plan to fuck her again next time shes home
>hear from parents something happening with sis
>no details
>shes on the pill and was passed out
>no worries
>sis comes home for spring break
>sis be 3 months preggo
>oh fuck
how big are her tits and nips

Before and after spoiler
I was on earlier, had day off work but at weekend I had a discussion about me buying an engagement ring for my mom.
>tfw I can't remember the circumstances preceding the multiple times my eldest sister would teach me how to fuck when i was in 3rd grade
Not twins. We would watch tv together and start kissing then it gradually grew into oral sex and then actual sex. Once we got to actual sex it was non stop. I know our mother caught us a bunch of times but she always acted like she never saw.

>fish for info
>times match up to around new years
>sis doesnt remember having sex
>went off pill after dumping her bf
>oh shit its probably mine
>sis doesnt want to abort
>blames herself for drunk slutting
>thanks me for getting her out of there
>feel guilty but still want to fuck her more
>spend spring break with her at home
>she be touchy feely
>rub her belly all the time
>watch her in skimpy clothes
>"im here for u sis nomatter what"
>get kiss for that
>she stops caring about me seeing her naked
>walk in on her all the time
>start being naked together
>get in shower with her
>wash each other
>make out in shower
>mega boner ready to fuck her
>sis stops me
>shes not sure needs to think
>fucking blueballs
>sis goes back to school
>promises to talk and see where things go when she gets back

They were b cup now c
fucking hot
what did you pick?
File: 1414631227204.jpg (37KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I assume you used protection?
I am now engaged. It was her birthday today and we went out to a posh place and after dinner I proposed and she said yes.
>next few month are terrible
>want sis so bad but can only fap
>talk to her on phone sometimes
>she avoids topic
>wait for summer
>sis comes home
>fuck yea preggo belly
>want to fuck her so bad but parents are home
>next day parents at work
>sis wakes me up
>"we need to talk bro"
>she loves me but doesnt know what to do
>interupt her with kiss
>tell her i love her to
>even with baby
>start making out
>take her top off
>tits have gotten bigger
>kiss and suck on them
>no milk yet but still epic
>boner pops out of boxers
>she gives hj
>starts sucking it
>cum in her mouth
>she climbs on top
>about to slide pussy onto my cock
>she stops
>"should we really do this bro?"
>kiss her and thrust into her
>she rides me cum inside again
>shes worried i came inside
>rub belly "not like i can get you preggers"
>fuck her all summer
>she takes fall semester off to have baby
>fuck her through 9th month
>sis has my baby girl
>puts her up for adoption

my sis >>577814620
Before i Cont, sorry about way i ended that post. It did make it seem like it was over and its super hard for me to type fast and accurately on phone

I said im on phone and cant see if people are bumping fool

> we snuggled up and watch quite a bit more of the movie when suddenly
> everyone walked the dinosaur...
> nah its not ending like that here is real cont:
> when suddenly she said
> "well youve seen me so now i should see you"
> im calling her hannah now, cousin sounds awkward
> "w-what?"
> "yeah. Its only fair. Unless you really dont want to."
> "But hannah i saw you on accident..."
> "oh come on! You expect me to believe that!? Admit it, you wanted to see me! Its ok anon. Im not mad. And now, i want to see what you look like too"
> "Youre right. Ok. I guess you can. "
> she smiles a little and then pulls off the blanket and she pulls off my pants
> im pretty erect at this and she hasnt seen a real one before so she was pretty suprised
> "is it ok if.. i feel it?"
> "sure i guess"
> she starts rubbing it a little and im pretty amazed at her willingness for all this
> "Kiss me anon"
> "huh?"
> "yeah. I haven't had my first kiss and well. I don't think you have either"
> i didnt
> "um ok"

My arms needs a second /b/ros
Congrats dude!
yeah we need more pics of your mom dude
with a body like that, I would make her a baby factory
File: IMG_188.jpg (59KB, 378x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59KB, 378x640px
Thank you. I knew some people asked me to return to ask how it went and so I am. She loved the ring and started to cry when I was asking her. We are planning on having a holiday somewhere and when we get back saying we got married there.

Bump with boobs
we had 1 kid not that she knows its mine and im trying to convince her to have one with me now
just make sure you don't make a serious Honeymoon error and mess up any BC

Unless she is on depo

go for it!
It was. I creeped on my sister pretty hard after that. I spied on her sleeping, jerked off in her bras. Great time.
>Be 18
>Staying at sister's place just to hang out
>Sister and I were always close, she's really playful
>Watching Netflix when she walks across the room in only a towel and half-drops it, revealing her ass
>She yelps and turns to me, smiling
>Goes back into her room, doesn't close the door
>I get up and follow her in, paying no attention to my boner
>Standing there in a towel, she says "You aren't supposed to see those things!"
>"Then what am I supposed to do?"
>She drops her line of sight to my thighs and keeps it there
>She blushes and says "Nothing!"
>Walks into her bathroom and starts the shower
>I go back to the couch and purposefully leave her door open
>Raging boner at this point, decide while I can hear the shower I should be safe to fap
>Pull it out and begin to spank the monkey
>Shower stops
>No where near finishing
>Well I should have time, girls take forever to--
>Her bathroom door opens

File: IMG_113.jpg (73KB, 500x587px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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She is on depo. We won't make that mistake.
Got any more of your sister?
yes yes continue
Why did you guys stop? If it was such a great thing and all.
no one likes a half written book so why would we only like half a fucking story? yes continue faggot
File: IMG_128.jpg (37KB, 480x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37KB, 480x640px


hurry the fuck up
post some sister nudes
was the baby retarded?
dammit move to a computer to finish this
I would creep on my sister during the summer every morning. We didn't have AC so my sister slept topless, of course she would close her door but would leave it cracked so her cat could come in and out. My room was farther down the hall from her's and I always was awake before her. So I would walk real quiet down the hall and angle myself so I could see her bed from the crack. Often I'd get lucky and she would be facing the door or be on her back and I got to see those tits in all their glory.
yeh saved all.those.pics. post more. new pics bro.
come on br0 CONTINUE
post a pic
I'm not here for you too fill your pc with pics of my fiance. I come here because it's anon and I can't talk about it irl.
far as i know the kid is just fine

i do but none that im going to post
>Be me 16 go Uncle party
>Lot of alcohol drinking
>Uncle drunk we go home
>He falls asleep on couch
>Put tv on Conan OBriBri
>Uncle turn into Conan OBriBri
>Dinoasaur eat house
Keep going?
you're a hero
fuck off
>No time to react
>So... I didn't!
>As hard as I'll ever be, my sister walks out and sees my glorious confidence
>She stammers backward
>Places a hand across her eyebrow and smiles
>She says "Are you serious, Anon?"
>Say nothing
>She walks over and looks at me and then my dick
>"Well... Not bad."
>I move my hands off my dick and to the base of my shaft
>Way faster than I expected, she puts a firm hand around my shaft, her hand fitting it nicely
>"Would it be wrong to say I'm impressed?"
>In complete shock of the way things were turning out
>Just say "It's not wrong to be honest, right? Maybe you should forget about the towel!" And laugh
>She smiles and breathes sharply
>Notice I feel her lightly stroking me, her thumb tracing the line between the head of my dick
>She's not even looking at me anymore, just my dick
>She says "This isn't too much, is it?"
>"No, you're pretty good at this!" and grunt slightly, trying to encourage her
>Both hands on my dick, sitting on her knees now between my legs
stories of other times?
File: a1368791329457.jpg (120KB, 640x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120KB, 640x960px
I don't have any of her tits. These were the days before my family had a digital computer. Her tits were very similar to this chick. When I first saw this image I swore it was my sister.
Cousin 15
I'm 14
Her family over to visit
We get drunk off their alc
She pass out
I play with tits
As I rub cock on her clit through her boxers she wakes up and accidently jolts her pussy on to my cock.
I pull out and cum on her stomach and chest.
She gets pissed and sleeps downstairs.
Never talks about it again, but things have always been weird since.
> everyone walked the dinosaur...
> nah its not ending like that here is real cont:

Psych major here. And I inference that you were trying to think of a story to make up so you posted that just to keep mind going.

Faggot. Fake and gay
File: IMG_272.jpg (66KB, 378x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66KB, 378x640px
I wouldn't go that far but I do like to know how sexy you think she is, give advice or just show that winning is possible
holy fuck, keep going

if you have any non-dentifying pics of your sis it would be much appreciated too
Here we go again

> she climbed on top of me and have an awkward first kiss
> we get slowly and slowly more into it
> ask her to take her clothes off
> we are both fully naked but not really sure what to do so we both kind of lay there looking at each other
> i ask if i can feel her now
> of course she ok with it
> im just kind of exploring around with a finger
> i ask if i can feel inside
> she ok with it again
> i start moving around and shes moaning quite a bit
> i go put a second finger in
> its pretty tight
> shes moaning quite a bit with the more i do
> we kind of take turns feeling each other up which lasts for like 30-40 minutes
> finally she asks to suck it
> ImOkWithThis.jpg
> shes really bad at it but im blown away because it feels great for me
> finally i cant take it anymore
> "Hannah im cumming!"
> she wasnt really sure so she stopped
> some squirts onto her face and she jumps a little suprised
> she looks at my dick and the semen CUMMING out
> we sat there in silence then she moves back down and starts licking up and down
> im speechless at this point
> Never wanted to masturbate again
> kek
> once shes done i finally ask
> "Hannah can I... use my tounge?"
> "you already did when we kissed?"
> "No Hannah like. Can i use my tounge like you did to me?"
> "Sure anon... if you want"
> she moans a lot while i do it
> I only lasted for like 10 minutes doing it but she seemed to love it
> finally i said
> "we need to go shower real quickly our parents should be home soon"
> we shower together, make out some
> we get dressed
> go back to bed
> put on new movie
> we snuggle more and get super close
> some feeling thats it
> parents come home and check on us
> think its really cute we are together when we are sick
> they never noticed
> we did a ton of this stuff the whole trip but never really had "real sex"
> we did a few years later when we were both much more experienced
Bump bump bumpity bump bump
Bump for the love of my boner.
She is stupid hot, I would definitely try to get back into her pussy cock first if that was my mom
keep it going, dammit.
make a wincest thread tomorrow and ill post some need sleep now
File: IMG_277.jpg (52KB, 500x373px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52KB, 500x373px
I know exactly what you mean
Think what you want man. I was adding a little humor for myself i guess. I am a hella slow typer on a phone while trying to be accurate but i didnt need to "think of a story" because i know what happened if calling me a faggot while saying fake and gay pleases you then sure. So be it. I honestly dont give a fuck
Hah 3 years.. That's nothing I've been in a relationship with my mother for 21 years.
Every single day, these threads get less imaginative. First, people were posting links to incest videos, that actually looked real. Then there were screenshots, then there were pictures, then there were pictures that weren't incest, that had those captions on them. Now there are just regular porn pictures, with filenames like "sisterswallow.jpg".

You people will be satisfied with anything.
you're living the dream, the dream that all sons have of giving their moms what they need.
I ran out of characters so

> we still fuck whenever we meet
> we both are ok with it and never puts any awkwardness between us
> we have even had relationships and still do it
> the only way i think it will end is if we stop visiting or once of us gets married
how old are you though bro?
Do you have more pics? Ass,feet, etc? Already fapped to the other ones you posted...and thanks for sharing
Slams 16-18 yo nudes.
Demands better incest threads.
Fucking idiot dimbis numbskull
this is actually a better thread with greentexts though
Granted i havent been reading them due to me writing out my phone but some wincest threads consist of just those shitty captioned pictures
File: 201409230128.jpg (451KB, 1280x1714px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
451KB, 1280x1714px
anybody have any stolen nudes of their own sister? interested in that and some stories
I fucking love her tits and nips

Me personally, I think she seems like a great mom too. Shame with the way society is that you cannot give her more children.
File: 5FDxGmt.png (893KB, 610x915px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
893KB, 610x915px
I tried to, but that was a no-fly zone haha

>I put my hand on her head, and very slightly pull her head closer
>She smiles and grabs my arm, sliding it back and putting her hand down my leg
>Breathe in sharply, mind is racing at this point
>She slowly puts her tongue against the head of my dick, dragging it down the shaft
>Blowjobs are great, but the fact that it was my sister made me ridiculously hard
>She goes down to my balls, plays with one with her tongue
>G-god damn
>Licks her way back up the shaft, and puts her lips around my head and begins sucking softly
>Her grey-blue eyes meet with mine, it's oddly passionate but I love it
>She blushes and begins to go deeper, and faster
>Put my hand on her head and stop her head a few inches from the bottom
>She holds and then comes back up
>Comes off my dick, spit web attached to her lips
>Grab her arm and pull her up, and she stands up with it
>She's still got a towel around her, lets fix that
>Tug it and it falls down, revealing her angles and dat ass again
>Quickly squeeze and fondle her ass, she bends it toward me putting her pussy just about in my face
I've been trying to rebuild the greentext folder I had in the past

fun fact: those captions were initially made to bumbpbetween greentexts and help write speeds
File: 1293874293487.png (301KB, 564x5611px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
301KB, 564x5611px
File: 1393867601015.gif (498KB, 300x222px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
498KB, 300x222px
He means he's 21 years old. He touched her pussy once and can't accept the fact they're just friends now.
God damn my arms hurt so fucking much from the position i was in to type so close to my face
(Contacts arent in)

Hope you enjpyed my story /b/ros.

I dont mind when its only some with greentexts going on but shit if its an entire thread for them please no
i just reported this, have fun in the pokey, faggot
File: repostcunt.jpg (87KB, 533x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87KB, 533x700px
Shit meme is shit
that is the point

the green texts were going to the point no one was posting due to text
Show must go on.
This guy was a big fucking piece of buzzkill for me
File: 1__2_.jpg (167KB, 727x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
167KB, 727x540px
Well met, it was worth sticking around for that story.
File: IMG_238.jpg (306KB, 1280x919px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
306KB, 1280x919px
File: 1413584697101.jpg (1MB, 2600x2372px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2600x2372px
Best shit ever.
Not a bad boob job, how many years past?
Could you like, upload this to mega? That'd be awesome, if there's a lot more.
Not a boob job, I think what you are referring to is a stretch mark
No, I'm not dumping all my pics of her.
keep telling yourself that.
This kid got caught fucking the blonde at the beach when he was 16 and she was 23. Both of the girls are his sisters.
made my goddamn mouth water
still bumping to see some sister nudes
Is his name Nate?
I bet you're white
Firstly, I know she hasn't.
Secondly, I don't care if she has and hasn't told me.
Thirdly, they are perfect boobs that I get to cuddle up to on a night.
>Pull her shaved ass into my face and begin eating her out as best as I can
>She gets tired of standing and sits in my lap with my cock between her legs, front and center to her pussy
>"I'm still on birth-control, ok?"
>"You want to..."
>She looks at me with a cocked eyebrow and lifts her ass over my dick and slides most of it inside her
>"Anon... Why didn't you tell me you were this big before?"
>I never really had proper perspective on my size, until then
>She begins to ride me until her ass and A-cup tits are bouncing in rhythm with her moaning
>Cock throbbing at this point, hold her down before I bust
>Pull out and pull her up onto the couch, on all fours
>She happily takes the position, arching her back with her ass upward
>Slide my cock between her ass, teasing her sopping pussy
>She shakes her ass and smiles at me intently, so I slide it in
>I begin pounding her ass, her moaning getting louder as I go longer
>She begins bouncing her ass off my hips, eventually we're going pretty fast
>I can't keep this up, I'm about to cum
>She yells and stops, her pussy clenches my dick lick a ripe banana
>Push my cock in balls deep and explode into my sister
>We both sit there for a minute, collecting ourselves
File: sis.jpg (30KB, 720x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 720x960px
nope, think it's Kevin
File: 1415154925480.gif (771KB, 500x396px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
771KB, 500x396px
my sister
fooled around with my sis when we were younger.

>be 13 or 14
>younger sister needs help with ocarina of time
>tell her ill help if she takes her shirt off and lays down
>i titty fuck her tiny boobs and jizz on her throat
>this happens numerous times
>play with her pussy sometimes when we're in our bedroom at night
>get caught by grandma, stops indefinitely
>at one point my friend came over and i said feel free to use her
>i kept watch while he went under a blanket with her and did who knows what for a few minutes
>hear her say "why are you taking that off?"
>still take creeper pics of her to this day, while i plan my comeback
keep going you have my attention
>implying twins ever stop fucking
you'll never be more intimate than with a twin anon.
File: 1366174334012.gif (1MB, 200x150px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 200x150px
File: 0xbflJ2.jpg (149KB, 500x732px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149KB, 500x732px
won't share too much.
I think she caught onto my bathroom cam after a couple times. in the last video she actually seemed to notice it, and stare at it for like 15 seconds, and then continue about her business. then she switched bathrooms
>We lay on the couch naked, her on top of me
>Pass out there and woke up the next morning and cooked breakfast together naked

And now, every time I go to see my sister I don't even have to say anything about it- We usually end up fucking.
I always think it's funny when someone tells me how pretty she is or when a guy mentions how hot she is.
ass pic?
no great ones
File: knighty.jpg (172KB, 1257x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
172KB, 1257x1600px
That poor girl
File: 1413609921057.jpg (29KB, 494x622px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 494x622px
gg Well Played
File: 1336127838623.jpg (17KB, 360x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 360x300px
>come home
>see this shit
>not nearly enough spiderman
File: 004xFo5.jpg (120KB, 903x879px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120KB, 903x879px
you could always post videos
File: 1341127857497.jpg (25KB, 444x290px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 444x290px
File: 1413229959153.jpg (81KB, 987x1106px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81KB, 987x1106px
Spiderman bullshit doesn't work with one person dumbfuck
>be 15, horny all the time, only computer in the house in my room
>watch porn all the time
>sister moves in with us, divorced
>niece is 13 or so
>she bothers me all the time so she can use the computer, myspace and what not
>one day be masturbating, hear someone knocking softly in my door
>fuck, hide my boner and open the door
>its her "can i use the computer anon"
>no it's like 12 in the night go to sleep
>"i wanna use it, pls. can I at least watch you?"
>fuck. "Sure but dont annoy me"
>Of course kept pron on a different tap
>go to online games and shit while she is there
>She is layin on my bed, "I wanna sit closer anon"
>Well there is only one chair
>She comes and sits on my lap
>damn, what do i do. Boner was gone already but still
>she plays the games i was playing
>she notices the other tabs open
>what's this anon?
>she clicks, a big tits blonde is sucking a big cock
>it's ok anon i wanna watch, ive seen it before
>I just freeze, she goes tru all the tabs
>different videos and pictures
>she is sitting dead center on top of me, my boner comes to life
>Just realize that I have a well developed latina ass on my lap. She is wearing pajamas
>She lets one video play. Lays back on me. Her head on my shoulder. "I like that one"
>I look at her tits, nice size for her age, perky. No bra, I can see her hard nipples
>she starts moving as if she cant find a controllable position
>"Im falling, holm me anon"
>I make a movement as to hold her by her belly
>my hands end up under her shirt, her soft perfect belly. it's warm
>I ger super horny watching the video
>FUCK THIS SHIT, it's too much for me
>i look at tits again. I slowly start moving my hand up her blouse
>she doesn't say anything
>i reach the bottom of her tit, so soft
>fuck it. I go for it. Im full on grabbing her left tit. It;s a handful, nipples hard
>she moves her arm a little to allow more movement
>I play with it. "Have you ever done that anon?"
File: 9343z09.jpg (229KB, 1500x843px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
229KB, 1500x843px
File: 1412644286994.jpg (649KB, 993x1468px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
649KB, 993x1468px
bumping to still see some stolen nudes from sisters
omg plz continue!!
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