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Does anyone have any personal dirty sex stories that include

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Does anyone have any personal dirty sex stories that include any of the following:

1.) Have you fucked someone inappropriate, like your wife's or GF's mom, sister or best friend? Or a friend's mom, wife or girlfriend?

2.) Have you blackmailed someone for sex? Especially, if you caught them cheating and then got them to have sex with you to keep quiet?

3.) Have you had a female cheat with you because you have a big dick?

These are 3 scenarios that I find to be especially arousing, but if you have any dirty sex/cheating stories, feel free to share them.

> Pic related: An amateur-looking photo of a MILF that I think is really hot.
number 3 with 3 different girls, but not because I have a big dick, but because, according to all of them, because I'm a great lay.. Now that I think about it, they're the only three chicks I haven't paid to have sex with. still fuck two of them regularly, the other one moved extra far away
interest bump
A bisexual female cheat her girlfriend with me, does it count?
Thanks for replying. Are you exaggerating about these 3 females being the only ones you haven't paid to have sex with? Or do you mean that literally? And are you specifically only referring to prostitutes? Or have you paid females you knew to let you have sex with them? Also, do you have a big dick? Or is it just that you are good in bed?

Also, to try to give an idea of what type of stories I'm looking for, I'll see if I can find the screencap I grabbed of a story posted in a previous thread about a guy who was lying in the same bed with his friend who was passed out on the other side of the bed, with the guy's GF lying between them. He describes how his friend is passed out, and how he himself is also really drunk, but he smells his friend's GF's hair and gets horny and starts rubbing on her, then ends up fucking her while his friend is on the same bed, and ends up cumming inside her. Then, the GF goes to the bathroom to clean up, comes back and gets back on the bed between them, and he almost-immediately starts fucking her again. I found it to be really fucking hot!
this smells of newfag
Yes to all 3.

With OP's mum.
shut the fuck up and go to /hc/ faggot.
Sure, that would be something I'd like to read about. And details are always appreciated! How did you start fucking this girl? Had you fooled around with her before she got this girlfriend? Does her girlfriend suspect anything between you two? What does this female look like? Big tits? Big ass? Tight body? Tight pussy? What all have you done with her sexually? And do you have a big dick? Also, got any pics of the girl you could post?

> Pic related: A pic I saved a while ago that is of a woman with cum on her face who accidentally posts the photo to Facebook and then her son sees it.
Before, I start, my dick is 7 inches by my last measurement, which by my understanding is over average, but it's not massive.

Number 3 with the girl that I'm currently with. Whilst I've said my dick isn't huge, her boyfriend had an extremely small dick, 4 inches erect and a non-retractable foreskin.
For a month or so before their break-up, she was blowing me, but we didn't fuck until a week after they broke up.
>I was 16 and had a girlfriend who was also 16. Her name was Ashley.
>She lived with mom, two sisters, toddler brother and her step dad
> Her mom had long blonde hair and so did Ashley and her sisters.
> Me and Ashley had been together for a few months and around this time and had lost our virginity to each other.
>Her mom was suffering from depression.
>Ashley's mom was quite open and told her that due to her current state she did not feel up to having sex with Ashley's step dad.
>Ashley's step dad was a pretty cool guy and we had talked about music and stuff.
>Ashley's mom told her that her step dad was quite a sexually stimulated man and would be very frustrated if he could not have sex with her mom.
>Ashley's mom therefore asked Ashley if she would be able to have sex with her step dad instead when he felt the need as he preferred Ashley to the other sisters.
>Ashley felt pressured into this by her mom because her mom mentioned how his income provides the family with money and enables them to live and that they couldn't cope if he left her.
>Because of that Ashley gave in and agreed to have sex with her step dad, Steve.
>Ashley told me about it the next day and how she had to do it. She felt terrible.
>I felt quite strange and didn't like the idea of it at all. After all this was my girlfriend.
>Ashley pleaded with me that it was such a tough situation. She said I could break up with her if I wanted, even though she would be hurt if I left.
>She said she had to do this for the sake of her family.
>I loved her so much and I could see that she loved me too.
>I didn't want to lose her and I didn't want her to be sad so I went with it and said it's ok.
>A few days after she told me the situation I decided to come over after school.
>She lived quite close to my house and I would often come over.
>I knocked on the door and was let in by one of Ashley's sisters.
>I headed over to Ashley's room and I opened the door.
>Right before my eyes I could see Ashley and Steve.
>Ashley was completely naked. She was in the doggy position with her feet on the floor and her hands pushing down on the bed.
>Steve was in his work clothes and had his pants down. He was thrusting into my girlfriend from behind.
>Ashley had a blank expression on her face from what I could see. She was just taking it and being emotionless.
>It was a very tough site to see. I was quivering.
>They didn't notice me open the door so I carefully closed it and waited outside her room.
>I could hear the sound of her ass slapping against Steve's thrusts. He was going quite fast.
>I decided to leave and wait in the lounge for them to finish. Ashley's sisters were watching tv and didn't really say anything to me.
>Eventually I hear a door close. I then saw Ashley walk into the lounge. She saw me and said a quiet "hey".
>"H-hey" I said back, in a quivery voice.
>She motioned her hand in a waving motion, asking me to come out of the lounge.
>I followed her out and she said to me in a quiet voice "I'm sorry about that."
>"That's ok" I replied calmly.
File: gif.gif (803KB, 500x280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
803KB, 500x280px
>This would become a regular thing. Steve would sometimes come home early from work and fuck Ashley and/or he would fuck her later at night.
>Whenever I was over I would just wait in the lounge area.
>Sometimes I would accidentally walk in on them.
>Steve noticed me on my second accidental walk in.
> He turned to Ashley and she said "he's fine with it, keep going."
>Those words hit me deep. I felt hurt but I knew she had to keep the peace and go with it.
>Once Steve resumed fucking her I could hear her making quick whining noises. "Uhhh!" "Aaah!"
>These whines seemed to grow louder and more frequent on each occasion I heard them.
>Steve seemed to prefer doggy style over anything else.
>Me and Ashley would have sex on occasion. However sometimes she would feel tired after having fucked Steve and we wouldn't do anything.
>The fucking grew louder so I could tell when they were fucking before walking in so I'd walk away from the door and wait in the lounge as I always did.
>One time however I couldn't hear anything so I knocked on the door.
>I got no reply so I opened the door, only to see Ashley naked and giving Steve head. Her hair was tied up in a pony tail.
>I was standing at the room entrance and she carried on with it even though I'm pretty sure she knew I was there.
>I began to feel more weak and inadequate.
>She was clearly getting a lot of enjoyment out of Steve fucking her and didn't seem nearly as enthused with me.
>I ended up becoming quite fed up with it and had an argument with her about it. I tried persuading her to stop.
> She was stubborn and said she can't otherwise Steve will leave her mother.
>I felt lost for words and Ashley came closer to me and kissed me on my cheek and said "I love you, anon. Please."
File: mighty need.gif (498KB, 500x330px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mighty need.gif
498KB, 500x330px
Gonna need that sauce on dat gif dere
File: 20141002_103937.jpg (873KB, 2560x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
873KB, 2560x1536px
>Inb4 the new fags eat this pasta
File: milf-big-tits-06.jpg (56KB, 510x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 510x768px
What sort of fucking faggot says "mum"? Go back to jolly ol' England, you faggoty cock-smoker.

While that story seems erotic, I can't help but feel bad about dude's 4-inch penis. Did she say he was insecure about it? Was she nervous about yours at first? Did/do you know the guy she was dating? Did he know/find out about you fooling around with his girl while they were still together? And do you have any pics of the girl you could post?
> Pic related: Just a sexy MILF with huge tits that I thought might help to being some interest to the thread and get some stories.
>Despite the situation I was still deeply in love with Ashley and felt very conflicted.
>Sometimes Steve would slap Ashley's ass as he walked by and I was just meant to go with it and not cause trouble.
>Me and Ashley would be watching tv together in the lounge. Ashley would cuddle up to me. Sometimes Steve would walk in and say "Ashley I require your services".
>The first few times she would turn to me after he came in and say "I have to go" then she would leave with him.
>In the times that followed she would just leap up off the couch and not say anything to me.
>One day Ashley could see I was bothered and told me I could fuck someone else if I wanted.
>I told her I only wanted her. She seemed to be relieved and then her face seemed to be quite blank.
>The next day Ashley told me she was feeling quite sore so told me to walk with her slowly. I asked why.
>She told me Steve had been trying anal with her.
>I had never done anal with Ashley so this seemed to be her first time..and it was with Steve.
>This was the last straw for me. I couldn't deal with this anymore.
>One night when we were watching tv together Steve burst in the door.
>He had become quite aggressive and said in a strong commanding voice: "Ashley come, have the beads ready."
>Steve didn't give a shit about me and Ashley seemed to go along with everything he wanted.
>After they left the room I sat in the lounge and dwelled on things.
>After a while I decided to get up. I walked over to Ashley's room and opened the door.
>I could see Steve was straddling her already, penetrating her asshole. The anal beads were on her side drawer.
>I yelled "Ashley I'm leaving you!"
>Ashley turned her head over to me and gave me a blank expression. She then turned back to Steve and said "keep going."
>My heart sank at her lack of emotion or caring. I ran out of the house and walked home.
>I never spoke to her again after that.
File: 1414717827459.jpg (42KB, 535x462px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 535x462px
I'm exchanging photos with my girlfriend's mother. Looks like we're going to hook up soon.

At work, I started flirting heavily with this older woman (smokin' hot for 40+, best fucking sex I've ever had each and every time btw). didn't know she was married. she's now divorced, and we fuck all the time.

talking to another girl at work. Married, has kids, another failed marriage or the sex drive isn't there. flirting hard, sent her a dickpic, and she's unable to "concentrate on anything else". It's going to happen again, too.

I'm a terrible person, but fuck it :^)
Eli Tetona.
File: img1232345.png (2MB, 1037x1865px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1037x1865px
>1 & 3

pic related: me

(tattoos cut)

moar pls
I've got an incest story for you
>not going to green text, deal with it faggots

Be me, 14 years old, mom is only 31
She is divorced single mom, I am virgin fag
There is some home improvements going on, so one wall of the bathroom is just a blanket
Every time mom showers, I peek through and fap like mad
(MFW I still fap to memories of spying on hairy mom bush to this day)
Two weeks go by
Mom catches me
"We have to talk"
Mom is all like "You've been doing this a while, haven't you anon?"
"You need to stop being a creep"
And as such, ye olde blanket wall is fixed
Story continues tho...
That was probably the saddest story I've heard in years...
Please tell me you're willing to post some pictures of these females? Particularly, of your GF's mom? How exactly did this start? Is her mom hot? How old is she, and you? And are you actually with the girlfriend now while exchanging pics with her mom? Are your GF and her mom close?

As for the other two females, what do they look like? Got any pics to share? And how big is your dick? Does it help you to get females/want to keep fucking you after the first time?

Also, do you cheat a lot? Have you been caught by your GF or by the boyfriend/husband of any of the women you've fooled around with? If so, got any good stories about confrontations?
I fucked a friend's wife

>Couples camping trip
>Me, my gf, two other couples
>Drinking, smoking, dirty campfire games
>"Let's go into the woods!"
>Dark as shit, no flashlights, just running around the woods
>Seems like a good idea because we're drunk
>Run around in the dark, somehow don't break my ankles
>Spot friend's wife, beautiful curvy mixed race girl
>Decide to spook her
>Creep up and grab her from behind, we fall to the ground
>Tickle her a little, take the chance to "accidentally" cop a feel
>She doesn't seem to mind, so I grope her again
>She protests a little, but starts to moan
>Slip my hand down her shorts, other hand over her mouth to keep her quiet
>Roll her over onto hands and knees, pull her shorts down
>Powerfuck, hammer her pussy while she bites down on her fist
>Blow my load inside her
>We tidy ourselves up, wander back to camp separately
>Everyone passes out

I fucked her again a couple of times after that, but then we decided to stop.
So a year or so goes by, finally getting over idea that mom thinks I'm a creep
Now I'm 15, she's 31
Still virgin fag
Out at the family swimming pool talking stuffs
Mom comments on ye olde growth spurt
"You probably growing hair down there too anon"
Mom legit peeks down my swim suit
Freak the fuck out, instaboner.gif
awkwardly go to room for epic fap
Nothing is ever said of that day
But to be continued one more time...

Dude, sorry to break it for you, that is not a big dick. Its a decent dick, but noth special who would make someone to cheat with you just because of it.
No its not I just fapped to this faggots misfortune.
Btw op yoy should e fucked one of her sisters as collateral retard
I was engaged and sleeping with a married chick for a year. I've got a 5" dick... But it was all about the lay, not the size.

I convinced her to divorce finally and didn't split myself, she moved hundreds of miles away with her son.

She was also part of an extremely rich family of actresses and musicians.
I'm sure he was insecure about it, but from the way he talked about it, you'd have thought it was 12 inches. Bit of a cocky asshole who only ended up with her because he persuaded her to fuck him whilst they were blind drunk. Was into weird fetishy shit as well. She was nervous about mine because she'd never seen a retractable foreskin before and because it was much bigger. The first time we fucked, I really had to push it in, she was very tight and I thought my foreskin was going to snap, she came three times before i even did once. The guy never knew anything, but he caught us fooling around outside his own party once but we got away with it, I can greentext that for you if you want. I knew him because I sat next to him in school in form class, but that got awkward during this affair and he sat elsewhere. I'm too much of a shitbag to post pictures though, very sorry.
7/10 pasta would fap again
One more year goes by
be 16, mom is 33
still virgin fag
(seriously FML)
be sleeping one night
wake up
Mom is on top of me
reprise of instaboner.gif
she grabs it by the shaft
slides it in
put hands on my shoulders
starts humping like a mad woman
she gets up
I reach my hands up, speechless as fuck, for post sex cuddle
I am really OK with this
she leaves with no words
ten years later, never happened again, neve spoke of again
Go on to have huge MILF fantasy
Fuck dozens of MILFs as adult
still fap to mom encounter at least weekly
true story fuckers
Why did you post this pic of yourself and mention that you have done two of the three things listed in the OP, but not actually tell any stories?

Seriously, please post some greentext stories and include some details! Also, got any pics of the females from the stories?

And who did you fuck that was inappropriate? How did it start? How many times did it happen? Did you get caught?

Also, how big is your dick? Do you get comments/compliments on it often? Have you hurt girls with it? Are you saying that you have had a female cheat on their boyfriend/husband with you because of your size?

> Pic related: A drunk-looking MILF on the toilet that I thought was an erotic image.

not double teaming the bitch
fucked two married women this year. word got out and now a third is stylin' on me
>tfw bull
At first, it was for giving my sperm naturally because she want a children, we start chatting by messages and she said that she likes me a bit, but when she came to my house to pick me up to her her house there were with her another women and she said "Here's my future bride".
At their home we had dinner and shit, then during the night she came naked to my room (because they were sleeping in their own room), we start kissing and we fucked like 4 times in a row, we talk a bit and she went to sleep with her wife in the other room.
The morning, she bring me back my home and a few days later she text me to say that she felt in love with me and she wants to have sex for long term.
Her wife doesn't know about it.
The bisexual is 41 years old, has big tits, big ass, she's fat actually, we just kiss and did the missionary position for now, I don't have a big dick and I will not post any pic, sorry.
Wife of a friend. We're now going to get married. He treated her like shit and she's my fucking queen.

She will cheat on you, dumb ass.
That was hot, I feel like it could be real because I've known girl who were fucking their step dads.

>be me
>have girlfriend
>families real close
>she has younger sister
>younger sister has walked in on us fucking multiple times because we're idiots who crank the music in a room with no lock
>girlfriends at work and I'm at her house jacking off in the middle of the day
>little sister walks in looking for clothes to borrow
>just stands in the doorway for a few seconds then says sorry and leaves
>I stop and says it's cool, she comes in and continues searching
>watching her bend over looking through her sisters drawers
>see that ass bobbing
>fully erect again
>started sneakily jacking off again
>lean back and look at the ceiling
>lose track of myself
>look back and her sister is just staring at me
>we both freeze
>I motion her over with one hand
>she comes over and I pull the blanket aside to show her my cock
>she doesn't do anything so I take her hand and put it on it and start her jerking me off
>start feeling her tits and kissing her
>pull her shirt off and suck her nipples
>she starts whacking me off harder and I just cum without thinking

She gave me a few hands jobs after that, she was terrible but I didn't mind. We didn't start fucking for like a year but stopped after two weeks when she got a boyfriend.

>yfw that anticlimactic ending
sauce of image?
No I'm not exaggerating, and yes I'm talking about prostitutes. It's not that I couldn't have sex with other women by normal means, it's that I've known these three girls before college or right at the beginning, so building a relationship with them, be it friendship or anything else, was easier than it is now. Now, there is no way in hell I have time to go out there and find a regular girl and go through the whole courting thing, nor do I have time to go to a bar or club and pick one up for a one-night stand.
No I don't have a big dick, I'm average at best, but I love making girls feel good, and I make my regular two feel amazing; turns out one is a squirter. I suppose I'm good in bed.
Oh wait! There's a fourth, a married friend that I banged while she was separated from her husband, but now they're back together, so don't care. I have a thing for feeling like I'm the dominant male, so I let these two girls wander off into other relationships, before getting them to cheat on their current bf's with me, and they don't regret it, and they keep doing it, and they'll hit me up to keep doing it, and they'll stay with their current bf while fucking me. I'm the mistress in their relationships, and I love it
Thanks for replying. And no worries on not wanting to post pics. I realize that many people on here can't be trusted to not try to be a detective and put you on front street about sharing someone pic; but, I can't help but want to at least ask.

As for your offer to greentext the story of when you almost got caught, yes, please do so!

Well, why not greentext some stories about this shit? How did the affairs start? Have you been caught/almost been caught by a boyfriend/husband? Are you friends with any of the husbands? Do you have a big dick? If so, how big, realistically? And do you have any pics of any of these females that you'd be willing to post?
File: 1390106113943.gif (4MB, 596x338px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 596x338px
god damn it does ANYONE have the story where the guy impregnates his sister in law at his wife's request because sister-in-law's husband is shooting blanks and in denial about it?
Same thing posted in this thread almost daily.
And OP always acts like it's not pasta from the day before.
Captcha purged
I posted a long-ass story about being 22 and fucking a rich 30yr old married woman in her high-rise million dollar apartment yesterday in the very same thread.
no one bumped or commented SHIT, though, so I'm not repeating. I'm bitter :)
>Option 1
>I've fucked everyone of my friends exes and still do regularly
>have five on the go bitches because he's such a terrible person that they end up hating him vehemently.
>one of them took photos of my dick in her mouth and showed them too him when they ran into each other once just to piss him off
>told him that she let "him" do anal
>friend is mad as shit about it
>actually get anal the next time I see her and ask about it
>two of them ended up best friends and gave me one of those double team blow jobs where one works the balls and the other works the cock
>won't do anything else with each other though

Thank god for shitty friends I guess.
File: marriedbutt.jpg (33KB, 600x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 600x450px
kek yes I am!
pic related, its her
I remember that story, you're the king of myspace guy?

Wish I hadn't been stuck with >>576982221
at the time.
u posted in wrong thread....
post in this one!
I was the OP of that thread, too, and I still have it opened in another tab. Do you want me to copy/paste your posts in here? It was a hot story, and long, which was good, because that's the point of making these threads - to read erotic stories from people's personal experiences.

Actually, before I copy/paste it, I'd like to ask, do you have any pics of this married female whom you took to the concert and then fucked in her luxury apartment?

You care to share some of the details about these filthy, fucked-up things you've down to your friend's exes? Also, have you been caught/confronted by any of these guys? And do you have a big dick? And do you have any pics of these females you'd be willing to post?
All of the above.
Not gonna green text becaise on phone.

After coming home from Iraq I was hangng out with friends. One of my friends brought his gf I had never met, because Iraq lol.
Soend most of the night being chill. For some reason I write on that girls knner thigh "property of anon" in sharpie. She was inna skirt. My friend tries to cross it out with a highlighter....fail. nothing more happens that night.
Next day, she searches his phone for mt number and calls me. Claims to "be stalker" call her out on wanting to fuck. She admits to it. Apparently my drunk ass hitting on her in front of mher bf got her wet. Meet later that day, fuck. Friend finds out she lols at him. I feel a little bad.
if every guy in the world stood in a line, one in front of the other, front to back and ass fucked each other to completion it wouldn't be 1/10 as gay as you faggots
True story.

>me 21, gf 20 and her older sister 22
>been with my current girlfriend for 2 years
>always found her older sister´attractive
>her sister almost never wears a bra when she is at home
>she usually wears shirts that are too big for her.
>can see her tits everytime she leans forward
>one night gf goes to sleep, and i stay up at their house watching tv
>can hear a door open but gf snoring
>older sister comes into the living room wearing nothing but a shirt
>asks me if i cannot sleep
>tell her no, and that i dont know why.
>she sits down very close to me
>i can feel her skin with my hand
>after a few minutes i feel her hand touching my leg, going towards my dick
>i act like nothing is going on, everythings cool.
>she has her hand inside my shorts and strokes my dick
>she strokes it inside my shorts for a little while
>she takes my dick out
>currently having all kind of thoughts about what the fuck is going on
>she leans down and starts to suck it
>i move my hand to her tits
>natural soft tits, probably Bs
>she sucks it for about 10 minutes while we watch tv
>i cum in her mouth
>mfw she swallows
>she sucks the tip a little bit to get all of it.
>she leaves without saying anything
>i sit there for about 15 minutes and stare at the tv
>i go to bed and kiss gf goodnight
>never happend or spoke about this with her sister or anyone.

Me and my gf are still together, and she doesn't know that this ever happend.
I blackmailed my step-sister into having sex
My sister has been in a lot of deep water with my parents with her shitty grades and shitty school attendance
She managed to get in their good graces after she got a part time job
Thing is she quit after about a week and that was after my parents got her a new car as celebration
I found out she didn't have the job and she said those "what do you want" things
I didn't really know since she had no money so I joking said "suck my dick"
Thing is she thought I was serious and she hesitantly said. "just once ok?"
It eventually escalated into us fucking

To be fair though, we did have a somewhat mutual attraction to each other but after our parents got together we kinda figured we were off limits to each other

Another time I have a different friends gf coming after me hard.
I say "fuck you" to someone and she chimes in with "please?"
They break up. He grdgingly gives me the okay to bang her.
I throw a party. She comes with her bff.
My friend is there, despite saying I could bag her he is catching many feels
Talk to the girls bff about it.
Suddenly banging the bff
Gorl walks in on us. I wave to her as I nut in her bff.
My friend is very confuse, but now in no way mad at me
+1,000,000 to u dude for being a mate and a /boss.

Makes me feel proud of /b!
>No pics of female.
>average dick
>it's just the one guy
>he's a really shitty boyfriend
>I fuck them in a regular fashion but don't want to ruin it since having five fuck buddies is awesome
>two of them I've been fucking bareback for almost 3 years while they've had boyfriends
>the trick is catch up with them when they first get a boyfriend and just fuck them normally or else they'll stop putting out

I've had one girlfriend in the mean time and used to show up her house after fucking one of them all the time.

It just amazes me that they could hate someone so much they'd still be revenge fucking years later.
>1.) Have you fucked someone inappropriate, like your wife's or GF's mom, sister or best friend? Or a friend's mom, wife or girlfriend?
fucked 2 friends of my gf.
>2.) Have you blackmailed someone for sex? Especially, if you caught them cheating and then got them to have sex with you to keep quiet?
of course not
>3.) Have you had a female cheat with you because you have a big dick?
no, I don't have big dick, but three girls cheated "because I'm fit". in reality and by /fit/'s standards I am skeleton dyel
Alright, it was a horrific night, but here we go!

>Be 16
>She's 17
>He's having a house party, to which I'm not invited because we have different circles of friends
>Arranged to meet with her just at the bottom of their street
>Main street next to the high school
>It's about 10pm, I go around
>She's very fucking drunk, wobbling to the bottom of the street, a wobble that was the result of both the vodka consumed and the high heels worn
>Kissing, tonguing, rubbing her under her dress, her hand goes down my joggers
>"Christine (name changed to protect identity), you don't need to, it's far too risky"
>It was risky getting a handjob here because we were literally at the side of the street with cars passing every now and then, and her boyfriend's house was literally about 10 doors away, you could see where we were from his front garden
>"I don't give a fuck"
>"Ok, if you insist"
>Keeps going like this, her jerking me, me rubbing her, me also saying we should go somewhere else, but there was nowhere else to go
>See figure at top of hill so i move my hands to her back
>"Christine, somebody's coming, stop for now"
>She continues
>"Christine, seriously, they're coming right for us, it might be Brian (bf)"
>She stops
>"Just hug me the now"
>He storms down towards us
>He's a few steps away
>Completely unsure whether or not he seen everything
>He pushes me
>"what the fuck are you doing here?!"
>He was a boxer until he was like 13 and still got a bit of build, but he's a bit fatter and drunk, so I'm not sure if I could take him - I didn't fancy my chances.
>I was fairly certain if anything that I could definitely run faster than him
>Me: "Nothing, Christine just wanted a bit of air, I said I'd come get her"
>Him: "FUCK OFF!"
>Me: "alright bud, she's pretty drunk, you best get her inside"
>Walking away (Fuck yes, got away with it)
>Him:"Anon! Come back!"
>"What is it, Brian?"
Part 1/2

Good on you /b/ro. I fucked a mate's ex. We had been drifting apart for ages so when he found out he flew off the handle and got mad for months apparently. Too bad he never found out about the other two dozen times we fucked.

I also fucked my friend's sister for over a year. I felt bad but then I wondered why I should feel bad and I stopped feeling bad. The end.
I know this is pasta but this always make me sick to my stomach
ex gf told me how she started having sex with her bro ....
Involves sharing bedroom with bro , her bro catching her in bed with her dog ....= bribing little sis to be his little fuck bitch .... She told me this on first date ( amazing slut : )
File: 1394473992252.jpg (230KB, 527x1005px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
230KB, 527x1005px
>in gf's hot tub
>gf and 11y/o sister across from me
>gf starts rubbing my cock with her foot
>I play it cool, no reaction
>cock is hard, she runs her foot up n down
>mother calls gf in, she gets out
>my cock is still being rubbed
>little sister slides down in the water
>just her eyes above water
>she grabs my cock with both her feet
>she starts to foot fuck me
>I moan and shoot a load
>she giggles
>leans over to me
>frenches me
>climbs out over me
>straddles my face
>pulls her bottom to the side
>whispers lick me
>I suck, lick and dart my tongue
>she starts squirming on my face
>she lets out an audible moan
>her legs vice my head
>she soaks my face
>she climbs off
>licks my face
>runs into house
If this is real(doubt it) you should've called child protective services, it was obvious she was being mentally and physically abused.
most of the shit in these threads make me sick to my stomach. I really can't believe anyone can get off on cheating, sharing, or someone being a cuck
Break out of friendzone. Start making out with female friend.
Get bj. Feelsgood.jpg
Meet her ultra sexy cousin.
Cousin hits on me.
Bang her. Female friend throws shoes at me. Cries. Feel giulty. Bj from her cousin makes me feel less guilty.
Date cousin. Female friend is chilled out about it. Hang out with her fam.
The cousin leaves with my female friend.
Hangout with the cousins mom. MILF
She randomlt straddles me and rubs large titties in my face.
>Lol wut?
End up banging the mom.
Female friend and cousin walk in on us as we are getting dressed.
The mom is covered in cum.
Get slapped repeatedly on my way out. Hit with four shoes and a lime.

Years later run nto orignal female friend.
Make pass at her.
She says lol f no!!!
Tells me I ruined her family. She no longer talks to theccousin or the mom and they dont talk to each other.

I re-evaluate my life and do some serious soul searching.
>Brian: "I'm sorry for pushing you"
>Me: "that's alright, I'm heading home anyway"
>Him: "nah, honestly, come back it's fine"
>Me: "You sure you want me here for this?"
>Him: "Yeah it's fine"
>Him and his gf start screaming at each other for like 20 minutes
>After 20 minutes I intervene
>"Brian, honestly I'll give yous a bit of space"
>"No, it's cool, just stay there"
>"Alright, your choice"
>They scream for another 10 minutes
>"Brian, honestly I'm going to leave, I need to get home"
>"Just stay there for now, we're just about to head"
>They scream for a further 5 minutes and then he walks home without her
>She's crying and offers to walk me halfway home due to her high heels holding her back
>She's bitching about how she's going to dump him
>We get to the halfway point which is a churchyard, a lot quieter
>On the road beside it
>Hug goodbye
>Suddenly my first blowjob
>She stops blowing me and looks up "your phone's ringing"
>Keeps blowing me
>Phone's ringing in pocket, look at name, it's the girls best friend
>Ignore it
>Phone rings again, answer it whilst she blows me
>"Hey anon, are you with Christine?"
>"Yeah she just walked me halfway home"
>"Alright, I thought so, I've started walking towards your house, my mum's here to pick us up"
>"So where are you now?"
>"Just coming up the road next to the church yard"
>Pull christine to her feet and hug her, putting my cock back in my trousers
>Her friend comes to collect her
>I go home and watch a pirated copy of Django Unchained

They broke up the next morning, but that's it!
9/10, would read again
them feels though.
Don't have a lot of time to post stories but I'll post brief facts.

1. My great aunt, my former best friend's mom (not former b/c of this but because he grew into a giant douche)

2. Haven't blackmailed for sex.

3. Yes. I'm 6'7'', dick is almost as big around as a soda can. Only 8" though.
In college and at a few different work places word has got around about the dick. Never cared about whether a girl had a b/f or not, plenty did. Two ex-g/f's regularly come back to me for fucking, most of the time they're in a relationship with someone else.
Been blown by at least one married chick, afaik haven't fucked one but really don't know. Didn't look for rings or ring tan lines when I was in my 20s.
File: Wooderson-Im-here.jpg (11KB, 505x412px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 505x412px
OP... as many of these threads you have made, i hope you have capped them. Be a /b/ro and share please.
yeah, that was me! haha.
glad someone got something out of it.
I knew that other guy's story was taking precedence, despite how lame it was in comparison kek
File: IMGP0544.jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3264x2448px
Shit wait, nm.

BF's mom was married. Didn't really click b/c I was 19 and the memory has always been about the fucking and not the circumstance.
I was selling weed to some of my friends and my friends little sister was all the time trying to score some free shit off me. Just to get rid of her I told her the only way she was getting a joint is if she showed me tits.

The shirt came off and she showed me those perky young tits and then after that she'd come over regularly and volunteer to do all sorts of things for free shit.
Does fucking a best friends GF count?
She's beautiful. What's the story?
if this is true her mom is a fucking selfish cunt

>get call one night, its my best friend's fiance'
>"you left your pliers over here from when you helped XXXX do that work"
>*what? did she call me at 8pm, while my friend is at work, to tell me I have tools over there still?* Odd I thought... she wants to fuck me
>head over, get pliers, try to kiss her... she pulls away
>uh, fuck... "but I thought... I thought... you didn't really call me over just for my tools"
>We hang out for a few hours, must tell my buddy... clearly a misunderstanding
>I drive her down to pick him up from work
>he gets in, "uh, whats going on? why both of you"
>tell him what happened, fessed up, "Dude, I thought she wanted me over for other things"
>He loved it, asked if I wanted to fuck her
>take them back home & we ganged his fiance, DP'd, Eiffel towered her, everything
>They invited me into their bed about 6 times after that but are no longer together.
post the story.
no more pics, I only have face...and that all does is potentially put me in a predicament
Wow, you're a dick
1-2) i have been blackmailed by 12years old to do inappropriate things
Are you a femanon? Details?
How the fuck did you let yourself get blackmailed by a 12 yr old?
Favorite story in this thread.
Now onto blackmail

I caught my friends gf cheating red handed.
Walked in on her getting railed by another friend.
She starts crying for me not to tell her bf.
Tell her I am going too no matter what.
She tells me she will put in a good word with this girl she knows I like.
Suddenly I have an idea.
Tell her I want a want a blow job.
She looks over at the friend she was banging and he just shrugs.
She crawls over to me (they were doing it doggy) and ubzips me.
Starts blowing me.
Friend resumes fucking her.
She swallows it all like a champ.
Tell her bf anyway.
He shrugs and says he isnt bothered by it.
I end up using the bj to blackmail her again for sex this time.
Frequently have three ways with her and other friend.
I tell her bf everytime. He never cares, turns out he is a nhialist (sp?) And literally nothibg bothers him.
This goes on for over a year off and on.
Lose contact with them
>3.) Have you had a female cheat with you because you have a big dick?

I slept around with a lot of asian girls during university years. Many of them had husband or boyfriends.
no i'm not, well transgender right now.
easily, she is way smarter that you could ever imagine

therefore she just tricked me, by saying.
"well you know, i could tell everyone that you raped me, or atleast touched me without my permission and, with that i could just ruin your life right?? so now i want you to touch me. or else i will tell everyone" something this way
I don't understand why you would tell him again?
Thanks for the greentext! So, are you still with this girl? And did you end up getting along with the guy/her ex? Do you guys still see each other?

Those are some intense and fucked-up situations you got yourself in to! So, after fucking around with the cousin of the BBF of the girl you had wanted to fuck and getting your dick sucked by her, you ended up fucking her MILF mom with huge tits and the cousin and her BFF walked in on you and her mom as you two were getting dressed and her mom had your cum all over her? Seriously? If so, did you ever do some serious/much-needed apologizing?

Btw, how do you get so much pussy? Are you really good-looking? And do you have a big dick? Also, do you still get with lots of females?

Care to share some details about your great aunt and the friend's mom? What did/do they look like? Big tits? Big ass? Tight pussy? What all did you do with them sexually? And how was your great aunt related to you? By marriage? And did anyone in your family find out about you fucking her? And how old were you and your great aunt and best friend's mom when this happened?

Also, I have to comment on this, there is no way your dick is nearly as thick as a soda can. That is just not realistic. And I highly doubt it's 8 inches long. You may be packing; but not like that!

Of course, that counts! Want to greentext some of what happened between you two? How did it start? Did your best friend find out? If so, did he confront you/try to fight you? Was the girlfriend hot? Are you still friends with the dude? And are you still fucking with the girlfriend?
What about your girth?
I have a story if anyone wants to hear it. Basically my current girlfriend is my EX's sister, and the revenge was so worth it
There's no need to ask. Get started on the greentext! Also, details would be appreciated.

What does your ex and the current/her sister look like? Got pics of either that you're willing to post? Do you have a big dick? What all have you done sexually with them? Do they get along now?
>"accidentally" sent a pic of dick to a girl i really wanted to fuck.

>was fucking her in the bed she shares with her bf within 3 hours.
Cool story , I was rooting for Steve the whole time . I'm glad things worked out in the end
>was in relationship for about 5 years she was 32 i was 22
>things were great for a while
>her mom lives in montana, we live in oregon
>she would visit her mom once or twice a year for a week or so
>one month she takes a 30 day trip, something seems odd
>a couple weeks before she goes i notice that shes on the phone with someone frequently in the room
>didnt think much of it, but the length of time she was gone for made me suspicious
>her sister mentions that there was a plot that her mom was trying to hook up my gf with some room mate of hers
>I call the mom as if i knew (which i didnt) that she was seeing someone.

>I call and say to her mom, "why didnt you say she was there to visit someone"
>fell for it fast as hell and tells me,"i told her to tell you but she wouldnt"
>fucking pissed now
>ask to talk to her, and confront her
>ask her how many people she saw while there (without knowing if it was more than one)
>turns out she saw 3 people
>she didnt even use protection i gathered.
>I then wonder about her trips to montana

>so I say fuck it, and have a couple flings, still depressed, but needed something, trying to get even
>all it did was ease a bit.
>her sister was always hanging around anyway, I was blind to the fact she wanted me
>Thats why she would hang out so much.
>well she noticed that i had a couple women hanging around constantly
>I was loaded from drinking one night and tried to explain why they were around and what i had found out
>we were alone

Anyone want the rest or is just me? this is where it started
more. story ?
Its not that I am really good looking or anything like that.
Girls are a lot sluttier than you think. I have a large dick, but nothing porn worthy.
The friends gf was def mentally unstable,I left out the part where after we fucked a bunch and lold at her xbf she then keyed my car because it was my fault he left her.
The cousins/mom situation, the female friend did tell the cousin about me having big dick, which is why she came after me. I assume its the same reason with the mom. That famiky was as I said fucked up. The mom was living with daughter mooching off of her. Im pretty sire the moms bf was banging the female friend at one point because they were waaaaaay to touchy feely. I dont believe I was the only bf of her daughter she banged...just the only one she gkt caught with.
And keep in mind these stories are spanning roughly 17 years. At 33 you will have a bunch of fucked up stories too. Like the one with the bff was in the late 90's, the cousins in 03, the friends gf in 05 and the blakcmale in 06. I got a lot of stories. Ill post more im at work though
Keep goin anon
Ok anyway
>It was just me and her sitting in my living room, and i felt like i had to explain what was going on.
>shes sitting there on the futon, and im nice and loaded
>I always liked her, and if figured out she felt the same (unspoken)
>And no shit, grabbed a shit ton of balls all of the sudden
>Literally tell her in mid sentence, "suck my dick"
>in 2 seconds flat "yes"
>i was in shock, she turns red in the face, and to be honest i didnt know if i could, i was almost frightened lol.
>so after the way she responded i decided to go through with it.
>we went in the bathroom and she started working it, and fast
>I had her completely naked, and started licking her, but couldnt stick it at that point.

So to start with that,

i was at my friends house, we can say iw as living there for a while.
We were talking about different stuffs, and playing some games.
H: with that said, i there is something that bothers me.
M: Hmm?
H: You know how does it work when you have sex with someone way way yougner than yourself.
M: yeah.
H: So if we would have sex and stuffs, it would be ok as long as we wouldn't said about it to anyone or whatever, because YOU would be a pedo even though i wanted to do that.
M: True, there is something actually wrong with people, becasue remember when i was in you school because they called me ? they didn't even included your voice at all.
H: Yeah... But i could just said that you had sex with me, or "raped" me and you would go to jail without any troubles, can you imagine how much of a damage i could do with that, not to even say that i could destroy someones live.
M: That's actually pure evil.
>shit that never happened in this or any other universe.html
Is the girl retarded, too? Or can you just not speak English?
>after what we had done she quickly hurries off
>I am still not sure what to think of what just happened.
>she leaves with clothes on and her shoes in her hands still red in the face
>It felt right even though it was "wrong"
>so the texts started, i mentioned i would do it again.
Fast forward
>I end up eating her out frequently with recip.
>my gf didnt swallow but she does (perfect)
>we do this almost nightly and at this point my GF is home and goes to bed early.
>go to her place while gf is sleeping
>finally get to stick her
>perfect and tight

The best part is
Fucking her sister raw dog
then waking my GF up and having her suck me off!
Not to mention my GF had NO idea till i moved her out and told her about it
she was fucking pissed!
That was the best
Even better
she is now with a crackhead who is in and out of jail
and tries to borrow money from me sometimes
Ert tú frá Føroyum?
honestly, i haven't slept in 40ish hours. plus my english is my fifth language so. yeah. and i just wrote that down without even thinking, but whatever
Okay, honestly didn't know if you were illustrating her autism or if English wasn't your primary language.
welp she was born in Germany. so her English is not her primary language as well. but she is getting better as for 4ish years of learning
Oh god is there anything better than fucking your girlfriends younger sister (or older if you're still teens and she's a stacked 20)
she is currently 26 im 28, and we've been at it for 3+ years now, and its worth it for the most part
I bet you used your tears as lube to wank with.
I have had my dick wanked by my female cousin who is 4 years older than me several times and I have forcefully jacked off my 5 years younger male cousin and mocked him for this
anyone got the cap about a guy who's mom would give him a handjob/ tease him
i have a pretty nice penis. I have had girls pay ME to let them suck it. Once I used to get 50 bucks per blowjob. those were good times.
I once fucked my Wife's girlfriend's mom's sister's best friend because I caught her cheating with my friend's mother's wife's girlfriend. I threatened to rat her out if she didn't have sex with me, but lets say my big dick made it easy.
Buuuuuuuuump, dont let this die fools!
My parents own a bar. When I was thirteen, I blackmailed a 23yo customer to have sex with me.
Sort of #3. Had an ex who was a major whore, had dated a good number of guys by high school and lost her virginity to an older guy at 14. She had, without exaggeration, cheated on every single boyfriend she ever had, including me when my number was up. I had been around long enough to know how she acted post-breakup with her exes so I cut all contact afterwards, drove that psycho nuts even though she was fucking and dating other guys.

This is why I say sort of, when she came around wanting to fuck a few months after we broke up, we had pretty much spoken all of ten words to each other during that span. While dating she did give that old "wow, you're big" line, and I'm not exactly small, but it could really be her being her psycho self and wanting the attention I denied her.

In any case, I started fucking the bitch for kicks and often ran into her boyfriend right after. Sometimes we would fuck at a park and while we were driving back we would see her boyfriend and she would have to hide herself so he didn't see her. Best part was, when he found out she cheated and was on the war path that shit never hit me. Again being a whore, she was fucking multiple dudes so he focused on a few of them instead.
You've gotta give more detail than that.
>be shy and awkward, totally transformed now
>good genes though
>older men always stared at me
>always felt grossed about it but things started to change
>find myself becoming wet whenever I could sense that someone was staring at my butt
>this younger customer comes in every wednesday and in the weekend
>prance around while he's there, trying to get his attention
>always catch him looking at me, always looking him dead in the eye
>in the weekends I was allowed to stay up late
>when he was drunk he would stare more
>he would tell me I'm smart
>that I would be a heartbreaker
>that every ginger is a heartbreaker
I'll cont if anyone's interested
I don't really understand it either
Interested, and also as customary, tits with timestamp or gtfo.
pics of ginger muff
>tits with timestamp
nah no thanks
If I tell my story anyway, you won't be able to fap because you think I'm a guy so I'll spare you
tits or gtfo is actually required....

plus u have red hair too...
fuck off with that shit
Well, you don't have to be a cunt about it but w/e
Yeah man, sure.
Aww sounds like someone got their feelings hurt. This is fucking 4chan, you post saying your a girl and are surprised when someone asks for tit pics?
More stories.

The bff of the friends xgf that I banged instead of the friends xgf.
I ran into her years later at a bar. We talked about old times.
At some point she mentions having face rebuilt with plastic sugery.
Tells me she had an abusive xbf that beat her ass one night and out her in the hospital.
Somehow that turns into her telling me she loves giving blowjobs.
>I have an idea
Tell her "Ill take one of those."
Aaaand back to my place. I get a really good bj from her.
We fuck. Good times.
We start fucking on a regular basis. And I mean THAT IS IT, no feelings, no emotuon, just fucking.
When we fuck I go all out. Keeo trying to break her bed with sex.
This lasts a few months. She starts talkng more and more. We go places together. I meet her mom...I drunkenly hit kn her mom...they both laugh off my advance on her mom...i do not get to bang her mom.
Anyway. She startsxtalking like we are dating. Ok whatever.
She gets mkre and more pushy. Start to understand why she got her ass beat, dont condone it, but I understand it.
One night she comes out with my friendsxand I.
Having a good time. Suddenly a wild XGF appears.
This girl proceeds to buddy up with my xgf and tell her how I cheat in her all the time while she works her way through medical school AND "lawyer school" (bitch actully called it lawyer school).
Somehow this leads to me having two Navy guys trying to fight me.
My friend takes on one and I manage to knock the other one out.
The bar kicks out everyone involved EXCEPT me.
end uo talking to the Navy guys NCO.
She is smokng hot. She buys me a drink. Things go blurry
Wake up in Navy girls bed with no idea how I got there.
Morning sex!
Over 900000 missed calls from crazy girls ranging from "I hate you" to "please dont leave me, I love you."
Stay at Navy girls place for a week.
>be at neighbor lady's house fixing her computer
>she helps plug in a cable under the desk
>tramp stamp fully exposed
>she 'accidentally' bumps her ass into my crotch and looks back saying "whoops"
>after comp was fixed she said she didn't have any money and I'd have to come back later when her husband gets home
>tell her she didn't need to pay me
>she looks down at my crotch and says "well can I pay you back some other way?"

I think you know what happened next.
Again OP.
I have in no specific order....fingered a guys wife's asshole in a crowded bar on their wedding night,fucked a friend of mines mom (she sucked my cock in a bathroom where his band was playing),fucked a guys wife hard and down right dirty the weekend before their wedding and then pretty much every weekend after their wedding,had my girlfriends friends feel my cock on a dance floor cause they knew what was up,sent a girl home with cum in her pussy to her boyfriend, etc.
Fucked my friends mom when I was 3 days away from my 18th bday after I came back from my trip to Amsterdam.
Had no3 happen in reverse, because I have a big cock I had two cheat on me.
Aww sounds like someone wants attention.
Your girlfriends cheated on you because you have a big dick? What
nothing like that have happened.. two of my friend's had a threeway with my mom though, and they told me about it
Says the slut who black mailed someone into having sex with her, then proceeds to tease neckbeards on the internet with the story of the encounter. Kindly an hero, after posting tit pics.
My boyfriend cheated on me and I knew his brother was into me. So one day my boyfriends in the shower and his brothers home so I walk into his room and give him the look, he lets me suck his dick and I take the load in my mouth. When my boyfriend gets out of the shower I gave him a big fucking kiss.
Hey man, I just wanted to share my story. You're the one getting worked up about someone not wanting to abide rules that were made for something entirely different than proving that the pussy I speak of is real.
File: titsobama.jpg (18KB, 292x219px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 292x219px
you stupid cunt.
why do you think the rules don't apply to you?
>be married to 7/10
>her sister is 8/10
>move to Texas, sister wants to come
>get drunk nearly every night
>wife gets shitfaced and passes out
>sister starts complaining about being lonely
>I'll keep you company
>how? She asks.
>like this
>I move in to give her a hug (genuinely)
>she kisses me
>I instantly go nuts and start playing with her ass and pussy
>"I thought you always hated me, anon"
>no way, I've wanted you for a long time
>we sneak off outside and I press her up against a shipping container
>tear down her yoga pants and fuck her
>had to keep my hand over her mouth because she was screaming
>pussy was so tight
>loved every second of it

Got a divorce 3 months later. Wife never found out.
pics and age of sister?
Is that what Texas does to you?
If you recall I asked about the story first, then mentioned the "customary tits or gtfo", as it's required to be said. Feel free to share your story and I'll just shut up.
The rule doesn't apply here you idiot. That's green text you faggot. What? You want her to rearrange the story so that she tells it as if she is a man? You are a fucking newfag dolt.
Incoming "Heart breaker, Dream maker, love taker"
File: 1414317984303.jpg (73KB, 477x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 477x700px
Your a newfag piece of shit...
Tits or gtfo rule only applies if anon says "im a girl" because that it to draw attention because everyone knows there are no girls on 4chan. So then you ask for tits and timestamp to prove there are.
In this case, femanon never stated she was a she, she just told her story.
So get the fuck outta my /b/ you reddit fag.
Finish your story please.
File: whiteknight.jpg (58KB, 312x445px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 312x445px
y'know what's funny, anon?
I have these two plains already in play, which would provide me with two white mana.
I can tap these two plains for the mana and summon
(pic related)
You are just enough of a shane to not be able to realize that I don't give a fuck about faggish world.
No pix, but she was 27 at the time, I was 26
>told current gf of 4 years i wanted her younger sister
>finally get gf to agree
>start with blowjobs/handjobs from little sister
>gf gets jelly but deals with, says it's fine
>things continue
>end up fucking gf's sister
>younger sister now loves me
>gf knows we have feelings for each other
>realize how hard it is trying to keep siblings happy
Dude, your stories are straight fucking filthy! Have you settled down now? Do you have a steady girlfriend? If so, do you cheat on her often/at all/constantly? And I know you replied to this, but how the fuck do you get so much pussy?? I realize you could have low standards and be willing to fuck anything that moves; but I get the impression that you can/could pull females and that the ones in these stories are hot.

Do you have any pics of any of the girls from any of these stories that you could share? And have you been in love before? If so, did you get cheated on? Have you been cheated on at all? If so, did it bother/hurt you?

FYI, I'm actually in my 30s, older than you are, and I used to fuck around and be a cheater, but I always knew it was wrong and I hated myself for years for being a cheating piece of shit. I used to literally start feeling terrible guilt immediately after cumming inside a female I was cheating with. And I remember going home to my girl (after just having fucked a girl that she knew) and feeling like a lowlife mother fucking dirt bag and consciously thinking about and wondering why I do the dirty cheating shit that I'd do, and think about how I should not be doing it and how I should not do it again. But, then, a few days later, I'd be horny and I'd want to fuck some other girl again and I'd do over and fuck her, cum inside her, then, immediately start to feel the shame and guilt all over again and go home feeling like a piece of shit and have the same thoughts about not wanting to cheat again. I have an above-average dick, around 6.5", and I've had compliments from multiple women, which is hot thinking back on - but I've been corrupted by having watched so much porn over the years, so I want to have an 8" dick as thick as a soda can to be able to put in work with. And I used to be able to get some sex from the females, but I don't think I had it like you seem to have had it in your stories!

So, got more stories to share?
File: comeatmebro.gif (563KB, 500x275px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
563KB, 500x275px
you sound like a pussy-whipped little bitch.
keep worshipping that pussy, neckbeard, see how far it gets you.
I've been on 4chan since before you even started watching my little pony, fuckface nigger
come at me bro1
come see me irl111!!!
An hero

I ended up fucking both my girlfriend's little sister. Don't know if anybody wants to hear.

didn't mean to write the word both, she only has one littler sister.
here's one for you
My friend's sister in law is cheating on her husband with me because i have a big dick
File: 1414459815343.jpg (38KB, 427x231px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 427x231px
awe someone sounds sad. . .
File: But-hes-gay.jpg (3KB, 259x194px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 259x194px
Haha... not even close faggot. You are just talking out of your ass. Big shit talker on das webs. Keep being a newfag.
You fingered her cat?

#1 3 different times.

1. Had sex with younger sister after I broke up with her friend because my sister got jealous and gave me a blowjob RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER while we played strip poker. Not surprisingly, my GF thought we were weird. She later told her new BF about this and he tried to beat me up. Convinced him the GF was a liar after giving him a black eye. Continued to have sex with her from age 14 to age 20.

1. A girlfriend in college had a fairly sexy Mom and her Dad disliked me. Any way, one weekend my GF and her Dad took a trip to see his brother, and I visited her. We ended up having sex in my GFs bed 3 times that weekend. She cheated on her husband because he cheated on her with a girl he taught (he was a high school teach and she was 14 at the time) so he couldn't complain about his wife without people finding out he was fucking an underage student. Even after the GF left me (for this military guy who thought he was all badass) I kept seeing her Mom. last time I slept with her was at a hotel 5 years ago, she was 67 and I was 43
OK, are you down to post some details about the stories you refer to in this post? If so, please do! These sound like some filthy stories that would make for some good reading. If you're down to greentext some of these encounters, please know you'd have interest in seeing them posted.

Same question to you, are you down to greentext this story and share some details about this encounter? Also, was it just a one-time thing? Or did you fuck more than once? Also, what did your friend's mom look like? Body type? What all types of sex did you do with her? And did your friend find out? If so, what did he do?

Assuming you're actually telling the truth about this, would you be willing to share more about this story? And what happened after you found out? Are you still friends with the two guys? And what are things like between you and your mom now? Also, how long ago did this happen and what were the ages of the friends and your mom?
ive never felt my heart drop like this ever before. that whole fucking story man. god damn
I spent three years in county, want me to show you how I make up with people I don't like?
File: 1413922335877.jpg (48KB, 460x629px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 460x629px
"I spent three years in county, want me to show you how I make up with people I don't like?"
get a room you two
File: intredasting.jpg (40KB, 604x499px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 604x499px
kek consider yourself baited, fluffernutter
and the cunt left long ago.
go find another slag to grovel for attention from, they're all over the place
Im also considering fucking my older sister too.
File: 1404587895282.png (317KB, 546x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
317KB, 546x700px
holy fuck if this is true this is one of the most beta stories I have ever heard. what a faggot, lol
>one friday he's really drunk
>my parents are too
>go to bathroom because he has to go
>wash my hands while he waits to wash his
>can feel his eyes on my ass
>turn around
you can touch it if you want
>he looks confused
no anon you're like twelve
I'm thirteen
>he smiles
>says he wants to wash his hands, moves me with one hand on my hip
>I push him with entire body, say I'm not finished
>push on him with ass but barely touch his dick because I'm 157cm
>feel him pushing back
you're teasing me anon
no, I want you
They were sore. I actually ended up in a long term (20 month) poly relationship bc of it.
>he wrinkles his face and shakes his head
>I grab him by the crotch
>he forces my hand away and pushes me back
>I go back to the main area of the bar
>he asks for his tab and leaves
>go upstairs and masturbate
>next time I see him is at the grocery shop, had to buy something for my mom
>go up to him and smile
>he looks at my top, I didn't really have tits but they were bigger than most girls in my class
>when he looked, I swear that was the most erotic moment in my life up till now
>hi anon, how are you
>he frowns
it was wrong what you did
I liked it
>he says I could get him in trouble
>I say I could even if he didn't do anything
>he looks scared
>feel bad immediately
>say I wouldn't tell anyone
>he shakes his head
>I ask if he would pick me up from school tomorrow
no anon
>argue about it
what will you tell your parents
every Tuesday I go to Melissa's house after school... so you'll come?
no anon, this is wrong
>he goes away
>next day at school I keep thinking about it, I think I really liked him then and there
>school ends, I go outside, can't see him anywhere
>start to walk home when I hear my name
>he's sitting in his VW Golf 2, I remembered that to impress him
>he's wearing a shirt with 'Macabre' on it, he always complimented me on my taste in music but this I didn't know
Yes, we would like to read about this shit! So, stop fucking around and get to greentexting the details! Please. How did it start? How many times did it happen? How old were you/was she? Do you have a big dick? Did she have a tight pussy? Big tits? Big ass? Tight body? Did your GF find out about it? If so, what happened? And, do you have pics of either that you're willing to share with us?

Is this a real situation? Or is you just trollin'? If legit, please post some details. And some pics, if you have some and are willing to post them. Also, how big is your dick? And how did your friend's sister-in-law find out that you are packing? And do you have any other big duck stories?

These sound like they are pretty filthy situations. As for the first one, are you stating that you fucked your own sister? As in, incest? That's not what I was looking for, but your story sounds dirty and erotic, so i9f you'd like to elaborate more on what happened, please do.

As for the GF's mom, how long has it been since you last fucked her? How old were you tow when it started? What did/does the mom look like now? Was she still sexy at 67? Body description, please? Also, do you have a big dick? Do you have any pics of the GF or the mom that you'd be willing to share with us? And did the GF or her dad find out that you fucked the mom?
I can share a story or two. i'm on my phone at work so this may be slow.
>be friends with a lesbian couple
>really like one in particular
>we would talk every night late into the night
>both admit feelings for each other
>she tells her gf
>the girlfriend was cool with it and suspected already
>okay anon play this cool
>hanging out with them one day
>the girlfriend tells me she wants a baby
>she wants me to be the father
>easily 8/10
>just really like the other so torn
>decide i'll do it but want to talk to the girl i like first
>she wants me to do it
>let's get it on
>meet up with her girlfriend
>she takes me to the bedroom
>we start making out
>clothes come off
>commence sexy time
>just then the other girl comes in
>she walks over to a chair and sits down
>finally she says"don't let me stop you"
>slide it in
>holy shit this pussy is amazing
>we fuck the whole time the other girl is just watching
>so turned on by the whole thing
>cum buckets inside her
>fuck several more times with the other girl watching
>the one i was crushing on starts to get weird
>always argumentative with me
>have a falling out and we stop talking
i have no idea if she ever got pregnant. i've lost all contact with them. still the best pussy i've ever had. as good as her girlfriends pussy was i still miss the other girl the most. she was truly my best friend

keep going!
>feel bad immediately
>say I wouldn't tell anyone
>he shakes his head
>I ask if he would pick me up from school tomorrow
no anon
>argue about it
what will you tell your parents
every Tuesday I go to Melissa's house after school... so you'll come?
no anon, this is wrong
>he goes away
>next day at school I keep thinking about it, I think I really liked him then and there
>school ends, I go outside, can't see him anywhere
>start to walk home when I hear my name
>he's sitting in his VW Golf 2, I remembered that to impress him
>he's wearing a shirt with 'Macabre' on it, he always complimented me on my taste in music but this I didn't know
oops sorry, I'm typing it out and messing it up

>anyway he drives me to his place
>starts asking me questions
if I don't do it, you'll tell, right?
>I start hesitating, say I would never get him in trouble
okay, then I won't do it
>I'm really confused, start chipping off my nail polish
>he sits next to me, takes my hand, says I shouldn't mess myself up
so that's why you won't kiss me, because I'm not pretty?
this was about a kiss?
>I knod
>he starts laughing, leans in and kisses me
>I let myself fall back on the couch, he lies on top off me
>I start to unbutton my shorts
>he pulls away from me
Please, continue.
Are you me?!

Same thing with one of my ex students, without her then gf current wife being creepy af.

Military instructor, straight dime student. Forget about her for years. She shows up at a house party and we reconnect, found out she's a lesbot. She couches it. Talking the next morning she says she wants ap kid.

As we're talking about it, her gf round the corner and we stop. Several weeks later, we try. I'm too big, she's used to a single fine or small toy. We snuggle a bit and she leaves. We still chill once a month or so.
Well I dont know why to be honest. I would have dry spells and wet seasons (lol)
Iam married now. Never cheated on her, never will.
I got turned into the guy who lived those stories by a girl who burned me bad. First girl I thought I loved.
I met her while doing training in the Army. She was a civilian.
Like the girls I mentioned she picked me up.
I met her at a hotel near base, I was staying at for the weekend to not be around the DS (back when AIT still had Drill Sergeants)
She poked her head out of her room and started chatting me up. We fucked that night. We exchanged numbers and started seeing each other. "I want to marry you" deffinayely came out of my mouth more than once.
One day she is on her way to see me. Her BFf calls me to tell me she cheated on me....ans is bringing the TWO GUYS she banged to meet me.
>Lol wut?
Well I started off alpha, chased the two guys away. Told the girl I was gonna dump her. She cried and I went full beta.
We ended up at a hotel room about to fuck. Fingering her, look at my hands....covered in left over CUM from the two guys.
That night something inside of me broke. After that I just didnt care. I felt like, every cruddy thing I did was justified because it had been done to me.

I have lots of stories. I will share.
I was hoping to turn it into a threesome but yeah she just wanted to watch.
no this is wrong
>I'm wet as fuck, my heart is beating really fast, I never fel this way and suddenly I get mad
I wonder what my mom thinks about it
>he looks at me in shock
>I climb on his lap, grind his cock, it kinda hurts but I guess that's normal
>he's sighing and huffing, which makes me smile
>I lean in and put my tongue in his mouth, I have no idea what I'm doing
>he starts pulling off my shorts, I stand up and let them drop on the floor
>I wore pink undies for the occasion, I think he liked them
>I climb on him again and he reaches under my shirt, pulls it off and stares at my chest
>I'm a self conscious and cover up, he pulls my arms away
you're beautiful anon
>grabs me by my hair, pulls me closer, kisses me hard, I have butterflies in my stomach
>he puts his hand in my panties, I'm soaked
>it tickles, then it starts to feel good, really good, I'm moaning
>I open my eyes and he's just staring at me with open mouth
>tells me to stand up, I do, he picks me up and carries me upstairs
>he throws me on the bed and pulls off my panties, and attempts to go down on me
>I close my legs, say I don't want that
>he looks at me, spreads my legs, I push them together but he's stronger
>he licks and it tickles
>I push on his head, try to push him away. maybe this is wrong
this is going really fast
>he looks at me angrily, unbuttons his jeans and takes my left hand to wrap it around his dick
>he motions my hand up and down, then leaves me to do it myself while he sucks on my nipples
>I can feel that I suck at the handjob, the nipple-sucking hurts and I feel really bad overall
>he grabs my hand and pulls it away
Her gf caught my gf staring at her ass bc she bent over to hug me one and flipped the fuck out, 3way want ever an option.

Sure, I got some time now.

Great Aunt was visiting when I was home on leave around Christmas. It was unseasonably warm, and I was chilling on the front porch. Folks were gone to the city to pick up some things. She came out on the porch and we chatted a little about me being away from home and all that. Got cold so she snuggled up - wasn't anything to it, I thought, at first. Her hand around my side started rubbing up and down and squeezing a little - seemed purely platonic but I was 18 so it gave me a hard-on. I "platoniically" rubbed up and down her arm and side. She let out a little sound that wasn't platonic when I got below her ribs. Squeezed a little, a very sexual sound this time. She turned a little towards me, still not looking, put her right hand on my upper leg, started massaging a little. I'm bursting through my pants at this.
At the time I thought it was a huge risk, but looking back it was obvious - I moved my hand down to her ass (acting like it might be an accident), and when I did she moved her hand over my cock.
After only a couple minutes of this, we saw my folks car turn into the long driveway so we had to part.
Events of the evening passed.
That night I'm the last to go to bed. Just in the sack and about to masturbate to the earlier events, and the door opens and in she slips.
Lays down right on top of me and we go right into intense making out.
Positions didn't really change. Moved the covers from between us, took off my pants, it took some grinding on her part but she got it in - was slick as a waterslide.
Only thing that kept it longer than 2 minutes was that we had to keep extremely quiet.
When I came I stayed rock hard. She came shortly after. I wanted to keep it going but she was done. A little more making out and she got up and left.
A couple years later I took a week of leave and spent it at her place. Lots of good food and great sex.
File: 2025.jpg (41KB, 720x544px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41KB, 720x544px
File: Rm3FU3UTbV.jpg (29KB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 320x240px
I always have dreams of having sex with my gfs mom and in my dream my gf always catches us.
>he grabs his own dick, like he's aiming it
>I can feel the tip
>omg no
>he pushes, I scream
>he covers my mouth
>I can't recognize his face, his expression is so aggressive and angry, I'm scared
>try to remember I want this
>begin to shake my head to get his hand off my face, try to express via my eyes I want to say something
>he lets go
>say I'm not going to make him stop but beg him to be careful
>he smiles, kisses me, I taste myself
>I rub through his hair, he has amazing brown eyes and the whitest teeth ever
>he pushes more gently, I feel like I'm ripping but I can feel the pain making room for a better feeling
>it takes forever but eventually he's in and fucking me really gently
File: 1307205847367.jpg (142KB, 1200x799px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
142KB, 1200x799px
To this day:
Because of the nightgown she had on, that comfy fabric that feels like a worn-in thick T-shirt, is the hottest thing a woman can wear

Still think about it at least 1/month when fucking or jerking off

Went through a big milf/gilf phase in my 20s.

Still think old women who have kept their bodies tight are sexy as fuck.

Best friend's mom:

19, again home on leave. Went to friend's house to see about hanging out. Mom answered the door, told me he worked nights now. His dad and sister were in NYC for university interview.
About the mom - she was always a not-really-closet alcoholic, and always gave my friends and me long (loooong) goodbye hugs.
After a quick chat, it's "okay, goodbye Mrs. X" and cue the long hug. But this hug, due to combo of her being alone and hitting the bottle harder than usual, was super long, and super tight. Tried to break it a couple times, but to no avail.
And of course, because I'm 19, boner starts rising. Try to break the hug hard - she holds harder.
Dick swells. No way she can't notice - I think to myself, seconds before she starts grinding against it.
Still thinking (because I was nervous and young) that I need confirmation, I jut my hips out, reach between us and fix my dick upwards - huge bulge now, and reenter the hug.
Grind, little satisfied breath-moans. After a minute she reaches a hand in and squeezes, breathes heavily.

you sound like a chick i know from mississippi
>tells me I'm the weirdest kid he knows
>tell him that's why he likes me
>he begins thrusting harder, it feels good but then this agonizing paint in the back
>tell him to go slower, he covers my mouth again
>gets on his knees and puts my legs over his shoulders, bends them all the way to my chest
>I can't breathe that well but the expression on his face has been my inspiration for masturbation for years
>that's the horniest man I've ever seen, and I'm 24 myself now
>he has his hands on my but, massaging them
>then really pinching them, it hurts a bit
>my ass was extremely red after words
>he goes on, hurting me, I can feel every thrust, it's like he's rubbing me raw
>I really want it to stop right now
>at that moment it's like he's out of breath, he gives a few 'incoherent' thrusts and collapses on top of me
>he kisses me and rolls off
>he looks at my body and shakes his head, rubs his forehead
>I snuggle up against him, the butterflies are out of control
I have to get you home
>he drops me off a block away from my house
>I kiss him, while I rub his cock
>he bites his lip and smiles
bye now
>he never came to the bar again

I really need to write these well and greentext them in. Never have time to write them out.

abridged rest of the story:
She pulls me inside, make out a while. Move to the bedroom. She has me wait outside while she prepares herself. When she calls me in she's leaning on a bedpost, very 1970s sexual pose going, wearing only her jewelry.
The sex was energetic and carefree. She introduced me to a couple positions. Went for a few hours (not on one nut, of course - many)
Parted ways. Never saw her again, as friend had already evolved into massive douche and didn't want to hang out with him with the very little time I had back home.

Gotta run for now.
>not knowing it's a slightly changed pasta, fucking newfags

[spoiler]Still gave me the feels like the time I firstly read it[/spoiler].
FFW a year or so now out of training and in the regular Army.
911 was such a shit storm for my unit, we were under secial operations command, but not operators. So guess who had the super fun job of being a modern day squire to SF? Me! Fml.
Anyway, with Afghanistan going on we needed a Reserve unit to come help us out.
One kf the Reservists was this hot red head with fake tits that outranked me.
I had been wearing a wedding ring for the better part of a month to pick up sluts near base (not even joking, they see a ring and try to fuck you).
Since every other guy was hitting on the hot and married red head I decided to get some lols.
I scream into my cellphone "im tired of your shit. I want a divorce!" Then put my phine away, yank off my fake wedding ring, throw it and storm off.
My unit is giving me a wtf look and the reservists are in shock. Whike Im trying to keep a straight face
Anyway, all the reservists invite me out to a strip club amd are buying me drinks forsome reason
>everything went better than expected.jog
The married red head starts dancing with me.
Moves on to grinding
Says "why do you have a hard on?"
I say "because you turned me on"
We all go back to where they are staying.
Next day fuck again
She pitches a fit when she finds out I wasmt married.
1- When i was 24 my dad died and 2 weeks later I tried it on with my drunk mother and was successful

3- My gf did this to me at college. Told me deadpan she fucked a guy because of his cock was going back that night
whoa can you expand on the mother story?
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