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Spooky story thread? /x/ is gay >Be me visiting family in

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Spooky story thread? /x/ is gay

>Be me visiting family in El Salvador
>My moms family have their own acre of land
>They live in a deep wooded area. The only nearest house is a 6 mile hike and then 3 miles until you get to the small town
>First week everything is all cool
>My grandpa notice that i would stay up late and watch the stars, them skies are clear. Not like here in LA
>One night he told me to get inside or i would see "La Llorona"
In english its "The Weeping Woman" who was said to drown her children in a river and wanders around looking for her kids
I heard my mom tell me the story when i was younger but never really payed any attention. Im also not really spiritual or anything but after what happened then i just dont know anymore
>Get to bed cause it is getting late
>Couple days go by but nothing happens
>One night my grandfather wakes me up around 4 am
>Tells me to accompany him to get water from a river near by
The shower they have is located about 5 yards away from the house with a water tank that needs refilling for the morning shower
>We head out with some flashlights
continue pls
>I suddenly remember the Llorona story and my senses are more alert
>I hear some leafs being crunched a couple yards behind us and i could tell he hears it too by the look in his eyes
>We keep walking towards the river but now the crunching stopped
>Once we're there he says we need to fill up as quick as possible
>There is a complete silence in the air. The only sound is the water
>Once my grandpa notices the silence we both start hearing a faint cry
>He grabs my shirt and says we need to leave immediately and to drop the buckets so we can retrieve them in daylight
>We begin to head back at a fast walking pace
>My hearts pounding like crazy that i hear it in my head
>The same crunching is behind us again and its getting closer
>By now we're jogging back
>Felt like we were walking for half an hour
>Then we start hearing her cry even louder asking "Adonde estan mis hijos" (where are my children)
>We get into a full sprint not looking back or around at all
>by now its like 5 in the morning (usually the time my grandma lights up some candles in her house so it wouldnt be too bright if she turn the lights on)
>We see the yellow glow but its still a bit away
>i turn around and shit you not i see her chasing us
The sensation i felt when i saw her is unexplainable. It was a fear i have never felt in my life.
>We arrive at the house in sweat and out of breath
>We walk in carefully not to wake anyone
>My grandma knew what happened by the pale look on my face but she didnt say anything
>My grandpa and her looked at eachother like saying it to eachother through their eyes
I never went out at night over there again.

I do not believe in an afterlife but i do believe that the energy that is in a person does not simply just disappear. The energy that stays is what i would call a "ghost". I have had other ghostly experiences but none as frightening as that one
so now you live with your auntie and uncle in bel air?
Good story OP
That's pretty dope OP.
last spooky thing that happened to me was
>be in anatomy and physiology class
>go to other room of lab with 6 cadavers (dead bodies for observational reasons)
>we open one up
>blah blah blah
>teacher puts 2 spray bottles for preservation on another cadaver's case
>seconds later the case made a loud bang as if the owner of the case was angry for putting stuff on their case
>tfw everyone was shocked but nobody said a word
Haha no, i live by myself in an apartment complex with other spooky shit that has happened
Maan. I dont know how people could work with a cadaver. That shits scary.
>be me, circa 10 years old
>had a dream one night of someone taking pictures of me while I sleep
>wake up feeling anxious and sweaty
>get a drink of milk to chill out
>come back into my room
I have a streetlight somewhat down my street, so there's a little bit of light that is cast on my blinds
>lay down to sleep again after I finish my lecherous
>start feeling anxious again
>look outside
>there's a god damn person standing 15 feet from my window looking at me while I stare back feeling helpless

Told my mom and we called the cops. They found nothing so naturally I was "just having a nightmare sweetie."

Nah man. What gave me that feeling to just look out there outta nowhere. I'm 20 now and still spooked from it

Shit story. Why would you get the water before the sun came up? So you can trip and kill yourselves?
God damn it. Lecherous.
Maybe so everyone else can shower when they wake up

1. People shower in the evening in villages because they work during the day.
2. If your shower doesn't have a water line, it doesn't have a heater, and heats during the day (another reason to shower before sundown)
3. it was pitch black and you could see your grandfather's eyes? lol


>not well

You have obviously never been to a village. Nobody showers with fucking river water.
>We head out with some flashlights

>usually about the time my grandma lights candles
Why dosent your fam move from la lloranas creeping grounds?
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>be me fucking around with friends
>One of us had a set of radios out of package
>Talking to each other from other ends of area complex
>hear scream and other inaudible shit
>"anon was that you?"
>"no, you?"
>"ok, meet up on the rooftop asap"
--backstory, shed roof top was where anyone could find me and old ex together as we liked chillin' up there all day all night (She left me a while back prior but I still chill there)
>start to hear screams and shit over radio
>in gruff baritone like sound "Anon.."
>pic related; mfw this cunt called my name and nearly shat myself upon hearing
>mind you this thing had 10 channels, so whatever that was, knew what channel we were on and my name

The lighting candles part was retarded too.

Either he is in front of you or he is behind you. When he/you turn around, it isn't normal to blind people with a flashlight and ruin their night vision for half a minute.

Well, you can rewrite your fiction better next time, I guess.
First off, I'm not OP, I'm just throwing possibilities out there

And yeah the flashlight thing is whatever, but the candles are in the house, that they just walking into. They're not still running in circles in there, they've probably calmed a bit and are thinking about what just happened

But I don't know I'm speculating lol
>voice comes back after a few minutes
>"pond. tunnel. 10 minutes"
>Whatever this was, it knew where I chill when I'm alone; no one knows of my place
>whatever this is, it knows my name, and I have to see whats happening
>eventually agree all 4 of us go there
>walk down highway few blocks, then behind the gas station
>tunnel is opposite corner on other side of the pond in the shade
>be walking home from graveyard shift
>always see shadows move around from the corner of my eyes
>get a weird feeling about a ghost
>tell the ghost that it's okay and that he'll be set free
>give him a hug with my energy
>turn the corner
>a crazed skunk is barreling down the street, crossing from side to side
>took the long way home
>got a Reese's Fast Break
>later that morning around 4
>hear a soft sound like a child humming
>just give it a spirit hug and tell it that everything is okay and they're safe

Don't be scared of the energy just embrace it.

>standing on the start of grass to the pond behind gas station
>"Anon" "Anon 1" "Anon 2" "Anon 3" "Anon 4"
>I never talk about friends, or use their names outside our circle, I'll change names if I need
>run niggerspeed back to home area
>back to shed
>sit there in confusement and shat pants
>minutes pass in silence
>"Jesus Christ, what the fuck just happened?"
>break radios
>never think about it again
I have another story from the apartment complex im currently living in

>One night i come home late from girlfriends house
>Pretty tired so my vision is alittle blurry if i try to look at something from afar
>Long hallway in my complex and i live dead smack in the middle of the building
>Walking to my door my neighbor greets me and goes on his way
>From the looks of it i see someone trying to open a door (about 4 doors down from mine)
>Odd because that room was vacant
>They turn their head towards me and stare dead at me and enter the room
I didnt really think about what happened until that morning when i asked my landlord if someone had moved into that room but he said no one has yet. I asked the neighbor to that condo if she heard anything and she said she heard some doors being closed and foot steps. But she never heard the front door shut.
Im asking my gf to move in with my soon cause all these encounters have me spooked lol

My bad for not looking at ids.
You should move in with her because fuck that place
When I was about ten my cousin told us how he seen what he called the devil once while he was driving back home from Yosemite. He drew a picture of it. All I can say is it looked like that monster from jeepers creepers. I asked if I could keep the drawing he said no and tossed it in the firepit.
All good lol
Wait wtf happened?? Shit story telling bro . Was it some random fagget that spotted you from afar?
How cute
What city you live in?
also remember this one time we were all chillin' in the park and shit like 8 or 9 years ago, and this guy in a long coat ran past the gated park and one of us said some shit like, run forrest run, and like, we didn't think much of it until we went for a walk around the area and a friend pointed out a bag from the side apartment exit stairs, being curious shits we were we opened this lawn chair bag and found like a long fuckin blade with fresh blood all over it, and then we called the 911ers and found the guy in a balcony.I still remember everyones faces when we found that knife / blade what ever it was and the panic it brought after. Years later I bring it up with the name of that guy and no one seems to remember it. Fuck man, weird shit yo. I still remember chronological things from that night.
Brief and shitty summary of a longer copy of it, no it wasn't. No one ever knew of where I went to when I wanted to be alone, and no one knew we had the radios either. The radios were a one time thing as well.
Spooky mexicans. Good story b/
Tru da
>be me, 6th grade-ish
>walking/skating around my neighborhood at 2-3 in the morning with my cousin and friend because i was a lame skater kid
>neighborhood basically a longish road with a few houses connected at the end
>go down to an actual subdivision that's currently being added
>there's a lot of empty houses that are in different stages of being built
>be in front of a nearly finished house because it had a smooth driveway
>house had pretty much everything it needed except there was still dirt and construction shit where the lawn should be
>didn't have doors but had windows
>hear what sounded like nails falling or tipping over inside
>oh shit a hobo.
>look over and see what looks like a generic grey aliens face through the window
The window it was looking through was about 20 feet from the open doorway, across from the room it was in
>sees us see it
>friends see it too
>Then another one steps in front of the doorway
>We run for our fucking lives

Undoubtedly the scariest thing I've experienced
Ayyy lmao
I had something similar happen to me. At the time i didnt know what i felt but now i think it was sleep paralysis.

>I was around 6 years old and my dad would take me and my brother to my aunts house to sleep over friday, saturday and leave sunday night
>One night we're watching movies pretty late and my aunt tells us all to go to bed
>Get to bed and fall asleep pretty quick
>My mind is suddenly awake but i cant move my body or open my eyes
>I feel some one standing over me and i feel a cold breeze coming from the window
>That morning my uncle was talking to my aunt about how he needs to change the window screen cause it was ripped open

I know my eyes where closed but for some reason, every time i think of that moment.. I picture a man with longish hair but i cant see his face.
The weirdest was the baptistery at church.
>circa 2000
>be going to Bible study
>play capture the flag with the lights off
>certain areas of the church feel weird
>the balcony in the back feels odd from the street lights coming through the stained glass
>the third floor feels overused and old, tired in a way
>but the baptistery
>we weren't supposed to go to the baptistery for obvious reasons
>the first time I found myself there it was a mistake. I was fairly new to the church and didn't know the layout too well
>the still water held such an enigma
>no voices but a presence was telling me it was time to leave
>I left with an uneasy feeling

>about a year later I found myself staring at the baptistery again.
>the same wrong turn had brought me there though I knew the layout of the church
>there was this evil feeling coming from the calming, still water
>I stared at the water for a moment
>the water was non reflective
>the temperature wasn't different
>nothing about the water was right
I'm like 80% sure it was a meth head looking for a spot to smoke. That's like an actual thing
Salvadorians, not Mexicans lol
Ayy lmao
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Over the course of 5 years, 12 wasps have flown into my car and I've only ever found 10 of them
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They just wanted to see you skate
Reposted your pic on /pol/
Still scary as fuck
They looked just like that too
Worst night's sleep of my life:
>be around 10
>staying at aunt and uncle's apt
>"Anon, we're thinking of moving soon. A guy jumped the fence into our balcony/backyard and said that the cops were after him. It happened last night. "
>Not sure if I slept at all since the room I was in had the balcony/backyard in it. Kept expecting to see some crazed dude hop over.
>be my father, 13 year old kid living in Mexico.
>Decides to play prank on the rest of his village with his friends.
>Makes or buys (i fucking forgot which) a large mask and puts it on
>Wraps a red cloth around him
>Gets some chains and wraps it all around him.
>Proceeds to wander around his town in the middle of the night, rattling his chains on people's doorsteps and moans loud and long.
>Wakes up the next day and walks around his village.
>Everyone talking about the Devil passing by and the evil aura that he left behind.
>Some people claiming thst the Devil tried to possess them, or that they saw the Devil pointing at them and that he mumbled Dark shit.
>Toppest of keks.
?Aye sip?te! ?Ten?s miedo de una vieja? Vos ten?s que dejar de ser tan pendejo, mi amigo.
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Your dads OG
Her creeping grounds reach from mexico all the way up into the southern us
> me and friends break into an old apartment complex
> we hear noises in the 5th floor
> we get to the 5th and see an apartment door open.
>We suddenly hear a loud screeching sound from the apartment door and it's door slams shut.
My friends run out of the apartment complex like runaway slaves heading to the north.
> me, being the fat one, leave last an almost broke into tears.
None of us are Fucking never going near that apartment complex.
Right, I'm bad at story telling so forgive me
When I was like 7-8 me and the neighborhood kids always used to go out and play in a garage block at the end of my street, the reason being was because there was a permanantly flooded drain in the middle of the garage block that we used to ride our bike through for fun, one time when we were down there all of us heard some random really loud screams coming from the drain, like actual banshee style bone rattling screams, and then all of the drain water that had been there for about two years started bubbling like crazy, at this point some of us started to run, I stayed, I started to notice the water levels were going down so I assumed the bubbling had dislodged the blockage in the drain, I was wrong, once all the water was gone I looked into the drain and saw something i never want to see again, a partially decomposed body of a girl of teenage years, two hard to be precise when patches of skin are like falling off, anyway, police were called and they said that some drainage workers were sent into the sewers to try unblock the drain and used a big pump to suck the water out then sure enough the three workers came out of the manhole a few yards away, I ran over to them and asked them if they heard the screams, they said no then spoke to the police then went off in their van, me and my friends still talk about it today it really creeped out all of us

gay story, heard this in mexican folklore your grandpa is trying to scare you...fuckin ripoff
Here's my scary story, try to make it short. This happened to me.
>New Orleans
>houses flooded out
>we are in high school and one of my friends had a house ruined in the storm
>we would head there as a spot to smoke weed/drink beers
>head there one night
>house still had electricity even though the whole street was deserted
>we party on 2nd floor
>very shortly after arriving I have to go piss and bathroom is downstairs
>I'm alone downstairs
>can hear my friends acting a fool upstairs
>then I hear murmuring and movement from far corner of the house downstairs
>I know all my friends were still upstairs because the bathroom I was pissing in is right below stairwell
>peek around corner
>notice theres burnt candles, bent spoons, dark smears on the wall that look like blood
>someone has been in the house since the storm, we are never downstairs
>theres a mattress in the dining room
>that's not ours
>there is definitely two people talking to each other in the next room over
>whip out my knife (yes, I was one of those faggots that carried a knife with me, and because of this story I still do to this day)
>someone walks from around the corner
>I have no idea who this person is
>she sees me and screams

Yeah, the man's got a lot of great stories under his belt. Only problem is that he only tells them when he gets drunk, and he only drinks light beer.

>be my dad's best friend
>driving down an old 2 lane highway late at night (don't remember where from but he was just going home)
>sees bunch of shit in the middle of the road up ahead
>mother fucking tree branch that's like 7 feet long
>All the trees were about 30-something feet on either side of the road
>fuck this.jpg
>drives over the shit and keeps going
>forgets about it
>few weeks later he's watching the news
>police arrest a guy in his area who would take people and hold them captive and rape and torture them and take body parts and shit
>real Ed Hein shit
>tfw the police say that the guy would put branches and tires and stuff in the road and kidnap the people when they get out to move it
GOD DAMNIT. Gein, not Hein.
Thread plz don't die im enjoying this

Go on...

>she freezes up
>I have my knife at ready
>"Who the FUCK are you?" I say
>"We aren't going to hurt you!" she repeats over and over
>a scary ass looking dude walks out and stands behind her, long mane of grungy hair, not big but still has air of evil about him
>I take flashlight (forgot to mention I was carrying one) and shine it in their eyes
>cut off flashlight so that they were blinded and in the dark
>inch quietly back upstairs
>tell my friends upstairs what happened
>Nobody. Fucking. Believes me.
>think I'm trying to play a joke on them
>finally the strange girl comes upstairs
>all the girls with us start screaming and freaking out
>girl keeps repeating "We aren't going to hurt you!"
>tell her the GTFO immediately
>start to chase her out
>man is already outside
>I look through the window and they disappear into the fog

They left behind a bunch of people's ID cards (like 15 or so) and local maps with locations circled in red. Gives me chills.

homeless? fuckin niggers?
Dude it's a good thing you found them before you passed out. 'Nawlins is home to some creepy fucking shit. Like voodoo shit
> he only drinks light beer
I moved away from that neighbourhood with the garage block but I may go back there, have a look around
Gay nigger aliens from space.
They were white. Squatters? Robbers? Drug addicts? Murderers even? We never had the balls to check on the addresses circled on the maps.
Lol circling the diff spots they were looting/squtatting

bump for more stories
File: unnamed.jpg (44KB, 844x310px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Probably, but why hold on to so many ID's? There were a lot of them.

god damn OP that's one of my worst nightmares. At this point in my life if I saw a crash on the side of the road I would drive right past for fear of someone staging it and killing me. I live in fucking Canada for fucks sake
>be friend
>sleeping on couch downstairs
>woke up and heard something upstairs
>like 10, so not going to check
>next morning, goes up to his room
>all pictures pinned to the wall are on the ground, and all stand-alone ones are face down
>go back downstairs
>kitchen chair is in the living room facing the couch where he slept
Not where it was left.
>found a picture of him on the table in front of the chair
>dad finds out the kitchen window was open all night

where does he live?
Shit gives me chills just thinking about it
Hillsborough county FL now but the story was before he had my friend and he lived up north. Idk exactly where
While visiting bro his wife and newborn daughter in Mexico

> normal visit
> bros fam living in new apartent since last visit
> big apartment complex with only 2 apartments
> one downstairs one upstairs
> bro mentions/jokes around that apartment complex might be haunted
> bro mentions how daughter has been acting strange
> she only plays with her toys in the kitchen area. Constantly laughing as if she's playing with someone else
> bros wife brings up how sometimes she feels scared. Weird vibes. A cat watching them sleep all night.
>they contact one of those priests/black magic practitioner
> I guess he comes and prays and tells them there's a spirt.
>bro confronts lanlord on first floor
> creery 57 year old lady with no husband and no kids
> tells my bro her young kid was killed in the kitchen of the apartment upstairs due to some politcases
>tells my bro she would still "take care" of her son's spirt by feeding hm
> says that whenever there's no tenants upstairs she goes to kitchen at night and throws tortillas into the kitchen and preys
> bro moves out asap
> mfw when we think my bros daughter might have been playing with the spirt of a young boy who was brutally murdered in the 80s

>When i was in 3rd grade i lived in an apartment complex that was near a freeway
>Freeway side of the compex had a chain link fence that led to a small flat land of trees and then desended into a hill towards the free way
>The kids i played with there were always too scared to hop the fence (including me)
>One of the kids older brothers pressured us into hoping it and we did
>We ended up playing hide n seek
>I went to go hide near this oak tree
>As i was there a didnt notice a homeless man laying down with a camo sleeping bag and camo clothing
>The fucker grabbed at my ancle and i screamed as loud as i could
>I kicked him in his face and ran like forest gump
>Returned to that tree with friends dad who took his bat
>On the floor was rope covered with dry blood and duct tape. Along with a todlers shoe dug up right at the base of the tree
My mom, brother, and I were at a hotel in Miami FL while my bro did some football training program with the Dolphins and for 4 straight nights I would wake up every night and outside the window there'd be a cat staring at me from the adjacent building


Nigger was ready for dinner
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hqdefault (2).jpg
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so la llorona hang out in el salvador also? i tough she was mexican i herad that shit one time at 3 am scary as fuck if you see that ghost i mean the face they say you die any lurkers find la llorona in youtube
I cant really say one thing considering it happens almost every night buut, i live right next to a grave yard and my bed is legit not even 15m away from a grave. And if im home alone some mother fucker scratches on the back door then the scratching slowly makes it way through the kitchen to the stairs. You can hear foot steps then nothing and say probably 5-10 minutes after the foot steps it taps on my door and depending on its "mood" it will ether touch my legs and back but there have been times where i have waken up with bruises and scratches on my legs and stomach....actually does anyone know of ways to keep spirits away, if had to deal with them my whole life and its really taking its toll on me, help??

Fucking move dumbass.

If that shit happened to me once Id be the hell out of there and not going back.

Yeah that's what I thought too, isn't that mexican folklore shit?
living next to a graveyard is scary man

move dude? or go to a religious place
Well the thing is i cant im underage and even if i wasn't i don't have that kinda money
Haha the graveyard is fine its the things that come out that are scary as fuck
I wish i could and most religious places have graveyards next to them soo

well you need to find a priest, a reverend or someone with religious authority to help you...either that or get a medium
File: 0 (1).jpg (7KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
0 (1).jpg
7KB, 480x360px
it is there are two kinds of this ghost one is from aztec time's then when the spanish came was another woman that kill his kids and throw the into a river and she walks every nigth crying for his children and killing everyone that crosses their path, sry for my bad english like i said before i heard thatshit one time and is a fuck up voice dude
thats a problem tho, because i live with my mum, im underage and i dont have money i cant go to a medium and my mum doesnt believe in the paranormal so she wouldnthelp me pay to get help about it
File: 1209787552_f.jpg (11KB, 500x380px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 500x380px
craveyard ghost for you mate get the fuck out of there dude pronto
well i had worse at the other house i lived at and there wasnt a graveyard for a yew kilometers, i just need something that will scare the fucker away, just for a month at least
I have many spooky stories.
my hest friends house is possibly the most craziest house ive ever been to.
We've been friends for 16 years so thats 16 years of experiences.

Ill be honest. I was very sceptic and always tried to find an excuse when shit got spooky but over the years i finally accepted it and lived with it...

Ill share the most extreme story in my next post. Be patient as im not the fastest of typers
Im not religious but ive seen my mom do stuff in our house when i used to live with her to keep bad spirits or bad energy away from our home. If you are religious you can go to a store that sells candles (Religious candles with images on them) if you live in a neighborhood with hispanics you can ask someone to translate what you want. Ask them which candle and prayer works best with keeping bad spirits away from your home
im not religious tho, could it still work??

I don't think it's that simple, if they're following you everywhere it means you're a ghost magnet and you'll probably be struck like this until you do something about it
underage b&
The image of which person from the bible is important because they all have different purposes with the prayer you would say. This is what my mom would tell me when she would do this. Another thing you can do is clean your house, im not sure what plant is used or what prayer either but it consists of lighting the plant and walking to each corner of your house saying the prayer
well its not following me they are different ones, they act different, the one at my old house would scream and drop thing around the house but this one is physically harming me
im only just underage chill mate
How do you preform an exorcism on tainted holy water?

Ok well 4 years ago i was at said friends house (his names robert). We had decided to bring a friend along. One who had never been to his house.
we decided to warn her before hand.

The rule we had about the house is if you see or hear something weird IGNORE IT. thats been the only way to make it stop. If you talk about it it only gets worse.

Anyway. We tell her this and she has a light attitude about it. Of course she thinks we are trying to scare her. Later on we 3 were laying on his bed relaxing. All of us on our stomachs. We were slightly dozing off when suddenly she jumps up and yells "which one of you hit my ass?" We told her we didnt. She took her phone out of her back pocket to reveal a cracked case.

She was pissed. She saw we were scared. And tried to challenge whatever the fuck is in the house.

She gets up walking out of the room yelling "you wanna fuck with me??? Im right here!!" Me and robert are freaking out more because we know this thing WILL fuck with someone.

We try to tell her to stop. Then suddenly my hair is yanked to hard the my neck is jerked upwards. Robert saw it happened it actually screamed. Me and him ran out of the house with our friend trailing behind..

It was a bad day
Well the cleansing is used mainly for religious and spiritual people. You could try it out. Again, im not religious but when ever i start feeling a bad vibe in my house i call my mom over to clean ever room, when shes done every thing feels more safe. You should youtube some ways to clean your house and a way to i guess "block" your house so bad energy doesnt come into your house
Sorry for the typos im a little sleepy
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gonna bump with some creepy pasta yah or nay
>be 16
>walking down the street
>suddenly, a nigger!
File: 033.png (105KB, 1336x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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nay, creepypasta is almost never good
ill try this shit, but at the moment im home alone so if i do it now i might aggravate and id prefer to not deal with its shit cause im already in pain and shit
File: catrina.jpg (58KB, 488x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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so this days are mexican holydays americans have halloween we have day of the dead 2 days november 1 and 2 and halloween also kek one of my favorites time of the year want to know more about day of the the dead?

so what's different about your friend's house? was it old? was it build on some ancient indian burial ground?
Ok here's a quick spooky moment I had:
>be me just a year or so ago
>working second shift as janitor at a college
>building imworking in was old as shit but had been renovated
>been watching ghost hunting shows recently
>curious about evp's are they for real?
>one night decide to find out
>its the last hour of my shift everyone is gone
>get out my phone hoping the recorder is good enough to catch something
>start walking around the top floor, mostly offices, holding phone out and asking ?'s
>nothing. Feeling like an idiot.
>finally after hearing nothing on playbacks, decide to try on more time. Maybe my phone sucks
>I ask "I only want to know if someone is here. If so tell me your name."
>listen to playback
>hear "I'm Jacob" on the recording
>shit brix and go downstairs, almost in disbelief
>realize I left lights on upstairs
>go back up to now haunted floor
>as I turn off lights I look down a hallway
>a light is on iin the office at the very end
>slowly walk towards it
>light suddenly goes off
>hastily leave the haunted floor and leave the building, clocking out

Only did one more evp session after that, heard another voice and decided to quit. 2spooky4me

Leave the dead be, I used to think evp's were faked for shows. Now I know.
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ill post a few just to bump the thread
wtf happened to your friend
Why the fuck would they tell a 10 year old that?
File: IMG_3815.jpg (104KB, 676x572px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Its pretty old. It just has lots of history and i dunno if there is actually any significance but his sisters played the ouija bored in there when they had first moved in.

My friend robert or the girl yellin?

Robert moved out 2 years ago to live with his mom and we honestly think this thuig follows him because creepy things happen at his moms house now too. Which werent happening before

As for the other girl. Shes ok. She just learnee to really not fuck with it
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Good story, but I googled her and saw that she was a league of legends character. So yeah
>be me 16
>playing COD
>suddenly out of nowhere lamp slams down into the ground
>this dog creature with a human face and long hair jumps out at me from where the lamp was
>jump back scared shitless
>lamp is back in the same spot
>stop playing COD
>still not sure if that actually happen
your story isn't in order. was the screaming the girl or what?
Cool story, but pretty obvious it was your grandparents scaring you into not staying up late or going out at night lol....
when i was young,my familie andi was often on a little farm on vacation.i remember that there was a Room full of tools and stuff,and there was just one way to get in and out.so when i was passing the room,i saw for a moment a wihte male figure passing in to the room.but could only the the back and the feet.i thought that is a new visitor.so i just go after him to say welcome.but in this room was nobody
By all means ask your mom to be with you during it even if she thinks its silly. I had something follow me and scratch me in my moms house when id hang with my friend whose parents were into some African religion. Hed tell me it was a form of white magic but i doubt that shit. One day i accidentally walked into their backroom/shed that was connected to a band room where wed play guitar and drums. My friend had some chickens and in that shed was a freshly beheaded chicken with signs on the wall written in blood.
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Is the most looked down on race to a female Indian males Indian girls are hot to us guys but damn the Indian guys have it bad i mean they as a view of society im sure theirs lots of guys who get laid that are Indians but holy shit.

is that haitan?
I think you need to reread that story dude. It made perfect sense to me.

>you're just retarded, it's okay
Lady was married husband left her with three kids, 11 9 n 3-6yrs old, she raising the best she can, meets dude secret date for a long time finally talking about living together marriage kids, brings up her kids thinks he'll leave her, he not happy about it but not pissed, he becomes distant for a few weeks, she thinks kids scared him off, she takes kids to river to "play" takes the oldest and drowns him, he'll put up the most fight, then the middle one finally the baby of the group, she goes to meet the guy, she can't find him for a few days, finally finds him and is happy n starts talking, he tells her he wants to buy a house together and live together, he wants the kids to help choose the new house, he has been working over time to be able to buy a house big enough to fit them all, (he was planing this house thing for a while saved up money) she tells him happily that he doesn't have to worry about them she drowned them so they could be together, guy is wtf, leave me alone you crazy bitch a mother should never lay her hands on her kids like that, dumps her, she goes looking for her kids spends days in the river trying to find bodies, raining and she slips falls in river she herself drowns, their God says for the punish ment of your crime against your children you cannot proceed into the after life till you find your kids, now find their bodies upstream from where you died, implying that she will never find them for bodies flow down stream for ever cursing her.

Source my aunt who saw her when she was 12-15
ive told what happens to me but she doesnt care, she thinks its bullshit so even if i ask her she well say no and leave me alone, O w O well blood and beheaded chickens thats lovely
File: AYYLMAO.jpg (67KB, 619x433px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How could you expect this story to be taken seriously on /b/
File: hotdog-1.jpg (18KB, 208x239px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I never believed in religion or magic or any of that, but I used to have a candle of Santa Muerte that I kept in my bedroom because I thought it was cool. One of my mexican friends saw it and said that he wouldn't stay at my place until I got rid of it, he literally made me take it to a dumpster a few blocks from my place to dump it because he was scared of it. I was keking hard.
Churches are full of evil. Never go back.
only remotely spooky thing that's happened to me. sleep paralyisis.

>wake up
>not sure if my eyes or open or I'm seeing this through my head
>can't move, don't think i could even breathe
>there is a pregnant lady sitting against a toybox that was in the room I was sleeping in, just rocking back and forth and crying into her arms.
>I wake up properly
>bit freaked out
>go take a piss
>feel better
Have same story but with a mexican. Spickyspooky

True shit man mexicans are superstitious as fuck. Girl I work with who is a good friend always has stories about that kind of shit, she also visits fortune tellers and has those candles in her home.
Burn white sage in sense
It's pretty funny, he also believes in Duendes and Brujas too, one time when we were camping he stayed in his tent all one night while we were grilling and drinking and all that because he was afraid of La Lorna. Every mexican will tell you a story about how they encountered one of those three things, without fail.
>posts no face

for fucks sake mfw=my face when, please lurk moar

Latin American version of the boogieman
ill have to look around for some, thank you i didnt know what to look for but ill keep an eye you for it
Jacob seems like a bro, he turned the light off for you.
File: image.jpg (239KB, 952x952px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well i mean, im Mexico the people who have Santa Muerte usually practice brujeria. Which involves actual murder of animals and people. I used to have this poster (pic related) in my room
Yeah, I ended up doing some research on it later that night and apparently it's also a commonly used symbol of some of the cartels.

Definitly spooky but pretty neat. Didnt seem like you were in danger, I would have probably asked him about himself or something, or at least been like 'nice to meet you'.

not really spooky but I still can't explain this shit

>be 9-10ish?
>be asleep
>woke up half way realize my right leg from my calf downwards paralyzed, would not bend, could not move, didn't feel anything
>started crying was a crybaby back then
>mom came in told her what happened, went to the emergency
>doctors didn't do much, said put some bandgay on and see if it helps
>back home got the bandgay on falls back to sleep
>leg slowly recovered however it took a good half day
>got to miss school
>still don't know what happened that would lead to my leg to go numb

haha what the fuck it's like localised sleep paralysis?

Sounds like a glitch happened

I guess, but it took a good half day before I was able to walk again
Story IS in order. He said he heard screaming from the drain; obviously by his description the bitch had been dead for a while. What he interpreted as screaming is unknown-it could have been something supernatural, but then again it could have been the way the water was draining out of the drain.

lrn2read, please
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