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About to try weed for the first time tonight, any suggestions

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About to try weed for the first time tonight, any suggestions to give me the best high?
Enjoy the high and chill out with some good music. Reagie etc :)
inject that shit
Anthing I should avoid doing? I'm not beta I just want to get the most out of it

Don't listen to "reagie" or any stereotypical "stoner" music. Listen to whatever you like.

First time I smoked I listened to Modest Mouse and played Team Fortress 2 with the sound off. Would recommend that BUT the important thing is that you do what you want to do because it makes it better for you.

The only exception is if you like scream hair metal bullshit... ruins the high even if you do like it, too harsh
Thanks man, doing it with two of my best friends and we have similar taste in music

Oh something else I did.

Order a pizza. Whenever you get high remember not to overeat but that doesn't mean don't eat. It's going to taste amazing and youll forget you ordered it by the time it gets there so it's like a special treat lol
Try not to get paranoid. Play old games like SSB
Try to have some water your throat will thank you
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hold the smoke in for 3 seconds. Stoner idiots do it for 10 or none, they're dumb.
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Took me a couple of times to get 'high' in the way that I k ow and enjoy it now. My first couple of times were what ever but then I got HIGH. This is the same for a cple of ppl I know so
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good friends to laugh
water for the dry mouth
food for ravenousness
good music to chill

i like to ride the bike when its realy dark outside n some dirt road with no or few street lights, away from traffic or in the woods. shouldnt be too cold and bring the 4 things mentiond above :)
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hey bro, ex budtender here.

What are you smoking out of?
What type of cannabis are you smoking?
Indica or sativa?

>Get comfortable
Wear maybe some sweats and a comfortable shirt.
You'll need something to drink to cure your cotton mouth, I recommend Arizona green tea.
You'll have the munchies as well, so be prepared for an undeniably heavy appetite.

>WHile Smoking
This is big. Some people puff and hold it in their mouth like a cigar. This is a no-go.
Also remember when you get paranoid, nobody knows you're high. Unless they do know, and then you're fucked. Also don't try and drive.
Out of a bowl, sativa (I think not sure), and how should I hold is down?
hell yes, I do the same thing
Don't get embarrassed when you cough. Infact it helps.
very simple
>smoke pot
>get high
put about half a gram in a blender, mix it with butter and eggs (to activate the thc) and add some milk to thin the liquid out. inject that shit for the nicest high ever
OP here, It should be a pretty relaxed affair, thanks to anyone who gave me some tips!! I'm still lurking in the thread
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first time you dont get high
make sure you inhale properly, take a deep breath
get yourself naked before you start smoking, invite your friends to do so. Make a indian circle of friend ship then start smoking, when the weed kicks in, begin to scratch your friends balls and, again, invite them to do so with the peole are next to them. Enjoy the best time of your life my friend
not always true, but unfortunately generally true

Sativa is going to be a head high, depending on the strain and quality, it could be a heavy high (feels like a cloud of happiness and energy in your brain) or a clear headed high that helps you focus and stay creative.
How should you hold it down??
Well, whoever you're smoking with should show you how the glass works.
As for smoking, take Small hits first, when you take your hit, breath a small amount of air lightly just to push the smoke deeper a bit.
Hold for 3-5 seconds and exhale all your air out to keep from coughing.
As for idica?
whats the best way to smoke it? will inhale exhale do the part?
dude, weed is not what movies tend to show you. It's more like you're a bit drunk for 30 mins. thats it, no magic, no colors
not always true.
the body naturally creates small traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) already in the body.
For some reason some peoples bodies absorb the THC but produce no high.
Just depends on the person
Indica is body high.
I'll break down both for you.
body high; used for Insomnia, anxiety, appetite stimulation, stress, chronic pain, headaches.
Feelings of mass euphoria, body "buzz", heavy eyes, complete relaxation, couchlock (when you're so relaxed you physically can't move off the couch hence couchlock)
Over indulgence can sometimes lead to a KO high (we use to ask people who wanted indica "do you want to relax, play vidya for an hour then pass out/ or do you want to smoke and just have the body high?"
head high; used for stress, anxiety, depression, creativity, increases energy and thought process.
Time will slow down but your mind will continue racing. Thoughts will become increasingly rapid and random. giggles set in.
Over Indulgence can cause "sativa Stupid". This is where you're so hazy in the head that you it's rough to process everything at once.
Colors and sounds are still highly detailed and glossy, but you're just retarded.
They are a combination of both cannabis sativa and cannabis indica.
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It's not going to be like you think. Becoming a confused paranoid mess is very possible. It took me a couple tries to learn how to smoke. Everybody is different though so. eh
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What do you mean best way to smoke it?
There are really only 4 major ways of getting cannabis into your body
What are the chemical differences in the Sativa and indica strains of cannabis and the respective affects of each chemical.

I want to know what Im putting in my body first.
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>chemical differences
I'm slightly confused as to what you mean by "chemical".

The psychoactive element in Cannabis that gives you your "high" is called THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.
Now how the bud is grown and what lineage determines the high.
i meant how to smoke it? can i just smoke it like a normal cigar?
dont inhale on the side that burns. gl hf
Thanks for the knowledge and I mean like how long should I hold it down? How many hits should do it? How much should I pack?
Light, inhale deeply but with 'room to spare'
Disengage mouth from joint
Suck in a bit of fresh air to 'top it off'

Try that once or twice, since it's your first time. Then let the joint go out and save it for later.
Both THC and cannabinoids are psychoactive.
Sativa is relatively higher in THC, producing a 'high', which is a fairly active state.
Indica is higher in CDBs, producing a mellow 'stoned' effect.
Top fucken kek mate.

It's reggae. But no, listen to something else. I've gotten better results (syncing with the music and experiencing music euphoria) listening to bands and artists like Death Grips, Joey Bada$$, Ab-Soul,
Pretty Lights, and others. These are just a few.

More suggestions:
>Little Dragon
>Crimson King
>The Dust Brothers (especially the Fight Club soundtrack)
>(The) Devin Townsend (Project)
>Gorillaz (obviously)
>Modest Mouse
>Them Crooked Vultures
>Avey Tare
>Panda Bear

One stoner track I can recommend is "Break It Down" by Logic.
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Well if that's the way you prefer you can roll joints or blunts.
Depending on if you smoke tobacco or not, joints are the prefered for me.
They're only bud rolled into a cigarette style roll. There are other rolling techniques but not to get into that now.

Some people punch out tobacco from cigarettes and use those as pre rolled joint papers or they keep some tobacco in there.
there are videos on youtube to show you how to roll. Find the technique that fits you.
Well since you're just now starting, we usually recommend a 2 bowl beginner limit.
Pack a bowl, (not all the way to the top. Pack "snap bowls". A snap bowl is when you only toss enough bud in there that will last a single hit. Think of a flintlock pistol. everytime you want to fire, you have to reload) only a small amount. Enough to make a base on the botttom of the bowl , then sprinkle a little more on top.
As for smoking, you'll want the lightly breath in, place the flame above the bud and breath in hard enough to get the flame to come down and light the bud. Now the flame only needs to touch the bud for a second or 2 to light. No need to hold it there the whole time.

Now when the bud is lit, you'll have a "cherry" or the red from the lit bowl.
Lightly breath in as much as you desire, and then pull your bowl/ take your finger off the carb (small hole to the side of the glass) and breath in. When you take your hit, you'll take a small light breath to help push the smoke down.
Hold for 3-5 seconds and blow all air out to keep from coughing.
give yourself about 5 minutes after the bowl to give your body time. If nothing, pack another and continue. Giving yourself 5 minutes after each time.
2-3 small bowls should do the trick. Sorry for the long time it took to post this
Thread posts: 43
Thread images: 10

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