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>What's the worst thing you've done to a girl sexually?

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>What's the worst thing you've done to a girl sexually?
>What was her reaction?
>What was your relationship to the girl?
>Did you continue to see the girl afterwards?
I've blown a load on my girlfriend's face when she was trying to tease and edge me. She was decidedly less than impressed.

Not worthy of a greentext story though.
>doxing her
>closed all her online profiles
>i still see her at reunions
I split my ex's mom's asshole, should have used lube...
Put 1 finger inside her Ass while fucking and scratched her inside. She started to bleed out of her Asshole.
Thats pretty much the worst, still together with her. She is a keeper
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Was fucking my girlfriend and was giving her the long stroke with a good,amount of force, my dick slid into her ass so hard she immediately started shouting. Ended up giving her a fuckng hemmerohid. I never thought I'd have to buy preparation H
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Got my ex to pretend she was a lost little girl needing help when I asked she said she was 12

>She had tiny tits and massive eyes

Felt good abusing her, Just regret not dressing her up with a big red bow like id day dream about while fucking
choked a girl unconscious whilst fucking, kept fucking her until she woke up. She loved it.
werent you/wasnt she afraid of getting brain damages?
Met a girl on tinder

She had a broken leg literally degraded her non stop via text and she loved it.

Went to her house eventually to fuck, she kept saying she didn't want to cause of her ankle. I could tell she was living every second

Kept purposely hitting her ankle, making her stand on it , help in pain etc. I probably made her stay in that cast an extra 2 weeks lol

Does it count as mea. If she seriously enjoyed it?
>Tied my girl to the bed and blindfolded her
>went to the pub and picked out 6 guys sitting together all old drunkards
>Invited them home to fuck party
>All six drunk old farts fucked her several times whilst she tied up and can't see
>Strict orders not to speak just fuck her and move out the way to let the next fella on
>I fucked her twice, nice sloppy sperm filled cunt
She never found out who they where and to this day begs me to tell her. Shy to go out in our local town because she doesn't know who they are. We only go partying out of town now
How he can give pics of something that never happened?
Met my ex who I consider a bitch
She wanted to fuck so I said OK
>Fucked are a little
>Withdrew and shoved my cock up her ass against her will
>Forced her to suck my cock clean after spearmint her asshole
>Slapped for being such a dirty bitch
She hasn't contacted me since
I'm an old fart myself now and this took place a long time ago, before you where born no doubt. Didn't take pics back then unless you had Polaroid and my mobile was the size of a house brick with a handle and a mouth piece
ITT: Lies, virgins, wizard powers
was fucking a girl in the shower. I had ejaculated 5 min earlier all over my belly therefor the shower. now I was sort of not feeling a thing but I was trying to make her cum, which I didn't manage. after maybe 20 min or so I asked If she wanted to continue or if we could get out of the shower. she realized that I didn't feel a thing in my dick so she said that she was done and wanted to take care of me.
>washed dick of
>started getting bj
>told her to deepthroat that shit
>she warms up a bit then shoves it down
>starts crying and apologize to me
>Tell her it's ok
>she sort of still crying and tells me to fuck her ass instead.
>do it
>within 5 min my dick gets completly coverd in shit
>ask if I'm allowed to just stop
>she get's sad and says it's ok
>later she tells me she's really embarrassed for what happened
>tfw I realize she's embarrassed for vomiting and not the shit on my dick
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>be me at a party
>buddy unknowingly brings girl ive been fucking for months
>buddy tells me how much he digs her
>we all get trashed
>girl starts hanging on me
>whisper in ear and touching dick etc.
>take her to buddy no.2's bed room
>push her on the bed and get naked
>shes like "no i dont want to get in trouble"
>shutupbitch its cool
>take off her pants
>eat her out she still saying "shhh quiet,i think we should stop"
>go to finger her to tell her to shut up again
>accidentally put finger in ass cause drunk
>she moans load as fuck cause ass virgin
>fingering both holes now and shes flipping shit
>moaning and begging me to stop
>finger fuck her ass and pussy hard ass hell and shes basically screaming yes
>go to fuck her, and friends break down door
>she runs out crying
>friend headbutts me
>big fight who gives a fuck
>next day go over to girls house and fuck her in her ass and he sister caught us
>kept fucking her ass and sister stood and watched
>after i came in her ass and then on her face after a blow job
>sister gives me her number
>fuck her ass to
>im planning on waiting 4 years for their little sister to get older and then fuck her ass to.
>whole family off assfuckers because of me
I was camping with my girlfriend and wanted to stay up and fuck but she fell asleep before everyone pretty early. She was kind of a heavy sleeper and we had been drinking. I went into our tent when everyone said goodnight and fingered her butthole. I wasn't really that gentle. Pretty sure she woke up but acted like she asleep the whole time.

Not that bad I guess but I was like 15 at the time.
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>gf refusing anal for a long time
>finally she agrees to it
>gotta grab this chance, no time preparing her or using lube
>gf is dumb so she thinks that putting it all the way in right away will make it hurt less
>she's doing the work, i'm just let her do it.
>she changes her mind after tearing her ass up
>3 years after break up she calls me and tells me her colon has inverted
>same phone call she admits she cheated on me at the time
>mfw she got ass raped by karma
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also mfw i realized i raped a girl and still ended up getting laid like 15 times after that with her and her sister.
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> she says no
> says no again
> you're a rapist or a liar
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refer to the above comment
Underrated Post
licked her butthole
didn't like it
she was my qtgf
she dumped me
Both of the participants in this story were much older than you're expecting.

>last girlfriend was virgin
>dating for a week
>says she's ready to be taken to pound town
>I give her the old lickaroo
>she insists I use a condom for the sexerations
>I only fuck clean bitches, so rarely use condoms
>can't feel anything
>can't stay erect
>have her get on top
>finally manage to get it in
>she's clearly in pain
>ask if she wants to stop
>ask her what it was like
>"I... think you were in the wrong hole"

tl;dr: Accidentally fucked a virgin in her asshole.
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thank you
you're still a selfish idiot
itll bite you one way or another
>waiting 4 years for their little sister to get older
pee'd on my gf's face.
she cried
yes, we are still together and I still tease her about it
that's somewhat true about the pain
most dicks have less girth at the base
wow that piercing is so ridiculously off center.
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>fuck two girls in ass/pussy and little sister wants it too but i tell her no cause to young.
> old lickaroo
how? if i had gotten my way, i'd do it properly, she impaled herself on my dick. she also cheated. the only bad thing i did was having anal fetish. that's not a crime.
obvioulsy being a worthless cunt runs in the family.

by waiting, you're missing an opportunity to train the younger one properly
>Forced her to suck my cock clean after spearmint her asshole
>spearmint her asshole

came inside of some milf about 20 minutes before he husband showed up to a party after work to pick her up and get her home.

she gasped, expected me to pull out

friend of a fuck buddy

nope, she was drunk, 1/2 passed out
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No im just not a child molester. The little sister watches alot and texts me, but im not fucking her.
On top of that they all have their own bf's and lives and shit. Im basically just a good fuck that the family likes. Really it cant get any better then that.
>im just not a child molester
>Had a girl that was really into me.
>Do anything I wanted her to do.
>Used to get her to blow me and then leave.

>We were teens.
>She had a 14 year old little sister.
>She started showing same interest as older sister
>got little sister to blow me, took her virginity
>told older sister she was better at it
>made her watch me get blowjob from little sister
>made her swallow when I was ready to cum
>did this several times.
>both sisters have drug problems and lives are shit.

They sure did know how to suck a dick.
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>needing acceptance from 4chan users.
>staying in Cozumel for a week
>meet some 16 yo girl off a cruise ship
>I am 22
>give no fucks as she is only staying the day
>She's a try hard and braggart
>take her to local bar where I like to hang
>bartender is brotier and help me get her wasted
>take her out back and she starts to blow me
>lift her up against the fence and fuck her
>call out bartender
>I'm hysterical laughing as she sucks off this short 50 yo Mexican dude
>she's crying like a cat in heat that she needs to be fucked
>bend her over a trash can and pound her
>she keeps spreading her ass for me
>literally stuff my cock into her unready ass
>I can tell she's struggling but her tryhardness overrules everything
>fill her butt with my nut
>realize its getting late
>drop her off at the pier
>drive away as she stumbles down the dock
>I didn't even know if that was the right pier
>no fucks given
Hello newfriend.
Not at all current girl I'm fucking always says no.

I don't know what the fuck it is she just says it and as long as I stay persistent she gives in.

It's actually really annoying and I have to tell her to shut up .

Yet she still comes over to fuck
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That what im saying man.
I fucking the girls and shes like ohhhh shtop and then shit grab my dick and puts it in her ass. Makes no since.
>be me
>be 16
>move to a new town
>pretend to be 19 in school
>start hanging out with a 7/10 shy 15 y/o virgin ( 11/10 Tits thou )
>take her to a "supposed to be non alcoholic" party
>partys not even close to non alcoholic
>get drunk
>get her drunk
>get her even more drunk
>well add a little more booze to both of you
>girl almost passing out / wants to go home
>take her home
>end of story
>just kidding
>ask her if you may stay the night
>shes uncertain
>swear that nobody will know
>sneak to her room
>she tells mom n dad good night
>start making around
>get hands on her melons
>get other hands in her pants
>undress her
>undress yourself
>she's a little scared
>convince her
>slowly put dick inside her juicy pussy
>she qlimaxes and instantly passes out
>screamd to loud
>mother's comming upstairs
>mother drunk as fuck saw what i did to her daughter
>gets horny
>Takes me to her room
>sucks my balls dry
>lies down bellytobed
>insist to fuck her ass cuz vag belongs to husband
>why shouldn't I
>fucks her ass
>door slams open
>daughter awake but still drunk as fuck
>shouts at me
>shouts at mom
being birthed

>kicks me out
>3 days later
>see her again
>she asks why i did not call
>she cant remember shit

>12 years later now
>married to her
>2 childs
>she knows nothing
>never talked with mother about that night

non english eurofag ...
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>be 16
>at a party in some random chicks house
>end of night, most people have left. Just me and a few friends and chicks left in her house
>one girl spends entire time talking about how rude us guys were and why she never wanted to date a guy, we were disgusting etc
>screwing one of the other girls, about to cum.
>master plan comes into my mind
>quickly get off bed with girl I'm fucking
>run across house to where feminazi girl is sleeping
>lightly slap her. "I've got a present for you"
>as she's opening her eyes, unleash the Atlantic Ocean of cum all over her face and onto her eyes.
>rest of us dying of laughter while she walks across house trying to find the bathroom with cum all over her face.
Weirded me out for a long time because of how easy it is to accuse of rape and I realized that women are just insane so I stopped listening
>cumming inside her
>argument, slap and moan
>yeah for a while broke up last month
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>start texting girl from work
>find out she has boyfriend
>keep texting
>end up going to her place then out to the bars with her friends
>start fucking regularly
>fuck her and cum all over her face
>she asks for something from the dirty clothes to wipe it off
>hand her a men's T shirt from the hamper
>mfw she used her boyfriends t shirt to wipe my cum off her face
>have fuck buddy
>pick safe word
>tie her wrists to her ankles
>push cock against her asshole, start to go in
>shove cock halfway into her ass
>safeword, safeword and then cries
>untie her
>make an excuse to go
>still talk occasionally.
>dyke feminist says men are assholes
>man responds by being an asshole

Good job faggot, you're reinforcing their fucking movement.
>Finger fucking girlfriend at the time
>going hard, she's really into it
>start to feel something brush the back of my hand
>look down
>the bitch is shitting
>look at her, she doesn't even notice
>look at the beefy log slowly oozing out of her ass
>she has a nightstand next to her bed
>the drawer is a little open
>underwear and socks
>start finger fucking her extra hard
>she starts to move her hips more and the log has reached full escape velocity
>she rocks her hips as if to shake the log off her ass
>she still hasn't said anything, too into it.
>I look at the log and contemplate putting it in the drawer
>naw fuck that
>I pick up what is to be known as "Angus, the anal monstrosity" up off her floor
>It's in my hand all warm and shitty
>I feel her start to orgasm
>stand for better strength and leverage to fingerbang with
>Angus is in my other hand
>she yells my name and says she's cumming
>I throw the log down as hard as I fucking can right on her face
>her mouth was open
>her eyes were closed
>she never saw Angus coming.
>the moment the god log leaves my hand I bolt for the door
>I'm already out of the hallway when I hear her scream
>never talk to her again
i took a handful of performance enhancers one time and fucked a bitch for about 2 hours straight she asked me stop at least 40 times but i kept going and i must have came at least 20 times it was really funny cause she was some random landwhale i picked up at a bus stop known for whores
Underrated post right here
>>I fucked her twice, nice sloppy sperm filled cunt

and then spaghetti fell out
>be me, three years ago with current gf
>virginfag pretending not to be
>get her into the thought of me facefucker her
>facefuck her in the bathroom right next to the toilet
>close to cumming
>she's trying to hold back vomit
>continue stroking to keep myself close
>bust a nut into her mouth
>shoots right back at her uvula with the force of one thousand suns
>she throws up a massive ball of semen and hot cheetos (not black, latina)
we're still together. Actually had a bbq last night with my friends and her, was pretty cash.
Fucking gold
Dated this chick for about 2 years.
We're gonna break up soon, I can tell shit is kinda winding down, barely have sex anymore.
We go out, she gets shitfaced, go home, I take off her clothes and we start messing around.
She passes out, I keep fucking her.
Get an idea... pull out phone and start taking pictures with my cock in my mouth (still sucking even though barely conscious)
I blow a huge load and we sleep.
Next morning: "how did I even get naked? " no recollection of the night before.

After we broke up I got a chick drunk and fucked her on her grandma's porch. Pretty sure she would have fucked me anyway but the whiskey sealed the deal.
How'd you put your cock in your mouth and still manage pictures
... that's fucked up
Haha oops typo. Typing on my phone.

Her mouth obviously.
>>both sisters have drug problems and lives are shit.
>They sure did know how to suck a dick.

Going down that path, they will find that to be a useful skill that will serve them well.
Had my collegue's daughter (24yo) blow me two times and both times I came in mouth and she swallowed.

I don't wanted to kiss and never kissed her and our only physical contact was me touching her pussy and her touching and blowing my cock. Absolutely sure she did this to start dating and stuff, maybe a bit in love, but to me she was just a girl to have bjs from.

Btw, she sucked me in the staircase of the building I work in.
Tied my gf up in the hotel room and roughly kept switching from pussy to ass. She protested for about 3 seconds before getting really into it.
File: IMG_0383.jpg (24KB, 250x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>used to fuck gf at the time
>she'd always fall asleep afterwards
>she would always grab my cock in her sleep
>she would always get really wet too
>would rub her pussy while she held my cock in her sleep
>finger into her anus
>she moaned and gripped cock harder
>finger deeper into her anus
>starts to jerk cock slowly
>cum with the force of a thousand suns
>she's still asleep
>do this every time we fuck
mfw in retrospect she must have been awake and pretending to be asleep

>Working at a european party island
> Brings home 18y old chick
> Super wasted for 2 months straight
> She passes out
> Im still horny
> Keep fucking her, cum in her pussy
> Whip out phone and take around 50 pics of every inch of her body incl cumfilled pussy
> pass out too
> she wakes up, finds my phone, gets into it (stalked my combo night before)
> goes apeshit when she sees all the photos
> make up random excuse, she forgets and goes to party
> found me on tinder couple months ago. wanted to hook up

fucking women dude...
I read that as drop her off the pier
she would also swallow every time. came in her pussy also. also, she squirted sometimes. also fingered her ass during sex. amazing
>>mfw she used her boyfriends t shirt to wipe my cum off her face

well played sir!
I bit her in the face

We had to stop

We are broken up now
I'm dating a girl that sleep masturbates sometimes, it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility that yours was still asleep.

You use this word, but obviously have no idea what it means.
Now if this happened in Aruba I would begin to get suspicious
I think it happened way too many times for her to be asleep for all of them. also the fact she enjoyed it while awake leads me to believe she was pretending to be asleep. either way shit was awesome
>she asked me stop at least 40 times but i kept going

clear cut rape. consider yourself lucky for not being in jail and stop doing that shit.
a few times she started to sleep masturbate and i fingered her ass and she kept going and i put her other hand on my cock and she jerked me.
>clear cut rape
i'm pretty sure it doesn't count if you dont' get in trouble for it
I don't even care that it isn't real, I lost it
ok, then....strap her to a bench and put a intensive vibrator into her pussy and another into her ass. Deep. Have the buttons nearby. Tickle the soles of her feet. If she twitches or makes any noise, activate the vibrators. The more she twitches when you tickle her, the more you raise the intensity of the vibrators. Then, after 1 hour of that, pull out the vibrator from her pussy while leaving the one in her ass. Insert your penis into her pussy. Put electronic pinchers on her nipples. Activate vibrator in ass on full intensity level while you fuck her and also activate the nipple pinchers so she is getting her nipples pinched too, and also have her be tickled under her arm pits and on her feet too, all at the same time. total sensory overload. Bump if you want more of this story
He should get reddit gold
>i never gave her an orgasm
>she's like 'meh'
>yeah, we still meet
or...you could do this: collect her pussy juices in a cup over 3 days, by stimulating her pussy with a vibrator, while she's tied to a chair. Then, taste the cup while she looks at you, make comments about the taste, then cum in the cup and have her drink the rest. Do you want more?
She had to be awake then if it happened that often
>Basically screaming yes
>Actually screaming no.
It's real. I swear on Angus. this is also the first time it's ever been posted on 4chan.
>>What's the worst thing you've done to a girl sexually?
put my finger in her butt

>>What was her reaction?
first time she wasn't okay with it, second time she said it's okay if it turns me on

>>What was your relationship to the girl?
friends with benefits

>>Did you continue to see the girl afterwards?
to this very day
I would cum on pieces of toast and make her eat the toast while sitting on my face. Then, using a syringe, i would inject her ass with my pee. After getting her full like a balloon, i would have her shit it out while she sucked my cock. Then i would strap video goggles to her head and make her watch a video feed of a close-up of my cock going in and out of her ass. I would then turn her over and put a candle in her ass, light it and have the wax melt slowly onto her pussy while i vibrate it with a vibrator. During this i would be sitting on her face. More?

>in uni
>agree to tie her to a wooden chair backwards for a fun spank and fuck session
>tie her up, tight can't move arms, legs, head, ass hanging nicely off chair edge
>vibe on chair under her clit
>ring gag in, nipple clamps on
>she doesn't look too happy when they go on
>spank her and fuck her a bit, she gets into it, groaning, very very wet
>bring in the riding crop, spank much harder, shes not happy again but still very wet, few slaps on her pussy and ass hole, she screams into gag.
>start to fuck her more but also finger and lube up ass hole
>she is trying to say something, cant understand
>slide dildo in her ass, she screams into gag more
>fuck her ass and pussy at the same time
>both balls deep
>she definitely orgasms
>pull out dildo to fuck her ass with my cock,
>dildo looks clean to me
>push it into her mouth through ring gag
>she cries
>too horny to care, fuck her ass hard
>push the dildo back in her ass
>leave her for 15 minutes and take a few photos
>untie her
>she goes to the bathroom, we dont speak
>she gets dressed there and leaves
>dont see her for 3 weeks
>see her out on the town and fuck her again like nothing happened.
I would first push my finger into her ass hole. then i would smell it and force her to smell it too. Then i would have her shit in a blender and spit and pee in it. I would blend and make a smoothie. Then i would drink it and have her drink some too. I would then put my shit in a syringe and inject it into her ass. Then i would have her take a crap with my shit. I would then spit in a bowl until it was full and then have her drink my spit. Finally i would fuck her pussy with a micro camera up her ass and make her watch the insides of her ass while i fuck her, then cum on her face and spread my cum all over her face like a face mask. Is that okay with you, brother?
ok, then by now she would be spent, so i would give her a red bull. Then i would invite some friends over and stuff every hole in her body with sperm using a syringe. (nose, ears, mouth, ass, pussy). then i would put her on a spinning table and have it spin at high speed so that it splatters out all over the place. Then i would have her lick it all up again while shes still dizzy....
thanks, lost my shit
>raped her when she was passed out drunk, done this twice
>she has no clue
>had a girl rim me only to find i out i wasn't so clean, she took a picture and there was a visible brown streak.
>disgusted but didn't freak out, continued to suck me
>were married now, don't get rimmed but maybe once a year now though

Do you live in a hentai manga?
>>What's the worst thing you've done to a girl sexually?

I've done some pretty depraved shit with women I've been with, but always in the context of consent and with a woman who wants to get really dirty and explore her wild side. I make it clear if she agrees upfront to stop me if she doesn't like something, we can do so wild stuff. So I'm not sure it counts as "worst" since they totally consented.

Among the top of the list:

rough face fucking that leaves her gasping for air

making her do herself while I masturbate and cum on her face

telling her to lick my asshole

good old bondage

nipple clamps

made a girl trim her own pubes before i fucked her
dick expert over here
i don't understand why girls get so upset by such things. as long as it's not violent, i say it's impossible to be raped by a bf/gf.

i've had sex with my previous gfs when they didn't want to, and they were all upset and emotional about it. however, i've also been "raped" by my gfs when i didn't want to have sex... and you know what? i'm perfectly okay. i didn't enjoy it, but it was rather a nuisance than anything else. i didn't get emotional, i didn't cry. i more or less just ignored it, and tried to sleep while she was riding my dick.

so wtf are they crying about, if it's someone you're sexually attracted to, that you fuck regularly, and there was nothing aggressive or violent about it, why do they get so emotional about it?

of course, i understand the problem with real rape... like unknown creep assaulting them and raping and humiliating them. but if someone you usually fuck, fucks you when you don't feel like it, it's not rape.

is it just me? does other guys roll over and cry when their gf rapes them?
>ask if she has fetishes
>dumps for 'sexual harassment'
learn2clean you dirty bastard. were you raised by badgers or something?
Put my dick in her ear

I was ontop of her, she wasn't sucking my dick and kept turning away, so I put my dick in her ear

She was horrified
You are so dumb.
i showered right before hand but i guess i didn't do a greatjob
>i've had sex with my previous gfs when they didn't want to, and they were all upset and emotional about it.

That is rape. There is no "wife" or "girlfriend" exception.

Change your ways or you will land in jail one day.
see: >>574943262
nah you didnt, virgins dont realise it feels like that, had a few say that
This shit right here is diamonds
>dating for 2 weeks
>comes over to my house
>go upstairs so I can change clothes
>going to dinner
>she's feeling frisky and follows me up
>pull down her pants while in my room
>slide in halfway
>pull back out, finish getting dressed
>go to dinner, she pays

Literally happened last night.
>told me no, then begged me to cum
>yes, 6 years.
so should i go to the police about when my gf raped me? could i get her in jail?
I had Sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation.
> when my gf raped me
I think you misunderstood.
>so should i go to the police about when my gf raped me? could i get her in jail?

You could. Only you can decide if you should.

Men can't be raoed. It's male privilege.
what do you mean? i haven't done anything to any of my gfs that they didn't do to me. how is it different?
fake faggot
>so should i go to the police about when my gf raped me? could i get her in jail?

You are focussing on the wrong part of the message.

If a woman tells you to stop, you have to stop. Even if it's mid-stroke. If you keep going it's rape. Especially if she keeps saying "no" and telling you to stop.

It doesn't matter if it's your wife, girlfriend, mother or a chick you brought home from the bars that night.

Change your ways or you are likely to end up in jail and have to register as a sex offender.

what he said. think I broke a rib keeping the first laugh in
>meet girl, exchange numbers
>fuck girl twice bareback
>few weeks later "I'm pregnant and I can't get an abortion"
>Whatever, not my problem, lose her number
>drop prepaid phone, get new one
>never hear from her again
it's normal to get shit on the dick if you fuck assholes
yea ive been like "nah i dont wanna have sex" and she will be drunk and just ride my dick and im like whatever.. so when she's blackout drunk and im sitting over there with a hard dick and decide to lick the bitches pooper and shove my dick in her vag it's pretty much the same thing
>fucking college ex raw, like we always do
>at the last min i decide to not pull out for a change
>get her preggerz
>two months later take her to free clinic for abortion
word to the wise fellas, free clinics are not really free
>i say it's impossible to be raped by a bf/gf.

"Marital rape in United States law, also known as spousal rape, is non-consensual sex in which the perpetrator is the victim's spouse. It is a form of partner rape, of domestic violence, and of sexual abuse. Marital rape is today illegal in all 50 US states."

probably had sex with them
fucked them without a condom with a herpes sore
>fucked them without a condom with a herpes sore

What a guy.
wait, so ignore that they raped me, only they can be a victim? i've said no, yet it was ignored too. is it suddenly not the same if it happens to a guy?

don't get me wrong though. if i was ko'd drunk and for some reason hard, i'd take it serious if someone i didn't want to fuck started fucking me. but if it was my gf, it would already be something i'd do on a daily basis, and the same the other way around.

it's like reporting your gf/bf for sexual harassment because s/he slapped your ass "when you didn't want them to." then you cna't have a relationship at all.

"i'm sorry, mam, considering that you are my wife, is it ok if i give you a small kiss on the cheek?"
"WHAT!?!? I'VE NEVER!! just because i'm your wife doesn't allow you to harass me like this! i'm calling the police!"

that's dumb. people need to not be soft like sponges.

lol. i guess so.
File: 1406365210430.gif (906KB, 500x349px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
906KB, 500x349px
Did anal in the park doggy style in front of some kids. Bent her over a picnic table and just smoked a cigarette
File: download (4).jpg (8KB, 235x214px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
download (4).jpg
8KB, 235x214px
exactly. i see no difference.

i've also said, "no stop it, i don't want to." but i don't get emotional about it, just annoyed.
>hanging out with gf at the time
>start play wrestling naked
>boner, hard
>playfully hump her
>accidentally rams dick up her ass
>she screams in pain
>I lol
>she crys
>i leave
son of a bitch
>it's like reporting your gf/bf for sexual harassment because s/he slapped your ass "when you didn't want them to."

No, it's not. Rape is rape.

Dude, when she says "no". Stop.

Quit evading the question and changing the subject.

If you really keep fucking women, even y our girlfriend, after she says no.....especially if she keeps saying no, that's rape. Period.

It doesn't matter what you think is "right". It doesn't matter what you think is "fair".

It's the law.

And if you keep up these ways, you're probably going to be arrested for rape one day.

That's the law. That's the way it works.
>brain damages
actually having sex already kills brains cells for grils so that means it doesn't matter if she gets some more killed during the sex
> Be me
> Be me with girl
> We both feel the naughty tingles in our tender bits
> Come to an agreement that we should proceed with a meeting of the loins
> I rub my loins against her's
> She welps, "Your shank is sharp!"
(hardened skin/scar from running head to tail from old shop class incident)
> Be concerned me
> "Well, if this will displease you in your lower cupboard, what can we do? I have need of releasing lower lotion lest I do have displeasure."
> She's caring for me and replies,
> "Put sharpie in pooper!"
> *putsmysharpieinherpooper.png*
> We both smile at each other and say, "Ayy lmao, blanana-man, you lost the game
> Her mom walked in on us almost immediately and dropped her spagetti
> I cried and came
> Woke up and realized my cell mate was licking me
> reacted in shock
> cell mate turned into a manatee and said, "come with me"
> rode off on the manatee into the sunset never to be heard from again

...Wait, what was the question again?
I cum in my wife's face scrub, her toothbrush, her hair cream, her leftover lattes in the fridge. Fuck. Everything. I even like to fap and smear precum on her sleeping lips.

She's never suspected.

Married obviously.
File: 1412090901346.jpg (6KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 200x200px
You disgusting fuck.
and sexual harassment is sexual harassment.

ok, good you put me straight. next bitch who gives me a hug will be sorry, i'll take her to court. and if a gf ever fucks me when i'm tired, i'll have them in jail.

what a good and comfortable place this will be when everyone are oversensitive and trigger-happy.

>> watched cp while fucking
>> she was my gf
>> she liked it
too soon.
>Be me 23
>Dating this qt3.14 she is 19 about to be 20
>We're not fucking yet just dry humping and she blows me when she feels like it
>The bitch never lets me finger her or directly touch her pussy
>She claims she's a virgin
>The big day comes, she wants to start by playing games, she ties me up to the bed and starts sucking me
>Tie her really good to the bead
>Start rubbing her pussy while she is screaming she doesn't like that
>Start to finger her, the bitch starts to cry
>I decide to confort her by giving her the dick
>The bitch continues to cry for a while but then stops.
>At the next day she told me the reason she doesn't like to get fingered is because it reminds her of how an employee of her dad used to touch her when her dad took her to work as a kid.
>Finger that bitch every time after that until she learns to enjoy it (She cried a couple of times but got over it a couple of months in)
>I help her get over sexual abuse by abusing her Ayy LMAO
Why the fuck are you dumb niggers even arguing
>what a good and comfortable place this will be when everyone are oversensitive and trigger-happy.

You're obviously not getting it.

When the girl you're fucking, or about to fuck says "No", if you fuck her anyway, it's rape.

That's not oversensitive and trigger happy.

You said you did that. That is rape.

All of your bullshit about whether hugging your gf is harrassment isn't going to keep you out of jail.

yfw you get arrested for it
File: oh_duh_xlarge[1].jpg (17KB, 320x284px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 320x284px
because we're dumb niggers, duh.
Fucked my girlfriend of 5 years in the ass repetitively while sleeping.. (She was on Seroquel which meant she slept REALLY DEEPLY if she drank with it especially) I got a FAT Cock, used spit as lube and She STILL never woke up.... KEK.
>You're obviously not getting it.
no u.
i'm done with you. you sexist jerk.

>I stuck it in her pooper without really asking
>She went with it but I could see she didn't want to, it probably hurt a lot
>Was my girlfriend 2 years ago and haven't had one since
>We broke up 3 weeks later but for unrelated reasons
Yeah man me too! i was fucking this gril once then i woke up.....

I have the best luck with chicks. Even got my friend's ex pregnant, never heard from her again either.
File: 1413735462713.jpg (53KB, 413x395px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53KB, 413x395px
>whole family off assfuckers because of me
How old are they?>>574934373
awn...that's hot man....
i want that
>What's the worst thing you've done to a girl sexually?
whipped her with a belt and stick (cane) then fucked her ass
>What was her reaction?
she loved it. she wanted me to do it
>What was your relationship to the girl?
had just met her that night. she was a friend of a coworker
>Did you continue to see the girl afterwards?
continued like this for about a year until she got a boyfriend
File: 1389169510406.jpg (41KB, 400x452px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41KB, 400x452px
>they sure know how to suck a dick
fuck yes
>Be me
>Sexy time with gf
>put it in her butt on accident
>she cries for about an hour
>next sexy time she asks me to put it in her butt
>why haven't you put it in your girlfriend's butt?
>Put my dick in her ear

Q-tip dick
Nothing serious
>fucking this chick who liked it gentle
>she knows I like inflicting pain
>asks me to bite her neck
>get lost in the moment
>bite to break skin
>softest skin I've ever felt
>can feel her vein in between my teeth and bite harder
>oh Jesus, anon
>she lets out a little moan
>p-please let go
>theres no stopping this train
>bite harder
>she yelps
>she pushes me off of her
>sorry, your skin is just really soft

She said she liked that lost myself in it but wouldn't let me bite her neck again, only stomach and legs.
>proised an Eretrean girl I wouldnt cum in mouth
>she sucks as sucking dick
>I grab head with one hand and lock it against my abdomine
>start fucking mouth fast
>not suckin bitch
>use other hand and clamp her lips around my duck like making a fishface
>shiiit feels gooood
>cum in mouth, she struggles her way out of lock and runs into bathroom
>when she comes back I yell at her since I spilled a drop on the sheets
>bitch cries and runs out
...next day she came to her senses and came back for more white cawk

No girlfriend. Thankfully, I have an FWB who loves getting her shithole pounded hard.
>> She welps, "Your shank is sharp!"
>(hardened skin/scar from running head to tail from old shop class incident)

I don't know about anyone else but THAT'S the story I want to hear.
>bitch was sucking my cock
>She doesn't like cum in her mouth
>I am a polite man, you see. I told her I was going to cum
>Couldn't have possibly be any louder
>She's still sucking me
>Bust in her mouth to the brim
>My childrens literally traveled up her nose
>Holy recoil
>She gets super mad
>Still comes back to clean off spare jizz on my belly
>Really upset still
>Shrug and say, "I fucking warned you."
>Haven't seen her since

>Contract chlamydia from her
>Have the clinic call her and tell her

Bitch disappeared after that. Fucking whore was embarrassed. Good. I saw her at a party over a year later, and it was a bit awkward, then she fucked some dude in the bedroom.
This is going on my bucket list.
behold the troll version and it's perfection:
>proised an Eretrean girl I wouldnt cum in mouth
>she sucks as sucking dick
>I grab head with one hand and lock it against my abdomine
>start fucking mouth fast
>not suckin bitch
>use other hand and clamp her lips around my duck like making a fishface
>shiiit feels gooood
>cum in mouth, she struggles her way out of lock and runs into bathroom
>when she comes back I yell at her since I spilled a drop on the sheets
>bitch cries and runs out
>...next day she came to her senses and came back for more big black cawk
so the worst thing you did to a girl was to contract chlamydia from her? you're a real monster.
>within first few weeks of dating girl
>have had the sexytime together maybe 5 times
>we'd go to mine during lunchbreak and fuck
>in my bathroom fucking, both loving it
>hear someone outside my house, no idea who
>both panic were gonna get seen
>try to come up with idea
>first thing that pops into my head
>"babe im going in" as i try to stick it in her ass with no lube
> she freaks out and gets offended
>goes and gets dressed, i put on dressing gown and answer door
>it was one of my close friends, we hang out while gf sulks in my room
> still gf to this day
this thread should be archived
Lol, u think it's a troll version?

Shit went down.

We went to school together when we were young, she was 8 and I was 15. Even then she always wanted to flirt with me and sit on my lap n shit but I wasn't interested. Disgusting boney and child looking (not a fucking pedo).

Meet her again when she is 16 and I'm 23. Wow looks better, she is still in love with me for some reason.

Treated her like a fucking worthless shit. She cried on the daily. lol
lol didn't read all the way through

Yeah, I guess so. I've only fucked three bitches after all.

>beta r me
see? i'm pretty sure it would be a good, subtle troll to dump at any random thread. the nigger-comments would flood.
>be 16
>dating girlfriend for almost a year
>shes dtf constantly but always makes me wear a condom
>neither of us have had any previous sexual partners and she's on the pill
>im willing to risk it
>she is not
>figure out a way to force the condom back when im putting it on so theres a little split in it around the head of my cock
>when we start fucking it slides back and just hangs loosely around the base of my shaft
>do this every once in a while and cum in her pussy
>she eventually catches on that im somehow doing this deliberately
>she cant prove it and is none too happy about it
>demands that from now on i can fuck her bareback but have to pull out to cum
>fine with it
>After a while she gets tired of mopping up jizz off her belly, tits or face
>eventually decides i can just cum inside her

besides that
>be 21
>no gf
>too shy to really talk to girls
>at friends house
>tells me hes invited other people over
>one is this girl who when she gets drunk she becomes horny as fuck
>into guys with beards
>i have a beard
>also tells me shes apparently very into anal
>dont like anal
>Dont want my dick covered in or smelling like shit
>she comes over
>he gets us drunk
>Tells us to use the spare bedroom
>keep thinking about how she loves anal
>about 5 minutes in roughly flip her over and jam it in her ass
>shes surprisingly loose
>goes in with little effort without lube
>she starts freaking out a bit
>keep pounding away
>She eventually stops freaking out and just takes it
>we'd occassionally meet up and fuck for the next 2 years until i got a girlfriend
>she has a 5 year old kid who goes to school with my niece
>i see this kid all the time and look at him knowing i used to pound his mothers ass
change to:
>be me, just immigrated from Ghana
>promised a Norwegian girl
From what you've said in this post and the rest of your posts in this thread, I deduce that you are a massive fucking faggot. All the things there you stated are child's play and rape is great.
>on the pill
>willing to risk it
fuck, same with my last gf. pisses me off so much. pills are safer than rubber, but still assumes condoms makes it safer. so dumb.
>cheated on her
>made her cry after I cheated on her
>had sex with her right after she was done crying
>lather, rinse, repeat
>still fuck her
pic related, mfw
oh god i think im the boyfriend
Just a test....go away
>mfw i'm norwegian
>i'm not ok with this.
if this is real, you win.
yfw det er sånn det er i Oslo lawl
Du kan trøste deg med at jeg er Norsk og det var en Eretreaner jeg ansiktsknulla :D :D :D

Hu er rasist nå mot whitey hahahahha
what state you in
SJW go home.
One time I was picking my nose after we fucked and then wiped some precum off my cock and stuck my finger in her mouth and she started freaking out thinking I fed her snot.
lol. faen. når sant skal sies. er vel derfor høyre og frp er i regjering nå.

wtf. får du ikke ebola og aids av sånt?
Ebola får du bare om du er Beta
Fuck Sweden.

Fuck your moon language.

This is America. We speak American.
p.s. høyre og frp er en gjeng fitter. Gjør ikke nok til å få ut søppla. Altså NAVERE...

Hv afaen skjed med sexkjøpsloven? Jeg venter på å ha ville prostitute gangbang-parties igjen men risikerer ikke 30-50k bot
Lol. Fucking idiot, not Swedish you cawk sucker.

Bet you thought you were going to be cool and recognize a language? hahahah
haha il y a vraiment des abrutis ici
No shit it's not Sweden, you mentioned Oslo, you dipshit.
>ID has sss

Begone foul snake! For real though. Truer than I'd like to admit. Dated her for 2 years after that.
don't feed the trolls
jeg vil ha slutt på alle leeches av alle slag. er lei av professionelle tiggere, somaliere some faker at de går på uio slik at de kan få billig student leiligheter mens studenter er hjemløse, folk som naver fordi de ikke gidder å jobbe, osv.

alt den driten bare ødlegger noe som var ellers et flott ide.

U probably googled Oslo after the fact that I called your whore ass out.
>This is America
no this is norway, i look out the window and i see norway, therefore this is norway. herp
>not understanding the concept of the internet

moon speak is japanese desu.

Lol. Bor selv i studentbolig. Fiii faen er fullt av voksne somalere her med 10 barn hver. Vedder på 80% tvinger kona å ta klasser som de ikke går på engang for å få bodd her.
Hat lyst til å få til en ordentlig trolling av islamnet ass
>When the girl you're fucking, or about to fuck says "No", if you fuck her anyway, it's rape.

what if she says no but continues to pull down her pants and panties on her own?
You would be incorrect. I thought the facetious nature of my post would be obvious by virtue of my last sentence.

Apparently, it's lost on you moon speaking Swedish.
You must be new here. Let me show you something.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Kindly harden your heart and realize that this is all fake, or jog the fuck on, bitch.
When ever I'm in a house with good looking females, I always rub their toothbrushes all over my cock and balls.
I do service calls all day long. See lots of cuties. They get a free taste.
da jeg gikk på uio de siste 4 årene, så jeg få utlendinger på campus, men likevel er kringsjå grønland2. wtf is that shit? åpenbart at de ikke går på skole. de registrer en i familien som møter opp på et par timer, og så stryker. sånn kan de ha billig leilighet forever. selv hadde jeg ei i klassen som møtte opp fem ganger eller no, så kom hun aldri tilbake.

fake as fuck.
you're supposed to go over in beta mode and just stare. and if she mounts you, you're not allowed to do anything. just stop breathing until she leaves. crisis averted.
I'm amazed and appalled at the number of girls I've had phone sex with that confessed to getting off thinking about when a neighbor or uncle molested them.

Love cumming while i hear them telling me 'stories'
hvaa gikk du?

ingeniør her

right? femministic thinking...
I one time performed consensual sex in the missionary position for the purposes of procreation
>What's the worst thing you've done to a girl sexually?

We were totally naked on my bed, fooling around pre-sex and I stuck my finger in her pussy, hugged her and brought my hand around her back and sniffed it to see if she was clean and I could go down on her.

and she noticed

>What was her reaction?

she was appalled

>What was your relationship to the girl?

random hookup

>Did you continue to see the girl afterwards?

nope, we had sex and ignored it, it wasn't a deal breaker but she just wasn't that hot
Dry anal with ones of my ex's. But I was her first time and she was very naïve. She cried a bit after I came inside.
Touched her pussy and tits while she was, as I supposed, asleep. (without consent oviously)

she didn't react at first, but told it the other day my mother, who had a really awkward talk with me

she was my stepsister

saw her for years, was 13 at the time but haven't seen her in at least 4 years.
cool, du kan ihvertfall få jobb av det. jeg tok weeabo linja, japansk.
Was fucking a girl from online dating site.. went to her place to fuck her a few times.. once while fucking her, I see blood on my cock- bitch said she was already done with her period... pulled out and let her suck my cock with her blood all over it...she never reacted or aid anything... not sure if she knew.
>fapeed next to sleeping girl in bed and then taking pictures of her undies with the iphone
>she never found out but she would have fucked me that night but i didnt make a move and people asked me afterwards if im gay because i didnt try to fuck her
>working colleague
>no, shes still working at a branch of the company and i see her about twice a year
File: FacePalm-moments-2.jpg (76KB, 640x426px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76KB, 640x426px
My fuckin sides!
File: 1409811419474.jpg (114KB, 628x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 628x900px
I'm gonna pay a hooker to eat out my ass next month, thing is i don't even want my ass eaten out. i just wanna make a whore feel ashamed.
jesus christ this is so annoying to read why am i even
MAhh niggaaaaa...

I dont was my balls or ass for a week before buying blowjobs in my car. Fucking smells like rotten death down there.
Lmfao that's probably the worst one I've heard yet
File: 1409811360039.jpg (101KB, 441x650px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101KB, 441x650px
>I dont was my balls or ass for a week before buying blowjobs in my car
haha awesome, I'm gonna not shower for a week and I'm gonna half wipe before I see the whore
You think that'll shame her?

Find a girl who doesn't want to do it, and that isn't a whore, then, and only then, can you shame her.
When I was 16 I fingered my long term gf at the time so hard with 1, 2 and then 3 fingers until she bled fucking all over the bed.

I went out with her fir like 9 months after. Never got mentioned after it happened haha.
>Find a girl who doesn't want to do it
but the hooker doesn't want to do it, she was repulsed I would even ask, but I offered an extra 20 and now she can buy her meth.
File: 1412435002116.jpg (158KB, 598x465px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
158KB, 598x465px
>Be 21
>College student
>Have college girlfriend
>Post night out drunk sex time
>Fucking her doggy
>I'm an anus man
>Literally licked her anus clean
>Fingering it while I fuck her
>Notice that her anus is relaxed
>Cease the opportunity
>Spit on my dick and fire it in
>She jerks
>Thrust really slow
>Starts grunting
>Dont stop
>Pin her arms behind her back
>Thrust a little harder
>Can feel her vag getting super wet
>Pull out and finish her off
>Next morning
>Shes awkwardly not talking to me
>Says her ass was bleeding
>Accuses me of rape
>Tells me to leave

And thats how I ended up single
You utter cad.
mfw epic post
I fucked some side slut raw, and then came home and let my gf suck me off and swallow my load, then I broke up with her.

I found out that bitch cheated on me so I decided i might as well do something worth remembering
File: 1410655409140.jpg (57KB, 500x415px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57KB, 500x415px
sides cant be tamed

>top fucking kek
Found out gf was cheating on me. When to a hotel found three guys around the pool. Told them gf want guys to cum on her. When back to room and all four of us cum all over her. After that never saw her again.
>implying whores want to do it.

If they did, you wouldn't be paying them.
Fuck asian in her ass. Put it in her mouth. Piss on her..drag her across the floor by her hair. Cut her with knife. Bleeds all over. I pass out drunk. Still together. Scar where I cut her
u gave me a boner
I've fucked every gf I've ever had in her sleep. Current didn't believe that I could without waking her up.
> Fucked her that night and recorded it.
> Showed her the next morning.
> She calls me rapist.
> We're still together 3 yes later.
> Still fuck her in her sleep.
> Calls me rapist like it's her pet name for me.
mfw she's ok with knowing I'm a rapist
Glad to help.
preferably of her with cuts and blood
Not me but verified by bro and bro's wife(simultaneous conversation at party).

Bikerbro and wife are cool as fuck. They swing. One time wife was getting nailed by three other guys. Bikerbros stepson walked in on Mom getting tripleteamed. Apparently his mind was blown, but he got over it.

Now all is cool and stepson has hot big-titted gf, but for a while he constantly referred to his mom as a whore.
Idk if I have any. If I do I buried them somewhere. Was dating someone else at the time
I also jerked off into a cup multiple times throughout the day. Made her drink it all. Same asian sex slave
where do i go about finding an asian sex slave?
You're on the wrong board. I think you were looking for /fag/.
Lucky fucker
>lying next to new gf of ~2 months
>she always sleeps before me and I'm always fucking horny
>touch her when she sleeps
>feel tits, massage that glorious half Jamaican ass
>get away with everything but fucking her and fully fingering her
>one time get half my finger in her
>she shoves my arm away
>she doesn't move
>go on 4chinz because bored
>next day have a massive argument about it
>pretend I was doing it semi asleep and that I don't remember it
>believes me
>still together

I still wish I could wake her up with my dick in her pussy. Something about that just seems glorious to me.
Guess I just got lucky. Found mine at a hospital
Lost & found section?
haha, explain. How?
Nursing dept
Idk she just wanted to fuck. Told her I had a gf but was into some hardcore shit. Did whatever I wanted to her
File: 1363476289431.jpg (30KB, 251x241px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 251x241px

lel pretty good one m8
you are my hero,
Had to leave gf for asian sex slave. Most beautiful.cunt id ever seen. Plus I can just bend her over and take her whenever I want. Likes to get fuckednin her sleep. Likes waking up to cum on her face. And I wake up.to bjs all the time
all i can get is hookers, and I am attractive as fuck. But just socially retarded
First gf I did it to woke up with my dick in her currently cumming. She freaked. Started yelling "how could I" shit. Stood up and realized cum was dripping out her pussy. Continued freaking. Cleaned up and got in her car. I was dead positive she went to the cops. Shat bricks the rest of the night. Next day she calls and says she's packing her shit up and moving out. Never heard from cops. Never heard from her again.

Did fuck her little sister a while later though.
Fucked 4 girls in a day. No showers. Barebacked them all and left them all with loads in them. One of those was my gf. No one knew about the others.
Play the badass card. Tell them they couldn't handle your Shit
>Tell them they couldn't handle your Shit
haha, does this actually work
> Play the badass card.

>One of my MBA classmates is hitting on me at the bar
>tells me she wants my cock
>take her home and fuck her
>felt like smoking a cigarette
>take her outside and light one up on the porch
>make her get down on her knees and blow me like the bitch she was while i'm smoking the cig outside
>cars passing by and shit
What order was the gf in? When I cheat on gf get nervous they'll smell pussy juice on my cock
I cum in my female roommates face lotion and her organic milk and yogurt. She hasn't complained yet

Depends how well you are at descriptions
> female roommate
> not fucking her
GF was last in line. She was asleep when I got home. Slid that cock into her from behind while she slept and woke her up with my fingers on her clit. It went - Bi-polar slut who basically likes getting raped; ex-model with an extreme submissive side, daddy issues, and will do whatever the fuck I tell her to do; then my mistress who was hot as fuck and would do anything for me in hopes that I'd dump gf and get with her full time (almost did it, too), and then my gf.
what do you mean, like describing weird sexual things?
Came back to the country after spending 3 months abroad. First weekend back I travelled back to where I lived to see 2 girls. First night, spent with girl A in a hotel. Sent her home, napped for a bit, then checked out and headed to girl B's place. Within minutes she was sucking my cock and I hadn't even bothered showering.
> sleeping at girlfriend's house at the time
> wake up to the feeling of someone giving me a handjob
> eyes still closed, pretending I'm still asleep
> take a peek because why not
> realize it's not my girlfriend, but actually her little sister
> keep acting like I'm asleep
> girlfriend walks in the room and goes off on her sister
> act like I just woke up
> girlfriend beats the shit out of her sister and she leaves crying
> I get up to put my clothes on
> her dad walks in to see what's going on and sees me half naked and freaks out
> jump out the window with nothing on but underwear and shirt and hide behind their shed
> find her sister there hiding as well
> end up going home with her sister to fuck
> girlfriend calls a few hours later to see if I'm ok
> go back to her house later that day and fuck her with her sister's cum still on my dick

3 years later we ended up getting married and she still doesn't know about what happened that day. As for her sister, we never really talked much after that.
File: image.jpg (90KB, 600x669px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90KB, 600x669px
Wait, what?

Get cockteased by some slut at club in VA beach.
>she gets me all riled up, has me buy her drinks, then up and fucking bails with another girl who was doing the same shit.
Well fuck!
Finish drink, all butthurt, head out of club to beach.

>see same slut and other girl trying to negotiate walking on sand.
>be drunk, horny, and really mad at this chick for trying to rip me off.
>tail her, she's less Amulatory than friend, starts losing ground.

>Once friend is far enough away I stumble up and shove her over.

Face first into sand, reaction almost full second late.

Blue pattern thong peeking out from short skirt.
>lay down on her, pull thing aside, free dick, spit, insert dick.
Her friend just keeps stumbling further away.

Pump for what feels like 5-10 minutes.

Getting close, blow half of load in her puss, pull out and try to force head in ass as other half blows.

Mfw I never thought I could be that person.
Yea. Pretty much
haha, yeah I can do that. Like if I just describe my sex dreams, they would flip at how edgy i am
Cool story bro.
shit in a pussy
this is so fucking hot
my gf was stripping and fingering herself for me in skype, she was really into it, my cam was off. she insisted i open my cam too, i did it and i was flaccid...she was really hurt
i am having difficulty getting off to the same premise over and over again, i fap to ceontext and ideas not pictures of vaginas and boobs ffs
how can i possibly explain this to her
Made gf snort coke off my dick after I had sex with exgf. Then made her suck me off
When I was younger I was seeing a school girl and I'd walk her to school.
We not had sex yet and she was still a virgin.
We where fooling around at the back entrance of school, it was getting late so no one around to see us.
Now im fucking too horny to function.
I push her up against this fence and flip her round, touching all over her.
Whip my rock hard cock out and she grabs it as you do.
Now I've lost control and if any one was going to see us it would have made it hotter.
I pulled her tights down to her knees, followed by her pants and pull her skirt all the sky down to the floor, and slotted my cock between her legs and hump at her, getting all wet from her pussy.
I push her down harder so she can't move, now I'm thinking fuck it I'm having this pussy now.
She must feel me trying to get in her as she changes her tone and wants me to stop.
Fuck that I think.
I get my tip just inside her pissy lips and give and all mighty shove and voila my dick is half in this Virgin school girl.
She screams a little from the pain I think. After the initial shock I grab her hips tight and pound at her with all me, she grunts I grunt I'm fucking too close to last too long. After a bit of plowing her I start cumming and thrusting it in ball deep. I pull out but it's too late I came inside her, fucking loads too it starts oozing out.
I think I hear her sniffle, maybe from pain she is crying, for some reason I don't give a rats ass.
But holy shit I'm not done. My dick is still hard to put away.
So grab her waist again and point my dick at her pink rose bud. She don't know until it's too late, and next thing I'm jack hammering her arse. After a bit I pull out and shoot cum up her back and in her hair.
She puts her clothes back straight and walks off inside school. Carried on dating, never didnanal again though.
File: mfww.jpg (6KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 225x225px

>Angus the beefy log

MFW. And all of my sides.
>mfw no face
>mfw my girlfriend and I play rape all the time
>mfw I'm pretty confident that a real rapist won't be much of a problem for her
ah this faggot and his incredibly small dick, fkn plebs
Now that's some fucking justice.
I came in a hooker eye once, was accident but still lol
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