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Ctrl+F came up with nothing. Feels thread time. You know what

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Ctrl+F came up with nothing. Feels thread time. You know what to do and I'll start. (This may not necessarily be feels but it made me feel like shit)

>be me
>one brother died in motorbike accident at age 18 in 2009
>be in living room going through an old computer
>find all sorts of pictures of me and family when we were young
>mother comes in and we sit and start laughing at some of the pictures
>come across a folder with my brother in it(The one that died in '09
>She starts crying
>She goes to bed sobbing
>shut down computer
>She comes back down and I'm watching TV
>Asks me to bring the pictures back up so she can see them
>I say "The computers real slow, it'll take 20 mins to boot up" (It is slow as all fuck)
>She says "can't you just get them up quickly?"
>I say "No, It'll take ages"
>She says "ok" then goes back to bed
>10 mins later
>turn off TV and lights and walk out of living room
>See a glow coming from the living room
>Go over
>it's the computer
>it was on
>Waiting for me to tell it to select Shut down, sleep or lock
>Fucking forgot XP did that when you shut down
>felt like shit when I realised I could have got them back up for her
>To this day feel like shit about it

Your turn, /b/ros
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>Mom got breast cancer when I was 10 yo
>Never cried once
>Whole family brings that up all the time
>Say I don't love her
>Wonder if they made her believe that
>I was just trying to be strong for her

OP, are you still there?
I feel that. I don't cry about my brother anymore (He would hit me if I did).
Did he have any kind of illness?
No, He just came around a corner on his motorbike on the wrong side and had a collision. Autopsy showed he was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time.
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That feel, man.
Shamelessly bumping. Come on, /b/ get in here
Shit sucks. It's like you grow up thinking this kid of stuff will never happen to you. I don't even remember when was it that I realized life wasn't like a TV show, I wasn't the main guy and I or anyone I knew could die with no big meaning behind it.
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God I feel that. Well felt, /b/rother
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Bumping witn feels images.
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feel captcha.png
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Holy fuck look at my captcha!!!
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Did you boot the the pics for her (your mom) the next day?
No, she asked me to put the pics on a usb for her. Which I am about to do. This happened last night
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The frog man of feels has visted you. Happines and love will come to you, but only if you share a feel with us.
How the fuck is no one amazed by this?
More feels, /b/. Come on. Get off the porn threads and empty your tears.
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/B/ros come on. We need a feels thread, don't care if you are typing with your left hand, come share a story with us.
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>Yesterday, 9pm
>Best mate calls, says other best mate had to put down one of his cats
>Loveable fat fluffy motherfucker, would lick nose if you put it in front of him
>Died of the same liver complications my cat did a bit less than 2 years ago
>Friend asks if it's fine if we could bury it in one of the fields near where I buried mine
>A million other terrible things I'd rather do, wound still smarts
>Friend helped me, so I help him no matter how hard, I am honour-bound
>Shows up with 2 other cool friends, one of them his roommate
>Find a spot nearby, nearby but a ways off from where mine is
>Spend an hour digging a nice hole at night
>Words were spoken
>Tears were shed
>Friend lays him down, grave covered, puts headstone with name carved into it
>Go on top of a small hill by the side of the road overlooking the place
>Some farewell booze was drunk

I never thought I'd be doing that again, much less that soon.

Hi name was Fonzie. He shall be remembered.
Going to bed.
Good luck anon, I hope your mom and you feel better.
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All aboard the feels train!
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I'll bump with more. I've been a little depressed lately so I'll share why.
>Be me
>Had a 9/10 gf
>7/10 guy
>God I loved here. More than anyone
>after 3 months she starts hinting me that I deserve a better gf
>I tell her that she's all I have ever wanted, etc
>She links me to a facebook post
>she was sweet-talking and flirting a gay guy I know
>Tells me to "Accept that my love for this guy is real"
>She tells me that I never loved her
>I fucking did
>after a week she stopped dating the gay guy "Not even sure they were dating"
>Nowadays she acts like it was nothing and it never happened
>She knows she cut me but can't accept it
>I hope she feels like shit
Don't call me insufferable, I have ADHD, of course I am.
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Night, trooper (Not an insult)
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>be me
>3 years ago
> awesome job, lobs of friends, met my gf
>1 year ago
>gf and i start having trouble
>work it out, engage to her
>dream complete, gonna marry my best friend
>its long distance
>go to visit her after christmas 2013
>we break up for literally no reason
>lose all my friends
>try to talk to her to work it out
>she lies to police saying im stalking her, gets protective order against me because jewish court system
>she tells all of my friends this
>lose my job because of it
>lose my friends
>9 months later
>still always think about her
>still always cry
>wondering what i'm going to do with this engagement ring

not really a baw story, but its my life. and here is it, still wondering if she ever thinks of me. i just don't know why we broke up, and losing all of my friends and losing my job because of it... FML
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I'll dump a few from my folder to help the tears /b/ros.
I feel you
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rip brother.png
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Gets me everytime..jpg
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100% cringe
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Come on guys, contribute. I know you asshats have some baww shit stored away.
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The more I read this kind of stuff the more the stuff they say about woman seems about right, it's like a pattern I see everywhere:
Women will try to rationalize everything with emotions. The want to dump you and go be with someone else? They'll convince themselves it was the right thing to do, the were just "following their feeling", their actual BF didn't deserve them anyways, they bf didn't love them anyways. They'll twist it till it makes sense for them to do what tey do and in the end be justified. But I think in the end they just try to convince themselves, and end up screwing others lives because they just don't think, they "feel" and do whatever they "feel" is right.
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>I was just trying to be strong for her
Fuck you bro, that made me cry.
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business aratedad
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fucking typed the captcha in text box. gg
>lobs of friends
>lobs of
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I'm off for the night /b/ro's. Gotta be up early tomorrow, see you all on tomorrow night baww thread.
I love that feeling. I wish I knew whats wrong with me
/b/ros that are now out of college working in the real world
did you start to grow distant from your college friends? i spent literally 4-5 years with my best friends from college. now we all got jobs or going to postgrad school. we hardly get time to see eachother. talking on social media every day is not the same as physical interaction. we're growing apart. i havent really made friends through my line of work. these guys used to be my brothers. now everything is falling apart. i dont have a gf either and dont really care for one right now, but i cant stand the thought of being friendless. those guys helped me through tough times and everything
File: 1403957046354.gif (483KB, 320x213px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You know what. You're not even wrong. She would asure me that I never liked her. That I dever loved her. That I never cared. Turns out she was just trying to make it seem like my fault I guess. You know what? Fuck her, I finish 10th grade in 5 weeks. I'm going to motherfucking college where I'm going to meet a 5/10 girl to love and care for. And I'm going to fucking rub it in that ex-gf's makeup covered fucking face. I don't give a shit about getting banned here. Do as you must, moderators. You're doing your job. MY NAME IS CALEB GABRIEL AND I AM GOING TO LIVE AND LOVE, IN AND OUTSIDE OF /B/. MY FUTURE AS OF TODAYLOOKS PRETTY BRIGHT AND MY PAST HAS BEEN VERY DIM. TO ALL /B/ROS GOING TO OFF THEMSELVES, DONT DO IT. LIVE.START FRESH. FUCK GO TO AMSTERDAM AND SMOKE YOURSELF DEAD. JUST DIE WITH DIGNITY. OP out and probs b&
Yeah, my friend went overseas, now he doesn't talk to me on facebook. sucks. I have a girlfriend though.

Have ADHD and feel insufferable, I know that feel man
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>Aunt breakes up with uncle, they have a daughter
>As days go by, she spends some days with us (uncle side of the family) and they finnaly tell her they are gonna split up (they never actually married
>See her crying, grabbing my aunt's leg
>She was 7 yeas old at the time
>We find out aunt is already dating this rich guy
>Cousin breaks down, cries an tells us that Aunt has been forcing her to spend time with rich guy, even when she tells her she doesn't like him, and says Aunt pricks her and tells her that he is gonna be his new dad and to act nice
>Says Aunt told her lies about uncle, sick stuff to make her hate him
>Uncle asks she's gotta decide who she's gonna be with
>"With both! With my family! I don't like that guy, I like my family! Families stay togeter and love each other!" she is sobbing, she is fucking 7 years old

so you're 15. wow, okay.
I wasn't fortunate enough to go to college. On the upside Since I can't ever get a good job, I don't feel bad about losing the crap jobs that I have.
Damn... Those feels...
You are so gay man
yeah but any gf i had in the past has never been like the same type of bond i had with my best friends. i never really open up with chicks emotionally. then again, i never really 'loved' any of them. it was just more of a social status fulfillment. i dont know, i might be overreacting to this and have some gay ass relationship with my friends, but those nigs are like family to me. o well, i guess i gotta find a chick i can tolerate somewhat
So much feels, many faggots there are.
Bro, keep that feeling up, that's what makes you actually progress and be happier, seriously. DONT EVER STOP THINKING THAT WAY CALEB. Don't know if you are b& or not but trust me, that mentality is whats gonna get you far. I believe in you because i know that feeling of knowing i'm gonna prove the world I can, and it does amazing things just like that. YOU FUCKER, GO GET PUSSY AND DON'T LOOK BACK.
I still love her but she freaked out once we put a label on it and called it a relationship.. I tell her she's going to have to be in one one day, guess she just doesn't want it to be with me
he says hes going to college next year so he probably meant 12 grade. numpad, 0 under 2
I shed tears
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I fking cried, goddamn..
OP's cant bump their own threads anymore.
gz on the feels
>Uncle going through legal shit for custody of cousin
>Uncle getting death threats daily from anonymous texts
>Black cars following us on the streets
>Aunt made up bunch of lies about uncle
>Said he took the money in the school deposit of cousin's school registration
>Say he used to beat her up
The day I will never fucking forget:
>Cousin is with us this week
>Wake up in the middle of the night, knock on door, i sleep in the same room with my mom (i was 10 years old i think)
>Its uncle, says aunt, rich guy and a bunch of police guys are outside.
>All of my family except me goes to see whats up
>I stay in room, and its a really big house so i cant hear what's going on in the front yard
>Other male 17yo cousin comes back to his room
>I ask "what's going on?"
>"This shit is crazy" he grabs a bat and goes back to the front
>I have no idea what's going on
>Mom comes, tells me to go to little cousin's room and watch a movie with her
>Watching underdog with her
>"Mom is fighting my dad again isn't she?" she says
>"You know, when they fight and scream at each other they think i'm sleeping but i'm actually awake"
>I feel like hugging her i tell her i love her
>Hear kicks on the front door
>Uncle comes in the room and says
>"Your mom is kicking the door, we have to to go downstairs
>He carries to the front door (he knew they would storm the house and eventually get her anyways, he wanted to avoid the mess)
The next thing i hear, oh fuck
imagine the toughest person you know in your life, that you know could always keep calm in any situation. Now imagine him screaming and pleading and crying like he is about to be killed. That's what I hear my uncle scream
> "Jesus christ what are you doing!!! God stop! What the fuck are you doing!!"
>Suddenly all silence
>Only hear a car alarm in the background
>Crying at this point, no fucking clue what the fuck just happened
im gleefully amazed
File: 1393562259005.gif (619KB, 500x280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
619KB, 500x280px
yea. ally needed this thread too. Glad you guys are here
File: 1408844751275.gif (464KB, 500x338px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be me right now
>ask friends to come play vidya
>Aint the first time or first people to do this
>Always shrug it off saying they were busy as they play without me
Why am i so unlikable?
I'll fall asleep soon
Similar for me, but my family never said that. My mum had 3 forms of cancer since I was 6
I don't know I'm so fucking broken now though. I can't even sleep. I eat once a day and drink once a day and I spend the rest of my time in my room. I told someone something that I shouldn't have now I hve to go get psychiatric evaluation or shes gonna have me baker acted
>The next thing i hear is my aunt (other aunt, part of my uncle's family side) scream my name.
Now what i hear is
>Christian run! (she actually didn't say run, I imagined that)
>I can just imagine they're getting murdered and they're coming for me
>I instantly react, and run to the closet
>Dig myself into the clothes and try to hide
>This is not gonna work, they'll see my if they come in
>Is my family dead?
>Am I going to die?
>Those were the longest minutes of my life
>Then i heard my mom calling my name, but she sounded calm
>She's alive? Is everything ok?
>I got out of the pile of clothes, never mind the mess i just made in the closet
>My whole family's there except little cousin, everyone's ok
>I felt alive, the sun was Litteraly rising, and I thought i was gonna die 10 seconds ago
>It was a feeling of extreme relief
>The front door was completely kicked down and broken, the police guys, aunt and rich guy had come in and took little cousin away.
>Pieces of hair from aunt are literally on the floor, lol my mom actually pulled her hair. they had kind of a fight but nothing deadly
>I felt great but guilty at the same time
>My cousin got practically kidnapped and I'm here feeling good
>Next days were a nightmare thou, i couldn't sleep at all and felt like people were gonna come in at any time and kill us
>Aunt won custody and even though Uncle is supposed to be able to see cousin every weekend and on birthdays he hasn't seen her at all because rich guy can shit all over laws with money where i live

To this day I have never seen my cousin.
I still wish I had hugged her one last time and said "i love you".
Godspeed, faglord.
is that it don't leave us hanging /b/ro
Fuck, some people think they are helping. But when in reality the more people who know about your pain the worse it gets
Remember to refresh the page you stupid shit.
I can sleep now. Sorry for your loss. I hope you can rebuild when she grows up.
>Be me.
>Financially successful(enough), 7/10 guy. Good head. Straight path. Everyone calls, "The Good Guy."
>Have great friend-who's-a-girl, 9/10 looks, 10/10 personality.
>Literally valedictorian. Innocent and beautiful.
>Be madly in love with her for 3 years.
>Friend of hers (trustworthy) tells you that when asked what she wants in a guy, Awesome Girl lists off stuff(I fit), then says, "you know, pretty much just like Anon."
>Confess feelings of adoration to Awesome Girl.
>Awkward rejection. Back to the friendzone with you. Nearly breaks our friendship from the awkward turtle.
>Insert Try Not To Cry/Cry a Lot meme.
>Continue to pursue Awesome Love of Life for another four years. She's single the whole time.
>She gets so frustrated at being single, goes to date site. Finds a guy. Not Anon.
>She's happier than she's ever been. The guy is a great guy, gentleman's gentleman, but immature and a Failure-to-Launch. 4.5/10 looks.
>Repeat meme.
>It looks like they're getting married.
>Feel worried because guy is cool and loves her, but aforementioned immaturity, financial, etc.
>Feel guilty about jealousy because she is so happy and that's good. Feel angry. Feel abandoned.
>Repeat meme.
>Repeat meme.
>Repeat meme.
I can only hope so. I still imagine one day when she's grown up and has a choice I cand see her again. I'm just afaraid she'll forget who I am.
With stuff about people lossing their families at say age 5 and not remembering anything about them when they grow up. And I'm sure she's gonna get brainwashed by aunt.

I just felt like sharing the story, it's the first time I can acutally finish before thread goes 404. Everytime it just feels like I'm talking to a wall everytime i try to tell it and people ignore it or don't see it.

I just want to know someone is there listening.
File: ash.png (66KB, 280x280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66KB, 280x280px

IKTF annon

>pic related
File: what.jpg (127KB, 960x731px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127KB, 960x731px
So here i am, i hate my parents, i live with my grandmother who is very loving, and i have a brother. My grandmother is very old and is not likely to live for much longer.
I only have one friend, and a few weeks ago he became the happiest he's ever been, he finally got a girlfriend after i introduced him.
I've been depressed for the last 3 year or so and I don't want to be a burden on him, he's already had it bad most of his life being bullied for having aspergers & ADHD and being semifat..

If my grandmother dies I don't think i want to live anymore, what do /b/? you always seem good at fixing things, sorry for bad english and formatting

pic unrelated beacuse you should have something to laugh and be happy
That pic makes the brohug feel creepy.
You are a fag.
>confess feelings
Really? Fukken really?
What was a supposed to do, try to rape her(don't answer that, Asswipe)? It's a common figure of speech.
What I don't get is she pretty much said she liked you and then rejected you? Fucking hell.
yea. I didn't know she was a mental health counselor for a living. I knew she was in the medical field but had no idea I was falling into a trap
Never did figure that out. No explanation from her. Best guess is she just got to know me as a friend and had some sort of block. Needed someone new to her to fill that role.
this is why women are retarded dude. people like to throw around the word beta and shit but women are mentally handicapped and incapable of logic. this cunt literally admitted anon would be the perfect guy in her life, but she rejected him because 'they were good friends and she doesnt want to ruin that'. and people claim 'dude the friendzone isnt real, just dont be a pussy.' you cant reason with most women. you'd think girls that were actually intelligent would have some form of cognitive ability, but they are just as dumb as white trash
(Excuse ID changing all over. Juggling shit cell and wifi)

Thing is, she is intelligent. I'm way up there and she's smarter than I am. Like I said, she was Valedictorian.
I don't know, I still have some tiny flicker of hope that maybe they aren't all shit...I mean out of all the women in the world, I find it hard to believe that they are all retarded. I think about the majoirty of guys in the world and wonder if there's girls that have lost hope too.

part of the problem is her past. Her dad killed himself (gruesomely) when she was six. Mom shut down. Twenty years later the mom still will not say word one to her kids about it. Kids didn't even find oit for a week because she wouldn't talk about it and she didn't let them get therapy.

So yeah, she understandably has a few insecurity issues because of it, and I'm sure it does other stuff to her.
>I think about the majoirty of guys in the world and wonder if there's girls that have lost hope too.

>be me
>be 7
>be with dad in the car
>pass by something with charlie brown and snoopy and all the characters
>dad sees is
>says "hey look it's the peanuts gang"
>i feel embarrassed
>don't know why
>feel bad about it to this day
File: image.jpg (1MB, 925x3026px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 925x3026px
See >>574377261
Women don't think, they "feel" and if that feel tells them you are not the one they'll dump you and convince themselves that it was the right thing to do.
Pic related, it's not that women are whores or not loyal, they just will follow what they are feeling and assure themselves it's the right thing no matter how stupid or backstabbing it may be.
File: Wat.jpg (32KB, 481x479px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 481x479px
i was with my dad and he saw charlie brown and snoopy and all the characters and said "hey look it's the peanuts gang." I felt embarrassed and feel bad about it.
I understand.
yeah i still feel bad about it because i was with my dad and he saw charlie brown and snoopy and all the characters and said "hey look its the peanuts gang." and i felt embarressed.
I don't want to believe it man. Actually, I know a girl who isn't retarded like that.
File: 1350532081850.jpg (49KB, 304x311px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>15 years ago
>14 years old
>fapping to porn late at night
>leave light on in my bedroom
>dad sees light coming from door
>he immediately tries opening door
>"open the door!"
>shut down everything
>jump in bed
>forget i left porn on as my background
theres a doorway connecting my bathroom with a spare bedroom
>he walks through there
>forgot about locking the bathroom
>comes in
>i pretend to be asleep
>with the light on
>he gets on computer
>sees porn
>hes not happy
why did you feel embaressed I don't understand
File: E7w33X4 - Imgur.png (47KB, 632x852px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I love her , she was the one who changed my life completely from being shy , antisocial , taught me how to express my opinion , be witty , and took my V-card , and I am entirely grateful her for that , but I ended our relationship horribly , and whenever I get drunk i search for her number , damn , all I know about her is only the city which she is from , haven't met her parents or friends ( We were both 16 at summer camp , best 3 months of my life ) , and when it was time to go home , I fucked it all. Been already 6 years from that , but still whenever I get drunk , try not to laugh , I open up yellow pages and search for her name , hoping I can someday find her number , and at least properly apologise and say thank you to her.

Yeah but you're on the internet which is full of bitter people to begin with. Also no one comes on here to post how great their relationship is so you're only gonna hear the bad things. All women are unique don't just generalise.
What happened that you didn't keep in touch, anon?
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Will tell in 10 mins , gonna walk home from work
Oh shit better bump this.

Still trying to figure this shit out.
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