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nothing gets me off more than posting my shy young gf's

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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nothing gets me off more than posting my shy young gf's private pics without her knowing. I will surrender anything demanded in captions on a repost....
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face please OP
how old is she >>574169550
File: 2012-11-20-004911.jpg (66KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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she's 20

got any face pics? I like cuming on face pics
looks sexy. lets see her tits.
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her tits. she would cry if she knew her tits were owned by strangers
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any captioners want specfics?
show her ass man
Come on, post more, is there a set? may be upload to somewhere could be mega
Wish my GF would have tits that big.
pic of her spreading wet pussy
File: 2013-03-21-213341.jpg (57KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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any that are close up and at a better resolution /b/ro?
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cmon OP humiliate her, make me cum buckets
File: 2012-09-19-234413.jpg (59KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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god damnit op. i wish you had a better fucking camera
Ill trade you mine for yours lol
But lemme see that bitch with her asshole spread open and or your dick in her ass
File: 2012-03-22-192730.jpg (48KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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o fuck ye, that's good. any ass cum?
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For a second I thought that was my sister; but she doesn't trim as much down there and she has inverted nipples..Same closet, though.
post sister nudes?
Ass please.
I don't have anything unincriminating, and I know people who know both of us.

It's almost an open secret at this point, since my mom found out started bitchily trying to out us. Closest I've ever come to killing someone.

We have a healthy relationship; it's probably grown way too romantic over the years, but we know our lives are heading in different directions.

I can answer questions, though.
*people who know both of us browse /b/

Fuck I'm tired.

You want the long version, or the short version?
how does one get a qt shy gf op
long detailed green text
even better, make ur own thread
post her feet you faggot
those are some great tits.

>used to read books in bed w/ sister
>we'd talk and shit
>occasionally talk about sex
>kissed a few times, nothing really
>fast forward years
>live w/ family
>semi-shitty situation
>mom is a psycho bitch
>dad is kicked out of house
>fatass fuckboi/money machine stepdad
>idiots fail to into house maintinence
>basement floods due to above
>be basement dwelling /b/tard
>no place to sleep
>family saved no money for emergency
>basement has black mold, shit, smells awful
>have to sleep on couch
>get told I have to repair it myself
>get insurance involved myself
>usual flood settlement is only 2k of damages
>convince dude to over-write damages to get more
>plan awesome bat-cave
>get given $500 from the $6000 insurance payout.
>rest is spent on gambling, paying credit debt
>clean basement
>working, goign to school, and doing house repair
>couch is literally shittiest place to sleep
>fatass stepdad never goes to bed before 3am
>loudly plays cawadoody on overpriced tv and nigger-rigged shit speakers
>buys new tv and speakers with money for basement

>fucking losing my shit
>sister gets fed up
>me and her are best buds already
>she has a hugeass bed
>tells em to just lay upstairs in her bed
>begin several month stint of sleeping in sister's bed w/ her
>talking and whatnot every night
>we have way more in common than I thought
>start hanging with her more
>one day, wake up she's wrapped herself around my upper body
>warm, but comfy
>normally sleep in seperate blanket burritos
>this continues
>she's so cute
>we talk more and she seems to get mroe and more comfortable with me all the time
>not sure how I feel
>one day, wake up in the middle of the night
>somethign warm
>her hand is on my stomach
>I've got morning wood
>it's poking out of the top of my pyjamas
>about to move and fix myself when her pinky moves
>touches it
inb4 bel-air
My girl
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you can see her vag hair. fucking gross

>teasing the tip a bit
>I try to see her face
>she's buried in my shoulder
>realize my right hand fell asleep
>without thinking, try to move numb sausage fingers
>her entire body seizes up
>she's wrapped around my arm
>realize whats going on
>wtf am I supposed to do?
>stay still
>trying not to even breathe
>panic when I realize this is even more unusual
>eventually fake-mumble something and move my arm
>she lets go and wiggles/rolls away quickly
>what has begun cannot be un-begun
kill yourself
nice wincest
>event causes me to be more sensitive to waking up
>she apparently straddles my hand every so often and ham-handedly tries to frot/rub against it
>occasionally will c.a.r.e.f.u.l.l.y try to coax a boner out of me
>this is now much more common
>she's getting a bit bolder
>decide this has to stop
>wrap self in impenetrable burrito blanket
>after a few days, she's visibly frustrated
>not sure how I feel about this
>one day, get home early from work, and lay down for a nap
>roasting alive in her room
>she's nto home all night anyway, undo burrito
>think I'm in for a 2 hour nap
>what it becomes is the escapade that changes my life forever
File: 1413082687303.jpg (433KB, 1200x803px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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bump with noodz

>exhausted, horny, and stressed
>wake up as she sits on the bed
>alarm should have gone off
>alarm did go off
>slept through alarm
>she lays down
>realize I am sans-burrito armor
>she snuggles up to me
>hugs me
>dude, brain, stop thinking bad things
>she lays there for a good fifteen minutes, her arm around mine, her head on my shoulder
>nothing happens
>feel releived
>suddenly feel a delicate hand move
>grab my wrist
>c.a.r.e.f.u.l.l.y pull it between her legs
>she starts slow
>eventually she's rocking her hips into it
>she seems frustrated, can't really do much with a limp hand
>terrible idea
>stop brain
>brain cares not for my pleas
>tense my hand a bit
>she freezes
>flex fingers like they're numb
>fingers wiggle
>finger finds what hind-brain is looking for
>finger presses a bit
>sister's entire body shudders
>against all thought processes to the contrary, a wild boner appears, as hind brain keeps mild pressure on her mound
Hurry man losing boner!!!

>the parts of my brain that are now actively panicking are still not even fuyyl awake
>hind-brain gives no fucks
>flex finger more
>her whole body shivers again
>three days without a fap
>thee weeks without a good fap
>whole body is in revolt against the one corne rof my mind giving a fuck
>finger moves on it's own again
>slow, deliberate strokes
>little bumps that say "I'm awake. I know what you're doing."
>she's either too horny or too scared to care
>gripping my arm with her hand
>her face buried in my shoulder
>I start movign faster
>she's gasping now
>oh god, why is her voice so cute?
>keep moving
>by the time I stop, she's a shuddering, gasping wreck
>I don't say anything
>stare at the ceiling until my boner goes away and I fall alseep
>wake up hating myself
>think she's going to hate me
>realize how illegal what I just did was
>oh god I'm going to jail
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Think its safe to say thread was hijacked by wincest lol
Yes it was. This story needs to continue.

>end of day comes
>dreading this moment
>normally hang with sister and play vidya
>she comes by the tv, plops down
>nothing is different from before
>still the same fun
>stillt eh same horrible jokes
>still back-seat gaming
>night comes
>go to bed
>figgure I better say something
>"about last night."
>trying to think of a way to apologise
>"I'm sorry I was half asleep and i-"
>"it's ok."
>go into a (whispered) rant about hwo it isn't ok
>tell her I shouldn't do that
>tell her she is the victim and how I'm awful for that and etc
>start tirading about other shit
>she hugs me
>figure she's crying
>kiss her forehead
>hugs me more
>she eventually leans up and kisses my forehead
>I see her face
>oh god, she's pretty
>her lips are soft
>and warm
>the first kiss is chaste
>the second one isn't as chaste
>by the fourth, it's lannister.
>her tongue is hesitant
>I can feel her trying to pour her emotions into me
>through ehr shaking hands
>her quivering lips
>my brain officially gives up
>I kiss back
>she practically melts into my hands
>finally break away
>"You're ok with this?"
she doesn't respond
>panic sets in quick
>then, almost imperceptibly, a murmur
>I lean in
>she turns her head away
>she nods yes
>it's lannister
When are you going to kill the king?
File: 1412455702767.jpg (129KB, 1178x662px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129KB, 1178x662px
>By the fourth its Lannister.


>the next few minutes are ablur of gasped kisses and muttered reaffirmations
>I put one hand on her thigh
>we keep kissing
>her arms are wrapped around me, embracing
>my hand moves up her leg
>she slows her tongue, her shoulders tense
>her leg moves
>my hand moves
>my finger presses, delicately, against her mound
>it moves
>delicately at first
>her whole body shudders again
>her kssing renews, intense, pleading
>I move faster
>fumbling in the dark, my finger teases her mound
>after a few minutes, she's barely stifling loud moans
>something is warm
>her hand
>it's pressed gingerly on my painful boner
>she clumsily rubs it
>we continue for a few minutes, and stop
>she's exhausted
>I'm frustrated, but somehow uplifted
>fall asleep in eachother's arms
File: 1359938120987.png (991KB, 602x860px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
991KB, 602x860px
>say it's lannister
>still no fucking each other
Or are you saying it is more like Tyrion And Shae where you payed her to be your whore, then stupidly fell in love with her.
more like kill the queen


>this cycle of fervent foreplay continues
>one night
>"It'll feel better under your clothes."
>she pauses
>buries her head in the crook of my neck
>one nod
>my hand is shaking as it feels for her waistband
>we're both nervous
>she's soaking wet
>my finger explores past her mound
>at first only delicately teasing her clit
>her reaction is breathtaking
>can't help myself
>after a few minutes
>"my hand is cramping"
>she looks up, bleary-eyed, still in the throes of pleasure
>"can I take off your bottoms?"
>she tries to focus for a moment
>my finger teases
>she buries her face again into my chest and gasps
>I stop
>she nods
>I pull her pyjamas and panties off
>my hands have been replaced by Michael J. Fox's at this point
>she's laid bare
>lean over her
>normally side to side, now in basiclaly missionary position
>gasp the first thing that comes to mind
>my hand is already pressed against her
>I keep up the pace, teasing her clit and gingerly exploring her hole
>she's a virgin
>tease her hymen
>poke and prod, but stop when she tenses up
>decide to make tonight one to remember
>I give her a passionate kiss
>I move my fingers faster
>I break away from the kiss
>My fingers keep moving
>my mouth moves south
>I kiss her again
>her entire body goes from confusion
>to panic
>to breathy, spasming moans
No dying yet.
File: monitor.jpg (3KB, 127x95px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 127x95px

>she tries to stifle herself
>her hips sway
>she's thrusting down on my exploring fingers,s till probing her delicate membrane
>each lap of my tongue sends another shudde rthrough her body
>each lap makes her push harder against my fingers
>the first knuckles are gone
>then the second
>then the third
>her hands are grabbing my hair
>her thighs embrace my head
>after a minute more of spasming pleasure, he hand pushes my head
>gently, but firmly
>I stop, and look up
>she's bleary eyed
>I can see the thin glossy streams of where tears has found their path
>another wave of self-hate washes over me
>I gather her up in my arms
>I cry apologies
>she responds with a kiss so passionate that my mind went completely blank
>she shakily got up, to the bathroom and showered
>we slept entwined

>this continues for a time
>by day, we are inseperable
>best friends
>we argue, of course
>but hidden in every dispute is a sexual tension barely contained
>a night comes
>a night longer than most others
>we are on eachother before our heads hit the bed
>hungry hands tear at clothing
>she's taken to straddling me and frotting against me as we kiss
>after a bit, my hands reach to explore her
>her breasts, her waist, her hips
>her pert ass
>and her soaking wet mound
>my fingers explore inside her
>I know how to make her moan
>I stop, prematurely
>my hand moves to my own self
>she is wet, and warm as I press against her lips
>my hips move
>she pushes my chest
>they stop
>they retreat
>they move a bit again
>she pushes me harder
>each thrust is pleasure and heat and warmth
>I move again
>she wimpers
>I again thrust
>she says "stop
>my mind returns
>hushed pleas from her finally find my ears and I am crushed
>we don't sleep together

>this, too continues
>days turn to weeks
>weeks become months
>time passes and my room is slowly repaired
>time passes and soon I have my own bed
>time passes and soon I sleep in it

>but then, one night, I awake
>the familiar scent of her shampoo
>she is there
>she is straddling me
>we kiss
>we undress
>we hungrily make up for lost time
>and again we find ourselves at the same place
>her pressed against me
>at an impasse
>she looks at me
>her eyes are filled with fear
>with doubt
>with want
>and restraint
>she looks down
>"kiss me."
>I do.
>her hand moves
>no longer pushing away
>her hips shake
>mine thust
>my mind is gone
>I thrust and thrust, delicately, shallowly, barely penetrating, and her body quivers in response
>her heat and wetness encourage me further

I don't think I'mma greentext much more, but I'll summarize and answer questions, I guess
did you kill the king?
How did mom find out?

>We got caught by our stepdad.
>He beat me black and blue.
>She cried. A lot.
>We stopped having sex.
>My mom wouldn't let us be int he same room as eachother
>She blackmailled me
>Had to drop out of school
>All my money went to her as "rent"
>I felt terrible and guilty
>I went to counselling
>She did too
>One night, I called her down and I apologized and broke down and cried into her shoulders
>I begged her for her forgiveness
>I begged her for her absolution of my crimes
>I cried for myself and for my deeds and for the pain and harm I caused her

>and she scooped me up
>she looked into my eyes
>"There's nothing to forgive."
>she kissed me

That's how I got caught, how we broke up, and how we got back together.

I can tell you other little stories, too, we've had sex pretty much everywhere in the house, in my dad's house, we made out and did foreplay in a train station, we've done so much.

We both are well adjusted people, who accidentally ended up like this.

I pulled a knife on my stepdad after he called my sister a whore; and nearly beat my mom to death for doing the same.

That's as close as I've gotten; and let me tell you, it was very very VERY close.

Sister stopped me from doing anything, both times. And not in the bitchy way, either. told me to stop being a pussy and stop giving a shit what they said.
Not OP?
Small side note; we are not hicks, or inbred, or non-functioning members of society.

She's a college student with all A's and I'm doing well for myself as a computer tech.

We play video games every night, and sometimes watch movies in bed together.

We use protection/birth control every time.

We've both tried other relationships (genuinely tried, in my part) but they never lived up to the connection we have. We both have an open agreement not to give a shit about the feelings of the other, when it comes to dating.

Not OP. Just a random Anonbro.
You assholes.

I was supposed to go to bed 2 hours ago.

Get any questions you want in in the next 15 minutes; I'm going to bed after that.

Also, things we've done;

>Sex in the kitchen on her birthday as her friends (and my friends) watched a movie in the basement.
>She shibari'd herself up in red ribbon with a bow as a Christmas present
>Go into the city and act like a couple all day
>Had sex while playing co-op (which is fucking impossible; and is only fun for the novelty) with the microphone on open
does she like bj and swallow
dont think i have any more questions? but plz make a thread and tell us more another day. thx for the epic wincest
She likes giving blowjobs, and is pretty good at it.
She has to be kinda horny to want to, though.

She's ok with swallowing, but always spills some, I don't mind either way.

She also thinks my dick is "cute" when I have a boner, cause it's "blushing." she'll nuzzle it and kiss it and stuff and is generally just cute.
How old were you both when it all started?

post pic of her body at least anon
Maybe next time I'll have the thread with her.

She's seen me talk about wincest before on /b/.

underageb&; it developed slowly (I may have fast forwarded a bit in my writing). I always felt bad about it, until she an I talked for a few hours about it over coffee.

Half the reason she got less hate was becuase she was "innocent" which played up on me feeling guilty until she basically borderline raped me.

I can't. She has a very identifiable body mark. If she's ok with it next time there's a thread, maybe. If she's ok w/ it, I will, but it's her body, not mine.
can we have like 'stage name' for u? just so I know when you post again, like how it was with the story of Tasha's brother

Going to bed now.
Thanks for letting me get that offa my chest.

Maybe next time if she's feeling randy, sis will let you see hers.
Sure; I guess "Whistler" will do.

Easy enough to spot int he mess that is the catalog.
As a small request, can someone screencap this? I'd like to show her.
gimee a sec
File: 138089700442.jpg (60KB, 700x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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▲45 chan info▲
nolimitchan com▲
▲fancychan net▲
▲spicychan net▲

I capped it. It's 4.1 Mb. what now?
does she have impregnation fanaties?

actually may take a bit
can you do any file compression?

throw it on imgur? that way I can see if I can get the size down to morrow?
No, she's terrified of getting pregnant. Honestly, so am I.

I'll leave the thread on auto update; if there is a link, I'll snag it.

but I need bed.

ah wait. that was not for you anon

that was for OP, sorry!
shiet, that's not how it is on my comp
Nice tuck-job, faggot.
how did you save it?

anon, do you lurk in the wincest caption threads? I can post it there when I have time to fix it.

Also, go to file, save page as in your browser and ssave a local copy of the page
seems like size limit is 1MB. I can just upload this on a file sharing site? which one is good
mega works well
Include file key

I see If I can cut it down in the next few days, and seed it in the wincest threads
Thread posts: 102
Thread images: 19

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