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Hey b/ - why you no bisex? share your first time bisex experiences,

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hey b/ - why you no bisex?

share your first time bisex experiences, greentext stories and pics

here's my story - happened 5 years ago now

I had always been pretty curious about having sex with a guy and when I finally got to do it I loved it.

> 16 and had a 15 year old girlfriend who was always horny, just like me
> She was bisexual and had the same tastes in girls as I did. I think that's why we got along so well.
> She used to let me have threesomes with her and some of her friends all the time and I fucking loved it.
> I always wanted to repay the favor and let her have a MMF threesome but I was never sure of what guy we could get to have sex with her
> She had a best friend that she grew up with
> He was 15, pretty short guy with light brown hair and freckles and pretty shy
> He used to live right next to my GF so on nights that my GF had to baby sit her little sister we used to rent movies and we would invite him over as well

bell air shit all the way
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> Well this one night my GF was babysitting so we got some movies and Anon was hanging out as well so we invited him to stay and watch some movies with us
> We watched a couple movies and then sent my GF's sister to bed and my GF came back downstairs with a big blanket for us to cuddle up in while we watched some more movies
> We all sat on the couch with my GF between us and we put the blanket over all of us as we got comfortable as the movie started
> My GF snuggled up into me and I had my arm around her. The blanket was covering us so I grabbed her tit in my hand and rubbed it without Anon even noticing
> After a while my GF started getting hornier and she placed her hand in my lap and started rubbing my dick through my pants
> I'm not sure if Anon knew what was going on right beside him but he seemed focused on the movie
> Me and my GF got more worked up and I managed to undo my pants and pulled out my penis so my GF could jack me off, which she did
> I was really getting horny now from having my GF play with my dick so I leaned into her and told her to suck my cock
> She was horny too so she quickly agreed to do it but then suggested that we go up to her room
> I told her no and that I wanted her to do it right there on the couch
> She was very hesitant but I kept whispering into her ear trying to convince her to do it until she finally gave in and pulled the blanket over her head and leaned over me and started sucking my dick with her best friend sitting right there beside us
> He obviously knew what was going on now and he was very uncomfortable with the whole situation but he did his best to remain focused on the movie

will cont for lurkers..
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> Getting sucked off right there in front of another person was an incredible turn on for me and I could feel my orgasm building up after only 5 or 6 minutes of getting blown
> I reached down and pulled my dick out of my GF's mouth and she slipped her head out from under the blanket
> She seemed a little bit embarrased now that her friend could see her but I could tell she was just as turned on as I was from sucking my dick right there in front of another person
> I leaned into her and started kissing her and reached down under the blanket and slid my hand right into her pants and shoved two fingers into her pussy
> Her cunt was already soaking wet so my fingers slit right into her.
> With me finger fucking her, she really started getting horny and no longer cared at all that her friend was sitting right there beside her
> This is when I started gettting the idea of trying to get her friend to have a MMF threesome with us.
> I really wasn't even thinking about having any kind of sexual contact with him, I just wanted to return the favor of all the FFM threesomes she had given me
> I broke the kiss after a couple minutes and by then I had decided that I at least wanted to try and make this happen so I pressed my lips right up to my GF's ear and nibbled on her ear lobe as I told her to reach over and grab Anon's dick

File: bisex3.jpg (69KB, 694x468px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> My GF seemed actually shocked that I would even suggest this but laughed about it because I dont' think she thought I was serious.
> When I was able to press my lips up to her ear again I told her I was serious and to reach over and place her hand on Anons's crotch
> She was still hesitant but I could tell she was seriously giving it some thought but I don't know if she thought I was testing her or what so she still shyed away from doing it.
> I tried to convince her over and over again and assured her that I would not mind at all and finally she decided to go for it
> Her one hand was down under the blanket slowly stroking my dick and I was still busy fingering her pussy, but with her free hand she slowly slid it over and laid it on Anon's thigh. I couldn't see my GF's hand but with the lump in the blanket I could tell exactly where my GF's hand was going
> When Anon felt my GF's touch he actually jumped a bit and let out a little gasp. I could see his hand go under the blanket and grab my GF's wrist and pull her hand off of his thigh.
> He wasn't mad or anything that my GF had touched him like that, but I seriously think he was scared that I was going to get mad if I found out my GF was hitting on him like that right in front of me.

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> I still had my lips pressed up to my GF's ear so I told her to do it again and after a couple of seconds to let Anon relax, she placed her hand on his thigh again
> Again he reached down and moved my GF's hand away but my GF was into it now and put her hand right back on his thigh right away
> Finally, after several tries he finally gave in he let my GF keep her hand there
> Anon was really becoming uncomfortable and was really fidgeting around in his seat and really seemed worried that I was going to find out what my GF was doing to him
> He was really in for a surprise when my GF slid her hand up his leg and placed right on his crotch. I actually saw him jump a bit in shock and he really started getting scared
> He reached down and tried to pull my GF's hand away but she grabbed onto his dick and held her hand there
> Anon leaned right into her ear and whispered to her that she was going to get him killed by me
> Even though he whispered it right into my GF's ear I heard what he said so I knew I had to say something to get him to relax a bit
> So I lifted my head away from my girlfriends cheek and looked at Anon and told him that it was okay and I didn't mind what my GF was doing with him
> This got him to relax a lot but he was still incredibly nervous as he sat back up in his seat and just let my GF fondle him through is pants

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many lurkers?

I promise this wont end with dinosaur
Keep going anon great story so far
keep going bitch
moar pls dont leave me like this....
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OK then

> It was actually kind of funny seeing how uncomfortable Anon was from having my GF play with his dick right in front of me, but now that he knew it was okay with me I think he was now scared to even try and stop my GF as she undid his pants and she pulled out his dick and started jacking him off
> We were all under the blanket still so I couldn't see his cock when my GF pulled it out of his pants but it was totally obvious to both of us that my GF was jacking both of us off at the same time.
> I let my GF stroke our dicks for a very long time until I knew that Anon was really getting horny, then I sat up and think I surprised both of them when I looked at Anon and said, "Why don't you let Femanon suck your dick?"
> They both looked at me in shock but I turned my attention to my GF because I wasn't worried about Anon and knew he would go along with anything I suggested at this point.
> My GF protested a little bit but I think she did it more to show me that she didn't want to cheat on me rather than the fact that she didn't actually want to suck her friend's dick.
> Looking into her eyes I could tell that the idea actually was turning her on.
> I asked her to suck his dick again and assured her that I did not mind at all and this time my GF agreed to do it.
> Looking back it was kind of funny that we didn't even know if Anon wanted his dick sucked or not, me and my GF sort of decided amongst ourselves that she was going to suck his dick.
> Now convinced that she was going to go through with it, my GF turned towards Anon and they looked each other in the eye and and they both let out an embarrassed giggle.
> Instead of going down under the blanket, my GF pulled the blanket off of Anon and his hard dick came into my view for the very first time as my GF leaned over into his lap and I watched his dick slide between her soft wet lips.

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> The sight of it was fucking amazing and for the first time I started thinking that I wanted to suck his dick as well.
> My GF got really into sucking her friend off. Later she assured me that this was the first time she had ever sucked his dick before and they had known each other since they were about 3 years old.
> Watching my GF sucking off another guy was really making me horny and seeing her saliva glisteing on his hard shaft as it slid in and out of her mouth really made my mouth start to water.
> I pulled my fingers out of my GF's pussy and placed my hands on her hips and guided her onto the ground in front of us while she continued sucking off Anon. As she slid down onto the ground between Anon's spread legs, I slid over on the couch so that I was sitting right next to him. I also pulled my pants completely off and shirt as well so I was now sitting there completely naked and the blanket was on the ground beside my GF so Anon had a full view of my hard dick as well.
> I was about to grab my dick and start jacking off but my GF beat me to it as she reached up and took my hard dick in her hand and started stroking it while still blowing Anon.
> I then suggested that the two of them should get naked as well and while Anon was still incredibly nervous, my GF started peeling off her clothes right away.
> Anon was right next to me now so I assured him that he had nothing to be nervous about and I was completely Okay with everything that was happening.
> This relaxed him a little bit and he started to undress. Once my GF was naked, she helped him pull off his clothes and once we were all naked she eagerly took his hard dick back into her mouth and started sucking him once again.

so far so good
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> It had been a while since I had my dick sucked so I suggested to my GF that she should suck me off a little bit too. I think she knew that both of us boys were going to be fucking the hell out of her by the time the night was over so she was hornier than I had ever seen her and she eagerly slid over between my legs and gobbled my dick into her mouth and started blowing me once again.
> Anon was sitting on the couch with his legs spread wide so as I spread my legs so let my GF slid between them, my thigh pressed right up into Anon and nether of us pulled away.
> I don't know if it was because I was so fucking horny but I really began to wonder if Anon did not move away from the touch of my leg because he was interested in fooling around with me as well.
> This is when I really started thinking about fooling around with him. When I first saw his penis I sort of fantasized about sucking it, but with my leg pressing right up against his, I actually wanted to try and make it happen, and in turn, it was me who was really starting to become nervous now.
> Not only did I wonder how Anon would react if I tried to do anything with him but I also wondered how my GF would react to it as well.

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> While my GF sucked my dick, I wanted to reach over and play with Anon's cock, or at least place my hand on his leg to let him know I was interested in fooling around with him but just couldn't do it.
> I let my GF suck me for a couple minutes before I reached down and pulled my dick of of her mouth and she knew exactly what to do and when right back to sucking off Anon.
> All I could think about now was Anon's dick and watching it slid in and out of my GF's mouth made me want to suck it so fucking bad!!!
> I let my GF go back and forth between my dick and Anon's two or three more times before I was so fucking horny that I just could not hold back any longer and decided to try and have some kind of contact with Anon's penis.
> Wether he let me suck him off or not would be completely up to him. I just couldn't take it any more and at least had to try.
> As my girlfriend slid back between Anon's legs once again, I gathered up all of my courage and once Anon's penis slipped between her lips I sucked in a deep breath, gathered up all my nerve and I reached over and placed my hand right on Anon's upper thigh.
> It was like Anon was shocked with electricity and he got a shock from my touch as he instinctively jumped once he felt my hand on his thigh but I felt this was more out of surprise rather than disgust and I didn't really feel like there was any resistance from him so I kept my hand there and did not pull away.


whose lurking?
i am
yah m8910
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> I left my hand on his thigh for more than a minute waiting for Anon to pull away from my touch but he never did. So the longer my hand was touching him the braver I became.
> I lifted my hand so that just the very tips of my fingers were touching him and I slide it upwards towards the top of his leg. And as I moved up his leg I also slid my hand over so that it was more on his inner thigh as well.
> I actually saw small little goosebumps pop up all over Anon's arms and legs as I did this. I placed my hand back down on Anon and it rested right at the very top of his inner thigh and the backs of my fingers were actually pressing a against the side of his ball sack.
> I could not believe I was actually doing this and I got an incedible thrill from the feel of his balls sliding across the back of my fingers.
> I was still not feeling any resistance at all from Anon. He was not making any kind of advances towards me but he was not resisting my advances at all and that was the important thing.
> this was all happening right in front of my GF's face as well so I also knew that she could clearly see my hand resting on Anon's thigh and she did not seem to disapprove of this in any way so I got a lot more comfortable in what I was doing and really started to think that it was okay to advance further.
> I was enjoying to feel of his soft ball sack against my fingers so I didn't really want to pull my hand away but I really wanted to at least feel his hard cock in my hand so I furthered my advances.
> I slid my hand back up onto his thigh and then incredibly slowly I slid it even farther upward and pressed it down on to the top of his hip, just above his leg. As I spread out my fingers, they slid into the pubic hair that lightly covered the area just above Anon's dick.

Fuck... I wanna do this.
Still here
Bone activated. Don't stop
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> I slowly inched my fingers like a spider to the base of his dick and then up to the glistening head.
> For the first time in my life I was actually touching another guy's penis and it felt fucking awesome.
> I really wanted to just lean over and take that beautiful cock into my mouth and suck some dick for the first time but I just didn't have the nerve to do that yet.
> Anon was just sitting on the couch still completely still with his spread legs still pressing right up against mine and allowing me to do whatever I wanted to his penis. I could feel him slowly and gently thrusting his hips into my hand so I was pretty sure that he was enjoying having me playing with his dick.
> My GF was watching this the whole time as she slid my dick in and out of her mouth, and for the first time I seemed to get her approval of what I was doing when she suddenly reached up and gently grabbed Anon by the hand and brought it over and placed it right on my pubic area before letting it go.
> Anon could have easily pulled away as soon as my GF released it but he didn't and just laid flat on my pubic area.
> A couple seconds passed when suddenly to my surprise and delight I felt Anon's fingers begin to slowly move and he began to very very gently massage the area right around the base of my penis.


> half faggot you retarded fuckwad
Go on anon fuck the haters
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cont pls
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> My heart really began to race and it was me who became covered in goosebumps as Anon's fingers moved even close to the base of my cock.
> When I finally felt Anon wrap his fingers around the base of my shaft I just could not hold back any longer.
> I had needed this to happen since the first time I laid eyes on Anon's cock and feeling his fingers wrap around the base of my own penis was the last bit of convincing I needed to go through with it.
> I sucked in one deep breath and gathered every ounce of courage. I knew this was going to be the riskiest thing I had probably ever done in my life but I just NEEDED to go through with it.
> I could hear both Anon and my GF suck in a gasp of air in shock as they watched me lean right over into Anon's lap and in one smooth motion took the entire length of his rock hard saliva covered penis into my mouth
> Once I had Anon's cock in my mouth for that very first time the reality of what I had done really set in and I was scared to even move so I just held his penis in my mouth until I could get a sense of how both Anon and my GF felt about what I had just done.
> I got Anon's reaction right away as I felt his hips begin thrusting gently up and down as he tried to to shove his cock deeper into my mouth even though that wasn't possible.

Onwards Based Anon
File: bisex14.jpg (116KB, 915x548px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116KB, 915x548px
> I had to wait a bit for my GF's reaction because she was now sitting up right between my legs no longer sucking me but instead just watching me with Anon's cock in my mouth.
> As I waited for her reaction it started to dawn on me just how good Anon's dick felt between my lips.
> Not only did I love the way it was twitching uncontrollably around the inside of my mouth but it had felt so soft and smooth as I had slid my lips down the length of it and now that soft and smoothness was pressed right against my tongue and I was actually loving it.
> I loved it so much that I decided that I didn't care about my GF's reaction anymore and I started to slide that beautiful dick in and out of my mouth.
> I went incredibly slowly at first savouring every moment of this but it didn't take long before I had built up a steady rhythm.
> I finally got the approval from my GF that I had been waiting for when I felt her slide back over between Anon's legs and then felt her press her head right up between Anon's legs as she started licking and sucking all over his loose hanging ball sack.
> I finally opened my eyes and my GF was looking right at me with an incredible lustful look on her face, so with my mouth still full of cock, I placed my hand behind her head and pulled her towards me while I turned my head to face her and got her to press her lips right up against mine.

have you done much anal with her?
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> This caused her lips to be pressed against the base of Anon's cock as well so as I slid my mouth up towards the head of his penis, my GF started licking all around the base of his penis.
> I really did not want to take Anon's cock out of my mouth but I knew my girlfriend wanted to suck it as well so I slid my lips over the head of his penis and then slid them down along one side of his shaft while my GF slid her lips up and down along the other side. It was actually like me and her were making out with Anon's penis sliding between our lips as we kissed.
> This went on for a couple of minutes and the more I sucked Anon's cock the more I loved it. I actually began to hope that I could suck him off again without my girlfriend around so I could have his cock all to myself.
> So me and my GF shared Anon's penis for a couple of minutes before she finally pulled her mouth away and the second she did I took his entire cock back into my mouth and started blowing him once again.
> My GF climbed up onto the couch right next to Anon and I heard her asking him if he enjoyed having me suck his dick.
> It made me feel good when I heard him moan a "Yes"
> My GF began to whisper to him how hot it was making her watching me suck him off.
> I was then taken completely by surprise when I heard my GF ask him if he wanted to suck my cock. Up until then I hadn't even really thought about that. I had just wanted to feel his cock in my mouth I hadn't given him blowing me much thought at all but now that I heard my GF ask it, the idea really turned me on.
> Anon answered "I don't know" to my GF's question but by the way he said it I knew that he was at least considering it.
>My GF then began trying to convince Anon to do it, telling him that it was only fair since I was sucking him off and she also assured him that this was our secret and only us three would know about it.

File: bisex16.jpg (170KB, 1249x636px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
170KB, 1249x636px
> It took a lot of convincing but finally I heard Anon agree that he would do it.
> Before he could change his mind my GF reached down and grabbed Anon's cock and pulled it out of my still sucking mouth.
> I looked up at her and I could actually see the delight in her eyes as she told me that Anon wanted to suck my cock now.
> My GF was actually really into this and that was a huge turn on knowing that.
> I sat back up on the couch and could not wait for what was about to happen.
> It had felt so good sucking off another guys hard penis, now I was finally going to feel how it felt to get my dick sucked by another guy.
> Anon was incredibly nervous and my GF had to keep encouraging him to go through with it.
> He slowly leaned over into me little by little and I could actually feel him shaking out of both nervousness and excitement.
> I could tell that he really did want to suck my cock but he was really scared about actually going through with it.
> When he finally leaned right over into my lap and wrapped his hand around my pensis, he looked up at me with my dick, literally, just inches in front of his face, and he begged me not to tell anyone about this.
> I looked right into his eyes and assured him that this was our secret and held eye contact with him as he lowered his head and I watched my hard cock slide directly into his mouth.
> The head of my cock passed between his lips before he clamped them shut around the top part of my shaft. His tongue pressed right agasint the tip of my penis as he slowly began to slide his mouth down the length of my cock.
> My GF watched on with a look of both amazement and lust. Her hand was down in her crotch and she was fingering herself with 2 or 3 fingers as she watched.
> I had never seen her so aroused in all my life.

if shes into it, slowly work your way up to a couple fingers, then gradually as fuck, to the d. go from there.
File: bisex17.jpg (144KB, 933x716px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> The incredible pleasure I was feeling from Anon's mouth made me let out a loud moan.
> When I felt Anon's lips and nose press into my pubic area I knew that he had my entire cock inside of him and my GF began moaning about how incredibly hot it was to see this.
> My GF moved over to the other side of us so she had an unobstructed view of Anon sucking my dick.
> She then sat facing us on the couch with her back resting agasint one of the arm rests.
> She dropped one leg onto the ground beside the couch as she spread her legs wide giving me and Anon an incredible view of her soaking wet pussy.
> She immediately brought one hand up to her breast and began massaging one while her other hand slid back down between her legs and she put two fingers right up inside her pussy and began finger fucking herself right there in front of us as she watched Anon suck my dick.
> I could not believe how much the sight of one guy sucking off another was turning her on.
> I really don't know what was turning me on more. The incredible pleasure of having another guy suck my cock for the very first time, or the sight of my incredibly aroused GF finger fucking herself right there in front of us.

File: bisex18.jpg (166KB, 1103x719px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166KB, 1103x719px
> Regarless of what it was I was hornier than I had ever been in my life and I really wanted to get Anon's cock back into my mouth.
> He had been sucking me off for about 5 minutes before I just couldn't take it any more and needed to suck him off. I reached down and pulled my cock out of his mouth and when he looked up at me I grabbed his hand and pulled him up with me as I stood up.
> Still hand in hand he just followed right behind me as I grabbed the blanket and walked to the center of the room. I spread the blanket out as much as I could and when Anon saw what I was doing he helped out and by the time it was spread we immediately moved towards each other and we both knew what to do next.
> We laid down side by side and as soon as he started sliding down towards my cock I quickly spun around so that I was lying in the opposite direction.
> Our hard cocks were right in front of each others face and neither of us waisted another second. As I opened my mouth and took that beautiful dick inside me once again I was already feeling Anon doing the same to me as we comfortably got into a 69 position.

File: bisex19.jpg (125KB, 1095x628px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125KB, 1095x628px
> My GF wanted to be closer to the action so as me and Anon started blowing each other my GF laid down right beside us on the blanket and went right back to finger fucking herself.
> I really did not want to stop sucking Anon's cock but I got a sense that I was leaving my GF out so I reached over and and slid my hand towards her pussy.
> She pulled her fingers out of her cunt and grabbed me by the wrist and when I looked at her she looked right into my eyes and I could not believe it when she said that she just wanted to watch me and Anon suck each other off and to not worry about her.
> That was music to my ears and I really started to suck Anon off with renewed vigor.
> My mouth was sliding up and down the length of his cock and I could not help but moan out with pleasure as I did it.
> I didn't care if this made me a fag. I absolutely loved sucking this guys hard cock!!!
> We stayed like this for the next 6 or 7 minutes before I began to feel Anon thrusting his hips more forcefully into my mouth and I could tell that he was getting close to cumming.
> I grabbed his tight ass cheeks with both my hands and started pulling him deeper into my mouth with each of his thrusts.
> All I could think about was giving him the best blowjob of his life so I began to suck and slober on his penis as it thrust in and out of my hungry mouth.

once I put a small dildo in her anus during regular sex. It was really tight but she liked it. Another time i put my dick next to vibrator in her vagina but she complained about it


Please make a bin with the entire story
File: bisex20.jpg (89KB, 506x704px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89KB, 506x704px
> With a loud moan, Anon gave one last huge thrust of his hips as his entire body tensed up and I could actually feel this hard shaft throb between my lips as his big load of cum shot through the length of his penis and exploded into my mouth.
> I had wanted to make him cum so badly that I hadn't even thought about what I was going to do with his cum once he did and the first thing that I could think of was to swallow as the second big spurt of cum shot into my mouth.
> I was not ready at all for the incredibly strong taste of this guys cum and I began to gag a little bit and had to slide my mouth off of his dick as he continued to cum.
> When my GF saw this she seemed to lose all control and she stopped what she was doing and went straight for Anon's cock. She took his cumming cock right into her mouth without any hesitation and began sucking the cum right out of him. She had never swallowed my cum before but she was gulping down every last drop of her friend's semen.

File: bisex21.jpg (179KB, 788x1171px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
179KB, 788x1171px
> By the time Anon had finished cumming I had recovered and was eager to get his cock back in my mouth not even thinking about if Anon was still horny after cumming or not.
> As I leaned forward and pressed my face back towards Anon's crotch, my GF pulled her mouth off of it and smiled at me. Little drops of cum were drooling out the corners of her mouth and it was the hottest fucking thing I had ever seen
> I could not even resist as I brought my mouth to hers and we began to make out. All I could taste was Anon's fresh cum as I shoved my tongue into her mouth and she shoved her tongue into mine.
> We only kissed for a couple of seconds though before I needed to get Anon's cock back inside of me.
> By the time I stick Anon's cock back into my mouth it had gone completely limp. Little droplets of semen were still oozing out of his piss slit and I licked them away with my tongue and in smaller quantaties, his cum actually tasted pretty good and I had no problem swallowing it.
> I was actually very happy that it did not take Anon very long at all to get hard once again.
> He had been sucking my cock this entire time and even as his cock went soft he still seemed to be enjoying sucking me off.
> I was putting my full concentration on giving Anon an incredible blowjob so that he would have another orgasm, but his mouth was having more and more of an effect on me even as I tried not to think about the blowjob he was giving me.
> He was sucking my cock so good that I just could not ignore it any more and I finally turned my attention to his mouth that was hungrily sliding up and down the length of my penis.
> Now that I was focused on Anon for the first time and not just his penis I was surprised that he was actually moaning with pleasure as he sucked my cock.
> It started to dawn on me that this guy loved sucking my cock just as much as I loved sucking his.

Moar pics of her, pls.
File: bisex22.jpg (167KB, 777x1157px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
167KB, 777x1157px
> Knowing that Anon loved sucking me off turned me on incredibly and I immediately began to feel my own aching orgasm building up inside my balls.
> I tried to turn my attention back to Anon's cock that was still in my mouth but my orgasm continued to grow.
> Never taking my mouth off of Anons penis and his mouth off of mine. I rolled Anon onto his back and I rolled right with him so that I was on top of him.
> I began forcefully thrusting my raging hard cock in and out of his mouth, pinning his head to the ground below us.
> He could not do anything but warp his lips around my hard cock and let me fuck his mouth for all it was worth.
> Anon reached around me and grabbed my ass and actually began pulling me down on him with even more force sending my cock deep into the back of his mouth with every thrust.
> The pleasure he was giving me was mind blowing and I could not take it any longer. With one last thrust I shoved my cock as deep into his mouth as it would go, pressing down on him with all my weight. I could feel his lips wrapped tightly around my hard shaft and his tongue began lapping away at my piss slit as cum exploded out of the tip of my cock and began to to fill his slurping mouth.
> With me pressing my cock deep into his mouth he could not pull his mouth off of it but he could not swallow my cum either even if he wanted to, so as my cum pumped into him he began to let it drool out of the corners of his mouth and ooze down the sides of his cheeks.
> My GF saw what was happening and she wanted my cum as badly as she had wanted Anon's. She quickly moved around on the blanket and began licking my cum off of Anon's cheeks as it drooled out of his mouth.


I'm questioning my sexuality now

I'm...a faggot?
Because men are disgusting. I am amazed that women want to fuck us.

it is natural for sexuality to be fluid anon

You got that from an earlier thread...
File: bisex23.jpg (158KB, 785x1161px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
158KB, 785x1161px
> My orgasm began to subside at the same time so I rose up off of Anon and he took in a huge gasp of air, finally able to breath again. My cum covered cock slipped out of his mouth and my GF was more than eager to take it into hers. She closed her lips around my dick and began cleaning the thick gobs of cum off of it with her tongue which she quickly swallowed.
> Cum was still oozing out of the end of my penis and she greedily slurped that down her throat as well.
> Just as I was recovering from my orgasm and getting back into sucking Anon off again my GF pulled her mouth off my dick and announced that she needed to get fucked incredibly fucking bad.
> Anon was the only one with a hard enough cock at the moment so we all knew that he was going to be the one to do it.
> My GF pushed me so that I rolled off of Anon and dissapointingly his cock slipped out of my sucking mouth as I rolled onto my back beside him.
> As I rolled off of Anon my GF climbed onto him but to my surprised she just climbed over him and back on top of me so that we were now in a 69 position and Anon was laying beside us.
> My GF's sweet dripping wet pussy was right in front of my face and I could not stop myself from shoving my tongue deep inside of her as I started to eat her out.
> My GF grabbed my half hard cock in her hand and gave it a couple of strokes before turining towards Anon and saying "Come on Anon. Come fuck me. I know you've wanted to fuck me for a very long time. Now's your chance."


still lurking
File: bisex24.jpg (48KB, 430x335px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 430x335px
> Anon did not need any more convincing and he raised up off the blanket and moved around behind my GF. I pulled my mouth away from her cunt as she raise it into the air a bit and began grinding it in little circles, needing to feel a nice hard cock deep inside of her so fucking bad.
> Anon got on his knees right behind the top of my head and I was looking up right between his legs as his cock inched closer and closer to my GF's dripping wet vagina.
> It was the hottest thing I had ever seen in my life when Anon leaned into my GF and the tip of his penis pressed directly into the gapping opening of my GF's pussy and slowly started to enter her inch by inch.
> As my GF felt the hard penis penetrating her for the first time that night she lowered her head and took my hardening cock directly into her mouth and held it there until Anon's penis was entirely inside of her juicy cunt.
> When Anon finally started fucking her, my GF started sucking on my dick with the same steady rhythm
> Anon's cock was covered with my saliva as it entered my GF's pussy but that was nothing compared to the pussy juices that now completely covered his hard shaft as he slid it in and out of her.

File: bisex25.jpg (72KB, 414x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72KB, 414x600px
> I found out later that Anon was a virgin and this was the first time he had ever stuck his cock inside a girl's vagina and he was enjoying it immensely.
> His loose hanging balls dangled down and swayed back and forth in front of my face as he began fucking my GF a little faster and harder.
> I still wanted to suck his dick so incredibly bad that I did the next best thing by raising my head and sucking his balls into my mouth to bath them with my tongue.
> This cause Anon to let out a loud moan of pleasure to show me that he liked what I was doing.
> I wanted his cock though so after sucking his balls for a bit I let them slip out of my mouth and I raised my head a little higher causing his balls to rub all over my face.
> I had to be carefull where I moved but I managed to press my tongue right up onto my GF's clit and I began to lap away at it with my tongue driving her completely mental.
> My real goal was Anon's cock though so I slid my tongue along Femanon's clit towards the slit of her pussy.
> I could feel my tongue slip gently into the lips of her vagina as I got closer and closer to the hard cock that was fucking her.
> Feeling the wetness of her slit I stuck out my tongue as far as possible and I began to penetrate my girlfriend until I could finally feel Anon's penis sliding across my tongue
> I wanted his cock so fucking bad I pushed my head up even higher now and wrapped my lips around the exposed portion of his penis that wasn't buried inside my GF.
> I pressed my tongue directly against the underside of his cock and began licking my GF's juices off of it.
> Feeling my mouth of his cock again, Anon decided to share his cock with both of us and pulled his cock out of my GF and shoved it directly into my mouth. It felt so good to have his cock in my mouth again.

don't die
File: bisex26.jpg (90KB, 774x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90KB, 774x640px
> Anon let me suck him for a minute or so before shoving his cock back into my GF's cunt.
> For the next 10 minutes he took turns fucking my GF's pussy and my mouth but as my GF began to get more and more worked up I pulled my mouth away slightly and let Anon pound away at her vagina.
> I could tell my GF's orgasm was building up when she started breathing heavier but it was only a matter of seconds before she was practically sceaming out in pleasure.
> She needed to get fucked so hard by Anon's cock that she could not suck my cock any longer as she rammed herself back onto Anon's penis over and over again.
> Their naked bodies slapped together just inches in front of my face.
> My GF started begging and pleading for Anon to fuck her harder and harder and he was ramming his cock as deep and hard into her as he possibly could.
> As she reached her orgasm Anon was getting close to his as well and was still pounding away at her pussy as her entire body clenched up as she reached her first of many increidible orgasms.
> My GF's cum and juices were actually dripping out of her pussy and off of Anon's cock now and starting to cover my face.
> Anon continued pounding his cock into my GF right through her orgasm, but this just drove her even more wild and it was less then a minute after her first orgasm that her body tensed up again as she came a second time.
> With Anon pounding away at her, I couldn't stick my tongue into her pussy, but I did reach up between her legs and began rubbing her clit with my fingers. She had barely calmed down from her last orgasm but once I started rubbing her clit she started cumming again for a third time I couldn't fucking believe it. My girlfriend's body was twitching and moving around uncontrollably.

File: bisex27.jpg (43KB, 546x364px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 546x364px
> Every time my GF orgasmed her cunt clamped shut around Anon's dick and this felt fucking amazing to him so by her third orgasm, he was ready to blow his load as well.
> He grabbed my GF by her hips and began pulling her onto his cock as he slammed deep inside of her over and over again until finally he shoved it deep into her cunt one last time and he started pumping her full of his cream.
> Anon would give a forcefull thrust of his hips every time another spurt of cum would shoot out of his cock into my GF.
> I really could not believe how turned on I was knowing another guy was pumping my GF full of cum.
> My eyes were focused right on my GF's slit where Anon's hard shaft was entering her so when I saw him start to pull his dick out. I quckily raised my head up and licked the cum off of his shaft and as the head of his dick popped out of my GF's vagina it slipped directly into my sucking mouth.
> Anon let me lick the cum off his dick and he pressed his cock into my mouth as I lowered my head back onto the ground.
> My GF needed to get fucked as much as ever and now that there was no cock inside she spun around on top of me and lowered herself down onto my hard penis and began riding me.
> Her body was almost like it was having one incedibly long orgasm and she began ramming herself down onto my hard cock over and over again almost screaming out from the incredible pleasure she was experieincing. Her head was rolled back on her shoulder and rolling from side to side.
> I was still sucking the cum off of Anon's cock but no mater how much I sucked him, he was starting to go soft. It wasn't long before his cock started to become sensitive as well and he would jump every time my tongue would pass over the tip of his penis.
> Eventually he just could not take it any more and had to pull his cock out of my mouth.
> He lay down on the blanket beside us and just watched me fuck my GF's cum filled pussy.

File: bisex28.jpg (129KB, 916x662px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129KB, 916x662px
> All the cum in her cunt cause sloshing sounds to fill the room every time I rammed my dick into her and I found those sounds very arousing.
> The cum inside my GF's cunt felt so fucking good squishing around my hard penis along with all of her fluids as she reached orgasm after orgam that it did not take me long to feel my orgasm building up again.
> Knowing I was going to cum soon I pulled my GF down on top of me and then rolled over on top of her so that I could really pound away at her cunt.
> I rose up onto my knees between her legs and began slamming my cock into her. My GF was almost crying from the incredible pleasure she was experiencing and I think she was relieved when I finally shoved my cock deep inside of her one last time and started pumping her full of a second load of cum.
> We were all completely spent and none of us wanted to move so all three of us cuddled up on the blanket together
> My GF grabbed some more blankets to cover us and we all fell alseep right there on the floor, none of us bothering to get dressed.
> We slept with me in the middle with Anon behind me spooning me and me spooning my GF.
> I could barely sleep the entire night because I could not believe that I had actually sucked another guys dick. But not only that I could not believe how much I enjoyed it.
> When I finally did fall asleep it did not feel like it was for very long when I felt Anon reaching around in front of me and fondling my dick.
> His cock was hard and was pressing right into my ass cheeks.

cont....nearly done
oh thank you OP.

i came to /b/ today to talk about this very topic, only to find this thread.

so i soon have the opportunity to fuck another m/f couple with my gf. i've never been with another guy and am pretty excited about it. i'm pretty excited about the girls too (a lot excited actually) but i have wanted to suck a cock for a while.

so /b/ros, give me a little idea what to expect. hints/tips for first foursome. positions? should we bring toys?

i'm so excited i've jerked off so much to the thought of being buried in pussy or having a cock in my mouth.

> mmff foursome coming up
> first time with another guy
> what do? tips? hints? positions?
nice copypasta m8
File: bisex29.jpg (100KB, 859x548px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 859x548px
> I went from sleeping to fully aroused in about 3 and a half seconds flat.
> I rolled over onto my back causing Anon to roll over as well and he quickly tried to play it off like he was alseep.
> I surprised him by reaching for his cock and once my hand was wrapped around it he finally reached over and took hold of mine and we started jacking each other off.
> We lay there for a number of minutes fondling each other but I wanted to suck his dick again so I finally asked if he wanted to 69 again. His eyes lit right up as he nodded "Yes."
> I just stayed on my back and he rolled on top of me and we quickly got right into sucking each other off.
> We sucked each others dicks for close to 20 minutes before I finally reached my orgasm.
> With Anon on top of me he could control wether I came in his mouth or not, unlike the last time, and I was surprised that once I started cumming he just kept on sucking me and he actually started swallowing my cum before it made him gag and he had to pull off of my cock, but he continued jacking me off and milk the rest of my cum out of me and once he recovered he took my dick right back into his mouth and swallowed my cum little by little.
> It took him another 5 minutes or so to reach his orgasm and since he had just tried to swallow my cum I wanted to try swallowing his again. So when I felt his cum start shooting into my mouth I began swallowing right away. I did not like the taste of his cum at all but I found it so incredibly arousing swallowing another guys semen that I just kept on doing it until I had drank his entire load.
> I really wanted to keep right on sucking him off but Anon was tired again and he rolled off of me and we went right back to all cuddling together.
> My GF did not wake up at all while me and Anon sucked each other. This time as we all lay together Anon reach around and took hold of my cock and held it in his hand as we all fell sleep for the night.

And that's the end of that part of the story

My penis thanks you, gotta go now, you got a link with the full story?
I hope you all enjoyed that story because I've been writing it for about the last few hours. It brought back so many memories that I just couldn't stop writting and needed to get it in as much detail as possible.

Anon and I did fuck each other but that was later in the shower while Femanon slept.

Any questions?
that was fuking hot thanks anon

You got more? pls post fulll story in link

Hot story, do you & Anon still do stuff together?
File: bisex12.jpg (64KB, 800x525px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64KB, 800x525px

> It's morning time and Feminon is still passed out from all her orgasms
> I ask Anon if he would like to come join me for a shower
> As soon as we were in the shower together we started washing each others bodies and we both got horny very quickly.
> As I washed his ass I soaped up my hands really good and slid them right into the crack of his ass and slid a soapy finger right into his asshole and Anon really liked it.
> It was around this time that we had our first deep kiss. During the entire time we had spent together the previous evening we hadn't kissed at all.
> We both immediately went for it, passionately kissing and sliding our tongues in and out of each others mouths.
> Then Anon started to wash me and he went straight to my cock while still kissing me passionately. I wasn't washing him anymore but I soaped up my fingers again and went back to finger fucking his tight butthole. He moved his fingers from my cock to my ass and started doing the same.
> His fingers felt so good inside me I actually wanted to feel his cock inside me so finally I just asked him if he wanted to try sticking our cocks into each other and he agreed to it without any hesitation.

> He got out of the shower and grabbed some lube that was in the bathroom and said that it might work better than soap so we both lubed up each others assholes and cocks.
> He wanted me to stick my cock inside of him first so with both of us standing up in the shower he placed his hands on the wall in front of him and leaned all the way forward so he was bent right over with his ass sticking out in front of me. I lubed up my cock a bit more before sliding it between the cheeks of his ass and pressed directly onto his hole. HIs anus was clamped shut so it took a while for me to enter him but I kept on pressing my cock into him and finally his asshole began to spread open and very quickly the head of my cock entered him.
> It hurt him a lot and he bucked forward so quickly that my cock slid out of him again but when the pain died down after a few seconds he let me try it again and this time I entered him a lot easier.
> I could not believe how good and tight his ass felt wrapped around my penis. He felt a little more pain as I entered him all the way but it went away quickly and before long I started to fuck his ass.

nonono, i gotta go, you got the full story somewhere?

> The more I fucked him the more he enjoyed it as well and he began grinding his ass onto my cock as I fucked him and he began begging me to cum deep inside of him.
> With the water still on us our wet bodies began slapping together as we fucked so this and hearing him begging for my cum pushed me over the edge and I started pumping his ass full of my creamy cum.
> I kept on fucking him until my cock went soft and pulled it out of him.
> He began telling me how good my cock felt inside of him and that it hurt like hell when I first entered him but after that there was no pain at all, just intense pleasure.
> I was a little nervous and had lost a lot of my hornierness after cumming but I knew that I had promised to let him fuck my ass as well so I lubed up my ass a little bit more while he lubed up his dick and before long he was ready to stick his cock inside of me.
> We used a lot more lube than when I had fucked him so he entered me a lot easier than I had entered him but it still hurt alot. I did not jerk away from him though and he held his cock inside of me while I recovered from the pain and then just like Anon had said, once the pain started going away it started feeling really, really good.
> I could not believe how good it felt having him sliding his cock in and out of my asshole.
> Sucking cock was still my favorite but I already knew that I would not say no to this guy if he ever wanted to fuck me again.
> Just like Anon, I started begging him to cum in my ass and when he did I could actually feel his cum spraying against the walls inside my asshole and it felt so fucking good.
> I really wanted him to keep on fucking me but he pulled out so we finished our shower and went back to the bedroom.
> Femenon was just waking up. She looked at us and smiled because she could tell what we had been doing by our exhausted expressions.

sorry - I don't anon.

just save this thread

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