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What are some of the most interesting places you've had

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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What are some of the most interesting places you've had sex?
Risky, gross, personal, public, exhilarating, difficult, regretful, etc all qualify as interesting

> Top row of movie theatre
> School parking lot
> Bathroom at a Subway (the sandwich place)
> Bathroom at the Galleria (shopping mall in H-town)
> Urban park in the middle of the night
> GF's front yard in the middle of the night

I know some of you existed in the real world at one point. Lemme here your precious life-giving stories of pro-creation.
>implying any/b/ody has lost his virginity
Teachers room when i was at high school , i almost get hearth attack
>Parking lot for a restaurant
>At a party in a room with five other people one of which was right beside the bed
>In my room with two other people sleeping in it
>Got my dick sucked when my friend had his back turned
>My friends girlfriend gave me a handjob in a bathroom then jerked him off upstairs to see which of us could shoot further.
>hearth attack
did you run out of mana?
>The roof of a kindergarten, when kids inside
>Roof of several churches
>hot air balloon
>in a school
>in the woods
>in her husbands car
>church parking lot
>made girlfriend wear skirt and thong and took her to a local park, had her bend over and grab a soccer goal post and then fucked her from behind
>gfs best friend went under the covers and sucked my dick with gf sitting right next to us on computer. she went downstairs, followed her, made up and fucked her on the couch
>playground at night

my ex used to love getting naked on the freeway driving home from places.......i'd finger her and she'd suck me off as we passed cars and truckers
>dick sucked at cafe in the back
>pamida changing room
Not too exciting

>On boat in fairly populated waterway
>hotel window, errbody watched
>on my car on side of road
>in a random field also by side of road
>middle of road in campground straight not giving a fuck (no pun)
>communal shower in men's locker room. This was probably most thrilling because there was absolutely no escape route if someone walked in we were both butt ass naked.
>Bathroom of hotel while mutual friends were in the next room
>GF's parents' basement
>Back of my car in my gf's old neighborhood
>Living room of gf's house while everyone else was asleep upstairs
I left out my HJ story.

> Lunch time during last day of freshman year
> Me and gf go to dumpster container area behind cafeteria
> GettingAtIt.jpg.
> Getting ready to cum/ rubbed raw from rough HJ
> Hear loud beeping
> Garbage truck is reversing into dumpster area.
> Freak out and run out as soon as possible trying to keep it cool while buttoning up my pants.
> Left my girlfriend standing in the dumpster area by herself lol

And no fucks were given that day
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>Be me around 14
>Texted a bit with this kinda slut girl and we were hooking up
>One day at school last lession of the day
>She was done for the day and sendt me an texs saying somthing like "meet me now at cafeteria"
>Telling my teacher I realy needed to go to bathroom
>See her, she waves at me into this school hall and into this bilijard room that were used in breakes for playing games and stuff

Pic related
I'm here BB
op are you from richmond hill?
Zoo-Panda's cage
i went to a sex club once with my friend and there was this cool big red room that was all cushiony, it was kind of a viewing room for other people. there was a group of people trying to make this one girl squirt lol
my friend and i went in and i was sucking his cock, one of the guys with a massive cock comes around and asks to fuck me, i said sure
10 mins of getting pounded from behind and sucking my friends cock, i turn to my right and see an audience of like 80 people watching.
sexiest moment of my life hands down.
wash room

thats about it
File: jenny0027.jpg (1MB, 1365x2048px)
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In high school my girlfriend and I had raunchy sex in a graveyard thinking we were hardcore or something and the whole time some old lady was watching us and she didn't give a fuck at all when I saw her she was either blind or just weird as fuck.
I know Richmond. Not so sure about richmond hill.
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>In the ocean, during mid day, beach goers all around.
>Upper middle row of movie theater
>Countless parking lots
>Parks at night

All I can remember right now.
That sounds more intense than anything I've ever experienced. I'm pretty jealous
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> Car (hundreds of times)
> Toilet at a cinema
> Ditch pretty close near some houses, people would be able to see us if it was light
> In a forest where people were walking close by

Almost all with one girl. Mainly because I didn't have my own appartment back then, neither did she. Relatively fun but the comfort of a normal bed beats it by far in the long run.
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hearth attack.jpg
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>i almost get hearth attack
>hearth attack

>Back seat of a car, while the driver and the guy who was in the passenger seat watched.
>In a parking lot
>In an abandoned house while my friends watched (this was in fact the time I lost my v-card)
On a tarp, about 25 ft. away from friends sitting around a campfire.
You a herts student then?
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>hearth attack
Sounds hot.
Not really sex but anyways.

My GF told me to go to the bathroom, jack off on and cum on the mirror. Then she went in the bathroom and licked it. I guest it only counts as sex in bathroom but that is a bit messed up

herts student in the sense that I study the wavelength and resonance frequencies that constitute the existential reality we are exposed to, yes.
> beach
> street bench ( night and day)
> bathroom
> school bathroom
> GFs front door
> my kitchen with parents in home
> in a car, in many places
> randomly in the street ( twice only)
> in a house under construction
all that i can remember now, and all of these were with the same girl

Ha, I live in Houston

I probably know you

and I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are a fucking faggot
Pretty basic..
Hot tub
Back of moving Uhaul
Stairs in my house
In the water next to a boat full of people parked in a cove

Backseat of a Megabus en route to Chicago

In my car parked in an airplane hanger

In my car parked in an NFL stadium garage after a game

Leaning up against a grain elevator at girlfriend's family farm
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I lol'd
> BJ in a van with more 6 people in it.
> fucked her on the floor meanwhile her friends slept on the bed.
> in a tent with our friends around, some were inside but the tent was big and had like "2 rooms"
We should meet up you sound like a really cool guy maybe we should start a relationship you know if you feel like that cause i kind of like you and you know this could really be going somewhere and please let me kiss your feet and give you everything you want cause my only goal in life is to please you and do what you need. Your opinion is all that matters to me.
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>middle of a heavily-planted roundabout
>open hillside
>amid crop of barley
>moving train
>office of museum (often & various)
>pub toilets
>bench in graveyard
>back of van in field full of cows who watched thru window
>front and back of car, natch
>back of a bus
>standing-up in an underground station
>toilet in hospital ward

prolly a ton I've forgot, used to love the alfresco fucks/bjs
nerve gas.
Brookfield zoo
Church parking lot
Movie theater parking lot
>at a party in front of two of my friends
>in my bed in front of my friend
>on a playground in the middle of the night
>in an underground tunnel
Hurrhurrr did he died?
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>be me 16
>Girlfriend 16
>at the park
>have sex under tube slide
>cops show up to check on the speedometers they put right by the park
>mfw I thought we were busted
>they leave
>we continue to have sex
Ayyy lmao, you went to rb
>on top of a $5mil radar system
>in the sand and grass
>in a concrete bunker
Same girl for three above
>outside of a bar in the grass (dark)
Cannibal Corpse show.
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yes I deaded - am poasting from heaven

>ID related
In a fucking rope hammock. That shit was so fucking awkward.
Sculpture Park in St Louis, right in the middle of the day, out in the open, with the best girlfriend I ever got to be with.

Later, standing up in a quaint gazebo in a little tourist town just north of there we went to for a romantic date, too late in the season, when there was no one there.

Amazing girl... Lauren G... I'm going to be thinking about that all day now.
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Thread images: 11

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