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ayo let's get some dirty childhood confessions going I'm

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ayo let's get some dirty childhood confessions going
I'm talking about incest, homosexual experimenting, and all that
it doesn't even have to be yours if you find one online that seems dirty enough go for it
well share anon
I banged a 15 year old when I was 19
>stole single jelly bean when 5
still feel evil
I banged an 11yo when i was 15. We both have lots of problems now.
Got to fuck my adopted Russian sister, with my nigger dick.
I banged a 9 year old when I was 14

Beat that
Op, you start, by you lenguage i conclude you are a nignog

I banged a 3 hear old when I was 9.
when i was 13 i got my dick sucked by an 11 year old girl in a petsmart women's bathroom stall
I 9'ed a bang-year-old when i was bang-teen
was her name Natasha?
no stories posted yet.
Nothing ever happen wish it did but it never did.
alright well here goes
back when i was a young girl (9 I think), I went to a sleepover

be about 4 other girls there

truth or dare starts, eventually we get into the dirty stuff

starts with kisses on the cheek, goes to poking boobs, ends with rubbing "privates"

until one bitch ass nigger girl dares me to lick host girl's "place" as she called it until host girl said stop

long story short host girl didn't say stop until after her, as she called it, "organism"

be me, no clue what that means, neither does anyone else

she explains to all of us, showing off her top-class knowledge, and she says it feels really good

from then on all dares were to lick pussy, went on four 20 minutes

and that's that
call it fake if you want to, but you can't get any more real than that sonny

i also have a separate sleepover masturbation story that goes along the same lines, although with different friends

but i'll save that for a separate story ;)
I was probably 8 and my older sister had a friend spend the night. They were 12. We stayed up late to play boardgames and watch movies and were in sleepingbags and I was in the middle. In the morning they asked me why I slept with my hands in my pants.

Fast forward 10 or so years and I learned that they played around and sucked on my dick. I was a heavy sleeper so I never woke up
let's try to be detailed my nignogs

not worth it tbh if all you say is "fucked __-year-old when I was ___ years old"

like I said, even if it's fake, if you got a good one I'd like to hear it
Tfw missed out
i cuddled with another boy at the age of 5
I was 13 and me and my 14 year old cousin and his friends raped his 19 year old sister and I got to get the asshole
I fucked my hot cousin after seeing after 10 years.
Can tell you guys how to make such a move if wanted?
hey boys and girls listen up don't go I will be posting my story in a minute
when i was 9 my 16 year old sister made me go down on my 9 year old cousin. =\

..........this might sound fucked up, but i still fool around with both of them =\
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>be virgin me a few years ago
>high school graduation
>step sister comes up from Florida to visit
>me and her are really close
>she's about 32 at the time, I think
>the day after my graduation we're at home alone talking
>she eventually lays down on my bed, stomach down
>don't really remember all the details, but began to rub her shoulders
>she's telling me about some issues she's having with her boss down in Florida
>her boyfriend is apparently still looking for work after eight months of searching
>I can tell she's stressed out
>conversation ends and I keep rubbing her shoulders
>start rubbing her back to relax her further
>think she's so attractive that I begin to breathe heavy on the back of her neck
>she's relaxing and not protesting to my eager touches
>slowly lower hand into her pant-line, massaging her lower back just above her ass
>over the next few minutes I work my hand into her pants, rubbing her ass directly
>she seems to become uncomfortable, but she doesn't fight it
>keep rubbing her ass with my hand
>slowly work my hand between her legs
>now rubbing her pussy through her underwear, within her black skirt
>eventually slide her skirt up and begin to slowly slide down her panties
>she still doesn't stop me
>bare girl's ass in front of me
>hands are shaking
>heart is racing
>undo my zipper
>she hears this, turns around, and looks at me, as well as my boner sticking out from my parted zipper
>she asks me if I'm a virign
>"Yes," I admit
>she asks if I have a condom
>"No," I tell her
>She then tells me that she can't risk me cumming inside her if I've never had sex before
>she still bends over though
>spits on her fingers and begins to rub her asshole
>tells me to fuck her ass instead
>you can imagine the rest

And that is the day I lost my virginity and fucked my older step sister in the ass. I did get a little poop on my dick though, but it was worth it.
I was the biggest faggot when I was a kid.

>be 4 year old happy kid
>new neighboors move next door
>they have a boy two years older than me
>we become real close
>spend all my days playing with him
>one day we get bored of playing war
>"I know, let's play King and Queen"
>"Yes anon, it'll be fun"
>We star kissing
>full on french kiss
>fucking go at it for hours
>we keep doing it for the next 2 years
>we even rub our dicks
>eventually he moves out.
>start hanging out with another boy
>he's 4 y/o (I'm 6)
>he really looks up to me
>I teach him King and Queen
>convince him to kiss my dick
>he has no idea what this is
>me neither, just that it feels good
>one day we get caught while I'm on top of him licking his face clean
>never see him again

Weirdest thing is I'm not gay now. I've even tried gay porn, but it doesn't do much.

That's the kinkiest childhood story I have.
mfw no greentext
I have some incest rape stories I've told an excessive number of times before,so idk if anyone's interested. If people are I'll tell em.
tits or gtfo faggot
I sucked my older bro's dick before I was 10.
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I made out with my cosusin. I didn't know she was my cousin. But, when I knew she was my cousin, I kept making out with her. That bitch knew I was related to her. i regret it because I'm a little bitch.
I also starte making out with my cousin when she was 8 and I was 5 (she was adopted tho). I didn't really know what I was doing. She eventually started to ask me to suck her tits. We kept it going for years. The first time I went down on here I was 11 and we fucked when I was 14.

Sadly, she put a stop to it when she turned 18
1 yr old when i was 3
> be me, around 7-8 ish
> have a small circle of good friends, hang out with them both together and individually
> starts with first friend
> playing "soldier"
> essentially just get shot imaginarily and go back to get "healed"
> somehow got the idea that we are getting shot in the dick
> have to heal our dick(one person is soldier on is medic)
>take turns getting shot in dick
> go back to room and close door
> get naked waist down, sit on couch, friend "inspects" dick, hard of course
> he grabs it and plays around with it, no stroking really because he and I didn't really know how to do that(I had already started masturbating at the time but I didn't connect it with this)
> then he gets shot in dick, gets naked waist down, i play with his dick, look, touch, all that, hard of course

> a week or a few days later, idk
> go to other friend, don't play "soldier" but plan go out and ask if he shows me ill show him
> we do
> play around, but we weren't hard

> do it with another friend
> ill show mine if you show yours
> pulls down underwear
> boner.jpg
> runs around naked in his room with boners, laughing hard as fuck

> I also had a good friend who was a girl for a bit, probably a year or two later(puberty happened and we lost touch)
> I asked her if she wanted to show hers for mine(I had no idea that she would have a vagina, i thought girls had nothing at the time, I was more interested in her looking at me)
> "eww anon no...."
> "its fine femanon i've done it with other friends" cringe.jpg
> then, I can see she would've wanted to, she said "but what if someone comes in"
> change topic, we don't do it :'(

what are your stories /b/?

Funny, when I was a lad, we would have camp outs. The scout leader wasn't so strict, so if some of us stayed awake late in a tent he didn't care.

One hot summer night when I was 10, we were all sitting around in our tighty whities. One of the older boys said he had scored with a girl. Naturally we all wanted to know what he did with her.

He started by trying to explain it, but one of the boys said he didn't understand clearly. "Can you show us?" So he started by explaining erections. And that you could give yourself one if you rubbed your 'jimmy'. So we all sorta started rubbing our little friend until we indeed achieved erections.

Then he said he stuck his jimmy in her hole and it felt really good. Since there was no girl around, he said if we just kept rubbing ourselves, it would eventually feel really good. Mine just started getting really sore though. Like I was getting a carpet burn or something.

When I mentioned it, he mentioned that girls are kinda sticky inside and I should try spitting on it. So we all spit on our cocks and continued rubbing. That felt a lot better but it kept getting dry. We all had the same problem.

Then my 8 year old neighbor had his little ingenious idea. It occurred to him that his mouth never got dry. He said I could stick my jimmy in his mouth and use that to rub it.

Boy, wow, that felt much better. I told him so, so he wanted to try it. So I let him stick his in my mouth. It tasted a bit salty, but it seemed a bit similar to sucking the grease of my fingers after eating fried chicken.

But we could only feel good one at a time. Then we realized, if we made a big circle, everyone could suck on each other and so we did. Then we noticed the scout leader had been peeking into the tent for who knows how long. He was rubbing his too, and told us not to mind him.
>sleeping over cousins house with older sister
>cousin a guy, me a guy, sister not a guy
>playing truth or dare in the basement
>normal shit for a while
>cousin dares my sister and i to make out
>we try to get away with a peck on the lips
>"no fuck that, i said make out"
>sister and i hesitate, then start making out
>tongues touch
>we actually get kinda into it
>we stop
>cousin approves
>i dare cousin to make out with my sister
>watch them make out
>cousin approves of that too
>sister dares cousin to take out his dick
>he's hard
>cousin dares my sister to touch it
>she starts giving him a handjob
>i dare my sister to start blowing him, she won't
>agrees to give us both handjobs
>truth or dare ends, pants come off
>sister makes both of us cum
>won't let us finger her
>we go to sleep
made out w another girl for like 40 minutes on the floor at a party
g times
only person i've made out w to date was someon eof the same gender. not gay btw (maybe bi, idk, i like to pretend i'm straight because my parents would disown me otherwise)
> fakestory.jpg
My brother and I did a lot of stuff.
Never had sex or any form of penetration though.
My brother and I would make out when I was 11 and he was 6 and he would play with my nipples

No way. Totally true. The funny thing is, I'm not even gay now that I'm grown up. Hairy dudes just don't do it for me I guess.
File: 1410534617315.gif (503KB, 500x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I tried to get my mom to touch me when I was younger. I took my pants off in front of her a couple times, just thought it would be fun if she touched my cock.

I'm worried I have some repressed memory of something that happen to me...I didn't know what sex was, but wanted my mom to molest me? Doesn't make sense.
When I was about 3 or 4, this is one of my earliest childhood memories. Me, my sister, and my hot cousin would all go downstairs in my grandma's house every holiday event. She had a couch down there and we'd make forts, play tag, usual dumb kid stuff. Off of the main basement area, there was a little wide hallway to the side I'll try and illustrate it like this;
[ |
| |
Basically a flag shape, anyways one time we were bored with our usual stuff, and my cousin suggested truth or dare. I don't remember how but someone either my sister, or my cousin came up with the idea, and I didn't know what was happening. Next thing I know my cousin is blowing me and my 3/4 year old dick. I was rock hard and I don't remember if I came or not, or even if I could. But every family party after that I just knew for whatever reason I wanted to play truth or dare down in the basement again after that. Never had any more success though, at least none I can remember. That cousin of mine though is still hot, and I babysit for her sometimes and go through her hamper and sniff her panties. I just turned down to babysit for her tomorrow. Kinda regretting it now.
When I was in kindergarden, I would go over to one of my friend's house who was the same age as me, and we would pull down our pants and rub our weiners together/against each other's butts. I really can't remember why or who came up with the idea, I guess we just thought it was funny. He was also a mormon.
>be me about 7 or 8
>cousin is older than me by a few years
>me and him are out in a box fort
>do some dares for whatever reason
>dare comes out to show dick
>say his feels like a handle
>later we play a game with a ball
>winner gets to touch loser
>keep losing
>lets me win some
>we go into laundry room
>I touch him
>he says enough
>go full fag and say he needs to touch me, too
>go to my bedroom with snacks
>he touches me
>not a boner to be had
>mom walks in

Life with my cousin has never been the same since then. We still barely talk.
Banged my 9 y.o cousin when I was 6

Beat that.

I banged a pregnant lady when I was 20.
ugh so sorry my mistake i'm sort of a newfag ya feel
definitely interested
Banged zygote when I was embryo
> me 19
> girl 16
> falls preg by me
> oh_fuck.mp3
> due 19th next 2months
> we still fuck
> problem??
Double team
I'd be up for hearing the story and advice, anon.
When I was in Kindergarten and first grade a friend of mine would come spend the night at my house a lot. One night I got the idea we should practice "sex" (as well as I knew of it) by kissing. I remember him moving to another town unexpectedly and never talking to him or seeing him again, then years later realizing that what were doing was "gay" and frowned upon. Now I know that our parents probably found out what was going on and that's why he moved but at the time it didn't make any sense. I turned out straight I don't know about him because I never talked to him again.
truth is always better than fiction. dafuq do you want fiction for anyway?
You are going to have to raise a bastard child with the help of a 16 year old. I assume neither of you are financially responsible. Yes it's fucking bad. Abortion clinics exist for a reason you future welfare case.
I was 15
My kid sister's best friend was 12
She came by once when I was home alone and asked to wait for my sis
About 20 minutes later she said her mom did sex for money and she wanted to see if it was fun
She blew me, said she liked it
Once a month or so she'd come by and give me a beej
When I turned 16 my dad warned me of local laws on statutory
>turns out he saw us from the driveway once
She moved 2 months later anyway
You owe me a new pie -_- I dropped mine while reading this
I was about 9 I think and I am a girl so I live in an apartment complex at the time and my neighbors were like 10/11 year old boys and we usually play tag football or something but this time we got bored and we decided which of the boys were a better kisses so I kiss both of them and they pull their dicks out and we we seeig each other's bodies and we we outside too lol anyways I touch their dicks and they touch my chest and I took my pants of and they touch my vagina and one of the boys wanted his dick to touch my private part but I said no I was scared and that was that I went home but I really like what we did and that was they day I first touch myself I have more stories like that too I had a kinky childhood.
I don't have time to greentext but when I was 9 my 10 year old sister, 14 year old brother and I fucked around. I'd rub my 2 incher between her asscheeks and think we were fucking. I'd always get pissed because she liked sucking my brothers dick more than mine cause it was bigger. I distinctively remember bleeding from my ass after my brother forced his cock in when i told him not to. Maybe I might have time to greentext, I dunno, I might do one. First story selection from beloe gets greened.

>First time I put it in my sister actual vagina
>Raping my sister
>Being sodomized by brother
>Getting handjob from brother
>Caught masturbating then sucked by sister
>Fucking sister behind an elementary school portable
>Fucking my sister in a school recycling bin dumpster
>Telling on my sister and brother when I caught them fucking in our backyard (2 years after we stopped this stuff)
>Fucking my sister in a park
My mum is having it
>when I was young boy say like 10ish I would swim in this three foot pool at by grandmas house
>when I swam by myself I would take my shorts of and skinny dip
> the water was murky as hell so one day when my cousins where swimming with me I took my shorts off and swam with them
> after awhile of this I tell my coz what I'm doing and he thinks it's funny so we both do it
> eventually we get our other cousin who is the same age
> she gets in and shows us her bottoms to her bikini
(She kept top on because we didn't want to get caught )
> she makes us show us our shorts as well and we swim around and whatever
> eventually we get confident enough that no one is going to check on us so we get a dirtier
> she gave us both handies while my cousin fingered her
When I was like 7 and my brother was 10 he took me to his room and asked if I knew about erections and that they felt good. Then he said he found out how to make them happen, we both get naked waist down, and rub our dicks against the wall in his room, feels good. We had left the door wide open and our parents walked by multiple times.
well if you don't say it's fiction, even if it really is, it's still fun to read and think of as true events ja feel
fuck youre a faggot
Says you faggot
Sister rape.
Good put xo
Told before
>9 years old
>neighbor girl asks if we can kiss
>soon tongues
>then she unbuttons my pants so she can show me what her dad taught her to do
>know shit is wrong, tell my dad
>all the police came
So? I fucked my sister she's 22 im 19
Was fucked by my cousin from when I was 9 until I was about 14. He was 4 years older than me. I'm a girl. Haven't talked to him since the last time we did it.
Show my dick to hundreds of young girls. 8 years plus for the past ten years. I'm forty now.

Top that.
Do you have real loli?
Shut up shannon
No you shut up shannon
"/b/ - Random
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact."
did you even read what he did you fucking faggot holy fuck faggot you were that other boy werent you
>Sitting on couch watching movie with brother and sister
>Sister is laying on floor, ass up, with all the fucking pillows
>Ask her for pillow
>Request denied
We had been experimenting lots before this night, so shit was pretty open between us three
>"I'll get the pillow myself"
>Go over lay on her and try to pull pillow from under her head
>I can feel my 2 inch dick imprinting her pre-pubescent girl butt
>"Can I do the butt thing right now sisanon?"
>"No I'm watching movie"
>Proceed to pull her fluffy pajamas down over her butt anyways
>"Errrrgh I said no bitch."
>Hardly rape, she isn't fighting
>Put entire 2 inches between dem cheeks, spit on my dick and start thrusting
>42 seconds later I'm done
>Pull up her pants and go back to couch
Imagination dickweed
File: 1412994543363.png (47KB, 687x530px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>all the police came
File: 1401241307106.jpg (39KB, 269x187px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> =\
I fingered and constantly sexted the niece of my uncle, who was related by marriage. Close enough I guess. I was like 15, she was 16.
File: 1401241138443.jpg (37KB, 600x441px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1401240936058.jpg (20KB, 479x355px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I wanna have sex with a 12 year old. :/ im nearly 20.
File: hooboy.jpg (52KB, 324x291px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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does she have the phat ass?
File: 1401151177485.jpg (6KB, 184x175px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Telling on my sister and brother when I caught them fucking in our backyard (2 years after we stopped this stuff)

That sounds like it would hurt, knowing your sister "broke it off" with you but kept it up with big bro.
No I dont know one that I can bang yet
It's OK brother, as long as it's jailbait. If they still have their innocence, you're a pedo. But, if they dress like little whores and offer to send nudes, let them ride your bologna pony ;)
> =\
holy fucking shit
I wanna do the same and i'm 19 almost 20
>be 13
>Got a new step-sister
>She crushed on me but I only spoke social retardese back then
>She is same age but smokes and drinks and gets in trouble
>Has me follow her around doing crazy shit
>Once getting drunk by the river with her
>Tells me she'll give me her allowance to see my dick
>It took convincing but I did
>She begged to touch it
>Finally agreed
>Immediately starts blowing me
>Blow load in her mouth
>Fall asleep next to her
>Do this for about 5 months
>She moves away
>Never told anyone until right now
File: 93vuj.jpg (42KB, 400x387px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>have cousin
>only ever saw her 1 week out of a year
>both ~10years old
>this year she decided to 'practice' making out with me.
>we were at it for ~30 min
>legal guardian walks in on us
>super embarassed
>never talk about it again
>fast forward
>both ~20
>she comes into my room we're alone in the house
>I could tell she's feeling the water since we usually don't talk
>she brings up the time we made out
>she explicitly suggests we have sex
>fuck no
>fast forward to today
>she preggers and alone
>ex-husband wants nothing to do with her - they split after 2 weeks of marriage
>no job no education
>she's fucked
Awww fuck yeah!
File: 13045141389.jpg (36KB, 500x372px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have a 14 year old sister that I regularly fuck. Our reason is to get her prepared

Never took any pics. I'm just a mostly harmless flasher. Fairly easy to get away with it if you know how.

I just bulged flashed a couple of ten year olds last month. Shit was cash.
S9 its just not me! Maybe we should kidnap one. Rape her then let her free
where do you live, I am 12 and I will come to you
I want loli in underwear posing and stuff
>be 17 dude
>horny as fuck at grandmas house and cousins from Georgia are there
> dude cousin has iPhone and I don't so he shows me kik
> he had a bunch a nudes from chicks
>we start snapchatting this hot chick
> she sends us her playing with herself and we both get rock hard
>she ask to see our dicks so he goes to the bathroom and sends and then my turn
> I was beta as fuck but tried my best
> went through his pics while trying to get hard and saw his dick
> he had like four inches more than me
> I got hard looking at his dick and then sent pic
>never told him that I saw his dick and we still hang out when he comes to town
i suggest finding a psychiatrist and discussing this with him or her
Elaborate, nigger
hey spiderfags do us all a favor and post some spidergirl sexy pics

that way you can keep your spiderman theme while pleasing the rest of us

thanks you guys are the life of /b/
>be 14
>bicurious, still confused/uncertain about my sexuality
>stepdad finds my gay porn stash
>uses it as an excuse to start molesting me
>I like it, though I feel guilty about it
>he has me suck him off on a regular basis
>eventually starts fucking me too
>basically grooms me into being his personal fucktoy
>eventually convinces me to start wearing my sister's clothes
>I like that too, though I feel even guiltier about it
>this goes on for about 6 years before him and my mom divorce
>have only seen him a few times since then
>I'm still a huge faggot, still like dressing up as a girl during sex (though I don't want to be one or anything)
>tfw used goods with daddy issues
Photos or you lie. Xx

Well go find it then you fucking faggot.
yo that sounds nice same here
same story but she was 9 and it was walmart
was t awkward afterwards
No work :(
that sounds hella dope but what if we get caught man
k ill send them to your address what is it
just google newstar kitty
File: 1397427846528.jpg (49KB, 576x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49KB, 576x960px
MFW that twist ending holy shit
fucking hot.
Pfft shes 12. She wont be missed if we.. use her as a sex toy.
can someone confirm this isn't a trap
File: image.jpg (41KB, 482x473px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41KB, 482x473px
Used to jerk off in elementary school a lot, I remember getting tiny boners and pretending to scratch my leg through the pocket on my jeans.
>mfw I discovered pocket pool
>mfw I started cutting holes in my pockets in elementary school
can confirm :)
Lol I just posted this in another similar thread. Here we go.

Same with me and my mom. We can't even be near each other anymore because we are both so ashamed of everything we did(haven't even spoken in 2 years AND I brought up the times she basically molested / raped me when I was young. Although I wouldn't consider it rape, sexual assault /harassment because I enjoyed it.) . Also, my younger sister and i used to be super close, like literally best friends and we would do sex acts on each other almost everyday for about 3 years. Every single chance we got. Bedrooms, livingroom, outside, every where. (i was15 and she was 14 when we started but she was very developed for her age, ie huge boobs, curvy, pubes etc.) I never penetrated because she was so tight and I didn't want to push hard and hurt her. . But now that we're both in our 20's,same deal with my mom. We can't really face each other. Incest is A LOT more common than you think, it's just that most people aren't comfortable talking about it for obvious reasons.
--Part 1
This goes on for 5 years,divided into 5 sections for a year each
>Be me, 5
>Have a qt 3.14 "aquaintance" my parents called it
>Her parents are divorced,got pregnant at 14,became homeless drug addicts,she is in custody of her uncle
>She comes to my house to play on the comp,we fuck around on websites
>Try to look up porn and giggle our asses off,at the time we weren't even sure what the hell it was,it just seemed funny
>We have an idea
>"Let's play 'Naked people'" which is what we called porn
>My parents leave us home alone for about 30 minutes but dont tell us,since they have to go to the bank and whatnot
>We are fully naked and locked in my bedroom,start touching each other and asking why we dont have certain things like her not having a penis,etc
>She tells me to keep touching her "thing" aka vagina
>She starts breathing heavily,and my hand starts to get moist
>"Your turn" I tell her
>I end up getting a hard on,and she pokes it and giggles at it
>Parents arrive,quickly dress and start fucking around on games
is it bad that those words are convincing me to do so?
on another note it would have to be perfectly planned man or we in the slammer getting slammed by other dudes.
>being this much of a beta
Or or or... we in a slammer slamming Them mahahaha

Puppys and kittens as a lour. A underground bunker. Chained to a bed. Easy done.
when i was much younger i tried to put my dick in my friend's mouth while he was sleeping
do you plan on talking about it with him ever
When I was a child I usually met my cousins in a farm of a friend of our parents. As they spent the nights there I used to go to the farm to see them.
> be 9 yo girl (me)
> talking with favorite cousin (9yo girl too)
> 5 yo cousin (also girl) comes in
> little girl says that she wants to play
> nope.jpg
> she keeps trying to convince us
> boy cousin, 9yo comes in too
> says we should play hide and seek with his big brother (12 yo)
> we all agree
> older cousin has to find us
> all running around the farm
> me and favorite cousin decide to jump inside neighbours' house through their bathroom window
> hide in the bathtub
> perfectspot.jpg
> we get bored
> cousin says that she knows something I don't know
> she gives me the sex talk weirdly
> she says we should try it
> we laugh and decide to try it while waiting
> she says she will be the man
> we kiss and touch all over our bodies
> she grabs me of my hips and makes me do the doggie as if she had a cock
> neighbour enters in the bathroom
> he sees us
Most awkward moment of my life
>im 22
> literally just went on a date with a 16 year old
>mfw her parents came with us
>they were really cool about it, asked me a lot of question
>told me im a really good guy
>the mom goes to the bathroom
> the daughter leans on me and grabs my arm
>i jokingly ask the dad to look a way real fast (made it ovb i was going to kiss her)
>he looks away and as i lean in looks back but i still kiss her
>we all laughed about it
>after dinner we're standing by the cars
>we start hugging cuz shes about to leave, mom says i better not kiss her
>can tell the mom wont be as nice as the dad
>mom looks away to lights a cig
>go in for a quick kiss
>not a single fuck was given TODAY
Gold :3
Elementary school portable!
Fag you never go older
Probably not. He lives in another state now, so I never see him.
-- Part 2
>Be 6 now
>Again,fucking around at my house but now we touch each other regularly
>Start downloading porn for some reason
>I remember this because my dad exclaimed,"What the fuck?" When he checked the browser the following day
>He deletes most of the porn,but a few videos remain
>We decide to recreate the video,and she gets on all fours fully naked
>"What do i do?" i ask
>"Just move" she tells me
>Up until now, i realize her innocence is un canine
>I try to stick my tiny dick in her ass but i cant do much
>Pathetic hard on becomes flaccid quick,so we close the comp and go outside
>For some reason, I felt embarassed because my dick was tiny
>My innocence is destroyed,ignominy has taken over me as of that time
>Be me, male, 7 years old
>Molested until age 12 or so
>Didn't know what I was doing

Hate to admit it but it traumatized me, never told anyone, still haven't.

Even to this day it fucks me up thinking about it.
File: IMG_6273.jpg (98KB, 500x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98KB, 500x333px
Committed incest with my brother before I ever fully understood what incest was. It was like 1-2 times but after I understood what it was we stopped. I feel guilty almost everyday, even though we apologized and kept it a secret.
Cuddles :3 ill molest you if you like but ill make it amazing for ya.
File: image.png (1MB, 1080x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1080x1920px
>mfw this story
Not your fault, man. You can't blame yourself. Just gotta move on with your life.
You're a retard
>inb4 you get v&
My cousin and I were the same way I kinda miss fooling around with her now

It was a terrible experience and considering the person is still in my life to this day - it fucks me up.

But, sure :)
File: 1397354732748.jpg (40KB, 454x567px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 454x567px
hahahahahah thats fucking HI-larious
Awwww I love you too ^_^

"Secretly kill who did it to you"
>Sister and I are fairly used to experimenting sexually.
>Our house was 10 feet away from the elementary school
>Used it as a park/playground
>Goofing off there one day
>Get urge to 'fuck' sister
>Tell her we should find a spot
>Go behind secluded portable, it's right by a small street and we can see out kitchen window from it
>She pulls down pants and undies and spreads asscheeks with both hands
>Spit in her crack, put dick in
>It literally only does in 1.2 inches
>Thrust for a few minutes
>Can't cum yet so I just "orgasm" and I'm finished
>She pulled up her pants and we finished playing like normal.
pics faggot
i really liked to get tied up/tying people up when i was 7-8 (well, i still do, but i hadn't heard of bondage when i was 8)

>me, my bro, and two family friends (sis and bro) are playing
>i invent game in which we tie one person to a chair, and everyone else hides, and then, once the tied person frees themselves, they try to find us
>essentially hide-and-seek, except instead of a countdown, you have to untie yourself
>young boy fam friend didn't wan to get tied up
>told him he'd be fine
>convinced him to get tied up, but he panicked and told us to untie him
>he ran downstairs in tears and dobbed on me
>parents just look at me weirdly
Me and my brothers went to a sleep over at my cousin's place one time. We were around 12. He had a little sister around 9.

He convinced her to take all of her clothes off and walk around naked. She didn't seem to mind and in fact didn't put anything on for the rest of the night.

So she's there, like, lounging around, completely nude. My cousin even told her to keep her legs spread so we can get a good constant view of her pussy throughout the night.

Thinking back on it, he probably told her to do this all the time so she was used to it. Kind of weird to think about, but holy shit, I still fucking masturbate to this memory.
File: 1408487537396.jpg (163KB, 625x604px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
163KB, 625x604px
dude...you a huge faggot
pic related
It messed me up a little, but in a fucked up way I miss him.
> loser

You had a window of opportunity for some hot loli action, and you missed it man.
tits or tits choose one

>be me
>be 15
>cousin is getting married
>party time
>cousin's younger brother is there
>6/10 chubby 16 y/o
>I like him.
>he spent his time drinking rum and harder liquors
>I spent my time drinking soft drinks and some pepsi
>Time to go
>arrived at home
>I have to sleep in the same bed as my 6/10 cousin
>he's not there yet
>put on my pijamas and waited for him
>he arrived
>drunk as fuck
>he looks at me and smiles
>turns the lights off and we got under the bedsheets
>he begins to touch my back
>then my belly
>then my hips
>things are getting intense
>at some moment he begins to finger my asshole
>felt empty inside, realizing there's no way back
>he ask me if i'm ready
>"y-yes... Be gentle... P-please"
>slowly thrusts his cock inside me.

when we finished I didn't even cared of where my pijamas were.
The next day we tried to not to talk about it and the next time i tried to do it with him again he said no because he felt like "risking his masculinity"
Yup, someone needed to say it.
hey man stay strong
naw i dont feel like going to jail
last time i posted a pic about a similar story some nig tracked it to her house
>Be me, 14 and bored
>living with aunt and cousins because parents are trash
>13 year old male cousin with me in his bedroom playing pokemon or something
>Busts out trunk of hardcore porno mags says he stold from his dad
>We start looking at them together
>He starts fapping
>I feel a bit awkward so figure I should jack off too
>We both fap
>Not too awkward, checked out his dick a bit
>Next couple nights, same routine
>One night, we somehow start jerking each other off
>I cum first, he cums shortly after
>A couple nights after that, with no action since, we are lookin at mags in room
>He starts unzipping me
>Look down, he starts sucking
>I relish the moment
>Rubbing hair as he slowly takes my cock in his mouth and throat
>Sticks a finger in my asshole and I cum
>He swallows
>Felt so good I offer to blow him
>As I am sucking him off, he tells me "Stick it in, anon"
>I am rock hard again and slide into his tight asshole
>As I pump harder, he cums all over my stomach and chest, and I cum in his asshole.
>Pull out slowly
>Loved every minute of it
>Fucked a couple times after
>Havent seen him in years.
Part 5(skipped 3 and 4 cause theyre boring)
--My bad, i wrote 5 years instead of 6,the last time this happened was when we were almost 13
>We're 11 now,been a little over a year
>She decides to blow me for some reason,wants to see what it tastes like
>My slightly bigger cock becomes hard,and then I am breathing heavily and having small orgasms
>I feel pressure on my dick
>She suddenly stops sucking my dick as the pressure is released
>Starts tasting my cum, says it tastes like honey,asks me if i can do that again
>"I'm not sure i can" i reply
>She then gets on all fours,pulls down her panties and asks me to try fucking her again
>By now we have more knowledge,and i manage to stick my dick in her
>Thrust my small cock
>I don't feel the pressure on my dick,and i'm tired,so we stop
>She is all wet and moaning afterwards
>We lay on my bed,touching our private parts once more
>parents knock on door saying its time to leave
>Holy fuck,time to get dressed like lightning
>We come out sweaty and agitated,saying we ran around
>Parents suspicious,and don't let us see each other for a few months
--Part 6 is the best,stay tuned
i like the bunker idea man and yeah it would totally work
>be 13
>go to school
>come home
>play vidya
>go to sleep
>wake up
>eat breakfast

From these stories, I can't tell if I should be disappointed or relieved that I led such a normal life.

I do wish I'd had some neighborly girl to grow up and explore sexuality with.
> Game on!
I live a boring life.
I'm not going to be bothered to green text
anyway when I was 12 I went to go live with my cousins for about a year, one female cousin three years older than me hot as heck
and one male cousin two year older than me. my male cousin was very obviously gay. One of those people you can look at him for a minute and just know.
I had a crush on my female cousin, and was very obvious about it I had no idea how obvious I was being at the time. I dont want to say they're mentally impaired but they did ihave here to mental issues their parents are crazy.
one night they broke into a little closet and invited me down to the basement to drink some soco with them.alright we're on their entire point with I get me as drunk as possible, I doubt they
even took more than a Swig or two.long story short female cousin that told me straight up that she knew I liked herand would be willing to have sex with me. Keep in m.ind i was only 12 so didn't even understand what sex was for the most part. but I was ready to agree because. I'm obviously it was something good then she dropped the bombshell, she would agree to have sex with me if I would agree to let her brother do whatever he wanted to me
So yeah, an hour of her brother basically using me, use my mouth and eventually he even sodomized me
kicker is she didn't have sex with me after he was done, she dragged me upstairs cleaned me off in the shower and told me to go to bed, I guess they thought the alcohol would make me not remember it because the next day they act like nothing happened
Trauma therapy m8
Go now
Do it

You'll be aight, anon.
File: 1405045881440.jpg (30KB, 276x276px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 276x276px
Welcome to /b/, faggot
A girl pulled me off. We were both 4.
> naw
Good thinking Cleetus
File: 1392864974106.jpg (71KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71KB, 640x480px
>that happened
They must have known even then that you were too beta to take the pussy.
>be 7
>live with mother
>she is going out for a night
>babysitter is about 17
>average looks, not ugly but nothing special (memory a bit hazey)
>time to go to bed
>wanted to stay up late
>she says nope
>takes me to my room anyway
>she lies down on bed
>tells me to come
>tells me to 'sit like this', basically straddle her and sit on her stomach
>do that
>pulls her tits out
>tells me to play
>fondle them for a couple of minutes
>don't really know what i'm doing
>tells me to suck her nipples
>do as i'm told
>occasionally told 'yeah like that' and 'lick'
>was the first time something like this happened
>it definitely wasn't the worst thing
File: images (2).jpg (9KB, 197x256px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (2).jpg
9KB, 197x256px
>sister not a guy
tell me more
I banged my 86 year old grandma when I was 8. I still beat to that.
why even ask faggot. Yes cont.
Always cont
oh well, im not a cop (lel)
but i can see why youd be hesitant
that is if u arent full of shit
I never talk to her anymore either I don't think she cares to but sometimes I wish we would talk again she was good at what she did we never did have sex though
>still 7
>did the boobs thing a few times since
>knew we were doing something bad but thought i would be the one in trouble, like if i had been caught smoking or something
>so i didn't tell anyone
>another time with babysitter
>touching her boobs is more casual now
>touching her boobs downstairs on the sofa in living room
>her top is off completely
>so is mine
>guess she knew my mother wouldn't be coming home that night
>she stops me and takes off her pants
>i have to do the same
>she sits back down and tells me to straddle her legs
>sorta sitting in her lap
>running her hands over my ass and peen
>trying to stare at her cooch
>never seen that shit before
>notices me looking
>moves my hands to it
>sort of fondle it a bit
>idk what i'm doing i'm fucking 7
>her hands feel good touching my peen
>tiny little boner
>tells me to stand up
>crotch at her face level
>sucks my dick
>remember it feeling uncomfortable when she pulled my foreskin back and sucked the tip
>seemed like she was sucking too hard
>remember feeling my face going red
>feels weird but kinda good too
>didn't protest
>goes on for a while
>she is masturbating during this
>she cums (only know this looking back)
>dresses me in my PJs
>nothing else happened that night

>9 years old
>Extended family falls into financial trouble
>Uncle and cousin live with us for a while
>Cousin's 13
>Share a bedroom
>We fight constantly for a month
>One night he convinces me to suck his dick, saying it was a game
>MFW I guess I love dicks now
>I suck him off every night for months
>He didn't even have to ask after a while, We'd both settle down for bed and I'd be between his legs with my mouth full the moment we're sure the adults won't check on us
>Now 21 and 25, respectively
>Casually fuck to this day
>Even had a threesome with a boyfriend of his a few times

I regret nothing.
>be me male 13
>staying at cousins house
> him 13 I'm a couple weeks older than him
> outside of the barn smoking cigs
> he says he's horny
> asks if I've ever done anything
> yes. Ate ex gfs pussy that's it
>he asks if I want to suck his Dick
> me being bi-cirious. I say sure
> unzips pants & pulls out soft dick
>I just kinda look ay it for a second

no green text, didnt read
everyone knows that when you say you arent a cop, you are obviously trying to hide the fact that youre a cop,
you might not be a cop but whitenights like to send shit into the police and id rather get my dick sucked by this girl, not some nig nog named laquan in jail
File: 9684651.jpg (212KB, 441x635px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
212KB, 441x635px
>Be me, male, around 8 or so
>Get blown by my grandmothers foster kid
>Decide that I need to show this to a family member that I see weekly
>Next time I see him I suck his dick under the blankets while everyone else was asleep
>For years we would blow each other all the time anywhere we were. Saunas, rooftops, bathrooms. You name it.
>Eventually around 11 or 12 we start getting into fucking on occasion
>Has a friend live near him that would join all the time too
>All ends when I go away for about a year when I was 15
>come back to find he was indoctrinated into some crazy religion
>mfw he is now scarred by that shit
>mfw its still legit fap material
>mfw no cock to suck
I suck at greentexting and I'm drunk but you should get the gist of it.
>another time with babysitter
>both naked
>i'm lying on sofa on my back
>she sucks me a little and runs hands over me
>become a casual thing over time
>always had me strip and stuff
>tells me to turn over
>do as told
>strokes my butt
>wet finger sliding between cheeks
>playing with my anus
>tells me she is going to put it in and that she'll let me do it to her afterwards
>last bit made me think it would be ok because i could do it back to her, wouldn't be bad right?
>slowly fingers me
>remember feeling her finger wiggling around inside me
>again feels weird but good
>licked my ass a little
>she pulls back
>tells me it's time to swap
>she lies down on her front
>i spread her butt cheeks and look at anus
>tells me to wet my finger first
>do it
>randomly wiggle my finger in her ass
>apparently she found this boring
>she sucked me and masturbated

>but i'll save that for a separate story ;)

Attention whore, fucking kill yourself. You were probably hot when you were 15 and now you're fat.
how old was she 17?
>you beez molested
do u think youd have been straight if this didnt happen?
>another time
>am probably 8 now
>she is lying on my bed, legs spread
>i am lying on my stomach with my face between her legs
>fingered her pussy and rubbed it how she told me
>got me to suck her clit
>didn't really like the taste or know what the fuck i was doing
>picks up on this
>asks me if it feels good when she puts my dick in her mouth
>she knew that already
>would always ask me if things felt good etc
>would just say yes when i thought she wanted me to
>tells me to put my peen into her pussy
>it would feel good
>put my peen in her pussy
>barely any friction
>heat and wetness feel kinda good
>her hands cup my butt
>shifts me about a little and basically telling me how to thrust
>do that
>tiny dick keeps coming out of her pussy
>moves onto other things
>she fondles me and touches her pussy
>mother stopped going out as often
>only saw babysitter a few times after that
>did same old stuff
>eventually no more babysitter
>different babysitter after a while
>not a pedo
>didn't try to touch me
>never told anyone
When I was 10 years old, I had a weird craving to be gangbanged my older men.
I never watched gay porn and have always found men unattractive, but i remember trying to find men online who would help me live the fantasy, going on craigslist on my psp at night. Didn't find anything.

>saying sonny
>not posting tits

how old are you like 40?
File: 1386402007148.jpg (279KB, 1597x1185px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
279KB, 1597x1185px
u right
newfag here, but
step sister sucked dick when we were 5 multiple times, called it mad science, remember to tell her to lick it. then we grew older and i'd rub her pussy in the car when we were like 8 and watch her in the shower. moved away and moved back when 17, cut a hole in the window and watched her shower, still masturbate to it
sounds like a personal probem to me
Part 6 at last
>Be 13
>Basically boyfriend and girlfriend,parents dont care because they also got a divorce
>My dad is drunk and outside,so we can fuck at our discretion
>Have a better idea
>Ride our bikes to the park
>Forest is nearby,decide to go deep into it
>We've been riding for about 2 hours,stop at a clearing
>With some sheets i stored in my backpack,we lay out a makeshift bed
>We have full knowledge of what we're doing and any repercussions,and strip down
>This time she tells me to fuck her pussy
>It feels tender and tight,I love it
>Thrusting as hard and fast as i can,and in no time we're having orgasms
>I cum inside her
>"So i'm gonna be pregnant now" she murmurs
>We lay there,assessing the situation
>Decide to cuddle for a bit,and return by sunset
>It's night by the time i'm back home,my dad is pissed off
>He sees her top isn't put on well, and suspects something
>Beats the shit out of me
>She breaks the mirror,and cuts him in the face with a shard
>"He is the father of my child,so be it" she exclaims
>My dad pulls out a rifle and shoots his brains out in front of us
>police come
>Never see her for years
>Put in mental institute for 6 years since i'm batshit crazy
>8 years later,we meet by chance
> we're 27 now
>She gives me her phone number,and our child is already 13
>She named him Robert Jr
>The fact that he is the same age as we were when i impregnated her disorients me
>I hear that she killed herself a year later
>I am in custody of him
>He ends up getting killed by a bus after he ran after a girl he liked
>My life has sucked ever since
File: reddit_faggot.jpg (16KB, 199x242px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 199x242px
haha this
tits or gtfo
I fucked my step-sister years before we knew she was going to be my step-sister. Fast forward a few years and my mom and her dad are together. Still fuck.
>be 4
>at granpas cottage
>fem cousin an sister be there
>convince both to take their clothes with me
>hide in closet with body parts touching together
>granpa opens closet
>rage ensues
doesn't matter, had sex
Read the rules faggot, everyone can tell your under 18

You should write a book.
File: 1412141445645.jpg (103KB, 413x395px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103KB, 413x395px
nice try FBI!
>she's fucked

Not by you.
File: 44421984.jpg (85KB, 478x288px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85KB, 478x288px
Nice try CIA
>read the rules
holy shit go back to plebbit please

I never really got why step-sister relationships were considered anywhere near as "gross" as actual incest.
>Posting on /b/
Try to comprehend the world better before posting son.
I might as well post a story of the first time anything happened.

>be me, female, 9
>aunt and cousin live a block away
>cousin would walk me home from school and babysit me until my mom came home
>one day on the walk home
>"I have something to show you when we get home, anon."
>get home
>he take me to the basement
>drops his pants
>his 13 year old dick is hard
>wtf is that?
>"you can touch it, anon."
>I touch it
>he shows me how to stroke it
>tells me he will let me have ice cream if I put it in my mouth
>do it
>he tells me to suck it
>do it
>"Now lay down"
>I lay down on the couch
>he tries to stick it in me
>it hurts and I tell him to stop
>he does it anyways
>he thrusts into me a while
>finally comes
>"We can't tell anyone, anon. It's our special game."

I kind of liked it more as we got older, but the first time sucked.
check the file name faggot
IS that a real badge of the NSA? lol
Planning on it
>My family was camping and one night
>my bro tried to finger me
>he had pulled similar shit on previous occasions, like touching my boobs and butt
>but every time i told my mum, she wouldn't belive me.
>I happened have my period on the night he tried to finger me, so I kinda tried to wait until he got deep enough to get blood on his fingers so i could literally catch him red handed/have proof (ended up wanting to puke once he put his hands into my pants, and slapped his arm away)
>Told my mum
>"Why didn't you push him away earlier? Were curious what it would feel like?"

copied over from messed up quote thread

Me neither. Even if we didn't do it before then I still would have in the future.
>keep posting your stories
how hard do you think it is to learn the vernacular of a /b/tard
Well, I don't know. As a 9-year-old my entire concept of sexuality was "It feels good when I rub this thing I pee from" I just happened to love doing it and having it done to me even more. He jerked me off when I did especially well.

Though, I'm not strictly gay. I've got quite the thing for chubby girls, too.
Can't see, posting from plebeian phone. What is it?
>I walk up to him and grab his cock & massage it
> starts to get hard
>feel it growing in my hand & I like it
> play with it a little while longer till he's full hard
> 6/6.5 looked big
> get in my knees and start to lick the head while playing with it not really knowing what I was doing
> he tells me put it in my mouth & wrap my lips around it
> I do & he starts guiding my head slowly up and down
> I'm so turned on by this my dick is diamonds now
> he starts guiding me all the way up and down it
> I gag a couple times but get used to it
>he pushes my head all the way down and holds it there for a few seconds
> tells me to suck and starts maligned me deep throat him faster
>he slams my face down on his cock and cums down my throat holding my head there until he's done.

I loved every second of it & loved cock since then

Me & him fucked around for years I have lots of stories if interested
When I was about 7 or so me and a neighbor boy sucked each others dicks. It was his idea so I put my little dick in his mouth and returned the favor. His parents caught us.

Didn't hang out anymore after that.

Then I experimented with these two black boys when we lived a hotel. I was maybe 9? I tried to stick my dick in one of them but he was too dry and I couldn't get hard enough (I was just massaging pee out at this point)

When I was 13 I jacked off into my lesbo sister's panties and she knew.

When I was 11 I would wait til everyone left and have the dog go nuts on my balls and asshole.

I'd often try sticking things in my ass.

I jacked off with shampoo for a bit because I liked the activity of peeling dead skin off my cock.
I fucked Dora the explorer when I was 6 beat that faggots
>be 14
>in new foster home
>old foster mom was a bitch
>she has 9 year old adopted daughter
>blond qt
>Play a game in the pool
>I go under and wiggle my tongue on the crotch of her bathing suit before running out of air
>she just giggles and grabs my head
>some time later
>waiting to go somewhere
>fm is upstairs doing whatever
>9 yo kneeling on couch reading off the names on a family tree tapestry above it
>reach out and grasp her crotch and massage
>funny look
>moves to other side of couch
>heart racing
>Follow her, repeat process
>some noise from upstairs
holy shit that took an unexpected turn
don't know if this is fake or not but if it isn't I wish you well sir
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