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some real shit just went down in my house /b/ its about to get

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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some real shit just went down in my house /b/
its about to get weird
little back story first:
>be me
>share a connected bathroom with my little sister
>9/10 easy
>always been attracted to her but never considered acting on it
>lately when i jerk it old school though i imagine her
>first times i totally stopped but more it happened less i cared
>begin non stop fantasizing about it
>sometimes purposely go into bathroom when i know shes in there
>we've always been close both just as siblings but also physically
>before i started obsessing id give her back rubs/foot rubs/tickle her/and just lay on the couch together
>never anything sexual at all cause i never saw her like that
>just knew she was pretty cause im not blind
>but since i started jerking it to her i havent been comfortable getting that close
>she mentioned last week that ive been acting weird lately
>makes note of how ive been distant physically and how i havent hugged her in a while
"what?! how am i being weird? im not weird! youre weird!"
>i managed to deflect and make her laugh
>she says that if i wasnt weird then why did i just hang out in the bathroom the previous day while she was in the shower
>lately when she showers i go in there to "pee" but really just silently jerk it
>the thought of her being naked so close to me while my cock is in my hand really turns me on
>when she asks why she cant hear anything though i just say i dont want to be gross and aim for the side of the bowl so she doesnt hear it splash the water
>this time though i forgot to flush after i was "done" "pissing"
>she thought it was weird when there was no piss in the water when she got out the shower
i was actually about to cum so i ran into my room so she wouldnt know
>i managed to tell her some excuse on how i was looking at my phone and just got distracted
>she bought it but was skeptical
>i tell her i love her and for good measure give her a hug
>she let out a sigh of relief and squeezed me tighter
"mmm thats the good stuff anon"
>she holds me there for what felt liek forever
>felt my dick get extremely hard
>she squeezed again and i could feel my dick press against her crotch
>i instantly let go and kinda push her off of me
>i know she felt my cock
>know that she felt that it was hard too cause her face was bright red
>i pull out my phone and just pretend it didnt happen as i walk away
flash forward to today
>be at home
>no one in sight
>go to bathroom to take piss
>see my sister's panties and socks laying on the floor
>i grab the panties and start smelling them
>they smell like fucking angel's outta smell
>sit down with pants off cause i know im bout to be a while
>put panties around my dick while i sniff her socks
>im so fucking hard
>switch back to sniffing panties and put her sock onto my cock
>start jerking it as hard as i can with my little sisters panties shoved into my face
>eyes are closed and am in my own world
>about to cum when i open my eyes and see my sister standing there looking at me
>i can tell she didnt just show up but had been there for a little bit
>she was just wearing a towel and holding a bottle of shampoo
>she had been in our parents bathroom trying to get it because we didnt have any left
>she doesnt know wtf is happening
>shes just angry and runs over to where i was sitting
>shes yelling at the top of her lungs
>she grabs my hair and pulls my head back
>she takes the panties and literally shoves it into my mouth
>this is just making me harder
>she keeps screaming the same thing over and over
>then she steps on my cock with her foott and pushes with all her weight
>her big toe and the one next to it are wrapped around my cock as she pushes down
>i cant take it anymore and just start cumming
>my cum is dousing the bottom of her foot while shes stil pulling my hair and shoving her panties in my mouth
>she lets go of me to address the puddle shes standing in
>shes still furious and keeps yelling at me
>she doesnt know what to do
>shes blinded by rage and takes her foot and smears whats on it onto my face
>she pushes my head with her foot once she finished wiping and i fell over on to the ground
>im laying on my bathroom floor with my cock out, my own cum on my face, and my baby sister standing over me
>they smell like fucking angel's outta smell
marv kek
"fucking clean it up you sick fuck"
>shes wiping her cummy feet on my face and using me like a doormat
"fucking clean it anon!!!"
>she starts to make me lick my own cum off her toes
>everything she is doing to "teach me a lesson" only makes me more turned on
>my cock was trying to recuperate from having just came but it was no match for what was going on
>i start to get hard again
>she grabs my cock and squeezes as hard as she can
>i can tell she just wanted to rip it off
>she cant believe whats happening
>she throws her towel down and i see her completely nude
>id see her butt before randomly but never anything liek this
>she feels my cock pulse in her hand and she lets go
>she squats over my face and shoves her asshole on my lips
>her pussy is right in my fucking face.
>shes pushing her asshole against my lips as hard as she can
>she pulls on my hair again and shoves my face further into her crotch
>my sister is riding my fucking face
>i honestly cant believe that she thinks this is somehow getting me back
>maybe she thought i would die of shame
>maybe she thought that i would be disgusted by her sweet little asshole on my lips
>maybe she just wanted to take control
>all i know is my cock was harder than ever and had a face-full of my little sisters ass
You are one sick fuck hahah
>i literally start being suffocated
>i cant breathe and start to panic
>she gives for a second and lets me catch a breath
>i can see the cum from my face all over her asshole and pussy
>i start to move my hand to wipe it off but she holds it down
>she pulls me by my hair and shoves me face back into her crotch
>i start to first lick up whats around her pussy
>ive never even remotely wanted to taste my cum or was even turned on by the idea but at the moment its all i wanted
"thats right you sick fuck. eat that cum"
>i start licking her pussy
>lapping up my cum dripping off her lips
>my cock is drooling and never been harder
>i keep licking and start to taste something that wasnt my cum
>she was getting wet
"dont forget my ass anon. youre gonna wash my ass with that sick tongue"
>i sits up a bit more to get better situated over my face
>i see a huge wad slowly start to hang right from her asshole
>she let it hang over my mouth and watched it fall onto my lips
"lick those lips clean anon. i want to watch you taste it"
>i lick my lips and swallow
"you like how that tastes you sick fuck?"
>i didnt answer and just laid there immobile
>she slaps my face and asks me again
>i just let out a quivering "yes"
"yes, baby sister"
>i can she she is satisfied by making me her little bitch
>she tells me to lick the rest of her pussy to make sure its clean
File: 1405742094985.jpg (147KB, 960x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147KB, 960x960px
ive read this dojin before.....
>i keep licking my baby sister's pussy and she keeps calling me various different names throughout the process
>at this point her pussy is dripping wet and i know shes beginning to actually enjoy this
>what started out as a little girl feeling helpless and angry became her being pleasured by her total control
>she stopped me for a second to unstraddle herself from my face
>the whole time having my hair grasped in between her fingers
>she got on her knees into doggy position and pulled me back into her pussy
>my nose is right in her asshole as my tongue lapped up her dripping pussy
>the soles of her feet were right under my cock and balls
>as i ate her pussy i felt her anger disappear more and more
>my arms were now free and i started to touch her
>she let go of my hair and let me continue on my own
>now instead of being blinded by anger she was overcome with pleasure
>her asshole smelled fucking amazing
>i couldnt believe that i was getting to do this
>my own fucking baby sister
>i start licking her asshole again
>this time she let out a huge moan
"you like that asshole you piece of shit brother?"
"yes baby sister"
>hearing me saying this she raised her feet just enough to coddle my cock and balls
>she didnt even care about any of this being wrong anymore
>she wanted to cum, just like me
>i started to slowly rub my cock up and down her feet
>shed curl her toes to get a better grip
>im so fucking hard
>it feels like its a fucking dream
"show your sister that you want to make up for being a sick fuck, anon. make me feel feel better and make me cum"
>dont even care about anything anymore and cant take it
>i sit up and plunge my cock deep inside her
>she lets out a deep moan
>i start to plow her from behind
>watching my dock disappear into her tiny pussy
>i start going pounding her harder and harder
"yes anon just like that"
>i can feel her pussy squeezing around my cock
"spank me anon. im a sick piece of shit just like you. we deserve each other"
>i slap her ass and she moans again
"harder anon"
>she now was taking the fact she was into me fucking her out on herself
>she put her finger on her asshole and slowly start rubbing it while i fucked her pussy
>she slid two fingers right in without a problem
"oh god yes anon. im just as fucked up as you for wanting this"
>she pulls her fingers out and tells me to put my cock in her ass
>dont need to tell me twice
>shove my cock into her perfect, tight little asshole and literally start fucking the shit out of her
>shes starting to scream
>its a mixture of self hate, physical pain, and crazy pleasure
>i cant take it anymore and tell her im about to cum
>she tells me to cum in her ass
>i unloaded buckets upon buckets into my sweet little sisters asshole
>the same sister i watched grow up
>the same sister i had taken care of
>the same sister i had dreamed of fucking a little while ago
>i slowly pulled my cock out
>she laid there face down ass up with my cum pouring out of her hole
>she tells me to clean her ass and without hesitation i dove in face first
>i licked and swallowed every drop of cum she could squeeze out of that puckered up little hole
>then she told me to gtfo and finally let her shower
currently chain smoking cigs on my roof and writing all this because i dont know how the fuck to move on from here /b/
pics or it didnt happen
File: 1407477568332.png (1MB, 800x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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well then....
one of two things...
she tells mommy and daddy and you arte both fucked...
you continue to live in a dojin. something tells me that you two are going to be doing this for awhile.
holy fuck
Don't care if fake or not, I came from imagining while reading. Good text 8/10
How old is your sister?
What country do you live in?
Post pic of your sister, faggot
6/10 the Zoe stories are better
>"you like that asshole you piece of shit brother?"
>"yes baby sister"
fake and gay
OP is fucked in the head

and a bad writer
nice storry bro
Even though all of this is completely fake, still was hot as fuck.
Didn't even get me hard though. I can only get hard with extremely rough anal, where the girl sheds tears as I fuck her tight ass.
fuck this thread I just want the vid that was taken from
>Didn't even get me hard though
I'm at diamonds
BS or not, pretty good : 9/10
On a side note, how did your cum taste like?
im almost certain she wouldnt say a word to them. shes always been pretty cool about stuff like that. even when she was mad at me for it etc shed never tell. but i honestly dont know if this will be a continued thing though. maybe because i havent even seen her since let alone talked about what happened, but idk i feel like it was this crazy once in a life time kind of thing. id like to keep doing it but idk how i would initiate it.
fake and gay but made me hard as shit
>tfw never baby sister feet
my thoughts exactly, why are these weirdos always such bad writers?
-1/10 for making me post

7/10 for decent well written fap material, regardless if original or copy pasta.
not bad, liked the bdsm elements, you aren't really a very good writer but you won points for including bdsm
lol surprisingly good tbh. i dont really plan on eating anymore on my own time or anything but it really wasnt that bad. then again it could just be because of the situation. the best was when i could taste her getting wet and it mixed with my cum. makes me hard just thinking about it
Hello officer/special agent. GET THE FUCK OFF OUR /b/. DIE IN A FIRE.
If only it's true...
Stop trying, this is turning into a cringe thread.
soooo fucking tl;dr
Details about sister? Pics if possible? If not, gtfo.
Thread posts: 38
Thread images: 4

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