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So /b/, I had potentially the best night of my life on Friday

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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So /b/, I had potentially the best night of my life on Friday night out drinking in Edinburgh. I went with a good female friend of mine and we ended up having sex and all that good stuff. However she is now not talking to me at all and I have been on a continuous slump since Saturday morning.

TL,DR - Baww thread
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ill contribute
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I'm in love with a girl further up north who's scared to fall in love It'll be ok man
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this one hits hard....
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I had sex once, it was nice.
It's been three years, we can't IM for more than 10 minutes before it's awkward, fuck talking.
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that is it for me.
>Igg;y Aza;lea Sex Tap;e lea;ked >>>
is_gd/IggyAzaleaSexTape (switch underscore to dot)
Fuck you weren't kidding, that one got me.
Why are you still here? Do people actually follow your spam link?

Wish I had something to contribute, but all I ever do in these threads is struggle to feel anything...
>talking to a bot
I smell.....summer.
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Bloody hell
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i add some more so the thread isn't kill.
What a faggot.
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what a stupid faggot
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this ones for the people hating on that one.
Oh... fuck me. No just too tired to think

Found one.
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last one.
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Dude, it's too late to whiteknight, he's already dead. Also I am not hating, merely pointing out that the poor Christ-lovin' homomaximum killed himself being a super beta, instead of moving on with his no-life and maybe finding someone new to obsess over.
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y'all sad cunts should man the fuck up and start meeting each other at least.

Where do you live (city)? let's throw a small party this evening.
You are as happy as you wish to be.
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you honestly think "hating" means literally hating somthing don't you?
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that hurt so badly...
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That's a decent idea. Maybe someday we can have an hero parties. Or maybe just go for drinks, whatever....
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taking that and leaving see ya.
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Depends on your definition of "literal" is. I'm sorry if that twerks your asspie.
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the surroundings, cars and everything didn't change in 90 year span.

stay classy faggotpencils
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That feeling is ionizing radiation.

Get out of Pripyat quick.
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I lel'd
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And THAT'S how you keep from being one of these millennial emo jerk-wads.
holy fuck.
This one actually had me crying.
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Meh, I'll drown myself in the mutual pain and sorrow, but it's not like I'm not capable of more than one emotion. I think the only reason I never an hero'd is because I have thought about it at least weekly since elementary... That's just part of who I am, I think out anything and everything, and enjoy feeling those emotions, for a time.
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Shit your life is hard OP
better to have loved and lost than to never had loved at all. At least they had a happy 17 years
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Fucking christ I've been listening to Pink Floyd's Wish you were here album by mistake and this thread is doing me in
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Free country, I presume. I sure hope you don't have children or a wife to be this jolly for.
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Yep. Unfortunately I live in a Socialistic Democratic Republic. And no, not at this point. But that's actually part of the problem. Never been able to open up to anyone, except one girl who killed herself shortly afterwards.... It's not like I don't go out, or don't date, I just am not able to share my emotions, and that leads to an inexorable cycle of manic depression and borderline hyperactivity, which are both hidden from the outside world. I have become a master at hiding my pain.
why did he turn off the lights before hanging himself?
File: 1411929717912.png (168KB, 881x776px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nigga, electricity is hella expensive these days
to save on the electric bill
read it... :,(
He was being considerate of those he left to clean up his life. No need for somebody to have to pay extra bills on top of cleaning out his home...
then why did he leave on a spotlight pointing at his corpse?
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I'll just leave this here

>be me
>lazy genius, won a couple of international shit when younger, but I succumbed into laziness by always doing "just enough"
>now 18, sideshave on my head, punk probably, I don't know nor do I care
>not a kissless virgin, but still a virgin
>sitting alone on a bench in the park, smoking, was cold as fuck
>look on my face is emotionless like always, maybe except for hatred for everything
>girl shows up, sits next to me without a word and smiles warmly
>8/10 if not 9, truly gorgeous bitch, short blonde hair and a big, dark blue eyes
>I look in the distance, pretending I didn't even notice her
>she pokes me "care to share?" and points at my cig
>tosses her whole package "take and go"
>she looks at me suprised "don't you remember me? I'm Jackie, you fucker..."
>now I remember
>Jackie is my long time lost best friend, from over five years ago, she moved to another town
>and as best friend, I mean we were fucking unseparatable, I've seen her naked more times than I've seen my sister
>"how did you recognized me?" I ask
>I called Mark, we still have a good contact, you know? He told me you always come here for a walk around this time of the day
>I look at her with sadness and so long hidden feelings about everything
>I hide my face in my hands and start crying quietly, I haven't cried the whole time she was away
>"I didn't... want to revive the feelings... losing them again would hurt too much I guess"
>she punches me hard and screams "I fucking hate you!" and clunges to me
>do the same
>we spend about an hour taking in short sentences, like "I love you", "I'm sorry", hugging and kissing.
>We agree to go on a date the next day
>She doesn't come
>MFW Her mother calls me and tells me she was run over dead on the spot while she was coming back from our talk on the bench

I'm out, I barely wrote this.
So his body would be the first thing you'll see, and you won't accidentally bump into it
I just finished. That was so sad
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I really wish I could give you a tip, or tell you some sort of simple plan to help with all that, believe it or not.
I CAN tell you what worked for me:
>Grow up in small town, USA
>be giant dork, never get pussy without weirdness involved
>One day I started going to Junior College in a town I hadn't spent all my life in.
>No one knew me. No one knew anyone who knew me.
>Tried to be myself without being spazz.
>Laughed at other's jokes
>Didn't get mad when dissed, just blew them off.
>All of a sudden girls were into me
>Started fucking lots of girls
>One of them gets pregnant
>Marry that one and start family
>Fourteen years later still happy as clam.

It'll happen if you just let it. It happens when you least expect it.

Old gold right there. You /b/ros got anything?
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File: 1411929528895.png (206KB, 683x666px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: ehcglv.jpg (27KB, 499x422px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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365KB, 500x275px
Fairly similar story here, but with a stint in a third town in between, where I met the girl who killed herself, and no impregnation.
>My life has been hell since socialization began.
>Due to always considering the an hero option, it has no value to me.
>I feel all of the pain around me as if it were my own.
>Someday, I'll meet another that I can share my feelings with, bare my soul to.
>I'm too intelligent for this suffering to motivate me like it should.
>Have seriously considered drugs to dumb myself down to a normal level.
>Just don't care. Never have.
>Unemployed. No savings because I threw away all my spare money on charity to others.
>There is no escape, not even death.

Not even death...
Unless he posted from the grave, that is bullshit.
File: 1411930022349.png (7KB, 393x98px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 393x98px
Fairly obvious someone patched that image together from the news article and his posts...
>The mental density here is over 9000!!!!
have you talked to her? do you know, why she isn't talking to you?
maybe she thinks it was a failure. you could make the situation more comfortable, if you show her, that all is still fine and you're not going to tell everyone about this like an idiot.
so, OP, what's up? in which situation are you currently? and if you don't know, get to know it.
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654KB, 1666x3169px
Jordan, is this you?
Will do.
Is it possible to oscillate between being a sociopath and not. I'm empathic and sociopathic...
File: 1411934380396.png (141KB, 1346x920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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hng, that one got me :(
Fucking hell man, you had an identical night to my last Monday
I feel you
I've tried talking to her since. I messaged her on Saturday and there was no reply
and I remembered she was going to an event Sunday so asked how it went but neither time have received a reply.

Tbh she could be just trying to hide away for a few days let it rest I'm not sure. She has in the past gone through no contact stages.
Well, shit.
OP, is your name Jordan or Kevin?
fuck dude. fuck. try to hold on
I thought that once. I didn't talk to the girl for nearly three years, and the only time I've talked to her since was a very awkward conversation on the phone when I found out her mother had just died.
Nope neither of them, why they have a similar incident recently.
I guess its just the waiting game now to see if she gets back to me or makes contact. Just feels like a complete shit state of affairs right now.
It's not easy, certainly on my side, not knowing you or her.
How important is she for you? How much courage do you have? What did you do together in the past and how well are you able to have a honest/good conservation?

If you're good with her, then tell her, what you feel and think.
I don't know any of you. But you could tell her, you find it strange, that she isn't talking to you and it seems strange for you, because she is a good friend to you. (But don't come as needy and don't overwhelm it. Be relaxed and comfy.)
Ask her (as indirectly as possible), if she doesn't liked, what happened on that evening. Ask her, if this will affect her friendship to you and tell her, you will not let this affect the friendship of you to her.
Hard to say if this unexplained waiting is worse than the walk of shame, but I guess it hurts the feels a lot more.
>be me, elementary years
>different from the others, but thats ok (first nations; she being white)
>meet, or well, see this girl in school
>pretty badass name
>"holy damn she's cute" says 9 year old me
>racial differences remind me there won't ever be anything between us
>over elementary years do pointless things like throw pebbles at her, push her around at recess etc.
>silly things silly kids do when one likes someone
>go to different Jr. high / high schools
>bump into her every now and then but only so once in a blue moon
>she's amazing
>the only one out of her friends that shows in interest in talks let alone the only one that talks to me away from the social scene
>realize that away from the whole people things, individually she's pretty damn great
>years later realize that the social stigma never means anything when older
>our paths don't cross anymore
>try to find contact of her
>months later nothing
>I miss her, I miss her smile.
>I still remember the last time we met
>her black shorts, plain grey shirt hair tied up; her vibrant brown eyes, her laugh..
>weeks ago, start thread on /b/ for halp
>today, still no trace of where she is.
>would like at least one catch-up talk with her.

I miss seeing you around Arkadia; you and your bright eyes and smile.
I just had to tell someone, anyone.
do not read, it's a trap. you will see B/W stripes all over the fuckin' place
if it's the waiting game, then play it and win it! ;)
but be confidence about it and don't let it affect you, furthermore don't let if affect you if she rejects you.
show her, that you aren't the winy guy, but a man, who knows how to act.
Oh, one more question: If you know her good, do you think, she will recognize, if you also play the game? Maybe she is looking for something else in you?
The fuck man. I hope that's a fake.
> Had sex
> Doesn't have to swallow her feelings n shit
> Still complains

I don't understand you at all.
Here's a hint.
Some people look for different things in life:
>Sex and immediate gratification
>Relationships, love, and the knowledge that maybe, just maybe, you'll be happy tomorrow as well.
File: 1410216633280.jpg (9KB, 247x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 247x250px
I just love plot twists.
Yeah I was wondering that. A mate of mine told me to ask her out see what happens she may say yes or no. But another friend said she isn't into me just likes me as a friend. So I have no idea what to do.
is this from steam ??
cuz who ever type that must be really depresed
But suddenly a Vodka appeared and everything was so shiny and beautiful.
Thanks Putin.
Thanks Mother Russia.
File: Feels.jpg (127KB, 460x432px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So here's something completely random, not on current topic at all, but still feels....
I'm too young, to give good advise.
Someone told me: Do, what your heart/soul (?) tells you.
That means for me, whatever I will do, it's okay if I do things, which I want.
Back to you: What bad things could happen, if you asks her out? She can reject you, you take it like man and that's it. Or she feels similar to you and is open for more.
But what happens, if you don't ask her out and if you listen to you friends? (even more, you don't know how good they know this girl or if they maybe didn't she right, if the girl likes you)
If you don't ask her, you get already a no and furthermore, haven't the courage for fight for things you want.
Ask yourself, why do you listen to your friends? Why don't you ask her simply out, but instead make a drama of this?
Furthermore: If you show her (and asks her out) your interest in her, then she will know this. This means, you changed the situation and showed, that there is something important for you, that you had enough courage, to try to make it work. You went for it. Regardless, what others said.
>or if they maybe didn't she right, if the girl likes
just delete this sentence and sorry for my bad english
Why won't anyone ask me how Im doing every once in a while?
How old are you?
21 next month.
OP I'm in the same boat more or less, I'm completely infatuated and can't get out of it. It's been a week and I'm still feeling like shit.
Did you not make friends in highschool?

As for cultivating relationships with people that will care about you;
>Go to church, but a small one. There's always one or two decent people that will genuinely care.
>Hit the bar(next month)...
Wondering the same thing, i have alot of friends but im the one asking how they are doing. I broke up with my gf 2 weeks ago and I could use a talk with them, but I don't want to bitch at them if they dont give a fuck. Well, off to work now.
I do have friends but for some reason i am always the one who starts writing to them. It makes me feel unwanted..
i know exactly how you feel, man.
Call your mom, she'll ask how you're doing.

Seriously though,

How you doing man?

This applies to either of you; feel free to email me anytime. I care because I have been/am there.
[email protected]
File: 1395520952046.jpg (6KB, 250x190px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 250x190px
Cheers anon! Im take on board this advice! I'll see if she starts getting back to me, if she does all is good and I will ask her out soon. If not I might aswell move on.
Also my dog is getting old...
why do i come to b'aww threads
i was happy and now i feel like shit
File: DSC00509.jpg (268KB, 1128x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
268KB, 1128x1200px
Because we are all here to purge, you included.
>One would think that the boredom would cease,
>Or at least over time it would start to ease.
>One would think that doing the same day after day
>Would lead to having something worthwhile to say.
>One would think that eventually, over all this damned time,
>That something, anything, I care for would become mine.

>And yet, after the same nothing happening for so long,
>I only begin to wonder if there is somewhere I belong.
>Somehow, all this monotany has given me is apathy,
>Which is truly the worst thing that could happen to me.
>Somehow, I have gotten to the point that I don't care,
>And it is starting to become more than I think I can bear.
the stories always make me sad
This thread is dying, isn't it... Well, one more bump, for the sake of my interest...

>Through years of suffering this lonesome path
>And long slow days of hiding from her icy grasp
>Outwardly I remain stable, solid, and lacking wrath
>Due only unto the pitiful fact that I idly clasp
>I crawl from Sol to Luna, from Luna to Sol
>Innumerable times will the lumbering cycle pass
>With a touch more of my once glorious soul gone
>Each time, my essence shredded through shattered glass
>I feel the cold deeper and deeper, not warmed by song
>Nor drink, nor religion, not even the gregarious pull
>That effects all on this earthly plane, both mortal and not
>Each cycle drowns more of me like a once mighty hull
>Riddled with pockmarks and chips that out the sun blot
>As each hour I tax this mortal coil a bit more than I should
>I know that the minutes will add up, the hours, days and years
>Until nothing is left but the core as I entered this Terran mold
>And there is nothing left to share upon my death but human tears
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Why the Witch Cries.jpg
523KB, 825x1050px
at least you didn't test HIV positive.
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I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm in a long distance relationship with a girl in Missouri, I'm in California. This whole time I've been doing everything for her. Working hours upon hours of overtime, saving up every penny I make to move out to her, yet it never feels like it's enough. She tells me I'm being distant so I try to talk to her more often and more frequently and then she says I'm being clingy. Now it's that she doesn't think she can wait, because she tried it for two years with someone else sometime ago. I just don't get it. What have I done wrong? Is it not enough? I know she's as lonely as I am. I want to be with her more than anything. I'm willing to throw away everything for her and she doesn't think she can wait a few months while I save up enough money to move and live off of until I find a job out there? What am I doing wrong?
>long distance relarionship

that is what you are doing wrong
Believe me, a long distance relationship was the last thing I wanted. I never even expected to fall for this girl. It literally happened in a single day. We met a few months ago playing an online game. We talked for a while and I thought it was pretty cool to have someone who was good at the game that I could talk to and play with. All my friends are shit at it and it was refreshing to play with someone who knew what they were doing. One day though, it was just a normal day, we were talking and she said something, I can't remember what it was, but it felt like I was saying it. I realized just how much this girl was like me, a little out of place, but wanting to fit in somewhere. I'd given up on ever making an emotional connection, but it felt right with her. I knew there'd be problems, it being long distance and both of our shaky pasts, but I was really hoping we'd have figured it out.
congratulations man. just don't act childish and go for what you want.
I don't know man, maybe she can't connect to you or (because of that maybe) she is missing something.
Maybe it would be enough, to feel her more. To cuddle more, to holding hands, to do things together and all this stuff, which you do, while being together and having physical closeness.

Did you asked her, what she miss? Do you asked her, to explain it to you?
>I can't remember what it was, but it felt like I was saying it. I realized just how much this girl was like me, a little out of place, but wanting to fit in somewhere. I'd given up on ever making an emotional connection, but it felt right with her. I knew there'd be problems, it being long distance and both of our shaky pasts, but I was really hoping we'd have figured it out.
Why did you forget it?! I mean, this could be a hint.
Did you told this to her? Told her how you feel to her and tried to explain it?
Yeah, she can't connect with me. Says she doesn't trust me. However, I didn't know that was a problem cause she always tells me she's never trusted someone as much as me. I just don't know what to do. If I try to talk to her, just acts distant. I know this won't end well... I'm just having a hard time accepting it though. It just bothers me, because she's making it feel like it's something I've done. I can't think of a single thing I've done to ruin this relationship. I've done everything I could for her. I just don't know...
Did you tried to explain it to her? I mean, it doesn't help you, either her, and it doesn't make you feel good.
It's always good, if both are open to "repair" the relationship and are willing to put effort in it.
So, maybe you could tell it her, how you feel about the relationship, how you feel about how she treats you and what you want from the relationship and her. Then she would knew, what you think. This will maybe not repair the relationship or making her trusting you more, but it would make you clear, where you both are in the relationship.
Try to explain her, you're willing in putting effort into the relationship and her. Try indirectly telling, you want her and that she's important for you.
cool pic wheres it from?
She wants to break up but is too scared/doesn't want to hurt you.

Move on, nigga.

Seriously, how is it not obvious?
his life, where else?
I guess, this sounds right, but I guess, I couldn't let her go as easily as you said.
I would try to talk to her and if there is really nothing from her side, then I have finally to let her go.
If she's not interested in the relationship, then there is nothing to work for.
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You're over-thinking it, faggot.
When it's all over, you'll look back and realize how much of a flaming homosexual you're being.
But I suppose that's unavoidable.

Good luck, dipshit. :D
Looks like the guard has finally changed. 4 hours without this bullshit, good run /b/, good run.

I'm out
>Good luck, dipshit. :D
You too, dickbutt! :)
Well, but the other anon seem confused and maybe a clearing talk would help. At least, it would help him more, than hearing to a simple loose advise, spoken from a stranger.
That's gay, yo.
someone sounds really insecure.... did you have something happen to you in your past? maybe touch your naughty bits?
You know me so well, anon.
Please direct me to the nearest therapist.
So this may sound petty and silly but seriously what you need to do is one of two things. One, declare undying love now. Or two, let her see you flirting with another girl. If you have already tried to contact her and aren't getting a reply, plan one would be highly fucking risky (the nuclear option if you will). So I'd go for plan two. Next time you know where she'll be, you turn up with a girl. Not holding hands or kissing or anything like that. Just a pretty girl who you can flirt with. Let her see that. Or alternatively, pat yourself on the back for getting laid and move the fuck on with your life
Is this really a good plan? I mean, ya you could make a girl jealous and then get together with her. But that's it? He already fucked her, she wanted him.
Maybe I'm too much romantically, but I'm way more interested in a relationship, in which both partners are honestly interested in the other one.
She wanted him when drunk. Now she's sober she's all like 'I do like him but I don't want to ruin our friendship, etc'. What he's got to do is tell her that he is worth risking a friendship for. One way is to declare undying love, the other is to make himself seem sought after and that she has to act, now or never. Of course she may well decide, in the cold light of day, that she doesn't want to lose a friend I'm pursuing a romance with him. But that will happen whatever he does anyway
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drawing thread on r9k
>the other is to make himself seem sought after and that she has to act, now or never.
This is something I really don't like. Why should I see a girl, which other men want? I mean, my feelings should not be declared by what others think about the girl I want....
Dude you are totally right, it's shit. But it is true. The evolutionary theory is that women seek a mate that can provide. They interpret the fact that other women find him desirable as evidence for that. I'm not sure I buy that but reasoning but the phenomenon definitely does seem to exist
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Keanu Reeves
You fucking fag
Well, I don't have nothing to add... ;)

About letting her seeing him with another girl: Is a female friend enough? I mean, a girl, like you said, which I don't kiss or anyway romantically interested?
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Last one for now I quess
I've a question and I don't know, if the thread will die, before I can set my question and you can answer it. Are you open for email?
Its all a shit situation really and it can go many ways. I think the biggest fear I have is the fact I could lose a good friend over a night of partying. Or worse lose a friend because I wanted a relationship with her.
I'm currently in a similar situation. She only wanted friendship and this stresses our friendship a bit.
But at the end: Do you want to change yourself, to have a friendship with her? Is this what you want? Do you want to make the effort, for being this guy she wants to be friends with?
I mean, you're will (or you actually are) acting in a different way than you want.
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I know exactly what you mean! I feel a lot of the time I'm trying to be this friend rather than potential boyfriend material or something along those lines.
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