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Has anyone here ever came inside a girl when you weren't

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Has anyone here ever came inside a girl when you weren't supposed to? Post stories in greentext.

This shit turns me on. Don't lecture me on morality. This clearly isn't the place.

>around 20
>meet up with slut online again
>fuck her once while she's on her period, so it's safe to cum inside her
>we meet up a second time
>lets me do her raw but makes me promise to cum in her mouth
>sounds tempting, but I ask if I can cum on her clit instead. She says yes.
>I pull out, put the first pulse of cum on her clit, then shove it back in, balls deep
>keep fucking her for another good 5 mins while she's giving me the silent treatment
>best feeling ever
>she wont speak to me as I'm driving her home
yeah i came in your mom around 20 years ago and now look what i have to deal with
>fuck her once while she's on her period, so it's safe to cum inside her
>be me 18
>fucking 36 year old girl i met online
>Im a virgin so i cum in like 30 seconds
>Inside her
>Its ok because she cant have kids anyways
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Meant to post this one first...

>drive van at the time
>met dumb 17 year old virgin whore off the internet
>doesn't let me fuck her on the first meetup
>makes me use a rubber on 2nd meetup
>I fuck her in the back of my van for about a minute before it's too painful for her
>take off the rubber and start fucking her, apparently it helps and isn't painful for her anymore
>cum balls deep inside her cunt after about 30 seconds, since relatively new to sex
>pull out after my balls are fully drained
>she starts sobbing and freaking out and I tell her I have to go
>drive home with big grin on my face
>12 years ago
Cool lie, bro. Tell it again
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Seriously guys, don't be faggots. Post stories. Share. Rewarding with porn.
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>around 20 again
>meet up with another slut online
>she apparently just had an abortion and seems a bit vulnerable
>I cum in her first meet up. she doesn't mind
>I keep fucking her, cumming inside every time. best pussy ever
>she seems to get more and more paranoid about my cum being in her
>I have to resort to more clever tricks to go raw and cum in her each time I see her
>eventually I just start breaking rubbers and cumming in her. she doesn't notice lol
>eventually we drift apart
>that's life
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>around 18
>second girl I've ever fucked
>met this 15 year old off the net
>we meet up in a park and start chatting
>first time having sex with her, I can't cum because I'm so nervous
>second time, we fuck her in her trailer
>we fuck a few more times. she very much doesn't enjoy it, but does it because of low self esteem
>she tries to get me to use condoms, but is very weak about it
>I blow quite a few loads in her, she freaks out quietly every time
>Good times
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>2 years ago
>invite guy friend, and 2 girls over
>fuck the fat one and leave the good looking one to my friend
Basically he didnt want to fuck her and the fat one was too drunk and fat so i couldnt fuck her very well with my 6 inch disaster.
>meet up with fat girls friend and get drunk
>start to fuck her but pass out
>wake up in the morning not remembering a thing so decide to get on top of her and try again.
>feels good man
>ask her if i can nut in her, she says no but i did it any way
>she goes for a bath and i sit there feeling good about myself.
She didn't want to talk to me again, idk why.
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>be many, many years ago
>condoms? what are those?
>girlfriend of about 6 months
>been doing oral and HJ's, both decide vaginal is in order
>agree to pull out because... condoms? what are those?
>had masturbated before seeing her so knew I would last
>fucking her raw for about 15 minutes
>she starts to get into it
>really hot. clawing my back, telling me to pound her
>she starts to cum, groaning, screaming, legs wrapped around me like a vise, arms around my neck
>suddenly I'm there. no escape
>bust inside her while she's cumming
>tell her I did
>she goes into simultaneous panic and bullshit mode
>I leave
>she calls me and breaks up with me because I'm an inconsiderate asshole

10/10 would do again
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Keep it coming.
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Will reward with whatever you guys request. Have a HUGE folder.
>with first girlfriend
>sexy puerto rican girl
>fucking her doggystyle
>tells me to cum on her butt
>pull out and shove it into her ass
>5-6 full pumps in her asshole as she's basically crying
>cum inside her ass
>get up and leave the room
>wash off my dick
>come back to bedroom
>she's crying and tells me to go fuck myself
>pack a bowl on the side of the bed
>start smoking
>offer her some
>she tells me to fuck off and keeps crying
>she never responds to a text or call from me again.
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My niggers:) Any requests?
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>me and a friend have a gig in another town
>girl that "likes me" in the crowd
>get introduced afterward
>friend says "let's try to fuck her"
>never done something like that, but ok, let's try
>"we don't know where to sleep, can you take us to your place?"
>she's all "ohhh ofcourse!!"
>as soon as we're there, we start touching her and acting like dicks, trying to force her to let us fuck her
>some time soon she agrees
>we get it on
>strange first, but really cool in a way
>she blows him, while i fuck her doggy style
>she suddenly says "oh btw DON'T come inside me! i dont't take the pill"
>mfw just....too late
>say nothing, lie down besides them
>he starts fingering her, notices veryyy wet
>she asks "omg did you...?"
>awkward situation
>i start laughing my ass off and go to sleep
>bad feeling next day
>never heard of her since then
she was ugly and pretty fat. I met her online at fetlife. Its easy. Go shove a cock in your ass
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Good job:)
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> fucking 36 year old
>Its ok because she cant have kids anyways

If i had a dollar for every single woman in her late 20's 30's telling me "i cant have kids" to try to pin me down, i'd be... uh... hmm... I could buy a nice lunch...
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I know right. They're fucking scum.
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>be 26
>be midwestern, laid back, non-religious
>start seeing a chick from my college that used to date a friend of mine
>strict, east coast catholic family, so no birth control allowed
>ridiculous sex drive though
>dad is very wealthy, was CEO of company in Maryland
>went out to the family's vacation house for Memorial Day 2011
>had drinks and dinner with the family first night
>her cousins and her swigging tequila
>snuck out in the early morning with her to have a cigarette away from the house
>decide to go for a late night jacuzzi dip
>arms wrapped around her while she had her back to me in the jacuzzi
>getting hard
>grabs my right hand and slides it under her right bikini cup and presses it hard against her
>starts gently grinding, which in jacuzzi is unreal
>now entirely rock hard
>reach down and start fingering her/rubbing her clit
>after about 30 seconds, she reaches around and pulls my dick out of my mesh shorts
>strokes my cock in tandem with me rubbing her clit
>I pull her bikini bottom aside and she slides my cock into her pussy
>she keeps grinding against me slowly while I start meeting it with my hip thrusting
>she leans her head back and licks/bites my neck
>"cum in me anon"
>"are you sure"
>"cum in me"
>keep sliding in and out until I'm read to cum, slightly pull my dick out but leave about half of it inside, orgasm for what felt like 30 seconds

One of the most intense orgasms I've ever had, and one of only two times I got to cum in her (other time was period).
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>Has anyone here ever came inside a girl when you weren't supposed to?

>be 2 years ago during summer, in a beach resort
>meet a 16yo qt 3.14
>has a crush on me
>still a bit of a beta fag and think its weird cuz i was 24.
>bitch tease me allot.
>oneday coms to my room and start to undress infront of me, says her shower isn't working.
>can't hide the bonner and don't want to fight it anymore.
>she pull down my shorts and watch my dick like it was jesus himself.
>i ask her jokingly if thats the first dick she sees.
>she says its the first she sees irl and she's a virgin.

long story short, i fucked her bareback and came as hard as i could in her pussy.

i looked her up on FB few moths ago and found out she has a kid who's mostlikely mine

idk how i should feel about it
>virgin whore

those are rare
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lol dayum. What was her reaction when you came in her?

Also, feel free to make requests, or just enjoy the creampie pics.
>seeing girl, having sex regular, always pull out
>she starts getting worried and insists I wear a condom
>I ask if she'd rather go on the pill, as she's the one with the womb and that makes it her problem
>doesn't respond well to this line of argument
>"It's my body, it's my right to decide what contraception we use, blah blah etc."
>Having sex with condom, not a huge fan of them really
>suddenly starts to feel good
> (rightly) assume it must have split
>"Isn't this better anon? Now you can come inside me..."
>after she leaves in the morning text her "the condom split" don't respond to any of her texts
>facebook block, new number, move two weeks later, eventually leave that city

Still laugh about it sometimes.
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>implying all women aren't whores in 2014
>legs wrapped around me like a vise
>breaks up with me because I'm inconsiderate

Bitches, right?
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LMAO GOLD. What did her ranting texts say?
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Dump some pics with cum dripping out of asshole
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Got no anal. That's the one exception. Sorry bro.
>had sex
>babby is form
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Im 45 and only used a rubbet once on my first girlfriend when i was 18, ive always had plenty of bitches and always one steady ive cum in em all snd very deep even if it was a one night stand i would let the first largest pump of cum loose then yank out and jerk off all over them. Man i got so many stories i wouldnt even know where to start
>Has anyone here ever came inside a girl when you weren't supposed to?

Does this work both ways?
>Tell gf i want kids
>Tell gf to get back into shape, and i'll knock her up
>Fucking her, she knows when ima cum
>Fucking her hard, gonna make this happen.gif
>Wraps her legs around me (Missionary)
>To late now, Cum with the force of a thousand suns
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> take x and acid with girlfriend
> came in girl when fucking
> she got preg
> our dna had evolved
> the psychedelics frameshift telomeres
> baby is born with all black eyes
> it isn't baby
> kill mother, has me under its control
> help


lel topkek
Im 29, also only ever used a rubber once.
Dumped ton's of jizz into girls, mostly long timers.
Still not reproduced, still no child support!
lucky.jpeg ?
File: 1820624288.jpg (30KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Any stories?
>Inna army
>Have a rule about being woken up to deal with drunk girls bullshit
>Rule is I fuck them
>Drunkgirl knows my rule
>Drunkgirl wants IV
>Give her more fluids than she planned for

Ended up working with her for a year after that and she ended up marrying one of my friends. Don't think he knows I fucked her.
>be me 14 yr old
>had sex twice in my life at this point
>met an 18 yr old girl. Little chubby but not bad
>she wants the d badly.
>age doesn't matter to her.
>me and friend go over to her house to watch movies.
>she sits next to me with a blanket
>she rubs my thigh and I knew where she was going with it.
>friend is passed out on the other couch while I finger her.
>we both go outside to the side of her house.
>she bends over and pulls down her pants saying to stick it in.
>her pussy is soaking wet at the point and it feels amazing.
>she tell me to keep going harder.
>now I'm fucking her bent over with her hands on the side of her house.
>she tells me to cum inside her cause she is unable to have kids.
>we continue fucking every now and then busting nuts inside her every time.
>I am now 18 yrs old
>I pretty much use her as practice
File: 62.jpg (64KB, 850x566px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Lucky bro...
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Mate, in all honesty they started out as a blow by blow of her day, leaving work, going to get the morning after pill, how sick the pill was going to make her feel, how sick she was feeling, telling me to practice putting on condoms, texting me websites with condom instructions on - the next day, how sick she was feeling again, asking what I was doing, asking if I was ok. After a few days her friends started Facebook messaging me. And I mean big ass messages - essays about what a jerk I am. 11 missed calls a day. Email to my work address, multiple pages about respect. The longer I went without replying the less inclined I was to pick up the phone and deal with the nonsense. Got a new sim card shortly afterward.
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idk man, i've just always had a gf, the one im with now has been 5years, she has a latex reaction in any case, so we use KY water based for anal.
We typically fuck on a towel, and i nut balls deep mostly for them feels, sometime cream pie in a lazy effort to pull out, or blow on the towel if where going to fuck again.
She's in a habbit of going to the toilet afterward and squeezing most of it out while she has a pee, usually im next to her washing mah dick in the sink... and we go about out day/night.
Idk man, its what i've always done, dunno what you want to hear
File: image.jpg (16KB, 277x266px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This guy
The fuck
90 percent of the 30ish girls i've had sex with never made we wear a condom. And 25 of those were one nighters from clubs or internet. Mostly cos they were wearing a coil.
One time this bitch made me wear one cos she said she had no birth control and cos the lights were off I pulled off the rubber when we changed positions and cum all up in her.
File: A_CASA_DEL_BULL2.jpg (48KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 640x480px

Did she notice?
>wearing a coil
Yeah I did and got chlamydia
File: 1493718461.jpg (74KB, 750x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 427469987.jpg (205KB, 2036x1503px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ITT: Abortions and STD
An IUD faggot
Another time it was the second time I had sex with this chick and as I was about to cum I swear she said 'cum in me' so I did. Then she says 'did you cum' I was like yep. And she says 'I said don't cum in me'. Too late bitch
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>fuck her once while she's on her period, so it's safe to cum inside her

u know this doesnt always apply stupidfag, right?
>Be me
>Be 22
>6/10 girl
>Been seeing each other for a few months
>"Tonight, anon?"
>Get ready for big display, prove I'm a sex god
>We start, pretty good.
>"Don't cum inside, it's been a week and a half since my period... this is like the worst time" Or some such bullshit
>Not planning to cum, better self control than that
>5 minutes later she orgasms
>Falls asleep on top of me.
>Keep grinding her slowly...
>Oh like you wouldn't, fuck off, don't judge me
>Reach point of no return
>Realise I can't pull out easily without waking her
>Penis driven brain concludes cumming inside is better than waking her up
>Do it
>Think about rolling her over, fuck it, in for a penny...
>fuck until I cum again
>Next bit gets weird. You can judge for this
>Wrap a sheet around us so she can't roll off.
>Fall asleep inside her.
>Wake up three or four times throughout the night, hard
>Cum again, each time
>Wake up and notice she's dozing, close to waking up.
>Panic sets in
>wipe sheet gently against her entrance
>Shittest job, whatever.
>She doesn't notice
>Gets so upset, appologizes repeatedly
>Offers blow job, I decline, because I'm a good guy
>Never found out
>never got pregnant
>Deal with it.
Clearly you should not be fornicating off you are uneducated in the methods of birth control, their proper use, and avoidance.
She noticed because when I pulled out I said 'oops the condom must have come off'
I've never heard that expression before but I guess it makes sense.
I met one in her 20's. She was one of only a couple that I didn't cum inside. She said she wasn't on the pill and that she couldn't have kids. Something didn't feel right about it. Bumped into her 10 years later... she's got 2 black babbies. The bullet was dodged. Thank you gut feelings!
File: 1284471695206.jpg (73KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 800x600px

lol good stuff
Nope. Because I'm not a moron risking having an unwanted child.
File: 1405625675350.jpg (91KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>shooting blanks, he is happy

enjoy your blanks, faggot
File: jeanswingspb.jpg (102KB, 768x1152px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102KB, 768x1152px

Obviously the ideal scenario is that they don't know who you are, faggot.
File: 271199_d6f0016c.jpg (27KB, 600x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>with current gf
>she's bouncing on top of me
>try to get her to slow down so I don't cum
>she arches backwards, moans and fucks me harder
>try to force her hips to slow down a little
>says she's going to cum
>feel her pussy tightening over my cock
>can't take it anymore and nut inside her while she's cumming
>We go at it again without taking out my dick and I cum inside her again

She wasn't even mad
Which is funny, caus the first few times i blew in her ass, she had the "Omg did you cum inside me?" reflex attitude. Yes i was the first guy down her back road. Im all.... Why not?... Till she realized.
>ITT neckbeard virgins think the easiest way to get girls in high school was online

Half these stories sound like made up bullshit

"Met this slut online, met this Virgin online, I've only seen a girl naked online" fuckin lying sacks of shit
File: 1404332700036.png (1MB, 979x817px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 979x817px
I'd rather not have sex than wear a condom. The feeling of a wet warm pussy around my uncut cock is exceptional. Wearing a condom is what I expect circumcised people experience. No offense meant just my opinion
Understanding female biology 101
Ovulation lasts less than 24 hours.
This leaves a window of opportunity of less than 48 for sperm to impregnate a woman.
Even if multiple instances of sex occurs within this window, pregnancy is not guaranteed or likely.
Ovulation usually occurs one week from last day of period, not 11 days later.

You are now educated.

lmao bro, I can assure you my stories are real. Even have pics of some of the girls that I took. I'd post them, but it'd be illegal.
File: 158241154.jpg (152KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152KB, 1024x768px
I've met 2 sluts online with pof dating app. And at least 6 through facebook (adding strangers and friends of friends)
No, I'm not a asshole so I wouldn't pull that shit, op sounds like a fucking idiot. But I do have a good one.

>have 9/10 gf all through highschool
>killer body, dancer, pretty good face
>we break up when I got to university, but it's cool, we stay friends.
>a year later she attends the same university (she was a year younger then me)
>we meet up her first night living in dorm to have a drink at the bar and catch up, since it's been almost a year.
>pretty much slam that drink cause shits going down
>one of the best lays iv ever had (even though when we were together she was sub par at best. Always though since she was hot she didn't need to try)
> a year of built up feels erupt and we go at it like a couple of teenagers again
>no condom, I ask her about it before hand and she tells me I'm the only guy who didn't use one on her, I trust her and I know in clean
>just about to cum, gonna pull out anyways and fire it up her tummy
>pull out and she yells, cum inside me like when we were kids, and wraps her legs around me.
>well if you say so
>pump her full of it while she lays there basking in the moment
>all in all awesome night

We did this on and off for another year in university when we were lonely. She's a good chick.
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>be me
>be 16
>with 16 year old bestfriend (gril)
>be sleeping at her house
>be sleeping in her room shared with her 15 year old sister
>we wait for around 1am to make sure her mum and sis are is asleep
>we sure they both are sleeping
>we start to fuck quietly
>we started to get sweaty this caused my every thrust to make that slapping sound
>bestfriend's sister starts to move around her bed
>I finally came inside my bestfriend
>luckily she takes the pill
>muh face when my bestfriend's sister makes sleeping noises to make us stop
Next morning
>getting ready for college with bestfriend's sister (my bestfriend didn't have school that day)
>She asks me that I'm a noisy sleeper
>me winks and we laugh
>still continues to secretly talk to her through fb cuz her mum might find it weird

I'm planning to flirt with her and wait till she's older to ask for sex
File: 1825728515.jpg (41KB, 971x728px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41KB, 971x728px

>years ago
>slept over at a friends house one night
>can hear him and his girlfriend arguing in their bedroom
>about an hour later she comes into my room
>sits on my bed talking about her problems
>she gets in, says she wants a cuddle
>we spoon but I get instant boner, the tip touches her cunt which is wet
>she doesn't move so I go in balls deep
>she puts a hand on mey leg to make me stop
>says do it but don't cum in her
>I cum in her anyway, I couldn't stop myself
>"anon what have you done? i'm not on the pill"
>shit bricks
>she cleans up in the bathroom and goes back to her own bedroom
>we never spoke of it again
Hey, if anyone wants to see the full set 1,2,3 fappening leaks go here: wuneed.weebly.com
Last link is what you want most likely!!
>tfw going to college all alone
>cousin lives in same city
>im 23
>she is 19
>she has no place to stay because her roommate bailed on her
>starts living with me
>only a 1 bedroom small place
>I work alot
>one day she is home alone with me (usually are schedules never cross)
>she decides to make dinner
>she wants to drink
>open bottle of wine
>eheheh anon can I have some
>sure why not
>suddenly this becomes a habit we both have dinner once or twice a week and drink some wine
>few weeks go by
>I bring home a girl one night without thinking
>cousin is home
>have to tell girl I will drop her off
>cousin is embarrassed
>I am mad
>get home
>suddenly she is all jealous and pissed at me for even thinking about bringing a girl home
>rage turns into her crying
>her crying turns into her confessing she likes me
>4 weeks pass
>she gets me drunk and we fuck one day after dinner
>wake up next morning and she is all giddy
>wtf just happened panic ensues
>she starts riding me in my drunken stupor
>end up just going with it
>go to pound town
>start getting angry
>blow my lead in her after 3-4 minutes of ragefuck
>she is smiling
>kisses me and runs to shower

Haven't seen her in like 8 months because of work but I think she wanted to hook up again.
I was crashing at a friends house several hours away in preparation for a concert the next day. We fucked with a condom once or twice, and went to sleep. Partially woke up twice more in the night and fucked her without a condom. Came inside both times. In the morning, she left for a little while, said she had an appointment to be at, but i'm pretty sure she just went to get Plan B.
File: 1674491_03750_1920c.jpg (216KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
216KB, 1920x1080px
Once they get the feeling of that cum in them they love it though. I am 45 and had a vasec so i cant get a girl preg. Been fucking the 20 yr old girl next door for months now. She didn't want me to cum in her the first time we fucked but when she found out she can't get preg, she told me to cum in her. She loves it and she wants to fuck every day.
hey man what site u use to meet girls?
>be 19 y.o me 3 years old
>got crazy batshit girlfriend
>shes depressed or some shit, cries all the time
>i'm tired as fuck of this shit
>go round to her apartment to break up with her
>she starts crying (fuck i wish she'd stfu)
>tells me she'll do literally anything to stay together
>i concoct evil plan, chuckle and rub my hands like a mustachioed villain while in the bathroom
>come out the bathroom, tell her ive always wanted to fuck her in the ass
>shes not sure but i insist
>"if you want us to stay together you have to let me do this"
>she agrees
>no lube in her apartment, all thats left is a half-used pot of lip balm
>fuck it, this will do
>rub lip balm all over her asshole, aloe vera in it so it tingles her butt
>stuff the tip of my dick in her ass as forcefully as i can
>she starts to yell
>i grab her by the scruff of her neck and force her face down into the bed
>get 6 or 7 good hard pounds before i can feel myself starting to cum
>dick pulses with the force of a thousand suns, drain my entire sack and flood her ass with cum
>pull my dick out, all the cum pops out like in a porno flick
>spank her on the ass then get up and get dressed
>tell her we're still breaking up and thats what she can remember me by

fucking best thing of my damn life

karma must be real though as i haven't come close to fucking anybody since then

feels bad man, but strangely still feels good, i still fantasise about ringing her up to see if she'd be up for another round
Fucking girlfriend raw first few times but she says it's not safe makes me wear condoms. Condoms feel like shit. Get frustrated and want to do her raw. Sabotage condom to break after first few thrusts. Mid way through realize that I can pull out or she'll know somethings up since i usually nut inside the condom. Blow huge load inside her feels great man. Pull it out and she's like oh it broke. Takes morning after pill. She's been on birth control for months. Wat?
File: 1412089721507.jpg (139KB, 2169x1393px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
139KB, 2169x1393px
On a side note, is this not one of the best looking vaginas you've ever seen?

3 year ago, not old lel
File: 1412047763280.jpg (593KB, 1200x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
593KB, 1200x1600px
That's a story for another thread
>23rd birthday
>go out to club with 8 of my friends
>one of them was a friend from 6th grade
>we get crazy drunk
>started making out in the car
>went to my bed and had sex raw, was too drunk to get condom
>woke up like "oh shit i just fucked my childhood friend"
>she was totally fine with it, says we're great friends who can just fuck eachother now
>started fucking on the regular, pulled out every time
>one night didnt pull out all the way
>we were both worried and agreed to get plan b the next morning
>have sex again and told her if im buying plan b tomorrow i might as well
>cum inside her with the force of a thousand suns
>shit was fucking amazing
>eventually she got on birth control so cumming inside her became a regular thing
>been going on for a month before i moved to another state

i moved back a year later and she has a boyfriend now which fucking sucks. i miss cumming inside pussy, i need a girlfriend
Anal's a weird thing, Fucking and blowing in a girls ass is amazing, but it's not something i want to do often, i've passed on it more than once, much more than once, just cause i wanted to fuck her good and hard. Slow anal feels amazing tho
>be 15 - 16
>get gf
>date for a bit
>finally decide to lose v card
>fuck, use condom, not very spectacular
>flips a switch in her, she is horny allll the time
>start fucking all the time
>too hard to get condoms at 15
>pull out method ftw
> too horny, too reckless
> "just not inside me okay anon?"
> come inside her
> "wtf I told you not inside!"
> "sorry its just because i love you"
>3-4 abortions later we split because she starts fucking every guy she meets
> gets new bf, cheats on him with me all the time
> "you cant cum in me okay anon would be pissed"
>okay, come in her anyway
>flips out, still fucks me on the reg
> some pregnancies later she runs out of money and has kid. Says its her new new bfs. Who knows though

Creampies are now my fetish
They teach this stuff in basic highschool biology. It's amazing how women don't understand their own bodies.
Neighbor girl across st years ago onew i had a girlfriend but she wanted to fuck one night while her parents are gone so when time comes i asked where does she want me to cum she says in me so i busted huge nut in deep. A few montgs go by i see shes pregnant and say whos is it and she said mine, i jokingly laughedit off and after baby was birn i ask again whis is it and she said its mine.she never said anything else ever again about it.kid is in his 20's now.
This and
2014 still don't know womens can ovulate at any time of the month, even during periods
>fucking a girl
>"im gonna cum"
>no dont cum inside me
>do anyway
>cut her head off and analy rape corpse.
> ask for sex
lol everytime i fucked a girl i came in her and never asked :>
Pictures of the cousin?
File: 1396464265108.jpg (8KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 600x800px
I came inside this pussy last night
File: 1411793839261.jpg (525KB, 892x1334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
525KB, 892x1334px

my condolences
>Be 19
>drunk, fucking gf
>"don't cum in me anon"
>came in her
>she got pregnant
>we got abortion
>happened three more times since
>proposing to her next weekend
>not aborting
anon you should have been aborted if you are proposing.
Condoms suck. Suffocating my dick so its hard to keep an erection. cant feel shit either. I've only had one girl ask my to wear one and both times i fucked her i didnt cum because of it.
>dated girl in high school for 2 years
>love of my life.jpg, but forced to break up after her parents found out i took her virginity and tells my pops who doesnt want me to go to jail if she gets mad at me (age, statutory)
>anyway, meet up with her one summer while we're both home from college years later
>go to beach
>get drunk at bar
>walk along beach
>she gets naked and skinny dips
>i follow her in my boxers
>start fucking in the shallow water, but tide is strong
>move to shore
>ask her if she's still on the pill
>she says yes and to cum inside of her
>getting close
>she's cumming
>cum inside her
>best orgasm ever
>suddenly, "i can feel your baby inside me"
>bitch lied
>not on pill
>take her to drugstore and make her take the morning after pill
>bitch went nuts
File: 1403981990908.jpg (217KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
217KB, 1280x960px
>Go to another town for school
>Meet chick at dennys (short term rental didn't have much of a kitchen so went out for breakfast on weekends)
>Hit it off. Shes super cute blonde girl.
>Have sex first night, she is talented. 8/10 girl but 12/10 fuck
>have sex often, always using a condom
>3 weeks in, we fool around one time, im teasing putting the tip bare on her clit
>she puts it in, but makes me promise to pull out
>fuck for 10-15 minutes, i get close
>can't stop. too good. come inside
>she rolls over. is fucking pissed
>then stands up, smiles at me like a pyscho. tells me im paying for plan b
>I agree. No complaints here. Pay for it.
>Week later she loses job somehow. Breaks up with me "I can't have a boyfriend if I don't have a job"
>Confused but whatever. Bitches be crazy
>2 months later get a message from her roommate. tells me she was sleeping with her ex the entire time we were seeing each other
>had sex with him every day
>Then found out I got chlamydia.
>Her roommate also told me she was a stripper off and on. I had no idea.
>Haven't been the same since.
Lost my virginity a month into starting college to a 30 year old girl. I came fast. No protection. Luckily I found out afterwards that she had her tubes tied because she didn't want more kids. Wonder if her husband found out. lol
different story:

>childhood friend/girl lives about 5 houses down
>in high school, she's hot as fuck
>she comes over to my house often
>we're very close
>we start fucking, despite her having a bf
>i know she's on the pill, so i don't pull out when i feel myself getting close
>wanted to see if i could stop the splooge
>young and didnt know better
>definitely couldnt stop the splooge
>cum deep in her
>but since i jerked off so often, it was barely any cum
>she didnt even notice...at least not at that moment
>be 19
>signs up for study abroad semester in col
>chicks dig exotic american accent
>fascinated by circumcised cock
>tell them i am sterile because of it
>spend entire semester bare backing skanks across german countryside

mostly fatties, but w/e
File: 337_1000.jpg (597KB, 1000x1339px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
597KB, 1000x1339px

And when she did notice?
Gotta slay a few dragons before you find the princess
Virgin detected
File: 118_1000.jpg (203KB, 960x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
203KB, 960x960px
There's nothing quite like that crazy feeling when you're pounding the shit out of a girl gushing deep inside of her. One long moment of eternal bliss
sperm can live up to 7 days in the female body.
>You are now educated.
>Went to america from england to get degree
>the "football" players well pissed becasue7/10 male is stealing their chicks
>the queen english makes them drip at the gash
>one dick tries to beat me up
>break both his collar bones because all those shoulder pads mean that american football players are just athletic, not strong.
>find out he has 17 y/o sister
>throw huge party
>invite all the football team but him
>invite his sister for lels
>3 hours later, i'm working the prince charles charm
>she is a little tipsy
>take her upstairs
>he storms in on me balls deep in his naked sisters arsehole while she is cumming like a train
>I just continue pounding to my crescendo while he yells and tries to cover his eyes at the same time
>I just am there on my knees like Willam DeFoe in Platoon, his sister attached to my waist by the dick, feeling like a fucking hero.
Best night of my life.
He dissapeared after that. Still fucked his sister occasionally. She was such a whore.
Oh for the summer of '98... sigh
> Be me, 19
> Be dating GF for a few months.
> Rednecks, so we fuck a lot on backroads in our car.
> She fucking loves it and as long as I pull out she's happy. Cum a lot on her stomach.
> Me being in love.
> Me wondering what it's like to cum inside a pussy.
> Do math on love and curiosity, decide it's ok if she ends up pregnant. Would marry.
> Fucking the shit out of her in car, know I'm going to cum.
> Decide this is the night, let first few pumps explode inside her.
> Then pull out and cover her pussy and pubic hair in even more spunk.
> Clean up, go home.
> Next day she gets with me in car, starts bawling about finding my cum inside her.
> Hug her, let her cry. No regrets.
> Shortly after, she breaks up with me. Heart broken.
> See her just once after and go on with my life.
>No regrets.
Well, probably not yours.
Brunette Girl who was out of me league, but drunk. Me and this black dude took her and her ugly friend to his place and fucked them both. He fucked the ugly one and I fucked the hot one.

During the second fuck, after I came and pulled out, I noticed that the condom broke and basically came inside her. She only told me where she worked and I knew nothing else about her. I went to that store 3 months later to see if she looked pregnant. But she wasn't. I also pretended to walk into her and asked for her number. She tells me she's taken. Even though on the night we fucked, she said him and her was more a stalker type situation. She changed her mind about me when she was sober. Proof that she was out of my league. I just had to be sure though. Would have been cool to have a kid with a hottie though. I could have even not told her and she wouldn't have found me.
probably not, i'm sterile
my condom broke one time when i met this "escort" on backpage. she was half black too so i literally thought i had aids
File: cumc.jpg (358KB, 676x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
358KB, 676x1200px
gf creampie
File: cumleak.webm (2MB, 1280x720px)
2MB, 1280x720px
fucking saved. hot
Enjoy your herpes
> Be me, 37
> Away on business trip
> After hours drinking with others in same situation
> Hot young Indonesian woman, 10 years my junior deliberately sits next to me and flirts.
> Me, married. Hate my wife.
> Respond to flirting positively.
> Coworker sits on her other side and tries to flirt.
> She steps off to piss and he tells me he's going to fuck her.
> He's also married. Welcome to reality kids.
> She returns and ignores him despite his tries.
> He steps off to piss and I tell her that he's trying to fuck her and if either of us are kissing her it's me.
> Plant one on her - strange town with strangers around. No fucks given about who sees.
> Coworker returns, now so drunk he can't see straight. Decides he's going to fuck an entire bachelorette party and wanders over to buy them drinks.
> Indonesian girl "I'm too drunk to walk, take me to my room?"
> Me: Trollface
> Escort her home. Make out at door to her room.
> Go inside room with her, stand in front of bed and lock eyes for three seconds.
> We both snap and start making out and furiously stripping each other.
> Be my cock "Yo bro, too much booze not here to perform."
> Ohfuck
> Throw her on the bed and eat pussy like a pro.
> Doing it for 'Murica and buying time.
> She multi's and is speaking all sorts of approval, sometimes in English.
> Stroke my cock with free hand while eating pussy and it decides to play along.
> Kiss up her body, suck her tits, and then stick my tongue down her throat while covered in her orgasm.
> Slide cock inside her wet vagina.
> She exclaims over size (I'm average length, but nice and thick I'm told).
> Work her pussy for a good 15 minutes. Too drunk to cum so I'm throwing her through every position I've ever seen on the Internet.
> When she thinks of American men I want her to think sex gods. This is my drunk logic.
> Sudden urge to piss.
> "Brb, have to do this."
> cont'd
Wait. Do they say that because they really CAN have them and WANT kids, but are trying to trick you into coming inside of her?
File: mardoub547.jpg (7KB, 231x274px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 231x274px
Lol wheres the cum?
> Piss through erection, it's one of my magical powers
> Unicorns
> Come back, start fucking again.
> Repeat pissing 3x
> Her: "How you do this? So hard?"
> Me: "'Murica"
> Decide I need to cum and finish, this has been hour long fuck and that's insane.
> Throw her on her shoulders, piledrive in.
> Use arms to pin her hips in like vise, increasing pressure on cock.
> TimetoCum.jpg
> Think about pulling out, remember she's going back to Asia tomorrow.
> Pump huge fucking load deep inside.
> notmyprob.jpg
> She is all smiles. Goes takes shower.
> Me: "You can handle my cum inside?"
> Her "We have ways. Just did in shower. Will be OK."
> Take one last look at her naked body, 8/10
> Door.
> She finds me on LinkedIn.
> We are pen pals now. She's married and has 2 kids. Not mine.
> Ifuckedamuslim.jpg
> No regrets
deep in her
Me too. Shit sucked.
Thats a good one ok touche mofrare..I deposit mine 8 inches deep,best i can do
Ask? nobody ever told me to ask...
so I never have.
Fuuuuuu, I've had that happen a few times with 1 girl. I never learned my lesson when i saw that look in her eye...but thankfully no kids. Was with her 6 years and escaped just when she was all about kids and marriage
>be 14 almost 15
>she 16 8/10 on the chubby side
>boobs on the small side
>goin on a trip, ask to stay at her house (other side of the country)
>watchin Scott Pilgrim vs World
>both virgin as fuck
>got no idea where to put the D
>she bounces up and down
>says "no cum in me"
>tell her to lie down
>bounces for like 3minutes then cum extremely much
>anything in there?
>can't tell, theres too fucking much.
>mfw i know that most of it is in her...
>mfw when she not preggo
>never been in Utah since...
>be me last year
>have gf that's 21, I'm 24 at the time a few months before bday
>celebrating a one year relationship
>movies, dinner, making out in the park
>surprise her by getting a room (live with my sister for college)
>we brake up a little after that happens (her family/me drama etc bullshit, she would have stayed but her family etc i say oh well we stop seeing each other)
>still text each other
>one night i was at a friends house drinking like always
>she's texting me how she feels weird doesn't know why
>next morning she said she went to a clinic and got confirmed for pregnant
>few weeks later we agree to end the pregnancy
>we stop talking after a few weeks of weird short texts

>mfw i came in her after a condom (that night we fucked like 5 or 6 times straight ) was slipping away from my d, take it off quickly
pound her quick and hard to make sure she doesn't notice, came inside
>she asks me what happened
>just lay beside her and not say a word
>she seems suspicious
>nobody mentioned it
>i never told her that's why she got pregnant

i'm not even sure how a girl can't tell you came in her.. or did she and she never told me?

because after she said she was pregnant she told me it was nobodys fault we were always protected etc haha

and that's how it happened
File: smolder.jpg (33KB, 468x349px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 468x349px
Almost always blow inside. Boss's wife was the only "supposed to' though, so I'm not including it below, baby-mama either.
>be me @ 14-21/23-25/27-now
>best female friend/best friend's wife/best friend's wife's friend (at different times, in different places) and me hanging out, wondering aloud why we "never got together"
>make the Flynn Rider "Smolder"
>she wants the D
>"anon, do you have a condom?"
>why would I have a condom?
>"well, don't cum in me. just to make sure"
>be balls deep, feel the legs lock behind my back/legs (position depending)
>couldn't pull out if I WANTED to
>"did you?"
>crooked smile
>"my bf/hubby/friend is gonna be mad."
>can't help that it was the best fuck I've ever had.
>mfw I say that EVERY time.
File: Darlene 7 months.jpg (60KB, 651x877px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Darlene 7 months.jpg
60KB, 651x877px
Oh Yeah...
Need I say any more...
Spit beer everywhere.

10/10 story
God yes. So many times. Probably 30 women have had my cum leaking out of them.
sauce please!
File: 1410898226011.png (177KB, 292x366px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
177KB, 292x366px
>This june
>Meet cute 7/10
>Start dating
>Then fucking
>First thing she does is shove her hand in her crotch and start fingering herself with my cock inside her.
>She's taking the pill
>I tell her I haven't come through sex in years
>One day we smoke sum dank dope nigga
>(Actually just a little mixed with tobacco)
>We intermitently fuck, since none of us can actually come but we find each other hot.
>I'm pounding her, lost in my own world
>What the hell is this
>I come
>At the second pulse she pushes me out of her
>What the actual fuck
>"I can't believe it"
>"I trusted you"
>"You said you wouldn't come"
>"Why did you keep going"
>"WHy didn't you wear a condom"
>"You don't know what it's like being pregnant"
>I am still cumming, high, and tired

Remember, kids, never stick your dick in crazy.
>fuck new gf met at therapy in bathroom.
>bitch rips off my clothes as fast as she could
>she wants to ride on top.
>enjoy new feels of vag.
>i fucking mumble cause shit was cash
>I'm bout to cum.
>bitch doesn't hear me.
>cum inside
>pregnancy scare commences.
>hope it's black.
>never speak much after.
File: BrNW9Y4IcAAouf0.jpg (73KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 600x600px
>be me
>meet this grill online
>looked at the reviews
>added to cart
>entered billing information
>checked out
>tfw it came with no briquettes
File: 6e4f58aa2806.gif (2MB, 420x314px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 420x314px
You sound like a fun dude. Can you post pics of the chink?
File: 1411937640865.jpg (26KB, 480x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 480x320px
Thread about cumming inside a woman who doesn't want you to.
And the common reaction it ends with:

>she never responds to a text or call from me again.

>never heard of her since then

>we never spoke of it again

>she calls me and breaks up with me

> Shortly after, she breaks up with me.

>we stop talking after a few weeks of weird short texts

I'm seeing a common thread here. Maybe I'll be more cautious about cumming inside a woman.

Although, cumming inside a woman is the whole point of life, so what she does after you cum in her, doesn't really matter.

I make sure to secretly record it on video though, and I make sure to ask them, "Do you want it?" right before they say "yes" and I bust a nut. That way, if they even want to charge me with rape, I have it on video of them saying "yes."
LOL wat
someone reposted my OC
pretty fucked up moment I had there but I did upload them so...

glad to see my sluts filled up are on the internet
Yeah, thai hooker I've known for a while. Took the morning after stuff, but that was the last time I fucked any of them raw.
File: IMG_39871533286349.jpg (56KB, 540x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 540x960px
>be hanging at girlfriends house all day
>Sexual tension is high says she ovulating
>Ride home 10 o'clock at night
>mfw drives past my home into fairgrounds
>what you doing girl? Anon were going to find a quiet place...I want you in my
>okay.jp haven't sad sex in weeks
>hesitate because I know she's ovulating
>Guilts me into it, gets on me in car tear off shirt
> suck on her glorious 34DD making out
>Slip it in her start fucking, she tells me to stop and let her ride it
> literally 5 minutes of fucking
>cum with the force of a thousand Sun's into her fertile pussy.
>She smiles that seductive smile like yes I have your seed now like I wanted.
>Fuck three other times that week without protection while she was ovulating.
>Best part she didn't get pregnant. Fuck condoms
That's one nasty looking pussy, I don't like it when they look like that. Disgusting.
File: 1411948475659.jpg (99KB, 395x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99KB, 395x600px
In my case, I have to say, we lost contact, not because of the incident, but how she dealt with it. I have to admit to being an asshole, I could have apologized, but so could she. Maybe this is a little illogical. Just like women, I guess.

In any case, doesn't matter, had sex.
mmm looks nutritious
File: aa.jpg (23KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 500x500px
God damnit i need to get laid again
File: 1300044776986.jpg (17KB, 250x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 250x250px
>Only just realizing this now.
How can ya relate cut people having sex without a condom to someone uncut having sex with one? haha, that makes no sense. There's no skin even between the head of my dick and the wet glorious walls of a pussy. I imagine having sex with a condom is how it would feel to be uncut.
OOoh I like this thread and have a few stories...

>be me
>36 overweight and thankfully overpaid
>cant get laid other than ham beasts of similar age and body type to myself
>discover Craigslist+cash=goldmine for poor students
>long story short, fuck many many girls bareback from CL
>inb4 enjoy your AIDS
>I don't do condoms, can't stay hard with them
>second CL chick I bang needs to pay her rent
>sugardaddy to the rescue
>upfront about no rubbers
>she is ok by email and DTF, says she wants to hang out first though make sure i'm cool
>meet up, buy her a few drinks, shes ok with coming back to mine
>making out and heavy petting on couch
>cunty bitchskank tells me... to wait, shes not ok with backback and can I use condom for the 1st time till we get to know each other
>she says, no glove n love then
>me no love no money baby
>she says, sorry can't do it, only just started the pill when we started talking a few days earlier
>lying bitch - try to keep cool
>"I can pull out"
>she says "ew no" - bitch dont like cum me thinks...
>I say ok fuck it lets go
>srtip her down, decent body, wont take off her top which is like a corset thing... i require nudity.. girl is really pissing me off now
>missionary position for the soul purpose of orgasm engaged
>fumble with condom... fucking rubbers
>decide fuck it... make a few snapping sounds like its on
>place rubber on my big toe
>slide my man muscle into her and proceed to fuck her roughly
>bitch is moaning hard
>says she can't cum, but to go ahead baby
>ponder my options
>A... I pull out pretend to whip off condom and jizz all over her stupid lingere
>B... cum in her and hope she doens't notice
>Gen that I am I ask "Can I cum on you"
>NO! you can cum in me tho
>If you say so bitch....
>Skeet skeeeeet.... skeet
>ahhh Bisto!
>Pull out, sigh of relief, reach back grab rubber, and pretend to pull it off and toss it in the bin
>Shitty small talk engaged
>"i'm leaking"
I would of too.
> Be me 17 yo with 18 yo gf
> Today is the day
> Jerk off multiple times before meeting that day
> Go into bathroom connected to bedroom
> Anon I'll get on top
> Lay down and let heavenly puss slide down cock
> Up, down, up, down, up, down...
> Get up or I'm cumming
> Doesn't get up
> Cum with force of thousand sons...
> Doesn't have preggo eggo
> Becomes slut and leaves me months later
nope, your dick tip glans are deadend by being exposed and dried.

uncut is much more sensative. you get hard, skin rolls back over the glans which are fresh and wet.

feels good man
>frameshift telomeres
>female friend of mine fesses up she has hardcore rape fetish (implying I didn't suspect it, considering her suite of other dark stuff)
>sexual tension aplenty for years now, but we're both in relationship
>few weeks later, we go out for coffee, I walk her home
>force my way inside her apartment, beat her up, rape her
>she screams at me that she's not using protection, begging me not to cum inside
>hah, tough luck bitch
>cum in her three times over the course of five hours
>smack her again, leave
>don't hear from her for a few days
>get a text three days later, "that was great! wasn't lying about lack of protection though, gonna need a preg test"
>oh shit
>"luckily I also have an abortion fetish <3 <3 <3"
>...me too
Everything went better than expected.
I dated my first girlfriend for two years, we were really physical , usually having sex 3 to 5 times a day, not even once we used a condom.

To this day i strongly believe that one of us is sterile

Pic related its us
>"I'm leaking"
>FUCK did you cum in me?!??!?!?!
>No you stupid bitch the rubber is right there
>did it slip off?!?!??!?!
>its probably just you, you were pretty slippery (lol)
>"hmm maybe, but this totally looks like cum"
>well it's not, and I don't appreciate the accusation
>gets up to go to bathroom
>few minutes later...
>this is cum you son of a bitch!!!
>whatever, it's really not.... look i'll show you the rubber
>grab rubber, spit a giant wad into it before she returns to the room
>hand it to her, looks its totally intact!
>inspects rubber
>hmm ok.. well shit i'm sorry
>nevermind... can I have a blowjob, I'm still horny
>her.. sure if you get cleaned up first... and you are wearing a rubber
>seriously? ok never mind, you can go now
>grabs her shit storms off
>never to be seen or heard form again...

lol. skank.
ITT; Morons who think you can't get a girl pregnant as long as you don't blow your beans in them

Seriously, did none of you pay attention in sex ed?!
File: 09.jpg (120KB, 700x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120KB, 700x700px
Forgot to mention she was not on the pill

I've had 4 women do that to me. They desperately wanted kids.

I could see through it every time though.

>she wont speak to me as I'm driving her home

i kek'd
My uncut cock is a convertible top, top goes down before action... skin on skin is beautiful, and feels even better than you poor fucks with your dried out jewcumsised cocks
how many did you bang in total?
and what do you pay in average?
I'm down to do this
didn't read all the shit... what's the punchline? does he have HIV?
i think this should be a lesson to us all

once you cum inside you say your farewells
I'm on number 18 at the moment (over a 3 year period)

Usually pay £150-250 for a whole night, that cunt was an exception. I had a good thread about it a few nights ago if anyone remembers? :)
>mfw girls think squeezing the cum out will stop them from getting pregnant
>mfw i have no face
>be at work
>have fuck buddy
>wants to fuck in stairwell
>pull out and cum in my mouth
>cum in pussy
>didnt get pregnant
youporn com/watch/10114261/blowjob-short-haired-brunette-sucking-cock-outdoors-for-cash

>too hard to get condoms at 15

hah, bitchboi
>At festival with girl
>shes seeing someone, but apparently likes me too
>Evening of drinking ensues, we end up back in tent
>Starts kissing me, i think whatever, and go along with it
>She end up just in underwear
>Hot as fuck g-string
>Asks me to tease her by rubbing my cock on her ass
>Ok? Flip her on her stomach and start rubbing it between her asscheeks
>She's getting really into it, spread her legs a bit wider and move further down
>Slide underwear to side, no reaction
>Slip it into her, little gasp of surprise, no other reaction
>Go to town, fuck her hard
>End up nutting inside her
>>fuck her once while she's on her period, so it's safe to cum inside her

This is how more retards are made.
Aren't you that medic who fucked a guy in the ass to prove that point?
Lmao obviously females don't like cum in them when you're some fat ugly cunt. They only want high quality genetic material. Can't say I've ever had a chick demand that I pull out cause she didnt want my cum in her.
See these pics?
I took them

story time
>be 19y old
>go to some girl's 15th birthday in a hall (latin version of sweet 16 is at 15) with a friend
>open bar
>we bring back 2 italian girls from the bday to a hotel when we leave
>one is 16 the other is 14
>we both do a lot of shit with them but no fucking since the 16y old was a virgin and the other girl wasn't dtf right there
>start "dating" 16y old then
>4 days later I pick her up from her house and drive back home
>highway is packed
>she blows me the whole way and I pop her cherry
few weeks go by
>fucking her in bed
>she likes to degrade and talk dirty
>starts saying shit like "yeah, fuck me with that big cock, that's all you're good for"
>cum inside her so fucking hard I could see stars spinning in her eyes
>she freaks out
>goes to doctor next day
>huge scene
>I dump her
and then she became my cumdumpster for the next 3 years and she would let random guys cum in her all the time, like several guys every week. filthy slut

pic related
>Be 19
>Have long distance gf
>Get horny often
>been friends with hot but young stoner slut since school
>She's 15 now
>Extremely short but tits+arse like unf
>No idea how but arrange to fuck
>Purposefully get in argument with gf so I can not talk to her for a while
>Go to girls place and fuck
>Tight as a tight thing
>Cum inside
>She pushes me off not realising I even came, starts complaining that she doesn't like having sex with anyone but her bf
>Tell her I already came and leave
>She gets morning after pill and all is okay

>Didn't even get an STI
Another one, because I love you guys.
>friend of mine, 27, delicious chubby chick, redhead, all of my hnnng
>we talk about our sexual experiences, she confesses she's a virgin
>I offer to take her virginity if she'd ever like to, she declines but feels flattered (really insecure, this one)
Fast forward a couple of weeks.
>she lives one country over, still a trip doable in a few hours but whatever
>we decide to meet up with some shared friends, kind of a reunion if you will
>she books a hotelroom to not have to travel that long back and forth in one day, not a bad idea
>"oh damn, they only have double rooms... well, whatever, want to join? Then you won't have to travel that long"
>I live like an hour aw-- ooooh, I see where this is going
>call her on her bullshit, and yup: elaborate plan to seduce me and make me punch her v-card exposed
>we get to talking about the how-and-what, she's been in love with me for years even though I have a gf, she wants it all romantic and shit, asks me for preferences (lingerie and such)
>been wanting to fuck her for years now, don't mind cheating for this at all
>"but I'm not on birth control, so you'll need condoms"
>try to haggle with morning after pill, no dice, tell her I'll arrange condoms
>good day was had, chilling with friends was cool, we head to the hotel room, she's doubting and holding back
>I manage to convince her by giving her a massive orgasm with my mouth, we get hot and heavy
>"did you bring condoms?" oooh, I forgot, sorry babe~
>have her so hot and heavy she doesn't even care anymore
>take that sweet virgin pussy, slow and steady, make romantic love to her with deep strokes
>slam it all the way down in her during orgasm while kissing heavily, I swear she sucked it all in her womb
>do that a few more times during the night
>in the morning she finally realises what we did, have her so filled up with baby batter that she freaks out and I have to calm her crying down
Good times.
I've got several

>21 at the time
>girl is 20, skinny with massive tits
>get in hot tub
>things start to get heavy
>she climbs on top of me starts fucking me in the hot tub
>take her inside, fucking her on bed
>shes moaning, telling me she wants it
>im not wearing a condom
>cum in her really fucking hard
>pull out and cum dripping all over her legs

>Playing with sleeping gf
>shes getting wet
>gf wakes up, oh shit..
>"put it inside anon, be careful don't cum inside"
>wearing condom so dont give a fuck
>pounding away at that sweet ass
>omg im cum
>cum deep inside up on her cervix
>pull out.. "oh shit"
>gf "oh shit what!"
>condom broke

She yelled at me for like 5 mins then I passed out. Was a good night in my books.
File: 4f.jpg (10KB, 170x251px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 170x251px

File: fuckit.jpg (9KB, 209x241px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 209x241px
>be 19
>been fucking a former friends girl on the regular
>back home from university for a weekend
>she asks me to come to her friends apartment
>i go, theres a few people there (friends of my former friend)
>we smoke some weed/ drink a bit
>eventually everyone is asleep except me, fuck buddy, and the girl who own place.
>this girl is bro tier and sees no evil
>told her i didnt have condoms, but plan b is the new plan a
>we fuck on the floor next to her boyfriends best friend.
>i got her to cum a few times
>blew best load
>mfw no regrets
MFW, probably the coarse british vernacular makes it funnier.
File: Mg12LSZ.jpg (94KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94KB, 640x480px
>Always cum in gf she was 15 I was 16
>she tells me shes pregnant
>no communication for 3 months
>eventually find out it was not true
>get together again
>sex all day every day basically
good old times
She cheated on me while I was in Jail so I broke up with her but as revenge I fucked 3 of her best friends
And obviously came in every single one of them
>Pic kinda related: looks like one of the girls
File: consider3.jpg (49KB, 375x313px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49KB, 375x313px
>fuck her once while she's on her period, so it's safe to cum inside her

This isn't a 100% sure way to avoid pregnancy. The risk of pregnancy is a lot lower when a woman is on her period, but it's not 100% gone. Always use a condom and/or birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancy!
>have milf I fuck on the regular
>wants to meet on lunch hour behind grocery store
>im in
>fucking her mouth in my car
>she wants to fuck
>ok I say
>dont cum in me though thats only for my husband
>she climbs on top tits beating me up like whoa
>feeling good dont want to pull out
>cum hard
>call me an asshole but keeps bouncing on my cock
>send her back to work with a pussy full of my batter
>me at 19
>back home from Army boot camp
>buff as hell, always skinny before
>run into pretty blk grill from HS
>admits she had a crush on me
>"how do you feel now?"
>smiles and looks at feet
>pull her in and kiss her
>she responds like a Porsche on nitrous
>5 minutes later fucking her missionary
>terrified of knocking her up but the more I think about it the worse I want to cum
>she's on her third, can't hold out, cum so hard it hurts
>repeat for every day of leave remaining
>never used a rubber
>back on duty, got a letter in the mail
>she's preg and so very happy
>shit my pants but keep it cool
>two months later she's in a car wreck
>looses baby
>put in for transfer to Korea
Have another one I can type out, but if nobody gives a fuck I won't bother.
>>57150101 Do it
fuck mate
>I pretty much use her as practice
>have milf I fuck on the regular
How did you meet a milf like that?

>tfw 22 and no qt3.14 married mistress
Other than that chick neither have I... ya cunt.
File: DSC09703.jpg (825KB, 1632x1224px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
825KB, 1632x1224px
another story
>was 22
>meet this 19y old on CL to go to a random house party together
>didn't want to show up alone
>meet her downtown at a gas station
>its already midnight so we decide to head for drinks at a nearby bar instead
>walking on busy sidewalk notice she's the tallest person in sight
>taller than me
>finally find a bar and drink, then went for food
>ask if she wants to go watch a movie at last call
>"but where would we watch a movie at 4am? tehee"
>cab back to my place, just talking whole way
>get home, start making out
>she says she doesn't want to go further
>asks for comfy clothes to sleep in
>we both go to sleep
in the morning
>wake up with massive boner
>she's still asleep
>"fuck it"
>start rubbing her ass and tits while she's asleep
>she starts to move around and make sounds like she's waking up
im too fucking horny at this point and decide to chance it
>get up and start taking her pants off
>she "wakes up" and says "what are you doing!?"
>"what does it look like Im doing" while pulling off my boxers and grabbing my cock, diamonds stiff
>she spreads her pussy wide open
>flip her so she's on top
>make her cum so hard she screams at the top of her lungs
>cum in her
>she starts to cry and freak out since shes not on the pill
and when we dated for 2 years and I nutted in her every single day

here's her pussy getting stuffed
>too hard to get condoms

bullshit. you can't be refused for condoms at any age
File: 1358918205672.jpg (19KB, 302x274px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 302x274px
>..yeah, I'm single.. no children.. that I know of..."
OP you are a tremendous faggot?
>girl asks for something
>you refuse/offer alternative
If you really want to mind fuck /satisfy a woman you need to stop being a selfish lover give her what she wants and beyond for the mind fuck

other BETA moves include wacking off so you can last longer the 2nd time.
Dont wack of before
>bitches be like you came so much
actually keep wacking it wanker.
Betas like you make me an hero

Also consider
>assuming consenting adult, is there a really a time when a man shouldnt come inside a woman?

If you never had simultaneous vagina orgasm with a woman who actually is in shape
(her kengel muscles are worn out and dripping pee.)
then you are missing out one of the best things in life.

She worked for my aunt and my aunt ran her business out of her basement at home.

Im over one day and she strikes up a conversation with me. 72 hours later im fucking her in a hotel room after a wedding she went to. Fucked her on and off for 5 years. She was a total slut and would do anything i told her.
Couple of times.

>Fucking slut who has boyfriend
>Makes me wear condom
>Go from doggy back to missionary
>Sneak condom off when changing position
>Get balls deep and cum in pussy
>Dont think she noticed
>6 months later shes pregnant
>Could be mine but her BF is raising it
>Dont care
>be a few months ago
>be me
>be 19
>have same gf for past 3 years
>she be 18
>we've been fucking for 2 or so years
>she's on the pill
>fuck condoms
>never actually came in her before
>she be moving off to college 300 miles away
>only actually the other end of the state (fuck America is huge)
>she leaves tomorrow
>decide to fuck one last time
>great sex- better than usual
>be doing missionary for a few minutes
>she tells me to keep going harder
>warn her I'm close to cumming
>she just yells "harder" again
>realize holy shit, she wants me to cum in her
>go harder
>feel her pussy tighten up around my dick
>cum buckets into her while hilted

>she thinks I just stopped for her to orgasm
>wonders why I don't keep going
>explain that I came in her
>so mad
>much wrath
>very mistake

>she expected me to not cum until after she did so I could pull out
>tells me to fuck off and then laughs
>smiles and kisses me
>she didn't even care

I haven't cum in her again yet, but I've only seen her twice since she moved. We're still together.
Probably should have married her. Very pretty, well built, rather intelligent. Very racist parents would have disowned me, brothers would have disowned me. Stayed in Korea for 3 years, she quit writing after 1. Still cum buckets thinking about her.

>be 22
>have this "girlfriend"
>she was struggling on the amount of sex i wanted
>says no, try to punish me for something
>i am intent on not caring
>gets it in after foreplay
>she thinks i will not cum in her
>starts pushing me away when i am close
>i know i am stronger
>cum inside
>she cries
>i beta whelp "i am sorry"
>but was just happy to cum inside
>(usually are schedules never cross)

The grammar in this place is really terrible.

/b/ is starting to look like it's nothing more than a bunch of teenage faggots.

If you can't use proper grammar, then don't come on this website. It's not facebook, nor it is Nickelodeon.com. It is /b/.

I can understand the grammar jokes, like "Trolling is an art." That stuff is funny, I don't have a problem with it.

However, if I see one more faggot start a sentence without a capital letter then I will lose faith in this board.

If I see another person switch "Their, They're, and There" or "Your and You're." I might seriously consider not coming back to it anymore.

If you post with bad grammar in this thread, you're not trolling me. You're just proving yourself do be a dumbass. Regardless of anonymity, you're still out there somewhere. Whoever you are, you're a dumbass.
File: Gay.jpg (59KB, 386x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59KB, 386x500px
ur a fag
I actually got a bitch pregnant and found out 2 days ago she's knocked up...thankfully shes not keeping it
>be seeing this 21y old slut who craves for my cock while she has a boyfriend
>she comes over at least once a week sometimes more
>we party, do drugs, drink and fuck
>she's not on BC
>always uses condoms with her bf and never lets him bareback
>been barebacking her since day 1, a few months before she meet her bf
>been cumming in her a bunch of times, she has to take plan b and make excuses for her bf
>ninja cum in her a few times
>let a roper or two in then pull out and always cum on her asshole or on her clit
>she leaves to go back home
>she's 3-4 weeks pregnant now
>she told her bf (ex now) that its his
>he's freaking out while were joking about it and I go back to plowing her cunt and busting nuts in her

feels good
Round two

>I was 19 summer break
>Neighbor girl is 14 and hot for her age
>Has huge crush on me
>Have not fucked for months since break up
>My parents let her use our pool
>One day she comes over to swim
>Catches my smoking up in back yard
>Offer her some, first time high
>Make out cause why not
>Get head
>Get pussy, first for her only BJs before
>Makes me wear condom
>All of a sudden pussy feels amazing
>Look down, it's broken
>Bust balls deep in her
>Feels good man
Here's another one... same condom on the toe trick... works well

>Leaving girls house that I'd fucked the night before and walking across town
>phone pings, new email
>reply to my CL add
>Check says she is 26, and in a lesbian relationship but looking for some nsa cock for the night
>send her photo, ask if shes looking for any compensation
>she says no... that's a new one...
>send pic of herself, nice tanned potuguese girl, short hair, really small body, nice hips, and definetly DTF
>says she like to take control, and really wants to "hold my cock in her hand while driving"
>I have no problem with this
>Says condoms a must, as not on birth control
>ask her if she would be down for the ole rythem method or morning after pill... no go
>says she will blow me in the woods after our drive then come back to mine
>cant say no to that...
>picks me up that evening, shes cute and small, and have a nice smile, but very forward and assertive
>we drive out to an all night ASDA (walmart for the amerifags)
>on the way I pull out my cock and take her hand of the shifter and put it on me
>Shes stoking away like a id with a new toy... obvious penis envy
>have to stop her a few times so I dont jizz before i get to put it in her mouth
>Get to ASDA, its a 24 hour and place is deserted
>proceed to get a hummer in the front seat of her car, not a great blowjob, but fun none the less
>she wants to see my cum so finishes me by hand then plays with it and licks it off her fingers... nice
>get rubbers, molest her in the isles of ASDA a bit them head for mine
>hand on my cock all the way home
>get to mine, get her naked, smoking hot toight body, and really agressive
>her hand firmly glued to my cock the whole time
>finally line her up for penetration
>put condom on toe
>slide inside one of the wetest tightest pussies ever.
>shes writhing around while i fuck her and after all the hand action i'm ready to but in no time
>be 18
>at friends birthday party
>friend is girl
>already fucked her once
>hit the town
>ask her straight up "wanna fuck"
>"yes, lets go home to me"
>get home
>Somebody passed out on the couch
>go to her room
>no condoms
>ask if i can cum in her
>keep fucking
>say "i think someone is coming"
>cum inside her

I start laughing, and leave.
We still talk.
Hahah, nice.
this is the way it's supposed to be

feels good man
> be me one month ago , 21
> at a friend's birthday party
> see cute german girl
> hand her the welcoming beer
> eventually later we're both totally fucking drunk and we end up in bed
> drunk cuddles, i make her cum with fingers and mouth; she tries to suck me but i stop because teeth , and go for pussy
> pump her hard missionary and doggystyle, cum in her pussy
> she's too drunk to be mad
> min later i'm up for it again and try to wake her up by spooning her
> end up fucking her in spoon position
> cum on ass
> next morning we go for it again but put rubber
> she wants a bf
> whythefucknot.jpeg
> fuck her every week end since with rubber on
> yesterday she calls me in tears and tell me she's pregnant and that she's going to abort
> shit
> slap my dick against rock wall yelling " HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME "

>ready to nut
>figure i'll pull out
>pretend to whip off condom and proceed to stroke my load all over her tummy
>she sees cock and insists on doing it for me.. lol
>blow load all over her arm and stomache
not a single fuck given or clue had.

Saw her one other time, and she agreed to take the morning after pill... which i thought was pretty awesome considering how harsh that is on the system... the next time i nutted in her 6 times before she went home to her girlfriend.

Damn strait nigga.
please be the guy who fucked anther guy in the ass

Bitch tried this on me.

Slap her and bust on her face.

Best sex ever...

Gf and I are both drunk and fucking one night. Can't feel shit through the condom. It's starting to slip as I'm getting floppy. Readjust an my nails break the fucking rubber. Think, fuck it, her period literally just ended yesterday, stick it in and pump away and cum hard.

One time was fucking a girl in the ass with the tip if my cock only. She stopped me as I was about to cum but wants to keep fucking. Flips me over and jumps on top and I assume I'm in her asshole again, except all the way. Cum like mad and she says, "did you cum in me?" "I was up your ass right???" "No... But don't worry about it."

i remember that thread
Forgot to green text. My bad. Was going to go back and put the << in but my retard wife is bugging me.

Glad someone does - I quite enjoyed making it!
>be me
>long term gf
>also mistress, who gf knows about
>bustin loads in both er'day
>both on pill
>move across country
>end things with mistress
>mistress has me meet with her friend because friend is interested in sleeping with other women and wanted to know how a bf might feel about that
>had met friend before, 8/10 half japanese, half irish
>have drinks with friend for 3 hours
>lots of talk about sex
>can tell she's getting horny
>hasn't had good sex in a long time
>bf is shitty in bed and closed minded
>too late to catch train home
>we start talking again
>"i need to stop before we end up doing something we shouldnt" me says
>"i was thinking the exact same thing"
>awkward stare at each other
>we both want it.
>"come over here" I tell her
>she slowly does, I dont move, laying on couch
>she sits next to me
>motion to come closer
>she does
>pull away
>frenzied making out ensues
>hands up shirt
>she grinds my leg
>she has roommates, so tells me to come to her room with her
>tell her that if I do, she's going to be mine for the night however the fuck I want her
>she gives me this sexy look and sheepishly says ok
We usually fuck without rubber sine my GF is normaly regular as a Swiss clock for her period, except that month. Now a daddy.
Problem: I didn't want to stay with my GF and I still want to leave. But I fucking love my baby.

Considering cheating.
yes...I have a half black kid now
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