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Having that kind of day guys? Come feel it out.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Having that kind of day guys? Come feel it out.
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Thanks for dump mate
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No problem bro
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shit.....I was there
still hope it was a fake
I was there for that guy. Gonna miss that bastard.
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only have a few more,i hope this thread gets picked up. i need this too
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Thanks OP I needed this shit
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I capped it too. Went afterwards to my gf and said her i love her.. gonna miss op
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Happend about 2 years ago, still made me a stronger yet wiser person. (sorry for my English not my main language)

>Be me 17
>Hang around with friends like ALOT
>Everytime I was off I started to hang with friends or game
>Half my life has gone by like this
>Suddenly wonder if I ever will get a gf
>One day on a birthday meet new girls
>Me just joking around, trying to be funny
>"Meh why am I even trying"
>Girl is laughing socks off
>6/10 girl, but I didnt care much, liked her personality
>Exchange numbers
>Started chatting for months with her, easily fell in love

Keeping bumped for you
>She feels the same
>start dating
Fast forward a year
>Our relationship hasn't been the easiest, lots of downs but only some ups.
>Still keep going with her, dont want to break off first relationship
>My first love
>Like I furiously loved her
>She starts new job, meets new guys
>She tells me about one specific guy, lets call him Mark
>Her and Mark meet often, but it's only as friends
>I see her less, she sees Mark more often than me
>I'm trying to repair relationship because I loved her, but she didnt do me any justice
Fast forward 2 months
>Decide to break up with her because it's completely broken

bump, i wanna hear the rest /b/ro
>Btw, she never wanted to have sex with me because she was religious, and I respected her.
>Did I just waste a year and 3 months for nothing? Did I just pour so much effort in someone who didnt care?
>Fall into depression
>Keep falling and falling
>Decide to fuck my self up with alcohol, drugs.
>Went to festivals, party's with friends and shit
>Some of my friends never talked to me again because I chose her above them (stupid I am)
>Got fucked so badly, lost some nights completly.

BUMP! Had something similar.
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It's a story of person that felt for the first time, but recognized shit fast enough to get rid of it. You can call me crazy sociopath, monster, whatever. I don't give a fuck. I just need to hear your reaction, guys

>be me, easily 8/10, lots of friends, twisted puppeter inside, perfect acting and psychological skills
>go with friend and his whole class on a trip
>making friends, drinking, normal stuff
>meet a girl, 7/10 if looked at from her best angle, but still cute
>I easily befriend her, we end up sleeping and cuddling in one tent with said before friend and some other girls
>really like her, flirty, my type, same fave books and movies, you know the drill
>puppeter part of me slowly vanishes
>at the end of the trip we are more or less known as a couple, although we hasn't talk about it
>I stay with friend (let's call him Chris) for the next week in woods
>I talk to her (let's call her by her real name, Manipulative Shit, although I didn't knew about it at this point) everyday by phone
>as I come back, we have our first date at my summer house, he drink some and make out like crazy (first time felt something in my dead heart)
>fast forward other trip, but now only with MS' class, I take place of Chris 'cause he couldn't go
>one night we get heavily drunk after a fight and excessive making out repeats
>other girls say I used her, even though I almost passed out that night
>she's angry at me and we have a talk, she says we start from the beginning
>begin dating again, this time I'm not my typical show-off personality, I'm more calm and patient

PS. I'm the bad guy, yet I still love her I think
>Said fuck this can't do this shit to my self anymore
>Home situation didn't become any better, just became worse because of my behaivor
>Decided to start picking life up, after one last party.
>Go to party with 2 of my nephew and best friend
>I'm so fucked at this point.
>Still can take care of my self, so I'm not bothering friends
>Best friend hooks up with girl
>Nephew hooks up with girl
>I'm all alone
>Suicidal toughts jump in my mind, right at that point
>Can't fucking handle it anymore
>Drink, drink, drink

go on man, i'm curious now
>she starts playing with me, teasing and shit like that, which I hate, but decide to play along
>on one meeting I ask her about us, and she says we are not together, as well as saying her mother considers me as a nut-lacking cunt
>My patience broke, pupetter came back to play, hungry for new pray, which was pretty obvious
>continue to be amazing for her, make gifts while still acting a bit like her servant
>she loves it, and after a week I ask "Would you like to be my girlfirend?" pretty loudly, harshly holding her close to me
>she loves it (I was perfect at this moment, did this in a large crowd)
>Manipulative Shit agrees happily, people start clapping

Ending is dark and twisted will post in a second
Forward a bit later into the night
>Suddenly best friend and nephew drag me along a huge group of girls
>See one girl that was just outstanding
>Easy 9/10
>Drunk as fuck, not giving a shit, walk up to her
>Tell her she is the most pretty girl i've ever seen
>My toughts "Dude wtf are you saying?"
>She laughs thinks it's cute
>Exchange numbers
>Toughts "Fuck that shit it's gonna end up like the last one anyways"
>Might as well try to one night stand it
>I try really hard to go back to her home
>She says no, and that she will text me tomorrow

Sorry for the long post, just want to have this said atleast once, maybe i'll feel better about it
>Wake up
>Still depressed about what happend
>Still can't figure what to do
>Suddenly think of girl of last night
>Look for my phone, wtf she actually texted me
>Start texting her alot
>Become very good friends very quickly
>Found out she plays cod/gta on ps3 sometimes
>I basicly invite myself over, but she didn't mind
>Got there played cod awkwardly didn't exchange word for like 5 hours straight
>Went home, but couldn't beleive my self feeling butterflys and true love maybe?
Fast forward 1 year
>Be me 20 now
>9/10 became my girlfriend, have a very good solid relationship, we trust each other 100%
>Live happy atm

I shorted the story a bit, If any of you guys want to ask some shit, go ahead!

Sorry for the long text /b/ros appreciate the interest
I really hope that this story lightens your days a bit!
>she wants to go for a kiss, but I stop her
>rarely seen smirk appears on my face
>only my best friends know it means "Played Perfectly"
>I start laughing, everyone looks at me in silence
>I start speaking "I asked if you would like to be my girlfiriend, I didn't tell you got permission to be one"
>she was clueless what was about to happen
>Manipulative Shit; "Stop playing with me, I'm the one that's playing!"
>Me; "Oh nooo, you Manipulative Shit, I'm the biggest puppeter that you could fight against, and you lost easily. You see people, this bitch was using me and my affection towards her to her advantage. Her arrogance made her think she could have me like a dog, and do whatever she wants with me."
>everyone has no idea what's happening, except Chris and couple of my friends, they start laughing
>SM: "What have you said?! Apologize now, and I might consider forgetting about this scene"
>Me: chuckle with a long whistle afterwards "Don't you get it, you little shit? It's over, I never liked you, I just used your stupidity to show everyone what kind of person you really are, manipulative, cold, stupid and errogant horse shit"
>Sm: bursts into tears and clunges to me " I'm sorry! I love you! Just stop! I don't want to lose you! It is what you want?, Please, answer me, I beg you!" (everything was planned up to the point she started crying, I thought she'll hit me or go away, angry)
>I knew it was just a trick, I spent enough time to easily know when she's lying
>I grab her lightly and kiss her for a split second then start laughing afterwards and put her away and she collapses like an empty shell on her knees, broken
>her friends quickly surround her, but at least half of them stands away from her, laughing at her as well (she was telling everyone I'm in deep love with her and will do everything for her
>walk away and go for a beer with friends

I know most won't believe, but I don't care
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>killing self
>decide to read feels thread one last time
>pic related

I'm already passing in and out guys hurry up
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great to know you're happy now /b/ro, sorry you had to deal with that religious girl.

you guys still play video games now?
10/10 on the trolling skills of guy with cancerous girlfriend
who is this guy?
I kek'd at that picture :>

Yeah! We love extinction (CoD:Ghost) I mean who doesn't love killing alien creeps :>
gta5 has been loads of fun!
Thank you, kind sir. The worst part is I love her, but my other part couldn't bear with losing, so I will never get her.

And my old hair and body type too ;_;

Are you me?
Thread posts: 49
Thread images: 24

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