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Fast food experiences thread: >work at a subway >woman

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Fast food experiences thread:

>work at a subway
>woman comes up to the counter to order
>she orders a club, toasted.
>Put meat and cheese on the sandwich and stick it in the oven.
>co-worker is on the veggies side so he pulls out the sandwich and gets her veggies.
>She then says "Oh yeah can I get soup with that?
>Fucking dipshit coworker brings her sandwich to the soup counter and pours soup all over her sandwich.
>The lady is pretty shocked and didn't know what to say
>I called him a retard and told him to go in the back.
>remake her entire sandwich, don't charge her

If you've ever worked at subway you know it's full of fucktards that should be wearing helmets and velcro shoes.
>>Fucking dipshit coworker brings her sandwich to the soup counter and pours soup all over her sandwich.
what a boring story OP. jesus christ
>someone poured soup on a sandwich
your life must be really thrilling
i actually lol'ed, probably was stoned or something
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>still work at Subway
>some guy comes in with his girlfriend
>he orders a "sandwich without the bread"
>I say to him "So... a salad?"
>He says "No not a salad, I want the sandwich without the bread."
>tell him we don't really do that because how the hell am I supposed to give that to him.
>He tells me to just put it in one of the salad dishes
>tell him we have to charge him for a salad, not a sandwich if he does that
>He's starting to get a little irritated
>"I don't wanna fucking pay the extra for a salad all i want is a sandwich without the bread!"
>His girlfriend is obviously embarrassed.
>Tell him he can get the sandwich and just get rid of the bread or he can order a salad, which is a different charge
>He asks for the manager
>I am the manager.
>Makes him way angrier.
>Tells me to make him what he wants
>I tell him he can leave.
> He flips me the bird from the window after he walks out
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>Still work at same subway
>coworker is prepping the jalapenos
>His girlfriend comes in the back kitchen door
>They usually go into the cooler to smoke weed
>Don't care, don't think about it
>2 minutes later she comes out crying.
>Turns out he tried to finger her and had jalapenos on his fingers.

Where is this fucking Subway located?

Or is this just.. to be expected at every location?
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Keep em coming OP this shit's pretty funny
>pic somewhat related

Basically every subway is like that. But yeah, this is in Fort Collins, Colorado.

I went to a Subway once with my girlfriend while visiting her parents in Wisconsin, and there were two workers there and one of them was so fucking obviously on mushrooms or LSD it was pretty incredible. He kept playing with cheese slices and laughing and his coworker was somehow holding the place together.

Lots of drugs at Subway. I used to go high on morphine like every day for about 6 months
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Your Replacement 2.png
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Bumping for more stories
If we go to your location can we get free food?
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>before I became manager, we had another manager named Tammy
>She was a huge crackhead
>It was pretty well known that her crackhead friends would come sleep in the basement of the Subway where her office was.
>I'm downstairs one day to grab some frozen cookie dough.
>there's a guy in Tammy's desk chair fucking lighting up his crack pipe.
>wtf dude.
>He sees me and freaks out, starts throwing pens at me.
>run back upstairs and close the door.
>tell my other coworkers about it.
>we just decide to avoid the basement for the rest of the night
>2 weeks later, it comes to light that Tammy hasn't deposited ANY money from the Subway at the bank for the last 8 days.
>Owner finds out, Tammy is arrested right there in the Subway
>Police find two guys in the basement getting high
>Weird day, but then I became manager

They serve soup at Subway? Since when? Is it just a Merrican thing?
>go to MakAohanac
>they only serve potato and vodka
>no tables, no chairs
>have to squat and eat from the ground

Such is life in Soviet Russia

That's fucking awesome! Did they arrest the other crackheads?
Have to squat with the rest of the Slavs

Yeah, it's actually pretty good soup. Most places start serving it in October or November and stop in March or April. I've never seen it year round, but it might be a thing somewhere.

I'm running out of good stories, hasn't anyone else worked in Fast Food?

>work at a Godfather's
>delivering pizza one night
>guy answers door, he had like 35 bucks worth of pizza
>He says "Here's two twenties.. keep the change
>five dollar tip, not bad.
>Get back to the store. Realize he gave me a 20 and a 50.
>He calls the store like an hour later asking for that money back
>No. Fuck off.
>it was a good day.
Moderate Kek
Oh shit I'm in Greeley. Which one? I need to go there high one day
Lol what a fucking doob
i lol'ed
>helmet and velcro shoes
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Thanks for the kek OP

Oh yeah, they got hauled off because they possessed drugs. Speaking of which...

>working at Godfather's
>Have a guy on staff that's pretty big into heroin
>he goes to the bathroom once to tie off
>Ends up nodding off in the bathroom and doesnt come back out for like 2 hours
>Someone finally realizes he's been in there the whole time
>we keep knocking on the door to get him because we know he's doing heroin in there
>Manager takes the master key and goes in
>He's fucking lying there on his side with puke everywhere.
>call ambulance
>he gets fired obviously
>2 weeks later he dies of an overdose.
>RIP Jon, you stupid fucking idiot.
Well, that's pretty sad
> if you've ever been to subway

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fuck yeah Wisconsin
>working at Texas Roadhouse
>smoking a blunt in the car outside
>my pack of black and milds has two with tobacco and two with weed
>cop comes up to see what I'm doing
>asks to see one of my black and milds
>not able to see which one has weed in it
>pick one at random
>cop leaves me alone
It's almost a fast food story.

Minnesota is better.

>Working at Subway
>girl comes in with granmda
>girl orders a footlong veggie.
>Nothing but iceberg lettuce and half bottle of mayonnaise.
>watched her eat the whole thing.

Disgusting as fuck`
I have never worked in Fast Food, but I do volunteer for Meals on Wheels.

>get talked into doing Meals on Wheels as assistant deliverer with my boyfriend
>first day volunteering
>second delivery
>unit in a caravan park with glass sliding door
>door is locked but my boyfriend says he can see the customer asleep in her armchair
>starts knocking but to no avail
>go to see for myself
>ham planet reclined in armchair with laptop still on her lap
>"Uh, babe, pretty sure that is not her shade of lipstick"
>give elderly neighbour the dead woman's food
>Keep the change
>Demands money back
Dick head

This is a lie unless you were smoking some shitty mexi brick weed that didn't smell like weed.
tits or gtfo
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>be 14
>be at subway getting lunch with the family
>dad asks what I want
>I'll get whatever you get
>he asks for a B L T with jalapenos
>"but take out the tomatoes"
>the chick takes out the tomatoes
>"and the lettuce"
>chick gives dad a weird look and takes out the lettuce
>"and the bacon"
>"o-okay" she takes out the bacon
>"and give me more jalapenos"
>she's visibly shaking now as she adds more jalapenos
>she's on the verge of tears but still puts more jalapenos in
>"and get rid of the bun"
>she wraps up a couple handfuls of jalapenos, gives them to my dad and then breaks down on the floor crying
>"here you go son," he passes me the wrapped up jalapenos
>we leave without paying
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Smoke your shit out of a black and mild - the cancer paper inside disguises the smell really well

(all praise BA0EV)
happened yesterday
>work at wendy's
>work at the drive through window
>lady comes through and hands me the money
>she gives me 5 (which i'm now 100% positive of with backed up proof)
>give her her change
>she tells me she gave me a 20
>apologize and go get the keys to open my drawer
>i look and see only 3 20s and get a bad feeling
>i don't think she gave me a 20
>i could go get a manager and double check
>but she's being very pissy and wants her money
>in the moment i decide to just comply with her
>10 minutes later count my drawer and find i'm $15 short
>today a complaint comes in
>it was that bitch
>she says i fucked up, that i'm miserable and overweight and that i'll be lucky to even get an entry level job one day and will be working in fast food for a long time
>so she not only screws me over but decides to take the cunt factor up to 11 and insult me to no end

i have her license plate number and i remember her car. i was thinking of asking for some revenge on here buuuuuut, i don't think i'd get any response
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lmfao you win
blacklist her
or contact the authorities
civil lawsuit would be useless given she prob has no money
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Good thread
Can we get free food at your location too?
I have worked with many a dopehead, pretty sad shit.
They will do anything for dat H
i thought about it but people told me not to for only $15

if u want to scam us, but we'll spit in it

I had a friend from high school that started taking heroin... after about 2 years he was out of money, living on the street and rumors had it that he had been getting butt fucked by his dealers just to get high. Really bizarre drug.
>fucking newfags not knowing when to demand tits or gtfo
>protip:this is not one of those times
I've never worked at fast food before, but I have some stories that if the workers were on right now, they'd be able to tell you, so I'll tell you from their point of view: the asshole is me when I was 14-15.

>be me at BK
>constantly had to deal with this little fucking asshole that would come in everyday after school
>he'd come in and shoot spitballs all over the fucking place, piss all over the bathroom, and just fuck shit up
>he'd go into the speaker at the drive-thru and yell things like, "biiiitcchhh"
>one day, as I see him walking towards the store, I got prepared. Prepared to fuck him up.
>he came in and, as usual, I saw him fucking around, pissing people off.
>I ran up to him and yelled in his face with my stink ass breath, threw him at the wall, and kicked him out forever.
>he'd still yell shit through the drive-thru every morning and afternoon. I had to call the cops twice.
>I see him every now and then, I just grin.

inb4 making fast food workers lives hard
BK seriously is only for underage faggots

yr a dickhead
>Didn't even bring up the fact she was a fem for attention
Damn newfags
>Go to a McDonalds
>Eating my chicken nuggets
>they had a retarded janitor woman who would wipe off tables and sweep and shit.
>She is going down the line of tables wiping them down
>gets to mine, starts spraying
>gets bleach-water all over my fries and nuggets
>"Why the fuck did you do that?!"
>she looks scared
>go up to register and ask for a manager
>"Dude, she just sprayed my table and got it all over my food"
>he tells me she doesn't really know any better and he's sorry about it
>If she doesn't know any better, why the fuck is she working here, jesus christ.
>"Well dude, give me some new nuggets, I had like 4 left."
>he didn't give me new nuggets, probably because I was an asshole
>Whatever, Wendy's has better nuggets anyway.

yeah, and you fired him right after, right ?
>I used to go high on morphine like every day for about 6 months

and probably had to mainline laxatives, too, right ?

No, I didn't ever fire people unless they incapable of doing the job. Aside from getting high and fingering girls in the walk-in cooler, he was one of the best sandwich artists I had on staff at the time.

It's fucking impossible to find decent help at Subway.
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Pretty much... I quit when I went to the doctor with abdominal pain and my Xray came back and he said "OK, so basically... you're full of shit, and I mean that literally."
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>>go to MakAohanac
>>they only serve potato and vodka
>>no tables, no chairs
>>have to squat and eat from the ground
>Such is life in Soviet Russia


life ist gut !

potatoes ist better !

vodka ! best of all
This is a bit vague. What do you mean?

Every time I was ever in there, there would be a bunch of old people eating/
have a pizza hut story that just happened
>me and roommates be hungry
>order pizza huts wing pack
>wings and waffle fries doesn't sound bad
>actually show up early but needs help getting to my apartment
>third floor buddy just go up the stairs
>lol wut im in the parking lot you need to come to me
>tell him to go up stairs
>lol cant find em bro
>have to walk all the way across complex
>hes chilling right next to the stairs
>dont tip him
>bring food back
>fries are burnt
>giant pool of grease in wings
>call manager
>tells me to bring wings back, apparently they have had that complaint all day
>we go and show him
>looks pissed and gives us a a $50 gift card
>fires an employee cause hes a fuck up
>each get bacon cheese stuffed crust
i remember buying chicken nuggets from mcdonalds once, and it smelling like ammonia. I threw it away after that.
You're mixing up your russian and german
But he was preparing food w/o wearing gloves.
I'm also full of crap.
>working at subway
>be a closer
>2 new highschool kids get hired
>they seem alright
>i mix vodka and dr pepper and drink at work
>one of the kids find out
>fuck it they seem cool
>everyone is getting messed up
>leave to get high
>20 minutes later come back to a line full of people
>one of the kids is sitting in the back
>other one is upfront
>he keeps making crow noises
>caww caww really loud every 30 seconds
>cant focuss because of laughter
>cant even make a sandwich
>tell everyone were closed
>place is a mess
>finish drinking
>send kids home and get everything decent looking for the next day.

We all get fired 2 days later. Was worth it
>Be me
>just smoked some herb
>Me and drunk friend walk to mcdanks because fuck it
>Only drive thru is open
>Tan caddy in front of us
>Driver tells us to sit in the back to order
>Order mad processed cow discs between bread
>driver lights up joint
>He smokes half then hands it back to me
>Smoke it with the windows down while getting the food
>depart, never to meet again
>Be me
>Be at a McDonalds
>This fat tard sits down on the other side of the restaurant
>Can literally smell him from the distance that separates us
>Can see flies buzzing around him
>He waddles away to the bathroom
>Turns out he pissed himself
I never ate at McDonalds ever again
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Worked in a pasta fast food chain
>guy orders pasta with beef
>put beef into pan
>"is that the beef"
>"no it's siberian yak filet"
>"oh? Why siberian, is that special?"
>"yeah. Siberian yaks get treated with a greentea-beer massage every 30 minutes while eating importet weeds from indonasia"
>"no, it's beef. You ordered beef"
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When I read him saying "more" all I could think of was this scene.
>that pic
H-Holy fuck. I didn't even realized that I had played with that before until I stared at it for a few seconds.

True enough. but that's far from the worst thing to happen at Subway... Seriously, don't eat there.

>Working at Subway
>Girl is cleaning the oven
>there's a special oven cleaner subway uses.
>after you use it you're supposed to re-do it with just water.
>turns out she just sprayed the oven cleaner in there, didn't even wipe it out
>she immediately turns the oven back on and starts baking bread
>10 minutes later, smell really strong chemicals.
>oh what the fuck Paige.

She did get fired because that wasn't the first time she had done something that dangerously stupid. One time she lit her cigarette inside on the turbo oven. How fucking stupid can you be?
>two women walk in
>obvious business ladies getting pasta for lunch
>put the spaghetti into the water
>"is that oil?"
>"is that oil where you put the noodles"
>"yeah we deepfry our spaghetti"
>"oh is that why your spaghetti taste so great?"
>"yeah the oil gives the dough extra texture and moisture"
>"no it's water. We boil noodles."
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Canuckfag here

I've eat at tons of Subways and have never had any stories even come close to what anyone's described here.
>Visiting Rome
>Try McDonald's in different countries like a faggot
>Order 6 cheeseburgers, had a hankering for them
>Eat a couple
>Homeless girl in rage breaks away from gypsy group and approaches me
>"I haz cheeseburger?" mfw that's how she asks it irl.
>I kek out loud because back then lolcats were "cool"
>Poor girl gets sprayed in cheeseburger bits
>Embarrassingly hand her a whole, unadulterated cheeseburger.
>She smiles widely
The world continued to turn that day.
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>Working at Bakers Delight in high class area.
>Nothing happens.
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more of these please, im dieing.
Subway sounds crazy.

I went to Moscow on a school trip in the 90s, and discovered the locals wore evening dress to go to McDonalds.
When I go to fast food places I usually get two sodas because I'm so embarrassed by how much food I'm getting for myself.

I used to drink at Subway sometimes but never with underage kids. That's was hugely retarded.

Are you one of those fat fucks that orders like 10 burgers and then "a diet coke, please"?
In my case two diet cokes.

I'm 5' 10" and 210 pounds.
File: 1409004687431 (1).jpg (3KB, 125x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1409004687431 (1).jpg
3KB, 125x125px
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>Work at Panera Bread
>The Greek family comes in
>These fucking people are pure cancer
>They order the most ass backwards version of all of our food and throw hissy fits if it isn't 100%
>Little kid eating his salad
>Doesn't like it
>Turns bowl over and slams it to the floor

>Have to clean the bathrooms
>Go into ladies room
>Start cleaning out the tampon boxes
>One of them has a dirty diaper in it
>The smell fries my nose hairs

>Day is going retard slow
>Manager is shitting a brick because labor costs to sales ratio is going full retard
>Sends me on an hour break
>Co-worker comes up to me and says my manager said I could take as long of a break as I want
>Watch Netflix on my phone for 4 hours
>I only worked for 1.5 hours that day and offset the full retard of the ratio by a significant margin

>Health Inspector shows up
>Tests the dishwashers water
>It's missing the sanitize solution
>The tube connecting the solution to the dishwasher is fucked
>Have to pull back all the dishes I had washed previous
>Have to wash dishes then let them soak in sanatized water that we use to clean tables
>Takes ages just to get a few plates out
>Line is backed up to the streets
>The entire back is just piles upon piles of dishes
>General Manger chimps out on Ecolab because they're making excuses not to show up
>Calls them a bunch of lazy niggers

This one is in honor of a friend
>Be "E"
>Lady rolls up with a guy who seems way out of it
>Dude whips out his dick
>Starts pissing at me
>Chick don't even notice
>She starts spazzing out when she finally does
>Starts apologizing as she rushes out the place
>Have to mop up the piss
a friend of mine worked at a Jimmy Johns and they hired a guy who didn't know what a fucking tomato looked like, a sliced fucking tomato. He literally ate Cheetos and Hot Pockets every day.
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I work at Subway right now, just worked a 4-7 shift. We close at 7 on Sundays because it's not busy at all. anywho

>be workin at Subway
>we have a bar in the back of the store
>not even shitting, there's a door connected to a bar in the back of our Subway. the drunks use our bathrooms all the time
>alone at night because it's slow enough for one person
>hear door slam from the back
>guy comes up with a woman, he's feeling her up and shit, they're both wasted
>doesn't even order a sandwich, he's just standing near the register grabbing her tits and ass
>ask him if he needs anything
>he tells me no a few times in a row before telling me to fuck off
>ask him to either go back into the bar or leave
>he gets upset, grabs my tip jar and flips it over, change spilling everywhere
>reach my hand down under the counter, try and make it as noticeable as possible, make sure he sees
>tell him I just hit a button that contacts the police department, only a few blocks away, because Sheriff Anon wanted us to have it due to only one person working at a time
>drunk fuck freaks out, runs out of the store and starts his truck
>hear a honking horn as he pulls out

No idea if he got home safe. I've always wanted to pull the "I've alerted the police" card
>50sth woman walks in
>obvious mother of too many, straight edge, wishes she spoke every fucking language
>orders tacchino picante sauce with campagnelle
>tries to pronounce it italian "I'll have tiachianio piatshantey with ciampagnyello"
>"I'm sorry what?"
>"oh you speak my language? I thought you were italian"
>"right if you could just repeat your order ma'am"
>"I'll have penne with arrabiata"
>make her dish
>she leaves happy
>20 minutes and a dickload of equally stupid customers later she returns with an empty plate
>"this is not what I ordered"
>"excuse me?"
>"this is not what I ordered. It didn't taste well and I won't pay for that. Make what I ordered"
>"sorry but I'm not the manager, I'll get him"
>had to make her fucking tiachiahcinao pichiahcinoate take away
>she got both for free
>she came every day pulling similar shit off

I have more stories of her if anyone cares
not ture she didnt cry on the floor

Did she get what she deserved eventually?
File: CAM00056.jpg (99KB, 630x473px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99KB, 630x473px
I used to work at Burger King and found grease stalagmites under the broiler one time. Fun stuff.

>pic related
>go to maccys dees with gf
>looking wat to order
>we decide
>fat lady employee directs us where to stand...
>wtf i know how to queue im british ffs
>we stand in line
>queue next to us gets served
>other people coming in behind us now directed to other queue
>3-4 new peeps get served before me
>Fuck this shit im outta here
>tell lady employee, im not a fucking animal i know how to queue
>walk out with gf laughing her tittays off (she wud usually get embaressed but we were having a fun day)
>next week we go in, fat lady tard is cleaning tables
>she notices me and quickly assumes her hitler like queue job (smug as fuck)
>goes to direct me to line
>I give her the finger, choose my own line, get served and wait for foods
>Food comes I leave and tell her to stick to cleaning tables

also got a crazy fucking bk story if anyones interested
More please
Please do tell

Yeah I'm interested.
>tip jar
>at Subway
All this whiteknighting is sure to get you laid! Has the femanon texted you yet demanding you enter her?
>get a new coworker
>my turn to train him
>his name is rajesh
>i called him steve
>after half an hour of trying to explain which sauce is which he kinda understood
>ready for his first customer
>brodude, obvious faggot. Orders a fucking pizza
>steve throws an egg in the pan before I could stop him
>tell the brodude that we don't serve pizza and ask steve what the fuck he was doing
>brodude asks "i thought you were italian. You all make pizza"
>tell him that we are a pasta fastfood chain and if we had pizza we wouldn't be a pasta fastfood chain
>steve tries to explain why he threw the fucking egg
>something about allah i don't even remember
>tell him not to do that again because its retarded
>brodude fucks off. New customer
>teen ish girl, orders fussili with carbonara
>steve says he got it and puts some oil in the pan and cranks the heat to max
>he flirts with the girl who was like 50 years younger
>oil starts smoking
>tell him to put something in the pan or turn it off and go home
>says he got it
>oil starts burning
>steve throws an egg at the pan
>egg fucking explodes everywhere
>girl screams
>i take the pan with the burning oil, flip it around and put it on the floor
>steve asks me why i did that
Believe it or not, he wasn't fired
>Be last day of school
>Celebrate by getting blazed with two friends and going to get Subway
>Hotbox car, stride into Wubsay
>Standing in line for awhile, pretty packed
>Friend 1 ahead of me in line, Friend 2 behind me in line
>Get to sandwich making station
>Order bread and meat
>Sandwich bitch puts sandwich in toaster
>Waiting for sandwich to get out
>Start feeling really, really shitty, real fast
>Vision is fading
>Vision turns white
>Go blind
>Lose balance
>Fall hard and head bounces off tile floor
>Out for a good five seconds
>Regain conciseness
>Get to my feet and run out of the store
>Sitting outside getting my shit straight, manager comes out
>"Shit son, you took quite a fall, why don't you get a cookie to feel better"
>Friends come outside with my sandwich
>Friend 1 thought I was faking the whole thing and just started laughing when I blacked out
>Friend 2 didn't see anything happen and was confused to where I went.
>Marijuana is a hell of a drug
>brings her sandwich to the soup counter and pours soup all over her sandwich
How are people like this even hired?

But I'm a gayfag...
>Be me, working at McDonald's.
>Seriously dead day, hardly anyone in lobby, only few cars in drive thru.
>So dead they sent a bunch of people home early.
>Be working drive thru window getting food ready as this small, petite chick hands it out (She was like 25 but looked 17)
>I'm over making some retard a shake for front counter
>Hear yelling at window, look over to see this guy yelling at coworker, calling her a bitch, retard, cunt, etc
>Props to her for trying to play it cool
>He says something else, she gets pisses starts yelling back at him
>Starts to walk away, then suddenly gets hit dead center in the back with a soda the dude had in his car
>She does 180, picks up a soda off the machine, chucks it at him and gets dark soda all over him and the inside of his car.
>He starts yelling more and pulls a knife out and is threatening her
>She starts hauling balls around front counter to go outside and try and kick his ass
>MFW she slips and falls HARD right as she stepped around the counter and got to lobby.
>She ends up outside by guy's truck but her nigger boyfriend is holding her back as a manager FINALLY appears inside at the window and is talking to the guy and yelling at her to come back inside.
>Cops get called, guy leaves before they show up, get statement from all witnesses.
>MFW I had front row seat
>MFW absolutely no one was working and was standing around watching this happen
>MFW the chick was sent home for the day, but not fired.
>MFW I have no face.
Holy fuck! You newfags are like sandniggers. You are unwanted but you come anyways, and you refuse to assimilate into the society you enter.

>Lurk Moar!
Are you sure this isn't the script for a HowToBasic video?


great bate, faggot. you fucked up by having shittier short term memory than a fucking retarded goldfish.

i hope that 15 was taken out of your pay
>read original post
he saged guys, obviously not a newfag
>in bk with gf
>gf is veggie and wants veggie burger with extra pickles
>order foods and head downstairs
>she opens burger
>WTF bacon on top...
>I head upstairs speak to guy who served me
>Dood theres bacon on a veggie burger m8
>Angry but guy next to me in line bursts out laughing and cant believe it so i cool a bit
>no sorry or anything, my foods downstairs going cold on me and doesn;t offer to bring it to our table
>i stand waiting and manger is just blah blah blah'ing with employee
>getting more angry, i see the burger slide down that chute thing
>still waiting...i approach another employee and ask to get burger
>manager springs into action, OH IS THAT URS SIR???
>yes its fucking mine, return to gf and tell her
>we sit down, gets burger, result no bacon
>Burger is still half fucking frozen in middle.
>i tell her to get her shit together
>go upstairs and ask manager guy, hey are you the manager
>yes i am
>slap burger into his fucking face and tell him to train his staff properly
>we stroll out, guy who was laughing earlier is choking on his own now and gives me the thumbs up

we never went back to that bk for months, when we did all staff had pretty much changed. useless cunts.
Hahaha. Shit man, I feel ya.
Did the same at a /b/ro's place.
>Mid August high 30 heat.
> Eventually friend's mom takes fan I'm chillin in front of.
>Really cooked, (figurative and literally)
>Captain's goin' down.MOV
>Slam and hit the ground hard
>Wake up minutes later with erryone looking at me with concern and with friends mom pouring water over my face

No relative storys to fast food. Just didn't want to lurk the whole time tho
Few days later she comes back as usual
>smirks at me because i am now her bitch
>orders three double sizings of scampi pasta (most expensive shit we had. 12 fucking bucks each serving)
>i prepare her shit
>after I fried the shrimps and shortly before I was all done, she changed her mind and ordered one aglio e olio with spaghetti
>k fine
>put the scampi pans away
>prepare aglio e olio, book aglio e olio because i am her slave
>give her her pasta
>she looks at me puzzled and demands all the shrimps I fried
>tell her I'll have to book that
>she flips shit
>lies to manager that I yelled at her and called her a bitch
>manager gets mad at me, tells me we'll have a talk later and walks off
>she again demands the shrimps
>tell her again I'll have to book it, otherwise I have to pay them
>she throws pasta on the ground and walks out calling me a chauvenist
It was a week before I quit. The quitting story was quite fun too
Shut up faggot
>he asks for the manager
>i am the manager
Oh my kek
Was not disappoint, am proud anon.
I absolutely fucking wish

Fucking steve

"Goddamnit Steve!!"
Tell us anon
then share bro
Why does anyone eat at Subway?
Shit tier sandwiches
So many better options, idc where you live
>be working at McDonald's
>greasy Brooklyn stereotype walks up to counter
>asks me howuch a small fry is
>tell him $1.12
>freaks out and makes a scene, complaining that they used to be only a dollar
>grabs a chart with the calories for everything on the menu
>looks at it for 15 fucking minutes without making a sound
>tells me to just give him the small fries
>gets his food and leaves
File: images.jpg (3KB, 128x152px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 128x152px
File: wut is this shit.png (814KB, 642x652px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
wut is this shit.png
814KB, 642x652px
>sandwich without the bread
>Not understanding the asshole was trying to get a salad without paying the stupid price for one
>Fort Collins
my nigga
>implying anon doesnt know something and isnt just acknowledging that that's pretty fucked up
>work at a subway
>woman comes up to the counter to order
>she orders a club, toasted.
>I got the veggies while the faggot I work with has the meats.
>I pull out the sandwich and gets her veggies.
>She then says "Oh yeah can I get soup with that?
>I bring her sandwich to the soup counter and pour soup all over her sandwich.
>The lady is pretty shocked and didn't know what to say
>My coworker calls me "retard" and to go in the back.
>I go outside and put my balls on his car door handle because I live dangerously
cop had no nose?
Top kek
Haha thank you.
It's the same day as the last story
>manager called me for a talk after my shift was over
>he wants to transfer me for a week to another location because they need training. It would only be for a week
>obviously accept. Can't get worse. Don't have a choice anyway
>new location (like 20minutes away. No big deal)
>the whole staff speaks little to no modern day language
>call everyone steve
>show them how to prepare all the pasta we have, not to let the oil smoke because of carcinogenic shit and what not, how to store marine animals, everything
>no one understands me
>manager walks in
>typicall 'best buddy boss'
>pats everyones shoulders and says way too loudly "SO? EVERYTHINGS ALRIGHT YOU GUYS?"
>staff nods and says what I assumed to be a yes in their language
>tell him yeah kinda alright
>proceed to show them how to clean up
>steve asks me what I do that for. It just gets dirty on the next shift anyway
>ask him if he handles his body the same way
>he says yes
>fuck me
The store was new and not opened yet. No customer stories thank fuck

>back at old location. Annoyed as shit.
>early shift
>everythings a fucking mess
>nothing is cleaned
>bigboss and manager walk in on my scrubbing
>bigboss yells at me what the fuck I'm doing
>bigboss gets angry at me about the mess
>tell him I wasn't here for a week so i don't fucking know why it looks like this
>both yell at me about how incompitent I am
>take off my faggot corporate identity bandana and vest, throw it at them, tell them to fuck off, walk home, break my toe at my door
Glorious times
Had a similar thing happen to me. Just without the fan and at a snoop dogg concert

You're a fucking faggot, Chris.
Brown Deer represent
Moar Steve stories
shouldn't have crossed me
File: 1309727073933.png (175KB, 519x302px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
175KB, 519x302px
>break my toe at my door
Glorious. Thanks m8, that was a good read

> thinking /B has rules
> fucking newfags
File: 1393784926006.png (192KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
192KB, 500x375px
that's not even how you spell mcdonals
Glad you enjoyed it.

Thread is about to die, isn't it?
Currently working as a shift leader at Dunkin Donuts. Costumers are rude as shit on a daily basis. Don't really have any incredible stories like you guys though.
I think so /b/ud.
Currently at Cracker Barrel, not a fast food but shit nigga does that dish room get retarded real quick
>He asks for the manager
>I am the manager.

lel can't help but laugh when shit like this happens
File: 1411782952485.png (141KB, 516x526px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141KB, 516x526px
>working at wegmans as an entry level cook
>be assigned to the rotisserie oven.
>oven is old as fuck and some of the racks are messed up
>loading chickens
>drop one on the dirty floor
>pick it back up and put it on the tray
>fuck it, why should I waste a chicken
>load that fucker back into the rotisserie oven

someone got a chicken with extra "flavor"

Are you indian?
75% of the DD workers here are indian..

I always tip them, though.
naah, we still have plenty of time
I'll start writing one but if the thread dies on me before I can post, sorry about that.
Typing on a phone isn't the fastest
Mexican but I look the same so everyone just assumes I am. Apparently I look middle eastern. Not like it really matter. Also yes many pakistanis and middle easterns work in Dunkin Donuts. How they communicate with customers is beyond me sometimes.
Typing on tablet isn't any faster.
why would you even post this shit story if you have a better one. fucks wrong with you.
>im british ffs
I hate this place.
No I would have told him the same thing. Wanna be a picky bitch and order ridiculous shit, then fuck off somewhere else.
When I was a teen, I worked at a sub shop (not Subway) for a few years with all my friends. Have tons of stories.

On my last day (no quitting in a fit of rage, sorry, just found a better job), I was hanging out in the dining room, slacking off, and put a napkin over the motion sensor for the alarm system and weighed it down with a cookie.
>co-workers all had a laugh.
>Meant to take it down at the end of my shift
>Forgot to.

Two days after I quit, the store was broken into it, coincidentally. Cops found that motion sensor disabled by napkin and determined it was an inside-job. Thankfully, that place was so covered in grease and i had a reason to have fingerprints all over everything since i worked there for years.
But, for about a year afterward, I was scared that the cops would think that I had done it and arrest me.
I was freaking out for a year
That happened to me once, but at home. Decided to cook my girlfriend a fancy dinner, sprinkled some paprika along the edges of the plate for contrast and taste, washed my hands but apparently a little bit was stuck under my fingernails. Went to finger her later and halfway through she started freaking out because of the pain.
> He asks for the manager
> I am the manager

Haha happened to my friend once, my buddy ran up the basement stairs ahead of me, then me, then my friend and when he got to the top he started mumbling and wobble-leaning to the wall before collapsing backwards and smacking the fuck out his head on the floor. My buddy in front of me was just like "what the fuck are you doing" while I laughed hysterically, right in front of his mom
Marijuana is one hell of a drug
Steve 2/?
A few days after the eggs I think
>meet steve at the locker room, emptying a huge backpack while sitting on the floor
>don't ask. Don't ask.
>tell him his shift is starting in 10minutes and he can't leave his stuff scattered around the floor
>fucking crayons, a tobacco stuffing machine, cogwheels, dirt and a stick wtf
>he offers me the tobacco stuffer
>tell him thanks but I cant be arsed doing it myself
Fast forward to actual shift
>i'm suprised because the first few customers went well
>they just ordered plain old tomato sauce and it's ready made so no kudos to steve
>new customer walks in
>tough dude with his girlfriend
>both order carbonara
>carbonara has eggs...
>a little scared but he has to learn it so what the fuck
>while he's preparing the carbonara he takes a fuckload of garlic and just dumps it into both sauces
>i stop him and ask him wtf he was doing
>he said his wife told him to make sure to use a lot of garlic for his customers. Customers love garlic
>tell him to ask the customers before that
>steve gets pissed about me apparently trashtalking his wife
>customers are a bit stunned but don't care too much
>order 2 arizona greentea. Who would have guessed
>steve stops me and says he got it
>drops both glass bottles
>doesn't appologize, doesn't clean up, walks through the glass in fucking sandals
>gets two new bottles and charges the customers 4
I used to manage a hooters. One time these kids ordered a 50 piece. They managed to shove the entire order down the toilet. Syrafoam and all. Even the silverware. Its was a disaster.
Could have only been better if he said "one minute, sir", ducks behind the counter and reappears a few seconds late saying "hi, I'm the manager, what seems to be the problem, sir?"
File: 1376823104175.gif (2MB, 176x144px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 176x144px
>be me work at mcdonalds
>at macdonalds when someone has a special order (ie cheeseburger no onions or bigmac add bacon) we put a sticker on the wrap.
>muslim lady comes in and orders cheeseburger no pickles/onions
>same time white guy orders cheeseburger add bacon
>orders get mixed up and muslim women gets the one with bacon
>she doesn't check and starts eating her burger
>after several bites she realises she ate bacon and starts screaming the place down
>after a while we realise she is crying because she thinks her god is going to come down right there and smite her where she stands
>nek minnut muslim husband comes and starts threatening workers
>call security (we are in a shopping center) have the whole family removed
>mfw when lady probably got choked to death by her husband that night for eating bacon
File: image.jpg (162KB, 1248x1504px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
162KB, 1248x1504px
> be me young black guy
> be working at chipotle
> Tiredsome but kinda cool
> fat fucks, hipsters, ghetto nigs and bitches
> diversity
> anyway be me working at a fast pace
> I'm doing 2 orders at a time
> one white bitch rushing me to take her order
> "Can you take my order now!?"
> I tried not to be inconsiderate or mean so I stated "Can you hold on?"
> She throws a fit and ask for my name
> I gave it to her and continue taking her and others orders

-3 days later-

> came to work but I had this feeling it was gonna be a bad day
> today I was gonna quit after working
> came in, start getting prepared manager called me in the back
> gave me papers saying I received complaints from someone
> Dat White Bitch
> said I told her "Don't you ever rush me"
> Got fired and remove from premises
> mfw
No green text...
Working at Taco Bell. Cleaning out ladies room. Trash is filled with lime 4 or 5 bottles of Listerine. One of the girls is excusing herself a couple times a shift and going to the drug store, stealing Listerine and drinking it to get buzzed.
Sounds chill AF
Hate those people.
Like I'm in the middle of making a meal and drinks.
This one fucking person is just like "CAN YOU PLEASE TAKE MY ORDER?"
Usually ignore them or say "One minute please"
If they keep yelling I just ignore them.
At least her breath wont stink
"The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact."
fucking steve
When we had new employees, we had a meeting everytime they had a shift. It was more than a week of me telling the manager that steve was a fucking idiot and absolutely useless. He didn't care, don't ask me why
>another day
>this time, prep duty
>I explain steve how to cut the meet, prepare the tomato sauce so it's ready for the cooks out there
>explain all the details about the meat and how to store it all properly
>very important, fish stuff needs to go 0°C or lower, otherwise it starts rotting in your fridge and cause beautiful stomach fun
>3hours into the shift steve didn't do all that bad. I was working myself so I didn't have an eye on him the whole time, but it was alright everytime I checked
>quick toilet break
>come back to check on the tomato sauce
>tastes okay, not the best we had, idk how you can fuck up this recipe but what the hell
>show him how to fill it up in the cans we use
>fucking chunks of unidentifiable stuff splatter out
>whole onions, a whole beef filet and fucking crayons
>please fucking god let this be the last straw
By the way he still works there as a trainer. I have absolutely no idea how
I'll share some more of my Not-Subway stories.

>Be working Drive-through.
>Fucking hate Drive-through; hate it enough to refuse to spell it "thru."

Woman orders a sub, I ask her, "What size? 6" 8" or 12"?" She pulls right up to the window. This 50-something whale is laughing her ass off. "I've never had a guy ask me how many inches I wanted before!" (I was like 17...I felt creeped out for her.)

Another Drive-Through story:
>Working late on a Saturday night. Drunk woman comes through Drive-through.
This woman is drunk off her ass and driving. We're a mile from the cop shop, so i have one of my employees call the police before this bitch kills someone. (A friend was killed drinking a driving - I don't take that shit lightly.) So, I'm trying to distract her and keep her there at the woman so the cops can arrive. Drunk bitch becomes convinced that the woman in the car behind her is flashing her lights and yelling.
Other woman isn't doing shit, and is just sitting there.
Drunk bitch gets out of her car and walks back and starts pummeling the other woman.
>Where the fuck are those cops???
Drunk woman gets back in her car and drives off. Other woman pulls up and is only shaken up; I give her her entire order for free. Cops show up about 15 minutes later, after we called again about the assault; drunk bitch was long gone by then.
They sweat it out though and it smells like minty-shit.
Used to work with a girl that did the same thing.
why the fuck would anyone waste a 50 piece? That shit's not right, man
as a subway employee i can confirm this
you do realize that all legitimate food places don't use gloves, right? if you wash your hands it's not an issue.

source: bused at a 4 star steak house
What in the unholy fuck is /B ?
File: 1407828697084.jpg (14KB, 251x234px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 251x234px
> Working in dodgy Italian Restaurant as chef
> At work one morning doing prep for lunch
> Walks in to cool room
> See that floor is flooded
> Call over work-mate
> We discover that water is collecting from a-top the refrigeration unit and leaking down
> I get step ladder to see what is causing the water to pool
> Get on ladder and find a 20 litre bane sealed with clingfilm a-top the refrigerator unit. Condensation is forming on cling film.
> Immediately assume some retard apprentice has fucked something up and tried to hide it up there
> Look closer... see that the bane is jam-packed with neatly stacked $20 notes.
> No secret that workplace's owner is in to some dodgy shit.
> I, being the retard I am, indirectly suggest to my boss that he move the money without even taking any.
> I kick myself for it everyday.
>Hate those people.
Yeah I hate niggers too. They can't even take their shit together in the easiest jobs, fukken slow workers.
top kek
I found one of my employees crushing oxies with a knife we used to cut chicken if it makes you feel any better. We fired him, think he's homeless now.

It's a drive on your computer.
worked at BK for 2 years, got some good ones

>on drive thru order takers
>dude comes through
>"can I get chicken nuggets"
>how many would you like?
>how many nuggets did you want?
>the nuggets, they come in 4, 10, or 20. how many did you want?
>"i don't know what you're asking me"

motherfucker got 4

Yeah the fucked up part is that they didn't even get my side of the story and just fired me.... I wanted to leave like a boss.


Fuck outta here bruh. Take your >>/pol/ shit wit you too.
I've never worked fast food, but being behind people like this are the absolute fucking worst.
File: Retard Alert.jpg (37KB, 479x349px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Retard Alert.jpg
37KB, 479x349px
>being this retarded
>implying gays can't browse
Never get breaded. Always get naked wings. That breading is poopy and gross. I wasn't too pissed though, now if it was a 50 piece naked hot, heads would have rolled. I just can't get over those tasty grease filled chicken morsels
>bitch manager
>dining room closed
>dude tries to walk through the drive-thru
>she's a bitch about it and won't let him
>gets in his truck
>goes to the speaker, revs his engine super loud
>goes to the window, orders, throws money at my manager
>"how's that you stripper cunt"
>she bans him from the store

guy was a douche but it was funny as fuck

don't fret it
you don't want to get yourself involved with money that's been tainted
4/4 I should go to bed. Work work
>few days later
>early shift
>notice a strange smell from the prep room
>prep room fucking reeks
>open all windows while holding my breath
>find a whole fish in the cooler for vegetables
>approach steve and ask him what the fuck his issue was and why he couldn't get anything right
>he offered to make me pizza and said he was sorry but he couldn't remember all the things I told him
>asked him why he didn't put the fucking fish in the fish labled freezer next to the fucking vegetable labled cooler
>no answer
>ask him again
>he offers me his sandwich and a tobacco stuffer
>tell my boss I'll never do a shift with him again in my life
Fast forward to next day
We didn't have a sufficient amount of lockers so two grouped up for each locker
>open my locker
>fucking sandwiches inside some shoes, backpack next to it
>oh god no
>ask boss
>he said since we never work together, the locker will always be empty for each one
>show him the locker
>he shrugs it off and says it's steves culture
The rest of the time was similar and annoying but not worth any stories. Thanks for reading
File: image.jpg (28KB, 440x440px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 440x440px

> drinking a driving
File: image.jpg (73KB, 640x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 640x960px
MFW people ask me for a regular sized drink at the drive thru
now we just need robots to prep the food
The job I left my sub shop job for was in an office supply store.
I was busy and had a line of customers waiting to talk to me. A black lady comes up right when I'm in the middle of a sales spiel and asks for help. I tell her that I'd be with her as soon as I could, and there was already a line of people ahead of her.
>I look at the line of 3 or 4 people, realize they're all white.
>I knew what was going to happen.
I go back to the customer I was helping, but watch the lady out of the corner of my eye. I see her go to the customer service counter and can hear her raised voice. She finally stormed out in a huff.
At the end of the night, I asked the manager (who was a friend and knew me) what happened.
The lady demanded I'd be fired because I was a racist and called her a nigger.
>mfw I knew the manager had met the girl I was seeing at the time.
Manager said, "Really? He is? I'd better tell his girlfriend: [a very obviously black name] - she deserves to know!"
I loved working with that manager....
Breaded is a fucking insult to wings. shoulda mentioned that they weren't naked.

i may not care for hooters, but, goddamn the wings are great.
Where was the one you managed at?
kek, go find a job
it's fairly cheap for an ok sandwich. Can I get a better turkey sandwich with cranberry half a block away? Yes. Do I want to spend $9 on a sandwich when I'm hungry and kinda broke? hell no.
>order taker
>guy orders a whopper meal or something
>gets to the window, pays
>adds a milkshake
>make milkshake
>stand by counter waiting to get his food
>guy starts yelling
>pours milkshake on the ground
>"give me my fucking money back"
>you sure you don't just want me to make another one?
>"no give me my money back you fucking retard"
>well I can't open my drawer without a manager, hang on
>"no open the fucking drawer you stupid fucking retard"
>get manager, tell her what's up
>she tries to be nice
>he calls us both stupid fucking retards over and over
>she tells him he has to stop
>he doesn't
>she closes the window on him without giving him his money
>he sits there for a while then leaves
>calls back later and says we can keep the money and use it for some manners lessons for the kid at the window (me)

absolutely no idea what set him off. he didn't wait a long time or anything
you're a terrible manager
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