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I want to start a self pity circle jerk so BAWWW thread i guess.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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I want to start a self pity circle jerk so BAWWW thread i guess.
oops img didn't attach. what's gotcha down op?
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you still here Op?
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any lurkers?
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I guess I'll dump my folder, I don't have much tho
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never saw that one
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I used to think I was alone in this
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Just trying to fucking forget her. It feels impossible, but I have to do it.

>tfw I still love her more than anything

Yeah I'm doing my best.
I just found out I'm very close to losing my job over some nonsense I simply quite literally can not control.

I don't have any friends or family. I was looking for a job for years before I got this one, now im going to lose it again now that I'm getting life back in order.

I'm so tired of this shit /b/..... I can't do it anymore
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Responses to this are not the ones I'd expect from /b/. I'm almost sort of proud.
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god damnit dogs...
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Requesting that feels image of that girl who kept texting this dude(lover) after he died.

Right in the feels man.
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This the one?
Holy shit...
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I'm in a similar situation. i found a new job a career they retracted their offer a month after i had relocated from florida to california. its been 4 months since ive worked and im out of savings im about to lose my car too but i have an interview at pizza hut in 9 hrs if this falls thru i don't know what im doing... never thought id fall so low that my life depended upon me getting a job that pays 7.75/hr 28 yr old fucking loser
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Holy shit, I read that entire thing. I am literally tearing up from the last words from him "You guys were the closest thing I had to real friends"
10/10 feelz mayn
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It's because we hide ourselves in the rest that /b/ has to offer. But in these threads...we are only looking in mirrors, at our own reflections. So we try to help others, cause deep down, we'd want help, but we aren't able to fix ourselves, so why not try to help another, in the same situation you know?

cap = sacrifice
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I was in this thread when he told this story. I forgot about this but I told this story to someone once a few months back
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Yeah, I try to only post the ones that either made me cry or reminded me of myself.
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I don't have a dog, but if I did, I could never have them put down

I'd have to do it myself
nice way to fry a good laptop faggot
yeah same. I'm starting to think its bipolar disorder or something though because sometimes i just feel elated and then after about an hour its severe depression.
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Still hurts.png
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I didn't leave my dog when she was put down..I couldn't.

The thing about it though, they don't tell you how fast they go, once the syringe is empty, they're already gone.

I cried in that room for a good half hour, before I was finally able to get myself to leave her side. I didn't care that the vet was fucking waiting...causeshe wasn't just a dog, she was family

Shit like this gets to me.

I'm probably going to be homeless again within the next few months. My pet miniature schnauzer is turning 13 years old this year. I can tell he's gotten so old. I'm 24, I've had him since he was a week old. He's all I got and I'm losing him
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I just arrived home.
I went on a walk instead of working on my lab. I just do it. No motivation to do any of my work at all. It's never been this bad before.

And I went out at 12:00 at night. And i went to the usual place I go. And I cried in the grass. It felt like a dream. I don't know.

And everyday I walk by the student mental health services centre. And I always think that maybe I should tell someone.

I don't know.
:'( I'm sad for him, but I'm happy /b/ is here for us.
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this sounds like bullshit to me: vet said "yea well ya know we can give him a tranquilizer and then a drug to stop his heart, or it'd be better if you'd go blow his brains out yourself"
umm nope.
I mean--it's YOUR pet, they can't tell you what to do--but they're not going to suggest that.
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at least it helps me feel better when I'm imagining being happy as i fall sleep. I gladly trade my lap top for relief from what i feel
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Irish song.png
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That pic sums up social anxiety pretty good.

Mine also has to do with, I literally think everytime I go anywhere, that someone's gonna fucking attack me and try to kill me.
This made me cry, and im glad it did. Ive pent up so much shit and needed to get it out, thank you for posting it
This got to me. He made his choice I suppose, though it's a shame he let someone so undeserving play a primary role.

I wish I could leave as well. I want to die, but have long since acknowledged that I irrationally can't. One day maybe something will break in me as well.
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Never met.jpg
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for me it was always similar... except every time, I had made plans with this girl I loved and every time she flaked and I could never admit it to my dad
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>be me 15
>getting into the drug scene
> start doing ecstasy
>have a kick back at my place
>friend shows up with a few people and ecstasy
>friend brings a girl over to me
>'hey this is anon i want you to be paying attention to him tonight"
>don't care i have my arm around this other girl
>she sees
>gets together with my friend no big deal
>my girl leaves friend is playing guitar hero
>she looks bored, fuck it
>put my arm around her start making out
>not sure if ecstasy or just that she was a punker fucking fell in love with her

> mfw I first saw this episode while in high school around 2007
> my parents were going through a lengthy separation and the beginning of a long divorce proceeding that lasted like two years
> I knew from the beginning I'd always be staying with my mom but at some point it hit me that my dad wasn't just leaving my mom, he was willingly leaving my daily life
> the 'how come you don't want me man' line runs through my head in all the years since

I still can't watch that episode or anything else with overt "father-son" issues. Just too many feels.
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im broke poor living with my parents no food no money no gas to drive no job
im hungry every day
my clothes dont fit, have holes doesnt work.
my family lost thier well paying jobs

im amazingly good with computers since i was 5 and trying to get my foot into the door. no call no interviews. run a part time mobile repair service for 5 years as experience. i dont even know if thats counts as experience to an employer now..

ashamed that i might have to work at minimum wage job again..afraid ill be stuck there forever...afraid nothing will happen with my life...time is ticking i just turned 23
im so down, i dont even get out of bed anymore. calls dont come in from repair buisness. bills are coming.
what am i doing
le edge
My father is dying on the couch right now
fake if dog was sit for 3 months dog would be kill
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This one didn't exactly make me cry, I guess it's more suitable for feels. I just wanted to share it.
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Proud of you.png
121KB, 870x590px
Yeah it's my biggest fear for my nephews, their dad chose drugs over them. Hell he made a whole nother family.

About you though, it was your dad's choice to leave, not a mutual thing. Your mom wasn't he one kicking him out or anything?

Either way I'm sorry man, that shits tough to go through for anyone, but especially a kid, and 15 years, is a child.
File: 1410637312995.png (145KB, 480x404px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am simultaneously full of feels and full of fucking rage

Those fucking parents, I swear to God
cat died while Im away at school, apparently was skulking around the house looking for me the day before he passed... wasnt that old either

maybe i've been watcing a lot of anime lately. it helps a ton. speaking of which >>570697356 always makes me think about the ending of Angel Beats. definitely a must watch if you're into subbed anime. The dubs not bad but that scene lost a lot of the original feels in the dubbed version
>after a month or so we break up
>start doing acid
>everyone hooking up around me
> frying my mind out all night
>i fucking miss danielle
>danielle danielle danielle danielle i should get back together with danielle
>obsess over her all night
>start a convo over facebook
>tell her i'm frying face and miss her
>she agrees to meet up with me
>no way to get to her
>after all day of begging my friends for a ride i eventually get my mom to give me a ride
>arive at her place one town over
>give her a braclet i made before i fried
>green (her) and blue mine favorite colors
>still no sleep
>we get back to my place
>friends there(always had friends at my place
>room's a shed seperated from the house, my own pad
>ask friend to front me some acid for me and her to fry together
Sorry that you feel so lost buddy. I've had moments when I wanted to tell. But I don't know where to begin.

That episode really messed with me, too. My mother was cool as hell, but my father was an absolute piece of shit. We lived on a farm when I was a kid; he was busy most of the time and when he wasn't, he was a loud, manipulative, abusive asshole. More than a few times, I just hid in my room whenever I heard him come into the house.

He and my mother worked out some of their issues over the years; eventually, they sold the farm and we all moved into a nearby town, which made things a bit better. Now I'm 31, living on my own and they're both retired, living a few provinces over.

So many of his words come back to haunt me so often now, though. The worst was that he told me he felt like he'd failed as a father. That always stuck with me. In the end though, I don't think he did. He succeeded, but maybe not in the way he wanted to. He never tried to show me a good example of a man, but he was very good at showing me a bad example over and over and over. I never wanted to be him and I've worked hard to be a better person than he ever was.
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314KB, 1238x1331px
Don't know if I already posted this one but I don't think I did.
See threads like this are what shows /b/ and 4chan isn't filled with a bunch of heartless misogynists. We are normal people who wont hide from the pain and horror of the world. We will cry when its righteous. We will fight and tear down the ignorance and arrogance of others. Thank you /b/rothers, thank you.
Oh, look...
It's raining.
Can anybody here me?
File: ;sadlkfasdfa.jpg (27KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 500x375px

Oh wow, i'm unbanned. Hello again everyone

I can hear you anon
File: 1395971015023.gif (3MB, 294x582px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 294x582px
aw shiiit that got me....
Was there ever an update on this bitch? Has /b/ bother to track her down and see if she even feels remotely bothered at all?
File: When its over....png (118KB, 778x358px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
When its over....png
118KB, 778x358px
As long as you remember. I too had a shitty bio dad, likes your manipulative. abusive, quick to anger, most of all loved to humiliate me.

I get angry sometimes at my nephews, lose my temper, but then i stop, remind myself 'you cant do that, you cant be like him' so i just stop, breathe, and talk calmly to em.

You just keep that shit in mind, when or if you do have kids. Stop, breathe...remember what it was like growing up with him, and don't repeat that shit, no one deserves it.

>he poisoned me against my stepdad, who was actually a great guy
>never gave him anything but anger and hate
>bio dad never taught me love, only that if I got too close to him, he would hurt me
>steapdad died when I was 15...I never realized how much he meant to me, until it was too late

I'm sorry
>friend gives me this look(bro don't do it)
>ignore him head over heels
>we take acid
>after about a hour or so of frying we go out to meet my friend
>dude that was playing guitar hero
>think nothing of it
>on the way we decide to stop at this bar with lazer lights
>in awh
>bar staff start yelling at us we're pissed
>friend stops awnsering phone
>we decide to go back
>on the way back she says
>"wouldn't that projector look nice in your room"
>fuck it ima steal that shit
>she gets ready across the street
> i grab that shit
>holy fuck it's stuck
>toss that shit in the bushes
>they're right behind me
>right about toget to the other side of the street where danielle is
>fuck too late they're right behind me
>lead them away from her
>if anything happend to her can't live with myself
>they chase me 5 blocks, jump me and burn me with ciggerettes
>on acid 2 days straight after five blocks my body cramped from dehydration and couldn't move
>as they burned me i couldn't stop laughing
>fucking enjoyed it
>wake up in hospital
>eventually give up name john doe so i can get my mom to pick me up at 5;58
File: herewegosadface.jpg (76KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76KB, 1280x720px
I once dated this guy in Massachusetts, keep in mind I live in California, so it was a long distance relationship. We've known each other since 2011, and he was actually the first guy I liked in that way, vice versa. My jealousy got the best of me one day in 2011 & that made me block & remove him.

I broke up with my girlfriend on the 17th of May, and you know, heart broken. I re-added the guy from Mass & turns out his girlfriend broke up with him on the same day as I did.
We both knew we liked each other, so on May 20th, we began to date eachother, he asked me out in a Skype call. 2cute5me.

We used to play games & chat every single day after school. My jealousy kicked in one day because he brang our old friends in the calls & I just stood quiet because I wanted his attention. He knew about my jealousy & anger problems, which he understood. Back to the cute stuff, we would fall asleep together on the Skype call, say mushy stuff "I double wubble you!", silly things of that matter.

1st Day, he didn't reply to my message nor see it.
2nd Day, he still didn't see any messages.
3rd Day, he finally messages me. "Sorry..I needed some time alone."
He tells me that he feels uninterested in a relationship at the moment. That he doesn't want me to give up because of my shitty relationship past. He promises me that he'd still be my friend & message/Skype with me everyday.

A few weeks pass, and he doesn't see a single message & when he does, he passes it off like nothing ever happened, like he didn't do it.
I get angry at this & overreact, deleting him.

>be now.
I've sent him 2 long apology messages to him, on Skype & Facebook, no reply. I still regret my own actions to this day, we all make mistakes & deal damage. I don't blame him for anything at all, just myself, because of my anger & jealousy I usually have when I'm in a relationship..

5/20/14 - 7/25/14.

Regret it everyday.
But try to be happy.

Thanks. I know that 4chan might be kinda fucked and ruined with cancer and rampant mods now, but it feels good to post again for some reason
im sorry, but thanks for listening
I've been gone for a while myself. I came back a few days ago and I've been hearing about stuff like this. What happened?
not gonna lie, If they made this comic into a series, it would be interesting.
loud and clear. welcome anon, do you have a story to tell?
File: 409.jpg (322KB, 787x1008px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
322KB, 787x1008px
those cartoon theories are all really crazy
Jesus... I don't even know what to say...

I guess zoe quinn got her revenge in a way, I think there's a bunch of new corrupted mods who are censoring and banning a bunch of people for speaking out against gamergate and posting celeb nudes and shit

Take that with a grain of salt, I haven't researched the situation completely. /b/ has been fucked anyway already.
Fuck you man... that really got me.
They did. The comic was based on the ending of some sitcom. It pissed a lot of people off.
File: danielle.jpg (62KB, 960x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>get back home
>see group of friends
>my girl and the dude
>just walk to my bed lay down and hold her hand
>they ask what happend why i'm so fucked up
>tell them
>break down crying i didn't realise what happend until i tried explaining it
>holding her hand as she is looking down
>lookin down at the dude
>giving the dude googley eyes
>when i woke up i never saw her again

Sorry to hear about your experience too, man. I always hoped my parents would divorce and they nearly ended up doing just that a few times. There was a long period of time where I just stopped giving a damn about myself, with respect to the situation. He told me I was worthless so often that I eventually started to believe it; I never stopped believing in my mother though. I always thought she deserved so much better.

I did have a daughter a few years ago, with the woman I'm engaged to now. We're happy together and every time I do start becoming annoyed at something, I sit down and give myself a few seconds to calm down. Remembering what that can do to a person, well...it really does work to calm me down every time.

Funny thing though, is that my dad has now moved on from what he used to be. He's adopted new hobbies and made new friends since retirement. He tries to treat me like we're close, like there have never been any problems between us; even though he's never apologized, never admitted he did anything wrong. It's sad, how deluded people can become.
File: 1410030293007.png (270KB, 500x455px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
270KB, 500x455px
SOB... I lost man. Reminds me of my pup storm.
I don't like these threads.. They make me feel human.
Yeah I know that Emma Watson has been trying to shut down this place, couldn't help but chuckle at it. But I also heard that jewt sold this place, so what do I know.
so you didnt even have sex? puppy love youll get over it

also from experience it is the ecstasy. dont do it with girls you like.
you need self pity circle jerks to feel human?

go ride a bike or something
File: 1411705358093.jpg (43KB, 217x230px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 217x230px
this story confused me. fucking druggos
I was going to send this to her tonight, but i was too afraid.

Anon, im fucking mad at myself. This morning i was ready to tell you to fuck off and never talk to me again. I was act as tho i never talked to you. I was gonna try to be the biggest jackass to you as i could be. I wanted to yell at you and put all my anger on you. But i cant, because your too good of a person to deserve that. And you dont need another one treating you like shit. I wasnt so much angry at the fact you called me an alcoholic, its that when i was drunk i finally accepted that i was friendzoned by you. Ive given up trying to be more than friends with you, because just like every other person ive tried to be with, it wont and never works. I dont deserve to try to be with you, let alone be friends with you. Im sorry if i made it seem worse than this actually is. But its been tearing me up not telling someone this. Im done, and i wont bother you with shit about liking you anymore. Im sorry, and ill leave you alone..
File: 1072.jpg (54KB, 583x268px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 583x268px
that sux trips sometimes are good for the pain
Haven't has sex for over eight years.
File: 1410042172128.jpg (358KB, 1900x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
358KB, 1900x1280px
File: 1395250071417.jpg (9KB, 251x242px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>fucking druggos

Is that you?
we had sex we've been together for a month we broke up and she faked getting back together to use me for drugs then had the nerve to bring the guy she cheated on me with to my place
MOAR OF THIS im so close to cummin
File: 1408019368667.png (262KB, 411x444px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I dare you fuckers to say the men on this site are just racist women haters. There was more love in that mans heart then there ever will be in a million SJW hearts. His race and gender did not matter. In fact he was seen as a pedophile and everything our man hating white hating culture can throw at him. Yet he still showed true compassion.
damn, dogs are fukken stupid
File: Barney 1.gif (875KB, 245x145px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Barney 1.gif
875KB, 245x145px
Oh I get that man I get that real fucking good. My bio dad has changed since then, I know he has. I have not talked to him in over 13 years though. Cause no matter how much he has changed since then...the scars he left were deep as fuck, they still have me fucked up in the head to this day. I know he's changed, I just, if he came to my house I'd beat the shit out of him, the same way he used to beat me, the only thing is I'd probably take it too far.

That's really good man that really is, I'm happy you can do that. That you can calm yourself, not only for yourself, but for your daughter, and even your fiance. I'm happy for you man,, bet that complete stranger is happy for you, but I really am, keep up the good work anon :)
File: images.jpg (6KB, 219x230px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 219x230px
Yes son, it's me.
File: 1396076663056.jpg (165KB, 832x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165KB, 832x720px
this is me...
File: Barney 2.gif (624KB, 245x145px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Barney 2.gif
624KB, 245x145px
File: 1383349506469.jpg (9KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 200x200px
That wasn't articulated well in your story.
No idea, I doubt it though. She probably wouldn't be too hard to track down if somebody wanted to talk to her though.
I am actually tearing up from this
well do you want a baw story or do you want a story about sex
can we please track her down
Well looks like its my turn to post something here:

This wasn't too long ago either just a couple weeks ago.

My best friends all were accepted to amazing colleges around the state and I was extremely happy for all of them. One goes to one Up state another south and one is in the middle. Except for me I get to go to community college which is fine for me.

Anyway, couple weeks before they all leave I begin to get this feeling "oh shit im going to be alone" I have never really had no one to hang out with before because these guys were the best friends I could have especially , lets call him Dan, I dont wanna say his real name. Dan was the kind of guy who wanted to do things all the time and I loved hanging out with him but he is the one who is going to be going away the farthest and longest as well. We did everything talk about games, listen to music, play games, watch anime. I started thinking that I dont wanna be alone and that its going to suck.

So the night before he was going to leave I text him saying "hey i got some stuff for ya" he texts me 4 hours later saying okay, I knock on his door he opens up and I smile and he smiles and he comes outside we talk for a minute and I give him something , now Dan can draw really really well and I cant so I tried my best to draw him something from a show he liked and it came out great and he loved it ans then I gave him my 1st edition Charizard because he likes charizard I know its worth alot of money but I thought he should have it. After I give them to him I smile and he smiles too I try not to cry because I dont want him to see me cry before he goes I cant hold it in I start crying in front of the dude, He hugs me and I hug back I cant stop I apologize and try to keep talking but I cant. Driving home and what comes on of course a song we enjoy together. Oh well hope to get to see him one day again.Miss ya Dan.
pretty bad a baww story. no feels
i just cried for the first time in probably 2 years. thank you?
writing my story now, don't let this thread die
sorry man tough it out there will be a better time im in the same boat but im loosing my home...
File: 1409983473339.png (406KB, 975x322px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
406KB, 975x322px
File: 1393560778267.jpg (95KB, 500x407px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95KB, 500x407px
I'm retiring /b/ im going to try and dream that im happy
oh my fucking god
File: Zee GoW.png (408KB, 696x624px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Zee GoW.png
408KB, 696x624px
File: Terrible person.jpg (213KB, 673x623px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Terrible person.jpg
213KB, 673x623px
keep smiling right?? Fucking fuck this world
Is it me, or do the dates not match up?
File: 1391847151115.jpg (288KB, 1467x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
288KB, 1467x1600px
I guess it's time to stop lurking and contribute.
Last summer (of 2013) I recived a call from my cousin. She had been on suicide watch for around 3 years, and was one of my best friends. She would call me every week, to tell me about her amazing boyfriend, Austin. Austin was a typical skater kid, long hair, stupid shirts and hats, shallow. I never understood why she dated him, despised him for his assholish nature, but he seemed to be the only thing keeping her around. Anyway, I received a call from her, obviously bawling. After a little bit of coaxing, she told me that Austin broke up with her. She said the reason was because she was "too depressing to be around". After an hour long conversation, she decided that she needed some sleep (it was 12 AM over there), and we make a plan for me to fly out there and visit her.... Around 5 hours later as I'm about to head over to my girlfriends house, I get a call. My cousin suicided by OD. Needless to say I was crushed, how do you take a call telling you one of your best friends just killed themselves?

Skipping to last month, 3 days from the anniversary of her dying, I get a call from my girlfriend. She wants to break up with me. The reason? I'm "too depressed" and have "changed over the last year"
Sounds kind of manipulative, that may not be your intent, but it does. Take out the parts that say it happens all the time and the parts that say you deserve better.

It's better to be alone than to have a girl stick around because she pities you
please go out and live. strive for more
File: 1388524419125.jpg (1MB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 800x600px
I'll bump for till I'm out.
File: 1394180056908.jpg (158KB, 900x589px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
158KB, 900x589px
File: failing.jpg (151KB, 612x1201px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
151KB, 612x1201px
Fuuuuccckkkk man..
File: 6507729_460s.jpg (194KB, 460x1992px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
194KB, 460x1992px
File: GUH1vbI.png (129KB, 508x330px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129KB, 508x330px
File: 1391844559991.jpg (93KB, 600x616px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93KB, 600x616px
Im not gonna send it to her, its not worth causing more shit
File: 1381483970290.jpg (68KB, 780x425px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68KB, 780x425px
File: 1403151435729.gif (1MB, 294x196px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 294x196px
File: loyalty.jpg (28KB, 400x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1381498300006.jpg (56KB, 542x370px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 542x370px
File: 1381501965536.jpg (18KB, 500x371px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 500x371px
I gave up on happiness a long time ago.
File: 1398557398785.png (197KB, 1567x686px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
197KB, 1567x686px
File: 1383117047763.jpg (16KB, 400x515px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1411024601346.jpg (136KB, 501x730px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1396271989442.jpg (73KB, 500x499px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1383117175706.png (397KB, 912x802px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
397KB, 912x802px
What happened anon?

Also the reason I told you what I did is because I did it in the past, it honestly will just make you feel worse.
File: 1383119080655.jpg (169KB, 623x765px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
169KB, 623x765px
File: 1410752847867.png (549KB, 596x410px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
549KB, 596x410px
I could have posted this, I cried today in my room. I had to make sure not to make noise because people in the dorm would hear. Also i used that image as facebook banner for a while.

It's sad to know that we are not alone, and its sad to know theres no honest way out.
File: 1383119496363.jpg (68KB, 500x544px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1383119847363.png (88KB, 811x527px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 100%.jpg (68KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68KB, 500x500px
Heading to sleep, thanks for always being here /b/, letting me vent whenever I need to.

Goodnight hope everything gets better for all of you I really do. Hope your tomorrow is better than your today, I love you guys, payce.
File: 1383120705966.jpg (97KB, 680x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97KB, 680x720px
Tonight I decide to check out. It's a good a time as any. Nobody will notice. I won't be a burden anymore.

Already on my way. Just wanted somebody to know.
File: 1383343071967.jpg (303KB, 852x1398px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: poke.jpg (516KB, 502x3984px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
516KB, 502x3984px
...after reading this i had to come downstairs and sleep next to my dog on the couch
I think there was a news article about it. guy looked like your typical neckbeard, but that made it a bit more depressing
File: 1383913096190.jpg (92KB, 496x372px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: vexcgw.jpg (253KB, 1115x1118px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
253KB, 1115x1118px
Dammit this one got to me.
File: 1386742343408.jpg (96KB, 400x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96KB, 400x1200px
File: ice cream.jpg (281KB, 1600x1065px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ice cream.jpg
281KB, 1600x1065px
File: 1386742660442.jpg (128KB, 755x481px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1386745703833.jpg (66KB, 778x385px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1267953886074_202.png (72KB, 1006x490px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72KB, 1006x490px
you no fucken idea of how much this hurts right now, i fucking sobbing
I miss my dad
File: 2B69mz3.png (447KB, 1199x714px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
447KB, 1199x714px
File: 1387010511740.jpg (16KB, 460x242px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1387013479130.jpg (65KB, 960x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1387275551955.jpg (156KB, 839x666px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156KB, 839x666px
File: cryingreaction.gif (27KB, 350x198px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 350x198px
File: 1387276438102.png (15KB, 780x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1387428423140.jpg (75KB, 295x172px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1388465178779.jpg (511KB, 829x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1407486072174.jpg (64KB, 995x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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103KB, 1088x321px
I'm actually crying. It's been so long I didn't know I was still capable of this.

I realize now that I have suppressed myself. I hardened and walled myself off, it was the only way to keep going and survive my hell. I'm full of disjointed and jumbled idea that I cannot reconcile, and I'm still there in hell. And I'm alone, I have always been alone. The few people that seemed to like to like me to be around, maybe even like me, I cut ties with. I already knew I regretted that, some part of me.

I feel vulnerable, exposed, and unfortunately, very familiar to myself. I feel somewhat scared. I don't know what to do. I can't go back to this, I can't be this thing. At least, not yet. I could probably change back, but... the choice is not so clear.
File: 1389945483993.png (139KB, 494x602px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
139KB, 494x602px
File: PN4ikHG.jpg (88KB, 1036x653px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88KB, 1036x653px
We started talking a while ago. Her friends told me she would use me, but i ignored it. I shouldve listened, because literally every girl i tried to be with has. We hung out, she was my first kiss. But after that she acted like it was nothing to her. She says she doesnt try to lead people on, but the way she acts does. I thought she would want to be with me, but i was wrong. I feel regret for talking to her, and i drink to keep it off my mind. But today she texts me asking whats wrong, saying she doesnt like seeing me sad. And right now i feel totally manipulated and i cant tell her the truth because it will make me looks worse. So i told her i am mad at myself. And i am mad, mad that every day i get up knowing i will go home alone, and that in the end it never works.
File: 1389945631751.png (72KB, 500x301px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72KB, 500x301px
i know how you feel bro.
that's why I save these.
Well... goodight /b/
I'm pretty sure there is plenty of people out there who have had it way worse then me, however I think my life has been complete shit since I was born. I've tried to kill myself multiple times and I can't even succeed at that. My long fucking life story short

Dad was abusive/on drugs. Molested me and my brother and sister when I was a kid and tried to kill me a couple times.He left when I was about 10 and that bastard tried to get custody of me.

Mother was a fucking drug addict/drunk until a year ago. She duck taped me and my sister together when I was a kid over a doll. She pretty much stopped feeding me when I was 13-17 so I had to find money to feed myself/sister.

Pretty much had to raise my sister and now she's turned into a suicidal whore. She lost her v-card at 13 to a guy she's been dating for a month. Broke my fucking heart to see the girl I tried so hard to help fuck herself over like that.

Brother molested me when I was younger as well, tried to have sex with me. He also beat me up until a few years ago, once he did it with a metal bat and I screamed i was going to call the cops. My mom ran out of her room and said she saw everything and that he didn't touch me. Bitch.

No real friends, every friend I've had has either lost touch with me or been fake.

Dated a bunch of pedophiles starting when I was 13 idk why. Probably have a lot of cp of me out there somewhere, but that's all on me.

Tried to kill myself multiple times from depression, nothing worked. Last night I took pills and tried to hang myself in the woods.

If you've ever tried it and failed, it's not going out that hurts. It's coming back to. All I remember was screaming from everywhere and so many colors. I'm pretty sure hell is real. I came back to my eyesight spinning as I struggled to get the chord from my neck. All I got was a really sore throat.I went to a different tree after recovering and tried to do it again but pussy'd out. I ended up throwing up for 7 hours because of the pills.
File: dad.jpg (569KB, 1337x1605px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
569KB, 1337x1605px
File: 1408422608850s.jpg (8KB, 202x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 202x250px
get a dog or 2
File: 1391088929183.jpg (74KB, 575x331px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74KB, 575x331px
These threads.....

Haven't been to one in a while. Emma Watson stated that men can't feel or they're not men or some kinda stigma like that.

This shit proves her feminist speech so wrong. Men don't give a fuck about what anyone else thinks. Only women are so self centered enough to worry about how they'll be perceived. My friends will talk feels with me.

Just kinda wanted to bring that up, I know we're anons here but we're still feeling in front of others.
File: 1391090676191.png (19KB, 1350x561px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 1350x561px
File: 1392767252732.png (80KB, 1233x336px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80KB, 1233x336px
Was it the constant on/off thing? That happened to me once, she couldn't make up her mind avout me and I couldn't take it.
Also, if you're wondering why I think that heaven and hell exists, I've been strangled by my boyfriend multiple times when he was angry, and one time I was out for a while and I was somewhere, I can't really explain. It was so peaceful and light and there was three people there calling my name softly. It was the best feeling I've ever had, and I woke up from that and cried for so long afterwards. But last night when I tried to kill myself it was..different, it was horrible. I realize it sounds idiotic but to me I kind of believe in the whole heaven and hell concept now, even if it was all in my head, and even if it all comes from my head.

I just needed to let this all out.
File: 1392770409847.jpg (61KB, 780x487px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61KB, 780x487px
File: cW0W2n0.jpg (70KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70KB, 600x800px
Yes there were she just replied the same way she talked to him.

>all you freaks need to stop messaging me he was a loser etc etc
Are there any femanons that share these feels?
I guess so, she started talking to me to make her ex mad, but then she seemed to care about me. But then i found out i was like one of 6 guys shes talking to, which makes me feel even worse.
File: apeOJp2.jpg (114KB, 500x629px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 500x629px
what did he expect being an obese fuck lol
Blood only tells us who we're related to. Loyalty is the sign of family.

I'm sorry about your loss.

In this state, this sign takes on a whole new meaning... Holy Shit. Look who is going to bed with all the feels tonight.
Thank you so much anon. I've been looking for this for so long. I love
I just miss my cat, kept me company for 16years. Oh damn i miss her.
File: 1410332755375.jpg (193KB, 704x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
193KB, 704x1024px
Why do you do that to yourself anon?

I said I was off to sleep but showered and now can't sleep. just thought I'd check in here, before I crash
I remember asking my dog why he loved me cuz no one else did
He's gonna be ok anon, All dogs go to bacon flavored heaven
File: 1394180765474.jpg (114KB, 542x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 542x600px
File: 1394787304223.jpg (37KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37KB, 800x600px
I know this feel all to well brother, I was s complete rebound for the first girl I ever dated. I felt like shit, someone finally noticed me and it was because they were used to dating someone. I got treated like shit but put up with it (to an extent) because I don't enjoy conflict. Eventually I broke up with her because I couldn't stand it anymore.

I think you may be similar in the way that you avoid conflict. You must also feel like you put your trust in someone who used it agsinst you, is that why you wanted to send her that text? Becsuse maybe somewhere derp down you still want to trust her?

I'm not going to tell you what you have to do, because you might just want to figure it out for your self (and I give shit advice).

Just know that you're not alone here
it's old and real...
File: Xh5qHm.jpg (35KB, 499x278px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35KB, 499x278px
uhhh yeah EVERYONE is unhappy in away so don't think /b/ros here have a special bond
File: 1381483326578.png (419KB, 500x689px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
419KB, 500x689px
gonna dump a few rage inducing feels then I'll be out.
File: 20140909_222448.jpg (727KB, 2048x1152px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
727KB, 2048x1152px
3 weeks ago, I got a call from my mom saying my dad had a heart attack and that the doctors were trying to get him out of it.
I immediately started driving from the city I live to my parents ~2 hr away.
20 min before reaching the hospital my mom called and said.

"Your dad didn't make it"
File: 1381483294323.png (435KB, 501x623px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
435KB, 501x623px
File: 1410332631861.jpg (30KB, 514x672px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 514x672px
File: 1381483223775.png (464KB, 500x685px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
464KB, 500x685px
File: I1eDaCq.jpg (186KB, 1440x810px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
186KB, 1440x810px
File: 1381483180724.png (658KB, 501x724px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
658KB, 501x724px
this kids face.
god damnit...
File: 1381483428773.png (477KB, 496x624px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
477KB, 496x624px
this makes me laugh way more than sad

I've been guilty of this
I do want to trust her, tonight she sent me a text saying i could. She wanted to know what was wrong and why i wasnt happy. Thats when i wrote that text. I wanted to tell her evrything, spill my guts out to her and hope, just hope she would say something comforting. But because its about her, i cant tell her. I dont know what ill do, but thank you for listening. I feel better now that someone would listen and talk to me
Image limit reached

You can see it, he's trying not to cry. He is trying to be brave like his father, he is trying to maintain a face of strength in front of the officer. He's just trying to make his dad proud.

It fucking breaks my heart
well.. Image limit reached guys.
I guess this is it.
It was nice being with you tonight.
Have a good one.
I feel you /b/ro
I had someone who was so cold hearted, she put me through shit no guy should go through. I'd still do anything for her though.
Imagd limit reached man, here's where we part ways. Thanks for sharing your story with me. I know you'll make it.
Sorry to hear that. My robin is recently engaged. Had a convo the night I congratulated her, convo came easy, too easy. Gave her my new number cuase she said 'we should catch up sooner' that was on July 29th...still nothing.

Now that I look back I'm not sure she would do it on purpose, but she used me man, everytime she was down or something happened that she couldn't handle she'd get a hold of me. After I made her feel better, she'd disappear again. She's very nice and caring I don't want o think she'd do that, but it always crossed my mind now.

Fucked up thing like you said...I'd much rather be used by her than nothing at all. I know she doesn't give a fuck about me, she is engaged after all, but I can't stop feeling for her.
I've been lurking here for a while, and its been great just being here with you guys. even though i'm sitting here alone I haven't felt quite so lonely, goodnight /b/.
That was just me ranting/venting/feeling outloud, threads gonna die off anyway.
hello cancerfag here
just wanna say
>slowly losing all forms of friends with anybody
>most social interaction i have is working at a gas station
>no friends
>4chan makes me feel like i belong
>this thread has given me serious feels
>thank you guys a lot for helping me cope with some sadness

These threads are the only thing that give me release, at least here people are pretty human. I'll go ahead and do my venting.

I'm not happy, I've had a semi-good life. Yeah, I was poor growing up, yeah my parents treated me like shit, but I never went hungry. But why is that what we tell ourselves? You aren't hungry and have a roof over our heads so we shouldn't be sad, but don't you have the same thing in prison?

I've never been happy, I look at myself, and my life and everything seems to fall apart. The experience is that we're drawn in by gain and ruled by loss. We're born, we grow up, good home life or bad, we get our education and enter the workforce until we die. What's the good of that? Where's my future? I'm still moving, sure, but when will my time come? My only source of happiness was my girlfriend. I was madly in love with her. I won't go into details but she broke up with me. She made some bullshit excuses, but I know it was to be with that other guy. To know that I gave her everything, my whole heart. Everything, and it wasn't even enough. That makes me feel like such worthless shit. Yeah, she's a bitch for leaving, but I can't help but remember how perfect she really was. That's the part that gets me. Now the only thing keeping me from killing myself is one guy, one guy who has been there since the beginning and always has my back. We did stupid shit for money, but we did what we thought we had to at the time. We spent time in the fox hole together. Two sad sacks who wont pull the trigger so the other guy doesn't do it either.
10/10 would cry again
been lurking here but i had nothing to post. thanks /b/ros. you helped me ge through shit just by reading these. i dont know any of you, but like >>570706780 said....love you guys. and my phone dying so goodnight faggots.
Lung cancer anon, that isn't accepting treatment? Unless it's someone else, good to see you around still man. And yeah sickness that bad does that to people.

But you aren't alone, not at all, not when you're here. I hope you don't suffer too much man, and I'm sorry
wow, why are some people allowed to breed?
Because they can't be stopped, fucking asshole man, reminds me of my sister though. That's why i do my best with my nephews.

If it seems like I only cared about lung cancer anon, I didn't mean it that way. Didn't mean to brush you off if you were someone else. I apologize. Glad we could keep you company in some way :)

So much this.
The three years since my dad died, my dog Dodge still gets excited everytime he hears a ute drive slowly past our house.
The look in his eyes when it isn't my dad is still heart breaking...

Fuck you OP, got me all feely and stuff.
>cancer as in i got here super recently
>the timeline of 4chan
>i don't have cancer
>sorry for the misunderstanding
I don't get y dragonite
Ahh np, just reminded me of someone I talked to a few weeks ago in one of these threads. But either way man like I said, fuck it you aren't alone when you're here man.
that chick was just retarded.
This reminds me of how my older brother is treating my mother right now. Fuck him.
This was good.
Give me a .308 and 5 minutes alone with that bitch.

She's a fucking waste of a life-form.
Amazed the thread has been alive so long after the image limit was reached. Pleasure to have Bawwed with everyone tonight

Glad to hear it was just a misunderstanding.


I will read an entire baww thread even when I have to wake up in 4 hours to work. I will cry the entire fucking time. I will stay up and be sad a little bit longer. And I will feel great in the morning.
picture limit is reached. We need to make another thread
In reality, Gustav was disappointed because dad used to take it up the ass every time he came home.
>be me, 11
>find a cat out on the street one day near my house
>lived in a busy neighborhood, so i knew no one owned him cause he wouldnt be outside
>everyone was scared he had rabies
>not me. he always let me pat him
>one night i see him on our back porch looking in the window
>feed him some cat food
>he starts coming back every night so i can feed him
>convince my parents to let him inside
>"he'll die out in the streets if we dont take him in"
>name him Benny from the book "The Cat who Climbed the Christmas Tree" cause he looked just like that cat
> a few years later we move to a new house
>live in a cul-de-sac with a big backyard
>we let him outside with our other cats so he could go hunting
>was always bringing me back gifts like mice and birds
>im convinced my cat had raked in over 100+ kills
>once killed a 15 pound rat like it was nothing
>when he was inside he'd always watch me playing vidya
>sat on my feet to keep them warm
>sat on my desk to always check my corners for me in cod4
>every night he'd jump on my bed and lay on my chest
>i always would wake up to him licking my face
>one day i come home from school
>dad looks at me and says Benny hasn't been in all day
>"dont worry dad, Benny always comes back"
>wait a few days, still no sign of Benny
>went out looking for him, found nothing
>i didnt want to accept it, but i had to
>Benny was gone.
>i broke a promise where i said i'd never leave him alone outside
>hated myself for a long time cause of it
>my feet always a bit colder
>die a lot more in cod
>still tear up to this day thinking about him
>sometimes i go downstairs and check to see if hes on the porch waiting to be let inside

pic related, the book we named him after
Reading this thread is getting me depressed.
Fuck it i'm out
Damn this thread. My uncle hung himself earlier this week. I thought i was done crying.

My uncle used to have a son. When i was waaay little i remember having a cousin. And then i didnt. He died of heart failure at the age of 4. My uncles marriage fell apart shortly after as he moved to norway to take care of mentally ill people. He came back to denmark about 10 years ago. A broken but proud man. Wouldnt admit to his pain. Laughing things off. His twin brother hung himself about 3 years ago. There was no pride left in my uncle and ive only seen him once since that funeral. He sent my dad a letter. With the keys to his work and his apartment. With a note "Dear big brother. When you read this i am no more. I love you all and dont forget it. But i just cannot go on". My dad found him hanging from the bedroom ceiling wednesday evening. My dad is a wreck. He lost his 2 brothers. Not to mention my grandparents stuck with a "what did we do wrong with these boys".
I want to know /b/'s opinion

Around a year ago girl my bestfriend has a thing with is talking to me. Doesn't reply all day.
Eventually replies late at night asking me weird questions about getting pregnant if guy comes on vagina.
Figured she was asking for her friend who gets around so didn't think of it as much.
Ends up telling me she got shit faced drunk and might've gotten raped.
Says first time was consensual cause she was drunk, second time she fought it cause she started sobering up.
Makes me promise not to tell bestfriend.
I didn't ask to know what happened with her she just told me.
Felt conflicted over betraying her trust and telling bestfriend or not.
Decide to pretend like I didn't know.
Her birthday comes. Bestfriend, his girl, and me all drinking together.
Let them have alone time.
He comes back and tells me that I was a dick for not telling him.
Girl apparently told him what happened while he was fingering her.
He says it's fine and doesn't mention much about it since.
I brush it off
FF a couple months, drinking with some friends
Bestfriend gets super drunk and tells me I was a shit friend for not telling him.
Start realizing he's right.
2 weeks later I stop talking to him cause I feel so guilty about it.
Don't give him any explanation, just stop replying to all texts and calls from him cause I feel so bad.
School starts.
We get assigned seats next to each other in class.
He doesn't talk to me.

I don't know if I should try to talk to him. I miss him a lot but I was a shit friend, I don't think he deserves to have someone like me as a friend.
love you too anon.
Its okay brah. It always hurts

I've read this story once before and reading it now only makes it so much worse with 4chan's current state of affairs

these filthy fucking cunt SJW's don't know what compassion is and their trying to shove their counterfeit compassion down our throats

I would salute that solider but I am just a citizen

and I wouldn't salute him because he is a solider

but yay verily a man better than me
Didn't really think of it until now, but I've told my friends I sleep a lot. No one ever batted an eye.

This applies to me as well now that I think about it.
tfw the finale of himym ruined this one
I just want to thank all you anons for the feels tonight. It's both beautiful and sad, good night /b/
Jesus fucking christ. I'm just speechless right now. All of those gore threads, all of these stories. They were sad, pretty fucking sad. But that is the first thing on the internet that has brought tears to my eye.
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