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ITT: Greentext stories of things you regret not doing >be

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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ITT: Greentext stories of things you regret not doing

>be 17
>cute girl at the library let's call her haily
>she come over and starts telling me about school
>find out she is 14
>Nope.jpeg turn 360 degrees and walk away
>friends leave and Haily is just sitting there looking sad
>ask her what's wrong just trying to be nice
>she says no one likes her at school and she wants to an hero
>nigga you 14
>library closes, stand outside with her for about 10 minutes talking
>she tells me to come over to some bushes behind the library
>Throws herself at me saying i was the nicest person ever
>she drops her jeans and wants to fuck
>oh shit oh shit
>my friends saw me stay with her after the library shut
>suddenly think I would be a massive pedo if I fucked her
>beta the fuck out and walk away

Now a 19 year old virgin who thinks how stupid he was
Did she an hero?
sadly not
In my state you would of been fine if you were under 18 and wanted to fuck some one who is also under 18
Mom just died. I regret all those missed calls.
Not that big of a deal but i had about 3 different grils who were/are hot as fuck that wanted the D in high school. Not a virgin but fuck did i miss out.
>Class of 2013
It wasn't the fact it was illegal, I was talking to this other girl at the time who was the same age as me and things were going pretty well until I basically got friendzoned
FUCKING ME TOO. Ended up dating that girl until she dumped for another guy and got rejected. Came back to me and i just fucked her and left.
Alright here goes mine
>Be 16
>A guy, lets call him Clos has had it out for me since middle school
>Torments me constantly calling me names, giving me dead legs, etc.
>One day walk behind school and see him kissing his faggot friend
>Take a picture
>They notice me but didn't notice I took the picture
>beg and plead me not to tell anyone
>they're actually fucking crying
>Agree and don't tell anyone
>Chicken out and delete only proof I had
>Two days later shit hasn't changed
>deeply regret not exposing him when everyone would've made fun of him
>5 years later comes out of closet and is beloved by everyone
Well in that case don't feel to bad, I have friendzoned my self on purpose a decent amount of times, also I literally have had girls throw themselves at me and I was so clueless (17 and virgin at the time) and I didn't realize till after I graduated and was in college that I could of got easy pussy if I was aware at all
>be 15
>wanted dog for as long as i can remember
>for 15th birthday parents buy me shi tzu puppy
>wanted a golden labrador
>still grateful, take what i can get
>"he's your dog, so you need to look after him, if you don't we'll give him away"
>fear of god in me
>devote myself to caring for the dog
>call him "Tuft" because of the weird tuft of hair on top of his head
>for the next few years I spend as much time with the dog as possible
>Go to university
>Studying for a masters in aeronautical engineering
>takes up all my time
>end up having to move to university accomodation to since travelling becomes a huge lump of wasted time
>they don't allow dogs
>parents surprisingly agree to look after tuft
>send them money every week from my shitty job to help pay for his food, vet bills etc
>3 days after huge exam in 4th year of uni
>chilling at friends house, celebrating
>phone rings
>automatically hang up the phone
>phone rings again
>answer phone
>it's dad
>"come home now, it's tuft"
>heart falls out of my arse
>phone taxi knowing full well it'll cost well over £70 to get home
>dont care
>beg driver to break speed limit to get me home faster
>finally get home, throw money at the driver and rush out
>get into the house and my mums sitting crying
>tufts at the vets
>she drives me there
>get into the vets office and dads crying
>never seen my dad cry ever
>freaks me out
>go into room and tuft is lying with his back twisted out of shape and his legs clearly broke
>awake but clearly in a lot of pain
>nearly collapse
>dickhead next door neighbour who had 3 previous DUIs reversed out of his driveway without looking while my mum was walking tuft
>ran right over his back end
>vet tells me he wont last might longer
>break down and lie my head next to his
>scratch between his eyes where he always liked to be scratched
>he licks my ear like he used to to wake me in the morning
>his head goes limp

I regret ever leaving him behind
I didn't do anything autistic to scare her off she thought I was really nice but my friend who went to sixth form with her said it was because I apparently wasn't forward enough with her. We went on like 5 dates and all I got was a handy
Honestly, you probably would have just made everyone adore him for being forced out and hate you.
same guy here

>parents used to fight lots when i was around 10
>scared me shitless
>they never came to blows but theyd bellow at each other right infront of me
>grandparents start noticing my behaviour changing
>offer for my sake for me to go live with them for a while
>end up living with them for nearly 2 years until parents manage to fix things
>during this time grandfather was a miserable old cunt
>working mans man and emotionless as fuck
>used to yell at me a lot
>fucking hated him
>he retired when i was 13
>suddenly totally lovely old happy man
>fucking love him now
>go visit them every weekend
>even when i was at uni i tried to make time since they lived nearer to my student accomodation than my own house was
>grandfather talked a lot about how proud of me he was and how he loved watching me grow into the man i became
>grandfather got sick and ended up wheelchair bound
>always talked about wanting to come see me play with my band
>we weren't any good but he was a musician when he was younger and regretted never running with it
>tell him all the time we'll sort something out one day for him to come
>try a few times but every time it fell through
>eventually gave up
>grandfather passed away about 2 years ago last january after beating cancer twice
>his last few weeks he spent in a medically induced coma because of the pain he was in
>his last words to me when we talked was "i've still never got to see you play with your band, when i get out of you its the first thing i want to do"
>grandmother gave me one of his old embroidered handkerchiefs at his funeral
>tie it to my belt every time i play a gig since it helps me feel like he can see me
>dumb as shit but ill talk that regret to my grave
I regret not going out to drink and have fun and be a teenager when I was a teenager.

My friends all done it, they had fun, made friends, had sex etc.

I was too caught up in my OCD/ Hypochondria/rage mindset and became hateful towards everyone and stayed alone for years.

It might have saved me, seeing the world.
That hindsight pussy doe<<<
Sorry for your loss
You still sound like you're in it, just sprinkling in some self pity. What are you, 20? Get the fuck out there.
>be 17
>last year in high school
>had a big crush on this girl
>we were bf and gf 2 years ago, but now only friends
>she has no idea that I'm in love with her
>I never make a move for changing things because I was being a fagit
>2 years later, I have a dinner and a night out with my old class
>she's going, and as we're still friends, I take her out in my car
>we spend most of the night with each other
>she does a thing that is punching in the shoulder everytime I those jokes that are supposed to be just kidding, but they are serious there
>"ok, I should be serious now"
>leaving her at home, and asking if she needs me to take her to the door
>she thinks I'm joking and punch me in the shoulder and go away
>I do nothing
>1 year later, we barely talk and I'm wasted
Fucking phone kept open other thread
If that was my shih tzu I would probably break the driver's legs and beat him until his head is limp. Sorry about your loss.
Anyone else wants to an hero
not sure if greenworth lemme know, ima give full detail, not even short version
>be about 17, now 22
>prom a comin' up
>meet two broads who claim to be "bestfriends". Flirt with both all evening. One is obviously cuter than the other, aim my flirt ray at her. She resists. End up making with uglier, but still okay, QT on the trampoline. Receive text from super QT friend, saying how she needs me instantly. ditch girl i'm with.
> meet with QT14. She says she lost her makeup kit, I find it for her.
> she asks to me, to my own prom, the next day.
> i say chea that sounds awesome.
>we go to prom.
> i spend whole time talking about this other broad i want.
> she gets pissed, goes home ealier
> end up with uglier " best friend"
> she blows me, we cuddle. her prom date walks in and sees us
> her prom date screaming at me for hooking up with his
> jokes on me, he's my ride and he leaves.
> spend rest of the night trying to shrug off clingy prom girl.
"I have a serious mental illness, but it's under control with medication"

1) someday she will love you so much that (If you dump her ->she will suicide)
2) someday she will stop taking her meds

Sigh.should have got out while I could !+
Fuck it, I know this'll get me b& but I don't care.
(Ausfag, primary school is 7 years, highschool is 6)
When I started highschool I made a few new friends, had a fucking great time despite hating every moment of it. There was this one girl, kinda into weebshit, she got bullied a lot apparently, I kinda liked her, either she kinda liked me or was crazy about me, from reading her blogs she hinted that there was a guy she was crazy about, I'd say 50/50 it was me.
After school holidays one term I saw her on the first day of school, but decided to leave the school that day.
I didn't realize for 2 or so years but about then she posted online how she feels like shit and that the people that matter to her keep leaving her.
Later that year she moved schools.
So after 1.5 years at my first high school I moved, didn't keep in contact with anyone. 1 kid tracked me down but that's it.
In my new school I hardly made any friends.
After 3 years of being there my only friend was the one that kept in touch with me, a fellow anon, I never really made friends with anyone. I had spend most of that time studying on my own accord, doing some uni courses ect.
I'm only 16 and I have about 3 months left of school, them I'm leaving and am going to get into the workforce.
I'm trying to start talking to a small group of weebs at my school but they're kinda pleb tier.
I've gotten back with one more of my friends from the first school but we haven't spoken in about a month, study's been killing me, but school holidays starts on friday so there may be a chance there.
I've been trying to talk to the girl for a while now, but quite a few times we've talked a lot and then I've gone silent for about 6 months so I'm pretty sure she's kinda against me now.
Still, I think about her near constantly, I even bloody dreamt about her last night.

I am where you all where when you could have done things you now regret, I have the chances you wish you had, what the fuck do I do?
Just become a beacon of self pity and cynicism, worked for everyone on here
Damn dude, I respect your devotion.
Fuck I need advise
>school started a few weeks ago
>girl sits in front of me in class
>she's cute but doesn't say much
>really shy
>make her laugh and stuff but doesn't seem too interested in socializing
>two days later she starts talking to me like a lot
>she's funny and has awesome taste in music
>class is over and I don't really talk to her outside of class
>work at cafe across the street from school
>I always see her sitting outside by some bushes where no one hangs out all by herself
>I wanna just go up to her and hang out but I feel like she'd think I'm desperate idk
>I see her torrow
>what do?
But it doesn't!
ofc it doesn't work lol
>Tried to kill myself.
>Pussied out.
>be 15
>wanted a car for as long as i can remember
>for 15th birthday parents buy me shitty car
>still grateful, take what i can get
> "Its your car, now you must take care of it. If not we'll sell it"
>fear of god in me
>devote myself to cleaning the car, waxing it
>call it "whistle" because of the whistle sound it makes when the engine starts up
>Senior year highschool
>become alpha trash (I guess i was used because I had my car early)
> get drunk once
>Think dads going to kill me
>its okay son ive also been a teenager
>Two DUIs in the same month
>Huge fight with parents
>decide to run away from home
>grab car, start engine and leave
>dipshit neighbour with her dog
>oh well didnt see him my bad
>run his body over
Almost got me a tear man, I'm sorry for your loss
Girls do actually like it when guys come up to them, it's just the delivery that matters
Normal stuff I guess.
>not asking out those girls/telling them how I felt
>wrecking my car like an idiot
yea man, most likely this >>568923768
File: image.jpg (112KB, 640x427px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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To kek
It was you
> I feel like she'd think I'm desperate idk
you're an idiot
"Hindsight pussy"... I'm stealing that, that's a good one.

Apparently I had a ton of it waiting for me, and I was too autismal to notice (or more likely they put almost no signals out, and understandably, I didn't notice shit)... had a girl I'd have sawed my own leg off to sniff her pussy tell me she had a huge crush on me in high school... about 3 minutes before she introduces me to (I shit you not) Chad, her douche husband (no, his last name isn't Thundercock).

But apparently he makes good money and treats her okay, so I'm not too butthurt on that aspect, but jesus christ I'd *still* love to hit that. Shame I'm with someone I give a shit about and she's married and all.
>respect on /b/ including me
You win the internet sir, one thousand and one times over.
I think she wanted to hang cause
>says she's at school all day after class doing nothing
>"cool story bro"
>Say I'm hungry
>says she always gets hungry
>"why don't you get something to eat then?"
>"idk lel"
>now I think she wanted us to get some lunch or something
Holy fuck dude :(
Look at it this way, if it goes badly, you can use the "hey I just wanted to say hi, gotta get back to work" line, and if you don't do this you'll kick yourself later.

And talking to a familiar face isn't desperate at all, go say hi. Sounds like y'all got along fine, and she could be just as shy as you.
>I'm trying to start talking to a small group of weebs at my school but they're kinda pleb tier.

kek'd , but seriously man don't worry, and tell that girl exactly what you just said, tell her you're sorry of your "vanishing" and that you'll give her more attention, if you mean it

Then for the friends, just keep trying man, people are like that saddly, but just keep going I've also depressed a lot because of things like that, but out of nowhere the best persons appear, just keep going
Holy shit this made me laugh
The problem is I've already told her all that, then I went and fucking vanished again.
Still, just sent her a message asking her what she's doing over the holidays, hoping for the best.
My best advice for anyone who needs it, As long as the risk isn't death, injury, or substantial finance loss, just fucking go for it.
Sorry for your loss man, but believe me he porbably knows how much you feel for it and he's with you when you jam whatever, keep tying it to your belt, you'll both be happier
File: 1266462935747s.jpg (6KB, 251x189px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 251x189px
Th-thanks! I need to do more shit.
Help me bump this, I want to try to help you, or at least make you feel better
That's actually not a bad way to look at things
>be 42
>wanted son for as long as I remember
>have son
>name him dick because he has a penis
>dick gets a dog
>names the little shit tuft
>the fuck kind of name is tuft
>dick loves dog
>dick really loves his dog
>get jealous
>dick goes to college
>tuft forced to stay with us
>fuckin tuft
>walk the shit
>feed it
>fuck him a few times
>tie tuft up in bondage chair
>chair turns on, twists tuft into a pretzel
>my sides
>don't want to get the blame
>chuck the fucker under my neighbor's car
>he has DUIs
>2 birds, 1 stone
>cum on tuft
>call my son
>fake cry
>he comes home
>take him to vet
>dies in his arms
>laugh and Masturbate furiously
Yep, I just think anything that doesn't have major consequence is worth a shot, anything else needs a little thinking over though, also another tip, if the risk is serious make some plans, at least 3. It might be a lot of work but it's better than dying.
This is getting out of hand...
Just ask her next time you see her man, no biggie. Don't think that you have screwed up any chance with her lol
File: sawyer.jpg (25KB, 430x241px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be me
>Be 23
>Moved a lot as a kid.
>Moved to Pennsylvania when I was 15 but always considered Florida my home.
>Visit Florida every summer to see my friends and family.
>Have this incredibly beautiful redhead girl I've been friends with since middle school.
>Always had one of those silent attractions but I was too beta to do anything.
>Grew out of it in Pennsylvania.
>Started dating and fucking bitches.
>Dating this one girl at the moment.
>She's pretty but she's not the 9000/10 that Redhead is.
>Come to visit Florida a few months ago.
>Redhead friend says I can crash on her couch while I'm there.
>Have my visit see my friends.
>Last day there just decide to chill at her parent's house have a barbecue and swim in their pool.
>Coming in for the night. Got to get rested for my trip back to Pennsylvania.
>Go in to the bathroom to change.
>In the process of taking of my shorts when the door opens and Redhead is there still in her bathing suit.
>"Oh sorry Anon. Didn't know you were changing."
>"Oh it's cool I'll be done real quick."
>She comes in and closes the door and just looks at me.
>See her in that suit.
>My dick stands erect and I'm pretty sure it's visible through my shorts.
>She comes up and kisses me.
>Pull away.
>I have wanted this moment since the day I met her but all I could think about was the girl I am dating in Pennsylvania.
>I don't really love her she's just there kind of.
>I still can't do it.
>Look her in the face and I have to say it
>"I can't Redhead. This is just another one of those games likes to play with me. I have a girlfriend. And as much as I've wanted this I just can't bring myself to cheat."
>"Oh she'll never know Anon."
>"I know....but I will...and this sucks because by the time I get my shit together and move back you'll be married or pregnant. This is just something that wasn't meant to happen."
>She looks at me and shrugs.
>Walks back to her room.
>Sit up all night thinking about that beautiful body.
Sorry friend, dont blame yourself
I bet having you there was all he could ask for
File: image.jpg (74KB, 675x448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74KB, 675x448px
> 360 degrees and walked away
>and walked away
just talk to her, nothing wrong with having a conversation. The motive doesn't have to be about hooking up(yet)
File: didntdoanything.jpg (11KB, 300x195px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 300x195px
>be me
>be 14 y.o.
>have a little 5 y.o. sister
>on the backyard playing bball
>little shit comes trolling around as usual
>she wants to play bball but can't becas too small
>she decides to troll by stealing ball instead
>she does it everytime bball goes right at her and runs like an african child stealing melons
>mfw red
>go all out
>see this huge fucking stone, about a ruler length
>decide to scare her away with it
>carry it overhead and pretend that i'm about to throw it right at her
>little shit's laughing like she doesnt give a fuck
>mfw arms involuntarily throws the huge fucking rock straight at my little shit's poor face
>shit barely misses half an inch
>mfw scared shitless
>looked around if someone saw it
>noone around, just me and my little sister's scared pale face
>stand still and stare at her for like a minute
>what the fuck did I just do
I don't know if this is only the sleep deprivation talking, but that made me laugh like I never do

Thank you
File: rainingonmyface.jpg (34KB, 467x528px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I hear her door open.
>Hear her walking in to the living room where I'm sleeping.
>She stands in the doorway just looking at me.
>I sit up and awkwardly try to make conversation after what happened earlier.
>"Hey.........can't sleep."
>She's just in her regular sleep clothes. Sweats and a t-shirt but god damn was she gorgeous.
>Comes up and straddles me and begins to kiss me.
>Start making out.
>Again I pull away.
>"Redhead...no....I can't."
>"You act like you really care about her."
>Go on some whiteknight speech on how I can't do that to someone after it has been done to me so many times. (stories for a baww thread)
>She looks at me and says she understands.
>She tells me goodnight and walks back to her room.
>Get up the next morning and load up my shit in my car.
>Say goodbye to her family.
>She's not there.
>Leave a note telling her about how I've felt about her all these years and how much I wish I was THAT kind of person to have fucked her that night.
>Get in my car and beat myself up the whole drive back to Pennsylvania.
>I let the one thing I've wanted the most get away for temporary emotional security in a town that I hate.
>I did the right thing though right?

Before anyone says anything. Yes I know I'm a faggot. Yes I know I'm a loser. And yes I know I fucked up big time letting the most beautiful girl I've ever known slip through my fingers.
>a few days ago
>go to book store to pick up the strain and a clive cussler book for my dad
>find the sequels but not the strain
>fairly cute girl asks if i need help and i tell her what i'm looking for
>she finds it for me and jokes around kinda flirting with me
>continue looking for cussler book and see her again
>she smiles at me kinda blushes
>dont even acknowledge her and walk past her instead of asking for help again and flirting with her
>find book and go to counter
>2 more cute girls at counter clearly wanting the dick and flirting with me
>mirrin on my motorcycle asking me about it and if i rode in the rain to get to the book store
>ask me if i want them to to double bag the books in case it rains again on the way home (florida fag here, rains every 5 minutes)
>think to myself i wouldn't need to double bag you if you came home with me
>they're both flirting with me hardcore even as i'm leaving the store
>fail to act on any of this as i'm a massive pussy with severe anxiety/depression issues and the self esteem of a rock
>this/something similar happens every time i go into that bookstore
>i go home and masturbate 5-10 times and cry myself to sleep after reading a few chapters of my book

idk why i just don't kill myself other than the fact that i don't own a gun.
File: 1365208551878.gif (997KB, 338x229px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
997KB, 338x229px
I'm 23 and I've never kissed anyone.

Feel better about yourself
true faggot right here. no, she won't think you are desperate, in fact, she'd be glad if you man the fuck out and go straight ask her if u can come over her house and slap her the D
Lol faggot
I regret getting into a big fight with my sister for defending a girl who doesn't like or even talks to me anymore.
Is her name butterfly, sir?
There is some truth to this, women do like to be with a man not a pussy

Nope, you screwed up, you fucking dick. The next time you'll know is that bitch you chose over the 10/10 redhead gonna dump you becas she's too busy riding nigga dicks while u went out of town. fucking nab 0/10 go kill urself
Maybe it's tuft who the fuck knows
File: image.jpg (75KB, 536x453px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75KB, 536x453px
>be 16
>be repeating freshman year at new school for 3rd time because I'm a retardfag who didn't do work
>have freshman lunch, but sit alone because fuck freshman
>I have long black hair and pale skin
>emo girls smell me from miles away
>2 emo/goth girls come sit with me and try to convo me
>not interested
>ones skinny, but has a kinda funky nose and teeth that could shred a dick
>ones kinda fat, but really pretty
> it's like a game of "would you rather be"
>listen to them be autistic
> eventually they ask me if I smoke and shit
>"Ummm no I don't know anyone"
>they invite me to come smoke
>my intentional plan was to use these bitches for drugs
>go smoke with them for first time, getting high is kinda over hyped
>eventually start hanging more and more with skinny girl
>she's a cool chick
>feel kinda bad for what I was doing
>we become best friends
>fast forward like a year and she's bringing up how we first met
>tell her the real reason I actually started hanging out with her
>thought because of how close we were she wouldn't care
>she took that to her fucking heart
>she cuts me off for good
>realized when she was gone how much she meant to me
>see her around school, but never talk anymore
>I graduate with grade I was suppose to
>thank Jesus for extra credit
>little sister eventually goes to my school
>go with her to open house
>see skinny there
>she's gone from a 5/10 to a fucking 8/10
>Nose filled out with face, looks like she got braces
>she's with some swagfag whos like 8 inches shorter then her, his hang on her ass
>are eyes lock
>she flicks me off
>haven't seen her sense

I miss her sometimes
>be 16 or so
>qt 8/10 at my school wants the d hard
>like she's basically handing her pussy to me on a silver platter
>being the beta retarded fuck I was I didn't see it at all, she even invited me to her place multiple times but I declined because I would rather play vidya than what I thought would just be hanging out
coincidentally I am now also a 19 year old virgin thinking about how stupid I was
Fuck hindsight man, It's so annoying
honestly like someone just mentioned, just go up and sit w/ here during your break or something. make us of that lunch time and make both your days. might even become dtf after that go bruh

captcha: atonder moses
now you gotta listen to be beetch
>be 14
>fist year of high school
>be the betaist of all betas
>don't think I've had any physical contact with a woman since I came out of a vagina
>had a class with this girl
>9/10 sexiest face and tits
>we become friends
>she flirts with me relentlessly
>I have no clue because I'm a faggot
>we got along so well
I wish I realized and stopped being such a faggot. Now that we are graduating, I decided to tell her my true feeling a for her, but she said she was no longer interested. So much regret it hurts.i can't stop thinking about her.
not doing things because of my anvil weight conscience

the last thing was me alone in my house, girl wanting to fuck and me worried about feeling like shit for cheating my girlfriend and refusing the anal/blowjob/mouthful welcoming girl.
>be dog
>be shit zoo
>wanted a family as long as I remember
>live in a shelter, get mad homeless dog cunt
>old creepy fuck comes and takes me away
>gives me to autist son
>dipshit calls me 'tuft'
>doesn't see the fucking collar on me that clearly says 'Seymour'
>retard son has no friends so he doesn't leave me the fuck alone
>kid is secret fagit and sucks my red hot dog
>autist kid gets shipped off to 'special school'
>they tell him it's a college
>finally rid of the faggot
>creepy old fuck shares fagit gene with son >stars fucking me
>gets kinky and puts me in a bondage chair
>twists me into pretzel
>chucks me under a car and I am kill
>pain finally over
>they should have just let the shelter euthanize me
>pills/fall/autoeroticasfixiation faggot
even though I'm against cheating.. Jesus christ, I don't know how you pulled away like that. These fucking redheads.
>being this new
Threads being bumped enough as it is.
Really the only thing that'll make me feel better is if I get the balls to fucking talk to people.
Here it's so fucking easy, we all understand each other.
Never really though of that before, but it's so easy to tell everyone here everything.
Why can't fucking life be like this.
I'm sure that if you show that side of you to the girl, she'll answer the same way

seriously (:
You have won the internet for a week
Do as you wish anon
File: hugo.jpg (72KB, 1280x661px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Right. Never would have guessed that her of all people would encourage me to cheat.
File: smh.jpg (112KB, 576x585px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be in college
>top-notch grill in my d&d group
>tall, thin, jeans model body, pretty face
>let's call her elise
>start fwb situation
>on and off for the next year
>fall in love
>she doesn't want to date. we break things off.
>date someone else for 3 years
>be poor as fuck
>break up. learn game. become alpha
>start pick-up blog. bang broads
>still be poor as fuck
>elise lives an hour away
>start hanging out
>she's dissatisfied with her betamax long distance boyfriend
>starts dropping hints
>hurts to be near her
>get job offer 700 miles away
>job pays 4x as much as what I make now
>take job to get away from her
>tell myself it's in my best interest
>visit her one last time
>don't say anything or make a move because she's still with someone and i don't want to facilitate her cheating

>be a year later
>be last month
>she travels for work
>she gets sick of traveling
>asks to get a two bedroom with me
>tfw when ur-beta
>be me 19 y old stud fag
>friend comes over
>get high
>we should get beer
>friend says before he has to meet some girl to lend her a book
>ok whatever
get there
>n1russian girl
>we chat and we three go to a bar
>nice evening the girl is like very flirty
>gt outta the bar#
>friend suggests we go to my place to watch a movie or whatever
get there
>i get every one a drink
>she sits like right on me even though theres much other space on the couch
>drink moar becausereasonz
> she smiles at me for no reason all the time
>to drunk to get the signals
>whatever to wasted now, so I dont want to screw up just squeeze her butt rather than puking in her mouth lol
>she just giggles more as i raise her skirt (wtf vodka) and make jokes about her pantys
>give her my number
>they leave, so i get high, watch a movie and to be honest dont remember much more
>next day wake up hangover
>facebook still opn see i added her at 4.30 in the morning 3 hours after they left
>oh fuck
>she accepts
>we chat, she even puts the picture with us both as profile pic
>shes on vacation now and then went immediately back to russia
>ralize shes living there
>dun goofed
>see she might return end of the month
>shouldve just go for it right?
>and refusing the anal/blowjob/mouthful welcoming girl.
dear god
>be me
>last year of middle school,been a dork my whole school career but have my group of friends
>they're all mix-match and from different social groups but it's a small town so more or less we all know and hang with each other
>sit at lunch table with my friends everyday, but it always switches up who's there
>there's this one chick who's definitely the hottest of all the girls I hang out with, long blond hair, glasses, rocks the scene look, and she's full, like right under chubby
>But she's a bitch, she can be civil somedays, but a lot of the times she'll just bitch me out or even punch me and shit
>But we're still friends because we all are
>As group thins out a bit and people change me and here are the only real constants at the table
>Get closer and learn not to absolutely hate each other and fight when other's aren't around
>One day it's me, her, and one other guy who always leaves for the library way before lunch ends, and as usual he does
>But we had been talking about Green Day and bands we liked and were really enjoying ourselves, and this was a big step
>Started sitting next to each other at lunch
>FB was getting really popular and we started talking over that, all the while I find myself thinking more and more about her
>One night she's bored and gives me here number
>I call and we talk for a good hour and a half

>Be me
>Be the biggest beta fag you have ever seen
>Have erection at the sight of this one girl
>even became one of those creepy obsessions
>kept that shit to myself
>I start making friends that weren't on the internet for once
>Through a mutual friendship we end up being friends
>We became good friends
>One day she says "anon you're cute" before leaving
>I don't wanna go through details, but I was too much of a beta fag to even ask her out
>I haven't spoken to her in a long while
I literally teared up thinking about how perfect my life would be if i wasn't such an beta retard
>makes jokes about her pantys

regular don fucking juan here.
File: 1392794232138.jpg (65KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 500x500px
dont worry /b/ro everything will be alright
another girl will come along and your regret from the past will be your fuel for success
these fuck ups happen so we can learn from them op
plus youre still young man dont trip just be patient and work on yourself and some girl will come outta left field when its the last thing on your mind and things will change
>ily simba
youre still young man dont trip
probably wouldn't be so perfect as you think , and you will have more chances for sure

just don't be kept by memories, look forward for what you CAN do
>Next night same thing
>At one point she tells me, "Hey Anon, you don't hate me do you? Cause I've been a real bitch to you sometimes."
>Tell her that in truth she has but I don't care to much, and say bygones be bygones
>She laughs and I smile
>We make plans to meet up at the mall tomorrow and hang
>The next hour we start into a ask and answer game, starting real innocent and then evolving into stuff like relationships, bra and dick size
>Threw a lot of awkwardness we basically start having phone sex
>She's moaning like crazy and it's the best jerk I've ever had
>We cum at the same time (at least she told me she was)
>She say's she loves me and wants me to be her boyfriend
>Get nervous but say it back
>We talk cute for the next while but things are different and definitely awkward
>Says she's going to bed
>I actually fucking tell her "thanks" for the phone sex and then goodnight. Didn't know what else to do
>Needless to say, when I call her tomorrow she doesn't answer
>Message of FB a couple times but no reply the whole summer
>Starting high school, I somehow don't really see or talk to her all year
>The next and last time I saw her, I was with my cousin at a rodeo that came to town
>Chat a bit and by her nachos
>Don't even bring up that night.
File: 20140525_003508.jpg (3MB, 2560x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 2560x1920px
i feel you op, this is my darling. I fear the day she dies.
Yeah, it would definitely be better if I asked her out then, because now I'm in a relationship with an edgy as fuck emo who draws furfag shit and apparently has dickaphobia
Sorry anon, your words of encouragement are not going to help this time
>be 17
>knew a hot ass latina girl huge tits
>friend told me she was into me
>she made it fucking obvious (calling me, random flirting)
>I was so fucked up on drugs in school didn't notice/care
>she ends up getting knocked up by some cholo
>her dad was in film industry
>i want to get into the film industry
>her tits/face/ass were some of the best i've ever fucking scene. ever.

Hit her up after high school.

>dude why didn't you tell me you liked me?
>her: oh..yeah..I did
>why didn't you tell me? i was too fucked up to notice anything that was going on

guess I dodged a possible woman that was tryna trap me with a child, but still, regret not at least boning her once
Jesus christ, that sucks.
Yeah ever hear of walking backwards?
thanks ill just take that as a compliment
to add on this

she was hitting on this guy and I saw them together so i thought they were a thing.

I told her about it when i hit her up after high school and she said she was trying to make me jealous
Just go while you still have time , good luck with that bitchole
I was on a girls bed and she showed me her boobs and I felt them up but I still didnt fuck her. Dont feel too bad, theres always someone worse than you
Thanks /b/rah, I got a million really dumb stories of me just not taking the opportunity or handling it wrong, but in truth, they're probably for the best. The universe constantly schemes to put my dick in crazy.
Yeah, I need to get out of that shit asap.
I'd honestly reach Wizard than have to keep dealing with this shit
File: 1410159572698.jpg (8KB, 180x180px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw this thread becomes a feels thread
File: 1310685757092.jpg (13KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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top level lels
What happened next, fag?
Fuck it, I'll go.
>Be me, 17 years old at the time
> Prom season has arrived
>Decide to go with my gf, I could tell she wanted to
>A few weeks before Prom I go with my mother to visit an old friend of ours
>When I was young every Sunday I went to Church with my grandmother
>one of the men there, Melendez, was one of the nicest people I've ever met
>I would walk in, he'd come over, play fight with me, ask me how I was doing, etc
> was constantly bullied for being, ironically, larger than the other kids my age
>Looked forward to seeing Melendez every Sunday
>He'd sit next to me on the pews and keep me in check with little punches

>Mother and I go to Melendez's house
>Getting older, age and life weighing him heavily down
>His eyes light up at the sight of me
>It had been some years since we'd seen each other, as I stopped going to church
>He wobbles up and grabs my hand in his own two, gripping it tight
>Ask me how I'm doing, like the old days
>Go on about my life, eventually mentioning Prom
>As we go to leave, he tugs me back lightly and asks if I could swing by with my gf so we could get a picture as the three of us
>I say yes, and he smiles with the light of joy in him

>As with all high school, one thing led to another and me and the gf break up
>In a fit of frustration and anger I decide not to go to Prom
>Prom comes and goes
>Suddenly, 2 months later Melendez passes on

>Go to the funeral, seeing all the people I grew up with from Church assemble
>His grandson couldn't even take his sunglasses off, for fear of tears coming all day
>I walk to the casket, tears filling my eyes
>I told him I would come, and I didn't
>The last thing I told him was a lie

>Next year
>Go to prom
>Take a picture of us
>and melendez between us
You don't like being in the midst of a soon to be wizard?
40+ year old virgin
I am an expert about topics (:
Nigger, is your key-board bi-polar or some shit?
>be me
>be 17
>friend from abroad visits me so i can show him the city
>show him city. Go to a party
>there are 2 girls laughing at us
>one 8/10 one 10/10
>both wanting the 10/10
>friend gets there in the end
>next day phone rings
>10/10 on phone wants to meet up with friend
>i tell her friend left but we can hang out
>mfw she says yes
>door rings
>open door, waiting for masterplan
>mfw she brought her friend
>tell them we better hang outside
>go to park, trying to flirt with 10/10
>friend of her behaves like an idiot disturbing all the time
>day goes by and friend of her is leaving
>get her home and drink and smoke
>she starts to undress and stands there in a red string and a seethrough bra
>both too wasted let's sleep
>she leaves
>mfw what have i done
>next day friend of her calls
>another try to get some
>actually shes pretty nice
>wont let me into her pantys or bra
>mfw she's 14
>tells me to lick her out, says she didnt shave much
>take off pants
>cleanly shaved.
>lick her and have sexy stuff
>fast forward 10 years
>she's my wife
>life is awesome
>where's your god now?
I was thinking the same thing
Kinda, yea


anyway, have a good life, try out girls while you can decide which to hunt down to the grave
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