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How was everyone else's "first time"? > Be

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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How was everyone else's "first time"?
> Be me, 17 (Age of consent in Texas)
> Shy, a little socially retarded
> Finally have bf: friend who I had really liked for a long time
> I know he’s not a virgin
> About 2 months
> He’s already fingered me and given me a little bit of oral
> I’ve given him oral
> Parents are gone, younger brother is passed out in room
> Convince him to come over
> We hang out and talk for a little bit
> Make out in my bed
> Get up, turn lights off, take everything off but my underwear
> Continue to make out
> He gets on top of me and starts grinding
> I want more, not sure of what to do though
> “Would you… kiss me… there?”
> Literally goes down and kisses me
> We both sort of giggle
> “Would you… rub against me?”
> He stares at me for a couple of seconds before taking his boxers off
> I take my underwear off
> Presses his dick against my clit, get wet
> feelsgoodsofar.jpeg
> For some reason I ask “Does that feel good?”
> “Yeah, sure” awkward laugh
> He then pushes the tip of his dick against my vag
> Looks at me
> *Texas sex Ed flashbacks* ohfuckingshitwhatifigetpregnant
> Crying a little because I’m panicking
> He stops hugs me and attempts to calm me down
> Feels moment
> I’m calmer, crying has mostly stopped
> He starts to push it in, he goes slow
> Relieved because it didn’t hurt
> Starts speeding up
> feelsgreatman.gif
> Suddenly my head hits the wall and I get my cervix jabbed at the same time
> Eyes start watering again
> He apologizes and shit. We both laugh it off
> He lays back and I get on top
> feelsfuckingfantastic.pdf
> Cervix was jabbed again at some point but we moved past it
> He told me when he got close and I sucked him off
> We both passed out
> Got caught sneaking him out the next morning by my younger brother
> He snitched to my parents after promising he wouldn’t tell (I gave him $40 to keep his mouth shut)
> I was grounded for 4 months among other things
> Still together, the sex is great
tits or gtfo
sharpie in pooper or it didn't happen
Where in tx. 817 here
File: X Face- QT.png (131KB, 297x289px)
X Face- QT.png
131KB, 297x289px
I posted my goddamn tits already, you fuckwad
File: 1348806802036.jpg (38KB, 508x595px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1334120090174.jpg (160KB, 1207x778px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm almost 30, I havent had a first time..

..soon..... soon
What? ? Shut the fuck up. Go back to Facebook
You literally just responded to her timestamped tits.
>Please don't breed.
do I have to say it again?

sharpie in pooper or it didn't happen bitch
oh shet, my nigga

uh, cool story I guess. Why do so many chicks cry during their first time. Same shit happened to me when I took my college GF's virginity. She had a full meltdown like halfway in.

anyways, on to the virginity:
> be 18
> meet super hot Ukranian girl in class
> take her to the lake, lunch, impress her and shit
> been going out like 2 weeks
> take her to friends party
> making out in hot tub
> Im hard as diamonds
> slip it into her
> that eye contact when we both realize whats happening
> take her up in the bedroom for sexy time
> It was pretty good
> I was drunk and high so my senses were kinda dulled
> by no means the best sex I have ever had
> I'd give it a C+

Now if anyone wants to hear some A+ sex stories, I can tell those.
Soooo kik?
I don't know. I started panicking about getting pregnant and shit. In Texas they teach you that abstinence is the way to go. I remember thinking what was constantly said in those classes
> If the penis is anywhere near a woman's vagina, there's a chance she will get pregnant.

Of course, I know now that it isn't true.
817 here nigga kek
No. I don't have a kik anyways.
Seriously, fuck cervixes. Hit that shit all the time. Sucks, because I can't get fully into it when I have to constantly make sure not to go too deep.

Are there any women with long vaginas out there? Is that a thing?
Vaginas stretch out when females get aroused or when things are entered slowly.
No, that's not inaccurate information. Abstinence is godawful, but getting pregnant from shit like precum is definitely a possibility. People do some weird shit.

yeah, lotsa of southern guilt. I think it was a guilt chastity thing with my GF. She was all, "I'm not a virgin anymore! *sob*"
>>568757156 you have really great tits
you're doing it wrong faggot
I've had that issue with pretty much every girlfriend. Except my current one. Seems absolutely impossible to do, its amazing. Jam that shit all the way in there and then some. Tightest one too, go figure. There is hope
I am familiar with the concept :)

Still, it's happened with every woman I've been with, turned on or not.

wait is this a white knight thread for a blatant low quality shoop thread? wow fucking incredible, so many ledditfags
Long narrow vagina? Sounds fantastic! Can I give 'er a go?
File: thai coke.jpg (68KB, 482x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
thai coke.jpg
68KB, 482x720px
This guy's trying too hard
took me long enough to find it, find your own!

But for real, when you thing about it some guys have longer and shorter dicks, its safe to assume the same sort of variation happens in women
implying everyone on /b/ has had sex
File: Vagina.webm (3MB, 1920x1080px)
3MB, 1920x1080px
>Implying I'm from reddit because I called you out on being a dumbass

You're gonna go far kid. Stay in school.
Hey girl, beautiful tits, add me at snapchat macrdz. Im 20
anon was just trying to look cool
If you couldn't read, I'm still in a relationship. I don't care for snapchat, kik, or whatever other faggoty form of social media.
That's what I figured, just haven't encountered it yet myself.

New OKC profile "Laid-back, outdoorsy guy seeking girl next door with a 6.5" vagina or greater."

Women, and to a lesser extent men, are constantly taught that loosing ones virginity is the most sacred of ceremonies. Lot of pressure to deal with and it tends to cause a bit of a minor breakdown.

> Be 23 with girlfriend of 6 months
> Had done fingering and handjob stuff since like first month in but as of late she had been getting more and more horny. She recently bought condoms just in case
>Her birthday comes up
>I surprise her after claiming I couldn't see her the weekend before. Her birthday was on monday and I was in college. Semi long distance which meant I couldn't just go down and see her when ever I wanted.
>Show up at her work with flowers
>dinner date later, jokes about it being sushi from her
>Back at her place, lots of kissing and cuddling until finally "anon, I know what I want for my birthday" hands me condom
>tfw I'm actually having sex
>tfw it feels amazing
>tfw she picked my virginity as her birthday gift
> we try cowgirl after missionary but can't make it work. Long story short neither of us could find the right hole in that position. Almost put it in her butt. We laugh and go back to missionary. Finish and cuddle for hours.

10/10 would relive again even though we did break up 3 months later.
It... it just keeps going :O
what's the point of this thread??
Thank you for posting something relevant to the thread. Good read
free, verified tits dude. dont question it
Holy fuck OP a dude would have to have a dick with a 9 inch diameter to titty fuck you
You both sound beta as fuck. Come to my country and i'll make a woman out of you.
Sharpie in pooper
Op is 17.

Tits are technically CP.

I'm not sure if that's a small tit joke or a saggy tit joke.
> Still together, the sex is great

Op was telling a story from the past. Possibly 18+ now. Likey.
Captcha was "Playage works" btw kek
I'm 18 now. That happened a little over a year ago.
My first time was pretty awful

>Been dating girl for months
>Know she isn't a virgin so feeling the pressure
>Decide to do it in my car. Try multiple positions but can't find one that works.
>She finally decides if I sit in the back with both front seats forward we can maybe make it work.
>She gets on top, within 1 minute she bashes her head on the roof of the car. I simultaneously catch the cramp from hell in my leg.
>End up finishing though the pain. Neither of us enjoy the experience that much. Broke up 2 weeks later.
Beat you to it.
Did you get your money back? That little shit needs a beating.
yo guise, i have this weird fetish i think, ive had sex alot, its good and shit yeah but i still think fapin is better than sex, idk why i just do, also i love watching pictures of different vaginas, like the perfect ones, so i just wonder if anyone else feel this way ? i prefer fappin over vaginas
Should screen cap you for one of those shitty cringe threads
i've seen better tits on my dog that's had two litters of babies so far
Op's boyfriend can keep those
If I post my dick will you rate it?
> decide it's time
> not girl in German class, art, and home room
>8/10 body, 5/10 face, but attainable
> make moves, start to date
> two weeks in I give her an orgasm with the heel of my foot (wrestling with her, weird position, wouldn't let me touch the pussy with my hand, so I improvised)
> one month in, took a condom from my brother, went to her place while her parents were on weekend getaway
> all the usual foreplay, pull out condom, go slow
> no pain? Go faster, switch up positions, missionary, doggie, cowgirl, standing while holding her
> the time comes and so do we
> makes me pull out despite condom
> both exhausted on her bed
> distinctly remember slipping down and thinking
Is this really all there is?
> oh well still good
> fuck like rabbits for the remainder of junior and senior year

She was ok, but weird since it was new. She's more open now, but I would never touch her again

>mfw she got the herp from the next guy
>mfw I knocked up the next girl
>mfw I'm with that girl and have 10 more under my belt
>mfw open relationships
>mfw I have no face
Tarrant country reppin
File: 1383749422602.png (109KB, 640x952px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
109KB, 640x952px
OP, are those big B's or small C's?
>be me
>be 5 or 6
>laying in the back of my parents truck with my 13 year old stepsister and younger 8 year old stepsister
>looking at the stars, just waiting to go home while my mom and stepdad are doing something with other people in some really big tent, it was church related
>about to dose off then my 13 year old stepsister (Amanda) starts to rub my dick
>she takes my hand and puts it in her shorts and tells me to "tickle her there"
>i have no idea what i'm doing so i end up flopping my hand around
>she then tells me to go under the covers to take her clothes off.
>i get her shirt and shorts off and she tells me to kiss her chest
>it doesn't feel right, i know i'm not suppose to do this but she tells me this is how mom and dad love each other so that means we have to love each other like that too
>dumbshit believed her
>after awhile we start grinding on each other, i'm on top of her. both breathing hard trying to be quiet,
>we were laying next to my other stepsister
>she tells me to take off her panties and boxers.
>she tells me to push my dick inside her pussy
>i do as she tells me and start grinding on her again
>she tells me to go faster before she jabs her tongue in my mouth and wrestles mine.
>not long after she stiffens up and hugs me really tightly
>i ask her if she is ok
>she said that's what happens when it feels good
Shit story, post vag.
File: 1410353541583.png (305KB, 600x620px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
305KB, 600x620px
Since it just happened two days ago. Keep in mind before this I was a kissless virgin with the closest contact I've had with a girl was touching boobs.
>Be me 19
>Be high as fuck one night and randomly get tinder
>Find a match with a qt3.14
>talk to her for a little while
>tell her I'm still a virgin
>she says she wants to take my virginity
>We meet up and get high together
>I tell her that I haven't had my first kiss
>She starts making out with me, I pull out one of her tits and start sucking on it
>can't do anything because she was on the rag
>We decide to meet up again on Saturday to fuck each other
To be continued
it is definitely tough to be a big deal,
>Be me, 16 with girlfriend of one month
>The relationship has been going really fast
>Had first kiss on day 5
>Got first boob same day
>Fingered her same day
>Be night of prom (we sophomores so can't go)
>Her family gone, invites me over
>Put "Up" on the TV in her room
>Start making out on her bed, completely ignoring the movie
>Take off her top, she takes off mine
>Grind for a while while taking off everything else
>End up on the floor in her blankets nude and horny
>She asks me to do it
>Too nervous to say yes so I say I have no rubber
>She slips on panties and we make out for another hour
>Got dumped next day for being a beta
File: nah.jpg (97KB, 694x448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97KB, 694x448px
I really need to lose mine
Go to bed, you snot-nosed child.
What are you talking about "first time"?

This thread shouldn't have any replies on /b/...
Oh shet. I'm 903 too.
They're both B's.
BUT there's a reason I'm covering one up: the left tit is bigger. It's still a B, but it's bigger than the other one. It's visibly noticeable so I tend to cover it up because I always get the same response.
>"I don't know which one I like more"
It's embarrassing, like my story.
Mind if we see it anyway? I'm just oddly currious
Thanks for the honesty. I think we all can appreciate that. Could we see some more?
You from arkansas?
Was that chick named Ashley?
Why is this getting posting so much?
Nope, Colorado, Her name is Emily. Turns out she was just using me to cheat on another guy. He fucked her up and now she has a baby that he just left her with.
817 DFW reporting!
Thanks, they're pretty nice. Would you consider giving us a full body shot?
File: 1410758004829.jpg (22KB, 311x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 311x300px
>Saturday rolls around
>go over to her apartment
>we start kissing as soon as I get there
>she gets naked
>I start eating her pussy because why the fuck not I was already horny as fuck by that point
>Find dat clit and go to tizzown
>I slipped a finger in the pussy and start fingering her
Also she said that I was a natural at oral sex
>Then the moment finally arrives
>I put a condom on and we got to fuckin
>Give her a firm dicking
>She said I made her cum twice
>Finish by blowing my load in her mouth and she swallows.
>Then she asks me a question
>"Anon, Do you want to go smoke and come back and fuck high?"
To be continued
No. I'm not prepared for a rate thread tonight.
File: Chins- Leo.jpg (33KB, 635x755px)
Chins- Leo.jpg
33KB, 635x755px
>mfw I read this in Hank Hill's voice.
File: Futurama_roberto.png (12KB, 480x371px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 480x371px
Your tits look like Roberto's eye sockets
ok, just wondering how the pussy looks with the tits.
Hmm, honestly it doesn't look much differently sized. Thank you for showing though.

Suppose I should also say that I'm also in 817 too

>ones bigger than the other

dumb ass, this is always true for every person

one tits bigger

one nuts bigger

one arms longer

one eyes higher up

one legs longer

human bodies arent perfectly symetrical
guess i probably shouldnt have actually posted cause im still a virgin. And a beta virgin at that... but i came close :P
Roberto's eye sockets look pretty symmetrical, though.
Am I seeing this correctly? Are you actually trying this hard? How old are you? 14?
>Be 16
>With first girlfriend, been together like three weeks
>Hanging out in her room after school, start making out
>Start feeling around
>She asks me if she should take her clothes off
>Remove clothing
>Awkwardly fumble around for like 5 minutes trying to get it in
>Once I get it in, start fucking the shit out of her like I've done it a million times
>After pounding that gine for ten minutes, she squirts all over me
>I'm fucking awesome
>Go home that night feeling pretty fucking pleased with myself
>A few days later I notice that the head of my dick looks a bit funny and it's starting to get itchy
>Smells kind of like Parmesan.
>Go to the doctor
>Congratulations faggot, you have a yeast infection
>Smear copious amounts of Lamisil all over the spam javelin for the next three weeks
Most of the time it's not as noticeable though.
Still a pretty good read

lol 817 as well

You have great tits OP. H8ters b h8tn.

>Be 22, wedding night (abstinence preached at us all our lives, fear instilled, etc.)
>Going crazy, as new wife is dragging her feet in getting to the honeymoon suite.
>It's after 1am already and all I want to do is fuck her brains out.
>Turns out she was scared and was delaying on purpose.
>She starts crying before I even put it in. Cries more once I'm in.
>Won't hardly let me thrust, because it hurts too much. Can barely move it around enough to stay hard.
>Don't finish. She makes me stop because it hurts too much.
>Should have taken it as clue as to how the rest of the marriage would go.
awww yeee, we should meet up and uhh well idk
Lot of 817ers in here tonight
>smells like parmesan
topkek m8 losing my shit
>be me
>meet slightly older guy on the internet
>become best friends
>fall in love
>meet IRL when i'm 16
>just the two of us for 3 days in his sisters apartment
>meet in the capital and take the bus to his home
>he puts his arm around me during the bus trip
>5 minutes later that hand is feeling up my boob inside my shirt
>i'm wetter than the atlantic ocean
>he fingers me until we arrive
>get to sisters apartment
>"can i kiss you?"
>asking permission kinda ruined it, but it was sweet nonetheless.
>we get down and dirty
>we were both virgins
>he didn't bring condoms because he didnt want to pressure me into having sex
>borrow condom from sisters nightstand (yeah she noticed...)
>missionary position, penis in vagina
>its over quite fast
>spend the next three days practicing and giving oral.
>still together.

Learn how to /b/ you faggot.

OP started this thread the way she's supposed to. Now GTFO

>not noticeable

it always is, people just dont pay that much attention to each other

Spend a day looking at other people, really looking, you'll see it stands out pretty awkwardly when you look

tits aside of course, since most girls dont just walk around with them out (kind of a shame that)
File: Max.jpg (7KB, 217x204px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 217x204px

just moved here recently actually!
I actually have a nut that is a bit bigger than the other one.

Thanks for the reads. Very enjoyable. Keep the greentext coming.

How you liking it and what area? I've been up here for a while for school, but officially moved up here now?
I don't know which one I like more

Oh you must just have a huge cock!

[email protected] (junk email)
Every girl has one bigger than the other. Nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.
Honestly, youre a chick. You dont even have to try... if you want it you just have to swallow your pride and be a slut about it.
File: download.jpg (35KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35KB, 500x500px
I can show you the world!
Are you tall? Do you only fuck short women?
How big is your dick?
Start fucking slightly taller women. I don't fucking know
Don't feel like typing it all out, but at 16 I went to a DnD party where I ended up fucking the host's older sister. Then the host right after. Then I left. Didn't tell him I'd just been with his sister. I kinda let him suck my dick that had just been in his sister. Pros only?
>be me
>house party in college town
>drunk because pre-game
>notice land whale eyeing me
>friend pulls me into kitchen for shots
>land whale approaches
>friends want to move to new house party
>land whale offers to bring beer from her place
>asks me to help her get it
>get to her place
>land whale gets touchy
>get beer and gtfo
>go to second house party
>still drunk
>more shots
>more beers
>black out
>wake up next morning next to land whale
>freshman in high school
>been dating the girl for a year
>finger her every morning in the hallway
>her parents hate me so we cant see eachother outside of school
>i buy some condoms
>after school one day we decide that we want to do it
>we 69 in the hallway, like in a indent in the wall where a door is
>she tells me to put it in and we do
>we here someone coming so we move
>outside choir room while somepeople are practicing inside
>we do it for another 20 minutes
>cum inside her
>mfw i lost my virginity in a hallway in high school
Nah. She was just really tight and isn't that interested in sex generally, so she wasn't that motivated to continue :-\
totally man

[email protected]
nuts are never on equal height so they dont get squashed between your legs or by oyher things.
>Be me
>Be 8 years old
>Down at the park with 11 year old friend playing around
>Have a small argument and he ends up saying "Suck my dick!" as to insult me
>I took it as a dare and I ended up sucking his dick
>Came in my mouth
>Tasted bitter, but I liked it
>Did this several times a week for the next 6 months
>One day he brings his 9 year old sister along and she watches me suck his dick
>Want to play with her, but she's feeling shy
>About a week later she comes over and asks for a sleepover.
>Parents agree and she stays the night.
>At about 11pm she comes into my room and hops into my bed
>Start kissing
>Says I suck at kissing
>Tells me to put my tongue in her mouth and basically tries to teach me how to kiss
>I move down to her chest and start sucking on her nipples
>"I've only got tiny tits" she says
>Eventually tells me she wants my cock in her
>I'm a really scrawny 8 year old kid so she lets me lay my full weight on her.
>Try finding the right hole in the dark
>"That's my ass, anon"
>Offers to guide my dick into her pussy
>"It's okay, I got this"
>Find the right hole this time
>Start making my way inside
>She's tight as fuck
>Get about 3 or more inches in and I can't seem to go any further
>Start thrusting away slowly
>She complains that it hurts a little but she still wants it
>Keep fucking for another 20 or so minutes
>Still hurts for her and she no longer wants the D
>I pull out and we fall asleep together

tl;dr Gave first blowjob to my 11 year old friend when I was 8, then I fucked his 9 year old sister about 6 months later.

thats height though, i'm talking about SIZE
File: 1403893991171.jpg (13KB, 204x247px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 204x247px
mfw when he could have brought condoms but not tell you
jup sorry didnt read it well.
My first time I realized that all sex is is just two people pleasuring themselves with the other person. Then again the sex wasn't very good so I had a lot of time to think >.>
Yes. No. Not huge, just sort of a little long and a little narrow. The best I've done was to date a black chick. While I still hit her cervix a lot, I was at least smaller than the huge black dicks she was used to, so she happily let me pound away.
File: 1410470590289.jpg (14KB, 305x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 305x350px
>We go out to my car
>I drive around to a good location to smoke at
>she rolls a big ass spliff
>We smoke that shit to the dome
>I'm not high enough, so I smoke a bowl
>Both of us are very high now
>We go back to her place
>Immediately go to her room lock the door and get naked
>We get into the bed underneath the sheets
>Start making out, foreplay shit like that
>I say I want to hit it raw if that's okay with her
>"Yeah it's fine anon, I'm on birth control and I'm clean so no worries"
>We start fucking and probably fuck for around 30 minutes straight
>"Anon, I want to ride your dick but not in the bed"
>We get on the floor and she starts riding and bouncing on my dick
>eventually we both get tired and get up in her bed again
>I made her cum a bunch of times
>start fucking her again
>Finish by blowing my load in her mouth right after she sucked my balls
>She swallowed again
There are a lot more little things that we did but that would take too long to type out and I am tired. But at least I didn't go into my 20s with muh virginity
Damn so many people in the 817 tonight. I'm usually never able to find someone else. S ftw here
that should make it better if anything

like, two possibly otherwise total strangers gettin eachothers back and recognizing feeling good is good so lets feel good together

its teamwork really
We should! I'm a pretty cool dude.

I know right?
well I'll leave my email here if anyone wants to message me or what not. Need to hit the hay

[email protected]
Wasn't the first time we did it but ill always remember trying to take it slow. During one of our mini make out sessions i took off her bra while she was on top of me making out and she was like did you take my bra off? I was like...well yeah.

she's like idunthinkso.jpg I feel weird we still hang out the rest of the day.

Business as usual heavy making out but she always rubs her snach up against my leg wears skirts around me i know she wants it. Eventually i work up the courage to just reach down there and rub back and forth she's going crazy for like maybe a good 4-5 minutes. then most memoriable part.

she's like you know it works better if you take them off. i'm like fuck yes! shit gets hotter from there i think we fucked within a week.
>Have a small argument and he ends up saying "Suck my dick!" as to insult me
>Tells me to put my tongue in her mouth and basically tries to teach me how to kiss

sex change operation in 3rd grade op?
weak bait faggot
903 what up

Congrats, bro.
>be 28
>going to a restaurant
>ordering a pizza pie
>i said no ansjovis wtf
>girl says sorry i say is ok
>eat pizza pie while lying
>go outside wait till restaurant closes
>walk up to girl call her a bitch
>punch her repeatedly in the left eye
>shit stars bleeding she yells "whyyyy whyyyyy"
>take her head and place it above my cock
>let blood pour on cock
>shove it in her mouth NOW SUCK IT
>manager comes out yells WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING
>grab my pistol and blast him twice
>then blast girl in skull with my cock inside her mouth
>let blood pour all over my cock
>feels good man
>escape and go home
>masturbate with her blood still on my cock
Yo 817 bros, [email protected]

Grapevine ova here.
lmao i thought it was like a 2 second clip, just repeating at first
>tl;dr Gave first blowjob to my 11 year old friend when I was 8, then I fucked his 9 year old sister about 6 months later.
>fucked his 9 year old sister
>9 year old sister

Learn to read, nigger.

So he got $40 and sex?

Lucky bastard.
Don't be insecure about your tits, they look amazing.
Yeah but it was like
"Why can't I just do this by myself"
It was essentially the same.

Second and third times were waaaaaay better
>Be 14yo me
>freshman high school like a boss
>still am beta faggot
>19 yo girl starts hitting on me in library and we continue taking for a long time
>end up dating for like 7 months in total i think
>3 months into relationship i come over to her house (her mom gives no shits)
>we go outside to trampoline and cuddle watching the sky
>making out i get on top of her and finger her as she reaches for my pee pee
>out of fucking nowhere she says "put it in"
>somehow she removed her pants without me noticing
>i insert my penis into her vahiahhahh
>have sex on trampoline for like 15 minutes because welfare living "disablility" mom calls her in to do shit
>came in vigina last minute
>doesnt matter shit was ca$$

she was a grat fuck and had a decent body 8/10 face and a lil chubby but had a 10/10 ass
she taught me all iknow about sex and i am now told by many girls im the best they ever had.

To this day i still have girsl booty calling for my dick.

Thanks to that girl.

>mfw i lost my innocence to a pedophile chick
File: 1409013681314s.jpg (5KB, 250x140px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 250x140px
Oh my god you are a homicidal basement anon faggot.
> tfw when old fag
>cut self on muh edge
>the end
No. I gave my brother forty dollars to keep his mouth shut because he caught us.
>inserted penis
>came in two seconds
>"that was awesome"
> "borrow condom"
Where you planning on returning it?
anon is brilliant troll for making so many reply.
File: xfqFgSkh.png (740KB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
740KB, 768x1024px
I bet your bf likes to suck on those, I know I would, thank for showing OP. Most male OP don't deliver anything
Fake. No one eats anchovies on their pizza. Waitress would not have made that mistake.
File: womanswarmth.gif (508KB, 300x177px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
508KB, 300x177px
First time was a disaster
>hanging out with skinheads
>qt3.14 girl and i just seem to click
>she was 16, I was 17
>we start going out, skinheads are really protective of her telling me to be careful, they will fuck me up if i hurt her
>we go to one of their parties together, she leads me to an empty room with a bed in it
>we undress ourselves, i was too nervous to undress her
>go down on her, no idea what im doing, but that pussy was juicy and delicious.
>skip my first BJ and go straight for the pussy
>push in very slow, about a minute
>eventually start fucking, she seems to be enjoying her self moaning into my ear
>she starts to twitch, hand knocks over candle in the room, sets the linen on the night stand on fire
>she still twitching
>sudden realization that she is having a seizure
>try to put out fire, its out of control
>pull her out of the room, start yelling at the guys
>Im naked, she is obviously still naked, room is on fire
>fire is eventually put out with an extinguisher
>we call an ambulance for her, im given a ride home and some sweat pants.
>I'm no longer invited to hangout with them
We aren't dating anymore

Sorry bud but this story is complete bullshit. You don't just "slip it in" in a hot tub. Not how it works in water.
>feeling the pressure
>decide to do it in my car

shouldve chosen one nigger
Yes he does. I especially enjoy it when he bites them.
Holy shit how common is sexual abuse like this?
precum can't get you pregnant. I researched it a long time ago when I first started raw dogging my gf. It's a myth that it can get girls pregnant. I've been pulling out with my gf steadily for 4 years and shes not prego.
dont wanna be a white knight, but man, stay virgin.
Cut your testicles off kid. That way puberty stops and you'll never contribute to the gene pool you devolved negroid hominid.
>sexual abuse
Do you enjoy light bites or hard ones? My gf has smaller boobs and I just lightly bite her nipples but suck hard on them.
Any moar pics?
ITT: Virgins fantasizing about loosing their virginity
As long as it's not drawing any blood it feels good. No, no more pictures.
>met girl for game of strip poker she was 12 >got her naked and fingered her
>next day went to her house
>she had a few drinks of vodka with my homie
>we all smoked a little weed
>her and i diappear to her bedroom
>friend barges in as we undress
>kick friend out and bar door shut
>get her naked
>no foreplay
>i insert my penis into her vahiahhahh
>have sex for a while
>didnt cum
>she says mom will be home soon
>pull out and get dressed
>go back into living room
>mom pulls into driveway perfect timing
first male:
>be me, 8
>for some reason real fucking gay
>one day 11yo guy offers to suck my cock
>say yes cause why not
>end up 69in a lot
>get rimmed
>never really able to lick his ass
>never able to take it in the ass either
>don't really like the taste of cum either
>but love getting my dick sucked
>eventually this ends badly but w/e
>dude actually liked me so it was probably doomed from the start, I was just using him to cum and get off on the shame or something
first female:
>be me, 9yo
>decide I really want to see a pussy and get into that shit
>on a plane I wander around because I can't fucking sit still anywhere
>chasing flight attendant's skirts
>concoct a shitty half-baked plan
>try to get this 20-something hotty to come into the bathroom with me because I'm too nervous to go cause I can't figure out how to flush it
>she's not buying it
>try the same thing on more attainable 30-something milf attendant
>successfully lure her into the bathroom
>swiftly lock us in
>threaten to scream and say she tried to molest me if she doesn't let me do what I want
>she complies
>undress her
>fascinated by vagina
>lick that shit
>no idea what I'm doing
>licking urethra and clit and everywhere
>she's losing her mind or some shit
>go to town on clit and urethra cause I'm a kinky fucker by nature or something
>bitch actually squirts in my fucking face
>first time it ever happened for her
>getting raped by a child was her secret fetish
>she wants to show her gratitude and blows me
>dry cum in her mouth
>fuck her pussy with my tiny cock too
>doesn't really work
>eventually the other staff and my mother have figured out where we went and what was happening, forcing the door open
>shit was a fucking scene in there let me tell you
>she tells me it was worth it as they put her in handcuffs

tfw I was a member of the mile high club at 9 yrs old
Is the pussy bald or furry?
maybe you're infertile
>feels you up and fingers you
>asks if he can kiss you later

fake as fuck or retarded
let's hope so <3
>Be me
>Sophmore in High School
>Senior girlfriend
>I'm a virgin, she isn't
>We plan out a day were her house is empty
>I tell my mom we are going to a movie
>Gets dropped off at the theater an hour early and then proceeds to walk a mile in hot sun for an hour to get to her house
>Don't remember what she is wearing cause I am so excited I kiss her and start stripping both of us
>Get her to the room
>She blows me
>I finger and go down on her
>Try condom
>Go inside
>Starts getting flaccid
>Take off condom
>Proceed to do every position we can think off
>Rest breaks are had, with water and sandwich
>In doggie position I go so fast I pull out and ram into her ass cheek
>Hurts like hell but only take a five minute break before I get back into it
>Have always taken a while to get off
>Lasts two hours before I blow my load
>Lands on myself cause I'm on my back
>She cleans up with a towel
File: image.jpg (64KB, 612x612px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64KB, 612x612px
File: 1408938686051.gif (2MB, 400x310px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 400x310px

Also, my first time I was 17, the girl I was with was 21 (I think)

I lived away from home in a shaky-safehouse kind of environment. Normally, I would come home from work and get stoned and play skyrim in my room (it had just came out) lots of parties happened at the house, I really didn't care I didn't like to drink alcohol and didn't have enough $ to toss my weed around.

biggest, 3 day long party we had, I sort of start talking to a girl who was there, she was about a 5/10 (chubby, nothing special in the face but not hideous). I had drank some Bacardi 151, and remember my roommate whispering something in her ear, she looks at me then just pounces on me. I was a bit overwhelmed by the situation and told her to get off (rofl)

later that night, I'm going to bed with my bedroom door closed, she comes in and says she wants to stay with me, I say okay, Just happy to have a woman to hold for an evening. We talk for what feels like an eternity then somehow the sexy-time begins. I don't remember much of it except for when I was making an attempt to finger her, using one figer, she told me to use three (because she was a slut and probably had a vag like the harlem tunnel)

This goes on for a bit then she pulls my pants off and gets on top of me, after less than a minute of being in her, I tell her i'm going to cum, she hops off and I cum all over myself.

I was embarrassed, she said it was obvious how embarrassed I was but she was alright about it. she stayed with me for the rest of the night.

She left the house a few days later, never saw her again. I only know her First name which was Rebecca .

I want to know what you guys think about this.
>Be 19
>Meet cute girl who worked with a friend.
>Start hanging out a bunch.
>She commutes to college. Lives with parents.
>Sleeps over a lot. For about a month just makeout and cuddle a lot.
>Have a party one night
>Pulls me into the bathroom
>Gets on her knees and sucks my dick a little.
>Stops and sends me back to the party.
>Get drunk and handsy all night.
>Kick everyone out
>Go back to bed
>Awkwardly take each other clothes off
>Finally get it in.
>Wow this is really awesome
>Nervous and drunk so takes a while to cum
>She's happy.
>I blow my load and I'm happy
>Have sex again
>Fall asleep and cuddle after that.

Went pretty well for my first time. Stayed together for a while after, didn't work out. No hard feelings.
File: 232111_140.jpg (9KB, 140x140px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 140x140px
This fucking guy and his "hot Ukrainian"..I'm stoned but this shits retarded.
>the pussy
There are more than one of them, you know. Like, in the world.
>Smells like Parmesan
Oh, my bad. Still a good giggle
I shave every other week. I like to keep it bald because hair is annoying, but if I shave too much it looks bad.
It's pretty much prickly, sorry.
Pretty sure the person he has been talking with about this only has one though...

Try to fucking keep up
Bro, you are crashing and burning.
You're grasping for nothingness.
File: 1398648745867.jpg (21KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 300x300px
Step aside children
>be me, was 18, she 17
>been dating for about 4 mounths, both virgins
>i was a fat fuck, she looked like a super model (some girl actually had the decency to say that to my face)
>we went to the supermarket to buy condoms. they had one of those do it yourself machines where you can pay without the help of an employe
>fucking shit jammed, had to get some help from the nearby supervisor
>go to my place, nobody home
>foreplay, foreplay, foreplay (i became a master in that shit)
>finaly moment of thruth
>as soon as i go get the condoms i lost my boner.
>somehow managed to recover it
>is it in yet?
>i dont know
>after that she started pussy farting
>try my best not to lose my shit laughing
>everything went pretty smooth from there, except for my bed. sounded like a jackhammer hitting the wall.
It puts the lotion on the skin...
pantie shot?
I think that's a reasonable request.
Here you go

Way to go.

I know all about that jackhammer mode son

Jackhammer masterrace
File: image.jpg (43KB, 387x529px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 387x529px
>be me
>be 16 and with gf (2,5 year relationship)
>furthest I've come was fingering her while she still wore all her clothes
>done this about 20 times, never allowed me to play with them titties or sucked my dick
>some very very awkward slow handjobs 2x
>she never shaved her vagoo
>it had the most ugly and largest labia ever
>she comes over one day
>anon I want to do it
>fuck yes

>sex sucked
>neither of us was comfortable around eachothers body
>couldn't find a good position
>couldn't stay hard
>came to fast

3/10 if I had to guess
Now I'm 20 and and I've only had sex one other time, with another girl. Fingered like 3. I've never made a girl cum in my life.

I feel pathetic.

>mfw girls rate me a solid 8 on /soc/ though and I have a great body
> about to sex
> cry because female thought process and hormones

Seems about right.
>Move to usa from brazil
>Ugly gorilla nigger girl on my first clas on first day of school slaps my ass
>whispers to me during class "ey white boy u cute as fuq u wanna fuck me? just axe me"
>school ends
>tell her ill do it
>fuck her after school in the girls bathroom
was in 7th grade
Why the fuck am I the only one in 210.

It's not like it's worse than houston or smth
fuck is it time for the yuropoors to be on already?
I hope you got your $40 back
And...now you're a whole posting nudes on 4chan?
Fucking time zones. How do they work?
File: 1305572726400.jpg (31KB, 300x311px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31KB, 300x311px
>Be in a damp, wet place
>Suddenly air, a rush of fluids
>Being pushed through a tight opening
>Come out covered in blood
>Some asshole slaps me on the ass
>Cry like a baby

And there you have it.
File: 1393357248301s.jpg (12KB, 213x249px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 213x249px

You'll get it eventually broskin, just work that clitoris like it's your job

I'm 20 aswell, I'm not exceptionally large or anything and I've slept with 3 different women since my fat chick story see >>568769385

and It's super easy get girls to cum upwards of three times in a single sexytime by just rubbing/mouthing the shit out of the clit
It actually is technically true. Just unlikely.
Fingering and groping were both initiated by me, whereas the kiss was not. Retarded? Can't argue with that I guess, we were both virgins and the whole thing was quite akward (not in a bad way or anything.)
Nope, that little asshole used it to buy that shitty FIFA game.

No. After about 6 months he introduced me to this place. He said if I ever made a thread that I was supposed to post tits. After lurking for a while I saw why.
That's about the right amount. I'm perplexed when women apologize for having the slightest amount of pubic stubble. Hair is natural.
Surprisingly common among 8's and higher. Being a 6 (7 if the chick is into my shitty sense of style) I'd be dead in the water if I weren't known for being a pretty good fuck. If you're bad or inexperienced, they find out quick, and its all they'll talk about for a few weeks.

I would suggest getting more social, pick some low hanging fruit for confidence, and power-bate for endurance.
i can just smell the new fags in here. op starts off with time stamped tits and fags demand time stamp... as much as i love j law and her tits, she ruined /b/
>as much as i love j law and her tits, she ruined /b/

/b/ has been ruined for years, anon.
File: image.jpg (307KB, 960x932px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
307KB, 960x932px
It's almost 10AM cuntflap
Go to bed.
>> I was grounded for 4 months among other things
What other things?
> be me, (sigh)14..
> mature for my age I guess
> few months into a relationship
> weeks leading up goes from calling me "cute" to "hot" and "sexy"
> anytime I so much as hugged him he'd be raging
> I think about it and end up wanting to
> next time we hang alone
> watched porn for 2 or so years so I know what to do to a degree
> work my way to grinding on him
> he's loosing it
> only a few mins of foreplay and he gets condom out
> he gets on top
> no fucking clue what he's doing
> he's way louder then I am, not really enjoying my self just from how awkwardly he's trusting and moaning
> 4-5 mins go by and he cums
> he's out of breath and sweating
> he puts his arm over me and sports this look like he's a champ
>we break up for other reasons a week or so later
> he cries.. a solid 30 mins.. I WISH I was lying.
> 16 now and he test me every so often
> I never want to reply
Feel bad for you anon

So you consider getting sucked off as losing your virginity?
>be me 20
>invite female friend to anime/game convention
>no big deal
>see her in stockings, skirt, and showing cleavage
>never seen her without jeans and tshirt
>drive her to convention
>have fun
>tell her im taking her back home
>stop by a secluded place near the dorms
>she asks me why we are here
>tell her no reason "lets check out this place"
>wander around abandoned apartments
>try to barge in one of the rooms
>she asks what i am doing
>tell her i want to get in so i can fuck her in there
>she laughs at the idea
>we get into the car
>she starts rubbing my crotch
>im freaking out inside cuz what i said on impulse actually worked
>she seems shocked for some reason
>asks her whats wrong
>she says that im so big
>takes my pants off and she takes off her top
>see most beautiful tits
>she starts sucking my cock
>asks me if she is doing alright since its her first big cock
>i say she is doing great
>im still nervous and doesnt feel that great
>ask her if we can go to the back
>i take off her pants and start to finger her
>shes really wet and horny
>she tells me enough
>wants my cock inside her
>i say i dont have any experience
>she whispers in my ear "ill take care of it"
>she rides my cock with her perfect body
>i think over and over again how lucky i am
>shes really riding me hard and gets all sweaty
>i see her skin glisten due to the sweat
>turns me on even more
>enjoy the view of this amazing body riding me
>im thinking too much though
>after awhile i notice she is getting tired
>tell her thank you and that it is getting late
>we both dont get off
>i go drop her off at her boyfriend's place
I'm poor (well, we're both poor but he was slightly better off) so I didn't have a cell phone.
After the first week of being together he gave me his iPod touch to use to message him and shit.
> I had to give that back after getting caught (but I didn't, I kept it and kept it hidden)

Dad ended up disliking him, he couldn't call my house for a good two months and wasn't allowed to be seen near it. It was a huge fight when I asked if I could bring him to my aunt's wedding
> Even though I told him repeatedly that it was all my idea he still has ill feelings towards him

I was pretty much subjected to being told how stupid I was for it or how disappointed they are in me
> I got over that

Even after being "ungrounded" I still wasn't trusted about what I claimed to be doing.
> I turned 18 and that ended
Trying to cum to.your pictures. Show face and/or anus. Will post results.
How can one anon be so beta and alpha in one thread?
File: imsofucked.jpg (89KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89KB, 640x480px

>17, being together with actual gf for 2 months, she was 15
>We decide it's the moment
>Parents are at work
>She comes over
>I slam her on my parents bed, mine is too weak to perform
>We make out and give each other oral and she gave me a litte bit of footjob too
>Spent 10 minuts putting condom on
>I turn light off and jump on her
>Start fucking furiously, she screams and moans as a diyng whale,I can last forever, I am a fucking superhero, I have the strenght of a buffalo and ....
>Touch the bed, feels wetty
>Turn on light
>My parents bed looks like annibal lecter tablecloth
>We started panicking
>We decide to close the sexsession for now
>Mfw I had to tell my parents my nose started bleeding furiously while I was taking a nap on their bed

Pic very related
File: 1371267900347.gif (1MB, 290x189px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 290x189px
What a faggot.
Jezus they let you have internet at kindergarten?
I technically got my dick in there even if it was futile

I guess I fucked my 20 yr old sis when I was 14 and had a kid

pretty sure that counts

not really much of a story though
File: 1305564815928.png (338KB, 500x521px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
338KB, 500x521px
If you're gonna make shit up, at least go above and beyond.
File: Troll_doll.jpg (5KB, 250x250px)
5KB, 250x250px
>just the usual talking shit, each have a can of jim bean (saving vodka for the party)
>meet up with host outside of train station
>head over to his, smoking and chilling
>friend lives by himself in apartment, was inviting a bunch of his mates over
>we're just all chilling there, drinking up
>finish the vodka with effort (new to it back then, hurt my throat)
>start talking to her
>mates start playing shitty house music, but drunk so idgaf
>dancing like an idiot
>mate pulls out massive can of hairspray, they all cover my hair in it and start messing with it
>drunk so still dgaf
>group photos in mirror
>she's pushing her head against mine in the huddle
>start laughing about it
>vague memory for a couple mins, but somewhere she pecked me on the cheek
>im in
>peck her back then we start making out
>her mates start cheering (turns out they had planned on getting me drunk so this could happen)
>my mate comes in and looks surprised
>one of her mates blurts "you guys should go have sex!"
>she's not a virgin (basically a slut but that's another story)
>go to mates room
>start undressing
>she had odd bra and panties, funky as fuck (which is what i liked about her)
>comes straight out and tells me she likes me
>im genuinely surprised, thinking it would've taken another month or 2 just to get this far with her
>belt gets stuck
>she undid it for me
>she starts sucking
>running my hands through her dreads, god this was amazing
>she stops, lies on bed
>im on top
>put it in
>fucked her for 3 hours, whole bunch of different positions and 69s
>her drunk friend sometimes came in to throw up (only bathroom in our room)
>finish up, start getting dressed again
>was now going out with her
>we go back to everyone else in the main room, bunch of people ive never met before cheering me on
>her and her mates go home, am left with my mate and all his mates for the night
not that they would go right to you fucking gf in their bed and she stared her period, but they bought that?
>Be 16
>Be typical horny virgin
>never had a serious relationship in my life
>meet girl through mutual friends
>start to talk to girl via text
>girl is also super horny virgin and wants my d
>we start going out, teasing each other and whatnot playfully at school/movie/whatever
>been dating this girl for 2 months, still 0 action besides making out
>we finally decide its time to fuck
>both kinda nervous
>we start making out and I start grabbing her tits and whatnot
>I put my hand on her vag, start rubbing
>pull down her panties and shes soaking wet
>all of the sudden she unzips my pants and grabs my cock
>she starts deepthroating it straight out of a fucking porno
>both now ripping our clothes off
>finally decide its time for penetration
>I ram my dick inside her as hard as I can and start fucking her really hard
>blood gets all over my dick because were both virgins, and I'm fucking her really hard
>I start hitting her cervix really god damn hard and I can see the pain in her face
>shes kinda turned on by it and so am I
>jizz after like 10 minutes of that
>both super tired and just go to bed
>wake up and do the same shit
Still dating as well. Currently 20, shes 18. Sex is still pretty great, and now we've got toys, so its even more fun that way.
I feel pretty lucky honestly, I doubt if I pulled that shit with any other girl, I'd never get laid again.

214, the colony reporting in
Is it true if you fap too much you lose pleasure during sex?
>couple months ago
>gf and i gonna fuck for the first time
>in her living room while little bro is in his room playing vidya and grandma sick sleeping in bed
>bring out the condom, miss the first time but finally get it in
>after a while i noticed im not receiving too much pleasure
>after a while i start getting flaccid
>dick keeps slipping off her pussy
>get frustrated and she just finishes me off with a handjob
I don't know if it's because I fap too much or because the condom blocked most of the pleasure or anything, but i really wanna make it a lot more enjoyable for me, so any tips would be appreciated.
File: imagest.jpg (10KB, 277x182px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 277x182px

didn't post the whole thing (wrote a copy/pasta from a previous thread)

Part 1

>be me
>16 male
>beta as fuck till that year, had started changing my image and attitude towards life
>night after mid-year exams ended
>had kinda been into a girl in my year that recently came to my school, 8/10 colombian with dread locks and piercings and shit (which caught my attention in the first place)
>we had been talking for like a week, just friends but always had a laugh and stuff
>infatuated with her
>saturday night
>meet up with her and 2 of her friends to get drinks for a party at someones house
>just the usual talking shit, each have a can of jim bean (saving vodka for the party)
>meet up with host outside of train station
>head over to his, smoking and chilling
>friend lives by himself in apartment, was inviting a bunch of his mates over
>we're just all chilling there, drinking up
>finish the vodka with effort (new to it back then, hurt my throat)
>start talking to her
>mates start playing shitty house music, but drunk so idgaf
>dancing like an idiot
>mate pulls out massive can of hairspray, they all cover my hair in it and start messing with it
>drunk so still dgaf
>group photos in mirror
>she's pushing her head against mine in the huddle
>start laughing about it
>vague memory for a couple mins, but somewhere she pecked me on the cheek
>im in
>peck her back then we start making out
>her mates start cheering (turns out they had planned on getting me drunk so this could happen)
>my mate comes in and looks surprised
>one of her mates blurts "you guys should go have sex!"
>she's not a virgin (basically a slut but that's another story)
>go to mates room
>start undressing
>she had odd bra and panties, funky as fuck (which is what i liked about her)
>comes straight out and tells me she likes me

to be cont.
File: WP_000093.jpg (371KB, 1222x1630px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
371KB, 1222x1630px
>become fuck friends after that
>her bf is ok with it cuz of their open relationship
>we end up loving each other
>i dont like she is still with him though
>long conflict
>think i should give up cuz he has 4.0, is ripped; theyve been together for a long time
>win her over anyway
>leaves him and win best gf and "sex slave"
pic related. thats her.
I'm 23, girl says she's 21.
She come over, immediately wants to fuck. I'm about to cum and she latches her whole body around mine so I'm forced to in her (she was on top). Won't get off me for like half an hour afterwards. For some fucking reason I decide to keep hooking up with her and let the same scenario happen at least a couple dozen times. Eventually acts obsessed with me, starts stalking me, invites me to her 20th birthday party (forgot she told me she was 21) and all this weird shit so I never talk to her again.

What is my problem...

It was not her period, it's normal for girls to bleed the first time.
>Be 23
>Go over girlfriends house
>Her dad's away and her mothers doing some sht
>We start making out, she took off my pants, and I turned on the tv.

That's about the time she walked way from me
Alright /b/ goodnight. Enjoy this last picture, faggots, too lazy to timestamp. Sorry.

Great reads from everyone who posted, thanks.
i became full alpha in the end
not made up see >>568773914
>be me, be 18
>freshman at univ out of town
>come home for weekend after a month
>call up best friend (girl) to hang out for drinks
>she tells me my high school crush came back single from summer abroad
>not just crush, flirted for 4 years with each other, even though at least one of us was always with somebody
>best friend says she wants to party at a hotel, let her make arrangements
>meet up for double date at bahama breeze
>her hand on my knee before apps get to table
>go to hotel around the corner, get to room and 3 btls smirnoff for 4 people
>drink quickly for about a half hour
>HS crush tells me she has a present for me
>leads me to room next door, she'd gotten us one for ourselves
>she's obviously done this before
>immeadiately starts making out with me, then starts taking her clothes off
>im a little taken aback, she says "do you think i would have set this all ip if i didnt plan on fucking you?"
>no more words needed
>tells me she doesnt like receive oral or have anybody touch her down there
>wouldnt know what i was doing with that anyway
>tells me she hates how condoms feel, just let her know when im ready
>God bless being 18, hard as a diamond in an ice storm for the next 8 hours, vodka and all
>screw 5 times
>dont know/didnt care how much she enjoyed it
>however she initiated each additional round, so whatever
>be a month later, back in hometown
>call her up, ask to take her to movie
>she says not to make more of it than it was
>havent talked to her in 12 years
Part 2

>im genuinely surprised, thinking it would've taken another month or 2 just to get this far with her
>belt gets stuck
>she undid it for me
>she starts sucking
>been sucked off before (another story) but almost a year before and it felt amazing
>running my hands through her dreads, god this was amazing
>she stops, lies on bed
>im on top
>put it in
>shallow too
>fucked her for 3 hours, whole bunch of different positions and 69s
>her drunk friend occasionally came in to throw up in the bathroom, would congratulate us
>finish up, start getting dressed again
>was now going out with her
>didnt think that would've ever happened
>we go back to everyone else in the main room, bunch of people ive never met before cheering me on
>her and her mates go home, am left with my mate and all his mates for the night
>cant sleep because theyre so loud
>3 of them tried to steal my phone, another reason i couldnt sleep
>hung out with her all of that weekend
>went out with her for almost a month, fucked her 3 more times
>got played (thats another story)
>not worth it
Now this I can fap to. Night OP.

Dat neck

Op confirmed for qt3.14
I have the same problem, anon.
I just don't use a condom
I will fap to your tits tonight, night OP
All the people responding to this guy with negative comments are trying much too hard.
Sweet! Thanks, OP. Glad I stayed till the end.

Too tired now, will fap later.
You stuck your dick in crazy, that's your problem.
Hi. Few things to start off with =] 1. Yes I want to add you because you're a female, 'tis an awesome thing to see! 2. I'm Brian, 3. Dont be intimidated, but I'm not a stereotypical guy. If anything I'll be the one in the kitchen :D.
I produce a decent amount of pre cum, so I don't wanna risk it.
>be 19 and only virgin among guy friends
>lie to everyone about it except best friend
>he introduces me to slutty 16 year old in inner circle who he discovered wants my dick
>I invite her to overnight beach camping trip with friends for virginity loosing purposes
>we ride in back of overcrowded station wagon under blanket to avoid getting pulled over
>start making out and fingering her while on free way at 65mph
>she pulls my dick out and gives me first handjob/orgasm not caused by myself
>later that night something comes up and our driver has to head back to town soon but we still haven't fucked
>I pull her away from bon fire to have sex on dark beach
>I eat her out for like 10 minutes but turn down first blow job out of fear of cumming early in her mouth
>she's so moist and warm when I put it in
>It feels so good I cum in less than 2 minutes
>luckly my friend is shouting out in the distance that it's time to go
>blame it on having to rap it up fast and tell her I'll get her next time
>I disappoint her in bed one more time a week later then tell her we can't keep doing it
>I make up BS that age difference makes it weird for
> 4 years later friend dies so secret is safe
>thinks sloppy seconds is alpha
This pasta tastes stale, like leftovers. Or like someone copied the recipe.
If you're the Brian I think you are, go an eat a bag of decomposing nigger dicks.
That's not full alpha. You waited around like a fullblooded beta!
stop answering to this guy saying thing ending with "too hard"
>16 now
b& m8 rekt
>be me
>12 yo
>around 12 pm
>talk casually about sex with best friends
>suddenly best friend 1 says "lets all fuck my gf"
> best friend 2 says we should go and buy condoms
>we all agreed that fact
>fast forward till 6 pm
>we somehow got a whole condom box and energy drinks
>best friend 1 actually convinced gf to fuck with us
>she was virgin too
>best friend 2 parents are in a bussines trip so the whole house was for us
>we decide to fuck her in turns, best friend 1 was
first because obvious reasons and i ended up last because i lost in rps with best friend 2
>the turns started and shit was happening in another room while we were in the watching tv on the lounge
>moanings and shit all over the house
>2 hours of wait worth for my turn
>im about to get inside the room where shes waiting me
>quick check on things before start, condom, check, boner, check,
> as soon as i set a foot inside i notice something awfull
>blood is all over the blankets
File: book.jpg (6KB, 294x171px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Don't hate the playa, hate the game!
age of consent in texas is 18

also tits or gtfo
You're gay

The fuck are you talking about?

attentionwhoring, underaged cunt with small tits and way too much body fat. i'm glad for you you found someone who is willing to fill your disguisting fuckhole. does it feel good?

more you know
Man, that sounds amazing. She sounds like she is awesome to hang out with.
Abstinent fag here, I worry about this so much
See >>568761783
And you're goddamn right it feels good.
Great tits! Like em both. Thanks
File: 1400862596713.gif (863KB, 277x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
863KB, 277x300px
I second that curiosity. Taken 2 virginities, every pussy looks different
What's your name
nice tripz
Shut the fuck up you pathetic piece of shit. No one cares about your retarded story nor does anyone want to see anything else but more pictures of your deformed body.

Hi OP,

May I see your Vagina please?
had a chance to fuck in a empty classroom, but shes too much of a pussy to give me the pussy.
These idiots ITT not knowing "tits or gtfo" is what you say to attention whores.

Mines rather uninteresting, but the relationship ended badly. Stay tuned.
> be 15
> met half latina really cute 16 y/o girl at water park with mutual friend
> hang out, start texting
> meet for first time alone. I didn't have my drivers license so my parents drove us to my house and left us
> watched movies, chddled, innocent 15/16 year old kissing
> dating for 3 months
> went to her house once a week, but she lived like 35-45 minutes away
> went with her to her friends quiencenera (probably misspelled that) practice
> thought for sure she was somewhat ashamed of me, but she seemed not to
> she introduced me as her cousin
> wtf this bitch... Why?
> turns out her ex is one of the dancers
> she's not dancing with him
> relieved.jpg
> about a month later, I'm 16, she's 17, ex is 18
> at her house
> watch Aladdin and Footloose (some of her favorite movies)
> my hand in her shirt
> her hand in my waist, moving down
> finally.jpg
> she's not a virgin, I am.
> scared as shit but alpha my way through
> making out, her shirts off, MASSIVE erection
> don't remember exactly but asked something stupid like "when's your mom coming home?"
> almost killed the mood
> put on condom I've been holding for weeks (still fresh)
> takes off my pants and I almost came as she licked it
> took her pants off
> tried to oral, but I'm a virgin so obviously not great
> good enough. She's moaning
> time to go up
> kiss up stomach to mouth
> 4 months I've been waiting for this
> stick it in
> orgasm in about 5 minutes
> still want to go again, but no more condoms
>"its okay, anon. I'm on the pill"
> we fucked again
> 15 minutes that time... Both cum
> lie in bed cuddling for half an hour
> make bullshut cutsie plans like going to Hawaii together when we turn 18

FF 3-4 weeks
> we've had sex about 20 times
> she's been cheating on her boyfriend with me for almost 6 months
> what the actual fuck
>end of year 7 (from Finland, so i was 14)
>drinking in a park, getting a little wasted
>met this 15 year old girl from school
>talk a while, either cant find friends and its getting late
>go to my place, parents not home
>start making out
>she wants the d
>have no condom
>take her pants, run to a nearby gas station to buy some (took the pants so she couldnt run away, im a fucking genius)
>return, she was passed out
>be pissed and go to sleep
>start drinking with her in the morning and watching a movie
>start making out, getting off our clothes
>have drunk sex, be disappointed that it wasnt what i expected
>nothing special, dont remember how long I lasted, was pretty drunk

Dont know what to think about my first time. It was still good that i was pretty young so i took no pressure about losing my virginity later, which made me more confident around women. Didnt start to date the girl, thou ive had sex with her a few times in the past years, if ive seen her in a bar or some shit.
Section 43.25 was amended by Hous Bill 8 in September, 2007 which states 17, just as chapter 43 that I already linked states:


The very section that this supposed attorney blog references was added to fully 6 years before his article and he couldn't be arsed to find the current legislation. I'd be running to hire him if I needed a TX attorney. Looks to be really up on current laws
virginity intensifies
inb4 white knight
>Be back this June
>Be 20
>Meet QT on Tinder somehow after making joke profile of dog photos
>Go on a few dates
>Shit gets heavy on number 4 I think it was
>Get naked
>Finger the shit out of her
>Eat her out
>She's giving me a handjob
>She climbs on top of me
>Gets in position
>She starts to slide down onto it
>Gets all the way in
>Cum immediately
>No condom
And that was that. Still dating though, still slaying it
Nigger do you even type more than 3 words per minute? Where the fuck is 2/2?!
successful troll is successful
One of the few OP's that actually deliver. Thanks OP! P.S. Nice tits.

awaits vagina

im 27 years old and fucked more than i pissed. come at me you fucking assclown.
File: Splinter-ooze.jpg (89KB, 300x253px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89KB, 300x253px
Just realized i fucked up some parts sorry for that, im typing on a phone

>blood all over the damn bed
>i dont even know how they did it with all this shit
>realized i had a raging boner
>now i know why they didnt cared at all
>quick foreplay because i wanted to get into it
>suck her niples, kiss her and realized eating her was no good so i asked for her to blow me
>get to the main dish and get on four
>im aiming my dick for a perfect single thrust to get it all the way in
>go for it and put my whole dick inside her
>i though that with my other two friends before me losened her up
>i was proved wrong when i couldnt fit more than a half
>when i try to trusth more of it she says it hurts
>at that point i didnt mind if it hurts so i just grab her and we get in a chair making her slide it all in one go
>shes starting to cry but i dont care and i start to pump it
>i dont last more than 15 min but i still had a boner and one that i never had, a cutting diamonds raging boner
>fast open another condom and change it
>i put it inside again and i fuck her till she past out
>when i realize that i panicked the fuck up and called my friends
>they told me it happened with them too and told me to just chill and wait her to recover
In the end we fucked her up the three at the same time and even taked pictures for shit and giggles, at some point of that night i recall i called a time out for me and started playing xbox while those two fucked her, castlevania for xbox was the shit.
> tells me to tell her bf nothing went on between us
> bf comes to my house and parks faggot red carin front
> calls me
> "get the fuck outside right now. We need to talk."
> fuckthat.tar.gz.part01
> tell him if he doesn't leave I'll call the cops
> he doesnt leave so I call the fucking cops
> couldnt see his license plate from across the street
> idiot has a picture of his car as his facebook cover background
> he pussies out and drives away
> femanon is so pissed off at me
> "dont ever talk to me again"
> good. I won't. Fuck cheaters.
> she texts me a month later "I miss u"
> guess who broke up with her boyfriend?
> more accurately, guess who got dumped by their boyfriend?
> don't text back you fucking pussy...
> fuck it... I had a moment of weakness
> "I miss you too"
> "do you want to hang out this weekend?"
> "look, we had a lot of fun but I can't go through that again. Sorry"
> "just to hang out"
> "no sorry. You seriously hurt me"
> dumped her there. For good.
> don't text her anymore
> she texts about 2 months ago
> "hey, anon, how're you doing?"
> didn't respond. Don't want anything to do with her.
> send/receive vague snapchats with each other from time to time, but other than that, no communication
see >>568774160
>INB4 white knight
Who the fuck cares?
If you want to see a vagina you can find millions of photos of them on the internet in like 5 seconds. Same goes for tits.
Nigger, im using a fucking cellphone, my sausage fingers doesnt let me type that fast without fucking up
fucked more than you pissed? well either you got some peenil disfunction or you are a rich muslim. anyway its impressing.
Yeah hope your next sexual experience is better, find a confident guy
>be me, 13
>got a gf on facebook on christmas day
>have sexual conversations
>"love" gets tossed around a lot
>meet up
>chubby but idc
>i just ate dumplings the whole time and talked about cartoons
>meet up again two days later
>first kiss, first touch of boob, poked her
>meet up again at her house this time
>watch Saw until we start kissing
>go into her room
>undress eachother
>lay her down
>gives me a slow handjob
>put her back on bed
>fuck her until i pull out and came all over her
>dumped her 2 days later
oh yeah, and haven't had sex since
Have you seen the typing on this fucking site? Don't sweat being correct and shit. No one else does.
I'm not that guy, but it actually bothers me when I realize I wrote something incorrectly. I usually feel compelled to correct it, even if nobody else cares and the meaning is intact
Then you, anon, are one of the few decent people left on this Earth. Or on the Internet, anyway. Kudos
I share this kind of feel, sometimes i forget to add some parts while typing like pronouns and shit, because im thinking i already put them, if i dont double check large texts shit happends and its annoying to see it when you posted it already
yfw you have no face?
So pretty much every girls first time
your apprenticeship is almost over...
I did it when i was 12, dont know how to feel ya there bro
it's rhetorical
Only if you don't have a clue what 'mfw' means.
File: 1410461266750.jpg (15KB, 180x212px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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All is forgiven, anon...
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