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Part 1 >be me >be 16 >love shrek with all my heart >I

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Part 1
>be me
>be 16
>love shrek with all my heart
>I eat onions with every meal
>I only browse with tor
>I watch the movies almost every day
>I collected everything shrek related
>sometimes I even paint my skin green to honor him
>I walk the halls of my school with pride
>I know shrek loves me
>everyone makes fun of me because of my love for shrek
>they call me a faggot for loving his odiforicness
>as I walk home bullies twice my size push me in the dirt
>one of the boys resembled farquaad
>I fucking hate farquaad
>why do you always smell like onions faggot
>sprawling in the mud I tell them that my onions protect me, and unless they wish to feel the ogerlord's pungent wrath they should leave me alone
>they laugh at me and kick me in the ribs
>"shrek is just a cartoon you stupid faggot" they howled
>the tall one with a face like farquaad tore my prized necklace of strung together shallots from my neck
>the giant farquaad spit in my face and laughed like a hyena
>I hear that faggot here really likes onions, so let's give him some onions
>the farquaads pin me down in the mud
>he shoves the shallots in my mouth and makes me bite down
>the last of the miniature onions causes me to cum only making things worse as they beat me harder for this
>I lay on the ground with the pack of farquads kicking me
>I whisper to myself that I will be able to one day go live happily ever after with the great green one and his untamed stench.
>despite my calls for the shrekstermination of the evil farquaads, shrek did not help
>that night I told my father what happend during dinner
>I was having sautéd onions
>they tasted shrexquisite
>my dad said it was my fault for being such a little faggot
>I called him ogerzealous and he sent me to bed.
>I sat before the shrine I had made in my room for shrek
>I prayed to the swamp dweller wishing for the shrektribution that I deserved.
>I got no answer.
>I blew out my earwax candles, removed my green fedora, and went to sleep
Part 2
>I awoke to the chilling noise of my door creaking open
>a tall figure walked to the side of my bed
>it began to stroke my hair and mutter something unintelligible
>I squirm, frightened of the strange man
>he touched me in the same placed that my uncle and the priest had to touch me
>I thrashed about attempting to resist being violated by the man
>go ahead, I like it when you squirm
>I recognized the voice as it belonged to my father
>resistance was futile as the figure grabbed me and held me down
>I struggle but it is no use
>I panic as he holds me down licking my neck with a mouth that stank of gin.
>all I could do was cry
>my dad then pulled off my pants and began to thrust his erect penis into my ass
>in and out
>in and out
>I called out as loud as I could for shrek to save me but he did not come.
>I gave in as there was nothing I could do to keep him from raping me
>my father growled in my ear
>your cartoon ain't going to help you now faggot
>my father continued to thrust in and out of my now bleeding asshole until he pulled out and came on my sobbing face
>The horror of being ravaged by my farther had tainted my very soul
>I knew I would never be able to enjoy life while my rapist still breathed
>he turned me over preparing to renter me
>that is when I heard it, the sound of layers being peeled off of an onion followed by a wafting perfume of swamp water
>the stench of onions filled the room like cyanide in a gas chamber
>it was clear we where about to be shreksterminated
>my father stopped mid thrust
>I hear a deep voice growl behind me!
>in a thick Scottish brogue, I heard it whisper to my father
>shrek in all his smelly glory ripped my father out of my ass using his green tree trunk sized arms and thew him across the room
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Part 3
>shrek roared with ogerpowering force as he ripped off my dads cock and drank the blood that flowed from my fathers wound as if he was a human juice box.
>I smiled a triumphant smile as I watched the light leave my horrid father's eyes
>who's the faggot now dad
>shrek then presented his massive green 24inch fully erect member and proceeded to rape my fathers lifeless corpse
>my horrid fathers fleshy taint was split like a log by the force of the ogre's gargantuan cock
>with each thrust the shrexicutioner of a penis pulled bits of intestines and other organs out of dad's body and onto the floor where I failed to resist the urge to roll around in them like I swine in mud
>I licked the frothy mixture of shit, blood, and slimy green precum off of shrek as he thrusted
>It seemed this game was about to go into ogretime as shrek refused to show a single sign that he would relent
>I became increasingly aroused by the brutal ogrekill that shrek forced on my father's limp corpse
>finally it seemed his glorious orgasm was about to come as he bucked and howled
>he roared a magnificent roar
>I could see the pleasure on shrek's face as he ejaculated in my father's chest
>it was a true shrekgasm
>I saw my dad's torso swell as the ogre semen amassed inside of his chest cavity
>the force was so great that a sticky green slime of ogre cum oozed out the corpses skull
>the endless shrekake level amount of cum flowed out of the corpse's every orifice and was further spread about the room by shrek's rapid thrusting out of the cavity where my father's taint and rectum used to be
>all that was left of his crotch was a gaping bloody hole
>I was so ogrejoyed with his climax that I licked the dark green bubbling cum off of my father's face
>it tasted like onions
>raw onions
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Part 4
>having finished with the corpse shrek effortlessly tore off my fathers head and ate it as if it were a grape
>I listened to the cum filled skull crunch in his magnificent yellow teeth
>like an abused puppy, I began to lap up the Santorum like mixture that coated the room
>after I had licked the corpse dry I turned to shrek and asked
>is it over?
>at this instant I knew what he wanted
>shrekstatic, I bent over and prepared myself to receive his shrektastic passion
>"my body is ready" I told him with glee
>I felt shrek's muscular sausage like hands rest on my hips and grip me like meaty clamps
>I meekly spread my ass cheeks for shrek
>he leaned in to sniff my anus like a gourmet chef inspecting a soufflé
>"this is my swamp" he whispered intently
>I knew his words were true, and that my swamp had always belonged to shrek
>I relaxed my colon as the the full unlubed 24inches of shrek's thick, veined glory slide into my ass
>I felt my rectum stretch as wide as it could to accommodate his horselike girth
>not even my great green dragon dildo was this tight
>he was not gentle
>he was rough with me
>rougher than I had imagined anyone would ever be
>but I liked it
>I loved it
>neigh I craved it
>needed it
>my ass resumed bleeding but this time I was in shrecstasy
>it hurt more than any form of sodomy I had ever shrexperienced, but I loved the agony
>I was finally with him
>I shrieked with joy as I felt the flesh of my anus began to tear apart
>I loved every second of his legendary passion
>as I felt shrek prepare to cum, and my insides begin to tear apart, the world began to grow dark
>my mind began to fade
>I took the chance to utter my final words
>the only words that had ever mattered
>shrek is love
>shrek is life
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Just saw this in another thread. Praise the Ogrelord.
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It is my OC, I reposted it after the other thread 404ed so fast
It is my OC, I reposted it after the other thread 404ed so fast

I am OP, my id changed because I reset my VPN
ogre id get faggots
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Thought it was going to be another faggoty Shrek rip-off, but this was rather enjoyable.

gg op
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9/10 OP gj
9/10 reuse of shrek.

I chuckled.
Now we wait for the youtube video in gmod
Wow, I though Shrek was getting old but this reignited my interest. Praise the Ogrelord.

that was intense
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>the shrektocrats
Why wasn't it an ogregasm?
It can't be done, I wrote the fucking thing and i can't even keep my shit together when reading it aloud
>he leaned in to sniff my anus like a gourmet chef inspecting a soufflé
my sides
If you only use tor then how are you using 4chan.
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11/10 OP
Would jack off to story again
Shrekgasm sounds better, and was already an established pun
I think you missed the point
yeah I suppose, i haven't even read the thing yet.
Do I have permission to try to make a video OP? It will be hard to keep from laughing.
Think logo
what logo?
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Thread posts: 33
Thread images: 11

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