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>yfw there wasn't just one hack >yfw there isn't

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>yfw there wasn't just one hack
>yfw there isn't just one leaker
>yfw there's been a small, underground celeb n00d-trading ring that's existed for years
>why wasn't it revealed earlier? the only way to join the ring is by 'buying in' with original pics ("wins", as they call them) you've acquired by yourself
>(also, these guys are greedy fuckers: if you were the only person in the world in possession of jlaw nudes, would you really give them out? for free??)
>these guys conduct individual attacks on celebs through (i presume) a mix of social engineering and (esp for more high-profile targets) straight-up hacking
>they trade with each other to expand collections
>circle hardly ever widens to include more people - very few people even find out about this ring, and fewer still have n00ds to buy in with (bitcoin purchases probably rare)
>... except for self-styled "rich kid" in original /b/ thread
>it appears he bought a few sample pix and blew the lid on this whole operation by sharing them with outsiders for the first time
>spotting their chance, and realising existence of the n00d collections was revealed, a couple of other guys from this circle came out of the woodwork offering up some of their collections for donations

explains why:
we didn't get one massive filedump: no single person has access to all the pics
we got MEW nudes even though she deleted them years ago
there were multiple 'official' bitcoin addresses each linked to actual, new leaks
most leaks are shitty, a couple of images at a time, presumably from small-timers with small collections and relatively little to lose by devaluing their pics anyway
we aren't getting the really good movies, because they are much more 'valuable' and therefore a) owned by fewer people and b) could be traded for many more nudes and would lose all value if released for free

check old threads on anon-ib /stol/ and /c/ for an insight into these guys

& brace for multiple arrests as the net tightens around the trading ring
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for some reason, the proliferation of celeb trading threads on anon-ib is a pretty recent phenomenon. maybe a large single acquisition (at the emmy's??) significantly increased the pool of pics, maybe anon-ib only recently became a hub for this activity, maybe it was all on IRC before this, who knows
you do realize,

thanks to the internet

there is now a secret underground ring for literally everything, right?

want to visit that secret underground ring for the lizardmen autists society? the group that promotes the fact that the government is being taken over by a group of lizardmen with autism, go look it up! its on the internet!

just cuse u tryhard and greentext doesnt mean your crappy conclusion is cool.
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shut the fuck up. Misogynist nerd.
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i'll just be posting screencaps from anon-ib
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just debunking the idea apparently held by everyone in the media and the majority of anons that one guy is behind all this, you self-important cumguzzler

AnonIB is still up? That website was awesome back in 2005, but then the mods stopped caring, it got v&, and then the new owner cared even less and allowed virus-filled pop-ups. When I visited it after it was cleaned up, there was almost no content.

youre debunking that idea because you found a group of people on the internet who trade celeb pics


youre a genuis
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mckayla discussion
Well if it happens that iCloud never had security leaks, then those guys are framing Apple for doing it
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please continue erupting torrents of pointless shit from your mouth
if everyone believes it's a lone gunman taking advantage of one exploit on one service, the investigations will be much narrower in scope and less likely to catch the guys behind this
>actually wanting these gods to get caught
what is wrong with you?
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they'll be caught eventually. too big a shitstorm now, and some of these faggots weren't nearly clever enough to cover their tracks properly
This is actually pretty convincing
Pleeeez, looks like apple is trying to blame shift with some fuckall story my 12 yo bro would come up with. Suck it up boys, you got hacked
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anyone know where people were doing exchanges before anon-ib? i've checked a bunch of .onion forums but couldn't find anything
Email check back to r. Nichols, was on anon-ib
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This is some ilerminaty shit.

I don't understand what you are saying.
Jimmie :O
Srry should of pointed to >>566102369
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because it's real..
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dun dun dunnn.jpg
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calling on brave anons to scour the deepwebs (or the rest of anon-ib at least) for more info
>nerds taking things like this THIS seriously

if you want to see naked girls just watch porn, christ. "l-lets make up internal politics for something like this lads hehe we are master race secret nood society"
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Thread images: 14

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