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Hey /b/. My wife and I just got seperated. Greentext story time,

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hey /b/. My wife and I just got seperated. Greentext story time, I feel like I need to tell someone, and why not /b/.

>Be me
>Highschool nerd, I loved Physics
>Girl in my class, Jenny.
>Jenny is qt3.14 to the max
>Spend pretty much all of Physics staring at her
>One day she catches me staring
>"Hey Tom, whats up?"
>"Uhh-uhh nothing, just like studying and everything right?"
>"Haha thats cool, arent you like awesome in Physics? You always do really well on the tests and everything"
>"Uhh yeah I guess, I really like it"
>"Haha alright cool! See you later Tom!"
>Somehow spaghetti stayed in pocket and I talked to her for the first time
>Eventually I realize that she sucked at Physics, and it took me a week or two to build up the courage to ask her to study with me and I would help her in the class
>She said yes
>Oh god she said yes
>Somehow spaghetti is remaining in pocket
>Spend 2 days getting house and everything ready
>Doorbell rings
>Force the spaghetti back into my pocket

Cont? Will cont if there's interest.
Please do cont.
nah, this sounds kinda gay
/b/ is here for you cont.
it's ok man, you probs need to let it out, go ahead and cont. b/ro
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>inb4 palms sweaty
>inb4 knees weak
>inb4 arms heavy
>inb4 vomit on his sweater already
Cool, I'll keep going then.

>Jenny comes in
>We study for a bit
>It actually goes very well, I struggle to keep spaghetti from flowing out of my pocket but I managed
>We talk in class, eventually become good friends
>After that year (Junior year in Highschool) we stopped seeing each other because we didnt have classes
>Feelsbadman.jpg, I really liked her but I never thought I had a chance with her
>Eventually go to a good college (Elon, not the greatest, but good enough)
>Get my bachelors in Engineering
>Decide I want to work for NASA
>Eventually get an interview, and I get hired as a researcher
>Pretty cool, I love space and physics and shit
>One day
>New desk clerk
>Holy fucking shit
>Is that Jenny
>Holy fuck its Jenny
>Spaghetti is approaching the speed of light
>Jenny has evolved into a 3.14qtmegatron
>"Oh my god Jenny, is that you?"
>"Tom! Its you! It's been so long!"
>We start talking, hanging out at work
>Still didnt think I had a chance with her, I'm still a skinnyfat loser
>"Hey Tom, wanna go out sometime?"
>She made the first move but whatever im alright with it
>"Yeah sure, where do you wanna go?"
>We end up deciding on a pretty fancy Italian restaurant nearby
>Spend the entire next day getting ready, I went out and bought a nice shirt and everything
>Standing there, combing my hair
>Doorbell rings
>Oh shit its Jenny
>She comes in
>Looks amazing, blue dress (I told her the day before that my favorite color was blue, so I like to think that she did that for me)
>We get in the car
>Im a shit driver
>We reach Italian resurant
>Things go smoothly

stop being a fag and either post it or don't stop asking after each post.
I second this.
just continue op
Yeah man, keep going.
op pls
op pls respond
is op a faggot? more news at 10
op dont be a faggot
I'll take that as cont.

>Like I said, dinner goes smoothly
>Get back in car
>Again, shit driver
>We nearly die once or twice on the way back, but we get there
>Walk her into her house, she asks me to sit down for a bit
>We start having drinks
>Kiss for the first time
Thats pretty much where it stopped, I was super betafag and didnt really know what to do.
>See her at work, we talk a lot and have a lot of fun
>Start dating on a regular basis
>We have a ton of fun together, she sleeps over at my house sometimes but its really just mostly cuddling, nothing sexual
>One day, we get a little frisky
>"Tom, theres something I have to tell you"
>"Im infertle"
>Shes clearly broken up by it, shes trying not to cry when she tells me
>"No Jenny its fine, I promise"
>Eventually make her comfortable with it, and we have sex like a few months later >Relationship is going great
>During our relationship I also put a lot of work into my research and everything I had to do at NASA, and eventually get a bunch of promotions and get the credentials necessary to become an astronaut
>Life is pretty good mang
>One day, take Jenny back to the italian restaurant we had our first day at
>She's surprised I remembered it
>She's even more surprised when I propose to her
>She says yes, and we get married in July
>Amazing wedding, the best day of my life

Cont? Shouldnt be much longer.
Just give op some time lol.
continue bumping op
Alright fuck I'll go through to the finish. One sec so i can type it.
>Not pretyping this shit
Don't have to ask for "cont." /b/ro, plenty of people interested.
Should've sent her to space, OP.
Fake story is fake inb4 walk the dinosaur but who was phone moved to bel air etc etc fuck off
thank you op ill keep bumping youre a real winner

fucking retard-trolls cant even fake shit into shit.
At least he is not a Republican Space Ranger in Space.

Fucking stupid Dog. What you doin in space you retard?!
Nah sorry you lost me at nasa and def lost me at astronaut 1/10
bumpity bumpity bump
Ground control to major tom this thread is dead there's something wrong
>Like I said, I kept getting promotions etc until I became an astronaut
>Relationship with Jenny is basically perfect, we never really fought and really loved each other
>One day, NASA decides that I will be one of the astronauts to go into space
>I'm extremely excited, this has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember
>Get home, tell Jenny, She's upset
>"What if you dont come back? How long will you be gone? What will I do with my husband in space?"
>She makes a really good point, but I have to go, I cant really decline their offer and its my biggest dream
>We fight often for the year and a half that i'm in training leading up to the launch
>Launch day comes
>Ground Control to Major Tom
>Ground Control to Major Tom
>Take your protein pills
and put your helmet on
>Ground Control to Major Tom
>Commencing countdown,
engines on
>Check ignition
and may God's love be with you
>Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One, Liftoff
>This is Ground Control
to Major Tom
>You've really made the grade
>And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear
>Now it's time to leave the capsule
if you dare
>This is Major Tom to Ground Control
>I'm stepping through the door
>And I'm floating in a most peculiar way
>And the stars look very different today
>For here
>Am I sitting in a tin can
>Far above the world
>Planet Earth is blue
>And there's nothing I can do
>Though I'm past one hundred thousand miles
>I'm feeling very still
>And I think my spaceship knows which way to go
>Tell my wife I love her very much
she knows
>Ground Control to Major Tom
>Your circuit's dead, there's something wrong
>Can you hear me, Major Tom?
>Can you hear me, Major Tom?
>Can you hear me, Major Tom?
>Can you....
>Here am I floating round my tin can
>Far above the Moon
>Planet Earth is blue
>And there's nothing I can do.
called it
really op?
topfucking kek
cont. (and take this as a cont. after every small portion of story)
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Fucking shit. I was hoping nobody would call it. Congrats on being the only one though.
Jenny, quit living on dreams, Jenny, trolling is not what it seems - just a lonely troll in a sad sad world...
Thread posts: 43
Thread images: 3

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