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Story of button continued >turn around to see button walking

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Story of button continued

>turn around to see button walking with a look of bloody fucking murder across her face
>she plants two hands on my chest and WWF style slams me into the bathroom door, nearly busting it off her hinges
>she’s small, but has some serious firepower to her, she showed me that when we first met
>she must have given her brothers a run for their money
>I imagine this is what it feels like to get mugged by a pack of large niggers, only replace the niggers with a one short horny white girl and she is after your baby juice not your money
>button gets up on her tip toes and starts to kiss me violently and I don’t use that word lightly
>after few seconds she stops, “take your pants off and sit on the chair!” she demands and points to my computer chair just over from us
>I consider asking why, but the smarter half of me decides now is not a time to question her motives, I also have a decent idea on what is about to go down and have no intentions of foiling her plans
>take pants of and sit on the edge of the chair
>now I know up until now that it seems like button is kind of clueless with this stuff but that’s only half true, it’s not like she has never watched porn before, we have both been fairly regular 4chan browsers for quite some time
>where she falls short is putting things into practice, it’s easy to watch a .webm of a girl jacking a guy off… but actually doing it is another thing
>so I would be lying when say that when she got down on her knees and proceeded to put my spam javelin in her mouth it felt incredible… it was pretty darn good but there was a bit too much teeth for it to be incredible

>”loose the teeth…” I quickly point out, trying not to kill the vibe
>but lets face it… a toothy headjob doesn’t make anybody happy
>she spends the next minute or so working her way around things, figuring how fit me into her mouth without getting her teeth in the way
>I help her out a bit by showing her how to use her hand to work the shaft up and down at the same time as she slides it in and out
>aside from that, I’m pretty darn impressed… might have some teeth marks but as her technique improves with each stroke I slowly forget about any discomfort
>she finds a decent a pace and starts refine things more and more
>It actually catches me off guard when I realise that this is actually taking me somewhere… I was not expecting that, not for a first time headjob
>guess I should give button credit where she deserves it, she’s definitely no idiot and she does have an eye for the finer details
>I notice pretty quickly that she is paying close attention to my reactions as she tries various things
>I guide her along by making some extra noise, or squeezing her hair gently when she does something that feels exceptionally good
>button keeps looking up at me… most beautiful thing in the world, watching my cock disappear into her mouth with those brown eyes looking up at me
>there must be a god, I feel truly blessed
>she manages to narrow things down to a combination of 3 things, long strokes using a combination of her mouth and hand in sync with each other, jacking me off while she rests her mouth, and jacking me off while keep her mouth around my knob
Damn it, OP, you must keep going! For the greater good, you lucky son of a bitch. And again, I must ask: Steam? TF2 or some other casul game? DotA?
Heaven will follow
Bumbing for button

nudes of button? OP post bewbs? PLEASE!!!!
>too much tongue can ruin things unless you are drumming your balls against a girls asshole at 240bbm getting ready to drop the bass inside her
>drumming your balls against a girls asshole at 240bbm
>ready to drop the bass inside her
>guy who asked for timestamped cock but didnt really want reporting in
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2MB, 1373x2186px

>before long she cycles between these three in order to avoid getting a mouth cramp
>I hold off on telling her I’m going to cum until I’m at least at 90% of the way to seman-armageddon and pretty darn positive it’s going to happen
>I make this next bit as clear as I possibly can for her, “button, if you keep this up, I’m probably going to cum any second now so you decide where it’s going to go…”
>button looks up at me but keeps working at my cock, she takes it out of her mouth to breath and then quickly pulls her shirtdress off
>tits it is!
>she is now on her knees in between my thighs but naked, her tits bouncing up and down she works my cock in and out of her mouth, pulling on my shaft with one hand, the other hand playing gently with my balls
>95% untill cumapocolypse, I grit my teeth and grab buttons hair which encourages her to start working double time
>fucking halo 4 music still playing
>I feel like its climaxing with me
>London bank vault closes for the second time today as I let out a “hnnnnnnnnnggggggghhhhh…” I let out
>button just keeps going
>she doesn’t cough, doesn’t choke, just keeps on working my shaft with her hand and mouth
>I can feel myself going through the ropes, I have no idea about the volume but I it feels pretty darn decent given this is the second time I have busted a nut today
>mush more than button can handle because at least half of it is running out her mouth, down her chin and onto her tits
>I finally relax and she takes me out of her mouth
>button immediately looks at me and visibly swallows before catching her breath
>she has cum running down her chin, as well as a few blobs on her tits and her hand
>”fuck that’s hard work” she exclaims
And by the gods we will bump. You are only one sage knave!
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>>I consider asking why, but the smarter half of me decides now is not a time to question her motives, I also have a decent idea on what is about to go down and have no intentions of foiling her plans
top kek
>Bumbing for button
>nudes of button? OP post bewbs? PLEASE!!!!
There aren't any because that person doesn't actually exist. Are you fucking retarded? This is straight out of a fuck novel, not a real life occurrence.



>”but sooooo worth it…” I respond
>button grabs the handtowel that I dropped next to the couch and starts wiping my salty yoghurt off herself
>”you don’t mind the taste?” i ask her, still shocked at how she handled my load like a fucking champ
>button just shrugs, “I wouldn’t spread it on my sandwich… but it’s pretty easy to deal with” she says while slipping her shirtdress back on and throwing the towel at my face
>”not cool…” I inform her
>she just smiles, hops up and walks towards me
>”no… not until you brush your teeth!!!”
>”you kissed me straight after, besides I was under the impression you loved the taste of semen…” button says seductively as she straddles me on the computer chair
>nothing seductive about this at all
>it occurs to me that she doesn’t have panties on and her bare pussy is now above my limp and leaking cock
>she moves in to kiss me… fuck it… she’s worth it I guess
>I move my hand down and run my fingers through her slit, not pushing them in or anything, just have a good feel
>her mouth doesn’t really taste like anything to be honest, maybe vaguely salty but it’s probably my imagination
>we just make out for a bit while I play with her, just enjoying the moment
>raining pretty fucking hard outside now
>doesn’t take long before I’m reasonably hard again… it’s not a rock solid erection or anything, more like a hung over soldier clumsily standing to attention
>have her straddle me like this with her dripping snatch right above me is making me want seconds
"Artistic works of fiction blah blah blah"

Stop being such a killjoy
are you having a good night heaven? what else you get up to today?


>I part my fingers and let my knob press up against buttons glory hole
>she reaches down and grabs my cock and moves her hips back and forth, rubbing it across her slit
>button smiles at me and bites her lip, “pizza time faggot” she says and then jumps off my lap
>I can’t really call it blue balling given the events that preceded it… but it was still a ‘cock tease’ in every sense of the word

>after putting only my briefs back on and pissing out the remaining cum left inside my AIDS blaster I walk back out to find button bending over looking inside the oven
>turns out she put the pizzas back in while she waited for me to warm them back up
>not that I gave a fuck at that point… so hungry
>I carry the pizzas to the coffee table while button sits down with her feet stretched out along the long part of the L of the couch
>”get the doona” she orders while pointing at my bed
>”you can’t make me” I jest back at her, knowing full well she can
>”if I can swallow your load, you can carry a doona from your bed to the couch”
>”you swallowed half my load” I decide to correct her
>”and if you ever want me to swallow it ag-” she begins
>”I was messing around… I’m getting it…”, right now I would do just about anything she asked of me, a girl swallowing your load has that effect
>I drag my doona off the bed and place it beside button who pulls some of it onto her lap
>walk around to the front of the couch to sit down, button lifts her legs up, hinting at me to sit under them
>legs together and up in the air, feet crossed, perfect little clam peering out from between her thighs
>even though I just busted, the sight makes me want to drop my pants and go balls deep into her right now

>”sit down!” button says with force, aware at what I’m looking at
>”oh come on you did it deliberately…” i say as I sit down and she puts her legs over me and starts moving the doona to cover both of us
>”you cant put a work of art on display and then not expect people to stop to admire it” I offer to her as a genuine compliment
>button smiles at this, “just pass me my pizza faggot”
> nothing really interesting happens over the next few hours, we just pick up where we left off with the campaign while polishing off our homemade pizzas
>I try to sneak my hand down and cop another feel of her vagoo a few times, at first she clamps my hand between her thighs before I can get close
>but she soon decided against that and obliged me by spreading her legs apart under the doona, letting me cop a feel anyway, though I’m careful to leave the inside of her untouched
>I want to let it recover, ready for whatever we decide to get up to tonight… if anything
>its rains hard all afternoon and we both just have a great time working our way through the campaign and passing the usual banter back and forth between us
>we are definitely starting to find our stride in this new set of circumstances, it still feels like we are best friends at this point and if anything the sexual stuff is just making our friendship even stronger
>it’s important to mention this now for contrast later on
Oh yes my good /b/rothers, long ways to go yet!
OOOOOOP. At least say no or something.
>"Artistic works of fiction blah blah blah"
>Stop being such a killjoy
Op claims this bullshit happened. I'll stop being a killjoy when faggot admits this never happened.

>we don’t leave that blanket of awesomeness until late in the afternoon, and even then it’s just to get drinks and have a pee break
>after getting up to a rather frustrating part of the campaign (it was some point after you exit that big mammoth vehicle thing) we agree to take a break and watch a movie
>buttons turn to pick because I got to last time
>I tried to argue that she fell asleep but it was futile so I give up and put a load of washing on instead while she browses through my pirated collection of legitimately acquired movies
>as I’m putting her panties from earlier into the dryer I am suddenly overcome with a huge sense of satisfaction
>”where you serious this morning when you asked if you could stay here?” I call out to her
>”yeaaaahh… about that…” she responds
>my heart sinks out my ass
>“you need to let me know how much it will be, and do you have a spare key?” button continues
>I pick my heart up off the floor and stuff it back into my ass, I also get a bit scared at just how intensely that made me feel… I shouldn’t be putting all my eggs in the one basket like this already
>It’s so hard to keep my feet planted on the ground with all that is going on
>when I walk back out of the bathroom, button is over by my wardrobe pulling things from the top draw of my dresser and putting them into the bottom
>I walk over to investigate, judging by her open suitcase on my bed, its pretty easy to figure out what she is up to…
>”are you sure you don’t want to wait a couple of days before you do that?” I ask her a little unsure if this is a bit of a hasty move
>probably not the smartest thing I did today… button doesn’t appreciate being treated like an idiot
feels like Ive been reading forever but only 1/4 of the way though last thread
but dont stop
We all know this is bullshit and way too good to be true.

>10/10 gamer girl kicks it at his place
>Chill as fuck
>Sucks his dick, handles it like a champ

Come on. Just enjoy the fucking bullshit story.
sup, 5am here prolly gonna sleep
the stories gloating about foreplay now, only women like 10hour foreplay
This faggot. Tryin to suck his dick much.
american fag here....

wtf is a doona?

inb4 google

actually, you are both half right and half wrong...

>This faggot. Tryin to suck his dick much.
It's probably the same guy hyping his own erotic fiction story.
>implying she exists
Summer never ends
You nigger, at least that's the first thing your head could come up with. I need a new Aussie friend anyway, and it's not like I'm going to fly half way around the fucking world for anything. Game buddies before anything else, you dumb shit.
forgot post

>she turns around to face me, visibly peeved, “4 years we have been best friends faggot, and you are worried that in the next 4 days that is suddenly going to change?” she lectures at me
>”no… I just… “ but button cuts me off
>”do I look like one of you ex sluts that you managed to sweet talk into your pants?” she asks me while looking me in the eye
>fucking crazy how button always cuts straight to the point… she knows I’m thinking about how I’ve been burnt in the past
>I mentioned this in the start… I don’t do well with any sort of conflict… you know how you hear about those Spanish families where yelling is just how they communicate? My family was the opposite growing up, no yelling, no violence
>also slut 2 was the ‘crazy ex’ and she use to fucking go off her shit sometimes… only time I have ever raised my voice and hate her for drawing that out of me
>feeling uncomfortable, I try to lighten the mood “you look a lot better than any of them…” I say while looking over at her suitcase, it’s a piss poor attempt but she knows me well enough to know that I don’t like fighting or anything
>button changes her tone to one of more reassurance
>”I was the one picking up the pieces of you every time one of stupid bitches dumped your sorry little ass” button begins “I know how much it hurt you each time…”
>this makes me look at her, It had slipped my mind that the girl standing in front of me here was the one thing that kept me sane through all those breakups, each time I broke down, it was her that did her best putting me back together again… well him at the time I suppose
>button was never the sort to talk it out… mostly just bad mouthed ex of the moment, made me point out all the things I hated, got me fired up and then dragged me into some wow pvp or bf3 or something like that where she would just bark orders at me
my gf once gave me a BJ while i did play WoW, she did say if i stop making top dmg she stop....ofc a gamer girl too

>it worked surprisingly well because I would usually just go quiet at times like that, but she would always be watching me closely in game and if I didn’t follow an instruction she would snap at me, it kept me thinking about the game and not about pain I was feeling
>buttons tone is much softer now, “you know I wouldn’t do that to you… anon” she says to me, with a sincere expression on her face
>”yeah… I know” I mumble at her… very aware out how fucking stupid I’m being about this… plus I’m recovering from the gentle ass reaming button has just handed to me
>button gives me a pathetic look “you really are a bit of a pussy sometimes…”
>I shrug at her, “you love me for it”
>button moves towards me and wraps her arms around me, “as much as you can love a faggot”
>its unexpected given her hardass nature, but I don’t waste the opportunity and hold her back
>I realise that this is the first time we have actually just embraced each other without it being sexual in nature… it feels nice
>”why are you moving all my things to the bottom draws though?” I break the silence before it gets awkward
>”because I don’t want you trying to stick it in my ass every time I bend down to grab a pair of socks” she says while pulling herself away from me and turning back to the drawers
>”well then, better make the most of this moment!” I chime
>I wrap both hands around her waist and then lift her up, “ungg… fuck you!!” she says while ramming her elbow back into my chest
how much more is there OP? dont care if real, youre a pretty good writer. dont wanna stop but gtg soon, this sucks.

>hurts like a fucking bitch but I don’t let her go
>put her up on the bed on her knees and grab her hair at the base of her head firmly before she has a chance to move away
>”you called me a pussy” I declare at her
>”I called you a faggot as well!” she responds mockingly
>you asked for it
>I pull on her hair which causes her tilt her head back, arch her back and push her ass up against me, her shirtdress is still covering her ass up and I consider lifting it up too expose her glorious rear end
>”awww did I hurt your feelings? Poor baby…” she teases at me, unphased by what I’m doing
>I guess growing up in a house full of footy playing brothers makes you pretty godamn robust…
>I lean forward over her, grab her firmly by the neck and plant her head down into the bed
>”eerrgghh” she growls at me
>I use one knee to slide her legs further apart… big mistake
>the moment I do this button reaches between her legs and grabs onto my goods far to firmly for comfort… she means business
>I instantly release her, “hooooooo-ooookkkk you win you win” I relent, aware that she is about 1Pa of pressure away from making me infertile
>I consider trying to pull backwards, but by now she has adjusted her grip and has a firm hold on my balls… and I mean firm… if I pull away there is a good chance I’m going to leave them behind
>I’m only wearing briefs, which is working against me
>she lifts her leg over her arm, carefully exchanges her vice like hold with her other hand, turns to me up and gets up on her knees so that we are at eye level with each other
>button moves in close, still holding me hostage, “4 brothers… and you figured I wouldn’t know the importance of a ballsack in a wrestling match…” she smiles at me knowing that she quite literally has me by the balls
>Game buddies
Go outside you fat fuck
>You nigger, at least that's the first thing your head could come up with. I need a new Aussie friend anyway, and it's not like I'm going to fly half way around the fucking world for anything. Game buddies before anything else, you dumb shit.
Well you're a creepy ass dude, that's for sure. Making friends over /b/....?
last one im reading
>button moves in close, still holding me hostage, “4 brothers… and you figured I wouldn’t know the importance of a ballsack in a wrestling match…” she smiles at me knowing that she quite literally has me by the balls
that line shot it down
nite op
about 1/3 before i reach unedited stuff


>I swallow nervously… “that kinda hurts” i offer her in defeat, I’m not kidding either, the pain is borderline bearable
>”I bet” she responds with feigned concern as she moves in towards my neck
>takes me a moment to realise what she is up to, no good obviously
>she latches onto my upper neck and starts sucking
>”oh come on, I was just messing around!” I protest
>she doesn’t stop, but gives my balls a squeeze, reminding me who’s in charge
>not much I can do… I would actually enjoy her sucking on my neck like a modern dyson vacuum cleaner if it weren’t for my imprisoned testicles
>she takes her time, a good fucking 30 seconds before she moves away from my neck to inspect her neck graffiti
>within seconds she releases my balls and falls back on the bed laughing
>”fuck you” i snap at her and head straight to the bathroom mirror
>the colour of the welt is fucking glorious… she basically sucked the blood right through my skin… I almost consider ringing up the Guinness book of world records to see if they have an award for me
>”OH FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!” I yell back out at her while inspecting this monster of a hicky on my neck, way to high up to hide with a collar or anything
>”come back here faggot… I want to see it again!” button responds
>walk back out of the bathroom, button is sitting on the end of the bed in that cute way… you know with knees forward and then legs back, I can’t think of what to call it
>I give her a dry ‘fuck you’ sort of look but she just smiles and holds arms outstretched in front of her, giving me a ‘come here’ motion with her hands
>It takes every ounce of will not to forgive her right on the spot seeing her like that
>walk over to her defeated
>button gets back up on her knees and then takes my head in her hands, turning me and inspecting her handiwork
It's happened before, you sack of shit. But oh wait, hurr durr, /b/, all this is face and-- blah blah, keep whining and shit.

>”won’t try that again will you?” she teases, turning my head back to face her
>before I even have a chance to protest, she places both hands on my chest and then starts to kiss me deeply before grabbing my shirt and falling backwards, dragging me with her
>I quickly loop my arm behind her and break her fall, letting her hit the bed gently
>sounds cliché I know… but it isn’t the first time I’ve done something like this, most girls love cliché

>even button seems to have a bit of a soft spot somewhere deep inside her, actually I can think of several at this point
>button wraps her legs around me and pulls me onto her as i use my arm around her to drag her further up the bed
>as we kiss I grind my weapon of ass destruction into her crotch through my briefs
>after making out and dry humping each other rather intensely for a while we pull away to have breather
>she turns my head to the side again and takes yet another look, ”no hard feelings, right faggot?” button says smiling up at me
>how could anybody be stay mad for more than an instant at such an incredible person… for that matter how the fuck could I possibly be so lucky to be the one holding her
>I’m not even slightly mad about the hicky, it’s like having a giant sign on the side of my neck that screams ‘button was here’, I will wear it with pride
>button reaches down and starts to stroke my cock through my briefs, “how bad do you want to fuck me? she asks while looking directly into my eyes
>pantry bursts open with the force of 20 cans of spaghetti exploding
>”how bad do you me to fuck you?” I respond, just in case she is baiting me
>button just bites her lip and nods, “have you recharged yet though?”
>”not enough to enjoy it properly” I answer as honestly as I possibly can… it’s the truth, if I’m going to plunder buttons meat tunnel with my kidney scraper then I want to be in prime fucking condition to do so
>rock hard and roaring to go

>as opposed to half limp but with good intentions
>button just looks at me for second, “alright…” she says, no sign of disappointment in her tone, just calm and understanding, “but you can… ok?” she says with a smile before making a move to get out from under me
>I roll off her, I’m still processing what she just said… playing it over and over and over again in my head trying to make sure I heard her correctly, or that I’m not getting the wrong meaning
>button hops off the bed and gets back to unpacking her suitcase into my dresser and wardrobe
>button wants me to fuck her… hell she just asked me to… HOLY… FUCKING… SHIT!!!!!
>I smile like glorious faggot that I am and chuckle as I lay there thinking exactly that
>”what?” button asks me curiously
>”did you really just give me a verbal permission slip to take your virginity whenever I see fit?” I exclaim, in genuine disbelief
>surely I am missing something here or I got the wrong idea
>button looks away and continues to unpack, obviously a little nervous at how direct I put it, “that ‘permission slip’ is probably worth more than this apartment if I put it on ebay… so don’t fucking blow it…”
>”I have no doubt! And yet you handed it to me” I chime proudly
>”yeah… I handed it to a faggot… not my finest moment I will admit” she says dryly as she opens my closet to inspect it for room (there is plenty don’t worry, I don’t have a huge collection of clothes)
>this is a rare moment of vulnerability for button, and I am trying to milk it for all its worth
>I get up and slap her on the ass, “ill be gentle with you, my delicate little princess” I whisper in her ear
you really should put this on rapidshare or something. I want it all
do you guys want me to keep posting or is getting late?


>she turns around and grabs me by the balls again
>holy fuck she is quick!
>”I swear to god faggot, I will give you give you a matching one on the other side” she threatens me, squeezing a little to hard for comfort
>don’t care, nothing can ruin this moment, not even a case of testicular torsion, “is this before, or after I slide my cock deep inside of you…” I smile, half joking and half in pain
>button looks at me for a bit before rolling her eyes and smiling, she releases me and once again goes back to unpacking
>sweet victory!
>head back over to the couch, tv has auto shutoff from inactivity, “did you end up deciding on a movie?”
>”the first hobbit” she responds before turning to look at me, “we are still going to see number 2 tomorrow aren’t we?”
>”for sure, if you are still keen!” I respond enthusiastically
>”oh I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to get you out in public for the world” she says while smiling over at me
>I completely forgot about the hicky… so focused on my newly acquired ‘get buttons virginity out of jail for free’ card
>get started on dinner while button continues unpacking, I have a couple of really nice scotch fillets but I decide to save them for tomorrow night after the movie, we already had homemade pizza today so I figure something simple would be best
>”what do you feel like for dinner?” aside from cock, I think to myself
>”nothing big…”
anyone got screencaps of last thread?
only midnight here keep going
keep posting
keep positing nigger dick
i have both threads copied in word
OP, you keep posting. I've been up for hours and I'll stay up until this is finished, don't you DARE stop.
10 am post faster

i want to make breakfast

>fair enough, we did just spend most of the day eating an entire pizza each
>I look at the various things I bought the other day and the meals I had planned
>why did I pick so much fancy shit… why did I even think button would like fancy shit?
>wouldn’t be surprised if she was raised on t-bone steak, fish n’ chips, and beer considering her family situation
>I decide on a warm chicken and avocado salad… fucking love me some avocado and it would be quick and easy to make
>button finishes up unpacking her stuff comes over to see what I’m doing
>”was there enough room” I ask her
>”only just… though the top three draws are now mine”
>”what the fuck did you fill three whole draws with?!”
>admittedly though, I only used about 4 of the 5 draws, and none of them were more than half full even at that
>”middle draw for long pants, trackies and jumpers, upper draw for tops singlets, skirts and shorts and the top draw for bras undies and socks” she says flatly, “it’s not like you needed them… all you had were a couple pairs of shorts and jeans, some socks and barely a weeks’ worth of briefs”
>”I wash often and freeball a lot.. thank you very much” I say, defending hygiene standards
>”you have been wearing briefs since I got here faggot” she says looking down at the pair of bonds I have on
>”I have been wearing briefs BECAUSE you got here…”
>button squeezes my bum a little, “well that’s silly of you isn’t it?” she mocks as she heads back over to the couch before flopping down, “what are you making?, it smells good”
>”warm chicken and avocado salad with cherry tomatoes” I beam proudly
2 PM and bored at work.

Keep posting
first part pls <3?
Previous thread for those just joining.
File: 1409303906512.jpg (64KB, 500x371px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64KB, 500x371px

>”your trying to impress me aren’t you faggot”
>”is it working?”
>”a little, tell me what you’re making again…” she continues
>what are you… deaf? Its three fucking ingredients plus lettuce, “warm chicken and avaca…”
>”no… say it slower” button cuts in with a tone of dramatic seduction
>turn to face her and she is kneeling on the couch looking over at me while biting her lip and pretending to play with herself
>or for real, I can’t tell
>I put the knife down and start walking towards button, “warm… juicy... chicken”
>”mmmhmm….” button coos softly while running her hand through her hair
>”tender slices of soft avocado…”
>”nnnggghhhh…” button moans softly, bringing he hand up from between her legs, playing with one of her tits, still staring at me as I approach
>”and crisp… moist pan seared cherry tomatoes” I say as I reach her
>”uunngg fuucckk…anon you make me so wet” she whispers at me biting her lip
>I move to put my hand up between her legs but she grabs me by the wrist
>”keep your filthy unwashed hands off me faggot…” she says to me softly and seductively
>probably a good idea… raw chicken juice still all over them… thankgod one of us is still thinking straight I guess, because my mind went blank at ‘you make me so wet’
>button moves down and pulls my chicken tenderizer out of my briefs, It’s no surprise that im hard after our little game, even it was just that
>“you really enjoy cooking for me huh?” button says as she wraps both her hands around my cock
Where can I get the last thread? I missed the last few posts
>you really should put this on rapidshare or something. I want it all
You can find this story at wal mart in the erotic fiction section. Just replace the protagonist with delusional PlayStation junky with a "weird science" inspired female lead.

somad when thread 1 404d, continue the epic of button. dont even care if not real. you are a great author anon
thanks champ!


>she guides me into her mouth and grips my shaft firmly, using the same technique she perfected earlier in the day, but this time slower and with more confidence
>”uuunnnnnnghhhh” I sigh in relief as I feel the inside of her warm mouth slide back and forth over my german helmet
>she stops suddenly and looks up at me, “chicken is going to burn”
>”fuck the chicken!”
>she puts my saliva covered cock back in my briefs and sits back, “don’t say that… I thought you were trying to impress me with your warm juicy meat?”
>I feel like Victor Frankenstein, what the fuck have I created?
>I should never have gone down on her… that’s probably what did it
>’fuck you’ I mouth at her before returning to the kitchen
>”I’m ready when you are faggot” she calls out after me
>frankenwhore… that’s what I’ve made… an abominably beautiful cock monster
>I finish up with the now very sexual chicken salad and bring a bowl over to for button
>she is setting up the hobbit to play, sitting with her legs to one side under the doona
>I plonk myself down with a deliberate sigh, I have my feet running up along the long part of the L and my back resting against the wall of the lower part
>instead of playing the movie, button hops up and straddles me, resting her butt on my thighs just above my knees, ”thanks for dinner faggot” she manages to say with a mouthfull of chicken and lettuce
OP thank you for the remarkable story so far
I've still got the last thread up, so when OP's done I'll go through and screencap it all. I'll post it once I'm done.
For last thread


>”what can I say, ladies love the taste of my meat” I offer her
>”mmmmmmm” she says as she stuffs a piece of avocado into her mouth… its nowhere near as sexy she intends it to be, but it doesn’t make her any less attractive that’s for sure
>certainly the most bizzare dining experience I have had to date, with button sitting on my lap chowing down on my juicy meat for the second time in as much as minutes
>rain has eased up outside but I can hear thunder in the distance now, pretty typical summer thunderstorm for here on the east coast of Aus
>”where did you learn to cook?” button asks me suddenly
>”my dad taught me…” I start
>”which one?” button interrupts
>”oh, sorry, I just assumed you came from a family of faggots… keep going”
>fuck you button…seriously
>I give her an umimpressed look, “my dad mostly stayed at home while my mum was the bread winner”
>”well that explains everything!” button mocks at me
>I decide that going any further is just going to result in more mockery so I tune out and just stare at her boobs, I can just make out her nipples through the thin fabric
>thinking back on things, it does explain a lot though, but not in the way button is thinking
>they say that people are often attracted to people that reflect their opposite sex parent, pretty sure it has a name if any psychology fags want to point it out, I remember reading it in a book I have called 30 second theories which briefly covers the worlds most profound and ground breaking theories through out history
what if your browser crashes or you have a power outage. Screencap it NOW!!!

>my mother is a very strong individual, head of her department, wall full of academic achievements including multiple bacherlors and masters, I think a doctorate even
>she always gets straight to the point with things, never hesitates to call somebody out…
>it occurs to me now that button is a very strong and no bullshit sort of person as well, she reads people and situations like they were books and hates beating around the bush
>fucking crazy huh… kinda creepy to… anyway, sorry about that tangent

>after finishing dinner we settle down to watch the hobbit, button chocks a pillow up against my waist and settles in for the 3 hour long film
>button is a huge Tolkien fan, I mentioned earlier that she will be doing a bachelor of ancient history, so movies like this are her sort of thing
>nothing really to report during the movie, I know I it seems like we are always doing some sexual at this point, but I just go into more depth about those points because I remember them more clearly… plus they are the bits we all want to hear about
>unless you want me to start writing down pages of our trivial banter, I just keep to the interesting moments
>although I did spend a good portion of the movie having a good feel of buttons bigger buttons,
>so I will oblige you with a more detailed description of them now that I have become a little more acquainted with RB and LB
>she has medium sized nipples, as big as an Australian 50c coin maybe (maybe 1in across), pink/reddish in colour, I will try to find something similar to post along with this when the time comes to put this up on /b/
>cute little nubs on the end, they get nice and hard when I play with them, just the right size to play with between your fingers
>her tits are very firm, even without a bra on there is no crease at the bottom, they hold shape extremely well… fucking magnets or something I dunno how they work

>each one is just small enough that I can get my whole hand around it, but I have reasonably big hands
>I dated a good few girls through highschool (like I said, the whole surfing thing did wonders) and thinking back on it I don’t think any of them had large breasts, at least not at that stage
>fyi slut 1, 2 and 3 are the three major relationships I have had, I don’t include any of the dating during highschool as serious even though there was a good bit of sex
>slut 1 had fucking DD’s when I knew her in highschool, I started dating her in final years of highschool after she moved town and she had a breast reduction by then because of back pain so they were big scarred sagbags, she was my first long term relationship, 3 years and I really didn’t care much for them to be honest
>though I remember whenever she laid on her back they would disappear into her armpits…
>slut 2 had very perky b-cups that I don’t care to describe because crazy bitch and slut 3 was practically flat even though she was slightly chub so I THINK all of these things has made me a small boob man
>either way, RB and LB were perfect in every way for my tastes
File: 1409317614749.jpg (274KB, 1000x724px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
274KB, 1000x724px

>movie finishes, we are both pumped as fuck for Desolation of Smaug tomorrow at the Imax
>about 11pm by now and we decide to get into get into bed early so can get up at a reasonable hour to head into the city for the movie
>button washes up dishes while I put doona back on bed
>she comes back over to bed, looking pretty done in after today’s events, despite barely getting out of the house
>blowing a fucking storm by now, wind is causing rain to come to come down in erratic clumps if you can picture what I mean
>I’m feeling chuffed as fuck about the entire day, handjob and blowjob, plus i made button squirt and ate her out even if in a bit of a rush
>want to do more but I also want to save my load for possible sexytime tomorrow, also want to make sure buttons burgeoning cum receptacle has plenty of rest
>I decide to eat her out again, this time no time limit so I can be a tease and hopefully give her one hell of an orgasm
>just quickly, dated a girl in highschool that was a fucking dominatrix in the making, I got maybe 3 handjobs off her but she made me go down on her every time I came over for the 3 months we dated, guess I kinda liked her bossiness but she was a true bitch in the end
>I have to give a shout out to her though because she basically taught me the ins and outs of carpet munching, she never held back when it came to telling me exactly what to do, so kudos to you! you fucking pot smoking anorexic whore
>I am enjoying the little games we starting to play together, the wrestling, dirty dinner talk, even the hicky… its crazy fun, so I decide to turn this into a game as well
>button goes to pull back the covers
Does anyone have the story saved?
I was reading on mobile and couldn't get the next parts after button showed OP her ass and then said something about Arathi Basin.
Please? My boner begs you.

>”wait, I want to eat you out again… properly this time”
>she looks at me, clearly curious as to what I mean by ‘properly’, “if you want me to get you off, just say so, I told you I would do it faggot”
>she thinks I want something in return… “no, twice is enough for me, I’m saving whatever I have for tomorrow” I respond
>I’m expecting something witty, but she is obviously a little worn out, “whats in it for you…” she asks cautiously
>she knows I’m up to something, I’m no good at ‘neutral face’ like she is
>I am pretty confident with my skills and judging by how much she enjoyed my rushed attempt earlier today, I figure I can place a fairly hefty wager and get away with it
>”fine, let’s make things interesting…” I begin, “if I can make you call out my name, you give me the permission slip to your ass as well… a genuine attempt at it”
>button grins… “I was wondering when you would start trying to accumulate ‘ass’ brownie points, but I didn’t expect this” she remarks, “if I don’t say your name, then what?”
>a couple of things go through my head but I’ll be honest I’m coming up with the details as I go
>stroke of brilliance, an offer button can’t refuse…
>”you can pick your own terms” I suggest
>button thinks about my offer
>I know she won’t turn me down, I know her to well
thanks bro's
I got it. Will upload as a pdf or something
Thanks, brah

here ye go
still stroking
File: Story of button.png (1MB, 1039x605px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Story of button.png
1MB, 1039x605px
oh shit that reminds me, i tried to post this a few times today but was to busy and couldnt keep thread alive, but i made a timestamp. Its not current anymore but i can use it in the future when i get more of this tidied up


>first off, promises and verbal agreements mean a lot to her, I have come to appreciate that about her over the years, she will never forgive a me over a broken promise or agreement
>secondly… there is no way she would turn down a challenge like this… no fucking way
>”three wishes” button declares suddenly
>oh you smart fucking girl…
>”seems a little steep, not to mention cliché for you” I question her
>button lifts up her shirtdress revealing her 11/10 gluteus maximus and sits on the bed resting both hands on the blankets either side of her
>she turns and looks over her shoulder at me, “I think it’s a fair price to go balls deep in my ass… what do you think faggot?
>the sight of her ass reaffirms my confidence, “deal…”
>button gives me a wicked looking smile… she seems as confident as I am

Thank fuck I realized there was new thread, I am still screen capping the last one

>I haven’t flexed this particular skill muscle to this extent in a while… you gotta really dig a girl to want to
>I won’t lie though, I fucking rate going down on girls… such a satisfying experience to see them reduced to an empty shell using nothing but your mouth and maybe some fingerbang action
>also a sure way to receive headjobs
>but you gotta have a good reason to go the extra mile, be it love or brownie points
>I mentally bro fist my penis, “I won’t let you down buddy…” I think to myself
>”alright, just lay there and comfortable for a second” i instruct her as I prepare myself for the ultimate showdown with captain clitoris maximus
>I take a scented candle out of my bottom bedside draw, light it and place it on the bedside closest to button who is now lying on the bed, knees up, watching me with curiosity
>”that’s your secret weapon faggot? a fucking candle?” she giggles at me
>I indulge her mockery, “wildberry and vanilla scented motha fucka”
>buttons face changes to an expression of feigned surprised, “oh no… how did you know?...nnnnggghh I can’t control myself… *moan* ANON!!!” button puts on a dramatic performance as she wriggles around on the bed and pretends to touch herself
>I ignore her, I’m feeling confident and her taunts are only going to make victory sweeter
>or in this case, her that much more worthwhile
>I walk over to my computer and pick out one of my favourite chillstep playlist on youtube and adjust the volume/bass to a decent level

>because of studio apartment and location in quiet shop front street, I never get complaints about noise even on a weeknight with the base cranked
>part of the reason I am happy to pay a little extra for this place
>love me some womp womp while studying
>head back over to button who is lying expectantly on the bed, lit only slightly by the candle glowing next to her
>I take my shirt off, trying to make it look as twilight style as possible
>button bites her lip at me
>I climb on the end of the bed and work my way over her, button gives me a cute but confident smile, it isn’t cocky or anything and seems surprisingly genuine considering the circumstances surrounding the moment
>I suppose she figures she will enjoy this regardless off the outcome
>I begin by running my hands up her thighs as I settle myself between her legs
>I use a nice firm grip, trying my best to channel my confidence through touch
>button has one hand laying on the bed beside her while she bites the thumb of her other hand thoughtfully, studying what I’m doing
>I lean forward and kiss in a straight line up her waist, starting just above her belly
>wrap my hands around her waist, fingers across her back and thumbs across her front, trying to show her how big my hands are and that I can practically fit them around her
>it’s a psychological game now /b/, I need to try my best to ooze alpha, even if it’s just a facade
what are the 3 wishes? or did she want 3 impromptu wishes whenver she wanted?
Duvet / Australian

I was really running out of extensions...

>make her feel comfortable and safe, but not in control…
>continue kissing up her lower ribcage, pulling her shirtdress up as I go
>I ignore RB and LB for now, I will come back to them, instead I kiss straight up the middle of her cleavage
>button is still playing with her thumb, but the hand that was next to her is now playing with the back of my hair as I work my way up to her
>I pull her shirtdress (god that’s a fucking dumb name… I wish had of called it something else) over her head and throw it away
>place my hand on her neck and then slide it around to the base of her head… again more of a confident grip as opposed to a forceful one, trying to take a bit of her weight
>button takes her thumb out of her mouth and places her hand on my chest as i start kissing my way up her neck, reach her face and take the moment the look
>she smiles back at me before mouthing ‘faaagot’
>move in and start to kiss her, she is still playing with the back of my head
>now start working my way back down across her mouth, kissing down her neck, back down to RB and LB where I stop and take a good few minutes to give both an even amount of attention
>keep working my way down, slower than before, planting each kiss closer together and with care
>my hands follow me down her body, grabbing at her
File: 1289817701239.jpg (146KB, 1023x963px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
146KB, 1023x963px

To be used when she wanted...

sorry dude, i forgot about that question, yeah its just the thick blanket ontop of your bed mate


>buttons breathing finally becomes more audible as approach her belly
>she arches her back a bit as my hands grip around her waist… finally she is starting to get into it
>slide further down the bed, starting to get close to the infamous captain
>she is running both hands through my hair, breathing getting faster and shorter
>within one kiss of greeting the captain I divert my path and start kissing around the edge of his puffy pink boat, which shall henceforth be known as the ‘prickly oyster’
>I work my down the outer hull of the captains vessel, careful not to get to close to the main deck and alert him off my presence
>eventually I leave the edge and venture back into deep water, kissing up along the inside of her buttons thighs
>she lets out a muffled but unmistakeable sigh of frustration
>keep working down her thigh, past her knee and down her leg and then back in again, taking my time to kiss as much of her as possible and explore the shape of her legs
>I have found that the more you tease a girl, the less work you need to do on the ‘gundeck’ so to speak
>I skirt around the hull and repeat begin to repeat the process to the opposite leg, “fuck you faggot” button lets out under her breath
>it’s starting to work… replace faggot with anon and I’m home free
>I work my way back and forth along her opposite leg before settling just above the captains quarters
>she lets out a cute noise as I drag my tongue over her clit and down along the deck of the prickly oyster
>looks like my prior work has done a good job in preparing things for the upcoming battle, the captain seems to have gotten distracted with my trickery and run a aground on a reef because she has sprung the most leakiest of leaks

>I start to run my tongue around her love cave, poking into it every now and then, she tightens the grip on my hair each time I do so
>I push my tongue into her opening as far as I can, almost literally drinking up as much of her sweet seawater as possible
>button starts to get audible as she utters soft “hnnnggghhs” and “unnnnggggs”
>it’s a losing battle, the prickly oyster is sinking faster than a skydiving coma patient
>time to face the captain
>I move up the pussy deck, dragging seawater with every movement forward towards the captains quarters
>bash down the front door and hurl a handful of seawater at him poking and prodding him for some sort of reaction
>button quivers as I run my tongue back and forth over her clit and rewards me with more intense noises than before and some, button throws her hands back up the bed and grabs onto the headboard
>cap’n maximus’s moral has already been severely weakened and he doesn’t take my energetic onslaught of tongue bashing well
>button starts to lose control as her body shudders
>time to reveal my secret weapon, I bring my hand up and slide my finger into her leaking hole
>as I keep running circles around her clit and she starts to rock her hips against my finger
>I’m holding back her clitoral hood with my upper lip as I beat the captain of the prickly oyster senseless, he doesn’t even have time to realise I’m sinking the ship faster by slowly widening the leak on the lower deck
>my second finger slides in as easily as the first and I curl them up, rubbing buttons g-spot with a medium amount of pressure
>if I push too hard there is a chance she might squirt in my face (pee in my mouth)
>the storm is reaching its climax, both the one outside and the one front of me
>I’m trying to keep as steady as possible as wave after wave pounds against me
>button throws her hands back down onto my head gripping my hair firmly and almost grinding her snatch into my mouth

>her moaning is ‘extremely audible’ … she moans genuinely and honestly on the uptake and exhale of each breath
>none of that annoying fake “OH YES YES FUCK ME YES OH GOD YES” bullshit that you see in videos
>no this is more raw and primal in nature
>I work my fingers faster while redoubling my efforts against her clit, as she gets closer and closer whimpering “fuuccckkk…” over and over
>button is quite literally trembeling now, as I run my hands up and over her waist and hips
>she is sitting just on the edge of climax and I slow down, paying close attention to her movements and breathing, keeping her teetering on the edge with my fingers alone
>”say it…” I demand at her
>”fuck you….” She half growls, half moans at me
>”say it and I promise you won’t regret it” I tell her, speeding up the in and out motion with my fingers momentarily to push her right back to the edge again
>”hhaaaaaahhhhnnannnggg” she whimpers out loud, almost crying in frustration “FUCK YOU!!!!” she yells at the ceiling
>it’s like sexual version of waterboarding…
>I move back to her clit and start sucking and playing with it, pushing her so close to the edge she is practically dangling by a couple of threads
>buttons breath suddenly catches in her through and she goes silent
>fuck… I pushed her to close and the thread snapped, she is starting to free-fall into an orgasamic bliss
>button arches her back, mouth wide open as every muscle in her body tightens as a intense surge of ecstasy starts surging through her body
>I kick back into gear and start working at her clit and her tight hole again, helping to push her as high as I possible can
>button finally catches her breath “ohhhh godddd... ano…” she begins to moan before slapping her hands across her mouth
/b/ro do a pastebin for us who have to leave
File: 1391416480679.jpg (82KB, 612x612px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82KB, 612x612px

>the initial intense surge passes through her and her body sinks back down and she starts to move around involentairly as wave after wave of pleasure ripples through her body as she cums uncontrollably
>she whimpers through her hands with each quick breath out in a newer and completely raw higher pitch sort of moan
>button is grinding her pelvis into my head, I have never been on one of those rodeo machines, but I think this would be close
>damn… I just lost
>she throws her hands back down and grabs a hold of my hair as she tries to shut her legs together, squeezing my head in a vice like grip
>”fuuuuckk… fuuuckkk!!” button continues while slowly ending my life between her thighs
>goodbye cruel world I think to myself as I feel the life drain out of me, I suppose this is one of the better ways to go, with my head buried in the crotch of a brunette goddess
>button relaxes her thighs a bit as she starts to wind down, and I try my best to keep giving her the good ol’ lickaroo to help prolong things for her sake
>the waves subside into small after shock shivers after a good 20 seconds or so, somehow I managed to remain conscious
>I pull my head from between buttons legs and collapse onto the bed next to her, face down
>I’m actually feeling exhausted, my tongue is stiff from all the exercise, it’s been awhile since I went to that extent
>button is next to me, she looks like an electrocuted fish, she is squirming around and jolting every now and then as the last she experiences aftershocks
>won’t lie, jelly as fuck… chicks orgasms look pretty boss
>I could fall asleep right now as I watch and listen to button making cute noises as she floats back down from whatever cloud I sent her off to
>she turns and looks at me, mouth open and still panting, she smiles at me as best she can through her still ragged breathing
>it’s a smile of certain victory
sorry guys cant hold out anylonger, somebody post all this shit later
Right? It's taking forever. Good god.

Haven't read this thread yet, still screen capping last thread.
Fellow Aussie from last thread checking in.

>Don't care if this is real or not
>Just proud of the masterpiece you have created

>”fuck you” I throw at her through clenched teeth, I was so fucking close to…
>I close my eyes and wonder what button has in mind for her three wishes and, more importantly, how I can still have a chance at entering the ‘poop deck’ of the prickly oyster with my main mast
>I feel button move off the bed and assume she is heading off to mop up, she was leaking pretty badly after all
>sure enough I hear her click the bathroom light on
>I peal back the dooner and slide under the sheet
>fuck fuck fuck… SHE NEARLY SAID IT!!!!, I consider arguing that half my name still counts but I know she would never agree
>I hear the bathroom light click off and then the music stop just after that as buttons closes youtube and turns off the monitor
>all I can hear now is the rain and thunder raging on outside… I mad… but I’m pretty relaxed
>buttons footsteps grow louder as she approaches the bed, I hear her blow out the candle and then feel the bed move as she climbs up onto it
>I’m too tired to even face her inevitable taunting so I just let myself sink into the mattress preparing to ignore whatever she throws at me
>I wasn’t expecting the next part though
>I figure she is going to start jumping up and down on me calling me a faggot when I feel her climb up ontop of me and straddle my butt
>instead she places her hands on my shoulders and then slowly drags her fingernails down my back
damn OP this story is a master piece
File: 1359389691539.jpg (59KB, 384x504px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59KB, 384x504px

I wish you and Buttons the best of luck OP.

Been pretty fun reading your story.
peace out

Put it on pastebin for those of us who have to leave faggot
File: 1399112266138.png (32KB, 366x380px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 366x380px
I was 17 during the end of Cata... I remember being in Dragon Soul, getting a pretty sweet blowjob. Issue was it fucked up my rotation and took close to 8% off of my DPS. We were doing heroic progression at that point and were top 50 USj for 10 mans. I told her to stop, I have never seen anyone more hurt. She had no interest in video games and didn't understand. I made her sit on the bed until I finished 2.5 hours later.

I was a horrible person.

I have no regrets.
File: 36550360.jpg (113KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113KB, 400x400px
ITT: FAGGOT OP embellishes the actual story.

>Be Op
>be a delusional faggot who lives in fantasy land
>meet person online who is supposedly guy
>develop "friendship" with said online friend, over MONTHS, not years
>Find out one day online "friend" is female, not male
>Be Op
>"Wanna meet?"
>Online "friend" - "Naw, its ok. I actually have a bf"
>OP shattered
>Op fantasy drive kicks into turbo mode
>OP is "inspired" to write his most fantastical faggotry ever
>OP first nominated to FAGGOTRY Hall of Fame
>Fux given still = 0
>letting a blowjob destroy your rotation

you clearly hadnt practiced enough
this is glorious
mfw button actually called heaven a faggot in that last thread several times and nobody was the wiser

I told you, im not here to prove anything, i here to share something... every great lie is born from a truth


>It feels so good my whole body goosebumps instantly, I don’t even bother saying anything to her, the feeling is nearly onpar with sex… but in a completely different way
>she continues tickling my back for atleast a minute before leaning forward and whispering in my ear, “you lose… anon” she emphasizes my name as if moaning it softly in ecstasy
>it’s a short, sweet, perfect killing blow and she nails the execution of it as expected
>even though she softened the blow with a back tickle, it still makes me feel like I’m 12 years old and a fucking idiot
>I have no retorts, no comebacks; nothing… I lost fair and square and we both know it
>as she continues to tickle my back I start to get closer and closer to falling asleep
>one question is bugging me though, just one…
>”were you fucking with me, or did you genuinely nearly call out my name…” I manage to utter at her as I drift off to la la land
>”shhhhhhh… go to sleep faggot” button responds
>I don’t remember anything after that, back tickles were to good and I fell asleep shortly after I’m guessing

>next thing I remember is waking up in the exact same position with my face about 2in from buttons
>turns out after I fell asleep she got under the covers and snuggled up to me with one hand looped around my arm (under the pillow where her head is) and her other hand resting on my shoulder
>want to check time on phone but don’t want to move and wake button up, she looks so peaceful and is breathing on my neck

>better move, need to know time because movie
>I roll over onto my back, inevitably waking button up but I’m quick to settle head back on my shoulder
>she half opens her eyes and gives me a dirty look,
>”sorry” i offer her
>”faggot…” she mumbles at me before closing her eyes again
>reach over and check phone, about 8:30am, need to get up pretty soon
>not even 9am on a monday morning and button has already called a faggot
>good start to the day!
>button lets out a yawn and then opens her eyes again, looking at me
>I will never get sick of those fat brown eyes
>I decide to try and keep my shit together despite the urge I have to start kissing her or throw about flattery
>I don’t really understand my feelings for button at this point… its quickly becoming a vibrant clash of all sorts of things
>it’s a completely new feeling and a very complex one because of the 4 years of being best mates with her thinking she was a dude
>I need to keep cool and not get to far ahead of myself though I remember thinking to myself in that moment
>button just stares at me for a while with her trademark neutral expressionless face
>I hate it… I can’t tell if she is happy, sad, angry, excited, horny… nothing…
>just keeps looking at me, I feel like she is reading the inside of my head or my soul or something dramatic like that
>are we having a staring competition? Should say good morning?
>eventually button makes a move and mouths ‘you lost’ at me
>wonderful start to the day, I’ve been called a faggot AS WELL as being reminded of my blood debt that no doubt button will use to inflict as much embarrassment and humiliation on me as possible
>button rolls over and presses her butt up against me
.obama ? You are slowly running out of extensions are you? :D
I was really hoping you'd be gone by now. Points for persistence.
mate i ran out a LONG time ago...


>I figure it either means ‘spoon me’ or ‘finger me’
>now that I’m starting to learn the extent of buttons newly awakened libido… probably the latter of the two
>I’m rocking my typical morning wood and I press it in between buttons ass cheeks
>she responds by giving her ass a wiggle back and forth, “no ass for you remember”
>rape isn’t off the table at this point…
>move my hand down and run my fingers between buttons thighs, she responds by curling her legs up and arching her back, giving me more access
>yep, she wants to be fingered
>I run my fingers over her slit… dryer than the Sahara desert

*protip: when looking for water in a dry and arid landscape, always look for the lowest depression possible where water is most likely to gather

>I gently pry apart the buttons outer lips an search poke at her watering hole with my index finger
>I was wrong, she is wet… and I’m starting to wonder if she ever isn’t
>memories of last night’s little game come streaming back in and I remember just how much I enjoyed seeing her swearing in frustration as she teetered on the edge
>I quickly decide that it would be more fun to tease her for the day
>no matter how much she wants something, button isn’t the sort of person to ever ask for it, she’s stubborn as a mule
File: 1391238160782.jpg (73KB, 793x688px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 793x688px

You are a very skilled and talented writer,

I'm truly impressed!

is there a .txt or something you could share, please?
fuck this shit, im out peace
HI, I'm just lurking from the beggining and wanted to say hi.
WTF are you trying to get this shit published? why is it so long?

>I get to work spreading the juice that has accumulated in buttons lowest ‘depression’ to get everything nice and moist
>have a bit of a play around, running one my index finger in and out of her for a bit before adding in a second finger which she flinches at slightly but quickly relaxes
>she responds to my stimulation by pushing ass even further out, wiggling it over my fingers trying to get them as deep as possible
>my whole plan nearly came undone right there and then… I wanted to plunge every inch of myself into her right there and then, and the worst part is that she would’ve let me
>but I held strong, good things come to those that wait, I think to myself as I continue to explore the depths of the southern button trench
>eventually, before she has a chance to get into it to much, I pretended to panic and check my phone for the time
>approaching 9am
>pretend panic turns into actual panic, “shit we need to get moving…” I tell her as I jump out of bed
>button gives me a dirty look
>I savour it
>head towards the bathroom, strip my briefs off casually and start running the shower, couple of minutes later button wanders in and lazily takes off her shirtdress that she slept in and throws it into the dirty laundry basket, clearly now a bit more relaxed at revealing herself
>I study her body as she steps up into the shower with me
>long dark brown hair flowing past her shoulders, a little messy
>beautiful glossy skin, free from imperfections, it’s on the ever so slightly darker end of the Caucasian scale, she definitely has little Spanish or something exotic mixed in her blood
>hard to tell with Aussies, lots of English and Irish for sure from the whole convict settlement, but we have had a huge amount of different cultures and backgrounds immigrate here since than
Lynn why have him post this here?
You know I browse 4chan faggot


>button has wonderfull shapely/curvy figure, she definitely eats well, she isn’t muscly or anything but certainly fit, probably a lot fitter then I am at this point considering the sort of things she use to get up to whilst living out in the country
>I get side tracked soaping up her body, paying special attention to RB, LB as well as RT and LT
>doesn’t take me long before I am unintentionally poking her with no hands
>button grabs my cock and plays with it, more out of curiosity than anything, like a kitten with a newly acquired toy
>”what time is the movie…” she tries to ask through a yawn
>”12:40, we need to catch a train to donkeycock and then walk to niggerturd harbour”
>after playing with her ass for a bit I spin her around and pull her cheeks apart washing away all the soap before sliding two fingers into her, I have to be gentle because most of her natural lube is gone now
>when I finally work them inside of her I move my other hand up across her chest and pull her into me while playing with LB
>button makes a faint noise under her breath as I probe the depths of her with my fingers, but soon take them out and start to make sure I don’t have any soap left of me either
>”I’m not an idiot faggot… I know what you’re trying to do” button informs me
>damn she caught on a lot earlier than expected…
>”if you keep this up, it’s not going to end well for you” she warns me
>the tone of her voice tells me that was a genuine threat and not a suggestively sexual invitation to keep going
>challenge accepted
>turn off the shower, hope out and throw a towel at button who proceeds to wrap it around herself before plugging the hair dryer into the wall
>fucking women… there is always something that needs to be done
>I head out and dry myself off in front of my wardrobe and then starting picking out something decent to wear
The OP here is a bloody amazing writer and / or has incredible luck and is great at describing his life. Consider writing an autobiography. Given the length of this story you just have to find a publisher.

Not saying you are lying. If I knew where you lived I would be proud to shake your hand.

Also am still screen capping. It is taking forever. Jesus christ you can write
File: 1406192604536.jpg (51KB, 768x688px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 768x688px
last thread
>halfway through

well fuck;
cancel all my appointments today, cindy!

foreshadowing the ending
>OP was overjoyed with his luck
>needs to write story about it for 4chan
>meanwhile girlfriend starve to death
>6 month later story is ready 2 post
also, sexytime comming up


>”anon can you grab me some clothes” button calls out to me over the top of the hairdryer
>areyoufuckingserious?>I have about the worst sense of fashion that can possibly exist when it comes to girls
>open the top draw to what was once my own dresser and start examining the contents treasure trove of wonders that are beholden before my eyes
>button has arranged all her underwear neatly, most of her bras and knickers are standard cut everyday sort of things, practical but still cute
>next to them are a collection of more sexy sort of things, lots of thin transparent lacey type stuff with little decorations hanging off them and what not
>I have a thing for boylegs so I decide on a black lacy pair with little pink ribbons hanging off the front and at the sides they look like they are stitched together with pink lace, I will try to find a similar picture when I go to post this
>there is a matching bra for it so I grab that aswell
>ok now for top and bottoms, I spend about 5 minutes looking at various things in the draws and cupboard before giving up…
>I bring the matching pair of undies into the bathroom and hand them to her with an apologetic look
>button raises an eyebrow at me, “all that time and all you managed to pick out was the sluttiest pair of undies I own and nothing else?”
>”it’s the thought that counts right” I offer with an shrug…
>”and here I was, thinking you were some sort of expert on women” button says while finishing up her hair, “especially after what you did last night”
>the last part made me grin, “I never claimed to be skilled at everything, just the things that matter”
>”like washing hair and cooking?” button shoots me down
>fuck it… move in to grope buttons ass, I have only managed to put briefs on at this point and my baloney baton has been well and truly discharged from the recovery ward over night
What are the triggerbuttons?
I remember the ferris wheel at niggerturd harbor. My friend's dad was the day time attendant so I always got to go on for free.
Should've been an English major, but this kind of writing isn't that kind of writing.
Thanks man... you seriously make me want to change my major...

I laughed internally, thankyou


>I play with RT and LT, pulling them apart and dragging my finger inbetween
>wet again>I can’t help myself, I take my cock out and start rubbing it against her slit, “god I want to fuck you so bad…” I tell her, getting carried away
>button archers her back for me, ”…I’m not stopping you” she says casually while blowing tufts of hair in my face
>”no time, maybe later…”
>”faggot…” button says as I walk back out to get changed
>about 20 minutes later we are both dressed and ready to go
>button ended up putting the knickers back though and instead went with a more supportive and comfortable set of bra and knickers
>she put on a pair of skintight yogapants that LOOKED like they were made out of denim, but turned out to not to be when I inspected them, along with what I can only describe as a very light grey, almost white poncho sort of thing
>I mistook it for dobbies pillowcase when I saw it in the drawer but apparently it’s was a shirt, the sort with a neck hole large enough so that it hangs down over one shoulder by design
>she finished it off with a loose crocheted sort of beanie
>incase anybody was interested… I was wearing a pair of baby blue and white pin stripped short shorts, a skintight pink vee neck and a very light zip up hoodie over the top
>both wore thongs… or flip-flops as I think most of you might call them
>wouldn’t have bothered with the hoodie, but I figured it might come In handy in case it got cold and I could offer it to button in a moment of grave sacrifice
>we exit my place and start making our way to the train station a few blocks over
>button spent most of the walk teasing me over my choice of shirt, but I held firm and insisted that pink was the new cool on dudes
haha this right here
File: 1409350082319.jpg (247KB, 1024x744px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
247KB, 1024x744px
>RB and LB, right boob and left boob
>RT and LT, right butt cheek and left butt cheek


>”sure! If you’re a faggot…”
>we buy our tickets and hope on the next train heading into the city
>have conversation about living in the city and not needing your own car
>button is from a very rural outback sort of town, grew up with lots of camping, offroading, hunting and stuff like that
>I grew up in coastal town that was big ass a holiday destination, lots of tourists, beautiful beaches… that sort of thing
>I use to own a big diesel 4wd before moving to the city, but too expensive to maintain with fuel prices and lack of decent income
>button and I get talking auto for a while, her brothers and father were very much into camping and off-roading, etc. to the point where she knows more about it than I do
>we have argued many times before online about the pros and cons of a diesel vs. petrol engine in a 4wd
>we agree to disagree on the topic, but agree that it would be fun to go camping at some point, maybe even with her family
>notice a couple of people smirking at me on the train, wonder if my hair is messed up or something
>old couple give me a big smile…
>I turn to button, “do I look… ok to you?” I ask her, starting to get paranoid as I notice the glances
>“oh don’t worry, they are just laughing at the hicky shaped rash on your neck” button says calmly while giving the old couple over from us a polite smile
I've been following this thread for 3 hours now... I've never stayed so focused on a thread or anything for this long in my life!
for the love of god OP upload the complete saga somewhere we can find this i need this in my life
op i'm still reading a saved html of the first page and i'm only halfway through it, can you give a google drive address or something that you can keep updated with your story?
Still haven't finished screen capping last thread.....
Paint won't let me expand the image any further to include posts.... Looks like this epic tale will be told in chapters
see >>565592283

I dont think i mentioned it in the short backstory i gave at the beggining, in the longer version i mention that im doing an astrophysics major... its becomming a drag and im no good at maths...


>awwww shiiiit, I completely forgot… and I can’t even see how bad it is because no mirror…
>we get off at our designated station and start walking to the cinema
>about an hour and a half until the movie, plenty of time but I want to make sure I grab decent seat tickets and some lunch first
>I notice button is getting a good amount of glances from the guys
>admittedly though, if I didn’t know her and she passed me in the street I would probably stare to
>”do you always get this much attention?” I ask her
>”when none of my brothers or dad isn’t with me, yeah…” she responds “but even then, I know the names of anybody who looks at me, donglederp is a pretty small town”
>all the attention she is getting makes me feel a little possessive and clingy but I do my best to ignore it
>I’m not a huge guy by any means, like I mentioned, I’m in shape, stocky sort of build due to genetics or surfing/swimming whatever
>but some of these guys are like chiselled chin 50shades of grey sort of shit
>I’m trying my best to fight of any urges I have to smother her in affection for the sole purpose of declaring property
>button seems to sense this in and clings onto my arm again, “relax faggot, remember who has the giant hicky and the permission slip”
>and not a single fuck was given for the rest of the day, the end.
>but seriously… gotta love buttons ability to read a situation

>we reach niggerturd harbour and after we buy out tickets from the front counter
>front and centre, we have a bit over an hour to spare
>button insists she pays for her own ticket, fair enough, not like we are dating…
>”lunch?” I ask her
Put this shit up on imgur I have swimming lessons
don't have time to tineye...please let that be her
god me either
This isnt copy and pasted out of a bloody book mate... its in dribs and drabs as i scribbled things down back in jan... ive only edited up to about day 4 into something like this... greentextable.


>button just nods, not because she doesn’t care, turns out its her first time in the city so she is still doing her version of ‘omg wow’, which involves passively staring at everything while I lead her to a nearby good spot to eat
>we grab a burger at a local fast food chain that specialises in chicken fillet burgers and chilli sauce, they cook the chicken to order so its always pretty darn tasty
>still have about 45 minute left until start of movie so we walk around the shopping centre for a bit, its all really uppermarket big name sort of shit, so we don’t even bother going into any of the shops
>I have an idea, remember I said slut 2 was a crazy bitch? Wasn’t exaggerating… she was young so her parents would always keep 10 sets of eyes on us when we were at her place which forced us to try and get creative when it came to fucking
>lots of car sex, quickies when parents went to shops, public unisex wheelchair access toilets and even a train toilet once, we became really good at waiting for the right moment to sneak into these sort of places together
>I will admit… the rush of getting caught and doing it in public places was a HUGE fucking turn on and I developed a little bit of a thing for it
>button and I keep walking down one wing of the shopping centre, I know by memory that it opens up to another exit that is just across from the cinemas, but we still have time
>sure enough I spot what I am after, a sign hanging from the roof pointing down a side corridor with toilet sign
dont worry i will once it is finished
and i will make a thread about it here
what are you 12?
Inb4 Nandos
don't lie, niggers can't swim
also... things about to get reall after the movies


>most importantly it contained male icon, female icon AND a wheelchair icon
>I drag button down the corridor, she doesn’t protest and keeps a hold of my arm, I think she had a pretty good idea of what I might be up to
>we reach the toilet section, male to the left, female to the right just after a big door with a low handle and wheelchair sign on the front
>just as I stop, mom and her young son walk out of female toilets
>turn to button, “ill meet you back out the front shortly hun” I say to her as the mother passes us by without a second glance, to distracted by her son who is now piss bolting down the corridor screaming enthusiastically with the mum in tow
>bro-kid is clearly trying to help me get some sweet pootang by providing distraction
>I grab button and open the disabled toilet door before anybody else comes out of the toilets, “c’mon quick”
>I don’t know if you actually can get in trouble for this sort of thing in aus, but im pretty sure at the very least we would get a firm talking to from security or something… hopefully that is worst case
>button heads in first before quickly following as I hear a couple of blokes talking as they walk out of the mens room
>laughing so hard I figure they must have just been blowing each other, you know… messing around like friends do?
>moment I lock the door and turn to face button she pushes me up against the door, gets up on her tiptoes and starts kissing me
>”shhhh not so loud” I manage to throw at her in between her onslaught of mouth sucking
>the whole situation seems to have made her horny as fuck because she getting handsy as fuck
I am currently screen capping it
Honestly considering getting the OP to send me the .txt file of this epic tale so that I can fix his spelling mistakes and some grammar then publish it somewhere.

Dude, makes we wish for a button of my own. Tottaly went dirty on this, but felt really good. Awesome green walls.
What happend in the end? You together?
oportos... never had nandos tbh... there is one near Macquarie uni though, might have to try it

>not cool… I’m supposed to be doing the raping! This was my idea!
>I walk her forward a bit, still embracing her and get down a little lower in preparation to pick her up
>she doesn’t even hesitate and jumps up, wrapping her legs around me as I push her up against the wall
>”how long do we have?” she asks as she takes a quick breather after some seriously tongue wrestling
>”10 minutes or so?” I tell her, curious as to what she is thinking
>button hops down off me and pushes my back up against the wall before pulling my shorts down
>oh hell yes, mad gobbies hey!
>she squats down and takes my well and truly rock hard meat baton out of its packaging and immediately gets to work on it with her mouth and hands
>place two hands on her head and let out a sigh of relief as she slides her delicate warm little mouth back and forth over the tip of my cock
>after about 5 minutes of her polishing my pork sword, I’m getting ready to nut, the rush from where we are and how aggressive she is being is doing me fucking wonders
>button notices I’m getting pretty close and pulls my cock out of her mouth, standing up and pulling my shorts up at the same time
>wraps her arms around my neck and looks up at me and gives me a kiss on the lips, “come on faggot, I want to get popcorn and coke before the movie
>she grabs me by the hand and turns to the door
>I’m pretty sure its circumstances like these that cause men to turn into rapists… because the loathing but lusting sort of feeling that was building up inside me made me want grab her by the hair and mouth fuck her until she chocked on my homegrown protein smoothie
i found 4chan in 2007, but i dont browse /b/ too much anymore (for obvious reasons). and on the rare occasion i do, i see shit like this? some faggot greentexting his erotic fiction like it's real. the girls dialogue is such a giveaway, no one talks like that, it's clearly coming from the mind of a nerd who is most likely a virgin, the type of nerd that actually writes erotic fiction in his spare time. with the intent of posting it on /b/ so people can gas him up. "wow anon ur so lucky man" "damn anon i wish i had a girl like u". fucking loser. fuck /b/.
i go to macquarie too :) thanks for revealing uni
sorry dude... like I said, not an English major...

The .xml file with what I have gotten ready for greentext is a mess to, I'm editing half these posts as I go


If it puts a smile on your face... then im glad, and yes.


>but it’s a feeling I oddly enjoy, being toyed with and teased… especially by button
>we exit the toilets separately, her first because I need to let my sausage rocket go down or ill be at risk of the security guards searching me for a weapon
>which at this point they will most certainly find… giggity
>we head over back out the exit and over to the cinemas, good thing we didn’t wait any longer because there is now a sizeable que of neckbeards and landwhales waiting for their wheelie bins of popcorn to be ready
>we decide to share a large combo, which is probably an American kids meal size or something
>I ask for raspberry Fanta… which I subsequently get called a faggot for even though the cashier is still standing right infront of us
>at that point she probably mistook the hicky for a bruise and assumed I was in an abusive relationship
>I suppose that’s one way to put it actually?
>I ignore buttons unappreciation for my unique taste in soft drink and head into movies
>not much to report in movies, we were enjoying the movie too much to try anything, plus it was pretty full
>starting to get cloudy as fuck when we get out so we decide to head straight home
>pretty stock day out a the cinemas, bit of hand holding but even that feels pretty comfortable
>and by comfortable I mean not romantic, we just hold each other’s hand/arm if we feel like it
pls dont rape OP
and the problem with that is? this is the internets after all, whole damn thing is fiction.
Fuck man, oportos is so good - but it rarely gets business compared to maccas and shit around here, so the one closest to me shut down.
oh yeah.. I forgot to mention that I wrote down everything she said word for word and then typed it up... good job!


>it’s hard to describe but because we are so comfortable around each other there isn’t that tension that you have with somebody you are dating, the sort of wound up feeling of not wanting to disappoint or fail to live up to expectations
>spent most of way home debating different aspects of the movie and what female dwarves might look like
>somehow get onto the topic of shaving
>I don’t shave often, my beard grows slowly, usualy let it get a bit past stubble length before shaving it, most of the time I keep it at stubble length because of baby face…
>button admits to me that her father taught her how to use a cut throat
>”my dad is very old fashioned, he taught all my brothers how to shave using one when they came of age” she tells me, “it was a sort of family tradition, they all got a cutthroat for there 16th birthday”
>sounds really cool actually… listening to her makes me wish I had a big family with cool traditions like that…
>”my dad use to sit outside on the porch with a wash basin and shave using a hand mirror” button reminices, “I remember thinking how badass it looked to do, eventually he started letting me hold the mirror for him”
>I love hearing about buttons family…always the coolest stories
>”eventually when I was about 15 I asked my dad if he would teach me how to use one aswell, by that age I was already shooting roo’s and wild pigs with him and my brothers on hunting and camping trips so it didn’t bother him”
>suddenly I feel like so much less of a man
>”eventually I got so good that he would let me do it for him” button finishes while staring out the opposite window lost in thought
>she clearly loves her dad a lot, I can tell by the way she talks about him and given her situation I have no doubt her dad treated her like a diamond
need moar details first
Not complaining or saying there is anything wrong with it, just thinking about ways to clean it up a bit to make it easier to read.
Maybe even a non-greentext version, that plays out as a proper book.
you've seriously got enough text for a short novel

What area you in dude? I'm assuming east coast, probably between brisbane to melbourne
Love the double bondi burger. God it's good. But everything they have is so expensive compared to other fast food restaurants. :s
and you wonder why im not posting any real pictures... I've been around 4chan long enough to keep things as vague as possible


>she suddenly turns to me and smiles, “he bought me a cut throat for my 16th birthday” she says with pride, “I have never used it though, but I packed it with me” her smile has a hint of wicked in it
>oh no… I think to myself as I swallow nervously
>”you can be the first person I use it…” she says, it’s more of a statement rather than a question
>don’t get any wrong ideas with all this by the way, buttons family adore the fuck out of her because she is youngest and only daughter… no funny business, they are just very country and stuff
>topic moves to pube hair, I tell her im glad she is clean shaven, she tells me she can’t fucking stand pubic hair on her, just hates it
>I ask her why not cutthroat on pussy? She explains that its not what they are designed for, things will start getting sliced off down there
>doesn’t make me feel any less nervous about her doing it on my throat
>says she likes the way I stay nice and trimmed, I keep things equivalent to a bit of chin stubble downstairs
>she asks me if I have ever tried shaving completely though
>”yeah but I get shaving rash whenever I do it, figure im doing it wrong so I just keep it trimmed low, plus shaving balls is a fucking chore and a half”
>”I could do it if you want?” she offers, she seems genuinely curious about the whole ordeal
>”as much as I trust you, there is no way in hell I would let you have at my balls with a fucking cut throat”
>button laughs, “with a razor you faggot, I don’t plan on castrating you any time soon”
>I laugh nervously at her remark… huhnotanytimesoonwhat?
>pretty generic banter for rest of the trip
>also, weather held up so I didn’t get to give her hoodie
Don't, I'm fucking starving and in bed and a million miles from food ;-;

Ill be frank, I read Tasha's brother a long time ago and loved it... but i wanted more. I decided that if you are going to win... atleast win in fucking detail


>get back home late afternoon, I go and immediately get changed out of shorts/briefs and into thin fabric sort of trackies
>I freeball most of the time so I find briefs restricting and uncomfortable
>button decides to do the same and ends up putting on another of my T’s, its one of my favourites but I don’t really mind, black slim fit and kinda long with what can only be described as a sort of abstract black and white checker pattern
>no surprise that its basically another shirtdress on button… but still very short
>I’m going to call it a shirt from now on though as that’s what it is, one of my shirts… no more shirtdress
>”what’s with you and my shirts?” I ask her, considering this is the second one she has taken to
>”you love it” she says bluntly as she walks past me heads into the bathroom
>well that settles that… personally I thank 4chan for making her so aware of some of these little things… I guess there are valuable things to be gained in amongst all the sissy/trap, rate my cock and ylyl threads after all
>I’m already sitting on the couch when button finishes up in the loo, we agreed on the walk home from the station that we would try and finish the halo 4 campaign
>button yanks the doona off the bed and brings it over to the couch
>looks like we are in for another marathon
>half an hour into campaign we have barely made and progress and I notice that something is up
>button is making stupid mistakes, charging out into mobs of covenant before I have a chance to pick a few of them off at range, or just has moments when she seems to zone out, just generally detached from what Is happening
My sincerest condolences. :c
op, I will suck your dick if you ever need it
this story is way more believable than another anon's story yesterday about lisa alex and zoey.

Good job and I loved the file ending add-ons
I'm still capping the first thread, almost at the end now.
Of both the space MS paint will let me use and the thread itself.
Got that shit saved though, so I can go back and edit and what not if this cap doesn't work out well enough for people
send links man. this has brought joy to my shitty day
Was going to say that this reminds me of the epicness that was Tasha's Brother and was gonna ask if any other /b/ros lurking remembered it
Thank you
>I forgot to mention that I wrote down everything she said word for word and then typed it up... good job!

thats what it seems like, especially in that very post where you have multiple large quotes. which makes it obvious its not a real story. dumb bitch. your writing style is fucking horrible. im guessing youre an amateur writer that does have dreams of being a published author. my advice is for you to actually read some good literature because it looks like all youve ever read are poorly written bubble gum pop novels like 50 shades of grey and the hunger games.
also, i chopped a large chunk of the beggining of this story that went into detail about our friendship prior meeting in person. In doing so I may refer to some things in the main story that are no longer explained...


>she has also barely said anything to me in that time, let alone called me a faggot
>before long my mind is working overtime and I’m recalling similar situations occurring in the past… girls doing 180’s in their feelings after a stroll along the fucking beach or something trivial like that
>starting to panic big time, I can feel my heart beating in my chest so hard I wonder if it’s actually making audible noise
>fuck… it’s happening, she is feeling awkward about us going out coz it was to much like a date or something
>although it is unusual for her to be tip-toeing around this… so much for no bullshit button
>by this point I’ve worked myself up mentally, “seriously button… whatever it is, just say it” I blurt out, half dreading the response, and half just wanting to get this over with
>she looks at me for a moment after i say it, studying the nervous look on my face
>should’ve guessed something this good had to come to an end fairly quickly
>button gets up suddenly and straddles me, before I can even think about what it means she is pulling my shirt up over my head

>no sooner is my shirt off before button is attacking my lips, one hand tugging at my womb ferret which is getting hard so quickly I hear a sonic boom as the tip breaks the sound barrier
>I waste no time in pulling buttons ‘shirt’ up above her hips and running my hand inbetween her legs
>at first I’m confused, and not by the lack of panties
>I can’t tell if I have found buttons grand canyon or two slugs in the middle of a mud wrestling match, she is so wet that there is an actual chance it might start dripping on me

i will suck you off too

File: 911.gif (3MB, 180x135px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 180x135px
i will suck you off OP.
your face when i do it better than button tho ima man
thankgod... thought i would get called a faggot for that aswell...

I have the edited PDF's saved, i went over it to see how it was written, but i decided on greentext instead


>button places one hand on my chest and uses the other to unleash my now Jurassic sized piece of pork from its mixed polyester and cotton cage>wrap my other hand around her back as I slide two fingers into her, holding her firmly against me
>there is still plenty of resistance, but her juices make short work of that
>button is already panting and beginning to make some noise, going to town on her neck doesn’t help either
>time to kiss this fucking shirt goodbye I think to myself as I remove my fingers from button and take her shirt off, as soon as I’m done with that I slide my trackies down and kick them the rest of the way off
>button is now on her knees above my cock, I’m working a third finger into her pussy and she is working my shaft, albeit clumsily…
>she grits her teeth as I try to work the third finger in… I cringe at the the sight of her in pain so I make the decision to stick with two
>I work my kisses down her neck and she props herself up even higher, allowing me easy access to play with RB and LB with my tongue
>I keep pulling at her g-spot untill she climaxes for the first time “uuugggnnnnnn….” She semi shouts in a rather futile attempt to communicate with one of the roof rafters before looking back down at me
>at this point I’m weighing up the idea of fucking her
>on one hand, she isn’t quite stretched enough yet for it to be an easy fit, good chance I’m going to cause her some pain
>on the other hand, button is a big girl and I know she would take it like a pro, plus… its sex with button
i too will suck your dick op
File: 1400669035247.jpg (185KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
185KB, 500x500px
fuck you OP - I was going to go back to bed until I ran across this thread.
great job on the story.
not sure how this makes me feel... maybe i could write up a great gangbang story after the experience



>but then if it hurts to much she may get put off the whole thing a bit…
>though button isnt the sort of person to back down after a failed attempt, and our friendship is strong enough that we could probably just talk about it casually and laugh it off
>but I would like her first time to be atleast fucking enjoyable
>I kind of zone out a bit as all this is going through my head without realising button has been staring at me the entire time as I continue to finger her
>”why are you so nervous?” button asks as she slows down with my cock and just pulls at it enough to keep me hard
>whatthefuck? I never said I was nervous… who said I was nervous? I’ve popped about 4-5 cherries in my time (not sure if the 5th was actually a virgin, she claimed to be but it seemed a little easy)
>to clarify though, of course I’m fucking nervous, sex in general might not be anything new to me but this is a whole other situation… this girl on top of me means the fucking world to me… she is my best friend… hell she is probably my fucking soulmate for all I know
>testosterone and cock rage is telling me to fuck the shit out of her right here and now, but common sense and reason are providing some damn good points against doing it
>”I’m not nervous… what makes you say that?” I ask trying to sound as calm as possible, completely taken off guard by the question
File: hero.jpg (3KB, 125x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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any links /b/ro? or file dump sites plox?
To the person doing the screen caps...save the nude pics too incase OP comes back after 404 and says "those were pics of button, why didn't you fags save them"
You should post a link to the whole story OP. So fucking good too.
ive gone from hard to flacid so many times in these threads already op
File: DearOP.jpg (487KB, 1280x1920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
487KB, 1280x1920px
Who is not a faggot I am about to beat the Oprah out of my power company for rolling blackouts unless I have keys to a new car under my chair.

Upload the text file /b/ro

I now have almost the whole original thread capped.
I hit the limit that MS paint could deliver in terms of image size.
I am just trying to tweak it now and see if I can make it postable on /b/

Serious mate, if I set up a temporary email and you send me whatever the original content of this story I will go through and edit it for you and fix grammar and spelling errors, even turn it in to a proper story like they did with Tasha's Brother, then post it back to you for approval so that we can post this on a site where it can be archived forever.

>I honestly believe this tale needs the grade A treatment
Fucking this
lol... captcha; heavy zhumber

surprisingly appropriate for this part


>”cut the bullshit anon…the first you went to fingered me, your heart was racing, first time I jacked you off, your heart was racing, first time I went to kiss you, your heart was racing…” button explains to me in a neutral tone, “but whenever you were confident about something, making me squirt in the shower or eating me out, nothing, you completely calm”
>talk about attention to the minor details… I can’t believe she even noticed something like that… fucking wizard!
>”your more nervous now then you ever have been before… so don’t bullshit me and answer my question faggot” button delivers her ultimatum to me while sitting on my lap, my slowly deflating penis still gripped in one hand, her other hand now very noticeably on my chest, right on top of my heart
>I consider making something up but there is literally nothing I could say that she wouldn’t see right through so I decide to just offer her to truth no matter how much penisbro recommends against it
>”If I fuck you now, it’s going to hurt you… maybe a little, maybe a lot” I explain to her, looking her straight in the eye so that she knows I’m telling the truth
>button stares at me, studying my face for a moment, “ofcourse it’s going to hurt, you dickhead…” she says to me with a frustrated look, “but it’s probably going to hurt less then when I tore your back open, or nearly ripped your balls off…” she continues
>once again, I feel like a 12 yearold… here I am getting so worked up about all the finer details of popping buttons cherry, the pain, the right mood, the position… that I’m deciding what is best for her instead of letting her make her own choice
>she lets out a sign, “ill be honest, I don’t mind you being a bit of a pussy…”
>ouch… that fucking stung bro
File: grandma.gif (993KB, 317x178px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
993KB, 317x178px
exactly man this shit is legendary >>565594779
real props

UNSW master race here

>”but now isn’t the moment to get all soft on me” she says… with a clear double meaning behind her words as she jiggles my cock
>I decide at right there in that moment to never again to try and decide what is best for button on her behalf… never ends well when I don’t ‘go with the flow’… I really should know this by now
>button starts to tug at my mr limpy, attempting to breathe new life into him, quite successfully I might add now that I’ve had my moment of introspection
>she leans in closer to me, not breaking eye contact, “how about ‘I wish’ you would fuck me… fag-“
>I move and start kissing her before she finishes, not really in the mood to be called a faggot right before tearing a hole in buttons berlin wall
>she lets go of my quickly inflating meat balloon, keeping one hand on my chest and placing the other behind my neck, standard button hair grip style
>I reach around and grab a firm hold of both RT and LT while at the same time sliding myself slightly further down the couch so that I am in a better position
>now that things are aligned, I begin priming my ammunition
>I place the tip of my cock under her ‘quite literally dripping at this point’ cunt and use my hand to spread her juices over the tip of my cock
>move away from buttons mouth and focus back on her neck to try and give her some distracting pleasure to counteract what happens next

>using one hand I pull LT apart to the side, opening buttons tight little hole as wide as possible while using my right hand to guide the tip of my now slippery cock right onto the front door her entrance
>when I’m certain everything is ready, I move my other hand back out and grip firmly onto RT
>button is still making soft noises as I pay very close attention to her neck
>despite what I said earlier, all things considered, this moment is pretty darn perfect… the mood is spot on, and more importantly, the position allows button a lot of control over the situation
File: sl2oned.jpg (31KB, 560x412px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31KB, 560x412px
Well played, OP, well played. Here is a kitten for you
im not gonna deny that, usyd probably belongs in that group too
QLD god tier. Fuck you, inferior NSWale-an
download photoshop

I honestly never gave it that much thought, I just started writing and before i knew it i was enjoying myself.... 45,000 words later... and there is still so much fucking shit to edit... like i kid you not...


>up until this point I have been holding button up a little using RT and LT, but now that things are all ready to go, instead of pulling button down over my cock, I slowly let go of her ass and let her take her own weight
>she slowly pushes down against the tip of my womb broom and I feel the top of the handle slide in
>”uuuunnnnnnarrgggghhhh” button lets out through gritted teeth as my knob pushes its way into her
>she pulls away from my neck and looks directly into my eyes as she lowers pussy down over my cock
>she is still gritting her teeth through the pain, I feel bad watching her… but I won’t bullshit you… there is something bizarrely hot about it, watching button take my cock into her despite the pain
>I raise an eyebrow at her, genuinely impressed as she starts to move slowly back up my shaft and then back down again, working a little more into with each stroke
>”fuck you, and fuck your big dick” button snaps at me
>I decide to try and help her out a bit by grabbing a hold of RT and LT again and taking her weight
>button resists a little, pushing herself back down, determined to get it in but she is only causing herself unnecessary pain

SA reporting in. Your locations > mine.
Unfortunatly though, what I'm editing and compiling the story from is... well...kinda of hand written

>inb4 diary


>the reason it isn’t going in has not to do with size, pussies have incredible stretching capabilities, no its to do with friction
>the trick is very small strokes up and down, each time coating just a little bit more of my shaft with some of her sweet clam nectar
>unless of course you have some sort of lube handy… in which case grease that piston up and start firing away!
>I hold button in place above my cock and start to move my hips up and down, moving myself in and out of her, much quicker than she was doing herself, but with far smaller strokes
>her expression is a constant mix of pleasure and pain as she we look at each other, both of her hands resting on top of my shoulders
>each time I work myself a little deeper, I slow the pace down to help her adjust and before long I am slowly sliding about 2/3 of my cock into her
>thankfully though the noises she is making are becoming less about discomfort and more about enjoyment
>at the ¾ mark I stop to her let have a break and get used to things
>button has other ideas and pushes herself down onto my lap, she reaches behind herself and pulls her own ass cheeks apart, and wiggles down further until she can’t get any more of my shaft in
>she brings her hands back around and leans herself against my chest, taking a moment and letting out a sigh of relief
>button breaths for a moment before starting to move herself up and down on my cock, her expression tells me that whatever pain, if any, is far outweighed by how good its feeling by now

Okay guys I am gonna post my Cap of the original thread.
Keep in mind it isn't the whole thread and more is to come.
I haven't even read this thread yet, so remember it's gonna take me a fucking AGE to read and cap this thread for you too
how convenient you ignored this post, virgin.

>For best quality download that shit and zoom in
You are my second favourite person, next to OP. <3
Dude your a fucking legend!


>damn that wasn’t too bad i guess…
>”you want to change positions?” I ask her
>she nods at me, cowgirl can be a drain until you have built up the appropriate leg muscles I suppose
>I wrap my arms around button and stand up, pulling myself out of her at the same time
>she wraps her legs around me as I place her back down, standard missionary position
>I figure it’s the best place to start until she gets well and truly use to things
>I watch her expression as I ease myself back into her, fuck damn she is tight, I can feel the walls of her snatch resist every inch of me, her expression seems more relaxed now, though she does wince when I try to go balls deep
>maybe not just yet I think to myself
>I can get more of me inside her in this position, so i make a mental note of how deep I can go before it hurts her and then slowly start to work my hotdog in and out of her warm bun
>before I know it i can feel her body relax more beneath me as I find a good rhythm, sliding my cock in and out of her now absolutely soaking wet snatch
>her fingernails are still digging into my back though
>this whole thing is starting to get me pretty fucking close, I easily just sprinted past the 60m mark
>I pull myself out buttons tight abyss, “hop up on your knees”
>button doesn’t even hesitate, she gets up and pokes her ass out at me, resting her arms on the headrest of the couch
>first time I have had chance to see her butthole, looks like a cute little brown raisin sitting between two mounds of pink ballistics gel
>button seems warmed up enough to handle a bit of force so I grab a hold of her hair, while pushing her waist down towards the couch with my other hand, causing her to arch her back and expose her perfectly formed bajingo
>I let go of her waist and use my hand to guide my cock back into her warm cunt, button lets out an elongated “aaaaahhhnnnnggggg….” As I push myself deeper and deeper into her
Good job!
If any of us for some reason miss these screencaps, which thank you you glorious fuck for, please don't hesitate to answer threads later in the day asking for them
i hope i will some day find the complete work please OP give us a way to get the the whole story once its edited and ready!
what do you want me to say? i already admitted that i didnt write down the everything word for word bro... I never said this wasnt a fictional story... I just never mentioned how much of it was grounded in truth


>just flew past the 75m mark…
>I stand up a little higher so that as I work my shaft into her at a steeper angle, my knob hitting her g-spot with each push
>button responds to this with a loud “ohhhhhhhh ffffuuuuuuuucccckkkkkkk”
>I learn forward and use my hand to grip her neck, pulling it up toward me so I can kiss it while still pumping myself in and out of her tight vagoo
>that blowjob before the movie had me fucking edging… I was already at the 50m when I got home
>better give ample warning, “I’m getting close” I manage to breath out into her ear
>”don’t cum yet faggot, don’t you fucking dare!!!”
>big saggy granny flaps with crusty yeast cheese, I think to myself…
>huge floppy milk duds!!! Should book a dentist appointment, I wonder what my mum is doing right now
>fuck I talked myself up about being a sack marathon runner, and here I am about to finish the race before the finish line has even been painted down
>personally I blame the blowjob earlier along with button for being so godamn hot on her knees, not to mention tight as a penis fly trap
>button is getting closer and closer, “hhhnnngahhh… hnnnngaaaaah” she moans with each exhale as my cock continues to pound her slut switch on and off
>90m, I won’t be able to hold this much longer
are you kidding me? just save the html... capping wtf

Part 2 my /b/ro's
shit, i came in late. Link to old bread?
fucking thank you my man +1
sorry man i was getting carried away in conversation... forgot what bit i was posting


>I need to change positions and distract myself or I am going to bust early
>pull out of button and motion her to spin and face me
>she seems a little confused but gets the idea quickly and stands up on the couch, wrapping her arms around my neck
>once her arms are around my neck I slide my hands between her thighs and lift her up, feeling her legs wrap tightly around me
>I spread her ass apart and lower her down onto my cock, though I have trouble getting into her tiny little hamster hole, in the end button has to reach down and guide me into her
>we both let out an audible sigh as I enter her again
>I start bouncing button up and down on my cock
>back to the 85m
>button is back to moaning like she just lost a loved one, swearing out loud whenever she has the breath to do so
>90m again
>I hold her still in mid air and start to kiss her neck, I can feel her pussy stretching over my shaft each time I bring her back down onto me… feels like fucking heaven
>”I’m getting close again” I mumble, half whisper into her ear
>”go harder” button instructs me, ignoring my previous comment
>I sit back down on the couch with button riding me, I use my hands to help bring her cunt up and down on my jackhammer as if I was trying to split a slab of concrete in half on my bare knob
op i love you
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

by the way... do you faggots have ANY idea how hard it is to describe a girl moaning and make it not sound like fucking santa clause...


>”hooooohhhh ffuuuucckkk yyyour gunna make me cuuummm” she pants at me in between each bounce
>I button places one hand back on my chest and the other at the base of my head again
>she digs her nails in into both
>”hnnnngggg… anonnnnnnnn” button breaths at me through gritted teeth as we both cross the finish line together
>the underground vault of London bank closes shut for the third time this week and I thrust my cock involuntarily upwards
>I look button right in the eye as I get ready to bust my nut inside of her, I don’t want to miss this I think as I grip her waist
>but button just keeps bouncing her tight lips up and down over my shaft
>she looks back at me, eyes glazed over as my main gun finally fires its first round
>”I let out a an arrrrnnnnggggghhhhh” as I start blasting my load into button
>button plants herself firmly down into my crotch and threatens to tear the hair from the back of my head and my heart out of my chest Indiana jones style, “fuuucccckkkk… keep cumming!!!” she barks at me as my quick twitches inside her with each blast of warm semen
>I quite literally empty the contents of my testicles into the back corner of her honeypot
>after a good 10 seconds or so I relax my grip on her and sink backwards into the couch, button collapses on top of me
>her neck is right next to my face, so I start to plant small kisses on her
>after just sitting there for awhile breathing, button props herself back up, hers immediately darting to where her hand is sitting on my chest
>there are 5 clear fingernail marks, a couple of with broken skin and a bit of smeared blood
>i just smile at her, totally worth it I think to myself as button sits there on my shrinking dick
>”serves you right” she says to me coldly

Part 3

And now I go BACK to the originial thread and continue to cap because holly fuck OP can type a lot
if OP could really imagine all of this and write it down he still deserves respek
this is the greatest thing I've read in a long time
couldnt agree more... especially the bit about attending macquarie uni! I'm a compulsive liar!!!


>”shower?” I offer to her
>”bath…” she says as she lifts herself off my and starts walking to the bathroom
>no blood on my cock, so that’s a good sign
>”what’s for dinner, she calls out” as I hear the taps being turned on
>cant believe she is still hungry after blasting that much protein into her belly…
>she oddly calm, or atleast trying to appear that way
>”steak” I call out at her, not wanting to spoil the fact that its actually a little fancier then that
>also reminds me, I should get them out and salt/oil them in preparation
>I give button a moment alone in the bathroom to clean herself and/or relax while I take out the two impressive looking scotch fillets and cover them in oil, salt and some garlic rub, leaving them to sit in a bowl, but naked and still a little sticky
>I did wash my hands though, before anybody points out
>when I get into the bathroom, the bath is already half full and button is sitting in it, looking a little knackerd
>she has added some of my bodywash to the water to give the bath some bubbles
>hop into the bath and settle down at a right angle to button so that I have room to streatch my legs out along the widest part of the bath
>button gives me her classic blank look as she eyes me over, inspecting dried bloody mess on my chest that she caused
>I feel pretty badass at this point, aint gunna lie
>must have shown on my face to, “faggot…” button says to me smiling and rolling her eyes and reaching for the my loofer
>it’s lynx one that came free with some bodywash, has frilly soft sort of loofer on one side and something akin to the little loops that make up Velcro on the top, for scrubbing
>button moves to straddle me and starts to scrub at her finger nail marks with the rough side, deliberately rough
doedest commercial
thats what fucking writers of fiction do you moron. you ever heard of books? stories? theyre pretty cool you should try them some time.
thread limit soon
You are a wonderful person.
I bid thee good luck.
File: 8665_6ed9.jpg (96KB, 750x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96KB, 750x600px
i finally caught up
sorry, typed my captcha at end of last post lol... its getting close to midnight in Aus


>”owwww” I wince at her
>”still a faggot huh?” she teases
>”I fucked you didn’t i?” I say to her as I move my hand between her legs and gently play with her freshly fucked slit
>she bites her lip at me and smiles
>”I’m still counting that as a wish though… you only have two left now”
>”worth it” button says while shrugging at me and then turning around and settling herself between my legs, laying her head back on my chest
>I waste no time in playing with her funbags, dressing them up in bubbles and making them look bigger
>neither of us say anything else… just lay there and enjoy the warm water
>I start thinking about how I just fucked button which makes me surprisingly hard again
>”what happened to the whole recharging thing?” she says, feeling it poke into her back
>”eh… its hard… but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m cum again, at least not before I had you red and raw”
>button seems unphased by my explanation and moves around to straddle me again, “well that sucks for you then…” she offers in a feigned apology “lucky for me I just need it to be hard in order to use it” button continues, grabbing my cock and pushing herself down on it
>I watch her struggle for awhile as she learns how hard it is to have sex submerged in water with all the lube washed away and her as tight as she is…
>needless to say she doesn’t make any progress
>”apparently you do need me aswell” I tell her as I decide I will oblige her, her attempts to sit on my cock have made me hard and horny enough to fuck her, but I doubt I will get there again so soon after just cumming
Isn't the limit 500?
thanks mate, forgot about the archives
exactly writers deserve respek
unlike faggots like you

I am now on to the second thread, finally
Not even gonna read the posts at this point, I am just trying to catch back up again before this thread 404s as well
not long to go before this day finishes, i only have half of day 5 done so i will end the thread there, hopefully before limit


>I motion her to spin around and get on her knees, which she quickly does and pokes her ass out at me expectantly
>”just tell me if it starts to get sore though, don’t worry about if I end up getting there or not”
>button just wiggles her bum side to side in reply…
>I test her snatch out with my fingers, checking how much natural lube available, there is a bit, but not so much on the outside where it counts so I spit in my hands and work it into my knob, making sure its nice and slippery
>I can get the tip in, I can work the rest in slowly I know from experience as I push tip of my cock into her for the second time tonight
>button gives out a little moan as I slowly drag it in and out, pushing it slightly further in each time
>doesn’t take me long before I am taking long deep strokes in and out of her, gripping a hold of her hips as I do
>”go deeper…” button says, more as a request then an order
>I start to push myself slightly deeper and deeper, button twitches a couple of times with a bit of pain but before long I can feel my knob tapping on her cervix
>I make one final push, pulling her onto me aswell as pushing into her and she lets out a sighing moan as I reach what would be technically known as ‘balls deep’
>buttons tight warm folds squeeze around my cock as I rest there for a bit and it feels fucking incredible
>start to pound her hold, taking big full length strokes and working the speed up, gripping her by her waist as she starts to get louder and louder… shes deffinitley a verbal girl thats for sure
>but as I’ve made out previously, she isn’t a yelling screamer, just good honest moans, not to loud
It seems to have changed, I think image limit went down as well
>Right click
>View page source
>All files (Not txt dumbass)
You're fucking welcome
Do you have an imgur or something I can have for later? I'm horribly interested in this story but need to go soon, thanks for the caps though man.
see >>565596921
i will post this on imgur dont worry and i will post the link here
Upload this all to a google doc op.
File: 1409378892186.jpg (768KB, 1536x2048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
768KB, 1536x2048px
should i make new thread for final pieces? actually i think i might have to looking at limit


>I can’t get a decent speed going without turning the fucking bath into a wave pool, and button keeps slipping on the tub so eventually she pulls herself forward off my cock
>she stands up and puts her hands against the wall and pokes her ass our for me
>I have to bend my knees slightly because of the difference in size but only a little as I push my cock back into her
>I fuck her like this for about 5-10 minutes and cums atleast 3 or 4 times
>at this point I’m getting surprisingly close to busting my own nut again as I grip onto buttons waist and work the full length of my shaft in and out of her tight wet little hole
>suddenly button puts her hand on my leg, “it’s starting to get sore faggot so hurry up and blow”
>no chance… the moment she says it I pull myself out, I can wait
>”I didn’t fucking say stop… it still feels good, just don’t try and hold back or anything” she seems genuinely disappointed, but Its not like to bullshit so I know she is telling the truth
>”I’d rather not break my new toy, I want to be able to use it again tomorrow… a few times…” it’s the fucking truth to… now that we are technically fuck buddies, a whole new emporium of fun has just opened up to us
>button thinks about this for a bit, studying my face, “how close are you… and don’t lie”
>”pretty close…” I half want to keep fucking her but I half don’t… so I figure I’ll just go with what she decides on
>button motions at me to sit in the corner
post the document please for us to read
yeah I know but I mean the future threads and posts. >>565597078
if you can get all of it that'd be the shit. you got a link to an account or something? gotta head out soon here
Give this man a cookie!
I'm screencapping it all but am too damn lazy to make it pretty
document is a shitfight, i would be embarrased as the author to upload it untill i had tidied it up, plus its still a WIP. Images are being created, fear not


>oh sweet… blowjob! I think to myself as sit down obediently
>button gets to work, she’s isn’t perfect yet, but she is mastering the art pretty darn quickly and it doesn’t take her long before she has be on the edge again
>I grip a hold of buttons neck as I start to bust, trying to let her know what’s about to head her way
>she just keeps going up and down over my knob with her mouth as working my shaft up and down at the same time as I feel myself explode down her throat
>button keeps on working me for a bit until she is sure I’ve stopped
>I watch her as she swallows before looking up at me smiling while sinking back into the bath against the wall opposite me, clearly pleased that she managed to make me cum twice in the hour despite my indications that it wasn’t possible
>sink into the bath and just look at her for a bit thinking about good this whole situation is
>button raises an eyebrow at me, “so how’s dinner going, faggot”
>”what… don’t I get a rest to?”
>she just gives me ‘you just fucked me twice and I blew you so make me food’ look…
>I wouldn’t normally let that sort of shit fly, but button is a special case and she did just swallow my second load… after letting me plant my first deep inside her… for her first time ever…
>”fine…” I say, rolling my eyes and getting out of the bath, gives me a chance to get started on dinner I suppose
fucking thank you my /b/ro. you win today.
[zalgo] fuck this post[/zalgo]
Can someone give me a quick runover about what OP's posting about?
Is it just FWB story or what?
and I thought I was going to be bored today

guys i think i just got banned for spam
nope cont.
oh god no
You're fucking posting the whole story one way or another.
and yet you are still posting. GO OP!!!
strange... i got a ban warning msg.. what the fuck...

new thread quick!!!!

Basically op was friends with this guy over the internet for 4 years, then the guy had to find a place to live, so he moved in with op . Turns out the guy was a 10/10 girl who was disguising her voice to avoid creeps. Sexy times ensue.

>Part 4 screen cap

I am now on this thread, trying to catch up to OP so I can go back and actually read this half of the epic tale.

For all those bitching about saving it as a .txt or saying post links to the html I saved
You can kindly put your knee pads on and get down and suck my dick

I'm screen capping a green text story you nigglets
We've done it since the beginning of this board and I happen to enjoy seeing a great greentext cap

If the OP wants to get in contact with me at a later time, as I said, I would be happy to do the editing for him and turn this in to a true story, but for now you niggers can be grateful that I am saving this shit and making it all pretty for future enjoyment
OP met his best friend online, one day after 4 years of being friends, OP gets email from friend (Button). Button enrolled to the same uni as OP and needs a place to stay. OP decides to let Button stay at his place. However, Button turned out to be a 10/10 fem.
short version
>OP played with friends online he never met IRL
>one (best)friend called button ask if he can stay a while at OPs place
>button shows up, OP like "ohnobuttonishotgirl.jpeg"
>also button is kissless virgin
>OP and button do dirty stuff between doing "regular" nerd stuff
Dude, you should post this somewhere more permanent.
i will for him
what happemed?
dump for those still capping
I personally like the banter more then the sex.
still reading, but is the story done now? need to go but don't wanna miss any
So reverse traps do exist?
new Thread
>hi faggot
>sex faggot lol
>lol suck my dick button
>lol k faggot
>lol me a gut writer on /b/ me writes good stories on /b/ button xDD
>lets watch movie faggot
>lol k button
>button will u have suck mee dik xD
>tease me hnnng to mars faggot
>lets eat button xD
>me tease u while I eat faggot
> suck mee dik pls have sex pls
> k faggot
>aaaaaaaaah sex yuum fedora god pls 4chan /b/ pls gut dis feeling.exe
>suck mee pussie fagit
> hnnng anon lol sooo gut ur beard is crushing my pussy aaaaahh fagoat faaaaaagot pls no xD
>20 mins later
>faggot gut tease post 4chan pls

Lel epic story, great sex. Now alpha as fuck.
your story and a nice talk other day are almost convicing me that real life is good enough to try it.

Even if it's fake there are a lot of things different from sex that i like in this. Keep this going, mate.
File: 1408483472496.jpg (82KB, 525x386px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82KB, 525x386px
The hate is strong in you young wizard, why do you care so much to stay in this thread, stop being a faggot just because people are interested in something you dont like and go elsewhere. But i.guess you have little else too do with your time

button! reveal yourself faggot. timestamp needed

also dick is diamonds OP
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