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Ok /b/ How old were you when you lost your virginity >inb4

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Ok /b/

How old were you when you lost your virginity

>inb4 "lol /b/ is 100% extra virgin"

Feel free to add a story of your first bang

>Be me
>With Girlfriend
>Already was fingers deep for a month now
> I "Yo wana sex"
>She "Let me think"
>Fucking takes 45 minutes
>Was in the mood then but not as much now
>"Yo jerk me a little"
>Rock hard in seconds
>Under 20 minute time limit as her dad is picking her up soon
>Thrust hard
>5 mins
>Bust nut

>Ok go home now

One of the shittest sexes i've had
But a monumental moment nevertheless
Lost my virginity at 15 innawoods to a guy 2 years older than me. Shit was so fucking cash.
5 oral
15 insertion

Both were meh.
>be 16
>put paypay in girl
>become man


>Health Ranger Investigates Chicken McNuggets .

>Expired Chinese Meat Scandal Rocks McDonald's And KFC .

> Meat Glue Secret .

>McDonalds Getting Rotten Meat From Chinese Factories?
are you me ?
Lost my virginty to a guy at 17 in da woods to a guy 2 years younger. Shit was cash
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>be me
>got raped in the ass by my uncle
33 still virgin gonna die a virgin, accepted this fact when i was about 16 lol, gf me
unsure if mock or if serious
>am grill btw
>Dating college freshman who used to go to my HS 6/10 horse-faceish
>Couple weeks into dating, at her house late watching movies
>She randomly tells me i'm ready, had already talked about waiting for a bit
>She thinks i'm not a virgin, nervous as fuck
>Use a shitty condom i've had in my wallet for years, pretty much no feeling while fucking with it
>le missionary position for 20 minutes (she timed it, must have been shit for her to keep looking at clock)
> finally cum super tiny into condom, releived it finally happened, felt like jerking with no lube using a rubber glove
>she says, omg we came at the same time, we are in synch

>immediately purchase new condoms after that....

jesus christ i warned friends about old wallet condoms after that
>be 15, almost 16.
>lie about my age and join grindr
>get bombarded by disgusting messages
>chat wiht one cool guy for a week. he's early 30's
>meet him at local wallgreens and follow hi back to his place
>walking in he offers me a beer. i decline
>we sit on couch and talk until awkward silence
>he pulls his dick out to show me
>i get on my knees on the floor in front of him while he sits
>i start sweating and heart pounds from the intensity of what im feeling.
>his heat on my mouth and salty taste and manly smell took my breath away.
>i suck him until he pulls out my mouth and busts on his stomach
>huge hardon of my own the entire time
>he offers to suck me. i decline and leave
>go home and jerk off 3 times in a row
>he and i eventually start fucking for a few years until i go to college.
>he was a cool guy
are you fat, ugly or socially awkward?
fat yes, im fine in social places but i only leave my place about 4 times a month lol
2 weeks younger than I am now
oh, thats why, where do you live?
>be 15
>go for walk with gf after dinner with her and her parents
>make out on back porch of vacant house
>"just let me stick it in for a lil bit. no one can see"
>fuck for like 10 mins
>walk her back home
>can't make eye contact with her parents the rest of the night
nw murica
Never have, never will
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23, still virgin.
Age 14 - Foreplay
Age 15 - Anal
Age 16 - Virginity lost
go get yourself a whore man
i was 19 years old. fucked a co worker at burger king. We even fucked at work.
>Be 13
>gf at the time was a hoe basically
> 2 failed attempts to have sexi time
> frustration
> she comes over she's on her period
> brother in other room with his gf
> have to be quiet
> insert but only lasts for 5, 10mins top
> condom bloody, dont care had sex, lost virginity
I was 7, she was 15. Her sister yelled at me after because I could've gotten her pregnant, then I cried and went home.
have no want for sex so meh
inb4 pedo

>be me 17
>gf 17, same school
>probably the worst sex i have ever had
As a 7 year old you produced the juices necessary?
I should mention that all of this was with the same guy. We broke up about three years ago through.
>anal before vagina
>women logic
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Grade9, how ever the fuck old I was then.

are you 'murrican?
File: image.jpg (34KB, 292x323px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Wait, did you think sticking it in the pooper first was the right way?
>be me 15
>find hoe at school, moved down from Colorado
>Walk to her house while her mom isnt home
>Fuck her without condom for about 15 minutes
>jizz in her
>shortly after she moved back to Colorado
>still wonder to this day if child was conceived
>shit was so cash

No. But I didn't know that and apparently neither did the girl who yelled at me.
The dude was super Christian and didn't want to lose his virginity until after marriage. He eventually got tired of anal and got super desperate for vaginal, and he just shoved it in me homecoming night.
See >>565514227
wow, the 'preserving my virginity so lets do anal' is retarded for women, but for guys it makes no fuckign sense whatsoever. fucking dumbass

Had a a sekret relationship with another kid my age, would give each other blowjobs in the bathroom

technically played with my first puss at around 8, my gf was 7 and we would make out in the closet but i had no fucking idea what i was doing

first dick to puss would be 14

>be me 17
>meet cute girl who's 16 through a good friend
>she turns out to be a thirsty girl
>takes my virginity later that month and we fuck 2 more times
>told her to stop talking to me
>4 years later and I still ignore her snapchats

it's kinda gross when a dirty chick shows feelings for you
>b me 3 yo
>sex gf
>cum spaghetti
>she laughs and says "lol"
>punch her
>get on my Lamborghini
>hit tree
>is kill
>be 29
>meet older woman at a bar
>still with her after 5 years of fucking
all good here.

Same guy who "only did anal before marriage b/c he was Super Christian" is probably a major homophobe who is always citing "sodomy" as to why he hates Gays.
>homecoming night
>actually coming while at home at night
21. basically my friend was single at the time, she wanted some dick, and she asked me if i wanted to have sex. and there you have it.
them feels <3
>> be me, 19
>> With second boyfriend since 9th grade
>> 2 months in
>> eventually i get tired of waiting
>> nervous as fuck
>> makes me get on top
>> omgwhatdoido.jpg
>> never even owned vibrator or dildo
>>doesnt fit in, cause my vag is too tight
>> finally fits
>> awkwardly hump and grind him until he comes
>> didnt orgasm myself till about the 3rd of fourth time.
>>still with him though
25 years old, to a slut from tinder.

bareback blowjob, ate her out, condom missionary/cowgirl/doggy. hard trouble staying hard so bareback doggy. about 15-20 minutes overall before i came.

she was a 5/10. a little chubby. 5'2", C cup tits. pretty cute overall.

it was one of the most disappointing experiences of my life. i literally threw up the next morning because it was so devastatingly disappointing.
>be 17
>blowing this kid, he's probably 5/10 at best
>"do you wanna fuck"
>his condom slips off or something
>paranoia for weeks afterward
>i didn't even cum
File: 1407387049299.gif (1MB, 276x232px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 276x232px
>Be me 14 with girlfriend of 2 months
>huge tits, alright ass
>my brother, 23, hooks us up with a hotel room
>watch tom and jerry when they build a rocket or something and we start making out
>had not done any foreplay before this and stick one finger in
>she asks if i want to "do it" i say yeah let me put my condom on
>couldnt put condom on after unrolling, straining to pull it down
>end up wrapping my boxers around it and forcing it in..it went in but we only did it for a little bit.
Bj at 16, sex at 17.
>Be 14
>Talk to this hot ass chick from the catholic school because I wasn't autistic back then
>bang every day
>Shit was dope, yo
I don't feel like getting into all the details, but he had a dude suck his dick about two months into the first time we dated.
????????? You used your boxers as a condom? what the fuck are yo saying
sounds way better than my first time. And i was smiling the next day
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Seriously, wtf?
I'm really not trying to be an asshole here, this is a legitimate question.

Why are virgins over the age of 30 ALWAYS fat? Like it seriously baffles me that the only non fat virgin over 30 I've ever heard of is Steve Carrel from 40yo virgin.

In contrast with girls, older virgins are always skinny af.
>Boxer condom
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>Be me
>be 20
>friends with this rower chick at college
>6/10 face, 7/10 athletic body
>girl could lift more than me
>in a class together briefly before I transferred to a different section
>hang out a few times
>spring, one time, sees my nude sketches
>pretty cool sexually, so she doesn't freak or anything
>texts me some over the summer
>eventually asks if I'd draw her
>Obviously agree
>Get drunk with her and her roommate the first week of class
>end up back at her place
>roommate goes to bed
>Chilling on the couch, end up kissing a bit
>tells me not tonight, but soon
>gives my junk a squeeze
>Some days later, comes over
>watch movie, bullshit bullshit
>asks if I'd like to lose my virginity (she knew)
>"What day is it?"
>-"Uh, Thursday?"
>"Good a day as any"
>came in like 45 seconds
>fucked her in the shower a few days later

7/10, would do again
>Steve Carrel from 40yo virgin.
well, Carrel had other deviations from the pattern.

for example, virgins that old are often inseparable from their parents.
Do you feel like you're being misrepresented?
>Be me
>Finger, handys, dry humping for a few weeks.
>Escalate one day
>Try to get it in for about 15 minutes
>Get the tip in.
>"Stop anon. idk about this"
>"I cant believe i did that. i promised my dad blahblah bitch bitch cry cry"
>"Are we still virgins anon?
>"No. We definitely fucked."
Thats is.
ive been depressed for the past decade. maybe that has something to do with it. i don't know. i'm dead on the inside, and i was expecting to feel something -- but i felt nothing, other than disappointment.
Long story.
>become man
anon you may have a dick between your legs but until i see you wrestle a enraged bear into submission your still a vagina to me.
shouldn't count.but it does. you win this round anon.
>33 still virgin gonna die a virgin, accepted this fact when i was about 16 lol, gf me
if you were to try to convince this man to get rid of his virginity you count because hes adamant(alpha) as fuck.
man slut
nigga my balls droped at age 5.
Sounds pretty short since you explained it in one sentence.
dude sounds like a weirdo. seriously, why did you let this freak take your virginity?
>Be me
>Be virgin
ok here's mine

>just turned 18, middle of freshmen year of college
>at party, drunk off my ass, talking to average looking girl (ok maybe less than average, her friend was waaay hotter)
>start making out of nowhere it seems
>drunk dancing/making out on dance floor
>she asks to leave
>oh yeah its gonna happen tonight
>go back to her dorm
>making out in elevator
>get in her bed, roommates all out, dont even need to close the door
>she immediately goes to suck my dick
>cant remember if i ate her out
>go to fuck her, cant get hard, too fucking drunk
>get frustrated
>end up sort of giving up/passing out
>wake up probably an hour later, shes sucking me off
>oh man whats going on
>start to get nauseous
>vomit in bathroom fierce
>gargle with some listerine
>girl is understanding, still makes out with me after
>we go to sleep
>never end up cumming
>wake up next morning
>ask if she wants to take shower, wanna try do over
>she has to get ready for work
>she gives me her number and i leave
>downhill from that point forward
With my girlfriend. nothing interesting.
had same problem
>got tip in on virgin
>"im not ready"
>Thinks someone else took her virginity later
Get married.
>le missionary
Fuck off
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>Be 13 in 9th grade because I skipped a grade
>be fit from being that kid in PE who took everything too seriously
>With girl a year older
>typical early HS relationship with the "I love you" too early and shit
>She asks me if I want to "do it"
>Horny little me says FAWK YEAH
>I sneak into her house on a Tuesday while her parents were at work, that early dismissal was so great
>walk 3 miles to her house, get in through window
>She has prepared a playlist with shitty radio pop and some Muse, which she knew I liked
>I was sweaty and freaking out every 5 minutes asking about how much time we had
>Put a condom on my measly excuse for a dick
>Struggle not to put it in too hard because she was wincing at the pain
>"No, keep going, I promise it doesn't h-hurt, OW"
>I was dripping sweat all over and was worried I'd leave her sheets smelling of Old Spice deodorant I hastily put on 10 minutes prior
>lasted 30 minutes and shared some laughs and "this is awkward"
>eventually convinced her to take off her bra, she was self-conscious of her 32B size
>I'm there thinking "tits are tits, I don't care"
>Exchange some kisses and reassuring phrases
>jump out her window and almost hit her mom's other car

She was so great at first but after a year she cheated on me and was bipolar and suicidal, stuck around just to prevent her from killing herself and I really cared for her. 2+ years in high school.
So you never actually had sex?
not bad not bad
i still was inside her
and ive fucked other girls, this was just the first disaster
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11-12. Not sure because: It was around my Birthday; Birthday is in the summer; It was over 30 years ago.

Knew the girl almost all my life
Our parents went swimming/boating/camping together
That summer she started getting her boobs
Would ride my bike over to her house regularly and pick her up on her bike and go to the park about 5 houses down
One time while waiting for her, she had me come up to her room
She asked me if I wanted to try it
We got under the covers, got undressed (I never saw her naked body), and I got on top
It did not want to go in, she did not want to spread her legs very far
I came that first time, but I have never known if it was inside her or just in her gap
We laid there for a few minutes and decided to try it again, but her sister busted in before we started
We did it again a few more times that week (the next/second time I know it was in her because she bled).
We never did it again after that, but have always remained friends
Also, when I said "never did it again", that was a lie. We did it again a bunch of times about 7-8 years later. I ran into her at a store (we both had gone away to college) and exchanged numbers.

I went to her apartment and the first thing she said when I walked in the door is "I've always fantasized about us taking a shower together".

So we did. And we did again on her bed. Then again on the couch.

Then the story about us when we were kids was brought up.

I asked her about the first time. You know, when I didn't know if I had.

She said that she always did know. She just remembered that it was painful. So I said that I thought we hadn't since we were both virgins

She said that she bled, but didn't say anything.

I brought up that she bled the second time.

She said she knew for sure we did it the second time. The cum dripped out of her later when she used the toilet

So to this day I do not know if my first time was legit.

tl;dr: C'est la vie
oh and there was no condom used
File: 1078912.jpg (42KB, 576x432px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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9 oral.
14 secks.

We went for 3 hours and I couldn't cum for some reason
There's a lot more drama and heartbreak involved than I feel like writing out.
He was a sociopath. He killed cats and snakes for fun. I swear, he's the only guy I've ever really loved, even though he was an emotionally abusive asshole and ruined my life. I can't even understand why I feel that way.
2 months ago, literally
I was actually 12, she was 13yo virgin. Most guys think that's pretty cool but I genuinely wish it hadn't have happened til later. Oh, and no I was molested.
Well shit this seems interesting.

How long was you with this guy and when did it end?
This is a lie.
>I can't even understand why I feel that way.
>I can't even understand
>I can't even
that's actually pretty shweet going anon
File: 1408733256665.jpg (18KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Never. 22 and still a virgin.
Never even had to draw her.
i know that chick she goes to my old school
What, in the image?
please tell me you put cum in someone's order, that would have been fucking epic!
What a hater

I lived it. It is no lie. She still lives in the same County I do. My wife knows her and asked her about it at a mutual friends second wedding reception. They both laughed about the fact that neither of us know if the first time was legit.

Just because your life has not been adventurous, doesn't reflect on others.

tl;dr: My Dads boat was the Misty Lynn. Her dad's was Lady Love (he was a big Lou Rawls fan)
These details and flourishes just make it faker and faker.
Top kek
Lost my virginity September of freshman year in high school.
Was high as fuck
Starts out with her
>"i think im going to take advantage of you"
>"im okay with that"
We started to do some foreplay and me being 15 at the time was jittery as hell because you know, sexytime.bmp
>"i don't feel very clean down there"
So she fucking goes into my bathtub butt naked and shaves her vagina right in front of me
We go back into the bedroom and i fuck her missionary for about 2 minutes, not even
Cum on her lower abdomen
Clean up
Go play some black ops.

We ended up having sex 2 more times over the latter of two years, was drunk and high off of MXE
Man it's just some image I found on google
>So she fucking goes into my bathtub butt naked and shaves her vagina right in front of me
wtf? who does that?
Don't judge
>20 years old
>tall and good looking
>still extra virgin olive oil
>been a year since the last time i made out with grill
>always too scared to make the move on grills because i have a 4.5 inch peepee
>assume it never grew due to low testosterone levels, high fat % and phimosis during my teens
>terrified of going intimate because of trauma caused by people assuming im hung when im really not
>terrified of anyone finding out
>always play the funny distant guy, convinced myself being this way somehow will make sluts rain all over me

How do i overcome this /b/? I wanna get rid of my v card so bad. Every time i see a webm here of a fine young soft ass rubbing sensually up and down a dick it shatters my soul that it will never happen to me.

>inb4 prostitutes, my uncle got VIH from one, never touching them,
>last day of school to winter break
>free period on final
>went to bfs house close to school
>went to his attic
>ghetto couch but comfy
>horny af
>take my shit off and take out his dick
>then just put that shit in me
>fucked the shit out of it
>then went to friends house after for xmas party
>been addicted to fucking since then
>thinking of making porn with bae
will post if ever did
>told we both have model bodies
We started dating December of 2009, and we were on and off through the first two or three years of high school. He kept making shitty excuses to break up with me to date other girls immediately afterwards. "It's not you, it's me" "You don't need me to make you happy anymore", ect. We got back together August of 2010, and we were together for about a year and a half before our relationship ended horribly. I dealt with the emotional trauma for most of high school, beginning to end.
i figured that much i just thought it was funny
Post pic.
"Super Christian"

Yet, makes excuses to date everyone else?
Aren't they supposed to be like, way more commited?
stfu dude. little bitch has to find flaws in everyone elses story.
tits or gtfo....
you should know this by now..
I mentioned that he was a sociopath, right?
was the summer before freshman year of high school. met this girl in an AOL chatroom. found out we were close and decide to meet at the nearby mall.

talked for a few weeks. said she liked me and we started *dating*. went to her house to watch movies and play computer games. one day we started making out and we both went all the way. lasted maybe 20 seconds.
That ain't that bad.
If a woman laughs at your peepee it's her missing out.

Even then make sure you fiddle their flaps.

I made up some bullshit how I'm 7" when I'm only like 5.5 or 6 and everyone believed me and knew this.
Girl saw my dick, didn't care, still went hard.

Just go hard with everything else.
No one cares. It's ok man. <3
I'm curious what girls think on these first times when the guy only last a minute or less. Do they know it should last longer, or do they just think sex is this unsatisfying? What say you, femanons?
>be me
>be 6
>go to my uncles
>uncles gf babysits me for a while
>has me stick my penis in her and her friends
>uncle gets back
>he sees
>beats her and her friends
>gets me
>go home
>have therapy
>years later in middle school
>people give me shit about being raped by women
>laugh at it because I was forced to think what happened was actually hot as fuck, nothing wrong
>high school start getting anger problems
>hate women
>home schooled
>here I am

never have had sex, can't keep a relationship, hate women, hate teenage boys, and I still go to therapy. I have a decent job and a nice house and a decent car, so I'm not some dwelling basement neckbeard.
if you're scared of disease from a prostitute, go with a massage parlor girl. those bitches are frequently tested and fired if they catch anything. because of the circumstances of potentially being shipped back to china if they lose that job, a lot of those girls play it safe and won't dare do anything without protection and inspecting your cock for disease.
ahh youth. i remember when i could jack off to the sight of tits in half a minute.i wish i could cum in 20 seconds, takes me like 20 minutes of raw fucking to cum now
Well shit I guess you did.

It sucks that you are/were emotionally attached to such a guy.
>not some dwelling basement
I was certain you'd be a dwelling basement.
Dude, she's not going to have sex with you.
File: 385214697512.jpg (1MB, 5312x2988px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 5312x2988px
Suck on this FAGMUNCH
O rly?
Fuck me anon how did you know!
File: us.png (507KB, 1036x410px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
507KB, 1036x410px
File: ngbbs4f1a3eda82fc1.jpg (10KB, 324x278px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 324x278px
> implying i lost it

21 year old virgin on the right path to heaven. Be jelly faggots.
>be 9th grade
>failing math because I never studied
>teacher was very new and young,. about 27-30 can't remember
>classic aerobics&tan, about 95 lbs..kinda looked like a mexican kelly from saved by the bell
>mom got me to tutor her after school 2-3 times a week at her house, mom would drop me off and come back 45 minutes- hour later

File: 1400442002811.jpg (19KB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 400x300px
Never lost it will tell you the closest i have came though.

>be 16 at party with buddys (at this ages we joke around a lot)
>with buddy also 16 lets call him chris
>chris is small and skinny quite weak never even kissed a girl
>drinking with him then this girl comes over complete slut offers him a fuck
>he declines im like wtf dude he thought she was joking
>15 minutes later i take her upstairs make out a little
>she climbs on top of me takes top off
>Im getting hard now thinking yes its going to happen
>she goes down to unbutton my pants then all we hear is madonna playing
>Like a virgin wooo touched for the very first time
>door opens friends burst in laughing she screams and leaves
>Chris set this up to get back at me for stealing the slut.
>high five chris then moan a little saying you could have wait 10miniutes
wizardry is a noble path
File: 999996.jpg (236KB, 900x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
236KB, 900x1200px
Why not
If it's a lie about how you have sex with your teacher, then no.
>mom got *her to tutor me
fixed and continuing

>few weeks go by, nothing happens but sometimes she would still be in her workout tights, them bright neon tights and shit
>was naturally getting boners for her..shit I had a perma boner for years at that age
>she is right next to me, I can smell her perfume
>teaching me some math shit
>I'm trying to adjust myself without her noticing
>she kinda turns to me and smells my neck
idk i let him bust then fuck again
Your talking shit.
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Thread images: 18

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