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>be me >never had a girlfriend before, hardly any friends

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>be me
>never had a girlfriend before, hardly any friends
>it was during holidays
>first week of holidays passed with me staying home almost all the time, was getting pretty tired of this
>one day my mother interrupted me while i was playing starcraft just as usual
>'anon, your friends want to talk with you'
>i wanted to talk with someone pretty badly but not exactly then
>well, they're my friends, what could i do
>'hi anon, come with us, we're going to the party'
>it was Mike, we knew each other from school but he was just making fun of me most of the time, never thought of him as one of my friends
>i just wanted to refuse and return back to playing starcraft
>'come on, anon, it's going to be fun'
>he must've known what i'm trying to do
>'i d-don't know, mike'
>some girls chuckled
>'you don't really have a choice, anon. you're going with us,' mike said, smiling like he always did
>'well, let me just do something first,' i said and returned to my room
>'yeah, yeah, tell your internet friends you're going to have fun tonight, anon,' said mike and some girls chuckled again
>few moments later i was on the way to my first party in ages, and, well, first real party in my life
In what way is the picture related?
Nice copy pasta Anon, 10/10
nice pasta
I like my Pasta a little crunchy.
stale ass pasta
>i didn't know the guy who organized this party. his house was huge and there was like fifty people inside already
>i knew some of them from school, never even talked with most of them, though
>'welcome to the party, anon,' said mike and hit me in the back a little too much. 'just do whatever the fuck you want, be yourself, anon,' he then said, leaving me alone. the girls went with him of course
>there was of course this one girl already at the party which stood out from the rest. she was a beautiful brunette and everybody knew her, even me, which is weird because she wasn't even from my school. her name was Lisa
>i didn't want her like most of the guys, probably because i didn't want to delude myself that i had any chances with her at all
>i just wanted to drink something as fast as possible to gain some confidence and maybe even try to have some fun
>suddenly my crush
>oh my god what is she doing here?
>she was just sitting there and talking with her female friend. i don't think she even knew who i was at that point
>meanwhile Mike was trying to pick up Lisa. he wasn't the only one of course, but one of the more successful players from the whole bunch
>'hi anon, you here?'
>it was David, one of my actual friends
>'here, have a drink,' he gave me a beer
>'let's talk, anon,' he then said. 'come on'
>we sat at the same table as my crush
>she didn't seem to care, no one did
>meanwhile Lisa and Mike started dancing, she was wearing sexy black short dress. most of the guys just looked at her for a few seconds, then we all pretended we don't care
>after several minutes of meaningless talk with David i started to feel a little drunk

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No we have all seen this pasta.
let me give you some fucking advice because i hate the fucking greentext culture. GET TO THE FU CKING POINT OF THE STORY. No one wants sixty pages of green text where you describe every fucking word and every sensation and colour. Thats how WOMEN tell stories. Fuck.
> lisa fucks anon to spite Mike

if you woke up in a room the next day with a guitar then sorry albert.
>'are you having fun, anon?,' Mike appeared out of nowhere. he seemed high
>'yeah, i am,' i lied
>'see that bitch, anon?,' he pointed at Lisa who was still dancing. 'hoe's going to be mine tonight. cheers, anon,' he drank more beer and went away
>everyone near me remained silent the whole time. they probably didn't suspect that Mike "liked" me that much
>'do we know each other?'
>it was my crushes' friend, but she seemed curious, too
>'y-yeah, i've seen you before, i think'
>'I'm Alex,' she introduced herself
>'Zoey,' my crush did too
>'nice to meet you, anon,' Alex smiled and i just wanted to be much, much more drunk than i already was
>'time to find my girlfriend,' said David. i forgot about him completely. 'cheers, anon'
>oh shit what now?
>'so... do you have someone, anon?,' Alex asked. Zoey was looking at me the whole time, but remained silent
>'no, not really. not at the moment, at least'
>oh my god what the fuck am i saying?
>'cool,' she said, smiling. Zoey smiled too
>'and you?,' i asked just to say something. it sounded stupid, though
>'it depends, anon,' she was still smiling
>i don't think i have to say it but they were both pretty drunk
>'y-yeah, i understand'
>i didn't, though, and it was pretty dumb thing to say
>'i'm glad you do, anon. cheers'
>'y-yeah, cheers'
>what the fuck am i even doing here?
Waiting for the sad, typical of b feels ending.
OP was fapping while pasting
Then anon wants to Fuck his crush and shes willing to but get bitchy because anon fucked lisa. The crushes friend offers to help but instead fucks anon.
All in all its a fat neck beards fantasy of what going to a party is like
>be me

Confirmed for reddit fag
hurr durr anon ends up fucking 2 girls and gets with Lisa. there i saved you faggots from waiting OP to copy/paste shitty pasta
keep going OP
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inb4 fresh prince
>suddenly complete silence
>music was still playing of course
>Lisa hit Mike
>'what the fuck are you doing, bitch?'
>'i heard how you called me. just get the fuck out of here, Mike'
>'you know? from whom? wait. maybe anon told you something'
>everyone instantly looked at me. i couldn't move a single muscle
>'it was anon, wasn't it?,' Mike continued. 'why would you believe this retard?'
>i know i should've done something, but i just couldn't. i remained completely silent the whole time
>'it's none of your business, Mike. just get out,' Lisa replied
>'come on, anon, say something,' Mike turned to me. 'if you have the courage to to talk behind my back, you can say something now'
>i just couldn't say a word. woudn't know what to say anyway
>'you're drunk, Mike,' said David in my defence. 'anon was with me the whole time, he didn't speak with Lisa'
>'shut the fuck up, loser,' he replied and then turned back to Lisa. 'you fucking whore can just fuck anon for all i care if you like him so much. i wouldn't want to be with you anyway'
>'maybe i should,' she looked at me
>complete paralysis
>she started approaching me
>oh my god what the fuck is happening?
>complete silence everywhere, music stopped playing long time ago
>she bent down and kissed me
>i didn't even move my lips, she did all the work and it felt fucking wonderful
>'fucking whore,' i heard Mike whispering
>suddenly cheers from everywhere. people started laughing
>Lisa sat next to me, embraced me and looked at Mike. he was pretty angry
>'get the fuck out, Mike. no one wants you here,' she said
>'you're batshit insane, bitch. are you going to get laid with anon now?'
>'maybe,' she answered, smiling
>what the fuck
Confirmed newfag
Lol yeah I love how they point that out every thread like they're some hot shit haha
Bullshit anon!
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File: 1406245797558.gif (3MB, 495x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is this going to end up with you fucking Mike? You talk about the dude more than the crush.
>she was clearly very drunk, but that should go without saying
>she looked at me for a while, not saying anything
>i don't know what happened to Mike, was to shocked to notice if he left or stayed
>people tried not to pay attention to us because it would be weird
>except for my crush, Zoey, and Alex. they were looking at us all the fucking time
>'do you like my dress, anon?,' Lisa asked me
>'y-yeah, it's beautiful'
>'so... anon,' she said ten seconds later, while rubbing my chest. one of her legs was on me. 'what else do you like about me?'
>'i-i like your hair... i guess'
>oh my fucking god that was atrocious thing to say
>'aren't you sure?,' she asked, pretending to be sad
>'no, i am. you're very beautiful'
>she yawned
>oh my god she just yawned
>i bet she thinks i'm a retard or something
>say something, just say something
>'a-and i liked that kiss'
>'yeah, me too,' she smiled. 'why don't we go upstairs, anon? there we can kiss as much as we want'
>i heard that Alex started to chuckle
>'yeah, sure... i mean, yeah, why not'
>instant boner
>oh my god i hope no one notices
>'follow me, anon,' said Lisa, grabbing my hand. she stood up and started pulling me somewhere
>i heard people laughing behind my back
>Lisa was laughing too
>i wasn't, though. and i bet everyone just saw that boner
>we went to the bedroom
>'now, anon,' she said, while closing the door, 'where exactly do you want to kiss me?'
>'everywhere,' i said without thinking
>she smiled
>didn't make a move, though. i think she was waiting for me
>i wanted to fuck her so badly i didn't even think about being shy
>i approached her and kissed her in the lips, she still didn't want to do anything and i didn't quite know what to do
>'what are you waiting for, anon?,' she asked. 'i'm all yours, do with me whatever you want.' she smiled
>i never thought i could get a boner that big
>'did you have sex before?,' Lisa asked me
>'you could start by taking off my clothes, anon. let me help you,' she said and then slowly took off her dress
>she clearly enjoyed my hesitation
>she was wearing black underwear and she looked magnificent in it
>she jumped on the bed
>'it's your turn, anon, take off everything'
>i immediately started to undress while she was watching me with smile
>'now take off your pants, anon,' she said. i didn't hesitate this time
>i took off the last piece of clothes i was still wearing, revealing my boner to her
>'nice cock,' she said that like it was completely regular thing to say
>'oh come on, anon, no need to be shy now. just do whatever you want with me. like all these things you always saw the pornstars were doing'
>that's exactly when my excitement finally gained full control over me and my body
>she was still smiling when i jumped on the bed and embraced her whole body. i started kissing her
>first i just kissed her on her lips, but it wasn't enough for me
>i just wanted to kiss her everywhere
>i kissed her on the neck, then started licking it
>'that's right, anon,' she said, taking off her bra. 'kiss me wherever you want'
>when i saw her breast, i knew exactly where i want to kiss her
more pls anon
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Because this is totally what happens at parties
kek you got that gif from me
Drinking, fighting and sex are commonplace at parties.
Well, not at your mom's tea parties..
Thats a cute pick of Ellen Degeneres OP
>i started playing with her tits, she was still smiling
>biggest boner of my life
>she reached for my cock, started gently touching it
>she jumped out of bed and bent down to give me a blowjob
>i just sat down and looked at her, touching her beautiful black hair
>oh my god she was good at it
>started stroking it faster, then licked the bottom of my glans
>'you like it?,' she asked, while looking at me with a smile. her tongue was still playing with my penis
>'yes, don't stop,' i answered. i was already pretty close to cumming
>she took it all down her throat, i knew i was going to cum soon
>then she just took my glans into her mouth and started playing with it with her tongue
>i started cumming
>she swiftly took it off and started jerking me off, my cum ended up both on her face and in her mouth
>i closed my eyes while she laughed
>when i opened my eyes, she was licking my cum from her hands
>'did you like it, anon?,' she asked me
>'yes, it felt great'
>'i'm still turned on you know. don't tell me you're already done'
>i didn't say anything, just took her hand and made her stand up, then i took off her panties
>she was completely shaved
>i made her lie down on the bed, then i started to lick her pussy
>i didn't know if she'll enjoy it or not and i didn't even care, i just wanted to play with her pussy
>'yes, anon, that's it,' she said. she wasn't smiling anymore. 'just keep licking it'
>i started fingering her
>she bent back her head, her breast lifted up
>'don't stop, anon'
>she started to get pretty wet, and i felt that my boner is back
>>'shut the fuck up, loser,' he replied and then turned back to Lisa. 'you fucking whore can just fuck anon for all i care if you like him so much. i wouldn't want to be with you anyway'
>>'maybe i should,' she looked at me

>suddenly cheers from everywhere. people started laughing

And then she does it, in front of everyone. Fuckin' really?
prolly pasterino where everyone laughs about ur cock
She goes to him in front of everyone. Doesn't fuck him here. The fucks wrong with you.
Tfw you'll never tenderly lick her forehead ;_;
she doesnt do it in front of everybody but this is still worse than an american pie movie easily
>her body was perfect
>'i want you to fuck me, anon,' she said with a serious look on her face
>i stood up. when she saw my boner, she licked her lips, which was pretty sexy
>'do it,' she said, lying down on a bed
>i put my penis inside her, it felt wonderful
>she moaned
>i started slowly
>the i went faster and faster. she started to smile, tightening her fists
>she was tighter than i thought she would be but then again i didn't exactly have a good comparison back then
>she started moaning, but quietly
>i was feeling a little exhausted at that point, but obviously that didn't stop me
>'yes, anon,' she moaned, 'fuck meee'
>that was sexy as fuck
>i was just about to cum the second time, when she closed her eyes and started moaning, this time a little louder
>then i came in her
>suddenly the biggest exhaustion in my life, i just lied on the bed next to her
>she started laughing nervously, while covering her face with her hand
>'i can't believe you just made me cum, anon,' she said with amusement
>'yeah, me too,' i replied. then we just lied there without talking to each other. i was touching her beautiful hair and she didn't do anything, just lied there with me
>she stood up first, several minutes later, and silently started putting on her clothes
>i was watching her the whole time
>then she looked at me and smiled, but that smile wasn't intended for me, i think she was just amused. then she just left the room without saying anything
Thinking about is a nutshot to the soul.
I don't know anyone that maintain a boner and fuck immediately after cumming, surely there's some down time?
wow, this is turning like a plot for american pie 6
I never ask for this feel anon..
Her forehead is like a gift from the gods, one that you just want to caress and love.
depending on the situation, it usually takes me 10-20 minutes to 'recharge'
It depends, back when i was late teens early 20s i could do it without down time
This copypasta again? Getting old, man.
I've cum in a girl, gotten a little soft, but then rebounded and gotten hard again inside of her. It's all about how aroused you are. It'll happen for you some day, dude.
>after that i left the party without talking to anyone. i was exhausted and just wanted to sleep for the rest of the night. so yeah, that's basically everything important that happened that day
>next morning i logged on facebook
>mfw 15 messages
>most of them was meaningless, just some stupid emoticons and shit like that
>then i saw a message from Zoey
>faster heart beating
>by the way yes, i did feel fucking great thinking about what happened last night. i was no longer a virgin and even though that doesn't really mean anything (seriously), back then i thought everything is going to change now that i had sex
>so i started to read Zoey's message
>'hey anon, i really liked talking with you yesterday. let's do something together soon'
>'sure. what do you propose?,' i replied instantly and then went to bathroom to masturbate
>when i got back the answer was already there
>'Rob is organising a party tonight. let's go there together'
>i didn't even know who Rob was
>'okay, what time?'
>'pick me up around nine,' she responded instantly
>'where do you live?'
>she gave me the address
>'see you there'
>next few hours were pretty dull. i was still thinking about last night and Lisa. i didn't even play starcraft, just waited for the evening doing completely nothing the whole time
>i knocked on her door exactly at nine
>'hey, just give me a second, anon'
>i waited half an hour
>'okay, let's go,' she smiled. she was wearing a short black dress, just like Lisa was last night
>'so, did you have fun yesterday, anon?,' she asked me
>'what about you?,' i added after a moment
>'yeah, i did, too. let's make this night special, anon. you know what i mean?'
>'y-yeah, sure'
i could from 14-19, my record was 7 times in 4 hours
im 32 now and depending on how horny i am i can get 2 out back to back without going soft
Not at all difficult. I've gone 3-4x in 90 mins.
Are you from florida?


Well, my penis is inferior to most mens' penises apparently.
Naw, you just need to be in a situation where you're intensely aroused and super comfortable with the woman you're fucking. It's mostly psychological.
You might just need to find hotter grills, it all depends
>we sat at the table, she immediately gave me a beer
>'cheers, anon'
>'yeah, cheers'
>'so, anon, remember yesterday when we asked if you're with someone?'
>i noded
>'then, well, is it still true? you know, after what happened tonight'
>'i think so'
>she just smiled at me, not saying anything
>'i like your dress,' i said after a while
>'thanks, anon'
>what now?
>should i keep this conversation or just try to kiss her or something?
>i mean she does want me and i clearly want her, so why wait?
>i decided to be alpha for once
>'i really like you, Zoey'
>'i like you too, anon,' she smiled. i smiled too, and then silence again
>'hi, anon'
>it was Lisa
>she was already very drunk
>she sat next to me, i didn't say anything, just smiled at her
>it wasn't supposed to happen
>she started to rub my chest just like yesterday
>'you were good last night, anon, you know that?'
>Zoey was just looking at us, not saying anything
>'y-yeah, you too'
>she kissed me
>'i'm going home now, anon,' Zoey said, standing up
>'no, wait,' i said, but she didn't listen. Lisa kissed me again
>'hey, Lisa, i want to talk with you,' said Mike, suddenly appearing out of nowhere

Same with me, I cum pretty fast the first time but its like precum, 2 min later can fuck again rockhard and last a prtty good time
You and your friends say 'cheers' TOO FUCKING MUCH
cheers brah
cheers m8
this is now a cheers thread
>'i wanted to apologize, Lisa'
>'for what?,' she asked him, while still touching my chest
>'for yesterday. i really like you'
>'don't you see i'm busy with anon?'
>he just sat next to her and kissed her, she didn't fight back
>'not anymore, you're with me now,' he said
>she smiled, then they started kissing again
>'what are you looking at, anon?,' Mike asked me. Lisa looked at me with smile
>'n-nothing,' i answered and then stood up, now that Lisa wasn't embracing me anymore
>i just left them alone and tried to find Zoey
>she obviously left the party, i went outside trying to catch up with her
>suddenly my phone rang
>'hey anon, it's Alex. we need to talk'
>it was Alex from yesterday, Zoey's friend
>'about what?'
>'just meet me at my house. it's complicated'
>before i could say anything she just gave me her address and hung up
>i suspected it could involve Zoey so i did what she told me
>several minutes later i knocked on her door, she opened almost instantly
>she was wearing only her nightgown
>'come inside, anon,' she grabbed my hand, smiling
>'so, what do you want to talk about?,' i asked her, she made me sit on the couch
>'nothing,' she answered
>she tried to kiss me
>'i can't,' i said, moving away from her. 'i need to find Zoey'
>'she isn't going anywhere, anon, and it will be our little secret'
>then we kissed. multiple times. she made me touch her breast. she wasn't wearing anything but her nightgown
>'so she was right,' Alex said, when we finally stopped kissing. 'you're such a cheater, anon,' she smiled at me. 'i'm going to tell her everything'
Packing my shit and moving out of girlfriends house. She started going to church about a year ago and thats when I foresaw tje begining of the end. I was quite clear that I didn't like it and though I dont believe in the christian god (or any other garbage bullshit religion) I will never voice my opinion or force my beliefs (or lack there of) on anyone as long as that respect is reciprocated. Well, time went by and shes now been baptized in the blood of jesus and has accepted him into her heart. Time to go...oh, she started crying and said she was not kicking me out of her life, I chose this. I made it quite clear my decission had been made years before I had met her and she knew where I stood from the begining. This sucks and it hurts but I can't sit here listening to her mentally derranged bullshit involving demons, god and magic and shit religion is poison and should be destroyed. Its killing us as a species and segregating us as humans...will we ever learn?
This is a neck heard fantasy, fuck this is ridiculous
Hey anon you wanna fuck right here on this couch in the middle of the party, i've got lots of std's to choose from
>"y-yeah, sure"
2/10 if real
7.5/10 if not copypasta
File: 1396896972907.jpg (73KB, 762x617px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't give a fuck if this isn't real.
This is some great fiction. Keep this shit up OP.
This is some old /b/ style entertainment.
this. dont know why so many /b/tards dismiss all copy pasta when all non-copy pasta stuff is most likely fiction as well.
>i remained completely silent
>'we wanted to find out if you'll cheat on Zoey or not. now you're totally fucked, anon'
>i still didn't say anything
>'what happened, anon? forgot how to speak?'
>'you won't tell her anything,' i said
>'or what?,' she answered, smiling
>i didn't know what to say
>'fucking pussy,' she laughed at me. 'don't threaten a girl if you have nothing to support your threats'
>i pushed her on the coach
>she was still smiling
>'whatever you'll do to me, Zoey will find out, anon'
>she unbuttonned her nightgown, exposing her tits
>oh my god what is she doing?
>i just didn't know what to do with her
>'let's make a deal, anon,' she said. 'fuck me good enough and i won't tell Zoey anything. what do you say?'
>'she is your best friend, why would you do something like that to her?'
>'why would you care, you cheater? just do what you wanted to do and don't try to understand girls' friendship. it's clearly too complicated for you'
>'is it just another one of your tricks? i'm not going to fuck you'
>she took off her nightgown completely, showing off her pussy. now she was completely naked and still smiling
>'you don't really have a choice, anon. if you want Zoey, you have to fuck me'
>she leant towards me and kissed me again
>i really wanted to stop this, but i couldn't
>'now show me your cock, anon'
Following the crowd.
Holy moly this thread is amazing
atleast try to make the story a little bit believable. this is absolutely ridiculous
File: 1362450698057.gif (132KB, 569x617px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132KB, 569x617px
File: original.jpg (55KB, 640x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 640x640px
Bumping to bring back the entertainment ways of old /b/.
This thread is gods work.
dont care, still fapped
Maybe Ellen is OP's waifu?
>i took off all my clothes, she left the room for a moment
>she returned with something to drink, immediately looked at my cock and smiled
>'nice. we're going to have some fun tonight'
>'i don't want to have fun with you, Alex,' i said
>'and i don't care what you want. or should i just take picture of your cock and send it to Zoey?'
>she gave me the drink
>'cheers, anon'
>i didn't say anything, just drank it and sat on the couch
>'as i said, anon, if you'll fuck me good enough, i will help you with Zoey. but only if you'll be good enough. deal?'
>she didn't wait for my answer, just approached and sat on me
>then we started kissing again, both completely naked
>she started jerking me off until i got a boner
>when it was big enough she just started riding me
>it was pretty good actually, but i was still feeling helpless
>i just let her do whatever she wanted with me
>she started going faster, then she grabbed my head and made me suck on her tits while still fucking me
>'your turn, anon,' she whispered after some time, lying down on the coach
>i stood up and tried to put myself in her, but my dick wasn't big enough
>she swiftly started giving me a blowjob
>she was pretty good at it, not as good as Lisa but still not bad
>when my boner returned, i started fucking her
>i was enjoying it as much as she did at this point. completely forgot about Zoey for a moment
>that was of course until i came, then i felt pathetic again
>mfw i was just raped by my crushes' best friend
>'you weren't that bad, anon,' said Alex, lying on the couch and smiling
>'you can't say Zoey about this. promise me'
>'don't worry, anon, it will be our little secret'
That's how people tell good stories you adhd fuck

>whips out giant dinodick
I just want to know how this ends damnit
>'now put on your clothes'
>i don't know why i asked that
>'you're going to meet with Zoey tonight, anon. i'll tell her you love her or something like that. just don't fuck it up like the last time'
>'yeah, i won't'
>'then go'
>'we should do that again sometime, anon,' she said while i was putting on my clothes. 'remember, Zoey would believe anything i say'
>fucking psycho bitch
>next i went to Zoey, of course
>she opened the door before i even knocked
>'what are you doing here, anon?'
>'i'm sorry, Zoey, it shoudn't have happened'
>'whatever, just go'
>i tried to embrace her, but she wouldn't let me
>'i'm not some random whore like Lisa, anon. don't even try this with me'
>then i just kissed her and she didn't do anything this time
>'anon, stop,' she whispered
>'it was supposed to be our special night, remember?'
>oh fuck i just said that. felt alpha as fuck
>she wanted to say something, but her mother showed up
>'who is it, Zoey?'
>'just a friend, mom. come with me, anon'
>she brought me to her room
>'now we can talk,' she said, closing the door
holy SHIT would you just get to it already?

I fucking walked to the store, bought beer, came home, took a shit, and got back on, and you STILL haven't gotten to it yet. for fuck's sake.
Hahahaha ITT: Neckbeard talking about his 10 year old fantasy. Your story is amazing, though, keep your fedora tipped!
I've read that story a month ago.
OP is a huge faggot
File: FuckThisGayEarth.png (300KB, 667x496px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
300KB, 667x496px
>greentext culture
I just got cancer from reading your post, thanks asshole.
could you tldr this shit please?
>'look, Zoey, i didn't really want to kiss her'
>'so why did you?'
>'s-she made me'
>oh my god
>'i think you should leave, anon'
>i started approaching her, but she moved away
>'you won't change anything by kissing me again, anon. go away'
>'okay, i'll leave if you want'
>i seriously wanted to leave, didn't think there is still a chance to change her mind
>'wait, anon,' she said when i wanted to open the door
>'what do you think about her?,' she asked me
>'i don't like her as much as i like you,' i answered. Zoey didn't say anything
>'well, i pretty much hate her,' i lied
>'i can't be with you if you're going to play around with other girls, anon'
>'i know. that was an exception, i promise'
>'did you have sex with her last night?'
>she was just looking at me, didn't say anything
>then she sat on the bed and i sat next to her. i put my hand on her lap. she grabbed that hand
>'i believe you,' she said
>i kissed her and we both lied down on the bed
>that was when our special night really started
>pull the trigger, phaggot
OP gets raped by 3 girls lul
File: image.jpg (100KB, 663x661px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 663x661px
Hurry the fuck up
>has sex with 3 girls in 2 days
seems legit to me
File: 1409154597070.png (511KB, 864x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
511KB, 864x480px
>did you have sex with her last night?
>i believe you

Why in the fuck would you not believe that. Thats the most useless lie you can ever tell.

File: Cute Fox.jpg (168KB, 580x386px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cute Fox.jpg
168KB, 580x386px
keep going OP
What is the record for saging a thread? 100 heavens?
>'are you a virgin?,' i asked her when we finally stopped kissing
>'no,' she answered. i didn't care
>we started kissing again, embracing and touching each other. she was still wearing that black dress
>'Alex told me you looked very sad while talking with her, anon,' she said, looking me straight in the eyes
>'yes, i was sad,' i answered. i just wanted to continue with the kissing
>'and she said you told her that you love me. is that true, anon?'
>we started kissing again, she somehow managed to be even better this time
>i started taking off her dress while still kissing with her. she helped me with it
>then she took off my shirt and pinned me down to the bed, her hands were pressing on my chest
>she looked gorgeous with only her black underwear left
>she started kissing me while sitting on my dick. i was still wearing my trousers of course
>i tried to take off her bra, but failed. she did this pretty fast, though
>we were both turned on at this point
>i made her lay on the bed again, started kissing her whole body and playing with her tits
>she arched her back, while breathing loudly
>'why are you still wearing clothes, anon?,' she asked, smiling
>i swiftly took off my trousers and pants, then i wanted to take off her panties, but she was faster than me
>i embraced her naked body, kissing her again
>she gently moved my head down to her pussy. i could still hear her breathing
>i started licking her of course, tried to do this the best i could
>'higher, anon, just a little higher,' she said and i listened
>just like with Lisa, i started fingering her, too
>'yes, anon'
>i kept doing it
>'yees, yees, anon'
>still doing it
>she just started moaning very loudly, i didn't want to stop, her reaction was turning me on pretty badly
>'Zoey, is everything all right?'
Sorry, mistyped, I actually meant:
I'm a faggot and want to suck some cock.
oh it's you, how come you're always here?
That's ok. Sometimes when you're vacuuming naked you slip and on to a huge cock by accident. It could happen to anyone.
\inb4 dad walks in with a shotgun
heaven how the fuck do you respond to so many posts so fast every night what do you do with ur life brah
weirdest fap ive ever had with all the pauses
gtfo i was here first troll
Ahem, did I say that out loud?
Is there enough heaven yet? Maybe I will heaven the hell out of things from this point. Because Op is the largest bearded faggot I have seen in some time.
come on op
Op can't hear you anon. He may not be back.
Fuck op
>it was her mom, fortunately she didn't enter the room
>'y-yeah, mom, we're just joking'
>she didn't respond
>i looked at Zoey and we both started laughing
>then we started kissing, lying on the bed again
>'we'll have to do this quietly, anon,' she said, smiling
>'we can try,' i answered her, moving her body just in the right position to fuck her
>she was sitting on the bed with her legs open and her pussy ready. i stood up and put my dick in her
>she smiled with delight, i started fucking her
>'you should've used a condom'
>i didn't say anything, just kept fucking her
>she looked on the door, then started moaning quietly
>i started breathing pretty loudly because i was getting exhausted
>one time she moaned a little too loud and immediately covered her mouth, laughing
>i bent down and started to play with her tits while still fucking her. i was getting close to cumming
>'you can't finish inside me, anon,' she said, trying to overcome the pleasure she evidently felt
>it was too late, though. i came in her and then i pulled my dick off, cumming on her belly, too
>'you just did, didn't you?,' she looked at me and then put her head on the bed. she started laughing again
>i lied down on the bed next to her, she started rubbing the cum on her belly with her hands
>she was still smiling, then she looked at me and we kissed again
>'i love you, anon'
>'i love you too, Zoey'
>i was completely exhausted
>'i want to sleep with you, anon'
>'we just did'
>'i mean for the rest of the night. i want you to stay with me'
>'yeah, me too'
>after that we didn't talk, we just lied down on the bed together, embracing each other
>after some time she looked at me and smiled. and yes, this time i was completely sure: that smile was intended for me
Never know if troll or simple jack
File: 38972497.jpg (245KB, 810x990px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
245KB, 810x990px
>the HELL out of things
Yea I'm leet nolife haxor
Well that was just perfect wasn't it
Yeah.. nice fantasy OP
Lamest 12-yr old fantasy ending ever.
fucking hell that took forever.
>2 weeks later
>Lisa is pregnant, says it's me
>a week after Lisa says this to me
>Zoey's friend calls me over, I see her puking and she tells me she's pregnant
>some time after that
>Zoey admits she's pregnant
>mfw none of then will abort
File: qt.jpg (92KB, 519x775px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92KB, 519x775px
AHAHAHAhahahahahaha and when the love leaves them... only they will kno what hit them l o l to the max!
Yes, please keep up.
OP was a faggot
I thought it was pretty good, op had nice stopping points that wanted me to keep reading. Very well done op
lol what bullshit nigga
stopped reading after you got to the party
>threesome with lisa, zoey and alex
Wtf bruh.
slightly disappointing/10
uhh I mean like if the story would only have 2 out of 3 girls like alex and lisa or lisa and zoey but uhhh this is a bit far fetched even for luck....you'd have to be like a sleeper zyzz
you embraced someone with your sperm all over his belly?
not cool bro, not cool.
File: 49222633.jpg (30KB, 94x118px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 94x118px
>threesome with lisa, zoey and alex
>lisa, zoey and alex
>implying i should be able to count at 3am
Anon is a fucking player dude
SC2 Diamond
you can do some things with 530 APM, trust the skill
I mean his finger game was probably top notch....
> Zoey peels off body suit to reveal 'she' is actually Mike.
> I love you anon, mike says
> I throw up in my mouth a bit
> realise i've actually been gagging for cock this whole time
> take a pegging
> rainbows
> burn down the house
> join the gay ISIS
> behead some fuckers during ass-rape
> mike doesn't satisfy me any more
> I lose my leg in a gun-fight
> have to hop places. Hard to be such a tough guy
> back home, hopping to the gay bar. No one is interested
> get drunk
> Real Zoey and Lisa find me lying down in the alley
> Anon, are you ok?
> they take a shit on me
> no cleveland steamer, no wrapper used
> smell like shit
> jump off bridge
> doesn't work.
Now paraplegic
> zoey's mother is my nurse, and jacks me off during sponge bath sometimes
> shit was cash
Finish the alex arc!!! More love for Alex!
>>she was sitting on the bed with her legs open and her pussy ready. i stood up and put my dick in her

Tl;dr Op is a midget
Tfw this guy ripped of the uwakoi story
I hate Ellen Page, Anyone else?
Op is fucking lucky that pasta finished. Longest spaghetti witnessed.
Everyone hates her anon.
Sure, why not
I also hate this ellen page girl
Heaven hates her too
nice read, dc if pasta
Fuck that stupid whore
Best part of the story.
Anon shes an ugly overrated brat
Ellen the cunt
File: image.jpg (10KB, 203x144px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 203x144px
Fuck this gay ass shit story. Might do the threesome story if u guys want
I hate that faggot too
I also hate her
I'm so glad that so many anons also hate that cunt

Carry it on from this one >>56551440 #. Paraplegic one-legged midget 3-some style.
fuck you ellen.
Ellen is a stupid whore
Fucked up the link. Number's the same though
Stupid Ellen is stupid
I also hate Ellen Page
>implying anyone could like this slut
Just looking at her makes me want to puke
Her face is the visual image of the word bitch
We all hate this stupid whore anon
File: 1408983235538.jpg (62KB, 640x483px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62KB, 640x483px
continuing story for anon.
>The next morning I woke up around 12
>As I look around I can't seem to find Zoey
>Both of our clothes still remain on the floor
>I get up and put on all of my clothes
>I check my phone, mike texted me
>"anon I'm fucking your bitch"
>Its a picture of Mike fucking zoey
I agree
Someone kill this bitch please.
Lol; I hadn't noticed. Well doen that samefag
You took the words right out my mouth anon, we need more anons like you
You missed that Op/Anon is now a paraplegic midget. Wtf is this alternate timeline shit.
You know what i hate more than life? ELLEN MOTHERFUCKING PAGE
I also hate this stupid whore anon, i think everyone hates her.
This anon is correct.
I'm so glad that so many other anons agree with me. We need more people like you in the world.
Yes, i agree.
10/10 post anon. You should receive a fucking medal
Sorry let me explain
>It was about 2 weeks ago
>The terminator lends me his legs
>cool guy
>Put on terminator legs
>feel need to terminate some bitches
>Go to Alex's house
>shove terminator leg up pussy
>goes so deep it comes out the other end
>O shit she dead
>Walk around with alex on right terminator leg
>all the women want to fuck me now
>go up to parents, slap them with my dick
>the force of impact of my tyranisorous cock
>creates a void in space and time
>go back to the past 50 years
>meet a guy name jacob
>tells me about this cool bar
>O shit it's a gay bar
>start sucking maximum amount of cocks
>cum overload, I am half robot so i short circuit
>huge explosion, takes out all of the western heimisphere
Best post i have seen in a looooooooooooooong time, good job anon 10/10
depends on your internal global cooldown I guess
10/10 post anon, you should become a mod
Don't we all?
File: 1405911636773.jpg (37KB, 480x557px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37KB, 480x557px
how did you know Mike was smiling?
I don't like Ellen Page.
>having a Dyke as a waifu.

He's transcending the Omega-fag barrier.
I also hate her
OP you just wasted so fucking much of my time what the fuck was that
yep! Ellen Page isn't even a bad actress
and she is preety hot
What a faggot.
Fake but winrar
Zoey didn't suck his dick, though.
who names their son anon

It's unusual I think, but I'm 23 years old and can begin carefully thrusting again maybe a minute after cumming.
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