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>>565375656 My opinion is right. If you disagree i dont

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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My opinion is right. If you disagree i dont care unless its about my past. then ill kill you.

Continuing thread.
I was making this thread just now!
Thanks based god OP

I can't do that.Playing something requires knowledge of an instrument.Singing isn't something you do quietly and I would like my wife and my 2 year old to stay asleep.I can't write unless I actually want to and have an idea or else it's forced shit and makes no sense.
Did 5, going 7
People defend their opinions of things because to them its a fact.
No problem man. Was a random anon, who wanted to finish.
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Thank you op. You are not a faggot

I was about to do this.

...and now it's 7's.

>What is my ultimate goal in life?

To have a decent income, without having to spend my life working. I don't care for being a professional. I'd rather just, have the time to live life while i still can. With a family, leave my mark, not by my profession, but by my lifestyle. Maybe find something sort of like a profession in a field i enjoy. They do say that when you enjoy what you do, you never work a day in your life after all.

Next up.
I don't really depend on anyone.Except people working at laces like the store the internet provider I use etc etc.
Rolling for Green. Halfway mark.
Thanks /b/ro nice to know not everyone this summer is 12.
I don't like the fact that I'm as much of a man that I feel that I should be.
>How can understanding your emotions be beneficial?

By understanding what you feel, you can begin to understand what you should attract, and what you should avoid. Where your passion lies, where your weaknesses are. Emotions describe everything you go through in life to your brain. They are the essence of every action, and the effect of every cause.

Next up
The brown chakra looks like goatse.
My first breakup. I realize that bitches are crazy.
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I'm actually 24. Godspeed man.


>A time i overcame temptation?

I'm writing this. So in my darkest spot in life i clearly didn't kill myself. Though the temptation was tauntingly available every step of the way.

Up next?
I can enhance my mental well being, by letting my mind away from lucy.

>but i wont

Just wanted to say again your not a faggot op thank you.


Did 8 Proceeding with 5.

>How can you overcome fear of failure

Having a solid backup plan is a good one. Or atleast making sure that whatever you think you might fail at, will be an equally valuable lesson and not scar you for life. Or by having nothing else to lose.

Rolling on red
*sigh* Well when someone hands you their heart, you don't dissect it, U have to cradle it, keep it safe, understand what it makes, not what it's made out of. Just don't take someone opening up to you like it's nothing.

>How can you better understand your emotions

By having emotions worth understanding. I already understand the depression i feel daily. Once i overcome that and start feeling differently. I can proceed to analyze them the same way i do my depressive thinking.

Next up
It feels bad. I always believe I am right and that everyone else must be wrong if they reject my views. I know it's irrational and that I must be wrong, but I feel it all the same.
Seems interesting. I think I'll give it a go.
Time to roll
I'm dependent on others to show me love.
Q. HAve you ever let your lust get the better of you?
A. Yes, yes I have. I got together with a girl who seemed to genuinely like me, but I was only out for pussy. After the one night stand. I refused to talk to her again. I still think about and it makes my stomach turn.
Rolling for red again.
I think I'm addicted to masturbating. I do it at least once a day. Sometimes more. If I don't in the morning, I spend a good deal of time thinking of when I can next. A little more self discipline would help but I always give up.
By doing things that will make me happy, so i can feel a more varied set of emotions.
As previously stated Thank you. i feel almost like a god right now.
Yes, I have let my lust get the better of me. A few times actually. Most recently, a mother of two met me at a wine festival. I thought she was married, but kept sending obvious advances. After sex, actually tells me she is married. I had suspected, but never asked, which shows I am content to be ignorant if I get laid....

I would take back asking out out my second girlfriend...it was really awkward and I was just feeling sry for myself
Welp, guess I'm moving on up to Orange.
Rolling there.
Working out more often
My previous post was giving into temptation. And it got the better of me and I have been dwelling on it negatively.

Let's go with 4.

>When did you struggle with an obstacle, but overcame it.

Despite wanting to roll over and die after the break up. I managed to push through and atleast get a job, and write out a vague path of things i want to accomplish. The drive isn't there yet. But i succeeded in not giving up. And that's half the battle.


I've only got one question left on yellow. So i'll answer it and roll for green.

>When have you adapted to unforseen problems?

Pretty much now, everything was pink and rainbows before the depression. But i've adapted rather well all things considered.
>Have you ever let your lust get the better of you?

No. Though there have been occasions where I have the sudden urge to fap.
I now regret committing to this thread
I get really excited when people actively listen when I play didgeridoo other than just comment about how annoying or weird it is. I'm not sure how to bring it to everyday.
>What is something you can wholly devote yourself to?

This rolling thing apparently.

...besides that, a significant other who'se proven able to do the same to me. And any of the many distractions i do that take my mind to a better place.

Next up
It really doesn't bother me to have someone decry my belief. I was raised christain, but now I just ascribe that "there is a god". I've read up on Taoism, Buddhism, and even wicca, and because of Tao, we're each on our own path; I can't say i know what is best for you, because i'm not on your path.
rollin for 6
Q. What can you do to be more creative?
A. I guess going out and experience as many things as I possibly can. Immerse myself in different cultures and remain open to new ideas so that my own mind can be stimulated.
Rolling on Orange.
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1MB, 1704x2588px

I constantly make impulse choices rather than thinking about the decision. And after I make the decision, I instantly regret it. I need to think more.
I can sleep better by not thinking so much at night
>Tell about when you were the most afraid for your life.

There were a few times in elementary school where this group of kids would constantly bully me. I'd tried telling my teachers about it, but, surprise, surprise, they never really did anything.

>Tell a time you went out of your way for others.

During one christmas, I was buying chinese food, and noticed a homeless man outside the store. I purchased him food too and told him merry christmas. It felt good.

Next up
Haha it kinda does, huh. odd.
Repeat, going 1
I can show more compassion by actually helping people do things. and helping them through their lives.
I have done, and continue to do both, and they all end up sucking.
I am not prone to violence and cant remember a time i hurt someone.
Q. Tell about a time you physically hurt someone.
A. Well, Seeing as how I'm pretty much a coward, the only time I've ever hurt someone was kicking them in the balls and running away. Rolling on more Orange
>In which ways can you enhance your physical well being.

Not stay up all night doing this probably. haha. Other than that, lose weight for sure. Quit smoking right after. And do some meditation.

Next up?
>Tell about a time someone you love did something horrible, yet you still loved them.

I have an ex girlfriend who has taken advantage of me in just about every way. She dumped me to be a lesbian, and within a month (we were living together) had met a childhood friend of mine living in Chicago and moved there to date him.

Yet despite that, I still care for her general well being. She is one of the few people I have ever comfortably been myself around.
Haha, the fuck was that video. XD
My girlfriend.
1. Work out
2. Quit smoking
3. Get out more
4. Travel
5. Find someone to care for
Rolling on Blue. Final 3.
rolling for final
>What Keeps you dependent on others? How can you break that dependency.

The thing is I"m not very dependent, Almost to a fault. I don't call family as much as I should. I don't ask for help, but instead wait until it is offered. I'm not sure why, but I may just not want to bother others.
File: 1396076855973.png (122KB, 746x508px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>How do i shot enhanced emotional well being

By having some self confidence, and not waiting for others to fill the holes i made. If i can overcome this depression, this worlds my oyster.

Fuck you captcha.
I need another
My autism made me play the song of time. at least i can play it better then most other people.
Tell about a situation you avoided. Why did you avoid it?

There have been a few times where I had the opportunity to ask out a girl I was working with. I never asked her because there was always this nagging question in the back of my mind, "What if she says 'No'? What then?" As a consequence, I've never been on a date.
Q. What makes you angry and why?
A. A lot of things make me angry, irrationally so. I'm most of all, I'm angry at myself. I'm angry for being a coward whose to lazy to go find a job. I'm angry that I pretty much quit school and now I'm probably going to be stuck working in a factory for the rest of my life. I'm angry that I'm 22 and still living with my parents.
These things make me angry because I feel like a failure for not meeting up to the standards my father has set. He says he loves me, but I think deep down he must hate me a little for what I've become, A lazy, fat bum.
Rolling for more fucking orange
File: 1395987695112.jpg (338KB, 1000x563px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Kid punched me in the face at school and then ran away. All the kids called it a fight. And all the kids said I lost.
>How Can you learn to think with clarity more often?

I think my thoughts are rather clear. I don't let emotion influence things that need to be done, but perhaps i'm off. Maybe I should meditate to free my mind, and yoga.

Rolling for
Im nothing but a sad sack of garbage without others. I need to start being useful, and helpful to society.
Come on man. Focus on seeing the world. give it at least a minute or two.
>How can you show more compassion towards others.

As weird as it sounds, by showing myself more compassion. "If you can't love yourself, you can't love another" it's very true in a sense that, you block yourself by giving your best when you dislike yourself.
Whoops. guess I did it wrong, just seeing what each roll got me in each chakra. Either way, i'm off to meditate than probbly on to bed.
what makes me angry
Willful ignorance. When someone doesnt know something and doesn't have the desire to learn it.
I've already answered 2 so I guess I'll move on to 3
Q. Describe a time you were physically hurt by another person.
A. Outside of scuffling with my brothers when I was younger, I haven't really gotten into any fights or been hurt.
More Orange
I feel guilty about everything I've hurt other people with and for. specifically kelsie.
fuck it rolling for each chakra
>What is your most secret fetish?

Loli. Not much else, though I am more of an ass man.
Don't feel failing, fear that you will not learn from the experience.
By looking at why it failed

I think i'm spent /b/ros. Saving the image and my answers to later finish answering all the questions.

Good luck in your endeavors.
Anything that upset kelsie.
Working out, keeping bad shit out of my system, socialising. Basic stuff.
Repeat. Going 1.
By what feels naturally right. if it doesn't, its wrong.
I've already done 6, so I'll go with 1.
>What can you do to feel more secure in life?

Get a job. Find a girl that loves me for who I am. Go to college and get whatever degrees would be required to become a psychologist, then get a job as one. Start helping unstable people through their problems (starting with /b/).

>0 get
I think there are more grey areas than we like to believe. Most things that are right and wrong depend on context
My suicidal tendencies, taught me how to help others out of a situation.
Moving on to orange, finally.

Rolling for first question.
Stop acting on emotion and more on thought. I need to learn to take steps back and look at the whole picture.
Let's roll.
I regret everything I've done to wrong Lucy. She is my everything
Nicely called.
Q. Tell about your first love, even if she didn't love you back.
A. Well, I went to a very small elementary school, so I was with the same kids all the way through K-8 and most of them 9-12 as well. My first love was a girl named Sarah. She was tall and tan and had beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair. Out of all the girls, she was the most popular and I was the quiet short kid who didnt talk much. I also pretended to be a goddamn dinosaur during recess so I'm sure that didnt endure me to her. So I was with her all the way from kindergarten to the 11th grade. Of course once High school and hormones kicked in, she started hanging with the upperclassmen, who I have no doubt fucked her silly. Then she transfer out and I never saw her again.
Rolling for Chakra
Last one is 9 so doing that. rolling on purple.
I wrote it. Is basically the greentexted story of lucy, will post if people want it.
My worst addiction has to be porn. There's no two ways about it. I masturbate 2 or 3 times a day, sometimes more if I feel like it.
As for how to overcome it, I don;t know. I guess try to find something else to fill my time with. God know's I've got plenty of free time.
Do number 7 on red. follow instructions. >>565380563
I dont dream. its a medical thing.
lets start
Already did 9 so lets do 5.
Yes, I've given into temptation many times. I'm thirsty, get more soda. I'm tired, let's leave job-hunting for another day. I'm bored, let's fap.
I could've avoided all this by having more self-control, more willpower. But I was too weak. I'm still weak.
Q. Tell about when you were the most afraid for you life.
A. When I was 15, cowering in my bedroom, trying to console my younger siblings as my drunken, alcoholic of a father destroyed the entire house.
1. get a job
2.move out
3.stop coming to 4chan
4.save up enough money to go back to school one day
5. Find something, I'm passionate about. Something that makes me smile and that makes me want to wake up in the morning.
Q. What makes you angry? Why?
A. Well there are plenty of little things that just tick me off like SJWs and the like but something that gets me truly angry? I guess disrespectfulness in a way? I'm not sure. I'm not really one who tends to get angry.
havent seen one of these in a while
roll balls001
i kind of want to be a sissy, but thats also gross at the same time
Neither, sometimes feeling will be correct and sometimes thought will be.
did 5 moving to 7
As idiotic as this sounds, I'm most excited for game releases, movies and things like that. Things of a material nature. I'm also always excited to talk to my brother who is in Spain with his wife while serving in the Air Force.
Moving on to yellow
By mixing my knowledge and instinct
I went cliff diving a few days ago, not really dangerous though, it was only like 13 meters
Q. How can you overcome the fear of failure?
A. I guess to recognize that without taking risks, there's no excitement or true enjoyment out of life. I decided a long time ago, that I'd rather live my life "on the edge" than piss it away in front of a screen.
Sure, you might fail, but if you don't try at all, that's like just failing right off the bat.
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>Describe a time you were physically hurt by another person.

I would go back to the elementary bullies, but a few other times come to mind. One in particular springs up every now and then.

>be me, 7th or 8th grade
>be extremely geeky and antisocial
>be in gym class, in locker room
>at the time, I had a Fly Fusion pen, pic related
>was basically my best friend
>nigger thinks it would be funny to fuck with me by tossing it between him and his nigger friends
>call him one
>proceed to get the living shit beat out of me
>breaks the pen
>I get extremely depressed after losing my "best friend"
>go home
>be nervous to say nigger in public to this day
I'm obsessed with nothing or no one at this point in my life.
Meditating, and feeling the life force of existence.
What is anyone's ultimate goal in life? To be happy. To be comfortable with myself and the choices I've made.
you-re a faggot yellow?
File: 1394705410653.jpg (3MB, 3500x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 3500x1500px
Stop procrastinating
I think people defend their opinions so vehemently because opinions are a part of ourselves that we put on the table for everyone to see. When those opinions are attacked, it's like being personally attacked and that makes people defensive
Final Set. Gonna sex after this. shes been waiting hours for me to untie her. rolling!
Q. In what ways can you enhance your mental well being?
This is a bit of a confusing one. Does it mean your actual mental health? I'm going to assume it means more "intelligence"-wise.
I personally kind of have this thing where if I'm not changing or improving myself in some way, I feel unsatisfied. Stagnation is death as they say. But I figure that education shouldn't stop after college, y'know? Right now I'm 18 and I'm not going to college quite yet, I've decided I'd rather try to lend a hand in Africa instead partially because I think that would do more for me than just sitting at a desk all day.
But to digress a bit, always be reading something! Always be looking for a new way to improve or broaden your horizon!
Avoided school, because fuck it.
Like I stated in the last answer, opinions and beliefs are an intensely personal thing and when they are decried, it feels like the person disagreeing with you is attacking your very being, your mind, your intelligence. It feels horrible
Reroll, fapped 15 minutes ago and being a limpdick doesn't help
Has lust ever gotten the best of you?
5. I think the only time I have let lust get the better of my is when i sent dick pics over snapchat to strangers and felt immediately guilty
Q. If you could take back one thing you've ever said, what would it be?
Fuck that I have no idea. Reroll
Just did this one, so I'll go with 9.
>What makes you angry? Why?

I absolutely HATE it when people interrupt me when I'm talking about something I feel is important. I normally don't talk a lot, but when I do, I feel I have to get it out in one session without interruptions.
Rerolling. Not a whole lot in this category I feel I have an answer for.

>0 get
I overcame temptation once years ago. My mother had left her purse out after going to bed and I had sneaked downstairs to steal money from her wallet. As I was about to pull her wallet from the purse, an intense feeling of guilt and sadness overcame me and I realized that this woman had already given me so much and here I was stealing from her like a thief. I'm really disgusted by my younger self.
Q. Go play sing write a song about anything.
A. I'll have you know that I've written many many songs. Just gonna move on.
Describe a time you were physically hurt by another person.

Ive never been beaten up at school or got into bar fights or anything before. My only experience of being physically hurt is through martial arts i have done and nothing is particularly interesting about any of it. I guess im lucky but i feel like im missing out
Moving on to Anahata
>Tell about a time you physically hurt another person.

I've never been the violent type, and I can't recall any times that I've ever been a fight and hurt someone.
Surround yourself with people. Friends, family, co-workers, it doesn't matter. Be around people and for God's sake don't stay cooped up in your room by yourself. Its a sure way to lose your mind.
I'll go with 6 because I answered 2.

Haven't done one of these in years, never thought I would see a thread again.

First roll.
>What can you do to become more creative?

Surround myself with creative people. Hopefully, their ideas will inspire my own.

>0 get
I don't know. A career, a loved one, a faith. Something.
How can understanding your emotions be beneficial?

I think by understanding your emotions you can better your own reactions and encounters with people and be better at socialising. For example, if you knew when you got angry you couldnt control it, you could make sure you leave the situation and calm yourself in isolation rather than put yourself into an awkward situation
Q. How can you learn to think with clarity more often?
A. The only way I really see that happening would be through experience. You can be told as more times than you can count to look before you leap, but it's not until you get hit by a car because you darted out into the street that that really sinks in.
So basically my point here is that you have to learn that yourself and then you kind of create it. Meditation is a good way to practice clarity of the mind and all that. Sometimes my mind gets so loud that it's hard to tell it to shut the fuck up for a minute or two so I can focus on something spiritual.
I don't know. Dumb question.
Done. 0 Get soon?

Explain your obsession with an object or other person.

I'm obsessed with women's clothes, and the thought of wearing women's clothes. Something about them seems completely comfortable, and I've always wanted to be able to wear them around my house. Specifically panties and thigh-highs. The only opportunity I did have to wear them around gave me some of the best sexual pleasure I've ever had, I'm hoping that my current girlfriend will be open to this.

My most memorable encounter would be one of the few I had with my best friend at the time, in elementary school. At the time neither of us were able to orgasm, but we touched and sucked each other all night at our sleepovers. Sadly he is straight now, or I would be having sex with him non stop.
done. do i look at illusions?
I'm not sure. I tend to think I'm a lot more compassionate than I was before. I always try to help those in need when I see it. I don't antagonize people needlessly. I always try to talk things out if theres a problem. I'm guess I'm just a peaceful guy nowadays
How can you show more compassion with others?

I guess I could think about how others feel more, especially online. Instead of blind arguing and insulting people I could think more about how it makes them feel or if i could be more educated and friendly with my responses
Going with 4 this time.
>Explain your worst addiction. How did you, or how can you overcome or control it?

Gaming, specifically multiplayer games. I honestly don't know how I can control it, and I certainly don't know if I can overcome it completely.
Already did 9 moving to 3
I honestly can't think of anyone who's done something horrible. At least not that I know about anyway.

I've never physically hurt another person, but I was in a car accident and the other guy had some neck injuries because of it. (He was found at fault).
Going to answer 7

>be 14
>want to try morning glories
>think because i tried weed i'm ready to consume 15g of morning glory
>Notice the high starting after waiting forever, feels goodman
>Watch Austin powers while waiting for peak
>Peak starts
>See shadow puppets, writing on the walls, etc.
"holy fuck I'm dying" I thought

Rest of the trip was scary and depressing.
>My opinion is right-wingnut.
Yeah, we got that.
Did 1 moving to 4
My goal is to get a job. Go out and fill in some goddamn application forms. It's the easiest thing in the world and yet I still have trouble finding the motivation to do it.

My first love was a simply stunning girl my junior year of high school. We spent a summer dating, but after a month she stopped telling me she loved me, and eventually we broke up. It was devastating to me at the time, but she moved on quickly.
I do. Op is finished with his mindful chakram set.
Have a good night anons. Godspeed

To become more creative I could always try to work on any artistic skills I have. I do a lot of photo manipulation, but any drawings I've tried to make on my tablet have always turned out poor at best. I wish I could be a drawfag.
Answering 5
Ha. I once asked a girl I was pretty good friends with out in class in the most pathetic way. I basically said, "Hey, you don't have a boyfriend. I don't have a girlfriend. Do you want to get together?" Needless to say we didnt talk much afterwards, which is a shame cause she was a nice girl

Rolling for Manipura
the only one I have left is 3.

My life is pretty boring, not that much danger

Moving onto the 2nd chakra
got nothing better to do roll

A time I overcame temptation.

I've been addicted to smoking cigarettes for a couple years, there have been many times that I have turned down a cigarette.

More importantly, though, I recently turned down an offer of casual sex from a 9/10 smoking hot chick I stared at all through highschool. On a graduation camping trip with some friends, she asked to have sex. I turned her down to remain faithful to my girlfriend.
Rolling for Anahata
What keeps you dependant on others? How can you break that dependancy?

I feel dependant on other people doing their work because i feel awkward going up to them and telling them to do it (i dont have a managerial role so its not required anyways) and i guess what keeps my dependancy is a slight paranoia that people plan things behind my back to spite me (although its never happened). To break the dependancy id have to break the paranoia but im not sure how to do that except maybe just trusting people more and forgetting about it? Im not sure.
Answering 6
One time at a party, one of my friends had gotten pretty drunk and had gotten into a fight with a mutual friend. I'm not much of a drinker, so I made my way over to where he was sulking and I asked him what had happened. He told me and I said look man, you can't be getting hung up on something like this because lifes to short for that kind of nonsense
Answering 7
By eating better. Getting up of my fat lazy ass and exercising. By going out and breathing fresh air.
Answering 8
By staying active. Talk to people and remain social.. Don't stay cooped up in your room playing video games and eating funyuns while typing at someone you'll probably never see.
Rolling for Vishudda
I hope I'm not the only one in here anymore.
roll for #1
I determine what is right and what is wrong from what my parents taught me. I also infer from my own personal experiences.
I think everyone else bailed from the thread, so I think I will too. Besides its 3:30 a.m. where I'm at and I'm tired as hell. Good luck to everyone before and after this post
Never had sex, so...no?
What can you do to increase your intuition?

I could make sure that i keep a clear mind, maybe through more meditation or making sure i dont dwell on things or get distracted too easily by unimportant things.
Phew finally finished that took waayyy longer than i planned but that was good. Thanks OP never done a chakra thread before
Took the long 15 to vegas because fuck going all the way to novac
Rollin' Rollin' Roll'in
>most afraid for your life
Once I took a really big bong hit
>most memorable sexual encounter
>most secret fetish
I only watch amateur porn
>tell about a situation you avoided
I refused to give a speech in an english class
F > panic attack
>go fap
>what can you do to feel more secure?
get a job/go to uni
>explain your obsession with a person
I'm not a stalker
>what are you excited about? How can you bring that enthusiasm to every aspect of life?
I'll just let this thread die now, these answers are too difficult to answer
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