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Well /b/, I've got a story for you if you're interested.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Well /b/, I've got a story for you if you're interested. A little backstory first:
I went through a depression a little before I turned 17- I went from a chubby, happy go
lucky sonofabitch (major beta though) to a skinny, cinical, indifferent ghost of a human being that would make
Camus and Raskolnikov have wet dreams.
Then I came out of it- I decided to improve my life. I focused on getting good grades, I
started lifting, I expanded my circle of friends, and I had huge goals for going to college
due to my parents persuasion. Basically, the alpha had arisen- I was no longer afraid of
what people thought, I could do public speaking with no problem at all, I cursed more often,
and I became really well-known around the school- I had other students greeting and
smiling at me whom I've never met before.
Then something happened

>be me
>6ft blonde boy, fit, relatively good looking
>rate myself about 7/10
>Last part of senior year
>getting ready for AP tests
>sitting at lunch one day
>talking to my friends, eating, the usual
>then I seem someone
>a girl
>short, skinny, short black hair, lots of dark clothes, purple backpack
>timid and shy, she slowly opened the cafeteria doors and looked around
>upon seeing the amount of people in the line for food, she shook her head and left
>I was stunned
>for some reason, I just couldn't stop looking at her
>she just..struck me i guess
>My friends noticed my prolonged staring
>asked about it
>I still dont how to quite describe it
>it was as if I watched the whole thing play out in slow motion
>Anyway, she left and turned right and was soon out of my view
>as was custom, friends and I soon went outside to hang out and chat
>Immediately look around for the girl
>see her sitting far off against the doors of the gym
>she's alone
>friend, lets call him Rashad, comes up
>ask him what I should do
>being the bro he is, he says "go talk to her dude, I'll come with you"
>i love him
>we go up to her
>"Hey, do you mind if we sit with you?" I ask
>She nods and quietly says "n-no"
>fuck thats cute
>Friend and I sit down
>"I'm anon, and this is my friend Rashad. We're both seniors. Whats your name?"
>I cant hear her
>"What was that?"
>Decide to drop it for now, its impossible to make it out clearly
>"What grade you in?"
>"Oh, cool, only two years left"
>continue making small talk until lunch ends
>find out she plays music
>ask "Hey, I've been really thinking about this a lot lately, would you like to form a band?"
>She smiles and nods enthusiastically
>"Dude, really?"
>"Y-yeah haha"
>"Sweet, I'll hit you up later when I work something out"
>"Okay' b-bye"
>she leaves for class
>Rashad notices the obvious smile on my face "Dude, you like her already dont you?"
>"i dont know man, its weird, I've never felt this way before"
>He laughs and leaves for class too
>think about her the rest of the day
>she's just so fucking cute and different from everybody else
>skipe foward a couple days (I look for her at lunch, but cant find her. almost give up)
>then one day
>pass her in hallway
>taking the opportunity
>"H-hey again! Weryou seriou- about w-what you said the otherday?"
>I slurred and stumbled on my words like a fucking mongoloid
>what the fuck was my problem??
>She smiles and says "H-hi, yeah I was"
>"Heh, cool. Meet at the Lion (statue of our mascot) after school so we can find a piano to play and show eachother some songs."
>She smiles "O-okay, I'll be there"
>fuck me, so fucking cute
>fast foward to after school
>sitting on a bench by the lion, waiting for her to show up
>Its been a couple minutes, think she might have bailed
>spot her walking up, her art folder slung under her arm
>we greet
>then we start our campagin around the school, looking for a piano to play
>We make small talk on the way- I ask about her classes, the reason she's taking home her art folder, etc
>she's quiet, but still gives enough of an answer to keep the conversation going
>Ask my favorite/buddy teacher about where we can find a piano
>he tells us to tryt the orchestra room
>go there, teacher is a super bitch, but tell us to try the theatre
>quest phase 3: the theatre
>Ask a friend in there about a piano
>she leads us to entire hallway filled with pianos
>------ plays first
>whips out dick basically
>fast, concise, classical piece
>holy fucking shit she's way better than me in every way
>she finishes
>she does a cute little laugh and says thanks
>I start to play my shit
>its shit
>she still smiles and tells me Im good because its from a band she recongizes
>by that time, its kinda late
>We head out to the parking lot
>Ask if she needs a ride like the gentleman I am
>her mom is right in front waiting for her
>about to leave
>she goes to wave but I offer my open arms instead
>awkward five second hug
>feels weird but nice at the same time
>go home
>fast foward a day or two
>pass in hallway again
>"Hey, I was thinking, since we'll be playing together, we should get to know eachother"
>no stumbling or anything, alpha mode engaged
>"Yeah, I was thinking the same thing."
>"Okay, meet me at Bro Teacher's room after school"
>fast foward to after school
>she meets me there after a little while
>We sit down in some desks
>i face her sideways- its the usual way I sit in a desk
>Have a hard time starting the conversation
>feel a little embarassed
any takes so far?
I mean I guess I'm intrested.
good enough for me
>Rashad shows up- wingman activated
>He sits with us and starts up a conversation
>I use this and steer the convo towards music and other interests
>She cant name her favorite artists- there are too many
>I begin listing off some of my favs
>she nods and smiles with each one
>I then pull out my ipod and show it to her
>she's obviously more and more excited as she goes through it
>She tells me she likes everything on my ipod and that theres stuff even she hasnt heard of
>We continue talking and talking and talking
>Rashad takes his que to leave, patting me on the shoulder as he exits
>Talk for about an hour or so- she needs to leave
>She asserts "We should exchange numbers"
>thank god I didnt have to say it even though I was going to
>exhange phone numbers
>learn her name finally- for purpose of story, we'll call her Clair
>Clair and I leave the school
>she walks me to my car
>we're still talking about stuff we're into- we both like music, anime, video games, clothes, etc etc
>we hug- still awkward but better
go on faggot
Her mom sounds like such a bitch
>one day i make my mind, call Clair and ask her to meet me infornt of the Lion
>when i get there, she was waiting for me for 5 mins now
>i hug her, wutsup.jpg
>then i stop talking, look at her eyes
>she smiles
>i get on my knees and ask her to marry me
>she is shocked
>i tell her she will never get bored with me
>we marry
>i use her fathers funds to become governor
>then congressmen
>then VP and the President of the US
This so better end with you boning this chick!
You sir are gay and a faggot
>go home
>text her after a little while
>we talk some more for a long while
>by this time, I know I want to date her
>I also want a fucking friend- my other friends (besides based Rashad) are shit
>learn she doesn't have many friends at all
>she just moved to this school at the beginning of the semester
>make plans to hang out after school on Friday
>dont see her at lunch next couple days, but still see her in the hallway
>Friday comes
>I drive to her house- takes me about 15 minutes
>rich area of town
hurry up
this is a long story bud, so buckle up and sit tight
>pull up, get out, she's waiting outside
>go in and greet her parents
>dad is a skinny italian man with dark hair
>firmly shake hands and look him in the eyes like a man
>greet mom as well
>she's a busty brown haired italian woman
>they soon leave after making some shitty frozen chicken
>they just met me and decided to leave me alone in the house with their daughter
>whatever, crazy guidos
>we awkwardly chat and then play piano for a little while
>we actually came up with our own fucking tune on the first day
>she shows me some lyrics she has written in her phone
>edgy as fuck
>about parents not being supportive, her being alone, no one to help
>holy shit
>Captain, we might be sailing into troubled waters
>discard my doubts for the moment
>talk for a long time about anime and music
>its a nice time
>learn more about her- she is definitely a bit on the darker (emo) side
>Parents show back up
>take that as my que to leave
>no hug this time
>she doesnt want to in front of her parents
keep going, op
>oh well, wave goodbye and leave
>get home and text
>she jokingly accuses me of being awkward
>she barely spoke over a decibel when we were hangning out
>anyway, fast foward some time
>several days of hanging out- this time at my house
>we develop a routine
>go home, get homework done, play music, then either watch anime or go to the park
>pretty solid stuff- we're developing really fast musically, already have a couple songs
>she seems to enjoy herself and becomes more comfortable
>still have a hard time hearing her
>one day, she seems a bit off
>ask her about it
>doesnt say anything
>doesnt even look at me
>she literally just stopped playing in the middle of what she was doing
>what the fuck
Fucking continue..
come on
typing at the speed of light fellas
>she says she wants to go to the park
>okay, we go
>she just sits in the car and stares out the window
>fuck, what is this?
>Maybe I did something wrong?
>Just wait it out
>She eventually turns to me and apologizes
>says she was feeling down
>we talk for a long while
>take her home
>get and hug her goodbye like normal
>this hug is different
>its tighter and more intimate
>she leaves for the night
>later that night, receive some texts
>Shes going on and on about depression and her hatred of people
>she says she wants to kill herself
>freak the fuck out
>she suddenly just stops talking after I send her long texts of consoling
File: image.jpg (60KB, 447x336px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Your slowlyness makes me angry
is she completely road? NOOOO!!1one
bumping out of anger/interest
bumping for story of beta thinking hes alpha and getting into a sexless relationship with a self diagnosed rape victim
how hard is it to type it down and copy/paste, seriously
>see her at school the next day
>she's a little out of it but seems okay
>fast foward to sping break
>she hasnt had any "episodes" since then
>one late night at ther park
>its a bit chilly
>she's huddled up in the corner of the bench
>I decided to try to warm her up
>i scoot next to her and start rubbing her arms
>then I just pull her close and hug her
>she smells of sweet shampoo and a little sweat
>stay like this for a really long time
>its time to go
>her legs fell asleep
>I pick her up and carry her to the car, both of us laughing along the way
>take her home, get out
>its different
>tighther, more intimate, I can hear her breathing heavily
>I pull back and look at her
>she doesnt walk off like normal
>she just stares at me instead
>she totally wants a fucking kiss
>beta out
>tell her goodnight and leave
>Get pissed at myeslf and decide to man up
>decide its time to ask her out
>I guess its that time in the story where I tell you I'v never had a gf before
>take her to this outdoor theatre after dark
>we have to hop the fence and open the gate from the inside
>I hold her hand to lead her down the dark steps to the stage
>we look out on the empty seats, still holding hands
>Im nervous as fuck
>decide to lighten up the mood by being retarded
>"How about a magic trick?"
>I hold out my empty palms
>she looks at them
>I slowly move them behind her head
>Pull them back
>Im holding a quarter between my fingers
>>"How about a magic trick?"
>>I hold out my empty palms
>>she looks at them
>>I slowly move them behind her head
>>Pull them back
>>Im holding a quarter between my fingers
Doesn't fucking matter if the anon is alpha of beta
>"How about a magic trick?"
>I hold out my empty palms
>she looks at them
>I slowly move them behind her head
>Pull them back
>Im holding a condom between my fingers
also what you should have done
>she laughs at my retardness
>I stop laughing and just stare at her
>I tell her not to move
>I hold her head in my hands and move in to kiss her
>plant it right on the lips
>hold it there for a second
>pull back
>"I like you and want you to be my girlfriend"
>she looks surprised
>she doesnt say anything
>just hugs me for a long time
>fuck me she doesnt want to
>we decide to leave and go to another park
>we arrive and sit down on the bench
>She looks at me and says "Yes"
>then she kisses me deeply
>we cuddle and kiss on the bench for a while
>its cold
>We hang out in my car
>she rests on my shoulder, then puts her head in my lap
>fuck, i hope she doesnt notice the obvious bulge in my pants
>she doesnt make any implications that she does
>take her home
>this time say goodbye with a hug and kiss
>its passionate and no longer awkward at all
>next night
>hanging out in my car again
>this time, things get steamy
oh just take your time we'll all wait like champs as you "type out your story" bro. :D
File: 1409184317831.gif (1000KB, 350x191px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1000KB, 350x191px
>she puts my hand on her breast
>I begin squeezing and massaging it
>do that for a while then move on to the other one
>she guides my hand around her body
>then downstairs
>i masturbate her
>feeling around her warm insides
>she rubs my crotch
>take her home like the usual
>next day
>at park
>I'm on top of her, tickling her
>her laughter is heavenly
>to this day, I still have that picture of her laughing and smiling in my head
>Then we lay down next to eachother
>we start kissing
>she puts her tongue inside my mouth, i do the same
>passionately making out
inb4 she has a dick

also hurry the fuck up you niggerfaggot
>i masturbate her
>I cursed more often

So you became more edgy? Congratulations.

You need to walk before you can run. Develop your sense of self before you start working out the complexities of what you're projecting on the outside world. Try meditation, or at least 10 minutes a day of mindfulness practice.
>masterbate her
Yes that is indeed how that word works
>so fucking awesome
>lasts a long while
>she gets on top of me
>starts moving her body up and down
>protest a bit- we're in a public place, there are people around, and I'm embarassed because of my bulging manhood
>later when it gets dark
>in car
>making out again
>massaging boobies
>she sits on my lap
>she lifts up her shirt and tells me to lick her breasts
>oblige, I begin licking and sucking her nipples
>bite softly
>shes totally into it
>shes grinding really hard on my crotch
>i put my hand down her pants and feel around again
>moving in and out and pushing on the inside
>all of this is much more than either of us are used to
>we're panting and exhausted within minutes
>she unzips my pants
>begins slowly rubbing my dick
>fuck me I cant handle this
>She starts going faster and faster
>i barely last a couple minutes
>This is the point in the story where I tell you I've also never masturbated, so I didnt know what was coming
>I ejaculate all over myself and her
lol faggot
what the fuck? I first masturbated in 3rd grade
what the fuck? I first masturbated in my mommies tommylol wtf
lol the first time i ever came was the first time i fucked. i was 13 and had jerked it previously but never long enough to finish
Dafuq? . Jesus Christ I've been tuggin since I was 9. Wouldn't you at least try it so you knew what was gonna happen? You said you almost got there with her.
>ID: nNWOhnbT

Nice try illuminati.
>never masturbated
oh jeez...
>Im totally fucking embarassed
>she just laughs
>i start laughing too
>we're both craking up, covered in my semen
>we clean ourselves and eachother with my shirt
>then we just chill for a while
>my mind is going crazy
>holy fucking shit, i have never done anything like that
>anyway, take her home, blah blah, the usual
>go to china town the next day
>have fun time
>by little cheap Ritsu figure along with birthday present for my mom from shithole store
>eat and go home
>overall, good day
>fast foward a little
>one day at the park by the lake, we're walking and talking and the usual
>somethings off
>she's quiet
>drops my hand after a little while
>take her home
>she tells me not to get out and give her a hug
This is what you get for not pleasing her back op!
can u paste ur pasta faster or
Continue op! Faster Faster
Dear op
Please stop being a faggot
Yours sincerely:sage
Captains gonna beat ya if you take 10 minutes to write OP. It's bananas!
how did you change your ID?
Please let it be a happy ending, I'm sick and tired with all that depressing shit on /b/.
>later that night, guess what happens?
>yep, she goes off again
>wants to kill herself and her family
>says shes gonna do it
>stops texting again
>freak the fuck out and drive down to her house
>Tell her im gonna sit outside her fucking house
>she comes out and tells me to go home
>I make sure shes okay then decide it okay to leave
>get home and decide to do something cute
>write a long note in my god tier handwriting in black ink
>See her at school the next morning
>she looks pissed
>dont say anything
>just hand her the note and give her hand a squeeze
>look for her at lunch
>nowhere to be found
>get a text later that day
>apologizing and shit- telling me she appreciates me and that she needs some time alone once in a while
>she also has a fever and is on her period
>I come over with soup like the fagboy I am (thanks anons)
>we go out to the park a little later when she feels a bit better
>she falls asleep in my lap in my car
>her head is up facing mine
>she looks so fucking cute
>in that moment I realize it
>I might actually love her
so hard right now
I can smell the embryonic fluids on this one
You have to buy a 4chan gold account
lovin' it.
>actually paying for the 4chan gold
I'm so tired of all these stories ending in
>fuk I'm so depressed now boo hoo
Newfag here who the fuck is Heaven?
hes a mod, newfag
What do you expect from a site filled with teen-angst autists you fucking Disney watching cunt?
I am m00t
Is her name Luna?
I'm with ya OP...
it was prob somthing like raven the acid queen of darkness
You'd be very surprised if you ever got to know what people this site really is filled with...
What the fuck is a tommylol?
OP, everything about this girl sounds like a girl named Luna If you're not responding because I'm right, just know we're in the same boat.
im guessing alot of differnt ppl with differnt opinions.... but we all agree upon 1 thing, OP continues to be a raging fucking faggot and not pretyping his pasta
>take her home upon receiving mom bitch's text
>fast foward a little ways
>things are going good
>notice that the weekends and fridays seem to be her not-so-good days
>one night in my car
>getting sensual again
>this time she's laying down
>Im doing the usual- rubbing her all over and teasing that puss (better than masturbating her?)
>she just stops moaning out of nowhere
>fuck me, not again
>she starts crying
>holy shit
>I hug her
>she starts sobbing
>fuck fuck fuck
>console her as best I can
>she tells me that she has to tell me something
>que mom text
>Go to her house
>hang outside her house in the back patio
>she cant even look at me
>she cant say it either
>she has to text it to me
>my pocket vibrates
>i shakily pull out the phone and read the text
>"I was molested by my friend when I was 12"
>my heart sinks
>i dont even know what to say
>drop my phone
>hug her as tightly as possible
>have to go out to my car
>still hugging
>she's sobbing at this point
>i begin to cry as well
no man, not Luna
Ok I got a few questions.. I understand that "Heaven" is a troll and he is just trying to annoy people and trick them in to doing things, but are you a human or a robot? I know there is a lot of code makers on this website but how the hell do you post so much to different people? It's really clever so I was wondering if you could teach me how you do it then maybe I could make a guy called Hell and he could be really nice like opposites lol? Heaven and Hell would be cool.. it could be a new meme? I know that reddit normally makes the memes but 4chan could be the reason behind this one, as long as I get some credit for it (my name is Nicholas but my friends call me Nasty). So if you are a coder maybe you can help me out, I can give you my email and we can chat on msn if you have got it, or maybe there is something more 'leet' we can use haha!
File: kk.jpg (45KB, 600x885px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fucking plebs. Suck my 7 in cocks. I have 3.
Is this a copypasta? Cause it surely could be one.
Oh fuck you.. get off.. srsly that aint no fun
And fucking called it!
i knew she would claim rape, they all do
10/10 if OC, instant classic
Inb4 it's pasta and I'm called a newfag
File: n.jpg (46KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 600x800px
Yes its true I can be a freak - "baby jesus"
Googled around, seems like first trace of it is from March 2014 so it's not that old.
>le dramatic phone drop
god u suck OP
nice one, 10/10 would read again
I would use "fingering" seeing as I'm not twelve but teasing works too
Keep going
>She tells me her friend molested her at age 12
>I drop the phone
>I say
I'm curious, was there EVER op who pulled off greentext story by pretypying it first and pasting it here? Every single fucking time they just fag around.
First you had my curiousity,
then my attention
now you're testing my patience,
hurry up and copy/pasta quicker
no, fagging around is OP strong suit
Sure man, post your email

[email protected]
Lol but can you make sure no one else sees this? i like to keep my email private to friends and family :) thanks and brohoof!
Don't trust heaven
[email protected]
File: Dissapoint.png (164KB, 364x368px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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*posts email on 4Chan*
File: 1397927996453.png (93KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>we had planned on having sex today but it spurred this instead
>she says she still wants to do it with me but cant right now
>thats okay with me man, I just want her to be comfortable and not freak out around every corner
>next day or whatever- we go to pick up condoms
>find out they're like $8 for only 3 of them
>no fucking way am I paying for that shit
>steal them like a nigger
>pulled off flawlessly, dont get caught, swagger out like the alpha I am
>i walked out normally
>go home, try to get in the mood, bu yet again
>mom bitch text
>cant do it tonight
>next night
>its time
>get eachother warmed up
>she had jacked me off several times already in days past, so I was planning on trying to last
>put on condom successfully (doesnt sound like much, but she was worried I would fuck it up)
>slowly insert
>she tenses up at first but lets out her breath and goes with it
>holy fucking shit this is the best thing ive ever felt
>its so fucking warm and wet and my dick is tingling like a motherfucker
>begin thrusting
>last like 4-5 minutes
>one last hard thrust and I cum inside
>the feeling is beyond words
>we're both moaning with pleasure
>panting, and exhausted, I lower myself down and kiss her passionately
>it has been done
>she's happy about it, thank god
So you ordered several tonnes of gore/cp?
Coming right up
sorry for being the slow faggot I am- I have to type all this up and text her at the same time.
In options post sage instead of email.. stop this retarded bullshit alrdy. OP fuckin delver im dying
File: image.jpg (106KB, 552x692px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106KB, 552x692px
Hurry the fuck up op. Its 3 am here and I have to be up at 9:30 am you nigher
Read the bottom first
good one OP
Heavens gonna internet rape your sister....
post pics
guys, I am just gonna say this ahead of time- this is really long fucking story, and I'll only be able to do a couple more- I have uni in the morning. So, if there's interest, I will be back on tomorrow night after I finish tonight
3 am and have to be up at 7 20 OP YOU FAGGOT FASTER
Yeah fuck that. Abandoning this thread.
File: 1409204746729.gif (83KB, 268x265px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83KB, 268x265px
Nigger, hurry teh fuck up. I got astrophysics and calc tomorrow. Get to the point, faggot.
NO. finish up you niggerkike!
dude u browse /b/ enough to post this allegedly true intimate story, and you never jerked off before you fucked some molested girl u were drawn to like a magnet

ur fukin lying
File: 032.jpg (97KB, 441x705px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And how the fuck I'm supposed to find the continuation in this pile of garbage???

OP, you're not a very smart person, are you?
>studying astrophysics
What, do you want a job as an it-guy
File: 1409124327536.gif (2MB, 346x194px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 346x194px
You pussy, we're standing at fucking attention with shit to do in the morning. Deliver, you fucking nigger.
File: 1408929223056.png (38KB, 338x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 338x360px
you interrupted my fapping with your fancy story, continue now so that i may fap in peace
fuck you, you long winded bastard
just summarize the rest of it and gotobed
File: 1408614508028.jpg (33KB, 283x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 283x400px
1. You're a faggot
2. I'm not IT, fucking chemistry major.
3. Astrophysics is upper-level science elective for the semester.
4. You're a nigger-lover.
5. Fuck off.
What purple said
Don't summarize, I'm really liking this
Type faster, I'm really enjoying this.
Fucking hell, I don't want to miss the rest. Don't be a faggot OP
File: 1373930032523.jpg (2MB, 1500x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1500x1500px
I swear to fuck op, I was gonna go to bed but now I'm committed to this story, you better finish this shit you triple nigger
>Up to this point here is what has changed about my perspective due to Clair
>no longer want to go to big college, decide to stay local
>begin to care a bit more about people
>I keep myself in good health and safe for her
>on with the story
>after this, we know fucking is gonna be a normal part of our every day life
>we fuck almost every day- I become quite good at stealing condoms
>We try different positions, anal, and she blows me once in a while
>our sex life is good
>she also begins to improve mentally
>one night however....
>She says she needs to talk to me
>We seem to have done okay up to this point so I dont think anything of it
>Come over, she looks serious
>fuck me
>"Anon, I want to break up"
>"I think I want more of a friend than anything else right now."
>we have always said that we're more friends than a couple but this is gay
>I try to explain to her that its really no different if we're dating or not- I'll still be over most days and we'll still talk and shit
>"Sometimes I hate all touching by anyone. It revolts me"
>okay, wat
>where the FUCK did this come from????
>She starts to tell me about her past bfs
>they're assholes
>one abused her generosity, continually told her shes not worth anything, and put her down
>he was abusive as well
>nect bf didnt even care about her, only a pity date
>before those two was mr molester
File: 1408992519499.jpg (7KB, 254x198px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 254x198px
Fucking Hell, lost my shit to that.
Keep it comin'
you're welcome dear anon
>We know memes
ayyy lmao
File: image.jpg (85KB, 640x1136px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85KB, 640x1136px
come on with the bawww already
Well just so you know, you seem like a really nice gentleman OP. I really hope this story ends happily :/
File: 1408216920965.jpg (24KB, 531x471px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 531x471px
>implying newfaggotry because of tag on image
>file name
>pic related; yfw you realize it's some shit I got it from /b/
>lurk moar, nigger.
File: 1392268194355.jpg (113KB, 640x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113KB, 640x960px
>"I think I want more of a friend than anything else right now." ouch
>Its understandable that she feels this way
>Im obviously a bit upset but oh well
>Spend the night at her house as "friends"
>basically means sleeping awkwardly next to eachother without touching
>Roll over on my side, away from her
>I had been having on and off anxiety attacks because it runs in the family blah blah
>start to have one
>she sees it and starts rubbing my chest like she usually does
>Im trying to calm myself down
>this shit is fuckiny annoying as fuck
>oh well, it happens and i have to deal with it
>she doesnt take it the right way though
>she thinks Im really upset about earlier
>she stops rubbing my chest and turns around
>okay now, what the fuck man
>i get myself to calm down finally so i turn around
>shes gripping the pole of her bed tightly
>shes also beginning to pound her fist on the wall
>she had a habit of cutting before she met me so I know what might happen
>I decide to do the only thing I can think of
>I know shes pissed, but I hug her as tightly as I can, pull her arms off of the pole to prevent her from hitting the wall and hurthing herself
>shes goes rampage
>tries to get out fromy my grip
>I try to tell her that Im preventing her from hurting herself
>she wont listen
>I bury my head in her chest, pinning her as best I can
>she starts trying to punch my head
>I give up and let her go
>she gets all emotional and apologizes
>says she wants me to fuck her
>without a condom
>>says she wants me to fuck her
>>without a condom

happy ending it is!
Goddamn it hurry the fuck up OP i have to be up at 5 tomorrow
okay i see where this is going, classical muhammad ali knocked up
Thanks mr skeltan
Oh I can already hear Bane.

Fuck the girl!
With no protection!
>yeah no, that isnt gonna happen
>i try to tell her why thats a very bad fucking idea
>she gets pissed again
>low tone "go away"
>fuck me, I have bad feeling about this
>"leave, now!"
>I get up to leave
>Im halfway out the window when I see her leave her room and go to the bathroom
>fuck fuck
>leave and go home
>get a text later
>"thanks to you, Im cutting again"
>I know I didnt fucking cause this but still feel guilty nevertheless
>no sleep that night
>go to her house tomorrow
>shes still asleep
>idgaf, tell her brother to use the key to unlocker her room
>go in and immediately check her arms
>yep, there are cuts
>they're little and not very deep but they're there alright
>this is bullshit
>rub her arm for a while, say a few things because i think she might be pretending to be asleep
>inb4 parents catch them mid-fuck
Don't stick your dick in crazy
File: 1409112614167.gif (828KB, 200x189px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
828KB, 200x189px
shit man you were alpha enough to decline unprotected sex? damn
i dated a grill back in high school who self harmed. they were no worse than cat scratches. dumb bitches.
Cool, caught up to OP. You slowass cunt
Holy shit you too?
i started at 4 months you plebs
This man knows his shit. Also don't fall in love with crazy.
>she texts me later asking why I didnt fuck her
>try to explain yet again why unprotected sex is a bad idea
>she says 'oh, i wanted you to do anal. you should have just assumed that'
>yeah okay, so I go over
>not much talking
>have a hard time getting it up because well dude, i cant get into it if she isnt
>anyway, everntually get hard, lube it up, and anally fuck her
>its slow and steady and lasts a good while
>she seems satisfied afterwards
>she is actually 'all better'
>when i went home after seeing her cuts, i decided I wanted to see if those really did aynthing to help with like inner pain
>so i took a razer and cut my thumb
>it took off my skin, made me bleed a lot, hurt like a bitch, but i was still worried about Clair
>Due to such, i determined self harming is bullshit and doesnt help
>i explained what I did to her
>she wanted to cry
>she kissed my thumb over and over and apologized profusely.
This is a really entertaining story, you better not fucking leave us hanging op.
File: 1409091269713.jpg (28KB, 350x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 350x350px
Bet you popped a few stiffies in utero, didntcha faggot?
I raped my mother in the womb.

Beat that you pleebs.
by the way fellas- condoms rip when trying to do anal, so really, no condom anal is the only option
covered me mums vajunee in me spirm pleb
Shreks my dad faggot
by the gods OP
i had a twin sister in the womb in which i got preggers and we had a subhuman baby-baby incest mutant nigger
Foreman or regular?
we love you and your story op but you really need to hurry the fuck up.
File: Bob Ross smile.jpg (199KB, 814x891px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bob Ross smile.jpg
199KB, 814x891px
>cut thumb
oh man, you should've cut your wrist. remember, it's down the road, not across the street
Wow, you too ?
fucking scientist testing shit empirically.
i guess we are all a little autistic
please kill yourself, but finish this story first
k thx
i raped my mother when she slept

anyone wanna know the full story?
File: Op's house.jpg (54KB, 470x324px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Op's house.jpg
54KB, 470x324px
Guys I know what OP's up to, his girlfriend hired a bunch of niggers for a mandingo party. Nighty night OP
File: 1391756894480.jpg (7KB, 181x249px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 181x249px
File: 1407830374980.jpg (62KB, 723x559px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62KB, 723x559px
Black ass nigger detected. Get back to the fields before we castrate and hang you.
thanks for the tip, sex master
File: anchorman oh.jpg (123KB, 528x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
anchorman oh.jpg
123KB, 528x480px
that mutant then split in half and became giga-incest mutant nigger child and saved the world from total annihilation, the end
I already saw the pics and stuff, so no gt is needed anon
Stop giving us facts about sex and type up your story.
File: faggotville.jpg (84KB, 497x427px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84KB, 497x427px
>walk the fucking dinosaur
fuck you, op
File: 1408614169059.jpg (22KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 400x400px
You are not just slow in terms of typing, you are literally mentally slow. You went full retard. Anal sex is riskiest sex (but best secks); condoms are always indicated for anal, you dumb cunt.
op is dead?
let him fucking type you impatient nigger
go away Motherfucker, we remember you. you didn't even timestamp until the last second
fuck that shit, i would've not even spat on that shit. fuck that hoe
OP asks for marriage after he realizes it's the only way they both are comfortable and happy with their lives.
She asks for about three fiddy for the wedding planning and stuffing stuff
File: 1408935760553.jpg (65KB, 720x543px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 720x543px
Fuck you nigger. OP has been typing at a rate comparable to the rate of decay for carbon-14 (for us, a loooooooooooong fuckin' time).
Gotta remember it's his first chick too, as long as he'll see the warning signs in the future.
File: 1408945098054.jpg (4KB, 125x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4KB, 125x125px
Lol just seems like something some anon would do, tell this story get everyone really into it, and then just stop. and moniter the thread XD haha idk could be funny.
10/10 deff let her pee on my face
File: Suck it.jpg (6KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Suck it.jpg
6KB, 200x200px
Op's first blowjob
I do have to admit, he shoulda typed this story out before he decided to make a thread on /b/ about it
>things got better from there
>she agreed to calm down her bullshit but also admitted that she is bipolar and has supreme depression
>yeah thanks, I already figured that out
>now its getting around prom time
>she wants to go
>start to make plans with friends
>rent tux, make reservations, etc
>friends want to do a group thing with a limo and such
>fine with me
>tell Clair
>fine with her
>until day before Prom
>she goes silent on the way home
>"please take me to my house"
>okay then?
>"dont get out and give me a hug"
>Get texted later while Im playing Dark Souls
>"Can you find someone else to go to prom with?"
>what the fuck
>I have to singlehandedly fight off the gaping dragon while dealing with clair's insecurities
>find out the issue
>shes uncomfortanle with all the people and making a big deal out of prom
>aight, no problem with me, its her prom too
>she just never spoke up about what she wanted
>change plans at last minute, bros understand
>go to dinner
>its decent
>Clair looks fucking gorgeous
>go to prom
>its shit
>horrible music
>we end up sitting next to the class tard
>oh well, at least he can keep up a conversation
>leave after about an hour
>decide to go to the park
>play our own music from the car
>have a couple slow dances
>then fall alseep in may car for a while
>overall, it was a pretty good evening
File: forgotcarl.jpg (99KB, 550x1005px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99KB, 550x1005px
op has forsaken us
Shouldn't they all..?
more you dirty ol coon
im interested in the story yeah but i just left this thread up in another window while i do other shit while i wait for the op
jesus christ get to the point of the story I cant find any fucks to give about a prom we get it shes a crazy bitch
>finds out this guy plays dark souls
>mfw ^_^
why fight the gaping dragon alone?? You always have your bro solaire to engage in some jolly coop with :D
Gaping dragon is easy took him out first shot
it this part truly important? i mean you could have said that in like 5 sentences
>she bitches about prom
>prom sucks
>we leave and hang around park
>sleep in car
This better be hilarious or tragic. Otherwise I will find you, and make you watch while I fuck this broad.
srsly. all this setup better be worth it
Lol shut the fuck up
Definitely digging the story OP, please continue!

Please keeping going OP
You have me hooked
hurry up OP, I'm losing my boner
House of cards anyone?
File: 1408512194577.jpg (67KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67KB, 300x300px
Nigger. I'mma say this once. Hurry your shit up. Or I will hunt you down and lynch you with a lead-pipe beatdown. Fuck, I'm tired.
inb4 OP trolls the living shit out of all of us
stop bitching,
keep reading.

Also tits or gtfo
That's what I'm hoping for.
File: 1335129369308.png (256KB, 650x366px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
256KB, 650x366px
Literally eating a bowl of cereal, high, refreshing & waiting for the next segment...
Are you my twin? Please tell me it's reese's puffs.....
>Okay, now its summer time
>Decide, fuck all niggers, this summer is going to be the best we've had
>during our dating time, she has been talking to her piano teacher on and off
>Im just gonna use his real name- its Garret
>She obviously had some interest in hime before dating me- she said so herself
>whenever she gets a text from him, she gets really excited
>one time the text says "just thinking about you ;) make sure to practice"
>she then goes on and on about this could mean
>why would he say hes thinking about her
>why did he just text her that out of the blue
>Honestly, I never saw it as more than being nice- I met the guy and talked to him too and knew he would have said the same thing to me
>Maybe hes a faggot but oh well
>Anyway, she keeps talking about it
>She acts like she wants this to be more than it is
>I play both sides and tell her that it could mean something but she shouldnt read too much into it
>But I know her
>shes gonna keepy thinking and then will be disappointed when she finds out hes just a friend
>(this has happened before)
>so I just message the fag on fb
>'Hey man, Clair doesnt know what the text meant- she thinks it could be something more. Care to clarify?"
>"Oh dude I was just being nice, I wouldve said the same thing to you"
>I fuckin knew it
>Clair goes to LA to see family
>Asks to go on my fb for some reason or another, I dont know why but I dont have a prob with it
>she goes on there and sees the messages
>Shes pissed
Anyone have any other interesting threads they are browsing that they can post a link to?
File: 4fa4137ef40e0.png (45KB, 600x565px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 600x565px
What /b/ looks like when an OP rattles the /b/aboon cage.

there was a wincest thread but it's boring.
Op is kill. You fucked up.

I've had bad relationships too but nothing of this caliber. Don't leave us hanging though.
File: ucPUf9i_.jpg (64KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64KB, 500x500px
Not to interupt but any one of you niggers got sauce on this bitch.

Fcking hell OP, write dow the story on beforehand will ya?
This is going nowhere, slowly. I'm gassy and I have a headache. Also I'm out of cigarettes. /caring
File: 1389211900515.jpg (83KB, 1024x680px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83KB, 1024x680px
what a shame
haha thx
goddamnit op get to the part where the piano teacher was da molsetard already
someone better screencap this shit. its 4am here i can stand this shit nig nogs. fucking niglest all around
I've got Spirit Yellows, you can have one of mine.

Or where piano teacher raeps her and she goes crying into OP's arms.
>She fucking explodes
>She says it was an invasion of her privacy, I told him too much, I said things I shouldnt have and now her relationship with Garret is ruined
>She also says I lied by now showing her the messages myself
>I try to explain that I was only trying to spare her from the crushing disappointment that happened before
>She says she liked the build up because its fun and wouldve rather found out herself
>she gets more and more pissed
>she breaks up with me
>I have learned over the course of our relationship that due to her bipolar shit that I shouldnt always take what she says while shes angry seriously
>I apologize for my actions, pull all the blame onto myself,etc you guys know how its done
>Shes still pissed and now shes crying and depressed
>She continues to talk to me though
>few days pass
>on and off talking- shes spending time with her shitty family
>4th of july- we were supposed to spend in together, but instead we're spending it separately 500 miles apart and broken up
>next day
>she tells me she had a realization that she was completely wrong and she shouldnt have broken up with me
>so, i take her back- I love her man, call me retarded or whatever- I know she isnt serious when shes pissed
>there is some more so hold your horses
No one can be above the age of 15 in here
what you say nigger? can you even read bitch, whats 1 + 1 =

come on bitch
File: 1398340105586.jpg (185KB, 500x493px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
185KB, 500x493px
now i have to go find my laptop charger cause this guy types so motherfucking slow. seriously dude arent you in college? you should be typing at least 50+ words a minute
oh fuck I urgently need sauce for this
File: 1389156248534.jpg (177KB, 1200x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
177KB, 1200x800px

>inb4 girl's name Robin
>inb4 Robin Williams

OP should an hero
File: 1340080078519.png (62KB, 226x278px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62KB, 226x278px
Seriously, OP we're gonna hit bump limit here pretty fuckin quick. How does it end? What's the fucking point? You must have a reason for telling us this shit.

Source please?
Got this shit on pdf. I'll imgur it for someone to edit later. But fuck I'm tired. OP, you nigger, I will spam the fuck out of /b/ until I get the rest of your god damn story or I will hunt you to the far corners of the earth to rip your heart out and eat it victoriously before the light fades from your eyes, I swear to god.
>inb4 prince of bel-air
imgur it soon pls.

That's the only wincest thing I have on my phone. I cba to get out of bed to crack open my larger collection.
>Over the course of summer, things go well
>she moves in and out of her dad's house- he's a fucker and hard to get along with
>he tells me about respect and how much he likes me one minute, then trash talks me to Clair when Im not around
>I go to Hawaii for a week- we miss eachother but its not bad
>come back, have sex the most times in one day we've ever had, and things seem to be good
>next day comes around
>She gets pissed at herself because she said something stupid
>Yeah, thanks boys
>She starts hitting the table, throwing stuff, basic tantrum material
>I stay with her like last time- Im not gonna let her hurt herself
>Grab her and pin like last time- she struggles and we back and forth
>let her go and she calms down after a while
>just the bipolar shit kicking in
>says she has a fucked up superiority complex because her dad filled her head with nonsense when she was a kid
>she thinks shes better than most people and hates when she fucks up
>anyway, we get past this and other serious talks in the coming days
>then just recentely (as in last weekend)
bless your heart by a thousand suns you fine man
hahahahha i like this guys attitude
Op I'm losing sleep over this, it had better be worth it.
i've literally ran out of porn to post from my phone.
hitomi tanaka, nigger
Best way to kill an overnight shift...evar!
This better end with her dad raping her and then she gives you dad AIDS
you guys are fucking stupid
luscious.net under gifs, if you want more of the exact ones pray to the gods of faggotery cause if you dont know how to search you are one. amen
C'mon OP, I need to be at work in 5 hours and I fucking need sleep.
Holy fuck. Best thing in the thread by far!
File: 1407400037026.jpg (26KB, 500x432px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 500x432px
dont normally go on /b/ because im not an austist, but this fucking thread

Op hurry up I have work to do
Yeah fuck this. It's 4:30am now. Hopefully someone will screen the full story.
>because i'm not an austist
>not an austist
File: 1309206265371s.jpg (3KB, 124x126px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 124x126px
Type 1 bipolarfag here; that superiority shit and ragemode after a fuckup is normal. Part of the illness, not parental faggotry. Carry on.
File: 1390074972342.jpg (296KB, 336x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
296KB, 336x750px
I dont get it, is this suppossed to be funny?
thanks for the link

get your free malwarebytes key now its fucking legit msg the guy to send to a phony email if you ened a key
bro, i think he just called you an autist. you two better fight irl
Get mad about it
>Not knowing the correct term for an autist in auschwitz.
File: 1360962661460.gif (1MB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 320x240px
What dude is it true that bipolar people hurt in places on their bodies for no reason sometimes?
It's a Bane joke.
>I try to get her to open up about something personal
>we had talked about if before and she said she wanted me to try
>so i did, and she completely shut down
>no words, nothing
>She didnt let me touch her and looked away
>She was so upset that she got up and fucking walked home
>Shes never done that and lives a good 15 minutes away by foot
>i tried my best to stop her but shes fucking stubborn and did it anyway
>obviously I drove up and done the street covertly a couple times to make sure she got home safe and wasnt jumped by niggers
>She texted me later and I got up and went over to her house at 4 am (ive done this several times)
>we talked and it turns out she didnt really want what she said she wanted
>so blah blah blah and shit and we're good now
>Now, here's the point /b/
>I've been absolutely good to this girl
>I've shown her nothing but compassion and love since day one
>There is no doubt that I am in love with her
>She says she loves me too
>Despite that, she still has done all this stuff I have told you about, among many other things
>One case that really gets me is: I used to be chubby and I was bullied for it
>not a day goes by when she doesnt call me fat, fatty, fluffly, piggy, etc
>she says its out of endearment, and I believe her
>But man, sometimes, its a a little much
>then after all the shit we've talked about
>she aknowledges that she has been shitty in our relationship (she admitted this several times including last weekend)
>She says she wants to change
>but already this week she has: gotten depressed about going back to school, has had an erratic eating schedule, no longer cares whether or not she lives or dies (she told me not too long ago that she wants to live because of me)
>she has also continued her bitchiness towards me, but its on and off again like a bipolar person would do
Confusing Dostoyevskiy

Whatever happend to you, you had it coming dumbass
lol fucking wut?
Yeah when they get tardrage and hit shit.

my apologies here, legit free malwarebytes keys i thought it was a hoax guy is fucking nigger jesus
So I ask you /b/, after all that you have read, is it worth it? I mean, I love her to death, but this is truly a test of my patience and it honestly hurts a whole fuckin lot.

is this it OP wtf?
brb the real joke is she's blown garret the piano teacher
dump the fucking bitch. she's obviously cheating on you
Ask yourself
How many times have you been there for her?
And how many times has she been there for you?

This is how you find out if she loves you, or if she's just a crazy, attention-seeking whore
It could be either
File: 1397509556030.jpg (32KB, 502x417px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 502x417px
That's its im saying it if nobody will:

OP you are a betafag, emo bitch acted that way cause you never were straight up with her

Also what were you thinking trying to smash emo/edgy grills? Seriously OP cmon.

inb4 she leaves him because "muh feelings"

ah fuck this gay ass thread
you're a bitch and i hope everything bad in this life happens to you and you alone
Just one thing bro:
Don't stick your dick in crazy ..
> Acquire Uzi
> Go to a shooting range with a small child and Clair
> Kill Clair; blame it on child
> ???

You stuck your dick in crazy, /b/ro. Never stick your dick in crazy.

This girl will wrap you around her finger and then toss you out on the curb eventually.
seems she might be a tumblr faggot man. legit did you ever think to check her search history? if she isnt bro dont waste your time, if you guys marry she might fucking kill your kids over a tantrum. drop crazy in the ocean my friend
is that the whole story? well if so then i think you should stay with her and see where it takes you. if she breaks up with you for good, then atleast you wont regret not trying
File: IMG_8143829037780.jpg (75KB, 600x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75KB, 600x750px
File: image.jpg (41KB, 500x371px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41KB, 500x371px
So, all that because she calls u fat

Fuck you op im going to bed

she's crazy. dump her and leave her alone so she can get help.
Good story OP. I was kind of in the same boat for a while. My gf wasn't quite as mental as yours. Or, she was, but in different ways. i put up with that shit for two years. Two years of my life man. It ended a few weeks ago. Just like that. Sooner or later, something's gonna go off and that'll be the end of it. I'm not saying to break it off before that happens, because honestly it won't save you much hurt in the long run. Just enjoy it while you can.
File: Blinded.jpg (27KB, 419x304px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 419x304px
Speaking as someone who's been down a similar path...tread lightly. My ex was the same way, and she'll only ever change if A: she wants to and B:if she deals with her problems instead of relying on you as her crutch.
her calling you fat isn't a "term of endearment". you're a joke to her. she's taking advantage of you, because you'll bend over backwards for her and she knows that. trust me, i've been with the same breed of female. she will cheat on you as soon as she has the chance.
>tl;dr you're her bitch
Yeah, sometimes it usually is. If anything, she needs to see a therapist, get some meds for the bipolar. Get her to develop coping mechanisms.

I have depression and anxiety
Gf has similar issues
We've learned to live for each other.
Love each other.

We do stupid shit to each other, but we also forgive and move past it.
Honestly, i've been through shit like this, and i've never...NEVER been more hurt over it. Giving chances is the worst thing ever. Worst possible thing you could do. If i had a chance to go back and cut the bitch off i would. Totally not worth the hurt bro.
Tell us your and her names. Now go out and marry her. Then, when she goes totally fucking nuts and kills you in your sleep before she does an hero, all of /b/ will be able to remember sitting through this fucking thread for this crappy ending

I destroyed MANY RELATIONSHIPS untill i got treatment i needed and self control. get out. now. now now now get over her forget her you;ll just fuel her crazy more, relationships always fuel those disorders. please, she is toxic.
dude you made me waste so much time suck my fucking cock you fucking piece of shit nigger faggot
Just imagine where you would be if you invested that much time and effort in someone that wasn't a total headcase.
Trust me man I've been there, sometimes it's just better to cut your losses and use the experience in another relationship where you're appreciated.
shes crazy as hell that girls gonna rek u in the ass

Have her get help, man.
This, so much this.

she already fucked the piano teacher bruv this bitchtits just can't into 2+2=4
File: Anger.jpg (61KB, 524x336px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61KB, 524x336px


Op you have failed me. I want my 45 minutes back. Fuck you.
Your fucked op.
You've dug yourself into a deep, real fucked up hole. Basically, you're stuck with this bitch forever whether you like it or not. I mean you can leave her, but she'll either kill herself and make it your fault, fuck with you for the rest of your life or just go bat shit insane and try and kill you or something.

Never stick yo dick in crazy.
Wat? If you mean that depression makes you feel sore, then yeah, kind of? Faggot-tier question.

Fak, imgur fucked up that long ass pdf. Someone give me an email or a dropbox.


Once or twice is fine but if you give them leeway they will fuck you over. I let my ex get away with dumb shit all the time, then when I had enough of it she got a new boyfriend after less than 2 weeks.
i reiterate: dump the bitch. you coming here to complain is the beginning of the end, and if you dump her now, you'll save yourself a shit load of pain and heart break. because she'll leave you some day.

goodnight faglord. stay in shape and don't let her shit affect you.
What does Based Rashad think?
“Anyone can love a thing because. That's as easy as putting a penny in your pocket.
But to love something despite. To know the flaws and love them too. That is rare and pure and perfect.”
OP YOU FUCKING IDIOT! Abandon that shit ASAP! You'll just end up being emotionally fucked with! Someone, help that bitch ass nigga
i can't believe you called yourself "alpha" in the OP and then deardiary'd 5 pages of MUHFEELSGAIZ
holy fuck, i should ask him
youre telling me i just stayed up until 5 in the morning to here you complain about fucking this chick, a lot then her calling you fat when you arent?

fuck you OP im going to bed
love goes beyond that, and if you don't run out of it you should be the one to test it's limits by your will and not from whatever ideal you might have wanted
Nobody can tell you if she's worth it or not, only you really know that answer. So either you don't think she's worth it and are looking for some justification to dump her ass or you really do think that after all you've been through she's still worth it and are looking for some support/motivation from your /b/rothers. If she isn't worth it to you, by all means dump her sorry ass and move on, but if she is worth it to you, then you may be one of the only positive relationships she has.
I was in a similar situation OP, my GF kept pulling crazy shit but also was a skitzo. I loved her to death but we ended up breaking up a few months ago. I still don't know if breaking up was a good idea or not since she was really sweet but every so often something crazy would come up in a similar sitation to what you described.

What i ended up doing before we broke up for unrelated reasons is just tell her what you need out of the relashenship and try to get her to stop calling you fat/pudgy and other things that bug you.
File: 1408870371511.jpg (39KB, 391x448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39KB, 391x448px
OP dun gived me an idea for my current relationship woes
pushing this toward bump limit so no man has to feel the feels of skimming through this BS
This is the only good advice anyone has given on this thread so far.
imagine you find out he is fucking her tooooooooooooo lol. or that he is your girlfriend who in reality is bill murray who in reality is your inner desires to be with a man...
nah, bro. fuck that shit. find someone else. she could be awesome, but you broke the cardinal rule: you stuck your dick in crazy. never do that. her family is fucked up, she is fucked up, she has fucked you up and fucked herself up, that shit isn't worth it at all. let her go. you're attached because you lost your vcard to her, but seriously, there are many more women out there for you, get to college, do your thing, and let her stay in the past.

i had to learn that shit myself, except mine wasn't crazy at all unless she hit the bottle... sometimes i think i should go back to her but i can't deal with an alcoholic dad and girlfriend. gotta cut your losses and let people handle their own lives, dude.
File: Koala.jpg (763KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
763KB, 1024x768px
Swaggoty OP, here's my advice, i have been through that, and i am still in it... and my best advice is, STOP thinking about what would happen to her. Just think about yourself this way, you are a fuckin champion, and for all the rest of her life, she will remember you, this does not mean you should end it, not at all, actually in a very sado-masochistic way, go on with it, and be the fuckin BEST you can ever be to her.... for that one day, if she will ever fuck with you, something will click, and you will be able to move away, knowing that you did your job, and its totally her fault not yours, no guilt. Also, if not, then you get lucky and the bitch gets back on the right way, and end up togheter on. Either way, be the best, for you, not her, for that all that remains is the memories, respect, and shit. Make sure she will remember you over the years. Kill them with kindness for short
OP has never been more of a faggot. This thread would've been better if OP just never delivered. Clair clearly WANTED to fuck her piano instructor. You're second to him. The definition of beta. Kill her, kill piano teacher, kill yourself. You're the most hated nigger on /b/ die d
OP its all good and well to ask what the lovely, charming people of /b/ think. But I think you're a lot like me, you already know the answer you just want someone else to tell you it. OP, do what you think is right.

You fucked up. You know that if you kill yourself you get to replay your life from the start, but with all the prior lifes knowledge? Go do it again, and do it right.
Well that was rather anti climactic. good read though. My advice-- break up with her. Find someone who isnt fucked in the head. glhf
File: 1392269182969.gif (709KB, 179x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well your like 19 now right? Since its back to school time and you said your were a senior.. that must mean your gf is still a junior in high school. listen, i know youre in love with her but maybe you should take a break from her until she graduates. this is just my opinion, if you want to be loyal to her and be there for her until she graduates then thats cool man i respect that. I just feel like you will really waste the next couple years if you wait for her.
if you really love her OP leave her now and never talk to her again. sounds harsh but she'll get her shit together and move on. you're enabling her, man.
Op, this wasn't a god damn story, a story has an ending. You write all this down, because you insecure about this realtionship enough just to do that, and now you want emotional support. Thread is kill and Op killed it.

i have never hated heaven less than right now
BRB she did fuck her piano teacher thats why she flipped out on getting called for it
break up with her and find yourself a nice man to tear up your asshole you FUCKING FAT FAGGOT BITCH


you worthless piece of overweight shit, you're nothing but trashbag to her while she flicks her emo little bean thinking of Garrett
You know what you do? Be slightly more assertive. Not in a mean way, though. You have to make it clear you want to help her.

You basically set expectations, and actually "punish" her if she breaks your rules.

E.G.: Don't lie to me.

If she lies, tell her you're disappointed and leave her alone until she cries and says she's sorry. It sounds mean, but it REALLY helps her, and you. Eventually she'll want to live up to you expectations, and you'll be able to pull up the "I've always been nice and tried to help you to the best I can" card whenever. Basically, you need to make these rules clear. Communication is what makes or breaks a relationship, and all you can do is try and make sure you guys are always truthful to each other. As long as you're nice to her when she deserves it, and meaner when she deserves that, it'll probably work out.

Also, when she's depressed, tell her you'll hold her, but you don't want her to take it out on you. Just hold her close, or give her space if that's what she needs, and make sure she feels REALLY guilty if she is mean to you. She knows you're pussy whipped, and that's why she isn't treating you the best you can.
Give her an ultimatum. She obviously needs some sort of help, so if she is not willing to work on it or seek help you dump her.
just me posting again OP, to tell you I fucking hate you





Rashad is clearly black. Don't bother

this a thousand times this

the only satisfaction i'll have is seeing this thread 404 for wasting my fucking time
Holy fuck tits.... RIKKI?
All those dicks she'd end up sitting on, though
Best advice.
>open ended greentext
u wot m8?
Here's how it is OP. The story of my first gf (fairly recent) went and transpired almost exactly how yours went down, until the first time she broke up with you. With this, mine broke up with me and basically just stopped talking to me even when she wanted to. Days later, I find out she dumped me because she wanted to cheat on me but didn't want the blame on her.

Honestly, this Clair chick sounds exactly the same as my last and I fucking loved my grill, and in some capacity I still do (even though she's never been there for me and has pretty much made me an emotional wreck).
The issue is, as much as we feel love for some people, we have to learn some of them are just really great at masking how they truly are. I know you might love this girl, but from all she's done to you and the fact she pulls that fatty shit now, is ridiculous. Dump her ass and tell her what's up. Try and ignore her existence the best you can and move on.

Love is a fucking painful thing to deal with at times, but you and I both know it's for the best you end it right here. Right now.

>inb4 yayah I'm a faggot too, come at me anons.
Id say try to help her to get help if you really love her
you fucking fat bitch, i hope your girlfriend kills herself and you feel bad
Yea I tried this, Chick ended up killing herself. I haven't been able to hold down a job or do anything worthwhile since then, now I'm 27 and living in my grandparents basement just waiting to die.

Do yourself a favor op cut it off before its too late.
is OP your boyfriend?
I'm curious, you know that nigga?
Pics if you want my advice, I'm a therapist btw.

posting again to remind you you're a giant fucking faggot who enables a bitch who shits on your life

also 404 this diary from this earth
File: 1387749485077.jpg (73KB, 800x1062px)
73KB, 800x1062px
I love how op has just been completely silent since the story ended, WELL OP?!! WHO GAVE THE BEST ADVICE MOTHERFUCKER?
this is a very common position, look dude, there's a plenty lot of people here. And I get it that sometimes you need something over that concept you've been working out on your own for so long and after so much shit, but it'll only make you stick to that shitty filled thought in the end.

My advise to you is to keep this thread open and try to read the pieces of shit that are the most serious with an unbiased set (in your mind and in your heart) and try to get a good idea of what to do in order for you to not regret anything.

tl;dr: read the usable shit here, define some sturdy principles, act upon them, never regrat
File: Achilles.jpg (31KB, 642x353px)
31KB, 642x353px
OP. First a few tidbits:
-Sounds like she's more borderline personality disorder than bipolar, and BPD is much more common in women. It's easily confused with Bipolar type 2. But the self-harm, shitlord behavior (flirting hardcore, putting your fatass down, manipulation, mega rage) and unquenchable thirst for attention (hysterionics) sounds a lot more like BPD. Take my armchair psychiatry with salt.

Back to my point. Earlier, I said this: >>565201734
Now, with that long faggot fuck story that I stayed up 4 hours for ends with some bitch nigger shit of her shitlordiness, I am PISSED. I have my kabar in hand. Run faggot. I will eat your heart like the ancient Mayans making a sacrifice to their pagan gods. I will taste the blood of the feeble and dine on the weakness of faggots. EXPECT ME FAGGOT!
fucking kekd
lol'd sleep deprevations is some funny shit
You all gave good advice, and thats exactly what I wanted. So thank you /b/
If you guys weren't such untrustworthy faggots, I would upload tit pics- however, I have seen what you guys do to an anon who delivers.
This thread is about to 404, almost like OP's bitch.
End it.
stop making me kek u fkn retardsssss

All that so that you could ask if you should end it or not... fuck this thread, fuck you OP and fuck all of you faggots. I'm out. Night fags.
Seriously, this would've been an amazing troll if you weren't so beta. Youniggerfaggot. Get canceraids. I hope her piano teacher rapes syphilis into her.
>I would upload tit pics
>I would
you probably would also suck music teachers garret's dick then wouldnt you
let the last words be OPies girl fucked the piano teacher while he fucked this gay thread

That's just a rude thing to say. You're a spineless cocksucker and you deserve everything you dug yourself into.
>OP making sure we know he's a fag
Hahaha op, you know you just deprived like 50 people of sleep right? XD
he already has... i am garret... i am a victim
Sorry garret bala
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