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Let's get a teacher seduction thread going. Either party

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Let's get a teacher seduction thread going. Either party strategies to those interested or stories, all are welcome.
I'll start, teacher at my school. Talked to her quite a few times, teaches another subject so no "extra credit" opportunities. Let the advice flow.
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>tfw i've always wanted to fuck my english teacher
how did you manage to fuck her?
I'll bite. I fucked two of my middle school teachers. I've never typed it out, but if you're interested, I can.
do it
please tell me how you managed that?
>tfw my English teacher caught me looking up her skirt when she was sitting at her desk
> Mrs. W was a 24 year old special ed teacher.
> She taught a friend of mine who just insane.
> Stay after school for Jazz Band (I played guitar).
> She offers ride home.
> On the way, husband calls and screams at her.
> She pulls over and starts crying.
> "What an asshole" I say.
> She continues to cry.
> I say "If I was older I'd never treat you like that".
I was 13 cut me some slack.
> She stops crying.
> We hug.
> She kisses me.
> Things get heated.
> Get the best head of my life in a parking lot.
> She drops me off.
> We do this twice a week for a couple months.
> She even rented a motel room once.
> It all came crashing down when my crazy friend ratted me out to my girlfriend. Who told the school and my parents.
That was teacher #1.
i fucked my math teacher in highschool. I dont feel like typing it all out so ill short greentext..

>be me,18
>last few months of highschool
>taking shitty math class that I dont give a shit about
>have a 9/10 young math teacher
>perfect ass
>i used to stay after class for "help" just to flirt with her
>one day i just go for it and give her my phone number
>she just puts it in her desk and doesn't mention it
>few weeks later get a text
>"come over and study ;)" with her address

long story short i fucked her. never mentioned it again and I still failed math.
Keep it coming, more advice requested. Need to know how to hit on and fuck a teacher that doesn't teach you (as in her subject).
obviously you suck in bed...
thats why you failed
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i may be shit. but i still got the poon
Both of the teachers I fucked had marital problems. I think they just wanted to feel wanted. I'm not that attractive. I have an average cock. Nothing special. It's more about the right place and right time.
> Don't hit on at first.
> Show interest in her personal life.
> Don't push.
> Appear emotionally available, but physically treat her like a land whale has a crush on you.
> She'll up the ante just to figure out why she doesn't 'do it' for you.
> It helps to have an age gap. Older women often want to know they can compete with younger girls.
Cheers mate, good advice though is there a way to subtly hit on the teacher?
Teacher #2:
> Little hippie Social Studies teacher.
> 26
> 100lbs.
> 5'4"
> Husband throws her out because of cheating.
> She's friends with my Mom.
> Stays with us.
> We flirt a lot.
> One night she falls asleep on the couch beside me.
> No one's awake but me.
> She cuddles with me.
> Starts rubbing my body and her's at the same time.
> Finally opens her eyes and kisses me.
> I finger her.
> Shut up bitch! My parents are in the next room!
> She is fucking loud.
> Put hand over mouth.
> She cums and almost passes out from lack of O.
> We fucked a week later when my parents left for the store.
> I swear you could hear her three houses away.
> She got hers.
> I never got mine.
> Parents come home.
> I only ever came in her mouth.
> Bitch came like twenty times, but she was so fucking loud!
> This was almost twenty years ago.
> Would fuck her again if I could just to cream her pussy.
this is an awesome point

You fucked the teacher and didn't pass the class you fail on soo many levels faggot
First of all:
> When you flirt, always keep in mind "I'm doing this sorry bitch a favor". It will show in your flirting.
> If she escalates, shoot her down. Act a little uncomfortable.
> Wait a few days.
> Step up the flirting.
> Repeat process.
> After about a month or two, she'll demand to know if you want to fuck her.
> Her tone will tell you if she wants the D or just wants it to stop.
Was her first name Karen?
Good advice, you're a real /b/ros.
I used to suck off one of my teachers all the time in school. I was the president of one of the art clubs (it was essentially an AV club) and he was in charge of it.

One day after school I was working at one of the computers with just him in the room. He was behind me, and I looked up to ask him a question. Looked at him way too long and we ended up kissing. It just went from there.

One of the hottest memories I ever had was being under his desk and him cumming down my throat while he was on the phone with his wife.
Anyone want to hear about the hot college professor I had a six month affair with? Dunno if it really fits because I was 26 and out of the military.
Some faggot had daddy issues
> After about a month or two, she'll demand to know if you want to fuck her.
> Her tone will tell you if she wants the D or just wants it to stop.

You sound like you are 15 with that advice
Could be a femanon, no gender was specified
just type it up
good question

are you a femanon?
I'm a grill.

Faggot. I'll show you my tits if you show me your tiny little cock.
That meant to go to heaven. But you can show me your cock too
File: 4DnVSC0.png (249KB, 499x380px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Lurking... saving...
>be me,
>26 year old and out of the Marine Corps
>attending one of the largest community colleges in the country
>straight A student
>visits professors regularly and genuinely enjoys learning
>girlfriend of six years that I plan to propose to
>take class, with hot ass professor
>solid 8/10, she's 33ish with two kids and married.
>visit professor's officer hours like a good student
>ask question and become engrossed in conversation
>no big deal
>second time I visit her, also second week of school, she goes to restroom to change into yoga clothes
>asks me to walk her to her car
>exchange e-mails.
>end up chatting with her on g-chat
>she starts to become "flirty"
>not sure what to make of it and assume I am wrong
>she says what a great connection we have
>start talking explicitly about sex
>realize finally that this professor wants to fuck me
>she tells me that she is in an open relationship
>I assume everything is cool
>end up sending her a pic with my cum on her face
>tell her I'm going to use her like a cheap whore
>tell her I'm going to lick her whole face and choke her while I fuck her
>she wants to hang out after class
>drive to park and make out
>broad daylight and shitty car to do anything else
>too many kids around
>grab lunch together
>get back in car
>can't take it anymore, she sits on my cock
>omfg so wet
>omfg so fucking tight
>her face is like that of an 18 year old girl
>her tits are immaculate even though she's had children
Her name was Penny.
dont fuck her anon. You will lose your gf of 6 years and end up making a feel thread. it should look like this:

>be me
>be 26
>hot ass 33 yo teacher, solid 8
>end up fucking her
>gf of 6 years find out
>tfw i crushed my golden opportinuty to find love of my life
>tfw everybody in class thinks im a total jerk because ex-gf told them
>mfw teacher and husband divorced and I ruined life of her kids
Penny Lane?
But I scaled to make sense to a a fifteen year old.
where the fuck were you when I needed this advice lol
>she's 33ish with two kids
>omfg so fucking tight

kek ok mate
virgin detected
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anyway, what happened after?
Wrong link.
My wife has two kids. Her pussy's so strong, she can push my hard cock till it really hurts.
You idiot, look at who I quoted.
inb4 navy seal copypasta
>shit begins to progress real fast
>schedule a hotel room for the weekend
>get her to smoke pot for the first time
>from the beginning the sex was nasty
>call her my "naughty lil slut angel"
>"daddies perfect lil whore"
>things like that
>make her tell me what a nasty lil perfect slut she's been
>make her deepthroat my cock until her eyes tear up
>she cums uncontrollably, over and over
>her sex drive seems endless
>end up fucking for the entire day
>she wants me to stay the night
>can't because girlfriend at home
>end of weekend, monday at school
>she talks to me before class
>tells me she has genuine feeling for me and even says "i love you"
>this is like the third week of school, but mind you we've been talking online and in person for probably 40+ hours by this point.
>I freak out, was expecting sexually adventurous woman in open marriage like those on TV
>after class that day go with her in car
>we sit in car and she tells me we should probably end it
>I say "yup"
>she panics, wants to fuck one more time before we stop
>I say "nope"
>next day
>she's back to her normal charming self again
>apologizes for emotional outburst and says can just have amazing sex
>I can't resist that pussy
uh no.
I'm not stupid enough to link a last name or place.
I said wrong link.
>Penny Lane

I think you are fifteen
awesome man keep 'em cummin
File: 1394606459714.jpg (96KB, 1295x817px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>meanwhile I'm still taking her class
>I always sit in front
>and eye rape her intently
>she's a total professional
>continues to teach class amazingly well
>she has a 4.0 on ratemyprofessor
>lot of students talk about how bad they want her or how hot she is on their
>mfw I'm putting my cock in this woman daily
>buy her a pair of shoes on amazon
>cheapest, most hookeriest shoes I could find
>nude colored with lil pink bows on them, open toed and platformed
>look like fucking stripper shoes
>order her to wear them to class
>I'm a footfag, huge fucking turning on
>this is like third week of school still
>in her office hours (officer hours are walk in hours for students to visit professors)
>her office is tiny and located in a hall with many similar offices
>maybe 3-4 other professors on the floor at the same time
>talking about class material while I walk over and put my hard cock in her mouth
>she sucks it
>feeels so fucking good
>can hear other professors talking to their students 10 feet away
>she stands up and turns around
>slide my cock in, so fucking wet
File: serveimage (25).jpg (155KB, 1024x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
serveimage (25).jpg
155KB, 1024x1280px
File: serveimage (8).jpg (234KB, 1211x1772px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
serveimage (8).jpg
234KB, 1211x1772px
I fucking wish dude.
Early '90's:
> No digital cameras.
> Pics only possible if developed.
> Communication was over land line based telephones. Hard to be sneaky.
> No or uberslow internet.
It pisses me off that I have very few photos from this time.
this is golden anon
File: 1391480652671.jpg (2MB, 1733x1796px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1733x1796px
> Pics only possible if developed.

Ya you are 15, what is polaroid faggot
are you still here anon?
>start fucking at my place regularly because it's nearby and gf is gone during the days
>make her lay on the floor when I fuck her or the couch
>because did I mention she's a squirter
>can soak the top of a mattress with a huge circle of her juices
>we talk openly about where things are going
>I tell her that I plan on proposing in a year or so and am not looking for anything but the temporary
>she says everything is ok and that she's happy with what we have
>she sucks my cock when she is on the phone with her husband
>she sucks my cock while she tells him about her day and how much work she has
>makes straight eye contact with me whole time
>at this point (still only about four weeks)
>her husband starts to become jealous
>she tells him she is in love with me
>mfw she told me she was in an open relationship but has only ever recently had sex with some random dude at an airport hotel once
Polariods sucked. Don't give me that shit.
One does not simply carry a giant camera with them at all times at age 13.
A 110 however can be easily placed in a bookbag.
So yeah faggot.
File: AD.jpg (124KB, 1031x1002px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124KB, 1031x1002px

Idiot. Still gotta develop the film. Polaroid film simply contains the chemicals to initiate the developing process.
for what it's worth, I believed your story entirely anon
File: 1392767341448.png (630KB, 961x719px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I've always been a pervert
>watching sick and degrading porn
>at this point begin to live out all my fantasies with her
>love having her suck my gf's dried pussy juices off my cock
>love talking to my gf on the phone while she sucks my cock
>she eats my asshole out for the firsttime
>omg so fucking amazing
>seeing her face buried in between my legs
>and feeling her tongue eat my nasty asshole
>I fuck her in her ass (sorry was not into it)
>I make her come to class with coffee that has my cum in it an drink it while I watch
>I bring her Coffee in the middle of her other class with my cum in it
>mind you I just walked in while she was lecturing to 35+ students and handed her the coffee and left
>we start talking about the young girls in my class
>she makes me feel like such a man
>talks to me about how I could teach them to be good little sluts too
>talks to me about little sluts in class she would suck my cock with
what happened afterwards?
this isn't gold... it's PLATINUM
>eventually her husband's jealousy becomes too much
>they are fighting regularly, but they already were not doing so well and slept in separate rooms by the time we met
>I fuck her at her place too
>meet her kids
>go out to dinner with her and her daughter
at this point we continue to have sex for a long time and a lot of dirty nasty sex too. so I'll just highlight the good parts
>finger her to orgasm in a public pool with people sitting right next to us
>she's riding on my back in the pool when I reach around and shove my fingers in her cunt
>tell her to shut the fuck up
>tell her to be quiet
>make her cum while she's watching a family play
>finally after about four months of amazing sex and conversation with this woman
>her husband moves out
>he can't take it anymore
>I don't blame myself, they were not happy for a long time
>and the dude is a loser, he just got lucky and knocked her up when she was 20
>the date when I told her I would cut things off starts approaching
>I'm still planning on proposing to my gf and don't want to be cheating during what is supposed to be a romantic time
File: serveimage.jpgmm8v.jpg (154KB, 1543x1029px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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got about 5 more minutes before leaving from work... can you make it in 1 or 2 posts? wanna save it all :3
>forgot to mention one of our favorite "dirty talk" scenarios
>I'm her uncle/father
>I've trained her to be a perfect little slut
>I invite all my buddies over for poker or whatever
>and we all enjoy the use of my perfect lil slut angel
>anyways, I'm accepted to a four year college out of state (it's a big deal for me at the time so I become distracted from her)
>also I have plans to propose in the middle of summer
>gf is gone on traveling so proceed to fuck professor's brains out as much as possible before cutting it off
>at this point I'm pretty much in complete control of this intelligent, strong and beautiful woman
>she submits herself to me entirely
>tell her plainly I don't want her to get fucked up over this
>I do care about her too
>she doesn't
>after cutting it off for a few months we remain in contact as good friends
>she gets her shit together and is as happy as when we first met again
>finally able to get rid of her loser husband and move on (i suspect this is a lot of what she needed me emotionally for)
>we still talk occasionally to this day
>she is remarried to a much better and understanding (of her slutty ways) dude
>sometimes I'll send her message letting her know I came to her wedding photos or something
>she says she doesn't plan on cheating on her new husband at all, but that if she was with me she couldn't resist
>I'm going to be back in her area for a wedding this September.
>still not sure if we are going to meet up, last time I was in town we didn't but had plans to

>pretty much all there is to the story
>any questions?
yup pretty much finished /b/ro, at least everything I can remember off the top of my head. this whole thing was like six months long and practically everyday.
don't fuck her anymore if she's happy now
Sir, you are among the gods of /b/.
you bros are right I think, even though I want to.
File: image.jpg (89KB, 682x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I fucked two of my middle school teachers
Starts out next post with
>Mrs. W was a 24 year old special ed teacher

Top kek
mod in your ID.. no-one mentions it.. /b/ is dead to me..
same with doubles they barely get called out


nice story btw
thanks man, but I was already 26 when this all happened so not sure if it fits well into the "teacher stories" theme

This is basically a fapping thread, everyone here wants to read stories and shit, we don't really give a shit about quads and ayy lmao IDs.
get your ayy lmao shit out of here
what I am referring to happenend when ID's first came out and still to this day you fuck face.. only less and less because of faggots like you
if he is not lying..

Spoken like a true oldfag.
And yet you forgot dubs were disabled?>>564871138
Ya, big oldfag we get here boys. I thought summer was over already...
where do you live
Teachers touching tards
(when ID's first came out is not all that long ago )
you can still get 00... you simpleton.
its not my problem you newfriends can't think past 1+1.

and I never claimed to be an oldfriend.. but something you newfriends gotta learn is to think before you type


This story has been posted before. I just wonder what so long for it to be posted in this thread. Slow c&p to make it look like a frist-time post?
*what *took so long
same author, I posted it twice but typed it out both times.

Sad part is you're not even trolling, you're remotely autistic :^)
yes, you are right. OH great one. this is all serious

are you sure, you aren't the one that is severely autistic kiddo?

fckinlmfao get rekt fagit

You're just mad I disagreed with your post and prevented you from feeling like the "oldfag" you think you are.

>/b/ is dead to me

Protip faggot: you're the cancer that's killing it

now reply like the mad ancienfag you are, and don't forget to call me new x^D
Copy and save it for the future!!! Make it much easier on yourself.....
I will reply, because you asked me to. And I simply suck the cocks of the oldfags because I really want to be an oldfag like you. you are right about everything you said. I am furious! you are a real armchair psychologist, you got me figured out m9... thanks for the reading
you stupid fuck >>564857496
is asking wat do
I'm married now and don't want some file like that just sitting around on my computer..
File: IMG_0531.jpg (2MB, 1936x2592px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1936x2592px
>Be me
>Be senior year
>Flunking AP Economics bc am stoner/slacker
>Girl next to me says teacher has crush on me
>Never noticed these signs b4
>Come up with idea to pass
>Need a "C" to play Lacrosse
>Decide to fuck teacher for dem grades
>Leave lacrosse equipment in her room
>Think I'll come back for it after school lets out
>Have half days (2 classes) bc senior
>Go over friends house and get drunk/high b4 practice
>Come back thinking school is out
>Go to her room for said equipment
>Walk in, activate alpha drunk mode
>Yell out "Whats up Ms. Anna? Wen we gon fuck?"
>Last class still in session
>Realize this and just walk out
>Come back again for equipment I left bc am dumb drunk moron
>"Anon, wtf was that all about?"
>"Well Ms. Anna, I need to play lacrosse, but I'm failing Econ."
>"Wut? Wait, you smell like booze"
>"It's bacardi bitch. You tryna gimme a C if I fuck you?"
>"OMG WTF is wrong with you Anon?"
>"Come on Ms. Anna, I know you wanna fuck this, Megan told me so. It's cool you're kinda fat but you're OK"
>"OMG, I don't wanna be on the news!! GO! LEAVE NOW!"
>"Ok, but Ima need that C for this D, as in Dick"
>W/e bitch
>Leave, go to practice.
>Next day get called into assistant principals office
>Lets call her Ms Spitz
>Ms. Anna is there
>Oh shit
>I dun fucked up
>"Anon, Ms. Anna has told me some troubling news, sit down"
>Ms. Anna rats me out
>Hate her guts
>Fat cunt
>Tell Ms. Spitz the truth
>"Got drunk as shit, Idr what I said/did"
>"Ok well, I think it's just best we don't talk about this ever again. Alright Anon?"
>Ms. Anna shocked
>mfw got away with drunkenly harassing my Econ teacher
>mfw she gave me a B
>mfw become school legend
>mfw all the teachers hate my guts for this
>mfw she msg's me on FB
>mfw she wants to fuck now
>No bitch
Nothing she just covered herself and it was awkward as fuck, though I was probably known as a pervert to all the teachers. It sucks because 99% of the school drooled over her but I was the only unlucky one to get caught
Pic of her ?
These stories are so cool :)
>he stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
thats right but that doesn't mean we can fantasize for recreation
told this story before...

> be guy in uni
>registration day for classes
>want all my classes Mon-Wed so I can work full time Thurs-Sun (because I'm a poorfag and need money)
>end up with one fucking class Friday afternoon
>because I commute Friday is a fucking loss
>go to professor-guy is late 50's, chub (no, fat)
>ask if I can transfer to another of his classes
>tells me they are maxed out
>explain problem
>ask if there is something I can do to change his mind
>tells me to come by his apartment just off campus to "talk about it"
>wasn't born yesterday. know what's up
>swing by apartment at appointed time
>opens the door in silk robe (one of those long, Asian style robes). lets me in
>explains can't change classes but thinks maybe he could "tutor" me in his apartment
>rubbing his cock through robe all the time
>I know what's up
>I agree
>he sits on a chair, spreads his legs and opens robe. he's got a thick, long cock and it's not even hard
>tells me "this is where the tutoring starts"
>kneel down and suck his cock
>he lasts about 15 minutes, jaw hurting, gag a couple of times
>cums in my mouth, tells me to swallow it
>tells me to come by every Wednesday morning to make sure I get tutored so I can pass his class
>gets progressively more sexually aggressive with me over course of semester
>semester ends, he tells me I can continue "tutoring" if I want
>get a 4.0 in the class I never attended
>>tfw my English teacher caught me looking up her skirt when she was sitting at her desk

When at uni I has a psychology professor. About 25, blond, cute, nice body. Because I have bad eyesight I used to sit front and center so I could see the board.

Said professor would sit up on her desk right in front of me and I swear she would open her legs a bit whenever she did. I could tell what color her panties were each day. Always left class with my books in front of me to hide hard-on.
File: image.jpg (46KB, 640x282px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thread posts: 109
Thread images: 16

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